July 10th, 2010

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Should I watch First Wives Club, Valley Girl, An Education, Mommie Dearest, Random Hearts or The Talented Mr. Ripley? Or if you have IO On Demand and NOTHING ELSE, what should I watch?

Do you know anyone who's gotten collagen in their lips?
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I've never sold anything on eBay before, and I have a question and hope someone here can give me an answer.

My first auction ends tomorrow around 11 am. I've already got a bidder, so I know I'm good in that respect. My question is, how soon do I get paid? Does the money go straight into my PayPal account as soon as the bidder pays?

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Is it important to you that certain things fall on certain dates or date patterns?

Like would you be disappointed if you had to graduate on the 19th of the month instead of the 20th? Are there any dates you would refuse to get married? etc.

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TQC, let's talk about how unfair it is that when I orgasm I get all jazzed up and awake and when my boyfriend does he passes out. Who decided it was fair for men to be wired that way? Now I'm sitting here alone browsing the internets.

Or you can tell me what kind of hair ritual~ you follow during the day. I need to start styling mine but I DO NOT HAVE THE FIRST CLUE HOW. Do you put it up? Curl it? What kind of products do you use?

Alternatively, will you talk to me about anything? I am clearly not thinking with my brain but I will try and respond properly.

EDITED FOR QUESTIONS, sorry it's late.
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I'm watching Mommie Dearest

what's the most abusive shit your mom (or dad if mom is not applicable) ever did to you? details please. let it all out.

My mom used to give me super hot baths in winter time, cover me with like half a vat of Vaseline and make me air dry. I was like a fucking greaseball ages 2-7. My children will never know Vaseline
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Have you ever had batteries that seemed to last...forever? I have a small battery-powered desk fan that I got when I was little to take to summer camp. I've used it regularly in hot places since then, and nowadays I let it run next to my pillow all night and all day. Every day. This thing's batteries haven't been changed in like 10 years. IS IT MAGIC? Will you tell me about YOUR magical electronics?
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What should I bake this weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?
I'm painting my friends room, hopefully seeing toy story 3 and spending my entire Sunday swimming and baking.
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How much does it take to get you drunk?

What are you like when you are drunk?

went to a birthday party tonight and had a short fling with my ex-lover capt morgan.  i don't remember how many drinks it was but it might have been 6?  so I went home and did my husband.

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Can someone tell me what kind of bug this is? I don't want to google because seeing multiple pictures of bugs will freak me out.

It would flatten out and seem dead when I'd touch it with the paper. It was crawling up the back of the couch, ughhhh

Collapse )

*edited because i suck

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Does Facebook ever stop sending you notifications after so many people have commented on a status? 

It does this to me and I'm not sure if its FB or just a setting I accidentally have on.


I went away for a week with a group of friends. We got home last week.

How long can I not talk to them without looking like a bitch? They REALLY annoyed me during the trip and I don't want to talk to them but I don't want to seem like I'm avoiding them either.

A friend recently admitted something to me in confidence. I feel like I need to talk to someone about it but I don't want to say anything. What do you do in these situations?
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 I am hungry. It's 6 in the morning, and I've been up all night, so I guess this would be dinner?
I was planning on eating Honeynut Cheerios, but I just had a brownie and OMFG SO GOOD, so I'm trying to decide if I want another one, but the pan was cut into squares and there's only one left. The last one I ate was the 3rd brownie I've eaten from the pan, living in a house of four.

Should I have the cereal, or the brownie, or the cereal and the brownie? Should I be worried about eating the last piece of brownie?
Does it influence your decision if I tell you that I baked them?
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The guy i've been talking to asked me to do something the last few days but both times i had to work. I was going to invite him to see Predators with me but he went camping, and i had no idea when he'd get back. I also considered inviting him to four square, but half the time it has too much drama. We're very limited in this town as far as activities go, is there anything i could suggest we do?

Where would you go if you were hanging out with someone for the first time?
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What was the last conversation/debate/argument you had with someone in which you felt the other party was completely off-base/insane/fucking coo coo for cocoa puffs?

(I said that I didn't think "zombies rising from the dead is something I need to worry about on a day to day basis," because I just think that it defies modern medicine, and Boyfriend's best friend went on and on about how it was a constant concern for him and if I feel that I don't need to prepare for it he'll just leave me to the zombies when they come and.... so on.)
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Now that I have a working girl job (just graduated from school) I'm willing to shell out between $100-$200 for a nice looking business tote. I don't want to have to struggle to carry a boring briefcase around the city, I still want something that looks feminine. Any recommendations for brands that might carry what I'm looking for?

Thanks :)

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how much do you think i could sell an ipod nano for at the pawn shop, im just trying to get rid of it and i dont want to sell it on ebay..

i was thinkin about 50 bucks, its in perfect condition and its brand new almost.
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If you had gray-graying hair and even thought it looked pretty awesome (a-la bride of Frankenstein) would you still dye your hair? What colors?

Any suggestions for one who might be?
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Stupid question, but, what's the difference between star crash safety ratings and the IIHS safety ratings?
Why would a car get a 3 star rating for side air bags but a "Poor" mark from the IIHS?

Well I said it was stupid.

Fruit Roll-Up or Fruit by the Foot?
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What colour would you paint a very small bedroom?
I wanted to go with something like this Image and video hosting by TinyPic
but my sister thinks it will make the room look even smaller, and that I should go with a lighter colour. I HATE pastels. Is white too dull?

ETA: what about either of these colours?
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Today is my birthday and so far I've celebrated by sleeping late and taking a long bath. It's been awesome.

How do you celebrate your birthday? If you don't celebrate your birthday, why are you such a lame, fatalistic dope that you can't take one day to mark another year you've personally spent above ground? Not judging you or anything.

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My sleep study is tonight, what should I bring to entertain myself before sleep?

(I don't have any mp3 players, a cell phone or any interesting books. They have a TV for me to watch)

More figuring things out

What would look better to a potential employer, for a job in IT? This is combined with 8+ years of IT experience.

a. A BA in Philosophy with a concentration in Science and Technology (lots of logic and math courses in addition to philosophy). At a four-year university.
b. An AS (associate of science) in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems? At a 2-year community college.

(I'm already half-done with school and stuck on figuring out what to get my degree in, and regardless I want to graduate with something)

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tqc, Im trying to pick out some colleges. I really want to get out of the state i live in, and i think i would really like the University of Central Florida. I plan on double majoring in mechanical engineering and software engineering. The problem is that my mom doesnt think i can afford out of state tuition, but i've been told by others that because of my being female, colleges will "throw money at me" to be a female engineer at their school. Also, if i did go there, i plan on living there for the rest of my life, so I think that after a year I would be able to get in state tuition by establishing residency. So, can I afford it?

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TQC, I took two Tramadol (ultram) in the hospital seven hours ago. I've thrown up twice and am still nauseous and too dizzy to walk. How long will I be dealing with this? :(
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If Moses fell on his face, and Jesus fell on his face, does that confirm imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

If a computer program were trained to read religious texts then read opinions of those texts, what do you think it would determine?
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For those who have nose studs, does it hurt whenever you take them out? I've had mine for almost 4 years and it still hurts whenever I take out my stud, though it's not unbearable or anything. 
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You go to a Catholic wedding/funeral/baptist/regular mass/whatever and it comes time to take communion. You are not Catholic. Would you take communion anyway, even though you are not supposed to?

How about if the event is at a place (i.e. protestant church, Hindu temple, etc.) that doesn't explicitly bar you from taking place in some sort of ritual but is still of a faith you don't personally subscribe to? Would you participate in it or sit it out?

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The Nutella in my pantry was opened December 2009, but because of a diet I haven't been able to eat it since March. There's not much left, but I've craving it. I looked at the sell-by date, but it's not legible. Like, it wasn't stamped correctly. I Googled it and can't find anything telling me how long Nutella stays fresh after opening. Do any of you know? 

Edit: I decided against it. There wasn't much left anyway. I'll just pick up another jar next time I'm at the store. 
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Anyone have the iPhone 4?

What do you think about it? Even if you don't have it, what do you think of it?

What is the deal with data plans?

What is up with the glitches? Are they that serious?

I am interested in one because I need a new phone, like asap, I want an ipod, I want a GPS and I need to have email on my phone.

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My friend said he would be leaving his boyfriend's house really early this morning and that we would spend the day together. He sent me a text at 12:30 saying Hi and when I asked what he was doing, he said he was at the bf's house, cleaning...no mention of our plans. (and bf lives an hour away)

Do your friends do this? I feel like a lot of my friends tend to make plans with me and then completely forget them...and I just feel so damn clingy if I say "I thought we had plannnns".

Do I need to start saying that?
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Do you and your SO:

a. Pick up the other's phone if you recognize the caller?

b. Read each other's e-mails?

c. Read each other's texts messages/look through each other's phones?

Basically I'm interested in peoples' privacy boundaries.

Is there anyting that is off-limits in conversation between the two of you?

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did you watch a lot of television as a kid?

do you think it's a good idea to limit how much TV kids watch? do/would you try to keep your kids from watching hours of TV every day?

unrelated... do you like strawberry shortcake? with what ingredients? I mean should the bread part be sponge cake, or biscuit?

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I'm going to drag out the crock pot and throw together a beef stew and leave it to cook while I'm at the bar tonight; thus having delicious hot drunk food already waiting for me when I get back. Awesome idea, or awesome idea?

What should I include? I already have beef steak, carrots, onions, celery, frozen peas, red bell pepper, and red baby potatoes.

What's your favourite crock pot recipe?

What are you doing tonight, bb?

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I'm at a cemetery looking for the burial site of the man who likely built the house I'm buying. I spent a good while this afternoon at the local historical society trying to find any information about the house, but only came up with the obituaries for this man and his wife. I even called out for help but no one responded.

Where should I continue to look?

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do you think a CD of a somewhat large group of people singing Beatles songs would be cool?

i mean, it wouldn't just be a bunch of drunks singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" but like, 20 or 30 people who can actually carry a tune just totally gettin' it, havin' a good time, feelin' the music, lovin' The Beatles, etc. plus the required instruments. there might also be some solos but the choruses would always be the group, and it would def. have staples like "Hello, Goodbye" and "Hey Jude".
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 How have your political/social views changed over time? Examples?

I used to just spout a lot of stuff I heard from my parents and they are very very conservative. I remember arguing with my friend that men should get a say in abortions because it isn't fair to them otherwise and I thought the same friend was ridiculous for being a feminist. Now I want to smack my 15 year old self. I'm definitely very liberal now. 
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There is a scary French bedtime story my friend told me about one that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me.

I apologize, I don't have much information- just that I remember she sent me a music video a band used to show the story and that it's been used for years to scare kids into going to bed on time. For what I remember of the video, it looked like a wolf coming out of the closet and the title was in French. Somewhere within the title (I think in the end?) was the time of night you're supposed to be in bed?

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

P.S.- It wasn't the Bogeyman. I remember it reminded me of the Bogeyman story, but wasn't.
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 I'm hungry and we have no food in. What do I do?
1 - Go the the petrol station. Its about 1 mile away and is expensive.
2- Go to the supermarket. Its 2 miles away and is less expensive.

I'm going to have to walk to either one, and it's raining right now.

Poll #1590532 Decide for me!

Where do I go?

The Petrol Station
The Supermarket

Many thanks TQC

Eta: It got waaay to rainy out there, so i've phoned for a takeaway instead! Nom.
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So, I'm making a layer cake and it's supposed to have a pudding mixture in between the layers. I assume I do this after the cake is completely cooled. But afterwards, should I put the cake in the fridge? It won't be served until tomorrow. I figure if I don't the pudding will melt. Also, when should I frost it? Tonight or tomorrow?

ALSO! How do I stop the pudding from squishing out when I put the layer on top of it?


Do you enjoy your cake cold, warm, or room temperature?


What vitamin/mineral/natural/herbal supplements do you take daily, and why?
Or do you not take any? Why not?
Do you take any for specific health problems, and do they help?
Is fish oil with omega-3 really as awesome as it claims to be?

I take a multivitamin, calcium + D, and sometimes vitamins C and E. I'm thinking about adding a few more things but I'm not sure.

(sorry if this is asked all the time.)
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Scary Stories

Relevant to my earlier question, people seem to really love scary stories and movies that really make them quake. Fear is a surprisingly accomplished emotion when it comes to the creative field.

So TQC, any favorite scary stories of yours?
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 How motherfucking awesome is fire roasted corn on the cob?
Are you jealous that's what I had for dinner?

lol okay, here's a real question. 

If you're on the bus and an elderly person is able to get to the back of the bus (in my case up a few steps too), and they look around expectantly waiting for someone to offer their seat, do you offer?
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what are some eclectic names that i can combine for either my pen name or my stripper name? so far i have Lane and that's about it.

do you have any pictures of your pet looking like a human or other animal/creature? or random internet animals. post please!

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How can I convince my parents that we should keep the black lab that wandered up to our porch this afternoon? I'm pretty sure he's lost, he ate two bowls of food and drank a lot of water. I'm scared he'll get hit by a car or eaten by a coyote if we shoo him away. :(

ETA: I forgot to add that I'm only planning on keeping him until we could find his owners. I'm definitely going to look for them, it's what I would want done if my dog was found.
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I know you guys hate these posts and I'm sorry

but I am so fucking bored I could eat my shoes

I can leave this desk for a few hours

I have the internet and television

what can I do?

what are you doing (that I can do)?


With the economy, have you cut out something you used to do or spend money on?

If so, what did you cut out and how much do you think you have saved?
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what is one popular opinion (or at least popular in your area) held by others that you will never understand?

i will never understand people who are honestly offended that something like BET exists but a white entertainment channel or whatever does not (yes, the white pride march post reminded me of this)

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My grandfather is severely ill and I want to send him and my grandmother some kind of care package.  I have a hard time expressing my feelings verbally/in writing , so a letter isn't gonna work.  What would be a good gift to send?

I don't have a lot of money, so something reasonably priced would be great.  Thanks!

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Ok so I'm being cheap lately and I need consolation that it's ok to miss out on these things:

-40 ticket to this amusement park
-around 40 trip to chicago.

I know these things will always be there but I'm hesitant to rely on them always being there. My friends say that I shouldn't hold out but I'm saving up for a year long study abroad in Europe and I need to cut back as much as possible. I feel like they don't understand. Am I wrong in not having fun now so that I will next year?
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Hey guys

so I'm going to go tanning again because I got a sweet deal for the Titanium level here at this place

however I used to do silver I'm just wondering if the Titanium is going to be super strong and will burn my ass. I mean, obviously I gotta start off slowly but yeah I was just wondering

Anyway do you go tanning?
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What's your favorite candy that only seems to be available around Halloween?
Those peanut butter salt-water taffys. OMG they're so good.

Is your hair short or long?
I just got it cut and right now it's about half an inch long.

Do you like learning?
Yes. When school let out for the summer I was a bit bummed out.

If you want a dog, what breed?
I desperately want a Hortaya Borzaya. Or maybe an Andolian Shepperd.
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Is there any practical way to get over feeling nauseous & miserable around cigarette smoke? All of my [future] in-laws smoke so it's unavoidable. =/

Please don't think I'm judging anyone. My shitty constitution is my problem.

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in about a week, i will be a passenger for an unbelievably long car ride. as such, i need some new music. so, tqc ...

what should my next music purchase be?

a tribe called quest
the roots
kid cudi
amos lee
billie holiday
bon iver
bonnie 'prince' billy
something else which i will explain in the comments section

what was your last music purchase or download?

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I have my board exam for Therapeutic Massage coming up on Thursday and I only recently started getting nervous about it. What are some ways you guys study for big tests or help you to remain calm and collected while test taking?

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If someone who was married/engaged/otherwise attached/committed had a crush on you (and you were single), would you want to know about it?

What about if you were married/engaged/otherwise attached/committed and you had a crush on someone (who was single). Would you tell him/her?

Completely unrelated: will you tell me about any car accidents you've gotten into or witnessed, any tickets you've gotten? Basically anything car-incident related. Plz elaborate!