July 9th, 2010


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I just asked this in the entomology community but thought I'd ask here too.

I have a bug identity question. I have found a couple of these guys on sheets of drawing paper I buy at school and I have no idea what they are. They are extremely tiny and look like barely anything more than specks to the naked eye, but I took a few pictures of one through the lens of a stereoscope and it's still quite small but hopefully they are clear enough that someone can recognize the insect type! DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MIGHT BE TQC?

EDIT: entomology comm solved it, it is a booklouse!! ew!

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I'm bored and I'm kind of in the mood to write a South Park fanfic right now, but I can't think of a plot.  Can I please get some suggestions?  I'd appreciate it. 


Also, do you like South Park? If so, who's your favorite character?

I like Cartman because his voice and catch phrases are so fun to imitate.

I would prefer to write something that doesn't focus on sex.  I suck at writing it.
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What kind of earphones do you prefer?

In ear kind
over the ear traditional kind
overly huge over the ear traditional kind because i am a hipster
implants in my brain
I listen to my music in a different manner

Do you have an ipod?


Do you have an i-anything?


In-ear earbuds: How the fuck do you get over the feeling of them being in your ears??? Also, how many sets of earbuds can my cat chew through before I rehome him? He's on pair 4. Also also, since I can't stand the feeling of the in-ear earbuds, I have cut off the part of my earbud that my cat chewed through and am currently listening to Poker Face in mono, lol.

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does anyone here work at bath and body works? can you tell me anything that would be helpful to know when i go in for an interview on monday?

what's the weirdest way you've ever gotten a job or a job interview?

if you have or have had two jobs, can you give me advice on how to handle having two jobs?
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hey why not

Will you help mystictwilight come up with story ideas?

Go here: Brainstormer

Click Random, see what you get, and comment with a potential story using the three ideas.


"general, steampunk, miracle"

could be

The General of a steampunk army must perform a miracle to save the world/his people/the love of his life.
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My parents host parties and are looking for music videos to popular songs. They don't want ads on the videos like you get sometimes popping up. They could play the vh1 music channel that we get, but they want to control the order. And they are willing to pay.

Do you know of any website like that where they can subscribe and build video playlists and have professional quality music vids?


Have you seen Toy Story 3? I saw it today and loved it.
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I'm freaking out because by the end of summer I need to have a few chapters written of a children's (ages 9-12 specifically) fantasy novel as part of my senior honors project, and I still have absolutely no ideas that don't feel horribly overdone.

Suggestions, anyone? How do you get inspiration for plots when you want/need to write?

DK/DC: Do you own silly bandz? Which ones?
I'm proud to say I have farm and zoo animals, 'fun shapes,' and princess.

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My friend from college is going to be a med student starting this fall. Her Facebook status is that she is applying to the Air Force to help pay for med school.

How does one have time to go to med school and be in the Air Force at the same time?
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You receive a speeding ticket in the mail for $40. You feel you got it unfairly since the area where the photo was taken is construction and you always go the posted lower speed limit of 50mph.

Would you suck it up and pay the stupid ticket? Or in the name of honor and justice, should you fight it in court even though the cost of missing a days worth of work is more than the ticket itself? You will not get points on your license either way.
I <3 TLV


Can anyone recommend a brand of cruelty-free (no animal testing) waterproof liquid eyeliner that's sold at Rite Aid? Yes I'm aware that's awfully specific but I have a Rite Aid gift card and I need eyeliner =P
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Las Vegas

I'm leaving for my first adult Vegas trip in a few hours, any tips? Tricks? Suggestions?

We're staying at the Palms and have a loose schedule, but I want to know if there's anything besides the clubs and pools I need to see/do/experience.

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Why am I so afraid to get a physical?

I don't have a fear of needles, I don't mind going to the dentist/specialized doctors, I just hate going to a general practitioner and I don't know why.

I think it's partially because my doctors have made me feel bad about things completely unrelated to my health in the past and I don't want to deal with it.

I haven't had a check-up in three years. Will you convince me to just schedule one?

Idears, plz

We've been ordered by the town to do repairs at the church that exceed our cash-on-hand by several thousand dollars, so I have to get over myself and finally do some fundraising.

Do you have any awesome fundraising idears for us, O human peoples of TQC?


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do you think with enough persistence, anyone can learn another language fluently?

my roommate insists that she just doesn't have the right brain for it. and i think it's definitely interesting how easily it comes for some people and how difficult it is for others.

what was learning a different language like for you, if you studied another one? what language was it?


Hey friends! I'm looking to expand my cooking horizons. I'm a pretty decent cook, but I prefer to bake, but I've been told I need to make 1 or 2 dinners a week to contribute to the family's cooking. So I'm looking for suggestions, we eat alot of chicken, hamburger and salmon. What ideas do you have for me?
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Does anyone else here get really (like RRRLY) emotionally affected by books and characters? Maybe too much so? (If so, and you're comfortable, can you share any of the books that have affect you so deeply?)

I just read The Dead Zone, and it was an amazing read, I really recommend it. But it made me really depressed. Like when I finished it, I felt really awful. I can think of few books that have impacted me so emotionally, and this one's made the list.

Have you read The Dead Zone? If so, did you like it? Did it have a deep impact on you, too?

A couple weeks ago, I made this entry here. I ended up taking The Dead Zone with me because it had the highest number of votes, and I was not disappointed! The Dead Zone has become my favorite S.K. book so far, and one of my favorite books ever. I thought it was amazing and very powerful.
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Is there anyone here who is from a non-Western country/culture but lives in a Western country who would be willing to do a short survey for me? I don't know of anyone in real life who fits this description in real life and yes, this is a homework question. The survey is about your experience with discrimination by the way.

If not, are you taking any classes over the summer? What are they?
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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How much effort do you put into killing a mosquito in your home?

1 - none at all, those guys don't bother me
5 - if I can reach it I'll try, otherwise I keep my eye out for it
10 - I hunt that motherfucker down until I am victorious

How much of a target for mosquitoes are you?

1 - they never come near me
5 - if they're out and about, I'll end up with a bite or two
10 - my delicious blood makes me a mosquito magnet
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I recognized a girl from my childhood that was tagged in a few of my cousin's pictures. I clicked on her page and I am pretty sure she babysat for me at one point (I am 22 yrs old now). THEN I read her bio and it looks and reads like this:

Do people, no matter what age (but especially those over the age 8)
, actually think that they will be taken seriously when every other word is capitalized and dis translates into this? etc. etc.

What happened to decent grammar? When did this madness start?!

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Thanks for advice on Canadian desserts. I ended up making a maple fudge that ended up as a maple taffy (I don't know how) and they LOVED IT.

Now, I need help with Cuban desserts. My friend came to the States from Cuba when she was 5 (17 years ago), and her favorite dessert from there was- well, this is where it gets fuzzy. She's pretty positive it was made with a lot of sugar (granulated or brown or confectioner's, she's not sure), and it ends up kind of cube-ish.

We're planning on having a girl's night in with her little girl, and she wants me to show her how to make this. BUT how can I show her how to make it without knowing what it is?

This is my most (recent) desperate hour. Help me, TQC, you're my only hope!
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What do you think of people who correct others grammatical errors (including spelling) online? What about the ones who do it as some kind of defense tactic in a disagreement online? What about people who go into long rants about incorrect grammar?

DK/DC What did you do for your last birthday? If it wasn't anything particularly exciting, how about your next birthday?

My last birthday I was staying with a friend of mine in California. We went out for Chinese food (I looooove sesame chicken), went home, had cake and ice cream, and then played Harry Potter on Wii. This year I think I might just go out for breakfast, there's a cafe nearby that has crazy good breakfast food like peaches and cream French toast and banana and caramel pancakes, and then maybe hang out with some friends.

ETA: This isn't influenced by the post a couple below mine, I promise.

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Do any of you know any websites where I can find legitimate information on rental properties in New York City? I'm sick and tired of browsing through all the scams on craigslist. I'm looking for a 5 bedroom to split between 5, maybe 6 people. Roomshares for me are an option as well, but I'd prefer to move in with this group of people rather than jump head-first into a roommate situation with people I don't know.

Also, can any of you tell me your personal experiences answering a flatshare on craigslist, not knowing any of the people?
Oh, and hm... maybe you know a job website catering to the NYC area that's not craigslist either?

Oh, and, have any of you had any experience hitchhiking? Where/what was it like? Do tell!

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holy carp i am employed for the first time since october of last year this is so exciting!!

so uhhhhhh will you share things you like about your job? no bad stuff i don't want you guys bumming me out
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My college has decided that, for its hold music, it should play the same damn song over and over and over and over and over again.

I've been on hold for 20 minutes.

I'm at the point where I want to punch the wall or stab my phone. How do I stay sane here? Hanging up is not an option.

What's driving you crazy right now?

EDIT: After 45 minutes of nobody answering, I gave up. I guess I'll call back on Monday.

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Apparently my mom got a puppy or something, and she keeps texting me and telling me to name it.
What would be a good name for this puppy?

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ETA: It's a boy doggie
ETA2: Thanks for the good suggestions =) I think she is going to call him Harley.
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Hey! I am looking for books about alcoholism. Interested in memoir-like books that are easy, quick reads not so much clinical books (though if you know a really good clinical book that's not too dry that's fine too). Anything relating to the effects of alcoholism on relationships/families would be great and also books about being an alcoholic.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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i just returned a few overdue books to my college library and i owed them $70 in overdue fees. they were 2 months overdue (when i moved out i just threw them in the box with my textbooks and sort of forgot about them). do you think this is too much? idk but it was less than i was expecting to owe

what are the pros and cons of your college or university?

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TQC I really need your help.

Graham walked to school at an average speed of 3 miles an hour and jogged back along the same route at 5 miles an hour. If his total traveling time was 1 hour, what was the total number of miles in the round trip?

I need to know how to do it.

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How do I get rid of pimples on my forehead? Are there any foods you could recommend that would help my skin clear up?

My skin's pretty sensitive and tends to be on the dryer side than oily. However, for the past 2 weeks I've gotten breakouts all over my forehead and part of my left cheek. I used to use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion, but I switched to Artistry essentials 3-step skin care system back in May. It's worked fine until now and I'm wondering if my skin is rejecting it. Could it also be the weather (it's been very hot and humid here in VA) or my careless diet? I'm definitely trying to drink lots more water as well. It's just making me super self-conscious, esp when my SO is super close to my face, heh.

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Has anyone made an ice-cream cake before, or at least knows a good recipe? I don't want to make the ice cream from scratch, but I'd like to take store-bought ice cream and put it in a cake that I make.

My boyfriend wants one for his birthday and I've always been in charge of his cake. I want it to be amazing!
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birds and the bees

Did anyone ever EXPLAIN sex and puberty to you?
What did they say?
Was it mortifying or not a big deal? 
Were/are those subjects "taboo" with your family?

My mom handed me some outdated book on the subject when I was 11 or so, with the implicit suggestion that I should read it but NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN. Needless to say, all that stuff was semi terrifying to me for awhile.

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(If you really don't care please don't read this and comment 'nobody cares' or w/e I really don't need that shit right now)

My bf said he was busy until monday with work. Then he texts me today how he's hanging out with this girl (slut who tried to steal my ex a while back) and how she's 'touching him' like grabbing his dick..ugh. What do I say to that? And he was going to see a movie with her and a group tonight. He said he's going to cancel but how can I trust him?

Should I dump his ass?

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know?

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 I think I need to start drinking coffee, I get exhausted at work too quickly.  I've always hated the taste though.  What should I try to drink first?

What foods/drinks do you enjoy now but you used to hate?

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Have you seen the photo of a bird shielding its young, encased in volcanic ash? I believe it's from pompeii.

If so, can anyone link me to said image? Yes I've tried google. Maybe I fail at it? Y/N?


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can someone explain the TL;DR emerald FUCKING TEAL stag in the virtual gift section of the home page? IS IT BECAUSE IT'S THE WORD TEAL? because that's just fucking dumb TL;DR doesn't even look like 'teal'. well, i guess it does if you're DUMB.

is it weird or logical to eat before going out for dinner when you're on a tight budget and don't want to be hungry and get very much at the restaurant?

my mom and sister are randomly in town and want to go to dinner but i don't have enough mad money this paycheck to be eating out. i told them this and my sister goes, "We can share someting." so i'm just loading up on Dorito's and water, so when i get there i'll just be happy with whatever and a soda or something.

should i prank my family and tell them i'm anorexic when i don't order anything?

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I got a brand new laptop today, whoop (after over a month of fighting with the insurance and they're still ignoring my complaint about their service)

What must no laptop/computer be without (software/anything else wise)?

DK/DC: What was the last complaint you made?
And if you don't complain, why not? Does nothing ever make you THAT annoyed?

I complained regarding my accidental damage cover, as they lost my laptop twice, didn't fully repair it the one time so it had to go back and they never actually met the promises they made in the insurance contract
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I need to buy a kitchen table and chairs. Something durable but not too pricey.

Any advice on where to look?
Any particular models you would advise for or against?

Near me I have a Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Bob's Discount Furniture, Rent a Center, Ikea, Home Depot, all your general places to buy inexpensive furniture.

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What is the least patronising way to approach homeless people? The ones holding signs asking for money or help or food. I feel like just walking past and chucking them some money is a bit odd, but I don't know what the other option is. Ask them what it is they'd like, like food or money or something?

Have you ever been homeless or lived on the street for any amount of time or do you know anyone else who has? Did you appreciate money or food or conversation or what?

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My cousin is getting married at the end of next month. I'm not invited to the wedding as they had limited numbers so couldn't invite everyone they wanted to. I do understand his point but it still sucks a lot. I watched him grow up and this is the biggest day of his life.

Have you ever not been invited somewhere and you felt a bit sad as a result?

What could I get them for a wedding gift? I would like to get them something that is a bit different from standard wedding gifts
you think you're heart would learn.

arranged marriages

Anita Jain wrote in a Salon article:

"It was so obvious no organized system for marriage existed in the West that people simply failed to blame the obvious for why they couldn't find someone to marry. They were told by their therapists and their friends that it was because they were too neurotic, too unhappy, had to work on themselves before they could be happy with someone else, or that they wanted it too badly. People are told to blame themselves, and they do: they try to lose weight, they develop new interests, they get a nose job. We wonder what's wrong with us when really we should wonder whether there isn't a better way of doing things. It is a curious misplacement for a self-congratulatory culture in which people are constantly trying to shift blame away from themselves."

What does tqc think of this critique? What are your views of the alternative method of finding a mate in arranged marriages?

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Those of you with cars- if someone were to go through your car right now, what would they find in there? Brought to you by the Google Maps printouts, bazillion straw wrappers and $3.99 in coins I took out of mine today.

Also- What would you say is your favorite scent?

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What if the dam breaks open many years too soon?
What if there was no room atop the hill?
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too?
Would I see you on the dark side of the moon?

Do you know what song this is referencing?

What's an album you'd think everyone should listen to in high school?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What do you have for your cell phone wallpaper? What about your main ringtone?

Do you have different ringtones for different people?

I just got a new phone and can't decide what to put on the background. I have personalized ringtones for most people in my contacts. My message tone is Castiel from Supernatural saying "Hey Assbutt!"
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What is something you feel awesome about right now?

I bought a ukulele yesterday and I am loving it! I've never played a string instrument before but I'm doing ok picking it up and have a bunch of chords memorized, I just need to get used to switching between them cleanly.

Have you ever played a ukulele?

if not, you should, because I think its impossible to be sad when messing around with one.

What songs should I learn to play on my cute little new musical addition?

I have Foundations by Kate Nash up at some point, and I'm basically done with You and I by Ingrid Michaelson.

What should I name my uke? (For reference, my Bflat tuba is a Miraphone and he is named Klaus.)
Happy Cordy

First-Time Poster

 Have you ever bought a house? If so, was the financial stress worth the gain?

I'm in the middle of purchasing a home and all the numbers are keeping me up at night.

Optional question: Do you recognize the icon and enjoy Numeroff as much as I do? XD

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Those of you who recognize the following lyrics, just put that information aside for a moment.

If you received a letter from someone that said this, what would you think?
I think that you're afraid to look in my eyes
You look a little sad boy, I wonder why
I follow you around but you can't see
You're too wrapped up in yourself to notice
So you choose to look the other way
Well, I've got something to say
Don't try to run I can keep up with you
Nothing can stop me from trying, you've got to

Open your heart to me, baby
I hold the lock and you hold the key
Open your heart to me, darlin'
I'll give you love if you, you turn the key

Do you think people are impressionable enough to treat lyrics as if they were some sort of life guidance?

If so, at the current rate that popular music is going, what guidance do lyrics have to offer?

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My friend and I want to go away for the weekend.
I'd like to go somewhere where we wouldn't really need a car. We're in New York but can pretty much fly anywhere that wouldn't be ridiculous for a 3-4 day trip.

Any suggestions for places to go?


Do you get any perks at your job?

Inspired by getting free books from my sister's publishing company :D

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I came home today and went to drop off my suitcase in my room upstairs. As I was walking up I heard someone eerily whistling. As I approached my parent's bedroom I came to realize that my mom was standing in the dark folding laundry whistling CREEPY CIRCUS ORGAN MUSIC. What the fuck?

Do you whistle frequently? What song?

Alternative, what kind of weird shit do your parent's do?