July 8th, 2010

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Poll #1589464 Another vodka question

Which of these would you order at a bar?

A screwdriver
A vodka and orange
I use both names
I use neither name/will explain in comments
Vodka or orange juice is gross

And what is your favorite alcoholic drink, other than beer or wine?
Julia Murney

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The twitter client I use (Tweetdeck) isn't working, and Idk wtf to do. 

Do you use a twitter client? If you use tweetdeck, is it giving you problems regarding your API calls?

Does your city have a fringe theatre festival?
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What are some of your favorite quotes?

Some of mine are :

"Everything will be alright in the end, if it is not alright, it is not the end."

"You aren't wealthy until you have something that money can't buy." -Garth Brooks

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." -
Bill Cosby

"A man may fall many times, but he won't be a failure until he says someone pushed him." Elmer G Letterman

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Do you have good memory, bad memory, or selective memory? 

Is your handwriting neat or sloppy?

My memory is pretty bad. Tell me or ask me something and 5-10 seconds later, I forget it.  This happens a lot actually.  One example: One day, my sisters asked me to get them something and they went to do something else. When they left, I couldn't remember what they just asked me to get.  So embarrassing.

My handwriting is sloppy, but at least readable.

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Do you ever post things online while drunk and then wake up the next morning in a panic or regret of what you may have posted online while drunk?

Hehe... you all probably know where this question comes from... :P
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why am I always really awake at night but really tired during the day?

any advice on how to get tired? I already tried (boring) books, melissa tea, wine, counting sheep, taking long walks and not eating at least two hours before bedtime, but none of that has worked.

does (sun)light wake you up?

how long do you usually sleep?

how long would you like to sleep?

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Which kind of attitude do you have? A) Live life to the fullest by taking care of yourself B) Live life to the fullest by not caring.C) Other.

To be more specific: My friend chain smokes and pretty much only eats junk food (rarely any protein, fruits or veggies) and thinks since life is short you might as well enjoy what you like even if It's unhealthy. I believe since you only have one life, you should take care of yourself (eat right, not smoke) so you can live longer and feel better.

What do you guys think?
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I found some instructions on making cherry infused vodka and it said to let it sit for 4 weeks. It's been three days and it's already a deep, dark red. Why exactly am I having to let it sit so long?

What would be some yummy cocktails to make with cherry vodka? I'm thinking cherry-tini, of course, but that seems a little boring to me.

What's something someone else does that makes you go weak in the knees? A light squeeze on the nape of my neck makes me melt.
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What's the weirdest injury you've ever gotten?

I have a dent in my forehead from being hit in the head by a friend's ceiling fan. I was about 12, was sitting on her top bunk bed and leaned forward without thinking about it. Oops.
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Which picture from this photostream should I use on my desktop? I'm feeling like something colorful, but you can suggest black and white too. Horizontal shots only and Brooklyn Bridge is not an option since it has been on my desktop for the past 2 months. The winner gets nothing except for my gratitude for helping to make this very important decision.

DK/DC, tough. I don't have another question for you.

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do you believe in mental disorders?

or do you think its all in your head?
do you think some people use it as an excuse?
do you believe that some people hide behind their diagnosis?
do you believe that some people can really be mentally sick?

will you tell me your thoughts?

do you know anyone with a mental disorder?
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what does your bedroom look like? (pictures please!)

what do like about it?

what do you hate about it?

what would you like to change?

is it currently tidy or does it look like hell?
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Are there any songs/musicians/groups that remind you of a specific book?

Example: Iron & Wine (especially the Our Endless Numbered Days album) always conjure up the book A Death in the Family by James Agee for me -- the tone of the music and the book are really similar to me.
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Do you feel celebrities are, or should feel, obligated to apologize to the media/the public when they do something perceived as 'bad'? If you've ever been outraged by the actions of a celebrity, are you at all appeased by their public apologies?

Inspired by an earlier post about Mel Gibson, and the relatively recent Tiger Woods and John Mayer scandals  and their post-scandal apologetic press conferences, interviews, etc.

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Have any of you ever worked for the company Big 5 Sporting Goods or know someone that has? Did you like it? Perks? Negatives?

What has been your favorite job that you have ever had?

Have you ever had a management trainee position? What did you like about it? What didn't you like?

Do you ever feel resentment towards those who have really good jobs but go and apply for open positions elsewhere because they are unhappy? I guess I'm asking those who are currently unemployed or had oodles of problems finding a job in the economy.
narry twirl

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 Do you often stress over things that turn out to not be a big deal? Do you still feel anxious even after something stressful has been resolved?

I feel like I'm constantly stressing out over little things, even after they've been resolved. Last night my roommate told me there was a notice on our door that we owed $300 and I stressed out about it all night and all morning before they opened. I was imagining us getting evicted and other horrible scenarios. When I contacted them this morning they said their system had screwed up and we don't actually owe anything. Even though everything is fine I'm still anxious and a little shaky. :/

Group Donations

How much money would you give to a group donation?

Backstory: Our director of our organization's father passed away this past week. Our organization's (made up of close friends) board decided that we are going to donate to a large veteran's organization in his honor, and are asking for individual contributions via PayPal (there are about 40 of us). The only person who's going to see how much we (individually) donate is our treasurer, whom I work with.

The only problem is that I'm on a very tight budget for the next several weeks for reasons I'd rather not describe. I'm willing to donate a certain amount--not an amount that's going to break my bank, but not an amount that's going to make me seem really cheap.
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Interview Clothing Question!

Hey, TQC!

I have a job interview tomorrow, and I am still stumped when it comes to what I should wear. The interview is for a job in web production with a large, trendy clothing company.

Here's what I received in an email from my recruiter:
Dress is casual at our office-we wear jeans everyday!-so please come casual as well!

I don't want to overdress, but at the same time, I still want to look professional---I haven't gone to an interview dressed that casually since I was 17. For what it's worth, I'm 22 and female.

What do you think would be appropriate for this sort of situation?

What is the worst interview experience you've ever had?
What is the best kind of pie? I wanna bake.

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When other people look at your handwriting, what are some things they would notice?

1. I scribble
2. When I write exclamation points, I make 2 of them and turn them into smiley faces.  Sometimes, I make 3 of them and they become like an alien smiley face. If I'm in a bad mood though, I use sad faces or straight faces, depending on how bad I feel.
3. I put a line through my 7s and my capital I's don't have the bars going across the top and bottom.
4. My capital A's just look like lowercase A's, except that I make them larger.
5. I don't indent. Instead, I skip a line or two.

DK/DC:  How do you react when people come up to you and hug/kiss you? 

It depends on my mood and who's hugging/kissing me.  I hate being touched like that, especially by someone I don't even know. My body tenses up.  If family or friends kiss me, I hate when they do it in public.  If I do allow them to do it,  it has to be on the cheek, not my lips. Hugs are fine.

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If you go out to eat at a restaurant, and a piece of food falls of your plate onto the TABLE, what do you do?

Eat it. What? It's just the table
Put it on my plate and don't eat it
Put it on my plate and probably eat it later when no one notices
Put it on my napkin as garbage

The C key on my laptop keeps falling off. What should I do?

Keep forcing it back on and deal with it
Take it to a computer repair place
Stick it with chewing gum

Is where you are under the awful heat wave?

Ya, but I do a good job of staying cool
No, I live in Alaska (or somewhere else that isn't hot)
It isn't the heat wave, but it's nice out, I love summer!
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1) How do you pronounce Livejournal? LIVE as in "live my life" or LIVE as in "a live show"?

2) Is there one thing from your childhood that has completely messed you up? For example, my family never celebrated Christmas. So that day means absolutely nothing to me which feels weird.

3) Do you remember banking before ATM machines and debit cards? I vaguely remember having a little passport like book...did you have to have it at all times to withdraw cash from your bank account?
Grammar love!

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What's the difference between an electric rice cooker and a Crock Pot/electric slow cooker? I mean, you can cook rice and make stews in both, right?

I think that they're the same thing as far as function goes, just marketed differently.
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DMV car fun

Is it cheaper to reregister my car online, or at the DMV?

When do you need to reregister your vehicle?

NY TQCers: How do you feel about the orange/blue plates? Should I get the new plates, or keep my current ones?
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One week away :D


Are you going to Camp Bisco? If so, which group/artist are you looking forward to seeing?

I'm starting to put together a packing list. What do you plan on bringing?

If you're not going to Bisco, what are some good things to pack for a 3-day festival?

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Have you ever been in a situation where your spouse takes a significant pay cut but it will be for the better? We are looking at losing about $400 per month because my husband is going to change jobs. He is okay with making less money because he has potential to move up, but I'm scared silly.

How should I ease my panic?

Is ice cream always better when it is eaten from a cone? I believe it is.
bounce elephant

rain rain rain

Do you use an umbrella when it rains?
If you don't, what do you do to keep dry?
Is it common or uncommon for people to use umbrellas in your area..?

We just went to four stores and couldn't find an umbrella until the last one--every time we asked if the store carried them, we got a blank look, like, "An umbra-what?" It was like umbrellas are rare or a specialty item, but maybe it's just the area I live?

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Would you buy standing-room only airline tickets if they were really cheap? Doesn't that seem kinda dangerous? I saw the Mythbusters where they tested the brace position and I don't think you could get into a brace position with standing room only.

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Have you ever had a dentist that did horrible work on your teeth? What did they do?

I haven't  since my dentist does pretty well... but my friend got home from her appointment and is moping around because they used a silver filling instead of white for some of her teeth. It's pretty annoying hearing her complain.

What do you think happens to the socks that disappear in the washer or dryer?

I think there's a dryer gnome that comes and steals them, and uses 'em to make its house and stuff.


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What TV show should I watch that I can watch online? Something mindless and light, but still entertaining.

Why don't stores take your ID once it expires? I'm not all of a sudden 12 just because I need to renew my ID.

Lunch breaks

Say you get thirty minutes for a break. Is it ok for you to get in your car, drive to get something and then be back within that 30 mins? Do you need to clock out if you're leaving your workplace?

I work in a hospital and it is seen as taboo to go anywhere that is not within walking distance. Is this a normal thing? I really want Viet food but I need to drive to get it. Thanks!

Also, if I do go, what should I get from this place ?

ETA: This is from our policy manual:
Employees are expected to remain in their work area during the scheduled work time. Employees who leave the
premises before the end of the scheduled work time must notify their supervisor.

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Ladies, do you think being considered "spoiled" or "high maintenance" is a good thing?

I work with a girl that seems to think that being spoiled or high maintenance is a compliment. :/

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Are you and your SO about at the same level of fitness, or is one of you in better shape? 

If there's a difference, does it ever create a problem or bother you? 

I'm definitely in better shape than my boyfriend. Aesthetically, his body doesn't bother me at all; I prefer some pudge on a guy. It usually doesn't cause problems, but sex can really test his endurance sometimes, which sucks. Also, he always wants to eat out or eat unhealthy foods, and I'm trying pretty hard to get into shape, but it's hard to resist. ):

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Have any of you ever needed to take the morning after pill? If so, did it work?

I made a stupid choice a few days ago. Took Plan B 12 hours later (it's been a day since I've taken it now) and I feel shitty. Not to mention, I feel physically and mentally sick.

I'd just really like to hear your guys' experiences. Tell me your stories please :( ?
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he's a genius
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My BFF just posted a picture of her with duck lips. I want to send her the link to the page/blog making fun of girls doing this face. Anyone know the link? My google searching is failing me...maybe I'm just crazy in thinking this exists....

In your opinion, what's the stupidest thing to put up as a profile picture on sites like facebook?
I <3 TLV

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Help!!! I just got a terrible haircut and my bangs are WAY too short. Wtf can I do about this? I plan on wearing a baseball cap until they grow out because it's the only hat I have. What styles of hats are in style this summer that could hide them??

Also will you share your experiences with bad haircuts? Misery loves company.
My Wild Irish Rose


Dear potential DoctorWho-fans (who also have screencaps) of TQC::  would you please link me/post  some caps of Vincent's  face, from Vincent and the Doctor?  

N/A // can't:  Who's your favourite artist?  (Links to their works?)

I am trying to make a banner but the whole 'lack of visual material' is not helping that.  Prefereably ones where he's facing totally forward. There will be pictures of cake supplied if you do!!  :)

I have a few... Van Gogh is one, as you might have guessed,  and Freida Kahlo, and then there's a far more modern (read: still alive and producing, happily)  woman named Ursula Vernon who does a lot of mixed-media stuff and is awesome, and this guy named Arthur Rackham...  

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Grah, TQC, my dad and I are having his boyfriend over for dinner tonight and I wanted to make dessert beforehand but I can't because the eggs I thought were good actually expired in January (go Dad). I've never cooked for his boyfriend before and I'm worried that he'll hate what I make. It's just salad and cake, so would you please tell me to stop freaking out? Alternatively, would you provide stories of times your own dinner parties have gone wrong at first but ended up working out?

High-revenue YouTube partners

How much control do you think people who become famous on YouTube have over their content after they start rolling in the big bucks for YouTube?

Do you think a lot of these people have been set up by a publicist or agent and weren't really genuine amateurs in the first place?

Will you share your thoughts on Internet celebrities?

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everytime i log onto one of my yahoo mail accounts I immediately get some nasty trojan virus. i googled it but it doesn't seem like people have had the same problem. i don't think my email is sending out bogus messages or anything. i'd changed my password but it seems like i can't get to my account without getting a virus first.

has anybody else ever had this problem?
what horrible computer viruses have you had?
how'd you get rid of them?
is a beaut

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if you've ever seen it, do you enjoy the tv show pushing daisies? would i like it? i like stuff.

what are some of your favourite tv shows ever? i like gavin and stacey and outnumbered the best but they're not too well known outside of the UK.

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Two years ago, my friend and I walked around Buffalo Warped Tour with a sign that said "Come to Denny's with us. Seriously." A girl walked up to us and handed us a sticker of a guy with a mullet, said something about him being a Myspace matchmaker or something, and then took a picture of us holding it. She said it would be on his website or something. I only just thought of this, and want to find this picture of us. Do any of you know what that could possibly have been about?

Have you gone in the past/are you going to Warped Tour this year? What do you think of it?
Take a Look

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I just realized my nephews' first birthday is (are?) in August. What should I get them? Would it be in poor taste to only give them one card & 2 gifts, or should I send 2 cards as well?

oh my god I panic about the stupidest shit.

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Ladies! What are your favorite summer top options?
Menfolk, to include you, what are your favorite boob covers women wear in the summer?

I have large breasts (34C) for a 5'1 frame and I feel really weird and boobtastic in most tank tops or pretty sleeveless shirts. I am having a bitch of a time finding girly/professional short sleeve tops. I wear a lot of t-shirts, but it is 94 degrees and I cannot take much more sweaty terror.

HELP ME BUSTY WOMEN OF TQC. Or gloat, reasonably breasted women of TQC! I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW.

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What are your best ways to save money at an outdoor music festival, TQC?

Tell us your favourite experience from the last music festival you went to?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 = meh, 10 = AWHRWARRGLJGKHD), how much do you hate mosquito bites?

fire bad

do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?
have you ever had to use it?

question inspired by the grease fire my mom just put out in our kitchen.
p.s. we have no extinguishers in the house. we have 1 smoke detector, nowhere near the kitchen, and i'm pretty sure it doesn't even work.

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Is there ever a polite way to make someone leave your house? I find that I am frequently saying things like 'oh well I have to take a nap now' which is understandable to my friends as I am pregnant but I still feel weird saying it...

Did any of you see 'The Crazies'? Did you like it?

Favorite scary movie?
homeless, PAINTprogramPIC

Distancing Yourself

Does anyone know ways to distance yourself emotionally from people that you talk to alot and/or hang out with alot without ignoring them? This would be people you already love/care very much about...I hope I worded that correctly.

I had other questions, but they aren't that important right now. They are mainly "for fun" questions....

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Clint Dempsey is one of my favorite soccer players and my favorite American player.

last night i dreamt he died. it was the group stages again and he got a goal. but as he hit the ball, he fell out from under himself, landed on his back, broke his neck and died instantly.

i was pretty upset about it and everyone kept talking about it, so i kept saying how i just couldn't believe something like that could happen. then later i fell very far out of a balcony but didn't get hurt.

TQC, what the FUCK does that mean?
I <3 TLV

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Anyone else getting tired of people going "omg heatwave!!"? I mean it's July ffs it's supposed to be hot. Complaining about being hot is ok but idk I just feel like people are going overboard acting like it's a huge catastrophic event and not just... really hot. But then again I love it when it's in the 90s so I'm a bit biased to begin with.

If I go back to the salon I got my horrible haircut at tomorrow and demand a refund, do you think they'll give me my money back?

asshole neighbors

i've lived in the same townhouse for 6 years now, in a suburb that was always considered pretty nice/safe. i bought my house, almost everyone in my neighborhood also bought theirs.

a couple months ago a family moved in across the street, they are renting from whoever owns that townhouse. these people i have a SERIOUS problem with. they're constantly doing illegal shit. stealing cars, selling drugs, fist fighting. they also like to sit on other people's steps and leave their trash on their lawns. it's happened to me at least 6 times. they have a pretty limited vocabulary, consisting of the words "fuck, shit, bitches, hoes, and nigga" and all they ever say is disrespectful and stupid as hell. the cops get called on them no exaggeration once a week. they've been here 3 times since the 4th of july, when they decided to have a black kids vs. white kids full on brawl in the middle of the street, and hit an older neighbor when he tried to tell them to stop fighting.

i have the local precinct number saved in my phone. seems like whenever they come here they don't actually accomplish much. either they all run away when they see the cop car, or they talk to them and nothing happens. my sister heard a cop screaming at one kid that he better not see him around here again.

but really what can i do about it? they aren't actually rental units so there's no rental office to complain to. i don't know who owns the houses they're renting. there is a management company but i don't know if complaining to them would do anything. probably all they could do is fine them.

what would you do in this situation? all of the neighbors who have been here for years are really fed up. we want them evicted, now. these people are the only ones in the whole neighborhood causing any trouble.

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What are some LJ communities I can join where I can get answers to cooking questions?

I've been making fettuccine alfredo but every time I do I have the same problem, in about 10 minutes after I start eating it the sauce thins out and gets clumpy. What am I doing wrong? I'm using 6 tablespoons of butter, 1 cup heavy cream, and 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan. I melt the butter first, then add the heavy cream then slowly add the cheese.
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Is the verdict for Johannes Mehserle just? Is it too light? Too heavy?

Story here, with live footage

I think he should have been found guilty of MURDER. Mom thinks he genuinely made a mistake and meant to grab his taser. When I told her that any cop that can't tell the difference between a taser and a gun, and can't keep their holsters straight, is a shitty cop, she told me she was glad I wasn't on the jury.

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What childhood fears and superstitions still affect you?

I recently had to explain to my boyfriend why I always make sure my feet are covered when I sleep. If I leave them out in the open, the monsters will get them and eat me! Apparently, this is not suitable behavior for a 22 year old and he hid my covers.

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Why won't my mom hop off my balls? It's the summer for goddsakes! I'm supposed to relax! I'm even getting a head start on my college applications, so what is she complaining about?

ETA: also, why is my dad shouting at the TV "JUST ASK THE QUESTION!!" over and over again?
Blue chemise

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If you could turn any book into a movie, which one would it be?
Which actors would you cast as the characters?
Who would direct the film?
Would there be a soundtrack? Who would be the composer?
Would it be a big budget film or a small, independent film?

Don't know or care, have you ever accidentally posted an entry here that was meant for your personal journal?

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so i ordered some shirts from a record company and generally being a bunch of nice people they sent me an extra! and it's actually a cool looking shirt. but it has some shit on the back of it, looks like adhesive from masking tape. what should i do to try and get it out before washing it? i don't have goo gone and i'm not getting any just to use it on a free shirt.

what was the cause of the last big stain in your laundry?

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Do you think I can find a good bikini at Target tomorrow?
What are my chances? I need one before I go on vacation tomorrow night and my doggy chewed mine.

EDIT- Screw this I'm going to Victoria's Secret
Flaming Sikozu

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Anybody here seen any of the Subspecies movies? Are they worth watching?
I saw a box set of the complete series for $30 and I do love vampire movies, should I get it?

What's your favourite vampire movie?
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I'm having the worst few weeks possible. My cousin's girlfriend asked if I wanted to come over and hang out tonight. She lives right next door. If I don't go I will stay here alone and cry, which is what I've been doing every night. I'm not sure because I've never really spent more than 10 minutes with her and I don't see her very often. Should I do it, TQC?

She said to text her if I decided to come over, what should I say? I'm awkward as fuck and don't want to say something weird. I know I am overthinking this tons.


i'm having the biggest writers block when it comes to writing cover letters.

suggestions on how to get unstuck and write cover letters that have my phone ringing?
I <3 TLV


Does anyone here wear wigs on a regular basis? For fashion rather than due to hair loss. What about wigs which obviously look like wigs? I'm thinking of wearing a wig instead of a hat to hide my hair but I'm wondering if it might look too ridiculous...