July 7th, 2010


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I got a shot in my ass yesterday at the hospital.

My ass is still sore and has a bruise. How long before it feels better? I can't lay on that side and that's the side I usually sleep on. :(
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what's your favorite color?

which color do you like the least?

is your favorite color dominant in your clothing?

is it dominant in your furnishing and decoration?

what's a color you would never wear?
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I  was totally thinking about watching Space Jam earlier and how I wish I  had it and then I go look on OnDemand and they've just put it up. Cox is  spying on my thoughts, y/y?

When was the last time (or most memorable) that your thoughts became a reality?

And apparently even though I haven't seen this movie in about five years, I can recite it word for word. What movie(s) can you do that with?
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Several people and myself are going camping on Thursday until Sunday and we have the basic tent/tarp/bedding already but nothing else. The site has no electricity or water hookup, and the place does not come with one of those metal grates to put over the fire pit. So we need to make up something for that, and we also have no way to store food in any way, like no fridge or freezer. Though we will have a cooler with ice which should only keep cool for maybe a day or two. Any ideas to help us? Maybe some camping recipes that don't need cold food.
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Did you get your wisdom teeth removed? How many did you have?

I have not yet because I don't have any money and I'm having a fifth one come in :[. This is the worst experience I have ever had rn. I'm probably overreacting but FUCK it hurts so damn much.


Is anyone familiar with Excel? I need to discount 25% from a list of 30 original prices..what formula do I have to type in? I know how to do this in regular math, but how do i type this in to find out the new price and use the fill handle?!
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 TQC, I have some 'household' tasks I need to take care of today. One of these is to decided what to do with a musical water globe of mine. It has a puffy, ball-shaped black fungus in it (think volvox shape, but black). Limited Googling tells me it's probably non-toxic, but I'd wear rubber gloves, goggle, and a breathing mask just in case. My mother wants me to throw it out, but I want to 'lance' the glass globe (hammer and nail) and try to salvage the rest of the piece by cleaning off the mold with hydrogen peroxide and isopropol alcohol. (I collect music boxes and I don't have this song elsewhere in my collection).

Should I try to save it or just trash it? Any other suggestions for cleaning? I know bleach works, but it will remove the paint from the rest of the figure. 

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credit cards that don't suck (like chase freedom)

I've had the Chase Freedom card for about 3 years now. They've advertised it like it's the best card in the world... and it's not. The cashback is mediocre and to top it off, now they've decided to charge annual fees for it! Needless to say, I'm getting rid of it.

Hence my query: which cards do you personally own and like that offer good cashback, have no annual fees, have good customer service (I've read that Capital One customer service blows), etc? Basically, what's a good credit card and why?

Oh, and I don't much care for APR or other interest rates because I pay off each month on time and in full.


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How long should one wait to 'chase' up a job application?

The closing date was last Tuesday and I haven't heard anything back (beyond a standard 'Thanks for submitting your application').

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1)My grandma's dogs ears are all gross- like an open wound. She said something about flies biting them. Uh...is there a product I can buy to give to her to help with this?

2)My bones hurt. What's your complaint?

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Have you ever taken a trip with a friend, only to realize afterwards you didn't want to be their friend anymore?

What did you do? Are you still friends today?

I recently went on holiday with the oldest friend I have (but not the best), and I discovered some ugly aspects of his personality. He acted incredibly selfish/egotistical and just plain annoying throughout the vacation, with no regard for me at all. I tried to tell him but couldn't get through to him. 
Was it just the stress? Or have I finally seen what he is really like? I'm really confused about this. We have had good times, even though we're very different, and he's never given me any grief before this.
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My hair's getting a little dry, and while I shower daily I'd like to start shampooing only every other day to see if that helps at all. Problem is, I put mousse and hairspray in my hair to control it.

So my question is, are water and conditioner enough to get that gunk out?
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Last night I got into a head-on accident and was so shaken up that I didn't realize I was injured. I hit my left shoulder really hard and my arm won't stop shaking. Well, when the muscle tenses up it starts tremoring but if I can relax it it's okay. I'll go to the doctor whenever I can but is this a normal reaction to trauma? Or am I dying?

How's your day?
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On a scale from 1-5, how bad is it an idea for me to go out alone in Paris at night (& use the metro)? I really want to see Paris by night (Eiffel Tower lit up and stuff). It doesn't get dark here until like 11PM :/

ETA - 5 = really, really bad idea

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Does anyone have any tips for keeping awake when "take a nap" is not an option?

For some reason I'm so fucking sleepy today I'm having trouble focusing my eyes to even see the computer screen.

This is not helpful, as I'm supposed to be doing invoices and OCR at work right now. x.x
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Is anyone else playing Frontierville? I have two FB accounts, and I’m irritated that I can’t gift myself paint buckets, hand drills, and bricks. What level do I have to be at to send those things? On one account I have enough friends to send me what I need. On the other account I don’t, because I don’t want a hundred people asking me to be their Farmville neighbor on top of Frontierville. I feel whiney.

BTW, no I'm not looking for FB/FV friends. I just want to know what levels I have to be at to send myself certain shit.
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 Are any of you fans of something with a very small, spread out, fanbase?
How do you deal with being excited about something, but not having anyone to share it with? 

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How many times per week is is acceptable to hang out with someone, or suggest hangouts, if you've just met them and are interested in starting ~something~? I'm always afraid of coming off clingy/annoying, but I don't want to act aloof and like I'm not into him either :I

Single TQC-ers, have you met anybody interesting recently? Dish!

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So we went to see the 4th of July parade this weekend. It was very nice.

Everybody had a lot of sympathy for the marching band members in their seemingly heavy uniforms in the heat wave. It indeed must have been tough, but that is not what made my heart go out to them.

What on earth is up with those chin straps on the hats? They lie across their face and chin and don't actually go UNDER their chin like most chinstraps. That would drive me crazy. I'd be chewing on it the whole time or something.

Does anyone know the history? Or have any ridiculous speculative ideas about why they are like that?

If you were in a marching band or something similar, what drove you crazy about the uniforms? I'm guessing the gold lame panels made it or broke it for some people, too.

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Hey TQC, what do you do for work/to pay the bills? Do you like it? Is it what you wanted to do when you started looking for jobs/graduated/whatever? What are some pros and cons about your work? Any srs bizness (or non-srs) workplace drama?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

My birth name is Katherine but my parents gave me the nickname of Kayley - it's a combo of my first & middle names. Kayley is the name I introduce myself as, so a lot of people, unless I went to school with them, have no idea my name is even Katherine. I only know of one other person who has a combo of their first and middle name.

Does anyone else have a nickname made from a first name/middle name combo?
Does anyone else go by a nickname not commonly derived from their birth name?
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Let's say that you've been in a relationship with someone for several years. The relationship is healthy, caring, and loving; you both get along well, the sex is good, you have fun together, etc. etc. However, you know that this person isn't ~the one~ and you don't want to be with them ~forever.~ There's nothing really wrong with the relationship but something doesn't seem right. Would you stay with them?
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How soon into dating or relationships do you generally feel comfortable "meeting the parents"?

EDIT: Also, how soon do you feel comfortable having your SO meet your parents?

How can I keep my brother from stealing my work shirts?

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i've been really trying to eat healthy this summer, and my diet has been comprised of mostly baked fish, various beans, brown rice, quinoa, no sugar added fruit pops, whole-wheat cereal and milk, spinach salads, and some veggie stir fries. i am rly bored with my food. what else can i eat? i am finicky about both chicken and pork but i'll eat red meat and any kind of fish, as well as meat substitutes.

what do you like to eat that's healthy?

help :(
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Trying to reply to a message I got from one of the officials of a college I'm interested in attending. The name is Barb Howe. Normally, "Barb" is short for "Barbara", but I've also seen the name used for a boy.

Should I address the official as "Ms." or "Mr."?
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True Blood watchers...
What is a good site to watch it online?
I missed this weeks episode because we dont have HBO anymore
and I am dying to find a site to watch it.

Every one I have tried has given me bad links
or i have to do some stupid survey or some shit to get access
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1. If we had absolute proof that the world will end in December 2012. In what ways would you change your life around?

2. Do you know anyone who committed suicide? Care to tell us about them?

3. what do you do for a living? if you're going to college what are you studying? if you're still in high school, what would you like to do when you grow up?
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Did you have a bicycle as a kid?

Did you wear a helmet?

If so, was the helmet the only safety gear you wore? Or did you wear wrist/elbow/knee pads?

I'm pretty sure I had a helmet but I never wore it. Other than that I had wrist pads but I only wore them once when I was learning to rollerblade. After I learned I gave them away...
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Laser scar removal

Does anyone have any experience with laser scar removal? I'm interested in experiences regarding raised scars (hypertrophic or keloid), not for acne or recessed scars. If you've had scars treated with lasers, how well did it work? Do you have any before/after photos? What kind of laser was used? How many sessions did you need? How much did it cost? TY
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New bed!

TQC, its time for a new bed. My bed is awful, and while I don't mind sleeping on the couch, I would rather have just a weeeeeee bit more room for movement. I'm looking for the full package: queen sized mattress and boxset, plus frame/whatever. I've never been bed/mattress shopping and my budget is really low. Besides Ikea, what are some good places to look?

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How much are movie ticket prices where you are? 

My boyfriend informed me that the movie we went to last weekend would be our last one ever due to them raising the price on EVERYTHING big time (example: the mexican dinner I got before the movie cost less than the medium popcorn).

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Just a couple minutes ago I got light headed and dizzy and my head is still spinning a little.  What on earth is causing this?   I'm at work, so this isn't good timing. 
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 What are the weirdest acronyms you know?
If you don't know very many weird ones, what are your favorite or the ones you use the most?

ETA: And may I ask you to please put what it means?

Just because I'm 16 doesn't mean I know all the latest internet and text lingo. Half the time, I have no idea what you guys are talking about when it's abbreviated o.o I'm hoping this will help inform me ^^

DK/DC/IDGAF/ You're wondering how I know what those are. When did you learn to cook? Are you good at it? I made brownies yesterday for the first time ever and I'm gonna fry frozen stuff today. No one ever bothered trying to teach me even though I've always wanted to learn, so I'm finally just trying it.
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I get off work in 40 mins. I am really hungry and havent gone shopping in a while. I am sick of pb&j. I have chicken, pasta, rice, turkey sausages, assorted veggies, and fruit. It is about 95 degrees outside and my roommate and I cannot afford to turn on our AC, so I really dont want to use the oven or the stove that much.

Any suggestions on what I should make for dinner?

dk/dc: What are your plans for today?

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What did you have for breakfast\lunch\dinner\whatever it is where you are?

I found a fan in my closet that I never use, should I keep it just in case or give it to someone who really needs it?

How are you feeling?

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Really random, but I'm in the middle of writing a history paper for class; what's the opposite of kinetic energy?

Should I not be using a science reference in a history paper?

Do you enjoy the smell of your own farts?

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I'm making dinner for 5 (with me, 6) next Friday. Budget isn't a huge issue, and I am fairly skilled in the kitchen. Dessert is my specialty, so no worries about that.

WHAT SHOULD I MAKE?!?!? All ideas welcome

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What are some good online magazines?
maybe something like Vice or Slate but aren't written by people who huff glue.

Alternate question:
How's your summer going? People from the southern hemisphere need not answer


My cell phone company is Verizon, and I can't upgrade phones until August 2011. We have 4 lines on our family plan, one being an internet plan (USB modem?) which can be upgraded now. On the page of phones to select, I can get a BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone in Smoky Violet FREE for this line (internet.) Can I order the phone and activate it to my personal phone account?

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 Did you know that people still went to raves?

Have you ever gone to a rave?

What do you think of raves?

What do you think of people who go to raves?

(asked because I recently shared a hotel with many people going to a rave)
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will you be watching the world cup final july 11?

will you be rooting for either spain or the netherlands?

are you looking forward to world cup related questions being over?

i'm pissed you guys

Your LJ And You

1.When your life is really busy, do you update LJ more or less?
2.Are you more likely to put off a long entry?
3.Do you ever neglect to post things important out of laziness?
4.What's the last good movie you bought (rent/dvd/whatever)?
5.How do you feel about nailpolish?
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Million $$ Question

You win five million dollars from the Publisher's sweepstakes and the same day as that big Ed guy gives you the check, aliens land on the Earth and say they're going to blow up the world in two days. What do you do?

And if you don't know what movie that's from, you need to find out.
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Why do cats sleep in sinks?

Why did my cat, after owning her for 5 years and her being 9 years old just start sleeping in our bathroom sink?

Is there a reason she prefers my husband's sink to my own? They are both equally clean, and the same size, etc.
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Would you rather know the date and time you would die, the cause of your death (stabbing, old age, cancer, etc but not great detail), or would you rather remain oblivious?
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If you had to, which one of these shows would you go on: big brother or survivor?

I would go on survivor if I was in shape since I think it would be an awesome experience. I couldn't stand going on bb, those people would just drive me nuts.
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What sort of alcohol gives you (as in you, personally) the worst hangover?

I know people say it's all the same, but that's bullshit. I get different hangovers depending on what I drink. Jack is so delicious but it makes me suffer the wrath of God the next morning. It makes my hands tingle. They're still tingling right now. omg am i dying help


I just landed an interview for an internship at a local music venue (mostly punk, rock, alt, etc.) next week. The internship will be primarily focused on promotion, advertising and marketing and is also unpaid, if that makes a difference.

The last job interview I went to was at a Barnes & Noble where I wore nice slacks and a button down collared shirt to look nice. I feel like if I wore that I would be overdressed and look crazy. I'm a 21 year old college student and want this internship more than anything! TQC, dress me!

Would a pair of black skinny jeans, a nice belt, and plain white t-shirt with black flats be too casual?
I am right in assuming business-y attire would look ridiculous for a club interview?
What do people who work in venues wear?!

Alternatively: What internships have you had in the past? Tell me about your favorites.

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I went to McDonalds today for snackage. My total came out to $5.42 and I handed over $6. The guy at the counter stared at the money for a second, then he looked up at me and asked how much I gave him.

Why didn't he just count it out?

If you had $500 to spend on a vacation, what would you do? And you have to spend it on a vacation or else it'll explode.

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have you ever asked your friend to recommend you specifically for their job when they were leaving?
have you ever been asked to recommend a friend for your job when you were leaving?

(in either case, all application procedures are being followed, you're not just being like "here give your boss my resume")

how did it turn out?
( movie ) steve3.

really need your help. i can't decide.

should i stay with my new phone, http://i29.tinypic.com/sfhrtu.jpg or go back to my old one? http://i31.tinypic.com/2ntilut.jpg

my new one takes horrible pictures and i can only have a limited amount of calender dates which is annoying, but i like the way the texting is set up and the phone looks awesome
and then my old phone is much bigger so it won't fit in my wallet but i love the way it types and it takes much better pictures.

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Because I commute to work on the train each day, I have a lot more time to read. Can you recommend some new reading material for me? I like pretty much anything, especially historical fiction, but not a big fan of fantasy. A few of my favorite authors are John Steinbeck, Amy Tan and Alice Hoffman.

Also, what book was a huge disappointment to you?
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I'm eating Pepto Bismal chewable tablets for some reason.
Is this a bad idea?

The back of the package said it'll make my tongue and stool darker.
Ever heard of someone overdosing on Pepto or Tums?
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After a break up, when is the accepted time to return items belonging to the other person?

Is there a certain amount of time the ex-couple should wait? Do they arrange a meeting? Drop a box off at their front door in the middle of the night?

How have you handled this in past relationships?
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That question about birth control took me back to a thought I had earlier today about hamsters.
My cousin had bought a hamster from a petshop and found out later that she was pregnant.
Well, after the hamster had the babies, she started eating them.
So, we looked up why the mother would do that and got answers about not being able to care for them or felt that her environment  was unsafe.

Okay, so this made me think that if the hamster would have aborted her babies if she could do so without harming herself.
Which led me to believe that abortion is a natural decision. 
What do you think?
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 inspired by nyhoneydip 

What do you think of teen mothers who kill their babies when they're born and then get sentenced to a life time in prison?

I agree that mother's should not be allowed to their children because they were stupid (or maybe the birth control failed) and got pregnant, but you do have to take into account that some teen mother's completely freak out and just have no idea what to do about it because they cannot fathom having a baby at their current life situation. And I'm not entirely sure why abortion is legal and yet this isn't. Probably 'cause there's always adoption, but don't they act on similar principles?

I'm not saying teens who don't tell anyone they're pregnant and then kill the baby and dump them somewhere shouldn't get punished, but it would be horrible if someone made that mistake and then spent the rest of their life behind bars.
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for those of you who have/had an SO who speaks another language than you, in which language do you communicate? one of the two, or a third one? Or maybe you alternate?

do you learn each other language?

is it ever a problem?

anything else you want to share about this?
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If you have a microwave with a rotating tray and your frozen meal calls calls to be rotated half way through, do you rotate your meal? Or since your microwave rotates your food, do you just put the full amount of time and let it go?
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So someone comes up to you and tells you they're about to harsh your squee. What do you do?

Cringe inwordly but listen politely
Mentally run through all of the defences you have for your squee
Laugh and walk away
Cut them
Challenge them to a duel
Wonder why they're using those terms in real life conversation
Make a sex/"thats what she said" joke
Hiss at them
Not understand what they're talking about
Something else (as usual, specified in comments).


Outside of LJ...do you blog? where?
If anonymous, why?
Help me with my blog title; 22 yr old post grad girl living at home, working in NYC.

working idea - 22Life, twenty two life (like a life sentence..get it? :]), transition twenty two...help? suggestions?