July 6th, 2010

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what is your opinion on this?

personally it makes me sick that things as archaic, brutal, and misogynistic as this still happen in our world. in the 21st century.

*if this has already been posted i'll change the question, or we can discuss further.
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I have trouble falling asleep at night even when I'm really tired because I stress about work. This is stupid because it's not my career, just a summer job. I beat myself up for little mistakes I could have made during the day and I dread the next morning because I don't want my boss to yell at me.

How do you mentally unwind before bed when you're stressing yourself out? The internet generally just gets me more riled up. 

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A guy a know through friends, who I don't know him very well but we get along generally, is now, legally, unable to be near his wife for a few days, according to him, because he got into a screaming fight with her, but didn't touch her, and the military police had to be involved. (He is a marine who lives on a US military base.)

Do you think he's full of shit? If no blows were exchanged, why is he legally required to be apart from his wife? If blows were exchanged, why is it for only a couple of days? What is going on here? Is he lying or am I ignorant on how domestic disturbance laws work?

Why the fuck do people get into such dysfunctional relationships? As long as I've known this guy the only good thing he has ever had to say about his wife is that she's hot. Why, why, why would would you marry someone JUST for that? Based on his, highly suspect, descriptions she seems completely off her rockers. (I think he's completely off his rockers, and either abusive or entirely deserving of her.)

What are some of your crazy relationship stories?
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If money was no object - you're a millionaire no matter what and schooling has nothing to do with it, you get the job no questions asked the very first time - what career would you like for yourself? What's your dream career?

Stipulations: it has to be a legitimate salaried career, just not necessarily a high paying one. So pretty much anything except sitting around the house on your ass.

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I need new glasses. I haven't had an eye exam in over 3 years. I have a slight astigmatism and I really only need glasses for reading, nothing fancy spancy.. (unless my eyes have gotten way worse in the past 3 years)


I know an exam will cost me around 55 bucks. But for a simple frame + lens, how much money should I be looking to spend? Where do you recommend I go?

My last resort will be Walmart but I'm sorta afraid to...I'm just afraid of being scammed into buying something I don't really need.

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Would all you "unnatainable", due to being in a serious relationship, beautiful women in TQC post pictures so I can wallow in tons of self misery?
(not that serious)


Don't you hate it when girls tell you they'd be more into you if you were an asshole?
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For my current apartment, all utilities are included, but my next one will be rent + electric. Any tips for keeping an electric bill down? I've heard that if you're going in and out of a room all day, it uses less electricity to keep the light on then to turn it on and off repeatedly. Is that true?

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I'm listening to the Phil Hendrie Show on NewsTalk1010, and there is a lovely dispute going on. One of the shows sponsors offered the program three of his season court side Lakers tickets for a childrens charity, but he has now revoked the offer because the kids selected are obese. He claims it would be inappropriate to have the jumbotron show celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Sandra Bullock, and Zack Efron in all the courtside seats, and then have the camera pan to him in a fancy sports coat with fat kids.

He hasn't used the word fat actually, but rollie-pollie, pumped full of air and jumbo.

... TQC, what was the last thing that made you go WTF?

And when will comment notifications get back to normal? This is absurd.

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1. Have you, or anyone you've known, been scammed or nearly scammed? Tell the class?

2. Are you capable of no-strings-attatched sex?

3. Do you keep anything in your house simply because it makes you look smart/cultured/cool in some way?
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if you could have as many pets as you wanted, and were perfectly capable of paying for all their needs and taking care of them, and protecting the furniture, what animals would you get? if there are breeds within the species, what breeds would you get? what would you call them?

Book Title?

Can anyone help me identify the name of a book? I saw it at a used bookstore forever ago, but for the life of me can't remember what it's called.

I'm pretty sure it's some sort of guide to good psychological health for people in the business of theatre, like how not to get depressed from rejection and things like that. Or, it might have just been for playwrights, or just for actors. But I'm pretty sure it was just theatre in general. I think it had a fairly long title, and the cover was gray, if that helps any.

Of course I could just go back and see if the book is still there, but it's raining and I'm low on gas. :)

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To any TQCers who read the Ramona series by Beverley Cleary:

Have you seen the trailer for the Ramona and Beezus movie?

How did it make you feel?

Did you watch the Ramona show from back in the 90s? I remember renting it from the library all the time as a kid and feeling like it was spot-on compared to most of the books. Comparing that to what the new movie looks like makes me sad! I am not down for a "modernized" Ramona. Just, WTFFFFF.

When was the last time you felt like part of your childhood got butchered?

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Anyone here a raw foodist? Have any tips or recipes? 
Do you keep a food journal?

I went and hung out with my sister in law the other week and her boyfriend is really into the raw food diet. He convinced me it's something worth checking out. I'm already a vegetarian but I rely too much on pastas and rice. For now I've been eating only raw food breakfasts and lunches and having a cooked dinner.

What are your plans for this evening? 
Are you behind on something? What? 

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I can't use the AC in my car, and it's nearing 100 F and super humid out.  I need to get groceries, though.  Do I suffer in the heat to go get groceries now, or should I wait until the evening when it'll be a little cooler?  If I wait, the produce section will be picked clean of all the really good veggies and fruits.  And I don't have time to go tomorrow morning. 

dk/dc: What is your favorite type of shoe to wear?  Do you like flip-flops?

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Usually when I have bad menstrual cramps, I take a hot bath and then put one of the Thermacare heating pads on. I am unable to take a bath, and the heating pad is just not cutting it. I also am on Vicodin but I can definitely still feel the cramps.

What can I do?

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1.) For those of you that drink alcohol, how has it affected your weight?
1b. How has if effected your efforts to lose weight? (If it has affected either of these at all)

2.) Who is your favorite person on the Food Network? Least favorite?

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Can you think of any celebrities who have had plastic surgery but look good or better than before said surgery? Pictures appreciated, even more appreciated would be before and afters :)

If you were awarded/forced to have one free plastic surgery, what would you get?

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So, say you're the directors of a summer academic program at a university. The students in this program (incoming freshman, I'd assume) will take classes reserved for them all together, eat together, and sleep together.

Why on earth would you list the classes they'll take in the general schedule of classes? With a seat availability?

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This is probably stupid, but is there a fast&easy way to train a dog to not get into stuff and potty outside?
What do you do when your dog just starts peein' on the carpet in front of you?
How do you get a dog to cope with being alone without destroying everything/barking incessantly?
Is there a training technique that works particularly well for you/your pooch?

TL;DR: I found out last night that my roommate agreed to let her SO keep his 5 month old Australian Sheppard at our place for "a week or two". The dog has already peed on the floor, gone through the garbage, and woke me up by running around the living room like a crazy person. Both my roommate&I are taking classes starting tomorrow and her SO works 45 minutes away, but will stay here when he's not working. In reality I will probably be spending the most time with this dog while it's here, despite my 6 hrs of class/day. IDK what to dooo. I've never dealt with an unruly puppy before.

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TQC, when you "fantasize" (or "daydream") about someone in a romantic/sexual sense, do you actually fantasize about sex (in a contact-with-genitals sense, I guess), or just about kissing or being undressed or other acts, or just about the person themselves, or... something else?

Mention your gender if you feel it's relevant.
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For those who have conducted an interview before, particularly if it was for a social service job and you were interviewing a client, could you give someone who has never done it some advice on how to do an ace job?
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People with side-swept bangs - how do you keep your bangs where you want them to be? What works best - gel, spray, etc? My bangs are too long, but before getting them trimmed I'm thinking of wearing them side-swept to see if I like that better. But they wont stay put!

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What is the etiquette for AFTER you give someone your number? He texted me within an hour after I left the party where I saw him. I didn't talk to him there, just noticed he was eye balling me, and not gonna lie, I was giving him the eye too.

I've never given anyone my number before.. What general rules do you go by... aside from the obvious: don't try to call/text them every day.

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I don't have a/c and my apartment is really small so even the toaster oven and stovetop add to the mega heat. What are some good veg meals (especially dinners) to make that don't involve much/any cooking? I've been eating a lot of salads, veggies & dip/hummus and sandwiches.
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A group of furries is attending a convention in the mountains towards December. Their convention gets snowed in after a massive blizzard, and they are summarily somehow lost in the mountains, a la the Donner Party. One of the furries dies from frostbite, and the remaining furries are shivering in their fursuits, starving and desperate. Rescue will come soon, maybe, but they won't last another night. Unless they eat their dead friend.

Here's where the question comes in -- if they eat the deceased furry, would they be committing cannibalism, or would it count as eating the meat of the fursona of the frozen furry, if but in spirit?

Is it doubly terrible if the furry in question is a babyfur?

I need to know.

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So I've had the hots for my supervisor for three months, and now he's FINALLY not my direct supervisor anymore, so he's fair game under firm policy. BUT he's leaving back for his home country in three months.

I'm not looking for an epic romance, just some nice, clean (but not too clean) fun. Should I ask him out, yea or nay?
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What do you think of this? Brilliant teaching tool for today's high schoolers, or just another terrible piece of Twi-hard merchandise? Would you buy it for your (metaphorical but very into Twilight) SAT-preparing daughter?

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for those of you with unnatural hair colors, what kind of dye do you use? I specifically want to put lavender or some kind of purple in my hair. Any brands that I can buy in rite aid, walgreens, etc? Something longlasting too! Thanks!

DK/DC:what is your all time favorite band?

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How are you coping in this heat?

I've been hearing a lot about cooling centers, what are these exactly?

Would you rather live where it's cold all the time or where it's hot all the time?

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What happened to that army wife who was getting those creepy songs late at night with the song that was meaningful to her/her husband? I've been away and missed out if she posted anything.
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do you feel you're an intelligent person?
do you ever feel like it hurts you more than helps you?

with all my anxiety, ADD, learning disabilities and just overall pessimistic nature, i feel like being as intelligent as i am only hurts me. overall, i'm driven by emotion, and my intelligence coupled with the fact that i believe the absolute worst, doesn't amount to a lot of positive conclusions in life. it's very easy for me to think through a situation, calculate it and come up with both best and worst case scenarios, then because of the way my brain is, believe the worst.

i've also come to a lot of very bad conclusions which, in the long run, helped me, but at the time really hurt me. i've always wished i could be a bit stupider and make the mistakes my peers make and have the fun that comes along with that, rather than realizing what's going to happen straight away and bailing to protect myself and miss out. i've always been right about the stuff in the end but i still kinda regret that i don't give myself the opportunity to have regrets.

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Have you ever had to take a math course after not taking math for a long time? Any tips for reviewing before taking the class?

I finally made up my mind on a major, but it requires that I take "Calculus for Physical Scientists". I took College Algebra over 3 years ago and although I did OK I don't remember it much. I have my book still so I can review, but I'm really nervous that I won't understand a thing.
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How do you feel when you make plans with someone and at the very last minute they cancel?  What if the reason they cancel is something silly?

Pissed if the reason is crap.  I just had someone cancel on me 2 hours in advance because their friend was making them go out to drink.

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how do you prevent blisters when wearing heels? i always get them, no matter what, even when wearing shoes that are supposed to be ~super comfy~ so i am convinced that i am the problem.

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My massage therapy class is graduating in two weeks and we're looking for songs to play at our graduation. We're all bringing a few in to class to play so we can decide as a group. Can you guys suggest some really good graduation-y songs? I'm going to stab myself if I have to walk the procession to "Good Riddance" or that God damn Vitamin C song.

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I haven't been to the gym in like a week and a half. Magic 8-ballTQC, am I really going to make myself wake up at 4:45am tomorrow so I can go before work and have time to get ready? I've said this several times before and, lolololol, 4:45am. I am about to take a sleeping pill so I can go to sleep at an hour that would make waking up so early even remotely feasible.

What do you always perpetually say you're going to do, but never do it?

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Does anyone know of a good yaoi forum? One with a fair amount of users who post frequently?

I tried Google, but apparently "yaoi forum" is too narrow a search, because I'm not getting anything good.

And yes, you can laugh at me for liking yaoi. I know you want to. <3

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is there a kind of locking doorhandle that i can use that CAN'T be broken into using a credit card?

i bought one that was supposed to be ~unbreakable~ but i slipped a credit card through the crack and it opened just as easily as the rest. i don't want to drill holes for a deadbolt and shit but i'm really at my wits end.

it's for my bedroom, if it matters.

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My mom quit smoking a year ago this month. I would like to get her something for her anniversary, as it is a huge deal for her.

I know she's my mom and all, but is there anything in particular that would be a good idea?

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So, I got called back last Friday for a second job interview. This is the interview that will determine whether they hire me or not. I told the manager that I was out of town until Sunday night, but to please call me anytime to schedule to interview. He said that he understood that many people were visiting their families for 4th of July weekend and that he would be sure to call me. It is now Tuesday night and still no phone call.

Should I call him tomorrow and try to schedule the interview? Or should I wait?

Edit: I will call tomorrow morning. Thanks!

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my friends and i are having a ~camping~ themed sleepover party this friday! No one has tents, so we're thinkin forts inside. What other kinds of things should we do? What are your favorite ~camping~ foods?

DK/DC about camping, what should be on the weekend party playlist?
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Graham crackers!

Graham crackers are pretty yummy. How do you like them?

Poll #1588805 Grahams




Soggy in a liquid


Peanut Butter/Nutella
Other (explain in comments)
I'm partial to plain crispy honey grahams with chocolate frosting
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 My boyfriend asked me to go on vacation with him to Baltimore a few months ago. We're going with his family and about 20 other families because his little sister is involved in a baton group that travels there every year. He paid for the trip for me and everything. We're only going to be gone for 4 days. My grandmother is throwing a huge fit over me going on this trip. She doesn't feel it's right and actually told my boyfriend to his face that I couldn't go. I told her weeks ago that I wanted to go and was going. She just flipped out on me before because I asked her why she wasn't talking to me and she said that if I go on that trip, that things will be worse when I come home. 

Now I don't get it. I still live at home so I understand following some rules. But really?! It's only 3 days! It's not like we're just going alone and go away for weeks. We're only going for a few days with his family! I tried telling her this but she won't listen to me. Can you guys help? I need some advice on how I can talk to her and what I should say because I've tried everything that I could think of.

*EDIT Whoops, just noticed, forgot to mention. I'm 20. Just got home from summer classes from college. lol

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I just found this came across this thing called "Your Baby Can Read" for $35 brand new. Apparently it normally goes for around $100-$150. I have no idea what this thing is or if it actually works, but I was thinking about buying it for my nephew (he's 2 1/2).

Should I buy it or is it a total waste? I got him the whole set of those Baby Einstein DVDs and a bunch of people said they were total shit afterwards, so is this like that?

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Will you tell me about your personal experiences with therapy/counseling?

What made you first want to go?
Age when you started/are now?
What kind of problems did you talk about? (If you're comfortable sharing)
Has it helped you in the long run?
Suggestions to someone considering (but really scared) about going for the first time?

DK/DC: Do you tan well?
Can you lay out in direct sun for over two hours with SPF 3 TANNING OIL on and only barely change color just like me?
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CITY AND COLOUR IS IN MY CITY THIS WEEK. It's a free show because Alexisonfire is playing the next night. If by some miracle I manage to get close enough to Dallas Green to speak to him, what song lyric should I get him to write on me and where? I swear if this happens I will tattoo over it onto my body. I'm not joking.

If you don't care/don't like City and Colour...yea, I don't know what to say to you.

un-pc question is un-pc

Do you privately think less of mothers (out and about, not the ones you know personally) who have two or more kids who are of very different coloring?

eta: wow I knew you guys were judgmental but I didn't realize I had to clarify that I don't think less of them, just in order to ask if others do.

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I'm helping my mom with some file organizing, so I'll be sitting in my basement for the next hour or so. I feel like listening to an audio story/podcast of sorts, something light and breezy, or a special radio show on an interesting topic, or comedy, or well.... something good. Only audio, no visual. Any recommendations?

Inspired by an earlier post or two...

 If someone searched your old journals/computers/etc, what horrifically embarrassing writing would they find? 

Me: The worst kind of Mary Sue fiction about life in high school, poetry about how misunderstood I was, and MY CROWNING JEWEL:
Real person fan fiction about Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. You go, 15 year old me. 
~~viva espana

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if it's not an explicit dinner and a movie deal, how do you know when you're going on a date or just a hang?

you already know you like each other. you've hung out in the past, made out, actually the first night you met you made out.

ok see, me and this guy i've been hanging out/making out with are going to a museum tomorrow when he gets off work but i have no idea if it's a hang, a date or something in betwen. halp!
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Is there such thing as a person, a bit like a doctor, who I can go see who will help me develop a healthy eating plan for my lifestyle? I've recently become a vegetarian and I want to continue that but pay more attention to what my body needs in terms of vitamins and minerals and such. I also want to eat better for my health, but I don't want a 'lose ten kilos in ten weeks' kind of thing, I just want to discuss my health with someone who can help me come up with some eating options that would benefit it.

Would anyone know what this kind of person is called? Is it a dietician? A nutritionist? Google gives me conflicting answers...

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You regularly give your coworker rides home, as s/he does not have a car. One day s/he tells you that he had the opportunity to purchase a car, but instead chose to buy a fursuit.

How do you react? Do you continue to give him/her rides?