July 5th, 2010


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So if I'm not supposed to use Yankee Candle jar candles on a candle warmer, what kind of candle can I use on a warmer?
I like my warmer because I don't have to worry about a flame, but I don't want to ruin my jar candle.
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ok, so this is going to be a long and confusing question, bear with me though! (armchair psychologists super welcome)

Collapse ) TL;dr: I think weirdly, some relatives think weirdly in the same way, it has to do with our logical processes, how do I find out more about it?

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I am interesting (oops) interested in most things, although in particular: art, photography, travel, sex, sport, news, cars, shopping, cooking, animals etc.

What communities on LJ should I look up?
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If a little boy breaks a window in his father's shop, was his act positive because the glazier got paid to fix the window, thereby stimulating the economy or negative because it resulted in the destruction of wealth, thereby damaging the economy? Express your answer in as much pseudo-intellectual bullshit as possible.

If you were the little boy's father, how much trouble would that little shit be in for busting your window?

What is your favorite parable, illustrating an economic theory or otherwise? Perferably otherwise.

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1. Did you get any fingers blown off on July 4?

2. Did you get to the hospital on time to get them sewn back on?

3. If not, do you think that finger nubs will make masturbation more or less interesting?
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Is TvTropes being annoying to anyone else? I can't bring up windows like I normally do, I keep getting errors that the database hates me :(

dk/dc: What are some internet time sucks that you enjoy? 

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What's something that you know how to do, but you don't remember when / how / where you learned how to do it? Like something that you just realize you know one day?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, will you post your favorite Snopes ~article?

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I am currently house-sitting for my friend who is on vacation. I've fed and walked her dog, now I would like to watch TV.. but I turn it on and it just says 'no signal'. The remote has about 394089304 buttons. I thought the x-box was hooked up so I turned it on to see, and TV stayed on No Signal.

What do I do, TQC??

srs/non-srs ok. I do not want to be here for a week without TV. >:(

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TQC, when should I go in to work today?

The only restriction is that I have to be there for the 1pm and 3pm meetings. It would be helpful if I can be there until about 9:30-10 pm but not necessary.

I've been doing 8-4s but I've obviously missed that window.
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have you ever moved in with someone you didn't know very well? (roommate ads, that sort of thing)

how did it go? how did you go about splitting up responsibilities like paying the bills, chores, buying food, etc?

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Apparently, the guy who invented the Pringles can requested to be cremated and put inside of a Pringles can. (Source) If you had to be buried (or cremated) inside of a non-traditional object, what would it be?

Or, will you tell TQC about some random or oddly-placed stuff you found inside of a store? Or drama that happened at a store?

How often do you procrastinate?

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I'm thinking about a second job. I have no restaurant experience but I already work FT during the week in the city and have to commute so that takes up a giant chunk of my time. I'm not working retail again, I'd rather kill myself.

Has anyone been or known a Hooters Girl? Do they make better money than standard waitresses?

Has anyone been a cook/chef? How much money do they make? I have no formal food training but I'm an amazing cook so I think I could do it.

I can only work Fri/Sat/Sundays. What are your thoughts?

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Do you think that a woman can pull off wearing a baseball cap when she isn't working out? I hope so, I really want to wear mine today but I normally don't wear it unless I'm working out.

How would you describe your style? What types of things do you always wear that show off or describe your style?

Would you post your favorite picture from the 4th of July?

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Hey Doctor TQC:

If I took one Hydrocodone/APAP 5-500 at 3:30 this morning and another one at 7:15 this morning, can I take another one now at 11:30 am? I don't want to overdo it but I am in excruciating pain and have done everything else I can.

How do you sleep when you're in pain?
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On 7/21 I'm taking a flight to San Diego from BWI. I haven't been on a plane since 1995 so my memory of airport rules and procedures from even pre-9/11 is a bit fuzzy. I've checked out www.tsa.gov and the rules for the carriers I'm taking.

Anything else I should know? Would going to the airport about 2 hours early be a good idea? Tips, tricks and crap I should be prepared to endure?

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I just found a music book I was supposed to return to my choir director April 2009. Do you have anything you were supposed to give back to someone a long time ago? How long?

What item in your wardrobe have you had the longest? Right now I'm wearing a T-shirt I got when I was four. It was too big for me then, so it fits now. 

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Any tips on removing dog hair from a microfiber sofa?

I have tried a wet papertowel, a wet towel, the vacuum and one of those lint rolly remover things and nothing takes it up.

omg help!

I met this awesome guy on the weekend. He was a bouncer at the club I was at & I spent most of the night chatting to him at his post on the front door. We swapped numbers & I also got his email address.

So I wanted to message him & say that I had a great time chatting to him but I don't know if I should do it in an sms or facebook. Omg I've never had to do this before & don't know what one would be best! I think maybe sms because he gave me his email address first, but gave me his number later & made a point to get mine.

So people, facebook or sms? And what else do I say?
I don't want to come across too strong, you know? But is 'Hey, I had fun chatting with you on Saturday night' enough? OMG HELP!
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My sister sent me a text last night around 12 saying "This guy is into you, text or call him at such and such number, but don't get mad at me if it doesn't work out" How does this guy like me if he doesn't even know me? I don't even know his name or what he looks like and this is coming across as creepy to me.

Would you text/call someone not knowing who they are?

When was the last time you were set up on a date? How did it go?

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What are some websites with a similar gift/kitchen range to Urban Outfitters, that are UK based/will ship here?

ETA: Dc/k: Can I see your Friends Only banner/graphic, if you have one?
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Do you live close to or in a major tourist destination that you take for granted or sometimes forget that it's a big deal for other people to visit?

I live really close to NYC so can go almost any time I want without too much stress.
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I have a major fear of heights but have always been ok flying other than take off and landing. Well, I was flying home from Vegas last night and the turbulence was pretty intense and I had a complete panic attack, crying, etc. I was literally saying goodbye to my kids in my head. How do you get over a fear of flying? I am still really uneasy and shaky.

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Does anyone else get migraines/headaches when they travel by airplane?

If yes, do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with it? I read online to take allergy medicine before the flight... has anyone tried this?

I'm going to ask at the drugstore today as well, but I thought maybe some personal insight would be nice, if anyone has anything to offer.

Im going on vacation on Wednesday morning, and have a whole day of activities planned out after the flight (its only a 2 hour flight)... so I really can't afford to have a terrible headache.


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I have a problem with a friend  this girl. Girls typically tend to "talk things out" but I don't want to talk things out. I want to leave the situation alone because I don't feel like dealing with it. Am I wrong in doing this? (i.e., is it wrong to not address the situation right away?)
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I was talking to this Danish woman online about the US. The more I talked to her the more I realized that she thought Americans = white people with an occasional African-American person. She couldn't imagine an Asian with a Texas accent despite the fact that I was telling her about this comedian who was Korean-Texan. In her mind Texans only came in two flavors; black and white.

Now this isn't the first time I have come across this problem, that is, people outside of the US not realizing that we aren't all blond and blue eyed or African-American.

Has this ever happened to you?

And what is the most ignorant thing you've heard a non-American say about the US?

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Okay, so.

I found out yesterday we're moving to New Zealand by Christmas - my husband's been given an international post, so we're headed for camp housing in Papakura, just outside Auckland on the North Island. That gives me five months, maybe six to figure out how to do it, and I turn to you fine ladies and gentlemen for help.

- Passports. This probably needs to be done ASAP. I know I have to get one for the baby anyway, but I also have to think about myself - I've been an Australian citizen for ten years and I'm eligible for an Australian passport, but I've always travelled on my Argentine passport. It won't screw with my dual citizenship to do an application; I just never bothered to get one.

Is it worthwhile getting an Australian passport just so I can go through the shortcut line in New Zealand Immigration with the boys?

- Pets. Camp housing at Papakura says they've got a limit of one pet per household, no weight or size limit. Trouble is, we've got a dog, a pile of fish and a cat. The fish are easy enough - my father would love to have fish in his study, he's been procrastinating about getting some for years - but I'm not sure what to do about the other two. Dog is a mix (Australian cattle dog/huntaway/kelpie) and Vesta the cat is just your standard shorthair moggie from a shelter. They're both reasonably healthy except for arthritis and Dog's enroaching deafness, but very, very old now and while the North Island isn't too harsh in terms of climate - about 25C at the hottest, down to 0C at absolute coldest - I'm not sure how they'd go travelling in summer, or with the long quarantine period NZ puts on EVERYTHING.

What do you think? Take one? Leave both?

- Random things to know about international moving...what do I need to know about before I start? The last time I swapped countries, I was ten!

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Do you like Macaroni Cheese?

I am eating it for only the second time in my 22 year life (the first time being March, when it was a different place, so was alright-ish) and this is disgusting.

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For those who have Verizon:

I have the EnV Touch, and after almost a year it started to randomly turn off on its own and restore itself back to default settings out of nowhere. This has been hapening for a few months. Recently, when I plug my phone in to charge it'll charge all night long and never say "charge complete." After I unplug it to go to wok, it'll go down to 2 bars of battery power after just texting and a short phone call. If I go to the Verizon store, will they just give me a new battery or will they give me the option to get a new phone? All my friends who have the EnV touch have had these exact problems, so it isn't just my particular phone. I've never had Verizon before, so I don't know how helpful they are with phone problems.

DK/DC: What's for lunch?

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 My boyfriend is spending fall semester in Germany (Berlin, to be exact). What are some things I could put together in a lil package that would be useful to have while he's there?

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My uterus feels like it's trying to kill me from the inside out. I took some pamprin max like an hour ago but it's not helping much. Is there something else I can do besides having a hot bath/using a heating pad?

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Do you have any recurring dreams? What are they? Do you think they mean anything?

I have a recurring dream that my teeth are growing at an insane speed (really painfully), and that I'm probably going to end up like Lisa on that episode of The Simpsons if I don't do something soon. Last night I had one where they started growing and I was writhing around screaming "THIS USUALLY ONLY HAPPENS IN MY DREAMS, I DIDN'T THINK IT COULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE"

Do you have any suggestions as to what my teeth growing nightmares could mean?
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The boyfriend and I got a "buy a $10 or less combo get one free" coupon in the mail for Ruby Tuesdays. Do we even want to eat there? I've never eaten at one myself, but haven't heard great things.
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I just had a tiff with my mother about the pregnant-lady-at-the-pool debacle I spoke of yesterday. While we were discussing it, she seemed to get angry at the fact that I did not agree with her (or just the fact that she didn't agree with my opinion) and now is all not speaking to me. I'm baffled.

Do you know people like this? Tell me some good stories about them. Is there any way to handle them? I said 'maybe we shouldn't talk about this' but it didn't really help.
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What is the polite way to say, "I would rather not go to your house. Your house has no AC, your furniture is covered with animal hair and your kitchen has so much shit everywhere that I can't even put my coffee cup down. And I'm afraid of your dog. I know my house is out of the way for you, but my house is air-conditioned and clean."?
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Dear TQC, I have a dilemma!

My dog is enrolled in formal obedience classes. Last Monday was the start of a new 8 week session. I called in sick, but left a message saying I'd like to continue classes and I'd be there this week (today).

I don't have the money to continue (though if I really wanted to go I could make it work), and I just flat out do not want to go. My dog LOVES going though. Plus the day of the week and the time clashes with my schedule.

Should I still go since I called last week and said I would? Or should I call and leave another message and say something has come up and I won't be able to continue right now? IDK, I feel so torn!

ETA since people seem confused. This is a formal obedience class aimed at teaching us to compete in obedience trials. He's already been through basic obedience classes to teach him to be a well behaved dog and has his CGC.

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I'm in the market for a new tinted moisturizer, especially since in summer I hate wearing my foundation. I'm looking for something fairly in-expensive, but still good. Any suggestions? I'd prefer to stay away from drugstore brands, unless it's something you really swear by.

If you don't care, have you ever considered making a youtube channel with videos of yourself? They seem to be fairly successful, but would you do it? If you did think about it, what stopped you?

Music changes

Is there any music you used to really enjoy, but not irritates you?
For me its The Birthday Party.


Could you recommend some bands(or solo musicians) that sound like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' song "Red Right Hand"? Not like the entire band, just that song.
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D: D: D:

1. NYC is having the hottest heat wave in over 20 years this week. My AC is on full blast but it's blowing warm air. My apartment right now is 90 degrees and it's like 97 outside. I talked to the superintendent about it...but he said that his landlord doesn't take care of ACs and that I'd have to get a new one, cause the one I have now is very old. Not sure what he meant by his landlord, but the thing is...no one will be home tomorrow except my dog. I've been giving her a few cool baths...but I won't be home at all tomorrow to do that. What other ways can I do for my dog that will keep her cool and relaxed?

2. Who was the last person to annoying the living shit out of you? Why were they annoying?
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Poll #1588327 Super Mario!

If you could have any of these powers, which would you choose?

Fire Power
Star Power
A Racoon tail so I could fly
A frog suit so I could swim under water
A tanooki suit
A mushroom so I can enlarge myself

Which color Yoshi do you prefer?

Green Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Blue Yoshi
Yellow Yoshi

Will you use this post to talk about your favourite classic video games?

[edit]If your option is different, please state so in the comments. I forgot to include an "other" option.
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American deserter during the Vietnam war

American TQCers, do any of you remember a 60 Minutes episode from the late '90s about a man who deserted the army while fighting in Vietnam? I think he was on leave in New Zealand and just decided to stay there.

He never went back to the US (I don't remember if his family thought he was dead) and he had picked up the NZ accent, culture, everything, and was pretty out of the loop with American culture.

During 60 Minutes' profile of the man, he was was reunited with his son, who gave him a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. The man said, "Oh, this is the football team, I guess?"

Anyone remember the name of this guy? I am suddenly fascinated with learning more about him.

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You order pizza for delivery, the place fucks it up and sends the wrong thing. You call them and they send a new one.

Do you tip the delivery person twice?

On one hand, it's not his fault the pizza was wrong, and now he's out on a second delivery.
On the other hand, it's not your fault he has to be there twice.

Brought to you by the fact that my BFF delivers pizza for a living and now thinks I'm heartless that I did not tip the kid twice.

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I can't do anything without being in excruciating pain. I can't sit down or walk without feeling like throwing up. I have an appointment tomorrow with the gyno and I only have 3 Vicodin left.

Should I tough it out until tomorrow, or go to the ER? I am in A LOT of pain (never experienced anything like this) but it's not life-threatening and I'm sure I'll have to wait, which I don't feel like doing.

ETA: It's not appendicitis or anything like that. I am 99% sure it's one of these

Totally random

Do you have your pizza delivered?
Am I the only person who goes to pick that shit up?

You're at the beach. Someone walks up to the person on the blanket next to you, they flirt, start making out, wham bam, fella has a boner, girl has her hands on said boner.

Do you say anything to the strangers about to hump next to you?
Would you do this at the beach? Have you? What's your secret?
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LJ Icons

How often do you change your LJ icons? Do you have a favorite journal/community on LJ to get icons?

Can you please comment with your favorite icon?

I change my icons when I'm in the mood or after I've saved a lot and want to use them, which is usually once every month or two. As far as journals/communities for icons, I like iconzicons and iconomicon.
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I have a dumbass question because I'm that brilliant. I'm selling some textbooks on half.com and Amazon - will they email me when someone buys my stuff? I can't find the email address they would email me from anywhere, and I want to put it in my address book so the "someone wants to buy your shit" email doesn't get marked as spam.

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Why is Netflix taking so fucking long to load on my Xbox? I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOME DEGRASSI.

Do you like Degrassi?

EDIT: Degrassi *The Next Generation

Rugrats - Chuckie talking
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What were some of your earlier usernames on the Internet? The more embarrassing, the better.

When I first starting using AOL for my isp, my login was crystal018.
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The other day I had mozzarella cheese, red onion, yellow capsicum, tomato, and spring onions on really thin flat square pita bread with a spicy pumpkin dip base.

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What is your house/apartment/dwelling place good for? (ie. parties, good view, location, etc)
I have a good house for parties.

Who do you wish you were?
Zooey Deschanel or Kim Novak.

In other news, where is Haj?

I was inspired by the obesity question

Are there any movies or books about eating disorders that take a unique view on them?

i.e. it doesn't follow the formula of already thin girl strives to be "perfect", develops eating disorder, parents try to knock sense into her, she doesn't listen, something catastrophic happens, she recovers (or dies)

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What is something awesome you got for free?

I got some awesome drinking glasses from a free box outside an op shop the other day, and they were all dusty, but I cleaned them up and so pretty!
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What's a polite way for a shy, first-time-away-from-mom's-place apartment-dweller to ask her upstairs neighbors if she's pissing them off by being too loud, and if not, for them to please stop stomping on the floor, aka her ceiling, so much? God, that looks so awkwardly worded.

DK/DC, can you tell me a story about crazy or annoying neighbors you've had? Those are usually interesting.

el oh el

what was the last thing that made you really laugh? an image, something that happened a joke....
giggle or chuckle are okay too

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Also what was the last thing that disappointed you? The last thing you were very proud of yourself for?

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I had a job interview with the state exactly two weeks ago today. They said they were going to make job offers last week and I would hear back whether or not I got it. Should I still hope I got it or just let it go?

Side note: they're hiring 13 people for the same position.

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
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Someone is trying to kidnap you. Your two options are: 1) go with the person and have god knows what happen to you. You may or may not survive. 2) Resist to the point where you will most likely not be kidnapped, but be shot and die.

So, 1 or 2?

*inspired by far too many crime shows
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Do you do DIY stuff around the house? Do you consider yourself handy?
What's the most complex task you've done for yourself?

We have a fireplace I want to change the shape of - it's square down at the bottom and tapers in width and depth gradually to the ceiling - would this be a doable thing for someone with little experience to build out square all the way? As far as I can tell it's just plaster over framing. Any places you can point me to for advice? Any advice yourself?


I go through spurts with listening to my ipod in my car, and right now I'm obsessed with it.

Will you please post your favorite song?

Your favorite "driving" playlist?

Your best "gym" playlist?

Any artists you'd recommend?

Unrelated: What's your favorite fact about Japan?

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My friend's cousin got fired from his job because they found out he was gay. He works (worked?) in Pennsylvania.

Can you get fired for being gay in your state? If you're not in the U.S. can you get fired for being gay in your country?

ETA: Fact: in Pennsylvania that is totally legal. Wow.

ETA 2: Holy shit it's legal (to be fired for sexual orientation) in 28 other states too!

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I'm living with three roommates next year...two of them are from the same area as me, and the other is from Chicago and takes an airplane to school. We're only bringing one car up to school, and I volunteered mine. Parking for the year is around $400. I will be doing most of the grocery shopping, and I will be taking the two girls from my area home (about 3 hours away) for vacations.

What is the etiquette in this situation? Is it ok for me to ask my roommates to pitch in for parking? If so, do I only ask the two that I'll be driving home a lot, or do I ask the one from Chicago too?
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When have you been hypocritical in disliking someone for doing something ex: being late all the time, but you do it too on a regular basis?

ETA: What have you learned today?

People take Back to the Future far too seriously.