July 4th, 2010


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TQC, I have the WORST baby rabies. How do I make them go away, or put them on hold for a few years??

I have a boyfriend of 3 years, we have a good, stable relationship, we have the money for a baby, and we're at decent ages to start seriously thinking about it (25 and 29). Neither of us really want an engagement period and will probably just elope, how ever he is not ready, so this NEED I have for a baby needs to GTFO. I went to a cookout today and ended up (gladly) being the babysitter, figuring that maybe dealing with a 15 month old and a 2.5 year old would make me feel eh about babies, but it backfired and now I want them even more!!

Not related: Do you watch UFC? Did you watch tonight's UFC? What do you feel about the results of the main event?

Will you send me links to cute, but somewhat affordable ($100 or under) duvet covers for a queen bed?

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How can I make a sweater pill faster?

Because I have a new sweater that is pretty neat, but it is sort of itchy, and I always find sweaters to be less itchy once they have started to pill. I really like my sweater, but it is uncomfortable to wear because it is so itchy. :[ I've put it through the wash AND through the dryer three different times with a load of jeans, and that really hasn't done much to it at ALL. The sweater is made of acrylic (55%), nylon (30%) and mohair (15%). I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

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What did you get on the ACT? How many times did you take it before you got that score?

I've taken the ACT twice and got a 29 both times. :/ My goal is a 31. Is there any chance I could raise it two points by getting like a review book or something? Or should I just settle for a 29?

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why is it so hard for me to like people when i'm drunk?

i don't dislike people but i don't seem to like them much, either. i hung out again tonight with this guy that i was with not 12 hours ago, who i know i like. but after i had a couple drinks i was like, man this sucks i just don't like this guy. and i'm like that with everyone! even my best friends.
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I have a placement exam for college that I need to study for. The writing portion will give me two prompts to choose from, one of which will be writing to a member of the city council about a community issue, and another one to the student advisory board on a school-related issue. I would like to practice by writing two essays, one of each "type" of prompt.
For example, one I saw for community-related issue was "persuade the city council either to reduce subway and bus fare OR to create more effective routes and times for buses and trains" and the school issue was "write to the student advisory board persuading them to either create a more strict dress code or to abandon one all together".

Will you give me ideas for practice prompts? I'm googling for some, but they aren't what I am looking for.

DK/DC: What the fuck are you doing today?
I don't have anything planned except to pack for my vacation, which begins Tuesday night.
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Crap! I took my phone (a Droid, if it matters) out of my bag last night, and it was off. It does that sometimes, and I just turn it on and go about my life.

This time it didn't turn on. It is charged, it just won't turn on.

Of course this happens the night before a holiday!

Is there any chance that a Verizon store is open today?

I did check the website and it said nothing about special holiday hours. I called even though they were closed to listen to the recording of hours, and nothing special was mentioned, either. I'm still worried that they won't be open!
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Is there evidence that diet coke/sodas/ zeros are actually detrimental to your diet? aka slows your progress? They only contain sodium and no carbs as said on the label. or are those artificial sweeteners doing you in?

Who else is on a diet TQC? Share tips/advice etc here!

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Have you ever been to Frisch's Big Boy (or any of the other franchises)?

What are some of your favorite local chains?

In California (where I'm from) I love In n' Out burger.
In Ohio, which is where I spend a lot of my summers, I love Skyline Chili and Frisch's Big Boy.

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How long do you usually have to know someone before you can give that person your full trust (or figure out that they don't deserve your trust)?

Do you know anyone who has the attitude that you can never fully trust anyone?
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I've finally narrowed it down to the HP mini that I want to buy. I found a great price on an HP mini 210, but now that I've seen the ads for July 4th, I've found the 110 model for an even better price. I've looked at a bunch of different websites, including the actual HP website, and I can't find any differences between the two. For reference I would be going with only the 160 GB hard drive, not the 250 even if I got the 210.

So can anyone tell me the difference between the 110 and the 210?

*EDIT: Apparently I wasn't clear enough. I have already used the compare feature on the HP website. The slight differences in dimensions and ability to upgrade on the 210 are the only ones I see. I'm looking for actual differences in performance and functioning, especially as I am not going to upgrade the 210 if I go for that one.

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Every pet  food  brand I know says that their brand is the best, but TQC,  what is the best dry cat food brand that is for weightloss?

(My kitty is a little chub so I want her to be nice and fit for 5 years old.)

If you can't answer the question, what kind of pet do you have?

If you don't have a pet, what pet do you want?

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I have almost finished my undergrad thesis and need to write an acknowledgements page. Since the paper is very technical I would like to include a literary quote, e.g.

"No man is an island" - John Donne

But I feel like that is cliché. Do you have any better ideas, or obscure quotes that sort of say that writing this project alone means it would never have happened?

(My google-fu is all used up.)
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One of those rare serious questions, but I'm at a loss here.

I have severe migraines and sometimes get seasonal allergies. Since I live in a very dusty environment (I do my best to keep up with the dusting, but it's tough when you live right next to a main road), I bought an air purifier thinking it would help.

However, since I started using it, my migraines have gotten WORSE and I've started getting sore throats. I know it's the purifier because everything lets up once I turn it off.

Why would my symptoms be getting worse from something that's universally accepted to make them better? Google isn't giving me any help. I just bought it, so it's not the filter. I don't use the thing anymore but I really want to know why it made things so much worse.
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Other than this one, of course..
What are your favourite LJ communities?
What are more interesting LJ communities you've come across?
Where do you post the most?
What's the weirdest LJ community you've ever been to?

I've been getting pretty bored of all the communities I'm in and it seems harder to find more interesting communities that aren't icon making communities or of the claim-your-favourite-Twlight-character nonsense.

The little things that make life worth living...

Happy 4th of July, my fellow American TQCers, I have this question for you;

What are some of your favorite things about the USA?

I don't mean the big, intangible things like life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness, but small things that you can only find in the US or are made specifically by Americans like Crayola Crayons, Krispie Kreme doughnuts, Gretsch guitars, Gray's Papaya or the biggest ball of twine.

To my non-American TQCers not to leave you out, where are you from and what are some of the little things you like about your country?
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I have two very good friends, and now that we're all really busy, it's hard to find time to get together. One friend suggest dinner out tonight (all the 4th of July stuff was yesterday for us) and I said sure. The other one said he was 'having a school work day'. Yet, I just talked to him and he said he'd been outside tanning all morning. I'm a little ticked by this. I under stand you are working on school work (he's writing a thesis, graduating in December) but you have to eat right? And somehow he had time for tanning. We even suggested just going to the ice cream drive in for ice cream later or bring pizza by his house, but he says he's busy. We haven't all three of us hung out since May.
Would you be cranky about that? (I think I'm also a little ticked because a few years ago, before he came out to us, he was 'doing school work', but really he was going out - that really upset us, and he's had to work hard to regain our trust)

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Which of the following should I reread?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Don't reread a freaking Harry Potter book; get a life
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Not to be emo, but...

I've been crying for the majority of today. I've finally stopped for about an hour and my eyes still hurt, my head hurts, that weird feeling in my throat... basically any physical symptoms one can accrue from crying for 4-5 hours are happening right now. How do I make my body feel better? I have to go be presentable to society and whatnot.

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Do you sing or hum or whistle when you're doing chores?
What do you sing?
Would it annoy you if the person you lived with sang/hummed/whistled while they were wandering around the house? Assuming they could do so on key?


Today, I was ~*taking the waters*~ at the public pool and there was a kerfuffle. A pregnant lady was there, wearing a bikini. After she had been there awhile, the manager of the pool came over and said he had received multiple complaints and would she please put a t-shirt on. She was not pleased, but it was either that or she could leave and they would refund her money.

My mom related this story to me (I missed most of it as I left early to go get STEAK and shit) as if the manager was perfectly within his rights, while I have to agree with the woman getting a bit upset. She was wearing a regular bikini that covered all her important bits. What if she was just fat? Could they have told her to put a shirt on to cover her food baby? It's unusual to wear a bikini when you're pregnant maybe, but not obscene. God know it's probably more comfortable.


srsly they're so adorable.

The pet orphanage at my vet has taken in two hobos found running around together in downtown Garland (suburb of Dallas). Fortunately they are able to take care of both of them since other shelters were not equipped to handle both the dog and her bff (a goat). They are trying to find someone to adopt them together. Would you want to adopt a dog and goat together? Do you know anyone who would?

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Best Taylor?

Eff em all

If they went to prison for a year, who do you think would wind up having sex the most behind bars?

Justin Bieber, unwillingly
Zac Efron, unwillingly
Lance Bass, willingly

Best movie series?

Lord of the RIngs
Star Wars, episodes
Jurassic Park
Indiana Jones
Toy Story
Bourne Identity
Ocean's 11
Pirates of the Caribbean

Best dead-before-their-time musician?

John Lennon
Kurt Cobain
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Jeff Buckley
Biggie Smalls
Buddy Holly
Michael Jackson

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are separating. How does this make you feel?

If they can't make it, we're all fucked
This means Spence-Dog is back on the market. Yeah, bb
They're idiots but hopefully after this they'll go away
I doubted their marriage was real and this is probably another public stunt to get attention

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How old is your oldest IRL friendship?

I'm almost 22 and I've known several of my friends since we were 4.

How old is your oldest online friendship?

I still talk to a few guys I met online in 2001/2002.

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Guys, I'm in too much pain to do anything. I can't walk or sit without extreme pain, so I'm kind of confined to lying in my bed. What should I do?

Can you suggest websites, or things to watch on Netflix? Or anything?

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I'm at a modernized campground with my partner over this holiday weekend. It's been in the 90s and sunny, so it's been terrific for swimming and all. But, man, walking back and forth between the comfort station and the campsite, phew! Just now, I had to carry a heavy pot that I filled with water at the comfort station sink back to the campsite all those yards with the sun beating down my head. Now I know how those people feel who walk across the African plains balancing jugs and bundles on their heads.

Do you hate to carry shit?

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What candy do you find absolutely disgusting?

What do you think is completely overrated?

What is your opinion of people who run back to/remain with their significant others if they're abusive (emotionally/physically/verbally/etc)? Have you ever been this person?

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Hey you artsy types.
I took some photos on my friend's camera over vacation, and after I saw them I reconsidered submitting a second portfolio for AP studio art for photography.  But I can't decide which set of photos I like best; there's a batch from Provence and from Florence that I really like. Will you decide for me?
You can separate the two groups by clicking on the tags: one is Provence and the other Florence. A concentration is a set of 12 photos that go together and concentrate on one thing; which is why I like the Provence ones because I have more photos, and can concentrate more on landscapes. But I prefer the individual photos from the Florence album.

dk/dc: What is your favorite food associated with a holiday?

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So me and my roommates (two other guys) want to get trashed tonight, but we're all pretty poor at the moment.

What's the cheapest way to get three people drunk in your area? We're leaning towards two 4 liter jugs of Carlo Rossi (they're 2 for $20 at the Target here right now), but we're up for variety.

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Have you / do you know anyone who has been in a relationship with one of their teachers, be it a college professor or a high school teacher? Were they a student at the time of the relationship? What was the situation, if you don't mind me asking? If not, what do you think of the situation?

Did you have "crushes" on any teachers/professors growing up?

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Inspired by pretty_fish 's murderer post: Have you ever saved someone's life?  (Whether it involved you physically saving them from imminent, certain death, or you talked them into to seeking help or treatment for an addiction, suicidal thoughts, etc...)
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This might be a dumb question, but I recently joined tumblr and I can't figure out the point of it. I was all excited to tell my non-tumblr friends that I have a tumblr blog, but it's kind of counter-productive when they can't even leave comments. So what's the deal? Is the whole point of tumblr just to "heart" other people's entries and re-blogging? So...confused...
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Inspired by cdaae 's masturbation post: 

After reading the comments and answers, I have concluded that people masturbate a lot. Sometimes 5+ times a day.

So, can you desensitize yourself? I surely don't think you can, but have you heard of such a thing? What is your opinion?

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Ok, so two people in my friends circle dated for three years. The first year and a half was magnificent, but the last year and a half was brutal. They were both depressed and moody, and it affected all of us in so many ways. When they finally broke up last Christmas, everyone in the group was ecstatic. Sure, they were both sad and it changed a lot of things, but they were NOT good for each other...... But of course, they did the nasty two nights ago and now might be getting back together.

As their friends, do we just have to shut up and deal with them? Are we all doomed to suffer through the misery again? Have you been in this situation before?

Вы хотите жить в раю? Do you want live in Eden?

Global System Statistics and Security (GSSS) can change humans world-view. No need to suppose beforehand that human cannot live without crime. GSSS capable to change humanity and than you can follow for their as long, as you want, and you cannot find in their nothing wrong, because it will be IDEAL COMMUNITY, IDEAL GOVERNMENT, IDEAL LAW.

Глобальная Система Статистики и Безопасности (ГССБ) может изменить мировоззрение человека. Не нужно заранее предполагать, что человек не способен не совершать преступлений. ГССБ способна изменить человечество и тогда за людьми можно будет следить сколько угодно и ничего не найдешь в них плохого, потому что это будет ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАКОН.  
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So after my last post, I realise my life isn't quite as bad as some others, so I'm trying to see the silver lining.

So, food is good. I'm pretty hungry. I'm thinking about making eggs in purgatory and then serving it in a pizza crust bowl.

Have you ever had eggs in purgatory? I haven't, but it sounds like it'll hit the spot right now.

If you were going to make a pizza crust to use like a bread bowl, would you bake it or fry the dough?

What's something that's made you happy recently?
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Black Widows, followup

So, there is a spider in my closet again (after some people speculated the displaced spiders may return to the closet, I left it and checked again today).

I got some pictures this time.

Question: is this a black widow, y/n?

Collapse )

I didn't want to get my hand close to try to get a picture next to a coin or anything for size :-\
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TQC, can you give me any tips for meeting new people (like, friends of friends, or just total strangers) and hitting it off well? Maybe even to the point that we would become friends ourselves?

There have been a few times in the past six months when I've met my friends' friends and, shall we say, not come away with favourable reviews. It's starting to make me feel really anxious when I have to meet new people because I'm worried that I'm an awful bitch and just haven't realised it yet.
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Apparently my pooch gets anxious around the sound fireworks, poor baby. How can I calm her down? She's also panting really hard, is that a symptom of anxiety?

I'm petting her and talking calmly & soothingly but she's still shivering.
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are you paranoid about new involvements/relationships?
how do you deal with it?

i always come up with some reason why the person is just using me, be it just for sex(most common), a rebound or to get close to a friend. that's the one now. except the friend i think he's trying to get close with is actually the person i met him through, and they're already BFFs, so he doesn't need me for that.

BONUS QUESTION: is it really nerdy that the World Cup isn't even over and i'm already starting to plan my Premiership and Champions League fantasy teams?
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crying quote

there's a quote that i know of but cannot find it word for word like i remember, and i don't know whom it is by. it goes something like, "ever since you were born, crying is a sign that you're alive."

does anyone know the full quote and/or its source?


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You know the rubber things on the bottom of laptops that keep them from sliding around? Do they have an actual name, and can I buy replacements for them?

The ones on my laptop have all come off, and it's really annoying.
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Which Harry Potter book had the part about fireworks mating? I think some of the baby fireworks were pigs. My friend is refusing to believe that was actually written in the books but I can't remember the context at all.

eta: Now that that's settled... what are the coolest fireworks you've ever seen? I saw Saturn-shaped ones in Indiana and they blew my five-year-old mind.
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I'm going to London for the rest of July tomorrow for a month. I'll pretty much be free to do whatever. What should I do???

Also, it's my first international plane trip, is there anything I should be careful of packing so I don't get deemed a terrorist/have to unpack everything? Lotions, shampoos, etc...

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Who are some of your favorite bands with female lead singers? Preferably acoustic stuff but whatevs anything awesome I can learn to play on guitar and sing.
I already listen to Jenny Lewis, Jefferson Airplane, Tegan and Sara and Nicole Atkins, if that's any indication to the kinds of music I like.

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I'm really sleepy and really hungry. What should I do?

Venture out to find food
Go to sleep
Omg it's almost midnight and my roommates are playing Miley Cyrus at full blast sldkfjlskdgjasljfgh