July 3rd, 2010


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Is anyone doing (or has done in the past) the Couch to 5k thing?
Is it easy for someone who pretty much gets no exercise?
Did you see results?

I just downloaded a Couch to 5K app for my phone and I'm pretty interested in trying it out.

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So I've wanted to reread the entire Animorphs series for awhile, and I've been trying to track down the books, but none of the libraries around here have them. But I found a really awesome used bookstore that has about half of the books! I bought a couple and was going to buy them one or two at a time but unfortunately the bookstore is closing (I don't know when, but soon).

So should I just go buy all 20-some Animorphs books they have? It would probably cost me about $25. IS ANIMORPHS WORTH SPENDING THIS MONEY ON, TQC????

What is the last thing you did for the sake of nostalgia?

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I recently had a problem with swollen feet, I've been taking a water pill and now they've gone back down.

Now when I touch my feet, they hurt more than they did when they were swollen, why is this?
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1. Who do you ship in the original Star Trek?

2. Who do you ship in Star Trek: 2009?

3. Which of the Star Treks do you prefer: old or new?

1. Spock/Kirk, Spock/Chekhov, Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Uhura

2. Spock/Kirk, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Chekhov, Chekhov/McCoy, and Sulu/Uhura

3. I love each for their own reasons.

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TQC, what do you want right now? Aside from bitches and hoes and hookers and blow and tons and tons of money and all that.

I want a chocolate orange:

...And maybe some beer and pho.
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So if in theory I needed to download/burn/whatever a dvd (and god, maybe put it on a VHS) for a resident at my work (rest-facility) because of various possible reasons.
...how do I do that? Is it like burning a CD? The websites are confusing me and... yeah.

DK/DC- I just got back from the casinos, have you ever won money there? Know anyone who has?
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Dear TQC,

What is Collapse )

This was cropped from a picture of the house my brother is going to move into soon. He didn't notice it when he was taking the picture - he only saw it when he went to resize. Now that he's seen it, he's super freaked out. His wife says she won't live in the house until a priest blesses every room.

So. Theories? So far we're thinking it's a demon, a ghost, or Chucky.

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After living here all my life, I just found out we have a 24/7 Subway!!!

Do you have a 24/7 Subway?
What places around you are open 24/7? We have Walmart, Subway, McDonalds, Whataburger, and Ihop. I think that is all.
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insomnia post!

I am messed up right now from no sleep and I can't do the math how long I've been awake. If I've been up since 3pm Thursday, how long have I been up now? I'm in Central timezone.

Is a 'tripping balls on no sleep' as annoying as a drunk or high post?

What's the worst you've ever been hurt while messed up, either due to no sleep, being drunk or high?
I just sliced my hand open doing dishes, so I decided not to make an omelet burrito for fear of killing myself.

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TQC, what do you always keep in your purse/man bag? Besides the whole wallet and keys kinda thing.

I am planning a 4th of July BBQ so that way I don't have to get off my feet to much to go see people. I am providing food but I can't put a whole lot of effort into making it because I'm on bed rest. So far I'm making baked beans in a crock pot, pasta salad, and I'm providing hamburgers (my dad is going to grill). Do you think I need to make anything else?

What is something that you have to eat when you go to a BBQ?

Do you wish your eyelashes were longer?

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Setting off fireworks is illegal in my state, so why are stores here allowed to sell them? Isn't this something that should go hand in hand?

Also, if the police catch someone setting off fireworks, do they get cited or get a warning?

Вы хотите жить в раю? Do you want live in Eden?

GSSS can change humans world-view. No need to suppose beforehand that human cannot live without crime. GSSS capable to change humanity and than you can follow for their as long, as you wish, and you cannot find in their nothing wrong, because it will be IDEAL COMMUNITY, IDEAL GOVERNMENT, IDEAL LAW.

ГССБ может изменить мировоззрение человека. Не нужно заранее предполагать, что человек не способен не совершать преступлений. ГССБ способна изменить человечество и тогда за людьми можно будет следить сколько угодно и ничего не найдешь в них плохого, потому что это будет ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАКОН. 

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1) Did you see "Gone With the Wind"? What did you think of it? Why do you think it's such a loved classic (I haven't seen it...)
2)  Which is worse, speed bumps or speed dips?

Collapse )

3) What is your favorite movie?

4)  Should I clean my car or go to the pool after work?

5) Have you ever taken a sack of change in to the bank to get paper money in exchange? Do they ask that you roll it?

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What's a good piece of news you've received recently? Or alternately, what's a good thing that happened to you yesterday?

ETA: Also, have you been into any particular color lately? Right now I'm pretty into this black cherry kinda deep maroon that i painted on my nails.
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Validate me, TCQ.

My husband and I took our dog for a walk down to the beach - probably a mile from our house. It was warm outside, but it is still early, about 80 degrees.

In our walking, we come across a car with 2 dogs inside it. The windows were open just a bit and the dogs were barking their heads off. No humans in sight that the car might belong to. We were sweating just being outside and walking, I couldn't imagine how those poor dogs felt.

There is a bait shop, and I asked if the car belonged to anyone in there. They said no. So I called the non-emergency police number who then connected me to 911. I think I feel so silly because they connected me to 911, I dunno.

Did I do the right thing by calling the police?

Would you have called?
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Did you ever have to do one of those school projects where you had to build something around an egg in order to keep it from breaking when you dropped it?
Did it work? What was your successful idea? What would be your idea now if you had to think of a new plan?

DK/DC - what is your favorite Madonna song?



What ideas of statistics do you often see people being confused about?

1. '1 in 10 people are gay' therefore the Duggars/this random group of 10 people have at least one gay person, statistically.
2. Condoms have a 70-90% accuracy rate. This means that for each time you use a condom, it has a 10-30% chance of failure and you'll be pregnant within a year if that's your only form of contraception. [What someone actually told me]

Can't think of any... what should I make sure I pack for my trip to Queensland?

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What is the strangest flavor of ice cream you've ever eaten?

Or otherwise the strangest flavor of anything that normally comes in very standard (chocolate, vanilla, etc.) flavors you've ever eaten?

I have eaten garlic ice cream and recently drank part of a durian milkshake.

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The bassist for a band called Medina Lake is all the rage in my scene of the music community currently.

He was walking home a few nights ago, and saw a guy beating the heck out of his wife. He broke it up, and called the police. Then the husband guy beat the hell out of him (last update from the band the bassist was in a coma, and had some of his skull removed until the swelling in his brain went down). The guy and the wife left him on the street. Collapse )

The majority of comments is simply it sucks he gets so badly hurt for trying to do a good thing.

But there are some comments he deserved it for getting into someone else's business.

What do you think, TQC?
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Besides TQC & porn, where on the internet do you spend most of your time?

What are you doing right now?

Did you set any goals for yourself this summer? Have you achieved any of them yet? WHAT ARE THEY?

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My bf and I are moving into our own place into a month and a half, YAAAAAY!!!! I have consequently been bitten by the decorating bug. We're gonna need side tables, bar stools, lamps, curtains, wall art, etc - stuff like that. Cheaper = better. What are your favorite websites/stores for home decor, home storage-type stuff? How about for home decor ~inspiration~?

Will you describe/show me your favorite room in your dwelling space?

Unrelated: What should I make/bake for a 4th of July bbq I'm going to tomorrow? What kind of beer/other alcohol should I bring to go with it? Nothing is off limits!


When was the last time you were on antibiotics?
What for?

I'm currently on penicillin for infected glands in my throat, and my mom couldn't remember when the last time I was on antibiotics for anything.
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01.Is it considered weird if a guy you went to school with but, never talked to suddenly starts talking to you on a fairly regular basis via facebook chat and commenting?

02.How did you meet your SO?

03.Do you wish it was Fall?

Not fishing for compliments

I hate when people tell me I look like I have lost weight. Does this also bother you?

Mostly it's because whenever someone tells me this I never actually have lost weight. A lot of the time I've gained weight and they must notice a change in my body shape so they feel the need to comment.

I would rather they just say "You look good" or something because losing weight isn't necessarily a positive thing.

Do you consider it rude to bring up the subject of weight loss to a person who has never mentioned anything about their weight or dieting?

I purposely avoid talking about my own weight/diet/body issues because I don't want anyone to draw attention to my weight, positively or negatively. It's just a subject that bothers me to talk about at all.


So, we have two or three hours in Brisbane before our hotel a bit of a drive away lets us in. What should we do in Brisbane, Australia, on a Sunday morning/lunch time?

What are some fun/interesting things to do with paper/notebook, pencils/pens on a flight or at night in a hotel room?
'Write a story' and 'keep a travel journal' is already on my mental list.

Tell me about a book you're nostalgic about?
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What b.s. do you put up with or ignore on a daily basis?

I have a wackadoo aunt on facebook whose political leanings are on the very far right. While I can normally ignore things about Obama being a jackass or immigrants taking all our jobs, the jabs at planned parenthood have been making me see red. (Apparently they seek out pregnant teens and force them to have abortions. Do you remember the youtube video with the little girls doing a sexy dance to 'single ladies'? Planned parenthood gets one look at that and says 'ka-ching!')

I have been making an effort to keep politics and the like out of facebook, but it is taking everything I have not to yell at her. I don't want to block her or anything because through her I get updates on family that I really enjoy- especially updates on my pregnant cousin.

Any advice on dealing with this kind of thing?
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why is sixteen and pregnant so addicting?

consider yourself to be sixteen. if you got pregnant, would you keep the baby?

apparently this kind of thing is popular in the south.

Вы хотите жить в раю? Do you want live in Eden?

Global System Statistics and Security (GSSS) can change humans world-view. No need to suppose beforehand that human cannot live without crime. GSSS capable to change humanity and than you can follow for their as long, as you wish, and you cannot find in their nothing wrong, because it will be IDEAL COMMUNITY, IDEAL GOVERNMENT, IDEAL LAW.

Глобальная Система Статистики и Безопасности (ГССБ) может изменить мировоззрение человека. Не нужно заранее предполагать, что человек не способен не совершать преступлений. ГССБ способна изменить человечество и тогда за людьми можно будет следить сколько угодно и ничего не найдешь в них плохого, потому что это будет ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО, ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ЗАКОН.  

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I just got called off from my job TWICE now (this past Sunday and again tonight). I've also been sent home recently because it wasn't "busy". The other hostesses I work with have never been asked to leave or have been called off. I'm pretty sure they have it out for me. Should I quit or ask them what their problem is?

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TQC, can you recommend to me some really fucked up books to read? I like Natsuo Kirino's sexually-depraved, ultra-gruesome style, and I like the way Irvine Welsh gets really disgusting and horribly, repulsively descriptive. The only thing is that I can't really do corpses or cannibalism or zombies (which, I suppose is a combination of the two, lol), and ~spiritual~ stuff like ghosts and whatnot doesn't interest me. So yeah, any suggestions? I need some gut-wrenching novels to read throughout the summer.

If not, will you tell me what you thought about the last book you read?

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who called the cow?
no Foo Fighters fans?

i was at the Argentina game this morning when the guy i like(who i think likes me too, lulz) showed up to meet his friends, and i spent the rest of the day up until about 45 minutes ago with him/his friends/beers, including the Spain game. those of you here who know me, I JUST HAD THE BEST DAY EVER, Y/Y?
&&___NEUER <3

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did argentina go to fucking pieces in the last ten minutes?

did klose have any business scoring that second goal?

how will müller's yellow card affect germany's chances against spain?

who were/are you rooting for?

in order:
yes. they're better than that! clearly they just said "fuck it, we're down 3-0, what's the point?"

i don't think so. it was awesome and i'm pleased, but if argentina hadn't checked out early, it wouldn't have happened.

idk. i think they can still pull it off because as a team they're strong as hell. it would be better for my anxiety levels if he was playing, though :\

see icon.


Some girl named Julie signed up for facebook with my email! I have about twenty friends request sitting in my inbox! should I report it to abuse or should I have them email me her password and take over her shit?

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I have a few questions to ask regarding some doubt concerning my current relationship, but I feel like some background is necessary.

We both have some mental afflictions. I have been in the process of recovering from bulimia after 6 years of embracing and nurturing the condition. My partner is addicted to self harm. The other day he began violently cutting himself in front of me in the succession of an extremely honest confession about my body image. The gist of it was I told him I find myself disgusting.

It was incredibly difficult to see him do this in front of me, and it almost feels like abuse that he would do such a thing in my presence. However, what triggered him was the statements about myself, and his sole reason for cutting himself was that he hates having to see a "beautiful person" think so lowly of herself. To me, it feels like he did it out of frustrated love, and yet the action terrified me to the core.

Would you consider him being abusive in cutting himself in front of me? Do you find it abusive of me to say I find myself disgusting to a person who loves me?

Thanks for any replies in advance; I've posted a few things prior to this and this group has always provided helpful feedback.

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So lets assume your older sister is getting married.

Would you naturally assume that you're going to be in the wedding party?

Would you be offended when she tells you "We don't think you're going to be able to afford being in the wedding, so how about just being the photographer?"

I'm asking because my sister is getting married next year. NEXT YEAR! I start working my real job this december at the latest. I will have the money by then.

Some of you may remember my photography, so that's why she's suggesting it.


Whats your favourite mainstream song right now?

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There are radio stations popping up here and there in the US called Gen X radio, playing late 80's, 90's and early 2000's songs.

For the Gen Xers here, does having your own "oldies" station make you feel old?

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My boyfriend is requesting that I find something for us to watch while we eat dinner.
Can you recommend any movies on hulu that are good?
How about your favorite streaming movie site? And a good movie suggestion.
Lady Gaga: Bad Romance Dance
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Dear TQC,

I finally have the courage to break up with my boyf. I am going to a party tonight, should I stop by on my way to the party and break up with him?

I don't want to be rushed, and I would feel weird going over to his house all dressed up to say "hey, breaking up with you, gotta go to a party, see ya!" If I do do it tonight, should I give him any warning? Send an ominous text? Or just show up as if we were going to have an average hang out? IDK how to do these things!

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What do you think about reading and writing cursive?

Some elementary schools have stopped teaching their students to read or write in cursive - deeming it unnecessary in the modern world since it is no longer used. Do you agree with this elimination?

I <3 TLV


What is the best kind of mattress to get? I like soft mattresses and my husband will sleep on anything so he doesn't care. I'm thinking of getting Tempur-Pedic or something similar - anyone have one? I want someone to just tell me which to get otherwise I'll spend all day taking test naps on every mattress in the store.

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Do you like tv show cross-overs?
Do you have a favourite/most hated one?

I love them so much, they are my crack, and build into my fantasy of the characters being real people and not just actors playing a part. Except when they just show you the crossover person half out of character for two seconds and then mention them like they're doing stuff but don't actually bother to make a decent plot or put in the acting time.

The Wii Fit

 Have you ever tried losing weight with the Nintendo Wii Fit?

I bought a nintendo Wii today and my SO gave me Wii Fit plus as a, early  birthday present because I've been wanting it for a while, and I was wondering if any of you had tried it or had any results?

Or was it just shoved under the bed and completely forgotten after a few weeks? 

DK/DC: What is your favorite type of underwear?
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I have a prepaid Visa debit card through Walmart. I checked my card balance today and saw almost $150 worth of charges I did not authorize. I've already called customer service to report and and canceled the card. They say it'll take about 10 days to get the money back. TQC, has this ever happened to you? Did you file a police report? I haven't yet but will be first thing tomorrow. Is there anything else I should do?
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ugh. i had some really bad bubble tea like six hours ago. the tea was alright, but the tapioca was the worst thing i have ever put in my mouth :( tqc, when will i stop remembering the taste/texture and wanting to puke?

what's a great cover?

I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday; maybe I'll buy covers. I think I want fairly recent covers of old R&B/Motown/funk tunes from the 60s and 70s. Do you have a favorite cover of an R&B song?

Or, what's your favorite cover (any genre)?
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Um so, who else watches Pretty Little Liars?!

I'd like to get myself in the middle of an Emily/Maya sandwich, hbu?

dk/dc/too embarrassed to admit that you watch it: what food do you absolutely loathe to the point of no return?

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Only the bottom left-hand corner of my Macbook's mousepad is clicking. The cursor still moves around and stuff, but the button just won't click except for in that one tiny spot. Any idea what's going on? I've had it for more than a year and it just randomly stopped working Monday. 

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Why is EVERYONE on "You're cut off" SO FUCKING BUSTY.

dkdc: Have you ever seen people eat/drink thick liquids, and notice a saliva trail connect from his/her lip to the container? Does it disgust you?