July 2nd, 2010

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"My girlfriend is out of town. Want to come over this weekend?"

Assume the girlfriend will never find out (and you hate her anyway), and the sex is good. Do you accept?

Edit: Why/why not?
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I have some items on consignment at a local artists 'co-op' type thing. Base consignment is 30% and they take less the more hours you work at the shop (down to 20%). I just found out they are also taking an extra 3.25% if the item is purchased with a credit card (this is what the credit card people take just for using the card).

Is anyone else selling stuff on consignment or any other similar situation? Is this credit card percentage common to pass down to the artist? I thought it was something the store would have to take, not pass along. My boyfriend thinks I'm being taken for a ride, but I don't know if this is standard practice.

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i was supposed to fly from atlanta to NY today to join my family for the 4th of july. i was flying standby and all the flights are booked to the max so i didnt get a seat, although, fantastically enough by bag did find one, so it took the trip for me. in order to get to ny it would be a 600 ticket which i dont have. so instead of having a fantastic weekend with family & my best friends who i havent seen in 2 years im stuck in hotlanta with the only plans being that i drive down and pick up my bag at the airport tomorrow.

this is the 5th year in a row my so called favorite holiday has sucked donkey balls. so. will you please plan a fun weekend for me? i like my weekends like i like my women, cheap & easy. and drunk.


basis on a previous question, have you ever been the other woman? (or man) details bitches.

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Help me make a decision, TQC? My general manager literally stopped me as I was about to walk out of the store for the night and asked me, "How would you feel about being a Sales Operator?". I am currently a Computer Sales Associates.

I get to sit in a chair all day, and still get to see the people I work with.
I will get paid fifty cents more!!!
I am a horrible salesperson, and I won't feel as stressed out when I don't meet "numbers".
I'll be going back to school soon, and it'll be less stressful overall.

I cannot leave the chair, except for my break.
I cannot sneak off to visit my sister or SO when I am bored, who work for the same company.
It makes me feel incompetent that I can't handle a sales job.

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Apologies for the sock account, but I'm very embarrassed by this problem. I've Googled and searched and can't seem to find a decent answer.

TQC, I've got bedbugs. Apparently, someone in the building has/had them, and now we've had them for about a year. They're in the couch and mattress/boxspring mainly.

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DK/DC: What kind of cosmetics would you recommend to someone on a very tight budget and very sensitive skin?
i ain't into that!

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 I just got a speeding ticket. I'm a college student and still on my parent's auto insurance. What do you think, TQC? Should I pay it secretly and hope the premiums don't go up or should I tell them in the morning?

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have you seen eclipse? what do you think of it? what do you think of the twilight franchise as a whole?

team edward or team jacob?

neither, twilight is awful

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Post a magic trick here that you want to be revealed. Hopefully, someone knowledgeable will explain it.
My trick is, how do they do that trick where a victim gets cut while s/he is in a box, and split apart, still able to move their limbs?

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I got drunk yesterday afternoon and asked the guy I've been dating for the past 3 months to be my boyfriend, he said yes but can you still help me do some damage control?

Dk/dc what's your favorite fast food item?

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Marylanders (or folks living in the DC area in general), do you think Bob Erlich actually has a chance at becoming governor? Just how Democratic is Maryland anyway? I ask because my roommate (who's a far-right republican/fundamentalist christian) mentioned that she's planning to volunteer for his campaign and my reaction was O_o.

Don't know or care, have you ever volunteered for a political campaign? How was it? If you haven't, would you consider doing so?

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Is it normal for animals to get sick/moody after they've had their vaccinations?

I took my cat in for her vaccinations yesterday morning, and find this morning that she didn't eat last evening's dinner (that never happens), and when I tried to pick her up for some lovin' she just hissed at me. Now  my normally uber-affectionate, spunky cat won't come out from behind some furniture. I'm planning on calling the vet when they open in a half hour, but I was wondering if you guys knew anything.

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I want to get away from my house this weekend. Where should I go?
Have you ever purchased an airplane ticket on the same day you were flying out? How did that work out for you?

Don't know or care, have you ever worn any sort of hair extensions (that were not for a costume)?

[edit] I found a flight to Chicago for $386. Good price or bad price?

[edit] I'm not going anywhere now. The flight I was considering did not have any available seats on the connecting flight from ATL to Chicago.
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This woman on Good Morning America was just giving advice about doctors visits and said that you should look up your symptoms online before going so you can "suggest" any diagnosis the doctor might not consider.

What do you think tqc? Stupid idea or a good one? Do you do that?
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Follow up from my post last night (http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/82969568.html?mode=reply) I have found my kitten a home with a lady and she is coming to pick him up this afternoon. By the time my dad gets home, he will be gone, and I didn't speak to this morning because I was asleep when he left.

How do I broach the topic with my dad?
"Hey yesterday when you were drunk you beat my cat", talk about animal abuse, tell him I will remove the other cat if he hits him etc etc or just say "I don't feel safe having my cat around you, so I've taken him away" and leave it at that.
Or another way?

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According to my latest electric bill, my family only used 26 kWh in June, and we only owe $24.88.

Last year, in June, we used 1,485 kWh and paid $151.68.

But, we aren't doing anything different. We're running the same AC units, constantly. We were home the whole time, not out of town or anything. We haven't done any major insulating or re-roofing or anything that would account for this extreme drop in recorded energy usage. I can't figure it out.

Why is my bill so much lower?

Do you think I should call my electric company and tell them, or keep my mouth shut and enjoy the cheap electric bills?

Do you think if they figure it out on their own like, five months down the road, they'll hit me with a great big bill?

EDIT: I called them and they said the meter is probably broken, they'll come out and fix it and "adjust my account." poop.
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My boyfriend (finally) found a job, and for the first time in a year, he's at work and I'm off for the day.
I'm super proud of him for finding a job and want to give him a treat tonight.

Should I make dinner for him or should I take him out to our new favorite restaurant?

ETA: All of a sudden, I'm thinking of a compromise of making him a pie with his favorite fruit and taking him out for the main course.
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i have this FANTASTIC idea for a lamp that i want to make. but i don't know what to use or how to make a lamp or anything. i do have the blueprints i made today (under the cut)... how would you go about making this lamp into reality? i don't care how ugly you think it is, i NEED this lamp in my life.

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what i'm mainly asking is what material i should use to make this in the cheapest way possible over the weekend.

Working at a credit union

I've applied to work at a couple big-name banks but been turned down - I'm almost positive it's because I don't have previous sales experience, and I know I would be fired anyway because I wouldn't be able to get enough sales.

So now I'm considering applying to a credit union. Have you ever worked at one? Do they pressure you to make sales of certain products? I'm sure there's some focus on sales but is it like Wells Fargo where if you don't hit a certain number you're automatically terminated?

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I now this gets asked form time to time but, what is the last thing that made you feel disappointed?

I just found out that despite the upcoming holiday weekend, we will not be getting our traditional early dismissal from work today.  This definitely disappoints me, especially since we are having such beautiful weather. 
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I have an interview at Macy's tomrrow for a sales associate position. Should I take a copy of
my resume and transcripts? Or am I over thinking this for such a basic position?

I already have a job where I work 13 hours a week and I plan on keeping it even if I get hired at Macys. Tomorrow should i take a copy of my schedule for the rest of the summer as well as my free time for the Fall when school starts?

I know that their dress code for employees is all black. I plan on wearing black slacks and a nice shirt. Should I buy a nice black shirt for the interview (it can douuble as a work shirt!) or just go ahead and get traditional white? Also, I fail at wearing high heels... Should I wear the nice black low heel shoes that I already have and pray I don't trip or stumble? Or should I wear nice black flats that I am safe in?

Any tips? Anything I'm forgetting?
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Hornet! D:

Guys, there is a GIGANTIC hornet hanging around my back porch and I do not like it one bit. I sit out there with my dog and it freaks me out because the damn thing sounds like a helicopter. I know I should leave it alone but it buzzes around me whenever I'm out there and I think it's nesting under a table on the porch. I'm very allergic to bee stings and I know hornet stings are different but I'm not going to chance finding out if I am allergic to hornets as well.

What do I do?
Serious and non-serious answers, of course.

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Do you hula hoop clockwise or counterclockwise? 

Does it bother you when you're doing something with a friend or your SO and they text?

Do you text while you're out with your friends/SO? 

edit to clarify: I more meant it's just you and one other person; I definitely text if I'm in a group.

What food sounds really good to you right now?

Yes. sososo much. Unless it's an emergency or your parent, it's really rude.
Only if it's an emergency or my mom.
A baked potato.

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my 16 year old sister ran away and has been missing for 2 months... she just came home and i haven't even acknowledged her presence yet because i have no idea what to say. she got arrested so she did not come home by choice. i know i should say something but idk wtf to do, help?!?!

eta: well that problem took care of itself. literally the second after i posted this she came in my room crying so i went and gave her a hug and we talked a little
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Is there anything about your body that you are irrationally self-conscious about?

My left eye is slightly lazy (like when people jab something too close to the bridge of my nose and I try to focus on it, it freaks, otherwise it's unnoticeable) and I'm always afraid it's gonna like get stuck off in one direction. Also I don't like my knees. They are normal but I feel like my calves are too far out whereas my thighs are more in, if that makes sense.

DK/DC: What was the last stupid fight you had with a sibling/family member? Do they often lie about what you did, such as "he/she cussed and screamed at me" when really you just didn't?

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Can someone recommend a great smelling perfume for me for summertime? Take "great smelling" however you like. I bought Versace Versense back in the winter and I haven't really used it, due to it somewhat smelling like an old lady.

Preferably not something too heavy, or too "sweet" smelling (like those DKNY Delicious or Be Delicious or whatever). Cost doesn't really matter too much, but I'm not trying to spend $200.
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Day time show

I've been looking online for a site that would tell you what television shows have new episodes shown on a certain day. I don't mean months ago, but something like seven days previous of the current day. Some sites have some info, but they're either off on their days, do not include all shows/channels(like HBO), and/or just show shows in the US.

So, does anyone know a website that tells you what television shows have new episodes in the US and the UK from at least the day earlier and a week before that?

Are you a member of a union? What union?
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If you found out that a fictional character from another time period and/or culture enjoyed hunting animals for sport, would you like that character more or less?

What if someone wrote a fanfiction where a character enjoyed hunting in their spare time? Would you agree with that or would you absolutely hate it?

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Have your thoughts on 2012 changed?
If so, what do you think about it now?
If not, what do you continue to believe?

Edit: Weird stuff has been happening.
Tornadoes in great neck, earthquakes in new york and toronto...

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Long back story with possible relevant information for my question:

My mother was laid off from her job 2 years ago, and has not very actively decided to pursue a new job over those 2 years, and spends time instead sitting at home not doing much of anything. She had been contributing monetarily through her unemployment checks, but those have officially run out. My dad and I both work 45+ hour weeks at our job, and even though I don't really live there (only for 2 months this summer) I've been helping with groceries and rent and all that fun stuff. Basically, my mom has gone from being a very active, hard working woman her whole life, and these past 2 years have really put her in a funk and made her not a very pleasant person to be around. I'm assuming this is because she cannot contribute to the family really, and is left home alone all the time since both my dad and I have jobs. I feel really bad for her, and I want her to be happy and feel important because obviously she still is, but I don't know how to do it. Her moods have had a very negative on her relationship with my dad, and he's basically fed up with her, which makes me feel even worse.

So, in short, have you ever had a similar situation with a parent/friend/sibling/relative/etc.? If so, or even if not, is there anything you could think of that would possibly improve my mother's mood? I'm worried she has been/will be suffering from depression soon if this keeps up.

DK/DC: How has your day been so far?

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I hate my haaaaaair, TQC.

WTF should I do with this mess? I got an e-mail gift certificate from my salon saying I can get a free haircut with purchase of a colour treatment/1 bleaching session. The only thing I won't do again is shave it off.

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Will you post a photo of your hair at its most recent?

What kind of hairstyle/colour have you always wanted to do, but never have? Why not?
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suppose you were about to go blind (yes, in this situation you know you've got about 30 seconds left of sight) and all you had time for was one more google image search, what word would you google-image-search?

no you can't look out the window and see the sky/trees/family. you're locked in a closet with a computer that only goes to google images.

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have you ever taken either a conduct of political inquiry or an international political economy course? if you have, what was it like? i have to take both next semester and am not sure what to expect, though i assume conduct is basically politics + statistics, which is going to suck

uh ... will you describe the worst professor (or teacher) you ever had?

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Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself? If so, what was your experience? If you haven't, would you?

I'm thinking about going to Disney World alone this year. I've never taken a trip by myself before, but when I imagine what it would be like, I figure it might be pleasant and relaxing.

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Note: I'm kind of tired so if this comes out stupid or offensive then please tell me and I'll apologize and fix it. It was prompted by a statement I was told about men but, since I'm not one, I'd like some male opinions please. Thanks.

Men with SOs that you now/will live or have lived with:

1) How much do you participate in/care about the decorating of your house/apt/living space?
2) Would you openly admit to sleeping in a bedroom that is traditionally feminine?
3) How traditionally masculine do you consider yourself? (If this is too personal then please ignore it.)

Ladies and Men with male SOs that you now/will live or have lived with but that aren't here to speak for themselves, please speak for them to the best of your knowledge.

Edit: Transsexuals of all stages and their SOs, please answer this to the best of your ability. I know it's kind of odd, sorry about that. Sorry.

Males w/o SOs, if you can imagine yourself with one and then think about these, that's fine too. /Edit

Also, ladies with female SOs, I'm not trying to ignore you guys but as I said earlier I'm looking for stuff about males specifically. If however you know some interesting answers about guys related to this then that would totally be helpful.


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I love horror films, things like Saw, the Exorcist etc, mainly because I find them more funny than scary. Alien films however, freak the Bejesus out of me. The film Signs absolutely terrifies me. Probably because we can't disprove or prove the existence of alien lifeforms. THERE MIGHT BE GREEN MEN COMING TO KILL US, GUYS.

Anyone else like that?

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I am trying to change this bad habit I have that when somebody upsets me I will turn around and snap at everybody all day because I don't know how to get the irritant out of my system.

Really I'm just scripting the perfect retort in my head that I wish I could say back to the person who upset me, but since I can't say it to them, it keeps me on high alert to snap at everybody else.

How do I learn to get it out of my system or just let it go on my own? Any tips or tricks to tell myself? Especially when I have to continue to be around and be nice to people I care about and don't want to snap at, so I can't just seclude myself until it passes.

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My 5 year old would like to type you all a question. Please be PG in your replies!


were do penguins live?
what kind of food do all pepole eat?
what candy do you like?


Okay! That was fun! Noah had a great time! We have to eat dinner now, but I will make sure he replies to more comments before he goes to bed!

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If you had to name your child after a US president, what would you name it?
If you had to name your child after a current world leader, what would you name it?
Do you like Swedish fish?
Does clothes size inflation annoy you?

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Should I make a milkshake/smoothie? I'm craving one. I have cherry ice cream, milk, honey, bananas, canned peaches, pears, and pineapple, ice, and yogurt. What would you make with these things?

Would you pull your kids out of school and make them live in a bus with you while you drive cross country? Do you see any problems with this? What benefits do you see?

Have you ever gotten a job from monster.com or any of those sites? How long did you keep the job? Did you like it? Did you find the job or did the job find you?

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What do you do when you are extremely hungry but don't feel good enough to make anything (even microwaving something)?

How's the weather where you are? We're getting a bunch of rain from the Hurricane and it's so blah (and humid as hell) outside. :(

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My boyfriend and I (dated 1yr 9mos) broke up the 30th. We lived together the entire time because we were roommates before we were in a relationship. We're no longer living together, so it's not as hard as it could be. It was mutual; we both decided it wasn't meant to be and it wasn't going anywhere. The only difference was I was fine that the relationship wasn't going anywhere because I loved him and loved his company, just didn't see myself marrying him. But the relationship not going anywhere made him unhappy.

During the day I'm fine. I cry a little in the morning because I can't call him. But I snap out of it, take a shower and try to keep myself occupied. At night, I fall apart. I feel frantic.

Question is: How do you sooth yourself at night after a break up?
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I have bad, upsetting news to tell my parents. They are on vacation until Sunday. My therapist and a couple other people have left messages on both their home phone and my mom's cell (not with her on the trip) and they will be getting them when they get back.

I don't want to ruin their trip, but I'm unsure if hearing stuff from other people is better or worse at this point. What do you think, tqc?
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She's an indoor cat who wants to go outside but I don't let her. I can't remember seeing her for at least an hour, but I've definitely had the door closed since then. My house is small, I've looked EVERYWHERE!

ETA: I FOUND HER!!! She was under the blanket draped over the couch is this weird nook.

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when are you ready to start dating after breaking up/stopping seeing someone?
do you think you have to be completely over someone?

i met this guy i really like and i really want to keep seeing him, but i'm not over this last guy i was with. i still think about him all the time and wonder what he's doing and know that part of me still wants to be with him and is still waiting for him to come back, even though i know he won't. but i don't want to waste an opportunity because of what won't be.
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What file format do you use when emailing your resume?

I use PDF.

Don't know/don't care/plan to spend your life mooching off your parents while eating Cheetos and masturbating: do you like the smell of your own farts?


Can someone PLEASE tell me what line i'm looking for in my blogger template code to lose the margin on the left side all the way to the left? I need all that space! Problem can be seen here.
It's this template: http://www.ourblogtemplates.com/2008/07/blogger-template-photoblog-ii.html
I need it fixed ASAP and I fail at this stuff.

DK/DC: If you are the type who normally hates cleaning, do you EVER find it therapeutic/relaxing, or is it always torture?

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Any TCQer's going to burning man this year? Some friends and I have just confirmed that we can go... there's only three of us, so we're wondering if we should try and find more people to camp with, or just go it alone. Any advice for first-timers?
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When you see acronyms like LOL, LMFAO, BBQ, or whatever, how do you hear them in your head?

I feel weird because I don't spell out the letters (like el oh el) or hear the whole saying (laugh out loud), I hear it phonetically. LAWL. And "lmfao" is "LIM-FAY-OH."
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If someone offered you $10,000 to relive middle school (grades 6-8, or wherever you were in school between the ages of 11 and 14), would you do it?
If no, how much money would it take for you to do it?

{Let's say science is really advanced - you will go back to age 11 and live until you graduate to high school, at which point you will go right back to the exact moment and place you were when you accepted the deal. So, 3 years of middle school, then you get $10,000 and no time was actually lost. Just go with it.}
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For those of you who work in customer service, how do you keep yourself from saying what you really want to say to some of the customers?

Edit: What would you say if someone called to say you left a message at a wrong number, proceeded to bitch for 5 minutes about reporting you to the better business bureau, then demanded you send them a check for the minutes you wasted on their cell phone?
I <3 TLV

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I have to move out of my apartment by July 30th. I can't move into my new apartment until August 1st. I have a place to stay during the time in between, but where can I put my stuff? Ideally I'll be just putting everything in the basement of the new building, but I haven't gotten confirmation that it's ok, though the guy I talked to saw no reason why it wouldn't be. But if they say I can't do that... can storage units be rented for only two days? What happens in apartment limbo??

Edit: Also, would a 10' truck be big enough? I have a lot of stuff and currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment but I'm not taking any of the furniture (it's all being freecycled to be replaced with better stuff). I just can't picture how much space everything would take up stacked up in boxes.
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i'm making a facebook event for an 80's-themed party. the last thing i have to do if put up a profile picture for the event but i can't find any decent pictures of 80's fashion. what picture should i put up?
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Excluding the internet, where can I get men's socks with the grippy things on the bottom? I've checked Target and Walmart.

My dad is going to be in the hospital for at least two weeks, what are some non-food things I could bring him to make his stay more tolerable? Tomorrow I'm bringing magazines, a comfy blanket, and hand/face/body wipes. He has assorted toiletries and pajamas.

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Do any of you play CafeWorld on Facebook? I just started but right when Amilea or whatever tells me how the stoves work I have no idea what button i'm supposed to press or what i'm supposed to click, could you tell me how i'm supposed to get past that part?

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The Last Airbender is being panned by critics. M. Night has said it was his daughter that got him into AtLA. How do you think his daughter would feel about the movie?

DK/DC: ice cream? which flavour?

ETA: gimme my notifs LJ. *fistshake*
CV:did I break wind?

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1. What is it called when a person doesn't eat red meat? They only eat fish and very little chicken. Is there an official name?

2. What are your favorite kind of souveniers?

3. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
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My FIL tells me a friend of his bought a house in Pahrump, NV with the assistance of a Govt program that pays the downpayment on the house, and then allows you to make payments based on your income (I believe he said his friend is paying $600/mo for a 2000 sq ft home, and the price was $107k). Has anyone here heard of this program? I wonder if it works in the Tahoe area as well? Reno? Since Pahrump isn’t the nicest place and is hot as hell.

Are there nice programs like this to assist in homebuying in other states? I don’t think there’s anything quite that good anywhere in California, my home state. I wish there was.