July 1st, 2010


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Do you prefer American length tv shows, or British length tv shows?

For instance the American version of Queer As Folk has 83 episodes in total. The UK version has 10. The American version of The Office currently stands at 126. The British version has 14 in total.


Has anyone ever seen a "psychic" of any variety that was VERY specific in their fortune telling? Any kind of "reading" i've had has always been very very vague, ie-they do it more because it makes them feel special to think they predict the future or they're charlatans.
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Do you say "Rabbit Rabbit" on the first day of the month?

Don't know or care, Americans, are you doing anything for the 4th? For everyone else, what do you do on your national holiday?
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oh George, another one

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I don't ever wear sneakers unless I need to but now I have to. I have really flat feet and need new sneakers because these chucks are not working out! For you flat feet, suggest any particularly comfortable sneakers that will work with me standing and walking for 7 hours straight. I am looking at puma shoes right now but am kind of clueless as to what shoes I should look for for my type of feet. Or does it really matter with sneakers? I'm telling you, I really don't ever wear them.
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What are you doing on this fine Thursday morning?

I'm finally finishing laundry, trying to ignore that I'm sick, working on my online job and listening to SoCo because I'm so excited I'm seeing them in August!
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Let's say you meet someone and you get along well, and have similar interests,etc... They don't have a car, would you still hang out/date them? Would it bother you if they didn't drive?
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 Hey TQC!

My boyfriend and I have been together 4.5 years, and in the last week we've had two long, horrible conversations where essentially he feels like he "thinks we should break up, but doesn't want to break up with me".

I keep asking him to give us time (we've been long-distance for a year, he's moving home next week) but part of me wonders if I'm just being a jerk by selfishly not letting him break up with me.

So am I being a selfish jerk? Or am I, as I see it, helping him avoid doing something rash because his whole life is confusing right now?

Serious answers a bonus. Non-serious ones to make me smile also nice.
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 How do you feel about the current laws on abortion in whatever jurisdiction you're under? What would you change?

How do you feel about the current laws on the death penalty in whatever jurisdiction you're under? What would you change?
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So I'm going to help a friend babysit *not really help, just go visit at her sister's house.

We don't want to eat any of the food her sister has (Because we can't get a hold of her and it's just rude)

So I offered to bring something with me. I can't pick up take out food without it getting cold ( It's a 45 minute ride in to the woods so there's no where along the way) and I'm a little low on funds. What should I get? We have Hannafords, Big Y ad typical grocery stores like that around here.
( I think those might be particular to Massachusetts though, so like Stop and Shop )

What items should I go get?

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hi tqc!

do you believe in such irrational things as superstitions, dream interpretations and some kind of a *signs*?
how seriously do you take these things? any IRL stories?
or maybe do you have your personal superstiton(s) to share?
what's the most common superstition in the place where you live?

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* inspired by *knocking on wood* in this post )

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If you're applying for a job where applications are accepted only through an online form, are your cover letter and resume expected to be submitted as one document (through a file attachment), or are you expected to submit the resume only, with no cover letter?  (I know cover letters are normally a sine qua non, but I'm receiving conflicting information in this scenario.)

If the cover letter is indeed expected, what are you expected to do with the inside address if you're applying to multiple branches?  Do you simply use the firm's home branch?


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I didn't go to bed until almost 7 am this morning. It is now 11:30 am and I just was woken up by my boyfriend's mom, needed me to come over to their house at 2:30 pm.
I also have to get up early in the morning and take my grandpa to the doctor at 9 am.

I'm pretty tired and kinda feel blah. Should I go back to sleep until like 1:30 pm today, or try and stay up until tonight so I can hopefully be tired enough to get to sleep early tonight?
If I should stay up, is it better to take a quick nap in the evening, or skip it?

Thursday 2-for-1 special...

1. Do you ever fall in love with voices? Do you ever liek totally crush on celebrities for something OTHER than their appearance? Will you confess your fugly celebrity crushes you've had because of some attribute of theirs other than appearance? Pics encouraged.
This portion of the Q&A session inspired by Brent Spiner and my requirement that he must never shut up plz...

2. How flammable is orange peel extract? Does "inert ingredients" inherently mean nonflammable? (It doesn't specify what these "inert ingredients" actually are...)

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Do you maybe has links you wouldn't mind sharing on the topic?? Maybe a Scholarship or two...

DK/DC: How much do you love Calvin and Hobbs? any favorite strips in particular?

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Have you ever had any problems sending cash in the mail?

I sent my brother $20 in a birthday card and now my mom is saying it's going to get stolen. It's not showing through the envelope or anything...

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TQC, do you ever have moments where you wished a confrontation would happen, just so you could finally get a ton of bad shit off your chest via a screaming match?

Inspired by a conversation I overheard between my current partner and his friend/co-worker yesterday, to the effect of "[my ex-FWB, who is also a co-worker of theirs] is going to kill you when he finds out about you and [kaz_lynx ], you know"; to whit my partner replied "If he wants to be a little bitch about it, he can fuck off." Part of me hopes that he does try to start shit with me or my partner, because I would absolutely love to just tell him off. But I am also a petty person, so w/e.

DK/DC: What do you have planned for this fine Canada Day/typical Thursday? I was supposed to go to my mom's house and watch fireworks, but I have to work so my family is waiting to set them off on Saturday :(

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Do you feel bad/guilty when you call in sick at work?

I'm not feeling well today, and I just called in. I feel so guilty for some reason... and I always do when this sort of thing happens.

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What was the last thing you expected you'd hate but ended up really enjoying?

Top Gear. My boyfriend was like, "JUST WATCH IT. I PROMISE IT'S GREAT." and I was shocked that I was actually loling at it.


I am going on a cruise this monday...this is the ship I will be boarding
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I was looking at the specs of the ship and noticed yet again that ships are gendered female...Does anybody know why?

Also...its the same with cyclones

Does anybody know why this is?
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my husband and I are vegetarian for moral/ethical reasons.
his family is coming to stay in a hotel nearby for a week.
should we allow them to cook meat in our house? keep cold cuts in the fridge?
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What crawled up my internet's ass and died? It's been slow as hell for over a day now; pages loading halfway, packets dropped, etc. I've restarted my modem, my router and my computer at least two times each, fiddled with my DNS/IP settings, etc. Nothing is picking up the pace. What's the deal, aside from me being unfortunate enough to live in an area where Charter is my only cable option?

srs and non-srs answers welcome, nay, encouraged

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I just bought all the stuff I usually use to make chili, just to get it all together in the pot and realize I have no chili spice packet thing.

This is for dinner tomorrow night.

Should I
A) Add some of the the spices I have (Garlic, chili powder, pepper, basil, parsley, onion powder).
B) Stick the pot in the fridge overnight and buy a packet at the store tomorrow.

If A, what should I add?

In my chili I have :
Ground beef
Red onion
Green peppers
Ground turkey
Kidney beans
Black beans
AND tomatoes and tomato sauce

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Have you ever cut your own bangs? Was it a total disaster?

Any tips?

ETA: Thanks for your help, everyone! I'm gonna buy myself a pair of hair scissors tonight and try trimming them. I always clip my hair up anyway because my bangs are so ridiculously long; if I screw up I guess I can just keep clipping them until they grow out.

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 Ok, guys, I'm having a little issue.
the last time I needed to make an animated icon, you guys recommended  a great site, blibs. Now I'm trying to make a userpic out of this gif and I can't seem to downsize it enough for lj. Can somebody help me out here?

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One of my acquaintances is writing a blog about her experiences with meeting people from a dating site. She promises full disclosure about every date.

However, one of the guys she's dating is turning into a relationship.

If you were blogging in detail about dating someone who then became your significant other, what would you do? Would you shut down the blog that you had publicized all over the internet and pretend it never happened, or would you tell the person and hope they had a good reaction to it?

What would you do if you met someone on a dating site and found out that person had been blogging about you?
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Should I buy Puzzle Quest 2 for the Xbox 360?

I am ambivalent!

How are you feeling today?

I have a headache and I want to puke

Are your comment notifications coming to you?

Yes, but they are sporadic
Yes, without fail
No, I haven't seen one in ages
I do not get my comments emailed to me
I did not realize that I was not getting comments

Where should I make my FIL take us for dinner tonight?

Golden Corral (buffet)
Ragazzis (gross italian but excellent mozz sticks)
Zaxby's (fried chicken)
Mayflower (fish restaurant)
Outback (we try this every week and always get a no, lol)
Something else I will put into comments
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Reverse Question

I was reading through this post and while I didn't comment, I just want to switch the question around.

I'm an omnivore. I'm having guests in my house who are vegetarians. Am I required to make a dish that suits their vegetarian diet?

Of course, I would have a vegetable dish, but it might only be a salad. Am I required to make enough food to suit their special diets and make sure they're full and satisfied or should they make their own/go out and eat somewhere else?

(this is hypothetical, but something I find interesting)

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Will you please post a picture that you have used as a profile pic on a social networking site that IS NOT your face?
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I just discovered that I was able to put my hair in tiny pig tails on the back of my head. I am very excited. How should I accessorize my hair now? I think my fear is sharing hair clips and whatnot with my three year old and end up having hair like a child and being on some show like What Not To Wear lol.

What did you do today? ate three doughnuts because I have been craving them for about two weeks now and watched WALL-E.

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My SO's dad just came up to me with a can of soup. The can says "Vegetable Beef" but the contents were clearly cream of mushroom. It's not expired.

So TQC, have you ever gotten the wrong soup in your can product in your container before? Should he throw it out or just change his dinner choice to cream of mushroom soup?
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I just found out that my mother is eating less than 500 calories a day, and is injecting herself with human chorionic gonadotropin in an attempt to lose weight. Apparently, she had the hormones shipped here from Canada or something.

What do I do? How can I convince her that this is not healthy at all? My father and I have tried before to get her to quit smoking, but that didn't work, and I'm afraid that her smoking plus this ridiculous "diet" is going to lead to something really awful.

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Do you have any anxieties about mundane things? What are they?

Do you have any personal rules about arranging/doing things (food, your hair, clothes, etc.) that most people don't? What are they?
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So let's pretend that a new law just passed in the United States. Soccer is no longer allowed to be called "soccer." We need to fit in with the rest of the world and start calling it "football" now.

The President of the United States then comes to YOU and asks you to come up with a new name for the American sport formerly known as football. What do you call it?

My brother and I were talking about this the other day. The only halfway decent one we could come up with was "tackle ball" but that still sounded rather lame.

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i came across this band called someone still loves you boris yeltsin and it inspired this poll. i'm including khruschev and brezhnev just in case any of you took a russian history class or something, and i'm including medvedev mostly bc that's really fun to say

lol which russian leader is your favorite?


do green chili corn tamales sound like a good idea for dinner tonight? what should i make with them?

should i buy a mortar and pestle for my kitchen?

eta: lmao i forgot yeltsin, feel free to say him
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What should you wear to a beginner's ballet class? Do you have to do the whole leotard and tights thing or can you get away with regular exercise clothes?
What if it is at a pretty well-known dance studio?

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You're at your local Subway. The person making your sandwich accidentally starts to put something on it you don't want. When you correct them, do they put it back or throw it away?

Because I'm starting to notice that 100% of the time this has happened to me (all of 3 times, not a ton) they put it back. It doesn't really bother me so much because I figure it's nothing compared to what goes on in kitchens at all my favorite places that I don't see but still. The fact that several different Subways (again, 3) reacted exactly the same way, it seems like it's condoned behavior. I mean they have rules about cheese placement for crying out loud.

How do you feel about this... refused sandwich component reuse?
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Will you diagnose me, Dr. TQC?

All of a sudden, I started to feel really fuzzy, like my head was full of cotton. I feel like I could go to sleep any time, but I don't feel tired, if that makes sense. I just feel really lethargic.

I also feel faintly dizzy but not enough to keep me from doing anything.

I just feel weird. It's the best way I can put it.
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What is the last thing that made you laugh so hard you almost cried?

My boyfriends Mum is a bit eccentric. Hyper and manic at the best of times. However I was speaking to her on the phone the other day about how she had tried to kill herself when she was younger. By overdosing on nutmeg. (She was well aware of it's potency  when she tried to commit suicide)

I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.

if you have an accent, do you know it?

I've always wondered about this. Certain areas of the US have regional accents that are fairly strong, but that is the way everyone talks in those areas, so it must sound normal. Do the people in those areas think they have accents or do they think they speak correctly and everyone else has an accent?

I live in Northern California and so everybody I hear talking sounds like they have no accent,  however everybody from the South sounds like they have a strong accent. Do people who live in the South think the same thing? Do they think there is a "California accent"?
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What color are your eyes?

What color is your hair?


For those who have been following Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings:
Do you think that she is well qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice? Why/why not?
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Does anyone use a salad spinner? Do you find that it works well and extends the shelf life of your leafy greens?

Does anyone have any tips of preventing leafy greens from spoiling? I love kale but I buy it and two days later it's almost all rotted and weepy. I tried some random tip I found online to wash it, dry it with paper towels, wrap it in new towels and put it away in the crisper and that made it rot twice as fast. Like I opened the fridge the next morning to death smell. I've never really had this problem with other lettuce greens but with kale it's like I get two servings out of it and then it's gone bad.
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High school and college students: how do you spend your long summer breaks? Excluding part time jobs, i.e what do you do for fun/to keep from being bored.
Where do you live?

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Please help. I have looked all over with my Google-fu and found nothing.

Where can I get a 50 inch plasma screen tv box + packing stuff? Cheap! I need it cheap. :( I won't be shipping it via mail so I don't want to pay a standard shipping cost thing when I won't be sending it anywhere.

Please help me. I am so going to cry. I have looked everywhere and we are moving on the 7th.

I have a black thumb so I don't even know where to start

My boyfriend planted three different types of herb seeds in the same pot. They at first sprouted quickly but haven't grown at all in several weeks, and they look about 1/3 of the size they need to be (maybe less). I keep telling him he needs to re-pot them so they can grow in separate pots but he says that he's seen several herbs growing successfully in the same planter before.

Can these herbs be saved? Will they eventually die if he leaves them together?

He also says that they're usable even though they are tiny/stunted in their growth. Will they still taste good if we use them?

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What do you reckon?

Spawn is three weeks old, so it's early, but he pulls this face a lot - just at me, not at Daddy yet (they've only just met) - and it doesn't seem to be related to him being tired or gassy or anything I can figure out.

Is this

A) A smile?

B) His silent way of telling me Hey, Big Person, I just made a mess. I believe it's your problem now. Hop to it!?

On a vaguely related note...my husband's been home from Afghanistan for just under a week. He missed out on all the pregnancy business, and has only just now met our son. What can I do to make him feel involved/make it easier for him?

He wants to but isn't quite sure how - he's a total kid-magnet, just one of those people they swarm all over, but he's never had much to do with really tiny kids and is being far more cautious than I've ever seen him be. I'm not sure exactly why, since he's not the talky type, but he's...I don't know. He's struggling a bit to readjust, I think, and this is one thing I might be able to help him with.
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Have you ever been shopping and found a cute item, only to discover that there is no tag, no price, no markings whatsoever?

Have you ever been shopping and discovered the above, only it actually looks somewhat worn, as if someone had just left their own clothing in the store on the shelf and walked out?

What do you do in this situation?

Have you ever taken off an item of your clothing in a store, put it on the shelf/hung it on the rack, and left? ....Why did you do that?

This has happened to me twice this week and I am so confused.

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my friend texted me earlier this evening asking if i wanted to hang out with her and the guy i'm kinda diggin'. after i said yes she said around 9:30 and then was like, "wear something cute!"

but i'm tiiiired and blargh and feelin' kinda derp derp. i'm still going out but should i put in the effort or just throw my clothes back on(i got into my pjs to nap)? do guys really notice?

my friend says i should and that i have 102 cute outfits and why couldn't i just throw one on? wahhh first world problems.
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Wondering About Something....

Feel kind of stupid, but when someone posts a question and I read the comments on here, some people will respond by saying "This"...what do they mean by that? Does that mean they just don't want to answer the question or does it stand for something?

Also, if your friend is acting weird/different than usual, what do you do about it?
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Do you prefer -

Sam or Dean Winchester?

Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles?

Bert or Ernie?

Star Wars or Star Trek?

If you want, post a comment with two people/objects/shows/movies/food/etc for people to choose between.
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Dear chef TQC,
What can I do to make my soup even tastier?

So far I have embellished my package of chicken flavored ramen with a can of water chestnuts (water included), a can of cheap tuna (also with the water included), some parsley, basil, and oregano, and 2 tbsp each of apple cider vinegar and soy sauce.

I know I'm forgetting something, but what?

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When you're sick or if something is wrong, how bad off do you have to be to go to the doctor?

I'm trying to figure out if I can wait until Monday because I'm really busy tomorrow, and then it's the weekend. :\

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dear tqc bakers,

I need to bake a pie to bring to a friend's place on Saturday (it's a short train ride away, if this is relevant...and a fruit pie). I've made this particular pie before and with great success, but I don't know much about proper pie...maintenance? which is to say, I don't know when I should bake the pie! I could bake the pie Saturday morning before I head out so it will be very fresh/still warm when I leave (though i'd imagine we wouldnt eat it until later/after dinner), or I could make it Friday evening, so then it will be made and cool, and i can just get up and head out in the AM without having to worry about baking or dishes in the AM. Which would be better? Fresh pie? or would Day-old pie be just as good? (or even better?!)...any other pie travel tips? or general pie advice? help a pie novice out?!

Are you baking anything for the 4th of July? Anything actually 4th of July themed?
I made mini cheesecakes with blueberry/strawberry/plain toppings, and arranged them in a flag shape last year. I toyed with the idea of making a ~flag top~ instead of a lattice top for this pie, but that just seems a little much and not at all worth the effort since it probably wouldnt even be that good.
Do you enjoy/appreciate themed desserts, or do you think dessert should just be dessert?
I <3 TLV

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When looking for an apartment to rent, how do you decide which you want (assuming you don't find anything that's 100% perfect)? I just found a great one and plan on putting down the deposit tomorrow but I'm worried that as soon as I do I'll find an even better one... Can you help me get rid of that worry??
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My dad got angry at my kitten for attacking his older cat and hit him really hard (repeatedly), before throwing him outside.
Now I can't find him. :( What should I do?

EDIT FOR UPDATE: Found kitty, hid him in the garage. Trying to find somewhere for him to go now, but I guess a shelter will be the last resort if none of my friends can take him.

EDIT 2: Found him a home with a nice lady my mother works with, made plans to move the older cat too.