June 30th, 2010

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Darling TQC,

What are some words that gross you out to hear?

What's your favorite Nintendo game?

When given the option, what do you name your video game characters?? Do you just stick to the default or come up with a name of your own?

Favorite video game? 

Edited: Rephrased the first and third questions.
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Will you post some of your favorite lyrics or some lyrics that are caught in your head?

"...I never really wanted you to see the screwed up side of me that I keep locked inside of me so deep..." Cold by Crossfade

"...and I don't know what I'm supposed to do so I sit down and I cry too, but don't let her see..." Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas

"...I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter..." In the End by Likin Park

"...You know that I don't f**king care if I live or die..." Hate Me By Children of Bodom

Those were just some I thought of off the top of my head.
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Say you start with medication, like for the rest of your life, and the meds have really strong side effects (like nausea, dizziness, feeling drunk/stoned, etc.)...

Is that usually only a temporary thing when you start, or do most of those things go away? Or does it greatly depend on the medication?

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i was really trying to not post about this, but i can't figure out if i'm misreading this situation or not.

i dated this guy for a couple weeks a few months ago. we got along fantastically, we both said it felt like we'd known each other forever and that we felt like things could actually go somewhere, similar senses of humor, we're both huge harry potter nerds, etc. we ended up breaking up partly cause he wasn't ready for a relationship and partly for some other shit which i'm not too sure about. he definitely still had feelings for me and cared about me when we broke, and we still talk and hang out sometimes.

the thing is, almost every single time he gets drunk, he texts me and wants to make plans to hang out and constantly adds smilies at the end of all his texts (he did this a lot while we were dating and almost completely stopped after we stopped dating). the last time we got drunk together, he was super flirty and we ended up making out a bit.

so... what's the deal? does he still have feelings for me, or what? i would definitely like to get back together with him after we get our shit sorted out but i'm hesitant to try to talk to him about everything. : /
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have you ever seen a juggalo irl? where do you live?

do you see them a lot? do they tend to congregate in certain places?

i've never seen one before. do you think they just don't live around major cities?

also, do you think a juggalo can decide what's bad music or good music?

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TQC decide my week for me! 

Should I go out with friends two nights in a row (tonight, and then tomorrow for Canada Day) or should I stay home tonight and just go out tomorrow? Friday we are driving to the states to do some shopping, and saturday is a big party at our house for my mom's birthday/our pool & cabana 'opening day'.

pros of going out tonight:
- friend in town who I don't really get to see
- meeting some new people
- sleepover yay
- I'm sure it would be fun
- I could also go get my mom her birthday present while I'm in the city

cons of going out tonight:
- I usually get sleepy really early so I might end up sleepy at someone else's house until we go back to my friends place for the night
- lots of driving, since I'd have to go home tomorrow during the day and I live like 40 minutes from said friends house
- I have like health problems so my mom might ~disapprove~ of me going out so much lately and I would need to take our only car.

tl;dr I'm tired and busy but should I go to a birthday party tonight?
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What's the weirdest thing you've bought (or otherwise acquired) recently? Do you have a reasonable explanation for it?

I just ordered a pigeon skeleton. It's for my thesis project!

creepy crawlies.

TQC, I moved into an awesome apartment a couple weeks ago and things were absolutely lovely for the first few days. However, a new issue has sprung into effect and this is impossible to ignore. My beautiful apartment has an infestation. I've seen ants, some type of flying insect, spiders and (probably because of the previous three) centipedes aaand the centipedes were the last fucking straw because I think I might actually have a phobia or something with how terrified I am right now.

What can I do? What's worked for you? I am going fucking nuts right now. My boyfriend claims to have woken up two nights ago to a "gigantic" spider crawling on his arm and he doesn't tend to exaggerate. I DO NOT FEEL SAFE HERE OKAY.

Edit: Since people mentioned speaking to my landlord, and I was unaware they handled pest control problems, I might have to just turn this into a "What kind of terrible experiences have you had with things that crawl / hold me, centipedes scare the living shit out of me" post.

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Do you think that performing a Shakespeare play (or any other period piece for that matter) in a themed/modernized setting (the 1920s, space, wild west, kitchen, nude, etc.) is pretty cool or too gimicky? Have you seen more period-specific plays done in their actual time period or in a wacky themed setting? Even if you don't like theme settings, what kind of setting would you be interested in seeing a Shakespeare/period piece take place?

Opinion: Good if the theme works!

(I've performed the Taming of the Shrew in a Wild West setting. We had to use "wild west" accents. I'll just spare you all and leave it at that for now...)

DK/DC: Have you ever heard of anyone ever trying to play
"Rock-Gun-Lightning-Devil-Dragon-Water-Air-Paper-Sponge-Wolf-Tree-Human-Snake-Scissors-Fire?" Is this even a real game or is it a joke? http://i.imgur.com/hg6EZ.jpg
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Inspired by the NPR Coverage...

Should people who run "cash" businesses and do not pay taxes on that income (or even report it to the IRS) that have been impacted by the BP oil spill be compensated for their losses?

If yes, how would this be done since they can't prove their income?

EDIT for clarity.

Walk-In Clinics

Dear fellow Winnipegers, I'm going to try and get an appointment with my doctor but if I can't than I may need to go to a walk-in clinic for a swollen throat as this is day two of not being able to swallow.

For those of you who have gone to a walk-in before, what are their hours like?, are they open on statutory holidays like Canada day?, do I need to make and appointment (I know lame question to ask?), have you ever paid at a walk-in?


So by going by the reactions of some people that go on about how deadly aussie animals are...

I am an aussie...how am I still alive?

Also...what are your opnions on Drop bears?

(no subject)

-Do you have any experience with surface piercings? I know they reject pretty easily, so I was wondering if anyone's kept one for more than a few months.

-When's the last time you moved to a new place? How much did you have to pack, and how long did it take you?

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Inspired by the sushi post!

Vegetarians: What kind of sushi do you enjoy the most? I used to love shrimp tempura rolls, but I guess I need to find new sushi! Are there any cool combinations out there, or just simple avocado, cucumber, sweet potato rolls and such?

I have a feeling I'm going to miss sushi more than anything D:

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Do you believe dreams have a meaning?

What are some weird dreams you've had lately?
--I had a dream where there was an ocean under my house and I could make the floors see-through and I could see killer whales and squid drift past us. Then it cut to a weird dream about Barbie dolls that I can't remember. Then it cut to ANOTHER dream in which I couldn't breathe and it felt so real... I couldn't open my mouth either.
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Another CSI prompted question:

Outside of TV, have you heard of a 'trophy condom'?

I've never heard of it before watching this show.

Edit: Sorry! It's when one dude takes his used condom and puts it on the doorknob of someone else, to show off his 'trophy'. I really hope that nobody actually did this in real life. Yuck!
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(no subject)

Have you ever adopted a dog from a breed specific rescue group before? What was the experience like from when you started looking to taking your dog home? I've only dealt with animal shelters and not groups that typically foster animals before adoption. Extra bonus points if you've ever adopted a greyhound.

Lucky fool!

Ever want to just kick yourself for saying or doing something stupid or foolish, even though you lucked out and you were able to avoid negative consequences?  

I mumbled a criticism/comment under my breath about my boss' lack of action on something and although my boss probably didn't hear it, I feel like kicking myself for being so careless and allowing myself to do that.    I didn't say anything bad about my boss; I was just annoyed at what I felt was laziness on their part. 

My boss is still acting normal towards me so far (*knocking on wood*)...so I don't think I was heard.     I do feel badly about it and won't be doing it again.  That is for sure.
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Dear TQC,

In the state of California, how long can you legally go without installing license plates on your new vehicle? A set period of time, or indefinitely? Our next door witch from hell neighbor has had dealer plates on her car for over a year. This seems odd. I know she’s running from various financial institutions, so I’m wondering if she’s not installing her plates as a means to avoid detection.

I’m browsing the DMV website, but haven’t found any info on this yet.

UPDATE/EDIT: Finally got ahold of the DMV. She would have received plates within two months of buying the vehicle, and those should have been installed immediately. The DMV doesn't police this, but they say I could report her to CHP. This might be difficult since she hides the car in her closed garage.
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Is there a good way to remove hair dye from your skin?

Collapse )

The gloves that came with this kit were apparently held together by spit and wishes. I look like I've been murdering people again.

(It's "semi-permanent" if that makes a difference...)

(no subject)

is "i'm too humble and thus suck balls at interviews" (obviously phrased more professionally) a good response to "what's your greatest weakness?" because i am an AWFUL interviewer for that very reason... if i am asked my strengths i'm like, "uhhhhh...." whereas i can easily come up with 10000 weaknesses

what do you say when asked that question?

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I saw Loudon Wainwright III at Glastonbury this weekend. Amazing.
I've looked online for the setlist, but can't find it - has anyone seen him recently and can suggest what he may have played?
He also played a song about a picture of him and his sister on the mantlepiece, and how they have both changed. Any ideas what this song is?
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I'm going to the Sex store. How do I stop being nervous? WHY AM I NERVOUS

How many sex shops are around you? What do they sell?

Oh, and what should I buy?!

EDIT the one I'm going to is Frontage st. FRONTAGE ST

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If your current life right now was a TV show, what would it be called and what would the tagline be?

I could be the star of So Much Nothing; one girl, one world, blaaaaah

Would it be a drama? A comedy? A something else?

(no subject)

So my MIL called wanting to throw me a baby shower, which I said that I had already started planning my baby shower, and she got extremely offended. During my wedding, my husbands family took over a lot of planning and wanted to do everything, and my family wasn't able to throw any sort of shin dig for us because they planned and did a lot of things with out asking. They threw me a wedding shower that I found to be really awkward because they didn't ask me what I liked to do first and planned things that were just old fashioned shower games. For my baby shower all I wanted to do was have a BBQ at a local park. Is she over reacting? Is it that hard to plan and throw your own baby shower? Have any of you ever experienced this?

Do any of you work for the website ChaCha? Did you like it? How hard was it? Will it be easy for a pregnant woman on bed rest to do?


so i'm going to be living on campus for the first time next year, as a junior. the dorm that i was just assigned houses mostly freshmen.

on a scale from 1-10, how weird is that going to be?

do age differences really even matter in college?

Hair dye question.

Recently, I went to get my hair cut and dyed at a local salon.  I had a bottle of bright blue dye with me, after the hair cut, the bleaching and the dye was finish...It came out green.

So, do I have to go out and get green dye to get blue hair or can I get the blue dye yet?

If it helps...

1. I have black hair
2. I noticed that the bleach job wasn't that great. It almost looked like a funky yellow when he put the dye in. Not sure if that helps but hey, who knows.

(no subject)

Do you ever feel like you're not the person you're supposed to be? (I guess sort of like gender identity but nothing to do with gender if that even makes sense)
Is that something real or just part of depression?
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What is good/fun/interesting to do on livejournal when you're bored?

Also sex related question:

Have you ever been having text sex with someone and they just suddenly quit texting you (assume you have had text sex before with this person and he/she never just "left" like that before)? Like why did they have to leave? Did their phone die or something? I'm kind of worried about this and it is making me feel stupid.

I can't think of any other questions right now.

TQC Land

If all TQC members were to start a new planet colony together as colonists (we'll assume the scientists and whatnot have built things for us) what skills and life experiences would you be bringing? What job skills for example, or survival skills?

You're a colonist, you have no choice. :p We do have some supplies but they won't last forever.

(no subject)

 I'm getting a bikini wax done at a salon for the first time tomorrow. I'm not too worried about the pain during the waxing, but moreso the prep and after-care (especially ingrown hairs). Those of you who wax routinely, what advice do you have for a bikini wax n00b? 

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my dinner just consisted of 4 small bananas and a cliff bar.
is this balanced nutrition or should i chase it with a protien drink?

DK/DC: Amsterdam>Berlin? suppoort your answer in interpretive dance

(no subject)

What are some funny blogs/comics I can read? Actually just please give me anything entertaining. I'm not picky.

I just unexpectedly came to the end of Hyperbole and a Half and I feel broken inside.


My brain hurts from my first FT job so I need W-4 help. I just started an f/t paid internship..I will be making $400/week. Paid Bi-weekly. I will be spend $350/month on travel expenses (monthly rail road ticket + unlimited subway metro card) AKA I wont end up with that much money!! :(

My friend told me to claim 0 on lines 5 and 6 so more taxes are taken now and I get more money back later. Should I have claimed my travel expenses as deductions? How should I have filled out my forms and should I be a pain in the ass newb employee and ask to do it over? HELP.

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TQC, will you help me plan a vacation?

My boyfriend's 21st birthday is July 12th. He was wanting to go to Destin (has every year since he was little so I guess that's why) but that is out now.
We live in East Texas, so the vacation needs to be somewhere on the gulf, or perhaps the Atlantic side of Florida. Where should we go?

What is easier/cheaper: hotel rooms or renting a beach house/condo? I think it would be a total of six people, for no longer than 3/4 days.
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(no subject)

Have you ever moved somewhere on a whim? Did you have a job first? Know anyone?

What can you tell me about Atlanta?

I'm a gay, 23 yr old college graduate fed up with life in the Midwest and want a new place to start over.

(no subject)

Why do parents do this?
What is wrong with them?

Have you ever encountered this at your workplace? Have you ever caught someone in the act of doing something like this? What happened?
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(no subject)

I'm going on a road trip tomorrow with my boyfriend, his best friend, and his girlfriend, who is my best friend. We all have varying tastes in music, but what songs do you think everyone would appreciate on a playlist?
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I am the world's most overzealous pizza eater and I will never learn. What can I do to soothe the severe burn on the roof of my mouth so I can enjoy some more 'za? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being a scorched mouth, how overzealous are you when it comes to eating pizza?
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Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?

If so, who is your favourite dancer?

If so, who is your favourite all-star?

If so, and you watched the show today, what did you think of the last performance?
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It's 10:30pm and i'm waiting for a friend to get here so the door is open and the lights are on. Someone just pulled into our driveway as far back as they could (my mom's car is already parked there so I could still see the porch light reflecting off their tail lights- I thought it was her car), turned off their car, and sat there for a minute. Then they turned their car back on, pulled out of the driveway, and left before we could see what the car looked like. I asked my friend and she said it wasn't her. This is the second time that's happened, and both times it happened when it was obvious someone was home. Was it the same person both times? What do you think they wanted?

oh no! They've really gone ninja!

Does anyone know what's up with www.ninjavideo.net? The domain doesn't seem to exist anymore? But u can search for it and such through google.


Does anyone know another site like ninjavideo that displays the shows they have available to stream by day? Such as what shows they have up for streaming from Monday the 28th, Tuesday the 29th, Wednesday the 30th, etc.

*sites like casttv do not have this. megavideo's search is difficult and not nearly as fast in post shows as ninjavideo. usually a few days behind even if I can find a link.
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(no subject)

An editor approaches you and says they want you to write a novel. What is your story about?
A record producer says they want to produce your debut album. What style of music will it be?
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Your Awesomeness

Do you think you're awesome? 

If so, how awesome do you think you are?

Does reminding yourself/someone else reminding you of how awesome you are help you through difficult times?
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I made out with my hot friend last night at the bar and now I've been thinking about her all day. She is bi and has a boyfriend. We're not good friends or anything, in fact, we barely know each other (we have mutual friends and see one another on occasion.) Now she is randomly messaging me on facebook chat to vent about her problems with her boyfriend. Why is she doing this?

ETA: some of the things she's saying include how she tries to make herself look pretty and he never wants to have sex with her, etc. She keeps saying all of her efforts to look perfect for him are wasted.

(no subject)

1. Anyone know of a meme where your responses must be in drawing form? I'm not talking about those paneled images you see on DeviantArt where you have to draw things in, I'm thinking more like those 30 day memes that ask you questions like "Your favorite TV show."

2. Is there a legit post somewhere on LJ where someone compiled a fairly extensive list of things you should bring to a college dorm? Or a website? Google may be sufficient enough, but I feel with LJ there's the additional pro of people leaving feedback.
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(no subject)

-  What's the last movie you've seen? What did you think of it?
Fight Club, it left me feeling powerful at first then thoughtful and wanting to be mature and ready to grow up. Loved every second of it.

- What's something you like but everybody hates?
I don't have an answer for this one yet, heh.
ETA: I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is very pretty but everyone I know finds her so ugly :( 
I know it's not the best answer but I can't think of anything else now 
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Phone Battery

Do any of you know why a phone battery goes out so quickly? Is it because of the charger or the actual battery? Or is it because I have a tracfone and they are not made well? Or something else entirely?