June 29th, 2010

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I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. I've been doing salt water rinses and carefully brushing my teeth, but. Do you think it would be okay for me to use the bottle of Peroxyl I have in my cabinet? (it's hydrogen peroxide mouthwash for oral abrasions/wounds). Would it have any benefit at all or would it probably hurt me?


Do you ever ride a bike?
Has anything bad every happened to you while doing so?

I recently got a cute bike that looks like a '50's style but is actually new. I have ridden it twice so far. I have heard stories of people throwing things at bicylists and I'm afraid someone will throw something at me :-/

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Ok, so in a previos post i mentioned making a Twilight shirt. I'm ironing on a printed image, but it's telling me I need greaseproof paper to put on top. It did not mention this on the box-wtf is greaseproof paper? Can I just use ordinary printing paper?


One day you are talking with your good male friend. He says he is in a bad mood and stops responding to your texts/IMs/whatever else. Later that day he contacts you and explains that he feels overwhelmed with women/as though there are too many women in his life (hence his unresponsiveness).

How do you react (if at all)?
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camera question

has anyone ever had a problem leaving their camera in their car during the summer? i'm talking specifically one day for at most two or three hours. if you find it relevant, it's a Polaroid i533 (yea it's an older model). basically i want to take it to the pool, take some pics of the group with me and then go stash it in the car and do my own swimming.

i have googled "digital cameras heat" but most of the articles keep referring to direct sunlight. i'm not stupid...i know direct sunlight would fry it. i intend to put it locked out of sight (and direct sunlight). though also concerned abt SD card and batteries (it takes lithium). should i take the batteries out before putting it away?

tomorrow's high is projected at 108F (live in the desert). of course i know the car's inside will be hotter than whatever temp it actually is.

never done this before (at least in the middle of summer) so would appreciate input. thanks.
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 Dr. TQC, I have this shooting pain in my right thigh when I walk. It's been on and off for a long time now, and it really impairs the way I walk. I told my mom, she says it's growing pains. I really doubt it's growing pains and it's really freaking me out.

Is 18 to old for someone to have severe growing pains? Are these even normal for growing pains? I should see a doctor, right?

dk/dc: Are you a hypochondriac? 

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How terrible is the new Futurama series?


Makes me long for the movies and those were pretty awful

Edit: After 'coma coma coma chameleon', I almost wanted to turn it to the Weather Channel to see if it's more amusing
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I am eating a giant tub of Coldstone Birthday Remix ice cream. I think this is the definition of gluttony, but I can't stop. I would like to hear what your favorite Coldstone treats are so that I can repeat this experience later. What is your favorite overpriced ice cream, TQC?

Why does the sight of Robert Pattinson shirtless make me gag violently? Ew ew ew.

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does it freak you out when your phone goes off long after you've gone to bed? i always assume someone died unless it's the weekend. now i'm all freaked out and awake.

WHY do people call after midnight when you've explained to them multiple times that you work in the mornings?
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for those of you that have at&t with iphones: exactly how much do you pay every month for your service?

*individual plans only, please. i want to get myself out of my family's tmobile plan and switch over to at&t for the beautiful iphone 4.

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How do you feel when you add someone on Facebook, and they deny your request? Upset? Angry? Embarrassed? Indifferent?

Does it matter who it was?

How would you feel if it was an ex that you hadn't spoken to in years?

decorating advice

What advice do you have for me regarding storage/decoration/color for my room? I just moved in to a new place and really need to figure out how to make it less cluttered, less ugly, and more home-y. 

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I apologize for the crappiness of the pictures; they were taken with my phone because I couldn't find my real camera. Also, sorry for the gratuitous book pics; the slideshow was originally meant for a rooms lj community, but I thought posting here would be good too. The first couple are from when I just moved in, and the rest are from tonight.

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What's the best life lesson you ever learner? Who/what did you learn it from?

Did you ever have a particularly inspiring teacher? What did they do that made them such a great teacher?

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it's 6:30am, i haven't slept and I have to be awake at 10ish to wait for the cable guy. that's the only thing I have to do tomorrow. Should i (option a) stay up until, take my sister to school, get coffee and breakfast then wait for the cable guy and nap after? or should i (option b) try to sleep until I have to wake up, wait on the cable guy, and go on with my day?
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What's the best way to clean shoes and flip flops? Dishwasher, hand cleaning, another method? Any sort of chemical I should use?

I have a bunch of shoes from L.L.Bean that are starting to get dull/grody. They're near indestructible so they can take some abuse in the cleaning process.

color coordination?

1. I've had this purple skirt for YEARS but I've barely worn it as for some reason I just can't find the right shirt to wear with it as every color looks wrong or off. Maybe it's me (color coordination was never my thing) or maybe it's the SKIRT.
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Help me out, tqc: what color goes with it?

2. When replying to a craigslist ad looking for a roommate, how do you make sure that they're not rapists or something instead? It's by a university but it's in not that great of a neighborhood, and they say they're responsible mature female students looking for the same, but I'm kinda paranoid as I'll have to go by myself to look at the apartment. (I won't be going to the university, I'll just have a job in the area). How can I be safe?

3. Assuming you had money to spare, what one organization would you donate to?

Yes those were 3 very different questions. I've been saving up for when I felt like posting, haha.


I just found out that Steve Carell is going to be leaving The Office after this next season.   As a fan of the show and his antics as Micheal Scott, I am rather unhappy to hear this news. 

How many Office fans are here?  

Did you know about this or is this the first you've heard about him leaving too?  

What do you think will happen to the show after he leaves?

Hair disasters

Have you ever gone to get your hair cut and had the hairdresser make a COMPLETE disaster of your hair?

I've been pretty lucky with this. When my sister was ~10ish though, she wanted to get a short hairdo. The lady ended up just taking a buzzer with a clip on it to her entire head. I forget which number but it was short. She was mistaken for a boy frequently for months. I don't think she cared a hell of a lot but my parents were pissed off.

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So...the husband moved out last week.

Apparently there were no depression issues...he was just waiting for me to make the first move. Dirty effer came by yesterday while I was at work and swiped all the psp games along with the PS3. I should start bringing the 360 to work with me, y/y?

I'm adding TV shows to my Netflix queue...any recommendations? My new obsession is the Big Bang Theory. I watched all of Season 1 yesterday, so Season 2 is at the top of my list.

ETA: I will change the locks after I file for divorce..until then I'm effed because he can pretty much do whatever he wants and not get in trouble for it...everything is his 50/50...if I change the locks now he'll just get pissy and break in.
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What age do you think it's too old to stay up all night?
I thought I was too old but I did it last night. I think it's because I was very angry and I had 11 baskets of laundry to do, so I figured I might as well start early.

Do you like to do laundry?
I love to, but I hate doing towels. Sucks I have 4 baskets of towels >:[.

If your SO asked you to shave their first initial on your crotch, would you?
No, I don't think I could do it anyways.
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How long do you use a bath/ shower towel before you wash it (or at least throw it in the hamper or equivalent of)?

Do you keep your bills super paid on time or do you let them slide a lot?

How good are you at sending snail mail when you need to?

What is something random that you just love? (For example, I am an office manager and I absolutely LOVE receiving and opening fresh boxes of new office supplies and delivering them to their respective homes/ shelves/ recipients.)

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alone in the house with nothing to do on my off day from work.
all my friends are at work
i planned to sleep in but that just didn't happen.
i don't really want to deal with myself all day today haha

Should I...
A.) Go to my mother's house and ask her to go to lunch/shopping with me, even though late last night we got into a huge fight...huge...
B.) Drive even further and bother the husband at work...even though he'll probably just tell me "i'm busy working"....but I would get to see him for a minute?
C.) Go to the mall myself, even though I hate it and feel lonely/loserish shopping alone. Plus I'm broke anyway.
D.) Stay home with my insufferable loneliness and boredom and watch spongebob...with no food in the house :(
E.) Other -- explain.
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Dear TQC,

Have any of you gone back to college after taking many years off to work? I'd like to go back to school and get my masters, but I've only gone to college for 2 quarters when I was 16. I'm afraid that I'll be too old and moldy to get accepted into a university. Will you please tell me to follow my dreams and give me encouraging stories and anecdotes?

Should I get a second job while I save up?

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What the hell? This is a mainstream news organisation :(

tl;dr Australia's new prime minister is in a defacto relationship and this is clearly setting a BAD EXAMPLE to other women. Defacto relationships are worthless and a waste of time, and bad to children.

Do you think defacto relationships are less committed than married ones? Does it depend on the circumstances?

Wtf 24% of people agree with Bettina Arndt that the PM is setting a bad example.

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my brother bought an ipod touch 8gb yesterday, intending to jailbreak it. but itunes upgraded its OS to version 4 and now we're stuck. tqc, is there something we can do? :O or is there any helpful apple/ipod touch related community out there? TIA!

ps: i couldn't get much off google. most of the instructions specify that we must already have a "signature", or something.

Oil Life Remaining

I have googled this many times and I keep getting mixed answers.  For those who have a newer car, preferably the 2009 Honda FIT, do you change your oil every 3k-5k or do you wait until the Oil Life indicator gets down to 15% and the service light comes on?  I have asked different service departments of many different dealerships - they keep giving me different answers.  What do you guys think?
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In a couple of months I'm going camping for 4 days and I have no idea what to bring in terms of food.

What should I bring in terms of food?

When was the last time you went camping and where did you go?

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Canadian TQCers:

How much have you heard on your news about the TO police beating up/arresting/detaining G20 peaceful protesters and by-standing civilians?

Do all those videos on Youtube make you as angry as they make me?

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DK/DC: what's the last thing you won? I won tickets to see Mobadass tomorrow night :)

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 Have you ever written an angry letter to a company after you received a faulty product? How did it turn out? Did they reimburse you or just send you a replacement?

Brought to you by the fact that I bought a pack of Zebra pens, two of which don't work and the ink in the "lime green" one is actually brown. I'm annoyed.

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My dad gave me a couple afghan throws. Since he is a smoker who smokes inside his house, the throws smell rather strongly of cigarette smoke.

How do I get the smoke smell out? I tried Febreeze, but it's just covering the smell. I don't want to throw them in the wash because I'm afraid the colors will bleed onto the white sections of the throws. Am I going to have to get them dry cleaned? Would airing them outside work?
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so there's a google group for my class, and everyone that's signed up so far has their name in there, but mine shows up as my email address. making me feel stupid, how do i get it to show up as my name? or does it only show up as my email address to ME?

what's the last stupid thing to make you feel stupid? stupid!

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What foreign languages did you study (or are you currently studying/want to study) in college?

Was learning a foreign language beneficial in the long run?

Will I regret taking Russian classes? Consider: I want to do peace corps post-undergrad and work with human trafficking victims in the future (as a career), but I don't want to limit myself or not make room for career changes. Thoughts?

Buying a computer

I need to buy a new computer. Some of which is for computer games. However I'm a bit overwhelmed with what I could buy. I'm going to buy from widowpc.com, but I'd prefer to have some idea before I call. Very fast, high graphics capability, etc. is what i'm looking for. But I don't want to spend TOO much.

Does anyone have suggetions on which parts to use?(Graphics card, RAM, processor, etc.)


What's the best horror computer game that really sucked you in, but wasn't mostly fps?
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i was in the car with my sister after the Spain game and we were listening to the college station. they were all, be the first caller when we play "Be Mine" by Robyn and i was like, "Man, I used to listen to Robyn all the time, I could totally win."

and then i did. i kind of did it just to prove i could win. so anyway, i won a pass to Pitchfork music festival, which i had absolutely no intention whatsoever of attending, and am not really sure how i'm even going to get there.

so now i feel kinda guilty, like i took away this free pass from someone who could have called in with the means/real desire to go.

should i feel guilty?
should i go? Wolf Parade and LCD Soundsystem are playing Saturday. i loooove them. but it'll be hard to get there. like, really hard, i don't have a car. if i find a way there and back i'll probably be alone at the show.

i mean, it's not that i wouldn't ever wanna go to Pitchfork, but i wouldn't want to go if it weren't for free and getting there will be a paaaaiiiin.
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Would a newish set of P205 55R16 tires on a Honda 06 Civic be compatible with a brand new set of 205 55ZR15 tires on a Nissan 95 Maxima? & vice versa?

I know jack shit about tires and cars, so.

bummer. Are comment notifs working for you?
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I put up some of my old textbooks on half.com. One of them was just purchased by tysonmotsinger. A little googling has turned up some less than comforting results- basically people being screwed over by this person. What can I do? What should I do?

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If your dog is crate trained, how much time do they spend it their crate a day?

Harley sleeps locked in her crate at night, and she's in there whenever we're not home, this can be 13-15 hours a day and I feel incredibly guilty about it.

When we eventually move I would like to be able to leave her out of the crate overnight, but I'm really apprehensive because she occasionally likes to dig out and chew up electrical cords.

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In recent news in the UK there has been two accounts of foxes attacking children. I am by no means an expert on this. However I did grow up in the country. I have never heard of this happening before and find it difficult to believe that foxes would even get that close to someone nevermind attacking them unprovoked. Any foxes that I saw as a child never stayed around for long.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Fox attacks 3yr old

Babies mauled by fox

Childhood stories

Do you have any good/bad/unusual ones ? Tell them.

I once did take a nap in a coffin; nearly drowned in the German Sea; helped bringing a foal ind the world; started horse-riding with four; traveled for a week with a roma family who owned a circus; broke all my five fingers of one hand in a steel door (twice); kicked a man in the nuts who wanted to give my brother and me a puppy when we would come with him.

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How do I get this nail polish off? I don't have any remover and the one store in this neighborhood that would have some is infested with Greasers up to their greasy hoodlum ways.

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TQC, I'm going to cook my chicken on the stovetop tonight. How long should I cook bone-in chicken thighs for? They're defrosted already.

DK/DC: What's the last great date you went on? What made it so awesome?

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A person in your class (or at your job) talks too much and constantly interrupts. What are some creative ways you would tell them to STFU?

non-serious answers, obvs.

Don't know or care, what was the last piece of junk food you consumed?
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Could you supply me with some writing prompts?

What do you do when you just need some alone time, but hate actually isolating yourself?
I tend to sit at cafés or similar

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So, one place that my SO and I would potentially move has a very, very large back yard, and the landlord is cool with us setting up some sort of line or tie out so the dog can blow off some energy.

Thing is, I've only ever had a nice secured fenced area for my dogs to run in, so I am not too familiar with what a good set up would be, or if this is even considered a good idea.

Anyway, what would a good, solid tie out system be for a 60lb pit/staffie/lab/mutt that is SUPER high energy and very strong?
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TQC, I am sick of my hair. Should I just shave it off and be done with it? What should I do with it?

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DK/DC: Spam this post with pictures of yourself with your best and/or worst haircuts.

family crap

after some crap going on with my cousin, I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving. I ran into another cousin (sister of the crap cousin) at the zoo today while I was at work. I emailed her and told her it was nice to see her, and how big her daughter is getting, and hoped that had fun and did they get to see the snakes they had out? She emailed me back and then added that they were having a 4th of July thing on Sunday and said "I know you've been avoiding family events but you are welcome to come up if you want". That makes me cranky. I want so badly to say "yeah, and you know why!"

How should I answer? I do have plans that day, but I could easily cancel them...but I don't want to go. I'd love to see her and her kids, but not her bitch sister or their creepy dad.

(I'm thinking Thanks for the invite, but I've got plans)
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I have Windows 7 and in the past few weeks, I've been getting major screen flickers (sort of like strobe lighting flashes:?). I've searched for irregular registry keys like the internet told me to, but nothing is on my system. TQC why does my laptop hate me? It's only 6 months old.

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would it be that bad an idea to take a couple vicodin and a lorazepam before bed?

i'm so anxious about everything in my life and there's nothing i can do about it tonight and i just want to sleep. i won't die or anything, right?

seriously, where do people learn normal coping skills?

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I am trying to find out who made this dress. I tried it on over a year ago at Lord and Taylor's, and I kind of want to see if I can find it anywhere online.

Do you know who made this dress?! And if not, do you know where else I can post this to possibly get better results?

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 So I applied to a whole bunch of courses today for College. But the thing is for three out of the six courses I applied for I am on a waiting list. 
The highest position I am in is 25, so I have to wait for 25 people to get a seat before I can and 25 people have to drop out..............

Do you think I will get into this course? 

I really have to get into this course my degree depends on it! BLARGH THIS MAKES ME SOOOO MAD!!!!!

dk/dc Who was your least favorite teacher? What did they do to deserve this title?
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uncreativity :[

What should my puppetshow be about? It does not have to be kid-friendly, I just have an urge to make a puppetshow with my webcam, yet I'm lacking a plot..

dk/dc: How should I spend my one day off until next weekend?

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How did your last break up go? Were you the dumper or the dumpee?

Why does my boyfriend want to buy a parrot? I don't think I could fathom a more expensive waste of space pet.
He should just get a kitten so my kitten and his kitten can be bffs y/y?

What's your biggest quirky deal breaker in a relationship? (Not something like abuse or cheating, etc.)