June 28th, 2010

panda dance

camping cooking

For those of you who like to cook and camp...

Propane vs butane camping stove?
Wood campfire cooking vs cooking on charcoal briquettes?

Favorite little or no cleanup camping recipes?

Any other camping cooking tips?

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I was watching Smash Cuts and it got me to wondering...

If humans are the most intelligent life form on the earth, how come we do dumb shit like stick our heads in alligators mouths and go into polar bears zoo exhibits?

Happy stuff!

What was the last awesome thing to happen to/for you?

My best friends just told me that in 18 days they are coming to visit me in my shitty college town and I cannot WAIT to see them! So excited!


How much do you guys think a Porn Star make?

Anyone have done a sex movie for money (as in porn star)?

(Just wondering because I'm laughing my ass off at a really bad porn with a friend)

(no subject)

can you think of some interesting questions to ask someone you're trying to get to know but who you are also attracted to?

such as:
what are some things on your bucket list?
what's something crazy you can totally see yourself doing?
custard baby


If I have color negative (the film has already been developed) and access to a darkroom where I can make prints, but as far as I know the darkroom is only equipped for black-and-white prints, what will happen with my photos? Will they work at all??

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I have a bed at my old apartment that I need moved to my new one. I just called several moving companies, and 2 of the 3 I called are completely booked on the day I need the bed moved. The last guy I called is available but is charging $175. Does this seem a bit steep in your opinion? Granted, my new apt is a 5th floor NYC walk-up. With an elevator, he might have charged less.
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I've been dreaming about babies, daydreaming about babies, thinking about having babies, and I get extremely giddy when I'm around my friend's kids and I often end up in the kid corner coloring with them or playing kid games.

It's been like this for the last year of my life. I'm 21.

[ETA: My bf is 29, and our group of friends are mostly 25+ and married with kids]

TQC, what's wrong with me? I feel like there is sometimes. I don't enjoy drinking and partying, and I am sickeningly happy in my 2 year relationship and I can see it going somewhere.

How do you feel about kids? Do you have/want any?

relationship question

This is going to be kind of teal deer, but there's no real short way to ask my question.

The facts:

--Boyfriend and I have been together for 4.5 years, four of which were spent in a long-distance relationship with some breaks of short-distance during the summer.
--College is done for me now, but we're both stuck in pretty teenager-like positions (neither of us have a car and, due to medical reasons, getting around is hard for him). We're also both living at home and neither of us have jobs.
--My dad doesn't know that we're dating, and he'd flip out if he did know (he's overprotective and there's bad history between him and the boyfriend).

So, my question: what's some advice on how to integrate him and the relationship into my everyday life? For those of you who have been in long-distance relationships that have transitioned into short-distance, how did you make that transition and figure out how to have your own life but also maintain your relationship?

are we heading back into recession?

I have a bad feeling we are heading back into a recession, as some economists are now predicting.

My sister has been looking for work for months and hasn't been able to find anything. And recently I applied for a credit card, the first in a year, and was rejected... normally I never get rejected for cards (I have a decent income and almost no debt).

I know those are anecdotal, and may not represent the whole economy, but I just have a bad feeling that we aren't anywhere near out of the woods yet. No jobs and no access to credit -- that can't be good.

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Good morning TQC!

About half an hour ago I got completely fed up with my bank's outrageous service charges and unwillingness to reason, and closed my bank account. I've had that account for about 4 years. I'm now on the look-out for a new place to open a checking account. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm in New England, and I used to have Citizen's Bank. I was thinking about maybe switching to TD Bank or Bank of America. What's your experience with either of these places?


I can't remember off the top of my head...how many forms of ID do you think I'll need?

(no subject)

Ladies, when you shave your legs do you ever get itchy spots even though you used shave gel?

My legs can get horribly itchy a day or two after I shave them and I even use shave gel for sensitive skin and I don't know what to do!   HELP!!

(no subject)

So, I'm going to see Emery next month as I've mentioned before.

There is a band on the tour that posted in another website that they ran into some van trouble, and if people could give them some extra love during the tour that'd be great.

So I'm thinking of getting them a gift card ($100).

What kind of gift card would be most beneficial for a touring band?

Should I wait and ask them if they want a certain one, or just surprise them?

Should it be a general gas card, wal mart, or random food chain?

Cash? Or is that tacky?
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TQC, I am burnt out as all hell on my job. I'm working 7 days this week because *everyone* is on vacation or moving or whatever, then I have one day off, and I work another 6 days. I can, in theory, call in some favors and give up my Thursday morning shift. It's not a big money maker, but I have to make respectable money today, tomorrow, and Wednesday to make rent without taking anything out of my savings. I probably will, but it's not guaranteed, and I might have to take $20 or $30 from savings.

Am I super irresponsible if I take an extra day off this week knowing I might have to take a few bucks out of savings to pay rent?
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What do you put on your waffles, TQC? My family thinks there's something wrong with me because I only eat them with butter and occasionally a little bit of jam. Is that really that weird?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

(no subject)

Girls; whats your favourite brand of make up? (I love Benefit!)
How often do you wear make up?

Guys; have you ever worn makeup? Is there a circumstance where you would consider wearing makeup?
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How early does new mail arrive at a PO box? Or rather, if none has arrived at 8:45 (when my dad last checked), should I assume no mail for today, or that it will come in a few hours?

(no subject)

1. i recently purchased a package of pinback buttons, but to my dismay the backing is not the typical backing used in buttons -- instead it is supported by a cumbersome & hard to put on safety pin (the backing was not seen from the ouside of the package until opened). i had never seen that before. are such a thing as pinback backings sold separately & would removing the safety pin enclosures be easy to replace?

2. how does it make you feel when you are at a business (eatery, shop, etc) & the staff are talking amongst themselves in a foreign language that you do not know or understand & resuming the native language spoken when addressing customers? i am not referring to situations where their conversations make you feel uncomfortable because you feel like they may be talking about you, but just in general.

(no subject)

TQC, do I have to have my computer physically plugged into the router before I can set up security and have it not lock me out upon doing so?

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.

Cat Allergies and Partners

I have a boyfriend and I'm very aware how much he wants a cat in the future. He's agreed to a poodle for a dog... because I love them, and I'm allergic, and he was won over by our little poodle's intelligence. However, he doesn't like the hairless cats, and I've heard that since its the saliva it's no guarantee anyway.
For most of my life I've been 'brainwashed' by my parents to think cats are just annoying to have as pets, and I'm coming around to the idea that they're not, or at least, not hugely.

Can someone tell me about allergy tablets or injections? How much do they cost? How much do they hurt, or how much do they work? My allergies aren't severe. I'm actually considering them now, when before I was like 'once a week forever?? That's ridiculous, can't do that' and I've just been told that it's only once a week for the first 6 months, then every 2 weeks, then it gets less. Gives me some hope that I can make this work and my boyfriend can be happy. :)

I'm also not at all a fan of the idea of having cat hair all over the house and in my craft work. (usually polymer clays and various fabrics.) Are there any sorts of cats that shed less (especially if they aren't hugely fancy expensive cats)? Do cats shed all the time? Tell me about cats and doing craft and keeping cats away from things or keeping stuff away from cat hair?
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How do you motivate yourself to clean?

I really need (and want) to clean my room, but I'm just always like "blah" and I never get up to do it when I'm bored and not doing anything else.

What's the best non-chemical way to get rid of pet smells on carpet?


Which would  you rather have, a blondie or a brownie?
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my mom works at the hospital and gets t shirts with all sorts of sayings...i now have one that says "got a fib?" on the front...and ABLATE! on the back...what does this mean? :) thanks

(no subject)

Do any of you have experience attaining a home to rent through a real estate group or broker?

Can you tell me about your experience?

Do most real estate places do rentals as well as sales? I don't even know where to start looking for someone.

We seem to have exhausted craigslist and the local newspapers, with no luck and we have to be out of this shit hole by August 1st, so I am getting anxious and NEEDING TO MOVE NOW.

Also, proper 30 day's notice to leave the property should be in writing, I know. Past that, is there anything specific that needs to be stated in that letter?

(no subject)

Is there any way to set up an iPod Touch without downloading iTunes to your computer? I just got an iPod Touch and the iTunes download process has been quite excruciating. It's taking forever on my computer and just when I thought it had finished loading my computer refused to install it for some odd reason and now I have to download it again using a different internet browser. D:

(no subject)

Will you be my mail art pen pal? I'm 3 months pregnant and on bed rest, (soooo bored in my small apartment all afternoon) and I'd like to get back into creating/receiving mail art.
I love sending and receiving cute stuff.

Don't you just love the Real Housewives of NJ!?
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What movie-version of the future would you most like to live in?

Personally, I'm going to have to go with The Fifth Element. If everyone doesn't have apartments that rearrange themselves, pet rainbow-colored baby elephant things and Jean-Paul Gaultier wardrobes in two hundred years, my cryogenically frozen head is going to be so disappointed.

(no subject)

i have a credit card that i very frequently max out but i have never made a late payment and i always pay off the entire balance at the end of the month. will the fact that i use up my max credit all the time count against me?

(no subject)

 I had a steel plate put behind my cooker, to make it easier to clean. But today I noticed little brown spots, which turned out to be rust (so much for stainless steel being stainless). I googled ways to remove them, and one website suggested using a fine sand/emery paper to rub them away.

Won't this scratch the surface noticeably? Has anyone tried this method? I am quite anxious about this because it's impossible to remove the plate.

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Have you ever been friends with someone who had very strict parents? If so, did it affect your friendship?

If you were friends with someone who had very strict parents to the point where it was difficult to even spend time with them, would you fight to keep the friendship alive, would you bring the issue up to your friend and ask them to try to change their situation, would you recognize the friendship wasn't working and let it fade out, or would you do something else?

ETA: If you are the person with strict parents, are your friends accepting of the situation or do you find they drift away?
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What are some fun things that two people can do for fun at home?

My boyfriend is coming over for 3 days and I seriously have no idea how to entertain people. I mean, there's always movies and sex, but I'd like to do something fun.

So basically what are some fun 2-person rainy day things? What do you do for fun with your SO or a friend?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here gone to Walmart for eyeglasses?

How much did you end up spending?  I already have a current prescription, so I won't have to pay for the exam part, I think.

Do they have cute frames?
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Now that the Supreme Court has partially done their job and said the 2nd amendment contradicts the states and local governments like Chicago, could we get some more guns to wife-beaters and thugs, please?

(no subject)

My friend works in a garage, repairing vehicles. The garage has an air conditioning unit that is broken and the employer refuses to fix.

On hot and humid days the temperature in the garage can exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and last summer, several of the other guys in the garage ended up with heat related illnesses.

The rest of the building (it's a car dealership) has working air conditioning that is part of the same system.

Would OSHA do anything about the lack of air conditioning?

I think they may, but he says that they'd just tell him that working in the heat is part of the job.

Have you ever reported anything to OSHA?
What was it?
How did it all pan out?
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(no subject)

my parents gave me two tickets to see Rufus Wainwright next month as a graduation present, but I'm not sure who I should ask to come with me:

- my girlfriend, who I love very much and don't get to see very often, but who has only heard two or three Rufus Wainwright songs in her life
- one of my close guy friends, who is gay and loves Rufus Wainwright but has disapproving conservative parents who don't even know about his sexual orientation and would probably not approve of him going to this concert
- my best friend since elementary school, who I fight with a lot, but I know she would be happy if I asked her to come. she's definitely heard a bunch of his music, but I'm not sure if she likes it

who would you bring if you were in my position?

what was the last concert you went to? who did you go with?

edit: I asked my guy friend and he said he could go :)

(no subject)

I slept on my neck wrong, I guess. It hurts extremely bad--enough where I can't look left at all or lay my head down flat.

Wtf do I do? How am i going to sleep?
Will vicodin help with this?

Will you recommend me an amazing, comfortable pillow that STAYS comfortable after the first week?

(no subject)

Have you ever heard that changing your toothpaste can give you an acne breakout around your mouth?
(Argh, This hasn't happened to me. This broad at a restaurant told me this!)

Green Tea or Black Tea?

(no subject)

i'm sad tonight. my team is outta the Cup, Carlos Bocanegra AND Timmy Howard are babbling about retirement, my friend is moving far, far away in a month, i haven't heard from the guy i was thisclose to being in love with for weeks, and my financial situation is officially out of control.

1. what will cheer me up?


whose name should i get on the back of my US shirt when i get some extra $$, if i ever do?

# 8 Dempsey
#3 Bocanegra

3. should i go to bed? it's only 9:20.

4. i bought this earlier to try and cheer myself up. it was $10 but now i'm not sure if i like it all that much, and like i said, shitty financial situation, so $10 is kinda a lot. should i keep it or return it and get something else when they get more stock in in a few weeks?
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How do you combat the post-video-game-nausea?

I was playing my Wii for roughly four hours straight (some Band Hero then some Star Wars) and now my head feels all funny and weird, as if I just got off a 14 hour plane ride. I'm trying to calm down but I haven't a clue how. It's like reverse motion sickness, yo!


When was the last time you were involved in non lj drama. Like friend politics? That you did not start...

What was it about?

Does it still confuse, anger, or amaze you?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Are there any foods that you make that you think are better than ones you've had in restaurants, or just in general? I made quesadillas tonight, and I think mine are far superior to any others I've had =D

(no subject)

Sometimes when you post to thequestionclub, ever notice that the "Show this entry to:" setting was somehow randomly set to Members, which you find out by seeing that little lock symbol up at the top left side of the post in the community view? Do you ever go back and change it to Everyone (Public)?
Grammar love!

(no subject)

Do you think some people's faces are made for piercings and some just aren't?

What kinds of faces, do you think, can pull off a facial piercing?

(My friends and I had a discussion about this and they decided that I wouldn't be able to pull that off. Fine by me, I'm afraid of needles and wasn't planning on getting one anyway haha)
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(no subject)

Do any of you know if there are sea lions in San Francisco besides Pier 39? Like, are they all along the Embarcadero as well?
And I mean wild ones, not in the aquarium. We're planning a trip next weekend but it's only a few days so if we can save time by seeing sea lions closer to our hotel (downtown near Union Square) that would be awesome.

Can you tell me any other places you think I absolutely MUST go to in San Francisco?

Unrelated, what's your favorite type of cheese?
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If you have a cell phone how many friends are in your address book?
I have like 8 friends and some family members in my address book.

I thought I had another question but I don't remember what it is now.
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ATTN BOSTONIANS: I have a July 4th question.
I live in Newburyport for the summer, and the boy is coming up to visit for the weekend. I have heard grand things about the pops concert, and want to know - is it worth waking up early, taking a 2 hour (apparently) train ride into Boston, fighting crowds, sitting in the heat, then taking a 2 hour trainride back, only to do it all again the next day to return him to the airport? Is there an easier way of doing this?? I have been told to avoid driving into Boston at all cost especially during rush hours. I am a noob and this all makes me quite anxious.

(no subject)

What has been your most frustrating technological problem recently? How did you solve it... or did you?

My real question is:
Do any of you folks live near Toronto (Canada)? Do you want to hang out? I'm on vacation here and am tired of hanging around the people I came here with.
Bonus question if you do want to hang out: Are you a total sketchball? If yes, how? If not, why not? (You can answer this even if you don't live near Toronto.)

LJ ninja

Is it just me or is the community search option for LJ not work properly?
Anyone know the community for tech support specifically related to LJ?
I cleared my cache like a LJ FAQ suggested(it automatically deletes history/cookies/etc. on closing) I do. I also tried firefox and explorer. My problem is various communities are not appearing on my "friends page". Most of them in fact. Does anyone know why? Or how to fix it?
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(no subject)

Let's say you've just moved to a new city and you know no one here except your coworkers. Someone from home knows people in the city and suggests you get in touch with them. You have no idea if they have told these people to expect a stranger to be contacting them.

How would you word this introduction email? "Want to hang out some time?" sounds kind of creepy. Obviously I'm starting it with "Hi there! I'm new in town and so-and-so suggested I get in touch with you" but after that I'm sort of lost.

(no subject)

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love?
I heard amazing things about it so I picked it up at the used book store I always go to. I just read Eat and I hated it.
I cannot STAND her, she seems so ungrateful and whiney. I just can't handle it.
I don't want to finish it, but my aunt wants me to go to the movie with her, so I want to read it before I go.
Is it worth it?
Does it get any better?
Should I just give up and try to distance myself from it so I can enjoy Julia Roberts' character?
the boys from queens


I have 50 pounds to this site. What should I get? I like girly and classic style pieces. I would spend up to 20 pounds more.

thanks tqc!

what is the funniest thing that you witnessed today?

since the stupid site won't behave...

(no subject)

I'm mid making my Eclipse premire shirt for tomorrow-what should I write as my witty saying?

Also, I remember there used to be a way to cut a regular t-shirt and make it a halter top. Does anyone know how to do this? Or have any idea on how to cut up a shirt in any way, i.e. like a corset? Your input would be much appreciated :)