June 27th, 2010

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Do any of you ever pre-plan your halloween costumes? Yes! This halloween I'm going to be Lady Gaga and my friend is going to be Beyonce and my baby is going to be the telephone. We expect rave reviews.

Did any of you watch the eclipse? Did you take pictures? If you did, share them!

Do you prefer solar or lunar eclipses?
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What's a new podcast I can start listening to?

I listen to them while I lie in bed at night, but I'm not necessarily after 'rainforest noises' or meditations or anything.

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Okay, hypothetical situation. Say you just moved in with a good friend. You have a pretty expensive bike, and keep it on the porch but lost your lock so you share your roommates until you can afford your own. Last week, you take your bike out and part of the break is completely detached and not working. (It definitely was not like that the last time I rode it, because the broken break was the one I always use.) Luckily, a friend fixes it and you don't mention it to the room mate. You come home from a weekend out of town, and your bike is laying on the wet ground, with the handlebars facing the frame, come on. You move it back to the porch and plan to buy your own lock asap.
*Also note both times your roommate had guests over.

Do you confront your roommate about it? How?
I mean, it's kind of a big deal, but we just moved in together and I've never really had a room mate before and we both suck at confrontation.

tl;dr: new roommate disrespects your ride. what do you do?
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I showed a picture of Jensen Ackles to my mom and she made a strange comment, "Oh, he's too pretty to be attractive." Turns out, she prefers guys who are a bit more unpolished and lumberjackish.

Still, that made me think, can a man be too pretty? Or is that all silly nonsense?

And which man or men do you think are pretty? Not good looking, not handsome but pretty.
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Can anyone here recommend a good book (kinda like an encyclopedia or something) on folklore and mythology? A book that lists different stories/creatures and explains where they come from and what they do?

California Gurls

What bad message does Barbie give to little girls?

If you're pretty, you'll get a sportscar and a mansion
If you want a sportscar and a mansion, you have to get rid of your nipples and spackle up your vag
Looking fake and plastic with a ridiculous hourglass figure should be the ideal all girls should strive for
The best guys are the ones who are cute, blonde and dickless
Worship Satan (I never owned Barbies and didn't exactly understand the message)

Who would win?

Snoop with an army of giant gummy bears
Katy Perry with tits that shoot high-volume streams of cream
The audience of this epic battle
Sue Dummy
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What's the longest you've gone without showering?

5 days :s. I went to this camp with my school and the showers were FILTHY and the bathroom had a big window but no curtain. Normally I shower everyday or every other day.  But I feel better about myself knowing that my friends roommate showers one a week (On a good week).
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Pennsylvania drivers- what should I expect on the PA road test? I'm pretty late in the game for getting my license (I'm 21), so most of my friends took it years ago. I wanna make sure it hasn't changed drastically from what they've told me.

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Do you sleepwalk? Do you know anyone who does? Any stories?

My brother does, a lot, and he did it right now.
I just left my room for a bit to use the restroom,
and he got up and went into my room and locked himself in. lol
After I got him to open the door he asked where joshua is, (my twin brother) even though he already knows hes in the navy since 4 years ago.


So being a Massachusetts boy born and raised, yet with a stomach that must come from the South, I want pork. Its 5:30 and I have about 8 to 9 pounds of pork shoulder sitting outside, slowly smoking away. This sucker needs to sit and do its thing for 10-12 HOURS. Lot of coffee, lot of beer, waiting...

So TQC, do you have to actually be born south of the Mason-Dixon line to make good barbeque? Is this going to be a complete disaster?
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where is my boyfriend? he left yesterday at three and we talked about meeting up at the end of the night. he didnt come home last night and now I am worried.

is it crazy for me to be worried? if he comes home safely, should I give him shit for not letting me know what was going on? omg, what if he's in the hospital?

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It is OBSCENELY hot in my house. I have two fans, one pointing out of the window to pull the hot air out, and one near my face, blowing air at me. The problem is that the one pointing out the window makes a VERY LOUD squeaking noise, which is like nails on a chalkboard, so I now have to keep it off - which means the one pointed at my face is blowing around hot air, not doing much good. It's actually still hotter outside, but the air in my room is stagnant. What should I do to get cool? Is there a special fan trick I should be using? Taking a cold shower isn't an option because my water doesn't get cold enough.

DK/DC: What do you typically order at a bar when you get tired of beer? Some days, I'm just like "eh" on the beer front, but everything I am in the mood for doesn't get me drunk. I just found out about whiskey sours and love them, and they work, but I was wondering about something else on that line. Long Island Iced Teas are not an option because they are expensive, make me puke, and my favorite bar doesn't serve them (on purpose).

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"Be advised that any booby trap created with the intent to harm an intruder will be used against a homeowner in a court of law, should injury occur."

What? How do you feel about people being punished for booby-trapping their burgulars?

That would pretty much mean that the kid from Home Alone would be in jail. I feel that hey, that fucker wouldn't be hurt if he hadn't broken into my house.

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i've decided to do a painting of lady gaga, because i'm really poor and need money, and i figure some little monster somewhere will buy it rather quickly. no one buys the abstract ones.

what's the most awesome pic of her that i can work off of? please post in response.

AND what other celebs/pop culture references could i do?

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So I am moving all of my things into a new house I'm renting today. I am not officially moving in until Monday though.
I am going to bring my last load of electronics and instruments and stuff on Monday.

Any ideas on how to keep my stuff safe overnight tonight? I am moving into an OK neighborhood but it is near some really rough ones. I feel as though I would be an easy target because people would see us moving in but then leave and not leave a car parked there.

Also, the electricity will not be on until Monday so I can't leave any lights on.

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Scariest movie about aliens?

The Fourth Kind

Better awkward, dorky actor?

Michael Cera
Jesse Eisenberg
Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Who's more nuts?

Tom Cruise
Courtney Love
Mel Gibson
Amanda Bynes
Joaquin Phoenix

Best fat comic actor?

Chris Farley
Jonas Hill
John Candy

Best comic actress?

Tina Fey
Anna Faris
Sarah Silverman
Amy Poehler
Portia de Rossi
Isla Fisher
Someone else

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Does your state/province/country sell alcohol on Sundays? If not, does it piss you off or do you just stock up on Saturday?
ETA: What state/whatever do you live in? 

The guy I'm dating texted me saying "I've been to 2 galleries today and you're still the most beautiful thing I've seen." What's the last thing that made you "Aww." ?


Have you ever had to give up one of your pets? Why and how did you handle it?

We just came to the conclusion that my SO is severely allergic to cats (it was previously thought that her allergies were to something else) so we have to re-home our two cats. It's really sad, but her being able to breathe is important.

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I'm supposed to leave for vacation at 9:00 tomorrow morning - a vacation I've been counting down the days to for a month. I woke up this morning with a fever of 99.5. Yeah, we're not going. 

Will you use this post to complain about things that are going/have gone wrong for you recently?

ETA: I know 99.5 isn't all that high, and I'm feeling fine right now, but my mom and I are pretty serious when it comes to theme parks, and being in the park for 10 hours a day wouldn't be good for either of us if I'm not feeling 100%. Also, today's the last day we can cancel our hotel reservation. If I'm feeling worse tomorrow we're kind of screwed.

This or that

Which would you rather do?

Eat a deep-fried bar of butter smothered with heavy fudge for every meal (3 times a day) for a whole week
Shoot up heroin once

Which would be worse?

Catching your SO in bed with someone else
Your SO catching you in bed with someone else

Which would you rather do?

Attend a furry convention dressed as an elephant, with a sign around your neck that says 'HORTON HEARS A WHORE
Attend a christian convention wearing a sign that says 'Who's this Jesus person? Please educate me about this mysterious person'

Which pic would you rather post in your journal in an unlocked post?

Picture of you sitting on the toilet, pants around your ankles
Picture of you in your skimpiest underwear

Who would you rather have a threesome with?

Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin
Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingritch

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1. Have you ever met anyone from TQC in person? Who? Did you ask one another lots of questions?

2. My new phone has some quicknotes for text messages. Some are things like "Take a hike," "Come home and get it," and "You can't live like this here."

Does your phone come with any odd quicknotes?

3. Last week I went to Barnes & Noble bought an expensive book ($70) to study for a state exam. The person who wrote it seems like they typed it up in a hurry and there are errors everywhere. For example, some sentences don't make sense at all, others have weird punctuation, misspellings, commas thrown in at random parts, etc.

"Delinquency is a legal., rather than a medical terms, and..."

"Girls, tend to exhibit more difficulty with over control, such as withdrawal and phobias."

I have my receipt. Do you think returning this will be a problem? I've read maybe 20 pages of the 400+ page book. I'd like to exchange for another book, but last time I went this was the only book in the store on the subject. If the errors weren't so confusing I'd probably just keep what I have.

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Do you think a Master's Degree in creative writing is a waste? I feel like as a resume booster it doesn't do much, but would the discipline, structure and education would be worth it if my ultimate goal is to be a full-time novelist?

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How do you deal with certain friends always inviting you out to do stuff that cost more money than you are willing to spend? (They don't seem to understand that not everyone has their level of disposable income) And when you suggest something that's free or cost less, they never seem interested.

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so TQCers, i need your opinion..

i don't like my teeth. i have a cross bite and it really bothers me. it's hardly noticeable to anyone else but i find it so visible when i smile and especially in pictures. i HATE it! i went to get a consultation so see how much it would cost to fix this and...... it'd be......$10,900 and that's not including a surgery.
(i went to get a second opinion and it's less however, i don't seem to trust him as much as the first guy. he was talking about possibly having to remove some teeth and whatnot...don't think so!)

what do i do?! i mean, it's really expensive but at the same time, i can't smile with confidence.. :(
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What should I do with my time? I'm currently alone, have no projects to do, and would prefer to save most of my reading/internet surfing for later at night when I can't be outside.

Dk/dc: What's your opinion of coffeehouse coffee (Starbucks, for example) verses cheaper stuff (like McDonald's)?
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Last night, the new people down the hall's dog barked incessantly while they were gone, starting around midnight. I was unable to fall asleep until nearly two. At what point is it appropriate to leave a sticky on their door indicating my disapproval?

If I were to do that, what should the sticky note say?

Seriously, though, would you complain to the building manager about the dog? It barks every time someone walks past their door, and they have the apartment next to the main stairwell, in a walk-up building. I am about to lose my mind.

(For those who remember my post about confronting my former roommate about eating all my foodz, this is the new apartment, and yes, I love it and my cat and I are deliriously happy here. Even the constant yapping hasn't affected that, but it does annoy me.)
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To those of you that use the no 'poo method:

What exactly did you do?
What were the results/How was the health of your hair?
Does your hair feel heavy or less clean than when you used shampoo/conditioner?
How long have you been doing it?

I just tried it today with BS and ACV and I don't know how I feel about it so far.

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Would anyone be willing to look at my blog and tell me if the images in the most recent post are completely screwed up or if they look decent? For the past couple of days half the images I see online are messed up. I tried asking my facebook people, but they tend to say "OOOH THEY LOOK GREAT I LOVE THEM" regardless of the crap I post.

dk/dc: What were you like as a kid?
*eta* what were your favorite books as a kid? (include different ages if you want to get specific!)
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Vampires vs. werewolves has been the most popular monster rivalry, especially of late. Which rivalry would you most like to see get represented?

Zombies vs. mummies
Sea monsters (Black Lagoon) vs. bigfoot
Hunchback of Notre Dame vs. Dr. Hyde
Serial killers vs. Satanic cultists who specialize in human sacrifice
Dragons vs. giant carnivorous rabbits
Werewolves vs. dinosaurs
Goblins vs. Keebler elves
LotR dwarves vs. real life dwarves
Minotaurs vs. centaurs
Godzilla vs. Satan
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There was a very old game I used to have for my first computer, I believe it was a Windows 95 game. The premise is foggy, but it had an Addams family-like feel to it, being in a creepy house with a really creepy and morbid family. It was a kids' game.

Anyone have any clue what this is?
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How many hours before your flight do you usually arrive at the airport? 

I always go by the 'get there 2 hrs before your flight' rule but i always end up having to wait and wait for the gate to open.

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I'm waiting for my friend to text me...he said he was trying to take a nap about 3 hours ago and he'd text me when he woke up. But I'm impatient...but I also don't want to wake him up...but he also tends to forget to text me back a lot... Should I text him or give him til 5:30 before I see if he's awake?

The same friend is heading to have some medical tests done next week and I want to build a gift basket that will keep him entertained while he's in the hospital. What should I send? He has my psp, so I'm going to send him some games and movies to watch, but idk what else I should send/can get away with sending.

I'm not good with the whole dealing with bad news and we know that he has something wrong...so other than the cheesy, hey I'm here for you?, what else can I/should I do? (Hookers and blow have already been offered.)

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Why do people think assisted suicide is bad?

We euthanize animals when they're really sick and or in pain, so why is it so wrong for people to choose to be euthanized?

Would you choose this if you were extremely sick and in pain and there was nothing else that could be done for you?
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Have you ever dislocated a joint before? How was the recovery? Around how long did it take until you could function normally again?

Yesterday my boyfriend dislocated his shoulder, so I'm just worried. :( We took him to the hospital just to make sure and they said he should get some therapy for it. I've heard that once you dislocate something, it's more likely to happen again no matter how you treat it.

Healthy, Quick and Tasty breakfasts

I have to stop eating junk for breakfast (cocopops). I need something that's quick (no smoothies. They are not quick) and healthy and as tasty as possible. I'm in Australia, if you're going to recommend actual products like a cereal. Got any recommendations? In the morning I'm all sleepy and I can't really handle doing much.

I say I want healthy breakfast and all I get is museli as an option from people- and I haaaaate sultanas.

Another question: What are REALLY tasty, but healthy, things?

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 I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Suicide Girls, and I've seen other websites like God's Girls for artistic photos of tattoo'd women, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea if there was a website for artistic photos of men with tattoos, similar to Suicide Girls..
Thanks in advance!

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TQC; what is best in life?

Which one would be the best combination nerdy + "sexy" + OMGAWESOME Halloween costume?

- Robin (1966 Batman TV series)
- Molotov Cocktease (Venture Bros.)
- Black Canary (DC Comics)
- Ripley (Alien)
- Bubblehead Nurse (Silent Hill 2)
- ???

What was the best costume you ever had for Halloween?

ETA What are your favourite animated movies that are obviously not suitable for children? Mine are Heavy Metal, Fritz the Cat, American Pop and Felidae.

Sarah Palin and Feminism

So apparently she's calling herself a feminist now (yeah, yeah, old news is old).

Why exactly does she think she's a feminist? What has she done to advance the cause of women's rights? I've tried Google, but all I'm getting are articles about why she is NOT a feminist.

Does she think she's a feminist because she is (or was) a woman with power?


TQC, what's your usual ice cream order at Coldstone?
If you don't have a Coldstone near you/have never been to one, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

I usually get the Sinless Cake Batter with hot fudge on top.


I need a new dentist in brooklyn. I do not have a doctor to get a recommendation from. So how do you determine what dentist to choose besides insurance?
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I am moving into a new place today and there is no carpet, all tile. As I am getting a new puppy next week, I don't plan on putting down any rugs for a while.
What is the best tile floor cleaner contraption? I am currently using a sponge mop on it's last leg so I am ready for something new that can do the whole house.
What do you guys use for big areas?

Also! How do I find a taxi that will take my dog? Or how can I transport my dog without a car? I have to get my car towed to my new place because I can't get it fixed until next paycheck. The tow driver said I can not be in the cab of my car during the towing, but my dog can. My dog would flip by himself. What other options are there?
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Would you marry for money? Let's assume that the potential spouse is a decent person, no criminal background or anything else hiding in his or her closet and the person is extremely well off. Be honest.

Don't know or care, do you like Ocean Spray?
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Have you ever gone from being broke for a prolonged period of time, to being quite comfortable?
Did you have a hard time adjusting? Meaning, not being thrifty or scrimping on EVERYTHING when you could relax a bit and let yourself enjoy your new situation.

DK/DC/NA: Which of Henry VIII's wives do you find most intriguing?

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What's your favorite song from an animated non-Disney kids' movie? 

I know there aren't that many of them, but my two favorite musical kids' movies aren't Disney - one's Warner Brothers and the other's Fox.

 Collapse )

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So is it like basically true that Chinese guys got smaller dicks on average than other guys? Would you not date a Chinese guy cus you think he's got a good chance of having a small dick?
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Has anyone been to Canada?

Is it expensive to fly from PA to Vancouver? Best site to order from?

What is it like? (I may be going for a business trip and am curious)

Has anyone had Lasik eye surgery? Is it worth it?

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a friend called me earlier this evening, but when i tried to call her back some guy whose voice i've never heard answered. i immediately (and rudely) hung up because i was kind of weirded out, checked the number to make sure that i had it right, and it turns out that i did have it right. should i call her back?

if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

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what can i do to motivate myself to go to the gym?
i mean, i know i should go and i have to cause i've put on a couple of pounds but that alone doesn't seem to be pushing me to go work out. i think about going to run and i just automatically get lazy and find any excuse not to go...

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I'm tired of the wallets I buy at Target and Wal-Mart falling apart after less than a year of use. I'm considering investing in a designer wallet, hopefully something that'll last at least 5 years.

If you have any, will you please share your experience with designer-label wallets and handbags? Can you recommend any particular designer labels that would be worth the investment?

ETA: Is this a cute wallet or does it look like the bird has the squirts? I like the colors :(


two unfortunately related questions

what kind of reaction do you have when you encounter your phobias?

have you ever had to deal with cockroaches in your home? what did you do?

i saw a roach on my wall this morning and every time i think about it (or any type of large scary bug), my toes curl up really tight, my limbs tense up and i shake my hands a lot. i look really weird when i'm freaking out about bugs.

ETA: Also, why the FUCK do all the "get rid of cockroaches" guides need to feature pictures of cockroaches???? YES, I know what they look like. it just freaks me out more to have to look at pictures of them every time. :-(

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what was the last dumbass comment you overheard?

some girl on the bus Friday was saying she hopes Arnold Schwarzenegger never runs for president because we'd be in big trouble if he won. i was just sitting there like, "..." then put my headphones in because i knew if i kept listening i'd have an "If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." moment.

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So TQC [preferably female-ID'd college students]

how would you feel about rooming [in the same room though each would have their own space so to speak] with a [currently] non-op non-hormone taking trans man?

DK/DC: I'm looking for a good rage icon. Any examples? [credit will be given, if used.]

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How much money would you pay to go on a rollercoaster with Neil Patrick Harris? 

How much would you pay to spend the day with him? 

What would you do? 

DK/DC - What is your favorite alcoholic beverage and why? If you're not old enough...what's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? 
i ain't into that!

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 Does anyone have a link to the funny scanned love letter that has the guy talking about how nice the girl's pussy is (I think there's a part that says 'ain't no other girl with a pussy like yours' or something along those lines) and a bunch of ridiculous things like that? I think it was like it was written by a teenager. I've seen it on the internet a few times recently. 

hmm, and I want to say there's a lot of run-on sentences and usage of the phrase "damn girl"

>> for blue skies

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Which of these would you be most interested in doing?

Work in a small country hotel in the Black Forest, Germany, free food and accomodation, small number of staff & run by two gourmet chefs who have cooked all over the world
Working in a small family-run bed and breakfast in Norway. Free breakfast & lunch, free room in the guest house. Situated on a car free island, overlooking the lake. Family is a couple and their two year old daughter.
Working at a clean, nicely decorated backpackers hostel in Bulgaria. Free room, owned by a thirty year old British woman, would work alongside her as partners.
Working at a riding school in the Bavarian forest, Germany. Free food, accomodation and riding lessons. In charge of leisure activities with tourists kids (scavenger hunts, camp fires, swimming in the lake etc). Other female employees around.
Working at a beach bar in Corfu, Greece. Owner is originally from Chicago. Free room near the beach, all meals, drinks & any tips made.
Working at a surf lodge on the French coast. Own caravan on the premises and all food.
None of the above.
All of the above.
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Say you broke your ankle and the only way to move around is by a crutch and a air boot the doctor gave you to protect that ankle (You'll be able to walk normal in about a month). Your friends know your condition, but they NEVER call you to hang out anymore.... how would you feel about this? Why do you think they're acting this way?

(Calling them won't be an option here because you want the thought to get deep into their brain of how they've been treating you)
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Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

im quite tipsy r u?