June 26th, 2010

kiv dancin.
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i know a lot of you kids listen to individual songs these days, but can you tell me about the best album you've heard in the last ten years (whether it came out in that time or not does not matter)?

for me it was either joanna newsom's "have one on me" or the new roots album "how i got over" although frankly tonight i am leanin toward the roots cos this record is AMAZING
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Why isn't Chipotle open 24/7? :(

If you don't know what Chipotle is (it's a chain restaurant) or you just don't like it, what's your favorite chain?

What's better - Labyrinth or Pan's Labyrinth?
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I am thinking about going to Seattle for a few days in July. For those of you familiar with the city, could you tell me:

a cool neighborhood to look for a hotel?
some unique quirky restaurants or shops?
museums, especially art museums, that I should go to?

How's the public transportation there?

Thanks for answering these boring questions even though they get asked all the time and are lame.
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What's the silliest/cutest/your favorite term of endearment someone has used on you?

I've been talking to this guy for a few weeks. Tonight I messaged him to say a quick good night and that I hoped the rest of his night goes well and he responded with, "You too, hot rod."
I'm still giggling randomly at how silly and cute it was.

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For Flickr users: Is anyone noticing that everything is suddenly VERY pixelated or has some weird artifacts? Everything I'm seeing (only hosted by flickr/on flickr) looks AWFUL!

What is your opinion of slugs?

There are a TON of slugs in my yard and they converge on my front door every night, or in heavy rain. There's one that comes around and sits on my door EVERY NIGHT...he's kinda cute.
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Geek Ahoy

Have you ever gone to a wikipedia page for something specific (ie tv show, video game series, etc) and just browsed it for hours on end? When you finished did you feel like a total geek? If so, what site(s)?

I did today for this. I've also done it for Pokemon, Star Wars, and Dragon Age. I couldn't help it, I came across it and it was so cool. :( It brought back so many memories.

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TQC, I put together a shopping list so I can start eating healthy. Will you look at it and tell me what needs to be added, or taken away? Or maybe if I should substitute something with another, healthier item? I have frozen dinners on the list but I would only buy like two or three, they would be the healthiest I could find, and would only be used for a lunch time when I'm busy.

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Please don't think this is a promo post, because I am genuinely baffled about this:

Okay, so there is a contest on facebook where you upload this one particular video and the person with the most comments and "likes" wins. I have an entry, and a good amount of comments. But when I click "view all comments", only about 1/3 of them show up.

Do you know why this might be happening? Is it a temporary glitch, or am I pretty much screwed?

I don't want to be screwed :(

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Today it fucking dawned on me that when a soda machine is spitting out your soda, the little screen isn't saying 'U-end' but 'Vend'. Because it's vending. Durrrr.

What's the last time you realized you had been similarly stupid about something?

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I have to get up at 10 am. It's 6:07 am. I am tired but restless and can't get to sleep.
Should I stay up or maybe take a melatonin or valerian root pill to hopefully get some sleep?
Is it worth it to try for ~3.5 hours of sleep, or will I just be more tired when I wake up?

Why are you awake, if it's late for you?

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in your experience, are extended sizes usually more expensive? such as a 44" waist for men's paints or an xxl size in men's shirts.

i'm asking because i'm a cashier and people get angry at me when their 44" waist pants ring up for two dollars more than the sign said, when in fact the sign said that extended sizes were two dollars more and the customer simply failed to read the entire sign.
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I have strep throat and nothing in my fridge save for vodka, OJ, cranberry juice, and zucchini. What should I grab at the store? I'm pretty helpless when it comes to sickness because I'm always healthy.

Do you ever feel like you're so bad at your job that you're just going to be fired?

How's the weather looking where you are?

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My parents have been living in a neighborhood for 14 years where everyone knows each other & there's never been an issue with break-ins. Last night, my dad & my sister's cars were broken into. The only way they knew is because everything was taken out of place & put into neat stacks on the passenger side seats. (Nothing in their cars are neat & orderly, by the way). The CDs in my sister's side door were stacked neatly on the floor. The cover to my dad's stereo was taken off, but just placed on top of the dashboard.

Who did this? What did they want? Are they just OCD? Could it be my sister's husband she's divorcing, looking for the proof she has of his adultery?
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Hi guys!

Would you mind telling me about all the fun you've had flirting with people?
Cool stories?
Cool techniques? ;)

Brought to you by a very cool summer party full of cute guys. Which teaches me that I should go partying more often.
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Have you ever known anyone who was in the mob or any other major criminal organization?

plz include people you just suspect might be because you know they totally are, i mean srsly, no one makes that much money selling cars
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Have you ever had to sign up/register for/whatever for something where the process seemed ridiculously complicated, lengthy, and/or involved? Please explain, if you will.

I'm planning on attending university in Germany starting the fall semester of 2011 (i'm an American), and i honestly don't understand how ANY foreigner figures this out. When they say start a year in advance, they mean it. This isn't the first time i've looked at this stuff ,and i've gotten almost nowhere in making sense of it. Nevermind the fact that half of it is in German and uses higher-level academic words that you wouldn't encounter much anywhere else, even if it was in English it'd still be a nightmare because there's SO DAMN MUCH.
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Does anyone have the link from Stuff White People Do about how white people don't see color and group minority skin tones to blue, purple, other Alien skintones? 

I'm searching the blog/google but can't find the post.

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Is there anything that causes white spots on tonsils besides strep, mono, or tonsilitis?

I have some white patches/spots on my tonsils, but my throat doesn't hurt at all.

They aren't tonsil stones, either.

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My friend works at a job where, if they want to take any time off at all (even one day), they have to put in a request a minimum of six months ahead of time.

Is this normal? Does this policy suck? At your job how far in advance do you have to put in a request for time off?
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I am at work and have food stuck between my teeth and the sensation is really bothersome. I cannot get it out, and I do not have any floss or a toothpick. What can I use to get this food out from between my teeth!?

ETA: Got it!

What do you do when you have food stuck between your teeth and no floss/toothpick and your fingernail doesn't work?

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What does going to a party "as a couple" mean to you?
This guy my friend has been seeing but isn't together with asked to be exclusive, took it back, then asked her if she would like to attend this party as a couple and my friend and I were debating on it.

What was the last meal you ate?

Why do blackberrys/Sprint suck?
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When you travel do you usually go alone or with friends/a tour? I'm going alone to Paris next week and I'm a little nervous about it. I've never been that far away from home by myself for that long.

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I recognize that Nikola Tesla was awesome and everything, but can anyone explain to me the explosion in his popularity in the past five or so years, especially among hipster-types? I feel like I missed something.

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Does anyone have a netbook? I want to get one just for word processing purposes so I can write while I commute to work which is like 45 minutes each way. I don't have a ton of money to spend but I think it will be worth it. About $300 I guess. I don't even need the internet, I just need to be able to type.

Suggestions? Horror stories? I have a macbook but it's really too heavy to carry to and from the train station (2 miles each way)

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Does anyone know an accredited website where I can get CPR certified online? My Red Cross certification just expired and I don't have time to go through the 8 hour class again.

DK/DC: Does your job require you to be CPR certified?

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For all the Whovian's out there... what are your theories on whats going to happen in tonights episode of Doctor Who??

The doctor will use the time agent vortex manipulator to get out of the pandorica..that's all I've got :)


DK/DC: What movie trailer have you recently seen that made you seriously excited to see said film?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6NgUhl96CQ :D



Hello sweethearts

There was a yard in my childhood neighborhood with a real live train engine reposing in the back. The old fashioned kind, black and cartoonish looking and irresistible. Amazing that; an actual train in some very lucky someone's back yard. After great (5 minutes of) consideration and no forethought whatsoever, we three neighbor kids decided that we were going to climb over the fence and investigate this wondrous machine, up close and personal. Why we didn't wait till nightfall I do not know but at 7 years of age, thinking things out to their conclusion is not a priority. SEIZE THE DAY! said we. And seize the day, we did.

In quick order, we scoured the alleyway and managed to find a chunk of wood to prop against the fence and up and over we went. Giggling like a bunch of school girls (and we were) we crept up to the train and marveled at its intricacy. The black metal gleaming dully in the noonday sun, the controls beckoning us to venture up into the cab. Not one to give in to impulses, I pushed the others aside and was the first to leap up onto the deck to survey the nerve center of this most wondrous of conveyances and commenced to *toot toot tooting* and calling out in a high-pitched girlie voice ‘All aboard!’ forgetting for the nonce that I was ILLEGALLY in some stranger's yard merrily waving an invisible conductor's hat and causing my friends to convulse in fits of laughter.

Suddenly, in the direction of the house behind, there came a loud crash of a screen door hitting clapboard and a booming raspy voice screeching out ‘What's going on out there?’ We froze like deer in the headlights at the sight of a corpulent hirsute woman on the back porch waving an egg flipper. Even though it was noonish, we could see the alcohol waves emanating off of her like a cartoon hobo and took note that she looked somewhat less than happy. Her stockings were bunched around her fat knees and her armpit-stained house dress was as wrinkled as her time-worn face, bloated with drink and sleep. Large curlers were askew on the sides of her head and great tufts of grey hair stuck out at all angles. She was a scary sight for seven year old eyes and we knew that our very lives depended on flight because this woman was pissed, in more ways than one.

Affixing us with her rheumy bloodshot eyes and waving her spatula, the shrieking monster started down the back steps toward us. Jumping down from the train as one, we made a mad dash for the fence. The fence with no handy piece of wood to stand on. Scraping the rough boards with our nails trying to find purchase on the fence, we were doomed. The slap slap slapping of her carpet slippers were heard on the walkway and she was rounding the corner of the hedge and came barreling down the home stretch. With imminent death looking us in the eye, there seemed no other recourse but for me to morph into The Bionic Girl and sacrificing my own life so that my friends could live another day, I cupped my hands, took their feet and CATAPULTED the two remaining girls into the mystic. They landed in a crumpled heap on the other side and were screaming ‘hurry hurry!’ but to no avail because the ogre had reached the fence and grabbed me up by my skinny arm in a death grip and a snarl. My friends listened wide-eyed on the other side as the cacophony of yelling and smacking commenced.

Don’t. (thwhack) EVER (thwhack) Come in my (thwackity-thwack) Yard. Again.

Whimpering and calling fruitlessly to their wailing friend, they were at a loss on how to help me until one got the bright idea to pick up chunks of dirt and LOB them over the fence hoping to blind the beast long enough so that I could make my escape. As I was frantically windmilling my arms trying to get the monster off of me and leaping up, my fingers found purchase at the top of the fence. To their relief, over the edge of the fence two little hands appeared and then a dirty tear-stained face. Grabbing the piece of wood to stand on, they got hold of my arms and pulled with all their might and I tumbled to the ground in a heap. We ran down the alley with the monster’s shrill voice ringing in our ears and regrouped behind the safe enclaves of a large hedge. It was then that I noticed the cold clammy sensation on my legs. It seems that in the ensuing getaway, the intrepid hero had managed to pee herself. But then, nobody could have really faulted me for that as I had after all, taken on the ogre and come out victorious and for that I was held on a pedestal and went down in the annals of history for all time.

So...was I a hero or just a sobbing urine-stained 7 year old?

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Last winter, I threw my first ever dinner party and it was a complete success! I've had a few requests from my friends to do it again, so I'm planning one for the first week of August. Only thing is I do not have access to a BBQ. So, what kind of meals can I make for a summer dinner party that does not revolve around a grill? Guests are generally 21-24 year old boys who love meat and flavour.

The G20 summits are starting to get violent... Protesters are smashing windows and vehicles... Is my city going to be destroyed? :(
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I've been inspired to start growing some herbs, mostly because I have a need for fresh cilantro in my daily life. I have a bunch of pots, so I could do a decent amount of herb growing.

What herbs should I purchase? And how should I use my fresh herbs? I'm trying to cook more and suggestions for how you'd use them would be lovely.

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I have two dozen eggs that I thought I would need, and I've found out I don't need them at all.

Other than things like scrambled eggs and whatnot, can anyone give me some egg recipes so I can do something with all of these?

Diet Woes

I'm switching over from a diet which was basically 3 milkshakes a day to something with actual food. Having no food in the kitchen forced me to stick to the old diet, more or less, but now I have plenty and I can't stop thinking about eating it.

Help! Tips/Advice/Anything!

EDA: I need help/suggestions in sticking to the diet, sorry that wasn't clear initially.
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Canada Visas

After I graduate from my university here in two months, I am planning to attend the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, for my master's degree in English. I am currently a United States citizen- I will be getting a student visa for my studies there, but if I were to get a job during that time as well, would I need to apply for a work visa as well? Or are work visas not required to get smaller jobs there(bookstore, grocery store, etc.)?
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What should I say? Ideas have come my way, including telling them I have to go to Florida for an unspecified amount of time and don't know when I'll be back. Telling them the truth will make me feel like a piece of crap, since I just moved in a month ago.

DK/DC/Extra Credit: What is your favorite Shakespearean work? I saw Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (aka Mitch in Modern Family) last night, and I LOVED it. I never read it, but I will now.

(no subject)

Can you please make me laugh? Alternatively, will you complain about something so we can commiserate?

I'm in one of those moods. The kind where my cat loves me too much and the sound of laughing children sends me into a fit of rage.

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Hey TQC, should I paint my toes or fingers purple or silver? The silver is called "gunmetal" and the purple is called "fiji" if that helps your choice at all.

If you really don't care which I assume is a lot of you, what is your favorite thing to do when it's hot out?

Favorite summer time drink?

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I just cleaned my cats litter box last night so why did she decide to shit right in front of the box just now?

She also does this when she is mad at me.

Is it wrong of me to be pissed the fuck off when she does this?
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Will you tell me about something really awesome that you once missed out on? (Be it a concert, a date with the person of your dreams, a great meal, a 95% off sale, etc.)

STEPHEN FRY is coming to my town and I only found out today and I totally missed out on tickets and I. AM. DEVASTATED.

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since i can't call my dentist until monday, i turn to you, tqc.

i got my wisdom teeth out last week, and the stitches out yesterday. everything was fine once they took all the stitches out, but a few hours later and all day today, i noticed this horrible, painful spiky thing rubbing up on my tongue in the back of my mouth, on the side of my gums and next to the little crater thing that used to house my tooth. it pokes into my tongue every time i swallow. my dad says it's pokey scar tissue, and i have just gotten over believing that there is a bone shard fused into my gums that they accidentally missed, but i still can't figure out what it could be.

and is there a way to keep from slicing my tongue every 10 seconds until monday, when i force them to fix me?

or if you dgaf, have you gotten your wisdom teeth out? didn't that shit suck?

(no subject)

Does Adam Lambert remind you a little of young Boy George?

(his looks, not his music...)

How did I kill my rose plant so fast?!

edit: How much yellow clothing do you own? I have 8 yellow shirts and I'm not entirely sure how that happened.
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(no subject)

For Flickr users: What would people think/say about you when they check out your favorites?

For everyone else: What is the next thing you are thinking about purchasing?
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How can I win this argument? My dad is swearing up and down that anyone who smokes weed at least once a day is a bad person and that you can automatically tell if a person is the type who smokes weed everyday.

(no subject)

I recently acquired two new decorative candle holder things. I just lit candles inside them for the first time, and there's a very peculiar smell now emanating from one of them; I can't tell which. One is a ceramic piece, and the other is made of clay from the Dominican Republic. Which one is giving off the stench and is it toxic? Srs/non-srs.
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So I'm watching Edward Scissorhands (shut up) and the part where he's grooming all the dogs...they switch out the breeds and it's totally noticeable.

Last movie you watched where there were ridiculous goofs like that?
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Ok, Gamers of TQC, I need helps.

My husband has an xbox360.  Our friend in Pittsburgh has an xbox360.  They want to play NHL 10, both have subscriptions to xbox live.  I want to be able to play with my husband against our friend in Pittsburgh and plug the headseat in so we can all hear each other.  Is this possible?  How do I do it?  I've googled but it's all kind of over my head.

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I'm considering getting a pair of birkenstocks.
Basically I want some sandals that will look cuteish but will be super comfy & will give me foot support.Collapse )
My friends store sells em so I can get a decent deal, but are they comfy? Do they give good support? A few of my friends swear by em, but I don't know haha.

What colour should I get?

If you hate birks, will you reccomend some other form of cute shoe I can wear throughout the summer?

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next week is the moving in date for my shared student house with my friends in london. it'll be my first house (after living in halls) and i'm SO excited!
so, tell me the history of your houses/flats/student halls. when did you first move out? when did you first move out into a house? where do you live now? pictures??
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Which of the following scenarios do you think would be most effective in making the world a better place?

1) Everybody wakes up tomorrow with a clear idea of the big picture and how to achieve global goals. Politicians and voters would clearly understand the best methods to achieve world peace, economic growth, environmental health, or any other major goals they might like to reach.

2) Everybody wakes up tomorrow with genuine sympathy for their fellow human beings. They can imagine what another person's pain must be like, and be sincerely moved by it.

3) Everybody wakes up tomorrow with as clear an understanding of the true nature of God as it is possible for the human mind to hold. All claims about God made by all religions will be exposed as true or false.
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 My dad hasn't met my boyfriend yet (we go to school together, my parents live far away from school). My dad picked up my phone and a very dirty text from my boyfriend was up and now my (big and scary) overprotective dad is not happy. It's not like my dad can make me stop seeing him or even yell at me for having sex but I still want them to get along once they do meet each other. How should I remedy the situation?

dk/dc -

What's your favorite kind of soda?

What does your favorite bathing suit look like?

If you eat at Panera, what do you usually order?
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I'm buying a small freezer off kijiji, and they said it needed to be picked up tomorrow. I told them I'd call them back with the time I'd be there as soon as I conned someone into helping me pick it up. This was around 5pm today; I think I have someone lined up now, but it's 10pm now. Is it too late to call them tonight? What's the earliest I should call them tomorrow morning?

DK/DC: What's the best and/or worst thing you've bought off kijiji/craigslist?

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I am thinking about cutting my hair to above my shoulders short, but with long hair, a bad hair cut is so much more forgiving.

How fast or slow does your hair grow?

Edit: Give me measurements, people! I need numbers.

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My new shoes.
Love em? Hate em? Indifferent?

My puppy chewed up my last pair of bicyclin' shoes so I went to the store to get some new one. These were only 7 dollars. I hated them at first, then all of a sudden ended up loving them.