June 25th, 2010

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I'm going to be on a plane for 15 hours. Other than a deck of cards and my ipod, what should I bring for entertainment? Any book recommendations?

Long distance airplane travel tips? It's been a few years since I've been on a plane for more than a couple of hours and I'm dreading the experience.

dk/dc: Anything interesting happen to you during a flight?

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I know online dating is a lot more accepted than it used to be but in the times I've tried it I've really been turned off by the fact it seems very forced.
What is your opinion on it?
Do you know anyone who has had success with it?
Do you think the stereotype of it being mostly unattractive people is true at all?

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I'm in a heck of a lot of pain. After a day at an amusement park I'm sore as hell. My back and neck are killing me, it hurts to turn my head or bend my back even slightly. Stupid me decided that bowling would be a good idea and now I'm in a metric fuck-ton of pain, I can't even lay down. OTC pain meds have been doing jack shit.

I recently started to take Effexor XR for depression. Usually when I've had a physically exhausting day I take a vicodin and that knocks me out/relieves my pain. I take the depression meds in the morning, so would it be a bad idea to take a vicodin now? I tried googling drug interactions but I didn't get much. 

Done. Night night TQC.
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Have you ever used Google Chrome Incognito mode?

ETA Do you use Incognito mode for what its advertied to do?
For times when you want to browse in stealth mode, for example, to plan surprises like gifts or birthdays, Google Chrome offers the incognito browsing mode.

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If you had a younger sibling that you were super protective of, at what age would you suck it up and consider it acceptable for them to not be totally virginal?

I ask because I am 19 years old, and my older sister just found out that I have *kissed* boys (thank god that's all I told her), and she was totally shocked and was kind of obnoxious about it. She's 27 and my other sister is 25 and is even more protective of me...I understand I'm the baby of the family, but is it just me or is it ridiculous of them to be that protective when I'm almost 20 years old?

Have you ever known anyone who was that protective? Is my family just crazy? If so, how do I tell them nicely to stop being crazy?
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We cannot live with bitterness because it will first manifest itself in our spirit, then in our emotions, and finally in our
Tom Drout
Do you know it is a medical fact that when you hold grudges and anger in it is bad for your health? I have seen it.
Do you have some one you refuse to forgive?When you refuse to forgive,it doesn't hurt them ,it hurts you
Think of how many less wars we would have
Jesus forgives you,why don't you forgive others?
My question is this :Do you know how to forgive?
Bite me, bitch...

bored now

What sort of happenings - good or bad - make you think "The world is ending."? (Nonsrs, please.)

What're my chances with alexthecat9? His ankle is outta control right now, but I'd still hit it say hi if I saw him in public.

Why am I awake at 3 AM? =/ Why are you awake?

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if you had to design a garbage plate representative of where you're from, what would be on it? where are you from?

for the link-phobic: the general format is one or two sides (like macaroni salad or fries) on the bottom, then some kind of protein, followed by toppings.

eta: no, these are not disgusting.

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One of my good friends is in Afghanistan in the Army right now and he's starting to get really depressed. I've been writing him letters since he's been over there, but I'm running out of cheesy jokes and non-cheesy inspirational things to say to him. I know I can't make him feel better about being over there, but I want to send him something that makes him forget for at least a minute. Do you guys have any advice or suggestions on some things I can write to him??
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So I'm having some friends over and I was thinking of cooking for them, but when I asked them to tell me what they'd rather have, I got a unanimous "we're fine with whatever." Could you recommend something by telling me what you typically like to see at/like to make for small parties?

DK/DC: Do you play any instruments? If not, what would you like to play?

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A group of people that I work with are having a Canada Day barbecue. It's a potluck-y sort of deal, and I need a dessert to bring. What is a fun, more-Canadian-that-not dessert I can bring? The guests are all under 40, if that makes any difference (I don't know how, but it could.) These are people that I need to impress for a variety of reasons, so please supply me with pictures, links, recipes, do & don't lists, etc.

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TQC, THERE ARE BEES IN MY HOUSE. BEES. IN MY HOUSE. They are all up around the kitchen window and by the sliding glass door in the living room. I closed all the doors separating the back of the house (bedrooms & bathrooms) from the front (living room, kitchen and BEES), and closed all the vents so that they (hopefully) won't be able to get to other rooms and stuff.

OMG TQC WHAT SHOULD I DO???? At the moment, I am huddled in my bedroom with a can of raid, waiting for my dad to get home from work at 4pm. It is not even 11am yet, so I have quite a while to wait before he gets home to save me. TQC, WHAT SHOULD I DO, WHAT SHOULD I DO????? I have never been stung by a bee before, is it really that bad? I have a feeling that I will probably find out by the end of the day.

Has your house ever been invaded by BEES???? Or any other things? What did you do? What happened? Pls share your stories so that my mind will be taken off of these terrifying BEES and their angry buzzing. :[

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What is your favorite brand and/or type of peanut butter?

When you open a new jar of peanut butter do you keep it in the pantry or in the refrigerator?

DK/DC: What movie are you dying to see this summer?
Soup - Joel's a little bit evil
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Does it bother you when people over the age of 18 still say boy or girl when referring to the opposite sex?

Once you are past college age, how would/do you refer to the person you're in a relationship with?

ex: boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, partner, etc

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so i am back in college, tqc

what classes are you taking for fall?

i have signed up for human growth & development, film as literature, and intro to children's literature. i need to raise my gpa, u have no idea.
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What are some good songs to play on the ukulele besides "somewhere over the rainbow"? They can be originally guitar obvsly, I'd just be playing the chords I guess.

Do you play any instruments? If so, what? If not, what do you wish to learn most?
What's the first song you learned/wish to learn?

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Dr. TQC,

For the past few months, there's been a sharp pain in my thumb whenever I extend it too much. I'm not necessarily straining my thumb, at least I didn't think I was, but it tends to happen when I'm holding like a hanger or folder by my thumb. I can't describe it too well, but it only happens to my right thumb, not my left. Wtf is up with my thumb?

DK/DC: What are you lookin forward to this weekend? I'm looking forward to sleep!

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If somebody did something stupid and dangerous and gets injured while using somebody else's equipment or property, should they have a right to sue? 

This is assuming that the equipment or property is not damaged or flawed in such a way that would cause injury if used appropriately. 

Assume that the equipment is not broken or flawed when this happens.
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If you participate in the hiring process at your company in anyway, what's some of the weirdest things you've encountered or heard about? This can be with simply accepting applications, answering questions on the phone or the actual interview process.

I've had several people over the past few weeks who think they can get a job on the spot. They say things along the lines of 'Aren't you looking for people? Why can't you just hire me? I can start working today.' Uh I can't give you a job because I need to know who the hell you are, call you for an interview, decide whether we want to hire you and then get a clean drug test result. And that's assuming we have an immediate opening to begin with, which would be a 1-3 week process depending on how busy we were.

It baffles me. I understand the frustration of job hunting but I don't know of any place that will hire you the minute you walk in the door without even filling out an application.

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TQC, I'm 27 years old and just had my (voluntarily had) braces taken off on Wednesday. My teeth look awesome, I'm happy with the decision, yay.

I ate HARD TACOS on Wednesday night (!!!!!) and it was AMAZING, since they're my favorite food.
Right now, I'm eating STARBURST (!!!!!!) and I'm enjoying these stupid things more than I should.

If you had braces, what did you eat for your first non-braces-friendly foods? 

Also on my list of must-haves soon is Snickers, chewing gum, caramels, and biting into a sandwich with my front teeth without feeling like half of it ended up in my brackets.

ETA my correct age since apparently I think I'm older than I am.
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I'm in my bf's house all alone while he's at work (I have off today). Even his housemate is gone for the weekend, so I have full-range. What should I do to take advantage of this situation? srs/nonsrs, dc

More seriously, I was thinking of using my boredom to do something housewifey and like go food shopping and make him dinner or maybe just dessert since he's having a huge lunch for work. What should I make? Anything not too difficult since I'm not the best at cooking. But I have to go to the store anyway so ingredients don't rly matter, I'll just pick em up there!
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For those not native to CA, what does a Californian accent sound like? My friends in New York say I have it, but I have no idea what that accounts for.
Do you say certain words oddly or with an accent that is not of your living place? I also apparently say "about" with a Canadian accent.
What is an accent that you wish you had or love in other people?


 My husband and I are going to start trying to conceive in the fall. I am currently on 75 mg of Zoloft and will be weaning myself off of it. 

Has anyone had any experience weaning themselves off Zoloft or another SSRI? What was it like for you? I've been on Zoloft for 5 years and I am so nervous!
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English TQCers or any other TQCers who would know the answer:

How possible is a day trip to Nottingham from London (by train)?

We're also going to Scotland, in August. What are some things we MUST do? (I know, I've been planning, but first had experiences are always preferred)

please save the mocking of the ignorant American for another day, kthnx
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A letter to fast food...

Ok, we've established that one ketchup packet is never enough so I've decided to write a letter to my favorite fast food restaurant, McDonalds, bringing up this very issue.  We NEED larger packets of ketchup. 

What else should be in this letter?

Please air your fast food complaints, TQC. 
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Does whether or not you have power influence whether or not the tank of your toilet can re-fill?

A classmate of mine told me that the power in his neighborhood has been out all night and all morning and that he consequentially was unable to use the bathroom for hours since toilets need power to refill the tank after its been flushed. I did not believe him at all...I've had black outs and always been able to use the toilet. My mother suggested that his toilet might be different if he was septic tank plumbing, but neither of us know anything about this kind of thing and we're really curious.

It doesn't make any sense to me at all.

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My cousin-in-law starts school this year (he's five). SO and I have a good relationship with the parents and we wanted to get him a small gift.

I suspect his parents will buy a lot of the essentials such as pencils, pencil cases etc. Is giving cousin-in-law money for breaktime snacks...erm...well tacky? If yes, any other suggestions?

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So why does my candle do this? I keep it on a warmer, and I noticed that sometimes when it resolidifies, it looks like this.
Collapse )

How long would it take you to sort through stuff in and thoroughly clean your bedroom?

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I am the only person left at work and I still have 35 minutes before I go home.   What to do?  What to do?   TQC people, what would you do with this last half hour of the work day?  

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TQC, let's have a Favorite things post! Will you tell me about some of your favorite things? Will you provide links/pictures and share with us why your favorite things are so great? You can talk about anything, like your favorite flowers or animals, or your favorite band or painting or song, or your favorite restaurant or store, or your favorite ice cream flavor or car, or your favorite type of alcohol or sexual position! Anything, as long as it is your favorite!!!

My favorite mammal is the fallow deer, my favorite underwater animal is the chambered nautilus, my favorite butterfly is the monarch, my favorite book is The Lord of the Rings, my favorite food is pho, my favorite soda is Diet Coke, and my favorite medicine is Benadryl!
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So I am squished for time and I haven't had a pedicure since last year and I really want one. But I have a short window to do it tonight just after work. But I haven't shaved since the weekend and I am not all nice and smooth and you know how they do the little leg rub...so should I do it anyways? I don't want to gross them out!

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Dear fellow tqcers. I've recently moved back home (two weeks ago) after finishing University. I started work straight away, but other than work i don't go out or see anyone, i'm starting get rather depressed and miss my friends loads. Money is tight for everyone at the moment so no one is visiting each other.
Have any of you been in a similair situation before? What did you do? How did you cope?
The people at work are pretty friendly and they are all very close, so i feel a little wierd sometimes, but i'm trying to "get in there" so i have friends in the area.
Don't know/Don't care what was the last thing to make you laugh?
A: My little step brother calling his friend "a creep."

Online pharmacy


Have you done these online pharmacy sites? Is it cheaper? Have you ordered 3 months worth of prescription at a reasonable price? if so, where? (legit of course).

And is there other places to get prescriptions at a reasonable price?

I recently found out that my Birth Control prescription cost has gone up despite with insurance.. Irritating to say at least.
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Help! :(

I broke the vacuum cleaner. The thing is, I live with roommates and it's actually theirs. First time I've ever used it and I broke it. The belt snapped in half and the whole thing started smoking, so I shut it off. I feel like an idiot but I feel even worse now that I know it's a Canadian brand cleaner (with no retail locations near) that costs major $$$ ($300-1000).

How do I tell my roommates?
They're getting married tomorrow so this is obviously bad timing but should I wait to tell them? Should I try to fix it myself? Would it be worth taking to a vacuum repair shop if I don't intend on replacing it with the same model? I am seriously beating myself up over this.

If you dk/dc: what was the last stupid thing you did?

Alright, I found a local shop that sells parts for this specific vacuum brand and it turns out, parts for these things are really cheap! They can replace the belt for a couple dollars and if it needs full servicing, it will be about $50. I am gonna take it out there in the morning before my roommates get up and drop it off. Thanks for making me feel better about this!

job: stress vs labor

Would you prefer a job that is very tense and stressful and deals with a lot of complaints from people (some kind of bank auditor, trying to get money from people, or insurance company people calling in to get money from you) or a job that is exhausting and laborious job like a janitor but deals with no or few people (no poo, vomit,or heavy lifting, just mop sweep vacuum.. that kind of thing but a lot of area to cover, not much sitting down)

Stressful job vs laborious job

same pay $17

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Can anyone recommend a good free form roleplay community, definitely with a livechat/play option? I'm looking for a place open to all kinds of characters and pretty open realm-wise, too.
rabbit, sexy

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How do I get my boyfriend to stop saying "That's gay"?
I managed to get him to stop saying "Nigga, you gay", but that was easy.  I mean, no one has a good argument for saying "nigga".

Do you know someone who uses words the wrong way?  How did you correct them?  Did you stop speaking to them?

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TQC, my boyfriend just texted me and told me to get ready, full makeup and everything. He wants me to wear a dress he bought me. It's a coral/orange color, hits right above the knee, strapless, and mostly cotton. It's pretty casual.

Do I wear heels or flats? What colors match coral/orange? 
How should I do my makeup?

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how much do you charge for babysitting?

3 kids will be there, ages 14, 11, and 9. The 14 year old is pretty dependent though. It would be a few hours a week, a few days a week. I'm experienced with kids and have been working for aftercare for 2 years, but I never babysit.
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I've been told many times I come off as unapproachable. And also that I AM (whoops) quite nice/friendly once one gets to know me.

What should I do to become approachable?

What's the first impression people get off of you?

Make up.

What is a make-up DON'T in your oppinion? What do you hate seeing other people do with their make up?

Inspired by the fact my mom was slightly worthless about most 'girlie' things and everytime I try to do my make up OHGAWDITSHIDEOUSISNTIT.

EDIT: Pics?
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John sings it

he talks about people he loves and loved in the past, and he'll never stop loving them and blah blah blah I CAN'T PLACE IT and i can't think of the exact lyrics so google is no help what is iiiit?

lol nevermind, i got this.

THE BAR OPENS AT 8:45 TOMORROW FOR THE FIRST KNOCK OUT STAGE GAME(coverage starts at 9), AND IT FILLS UP WITH FANS TO THE BRIM ON US DAYS. should i get there at like 9 and sit there for 4 hours before the USA game coverage starts so i have a table and can invite all my friends?

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Wasn't Michael Jackson supposed to go on tour last year? I kept waiting but he never hit my city

Do you know if he's going to tour this year, or will he remain in reclusive retirement?

I swear, you don't make a hit a few years and the media never talks about you

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How much does an acrylic nail fill cost where you go to get your nails done?
How about a color change?

How hot does it have to be in your area for you to say "yeah no I'm not going to make/eat soup today"?
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So I have been watching a lot of soccer matches (yay my country won all their games so far!), and I couldn't help but wonder: what things have you done recently that are very unlike you?

Also my intestines are clean, so I couldn't help but wonder: what made you happy recently?

Obviously I have been watching Sex and the City, and I couldn't help but wonder: did you like the second movie?

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You are pregnant and it's going to be nice out tomorrow. Your friend has a one month old baby girl. Technically you are on bedrest but have been moving around and getting restless and one day out of the house won't kill you. WHAT DO YOU DO? We want to do something outside but we don't know what to do.

Never mind. Bedrest is what the doctor ordered, bed rest is what I'll do!

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How long into the relationship does it have to be before it's acceptable for your SO to invite you into the bathroom to show you his/her latest masterpiece in the toilet; a champion, due to its magnificent size?

First date
Few weeks
Few months
At least six months
At least a year
This will never be acceptable

How long into the relationship does it have to be before it's acceptable for your SO to catch you in a Dutch Oven (where he/she farts under the covers and traps you inside)?

First date
Few weeks
Few months
At least six months
At least a year
This will never be acceptable

How long into the relationship does it have to be before it's acceptable for your SO to fart in your presence?

First date
Few weeks
Few months
At least 6 months
At least a year
This will never be acceptable

How long into the relationship does it have to be before you poop at your SO's house while he/she is in the other room?

First date
Few weeks
Few months
At least 6 months
At least a year
He/she will never know I do this vile act
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Will you tell us about (or even better, post pictures of) your favourite candy/chocolate bar? Mine is a Bounty - gooey, sweet coconut encased by chocolate. Mmmm.

If you don't like chocolate or candy, or don't feel like it, will you tell us what the most interesting flavour of chips/crisps you have ever seen is? I thought that nori was a strange flavour until I went to China and saw blueberry-flavoured potato chips.

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I am going to a wedding tomorrow! Yaaaay. It's for my bff from high school. She comes from a Very Traditional And Conservative Southern Family so they're doing a Proper Wedding where the parents make the invitations and all that stuff.

What the fuck am I supposed to wear??

TQC, will you help me not look like a douchebag at this thing?

Let's pretend you can answer anything that doesn't include a skirt or dress, as I own neither and wouldn't wear them if I did.

why does pink nail polish take hours to dry?

OK...so I decided to start doing pedicures (which I never bothered with before) and I have three kinds of red polish (different shades, different brands) and two kinds of pink (ditto). The red polish goes on smoothly and dries pretty quickly, particularly the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. I have that same polish in pink and it is still gummy half an hour later, so if I go to put top coat on it, it smears and streaks and I have to start over. My other pink polish is the same way, whereas all my red polishes dry in a few minutes.

Why is this? Or...is there a pink polish that actually dries and I just don't know what that is? Enlighten me.
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I've had a headache for about twelve hours. I have never had a headache before (at least not one that bothered me or that lasted this long). It is not alcohol induced. How long does a headache usually last? Should it go away when I go to sleep?

I'm drinking water to try to help it but it's not doing anything. I'm traveling tomorrow so I would prefer to be headache-free. Taking medicine would be a last-ditch resort.