June 24th, 2010

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What are the chances of both my car air conditioner and house air conditioner being broken at the same time? During the hottest week of the year so far?

What's the last really unlucky/coincidental thing to have happened to you?

Do you say "y'all"? Where are you from?

I'm from Maryland. I think I've said it once or twice in jest. My mom says it all the time, having lived in northern Florida as a child. Her overall accent is extremely northern, though, so it's rather amusing.

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Whose sex tape are you most likely to see in your lifetime?

Mike Tyson
Chelsea Clinton
Rush Limbaugh
Miley Cyrus
Colin Farrel
Haley Joel Osment
Betty White
Matt Damon
Ellen Degeneres
The Jonas Brothers (with each other)
Tyra Banks
John Travolta
Taylor Swift
Ted Danson
im french

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I was sitting outside tonight, getting loaded on Corona light and trying to teach my dog to walk backwards. Due to the hot and humid weather I doused myself in bug spray. Bug spray from an aerosol can.

...Should I shower asap now that I'm inside or can I sleep in bug spray? Is this a totally dumb question?

*Edit, while I was doing this, my mom called me internationally to tell me that she was doing Kamikaze shooters at a bar with Joey from Friends. Would this make you feel like a loser?

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 Would you be pissed off if your head of state stepped down and, instead of being replaced by their second, was replaced by a minister (or whatever their title is in your country) elected by the cabinet??? Oh and this whole thing took place in less then 12 hours.

because, like, australia just did that. and I'm a little upset over it.
god bless the world

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The volume on my computer is not working. Well, it's sort of working. It makes the error sounds/general computer sounds, but when I try to play music or watch a movie, nothing. I've tried several different speakers/headphones, so it's not them, and it won't make any sound from the computer speakers. It is not on mute, that's the first thing I checked, lol.

TQC, what is my computer's malfunction?

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Instead of calling my boyfriend by his name, I accidentally said another guy's name on the phone...He's on a vacation in San Diego....he laughed it off and said he would never forget it....what the hell do I do?!  I don't even know if I should try to explain...or try not to make a big deal out of it?!

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Christmas lights used as decorations year-round:


Red velvet cake should have:

Cream cheese icing
Vanilla buttercream icing
Whipped cream flour-based frosting

Bottled water or tap?

Tap-with a purifier

Which show depicts life more realistically?


Chocolate chip cookies should have walnuts:


Which bothers you more personally?


You have one shot to save the world. Essentially, your approach boils down to:


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 Going to Paris in a couple of hours.
Got anything to do in an airport?
Being harangued about my time wasted on the computer.
The bookstores have really bad tastes.

dc/dk: First dish to try in Paris is ...?

My google-fu sucks.

I'm going to this concert tomorrow night. The problem is that I can't find any info about it, such as is there seating or should we bring chairs? Is outside food/drinks allowed or no? Do we have to pay for parking (in which case, we may take a cab from the hotel)?

Will you please help me? I'm at the freaking out stage now. :( I hate not being able to get ready!

Since probably no one cares, how do you keep from sweating your face off when it's 95 degrees and humid out?

Walking out of the icebox that is my work feels like getting punched in the face by heat.

edit: I don't make phone calls. Had a feeling I'd only get "call the venue" responses though. As if the thought hadn't occurred to me. Thanks to those who bothered to respond at all though!That's something.  :)
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On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not so bad, 10 being "Wrong. Just Wrong") how wrong is Collapse )

Did you make it all the way through?

Don't know or care, what make and model of cars are popular in your area? For example, I see a lot of people driving Honda Accord in Maryland.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

Tell me what to eat

I'm hungry but also lazy. Should I eat an already made ham and pineapple burrito or should I get up and make a stir-fry?

Do you eat non-breakfast foods in the morning? Does it depend on if you've just woken up or if you've been up all night?

So I mentioned in my post last night that I get eaten by mosquitoes. I forgot to ask how you get them to stop itching so damn bad. Calamine just isn't cutting it. What do you put on your bug bites?

I'm watching Darkwing Duck right now....how in the world did they explain Drake Mallard (Darkwing) and Launchpad McQuack living together and adopting Gosalyn?
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What are your thoughts on new adding flavors to soda?

For example, Cherry Dr. Pepper and Vanilla Coke.

Most of the time I think they're meh, but today I tried Mountain Dew Distortion and it is fucking nasty.

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So, I need to get "proof that I am no longer employed at my old job"... which is weird in and of itself, but do you think just a note signed by my old boss would do? I can't really think of any other kind of proof I could get, but maybe I'm missing something.

It's kind of awk because I was an asshole who pulled a no call, no show instead of telling them I quit (but it was a shitty job with an even shittier manager so I didn't/don't care. For example, he said that women should not be in school, they should be on their hands and knees scrubbing floors. I hate that guy so much.)

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What's the best way to relieve period bloating and just bloating in general?

I know this could be solved by a Google search by I want to know from OTHER people, not just websites recommending a whole list of things.

soul portrait

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According to thefuckingweather.com, it is 89 degrees out. The site further says

The high is 93, and there are supposed to be "scattered strong storms".

Should I go for a walk anyway, or will I die from heat exhaustion? Note: The "scattered strong storms" means it's fucking humid out there too.

dk/dc what does thefuckingweather.com say about your area?

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I've been trying to get back into writing, so I've been reading about writing. So far, besides the internet, I've read Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, and I'm reading Stephen King's On Writing. The former was okay but not as good as everyone claimed it was (maybe I was expecting too much). I'm enjoying the latter very much even though I don't like his other books.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for books I could read about writing that are along the lines of these two?

DK/DC: Who is your favorite author and why? Have you read a lot of their books? Do you like when an author sticks to one type of storytelling or do you like when they branch out into different genres (like sci-fi for one book and then general fiction for another)?

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Will you please post a picture of your living room?

My husband and I are moving to a new apartment next month and are looking to get some new living room furniture. The walls at which we'd put sofa/chair are 12'6" and 8'4" (then there's a door completing the rest of the room to make it 12 feet). Our curent recliner appears that it will just take up unnecessary space. We were going to go with a sectional but there is just not enough space. We're trying to look at a bunch of living rooms to see how other people utilized space :) Thanks!
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Metaphorically speaking, which of the following do you feel your government does most often/best for the intended benefit of the citizens?

fixes something that isn't broken, but makes it better
fixes something that isn't broken and makes it worse
fixes something that IS broken by making it even brokener
fixes something that IS broken.
puts a fresh coat of paint on something that isn't broken to make it look better
puts a fresh coat of paint on something that IS broken to make it look like it's fixed
all of the above
something else

Do you consider yourself to be a generous person?
Jackson Browne - hangin'

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Has anyone been following Wimbledon instead of the World Cup?
I hate tennis but I have no choice here, my mother is obsessed...

What do you think of those two guys who have been playing for 10 hours and just started on a 3rd day and are STILL TIED? Are we stuck in some kind of perpetual motion alternate universe where they are really playing themselves? WHAT ELSE CAN EXPLAIN THIS? Unless they're doing it on purpose...
The two guys are USA/France, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. They're at 62/62 65/65 68/68 now. Neither one can win until one of those numbers is two higher than the other. They obliterated all world records 4 hours before they suspended play YESTERDAY. At this point, I would say it doesn't matter who wins, I think they've conclusively proven that they're as evenly matched as it gets...

EDIT: USA won, 68/70. The game lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. :O

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I just checked weather.com and it's 93 degrees here. It also told me that today's high is 91. How is today's high lower than the current temperature?

The heat index right now is 98 degrees. Humidity's currently at about 60%. I have a huge craving for a Coke. Should I walk to the store (about a ten minute walk) to get one, or will I die of heat stroke?

Offensive language.

Have you ever used a word/phrase/term as a part of your general vocabulary and later found out it was (either now or in the past) offensive in some way? Did you remove it from your vocabulary?

I was told not that long ago that the word 'gypped' is apparently from "Gypsy" and a racial slur. It seems people are indecisve on that though. Also when I was 9 or so I discovered the word 'faggot' and used it to describe everything until someone had a little talk with me, lol. I think I was calling my Guinea Pigs 'fags'.

DK/DC - Have you ever embarassed the shit out of your parents/family by being a little too candid as a kid?

Long shot

Can anyone point me in the direction of an online comic strip where the characters are basically stick figures with really big heads and their mouths look like this :D ?

What a horrible description. It's usually really sarcastic, sometimes there's a dog thrown in there or an ice cream cone or something. ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS?


What's your favorite kind of m&m?

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Hey guys, my shower is tiled with some kind of natural stone (might be soap stone, marble, idk). How do I sanitize it and get rid of mildew without ruining the tiles? Pretty much all the cleaners (Clorox, etc) I've looked at in the supermarket say to use them on non-porous surfaces only (this stone is obvsly porous). Anyone else have natural stone in their bathroom? What do you use to clean it?

DK/DC: Then answer someone else's question! :p
Ellis mount!

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We were talking about this in one of my classes, and it got me thinking. What are some situations in which movies defy the laws of physics? Like in the A-Team, when they fly the helecoptor upside down, that's not physically possible, is it?

Question About Herbalife

I realize that selling the stuff is a pyramid scheme and but I'm not trying to find out about selling; I want to know about the products themselves. Google seems to only give me sites from sellers and I wanted to see some objective third-party reviews.

My BFF and her mother pretty much swear by the Hearbalife products. They had a good experience with them but were only able to use them for a short time - like a month or two (they don't have a lot of money). Unfortunately, they are people who have no idea what the placebo effect is, when given positions of reasonable skepticism they give dogmatic and rather pseudo-scientific answers that only come from the Herbalife videos and pamphlets, and are very easily swayed by anecdata. This drives me insane.

But I like to try to keep an open mind about things, thinking "What if the products aren't bad themselves?" or "This might be good for them."

So, does anybody have any experience using the Herbalife products?
If so, what was your experience?
If you have any access to third-party reviews or objective data about the products (not the selling thereof) I would greatly appreciate you sharing it.

BTW, not trying to start anything with anyone just researching. Thanks for the help.

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does anyone want to come and fix my oven for free?

it always seems like bad things happen to me all the time, and the money to fix them is no where to be found. Does this happen to any of you? Do you ever feel like this?

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When you upload albums on facebook, do you tag yourself in the pictures?
Don't you wish there was a way for you to "organize" your tagged pics?
Can you tell me one thing you love and one thing you hate about facebook?


I ordered a package from Urban Outfitters on the 23rd but noticed I accidently only changed my billing information to my new address and left the shipping information to my old address. I called UO today and they said I couldn't change the address bc it's basic and not ground shipping, so I called UPS and they said they can't change the address until the "first attempt" to ship it has been made...what should i do?! i know they don't ask for a signature or anything, so can't the person keep the package if they wanted to?
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Is there a type of pain you find pleasant?

Do you find muscle pain pleasant? You know, the type you get when you do sports.

I love the pain and the light stiffness your muscles get when you do sports. I also like the pain from back massages (it's very similar to the muscle pain you get from sports).

DK/DC: Do you greet TQC when you post?
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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Have any of you ever broken up with an SO, stayed friends and then got back together at a much later date? Like, I mean months down the line not just a couple days. If so, how did it work out?

Have you heard the new Eminem stuff? Do you like it?


If you were to wish for something that could actually come true, what would you wish for? (By "actually come true," I mean either you could fulfill the wish yourself or someone else could do it for you.)

good ex: I wish for a cupcake!
bad ex: I wish to win the lottery!
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My neighbors have "no trespassing signs" up all over their yard. I just realized yesterday that there is a pathway that goes down by the river, from their yard. They take their van down there and I hear yelling and screaming sometimes.

TQC, are my neighbors murderers? And if they are not murderers, what the hell are they doing?

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I'm going to LA to visit a friend in August. (I'm from Vancouver, Canada! WOO)
She will be a good tour guide but I want some ideas of what to do. Disneyland is a MUST.

My friend suggested we drive to Vegas for a few days but I have no idea how long the drive is or if it will be worth it. I don't know if I really care to do that.

What should I plan to do while in LA? How long should I go for? 5 days? 7 days? 10 days?
How much money would you suggest I bring? (I'll stay for free, and will get groceries so food costs won't be too high, plus I think I can get Disneyland passes & other passes from my airmiles (I have over 3000 =[ haha)
Should we bother going to Vegas? Or should I do that as a separate trip?

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I know this has been asked before, but whatever.

Do you have bipolar disorder? How did you react when you were diagnosed? Was the idea of a possible diagnosis introduced to you by a relative/friend beforehand? Are you being treated for it? How's that goin'?
dope inc

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What do you collect? Can I see pictures of your collections?

For some reason my cut texts aren't working. :(( But I collect records. I'm nearing 300 albums and 150 or something singles.
asoneill - Yahoo Me


So I'm thinking about getting an e-reader, mostly because I've been reading tons lately, we're running out of space for bookshelves, and getting to the library is increasingly a pain in the ass.

My question: Should I get a Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook or Kobo? I'm leaning towards Kindle now that the price is reduced, but I wanted to hear other opinions. Thanks!

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Why do I have such awful luck with headphones? Every time I buy headphones from Target, they end up breaking. What is a good brand for headphones that aren't terribly expensive?

Don't know or care, who is your favourite Doctor?
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My boyfriend's puppy got really excited when she saw me today and when i sat down on the bed she was climbing all over me and hit me in the eye with her paw. That was around noon and I couldn't really open my eye until like 2ish. It's 4:30 now and it still hurts quite a bit and has been randomly getting really sensitive and i have to close it for a couple of minutes. Is there anything i could/should do? I'm not sure if it's just overly sensitive now and will eventually be fine or if I should see a doctor..? It's kind of freaking me out. I can't see any scratches or anything.. halp?

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Have you ever taken more than the recommended fulltime load at your school? How did you find that experience? I'm thinking about transferring to a double degree, and it would be possible to graduate sort-of on time if I can fit 11 classes into next year (normal load is 4 classes per semester, I would have to take 6 & 5). Am I insane? I don't have to work while I'm at school, which might make this more possible.

London travel tips/Ailments

Hey TQC!
I'm going to be studying abroad in London for the Fall semester! I'm leaving in late August and coming back mid-December. I've never been to Europe before, and I'm looking for some cool things to do. Does anyone have suggestions for places to see/things to do while I'm there?
More background: I'm a 20-year-old female who will be staying at in apartment in South Kensington. I'm not going to have a HUGE budget (I'm a poor college student) so budget-friendly ideas are preferable. I don't know what other places/cities in Europe I'll be going to right now, but I'm DEFINITELY going to Bath at some point, because my good friend from high school will be studying abroad there in the fall as well.
TL;DR- What are the best places to see/things to do in London?

First question x-posted to student_travel and worldtraveltips.

DK/DC: What common bodily ailment/sickness do you get most often? I get headaches a lot, and it's been this way for most of my life. By contrast, my brother never gets headaches but has nosebleeds a lot.

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How do you decide what to get at a restaurant with a large menu? I'm trying to pick something right now for a call-in order and there are 42 things to pick from! 

When you go into a restaurant, do you figure out what you want pretty quick, or are you the one that makes everyone wait because you can't make up your mind?

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I'm doing a creative group with patients on my ward for the first time. Does anyone have any ideas for activities I could do?

I work on an acute psychiatric ward for adults between 18 - 65. A number of my patients are prone to self-harming behaviour so activities requiring sharp tools probably arent ideal..
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If The Bachelor turns out to be gay, could the women on his season sue for fraud?

Has anyone ever gotten a passport? How much should I expect to spend and how long do I need to wait to get it?

dk/dc: What are some good nail products for repairing nails after taking off gel tips?

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When I signed up for PG&E they transferred me to Allconnect, who wanted to set me up with internet and tv.

The guy said it'd only be $5 for the first month with AT&T U-verse. He repeated this multiple times when I said I'd have to think about it. Finally I gave in because I stupidly thought he was actually being truthful. Apparently it was too good to be true because I got a bill in the mail for $150. I called their customer service and they said there was never any deal like that and to call AT&T to sort it out.

Is there a way to not be totally screwed out of my money? If so, would it be wrong to ask my roommate to chip in for half of the bill even though she wasn't there when I signed up for it? She still used the internet and TV.
( movie ) steve3.

hard questions...?

How do you hope you will die?
A relative just committed a very serious crime, do you turn them in?
If a magic potion could make someone love you, would you slip it to them?
If your mom confessed she was pregnant, what would you do?
What angers you most?
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What is the best way to motivate yourself to do something you've been putting off?

It's nothing omg important like going to the doctor or paying a bill either.

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In the sims 2 seasons, is there a way to make each lot have a different set of seasons? I have a lot that I only want it to be summer, but I don't want to change any of the other lots.

What did you have for dinner?

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is there anything you want to hate but can't?

i really wish i could be Too Cool and Hip for mcdonalds but ngl i find at least 50% of their menu to be delicious. i also wish i could hate my last SO

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My car is a 98 with 170,000 miles on it, and it runs like a dream. It's a Saturn. I have been considering a new car within the next year or two, I know my car won't last beautifully forever. I figured another Saturn but I just found out that they no longer make Saturns. I am so sad.

What is a good car that is like a Saturn?

What is your dream car?

What is your current car?

What was the last thing that made you sad?

What are you excited for?

Bugatti Veyron

Despicable Me
Julia Murney

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If you went to post-secondary school, did you live in residence?
An apartment/house/somewhereelsewithroommates?

What am I going to miss out on not living in res for the next two years?
What if I still totally go to all the parties, and just crash at someone else's place? 

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Does it really irk you when people don't space out their phone numbers properly?

I'm in the UK and I find it awful when people write their number in a long line like this 07912112311, they MUST space it like 07912 112311 otherwise I don't even bother noting their number down.

ALSO when they write like,(+44) or the equivalent country code at the front! Like okay you pretentious asshole, just so all your high society OVERSEAS friends can call you!

URGH, what other stupid things bug you?

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1.) It's my friends birthday soon. They have decided that they no longer care for icing on cake, because it is too sweet.

They have requested a carrot cake with 'that fake icing'. I'm assuming they mean some sort of cool whip type deal?
Doesn't that stuff melt? How would you go about this?
Does it color like I'd expect it to if I tried to food-dye it blue?

2.)What foods/drinks give you the most energy for the longest amounts of time?
2a.) What's your favorite recipe?

3.)My new best friend is Redbox. Suggest to me a movie.

4.)Should I got out friday night to a concert?


I make 1:12 scale miniatures. I'm in a club, and for our display next year for this fair we're running, one of the themes is a museum. We'll each make a room in a museum. The museum rooms, if scaled up, would be about 17 by 11 feet, with a 10 foot ceiling, so, not huge rooms.

I need to pick the theme to my museum room. What themes can you think of? So far I've thought of a 'Children in history' room, with toys (not too many because I bet someone else will do a toys room), old school desk, 'try playing these old fashioned games!', children's clothes on mannequins, stuff about jobs children had, that sort of thing.

I'm not sure about it so I would love more suggestions! What should I do? :)

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TQC, my birthday is in August and I like randomsity.
Can you show me some random items I could ask for for my birthday/some random things you want?
I'm already going to ask for a new lense for my SLR, Morph bookends and House Season 6, I think.

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Is it ever appropriate to google or search for someone's phone number/address that you bought something from on Ebay?

My boyfriend sold some guy a video game and hasn't sent it off yet (it's only been a few days and he's been busy) and apparently the guy looked him up and called his house phone asking about it.

Creepy or no?
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are you mentally ill? personality disordered? real or imagined, tell me about it.

i ruin all my relationships and i treat the people i love with breathtaking cruelty and malice.

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do you know anybody that's been had an encounter with old sow? what would you do if you came across something like this but worse?

dk/dc: fuck you. :) no, but how are you doing, bbs?

eta: this is old sow. but, you can barely see it. it's MASSIVE.
eta2: one day you will all be confronted by old sow and think, "holy shit! this is what rhyme_sayers was talking about. OMGZ!1111"

fuck this post. what is/are your favorite meme(s), teaqueuesea?

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I wannna see a friend.  He's not answering texts.  I don't know where he lives.  I just know it's somewhere in New West, BC, CANADA.  I odn't wanna call him.  I'm a little drunk.

What to do I do?

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Does anyone here work in advertising/marketing? What's it like, and can I ask you a few questions about it?

DK/DC: You have just split open your right shin (can't drive), you have no cell phone, and you're alone. What do you do?