June 23rd, 2010

purely hypothetical I swear

Say for example you had this dream wedding dress idea in mind and one day you happen to see pretty much the exact style on clearance at random store for $19.99.

You decide that it's silly to buy a wedding dress when you have no wedding in sight so you don't get it.

A week later it is no longer there. You mourn the loss of the $19.99 perfect wedding dress that you never even had and immediately realize how much it's going to suck to hunt down your potential future wedding dress that will be nowhere near as awesome for your figure nor anywhere as cheap as $19.99.

A week after that you check for it again because you have issues and it is back in stock in your size! With a warning of only a few in stock!!!

Do you buy it???

How do you explain to your SO why there is a white dress in your closet....?? ^.^
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Why the hell does the Enterprise travel with children onboard as a regular thing in TNG? I can get keeping trained childcare people onboard, and having like a wing to put kids in, and pediatricians, and midwives, all in case they have to evacuate a settlement full o' kids and pregnant chicks. But why would you go hopping off into the vastdeep unknown where you are likely to become trapped in an alternate universe or the past or eaten by deranged crystal entities or enslaved by a race of flying purple people eaters or just explode in a ball of fiery DEATH and think... hey, let's bring the kids!???

Also, I was gonna ask why they can beam FROM anywhere to the transporter room, or beam from the transporter room TO ANYWHERE, but not FROM anywhere on the ship, or TO anywhere on the ship except sickbay or the transporter room... but I saw an episode yesterday where they beamed from some random room on the ship back down to the planet of horny handkerchief-wearing hippies SO INSTEAD I WILL ASK why the fuck do they bother going to the transporter room at all? Do they just go down there so O'Brien doesn't get lonely?

dk/dc/tl;dr/ilikestarwarsyoudamndirtytrekkie: Do you nitpick the shit out of things you watch/read or do you just sit back and let the delicious oblivion of entertainment envelop you?

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what's in pop-tarts, nutri-grain bars, and fig newtons that i could be allergic to that i don't come into contact with in other foods?
also, why do i crave these foods that make my tongue and my throat swell?

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Do you use any kind of chapstick or lip balm? If so, what kind?

I don't use it often, but I just started using some blistex to help heal a cut on my lip. It helped for the first two days, but now my lips are sore and getting dry again. I've just been using the same amount all three days. This always seems to happen after I start using lip balm! Does it happen to anyone else?
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Have you ever done Bikram yoga? Did you enjoy it? Today's groupon is for 10 classes and I'm thinking of getting it. I've never tried Bikram but I'm intrigued, in part because I always tend to be freezing cold in other yoga studios.

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Today I decided I was bored with my appearance so I'm changing it.  I dyed my hair black again because I was tired of red and my contacts are out so I'm going for colored this time around.  (My eyes are brown.)

Poll #1582591 Contacts

What color should I get?



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This might be gross but whatever.

I very rarely drink. It's just not my thing; I don't enjoy it that much and I hate how it makes me feel. But occasionally (I'm talking like once every few months) I'll have a drink or two with my boyfriend and his friends. I have never drank enough to get drunk, or really even tipsy. I also haven't drank much variety--usually screwdrivers, and I've had some watermelon schnapps stuff, and some Kahlua once. Oh, and Mike's Hard Lemonade, lol.

No matter how much I drink (or don't drink..), even if it's just one screwdriver, my stomach HATES me the next day. Every. Single. Time. I end up running to the bathroom 4 or 5 times the next afternoon with stomach cramps and not exactly diarrhea, but close, I guess.

I have no idea why this happens. From what I've read online, some people have that problem, but usually after quite a bit to drink--certainly not after just one drink that doesn't even affect you otherwise. It could be a mere coincidence, but it'd be a pretty big one. Does anyone know why this happens to me? Does it happen to anyone else? :(
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hey just a quick question. i want to order some glasses off zenni-optical and they require that you give them your pupillary distance, which i don't know exactly even though i've already tried to measure it. if i just went with with the average, which is between 60 and 65 would it make a big difference?


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 I'm staying over at my grandmother's at Great Neck.
She recently switched from Optimum to fios, and the picture contrast is horrible. Do you have any hints on optimizing the picture quality?
Thanks (No pun intended)

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What's the shortest length of time you've gone between moving to a different place after moving in to a new place (by "move", I mean move your furniture, get a set of keys, pay rent, etc)
I moved in to an apartment in April, moved out of there in the beginning of June, and now I plan on moving in to yet another new place in August for cheaper rent and better room mates.

DK/DC: What did you do today? What are you doing this week?
I went to Yoga at the Great Lawn (10k people + yoga + music) and didn't stay, but I did see Reggie Watts and he was amazing. I am seeing Merchant of Venice on Friday and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family is in it and I am excited.

where to get a deal on white dress shirts?

Greetings, TQC. My friend is really hard on his white dress shirts and tends to wear them out quickly. His office is "business dress"--the men have to wear ties every day, so he has to have dress shirts, and since he meets with VIPs in his line of work, the shirts can't be cheap poly blends. He was buying the shirts at Marshall's, where they stocked nice brand names, good-quality shirts that don't look cheap, but at about 40% off department store prices. Now our local Marshall's has stopped carrying them, citing lack of demand for shirts. He explained that he was buying at least 4-5 shirts per month from them, but they were unmoved.

Where else can a guy get good white shirts that aren't super pricey? Srs answers please!


SO...due to me being OLD (now) and somewhat unpopular (in high school), I haven't been to a proper slumber party in a good, oh, I don't know...ten years.

I've gotten back into writing since then in a big way (a novel, a few musicals, whatevs)...and I'm writing this story with a slumber party. There are twelve kids between the ages of fifteen and seventeen (they are juniors in high school) and one of them has suggested they play truth or dare.

I can't for the life of me think up some good dares or "truth" questions.

Anyone have any suggestions? What were your favorites?

If it makes a difference: they already all know who "likes" who, the host's parents are home (so the dare can't be too loud) and one of the guests is a paraplegic.
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Travel deals

Do you know any good travel websites that will just give me the cheapest flights to any destination? Basically I want to travel over winter break - I don't have a specific destination in mind, and I can leave from a bunch of different US cities. I'm just looking for the cheapest flights possible. I also don't really have set dates I need to leave. All the travel websites I'm looking at want you to put a destination/departure in but I just want to find the cheap cheap cheapest flights to anywhere. Help?
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Why are there some sellers on Amazon who have books posted for sale for an insane amount of money?
For example, I'm going to buy "It's called a breakup because it's broken" and most of the prices are between $6 and $11 and then there's a seller asking for $135.36! And no, I checked, it's not an autographed copy or anything. I've seen this before with other books.

Also, anybody know of some really good breakup/you don't need him/you'll find the one! books?
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My dad has a colonoscopy appointment today at 9:30am. They told him he won't be able to drive himself home so I'm dropping him off and picking him up. About what time should I expect the appointment to be over?

I really just want to know if I'll have enough time to go get a bagel and/or go to the grocery store.

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I have in my hand an RSVP card for a wedding. I've been putting off sending it because I don't know if I should go, but today is pretty much the deadline to put it in the mail.

It's a couple who I used to be close with, and even lived next door to, but sort of lost touch with after I broke up with my ex three years ago. I ended up working with the bride for several months until last fall, when she was lucky enough to get out of our shitty job first. They are both awesome people and very inspirational to me, but I'm not sure if I will feel comfortable at their wedding. I would be alone (my boyfriend will be out of town) and the only people I can think of who will be there are my ex and his girlfriend and other people who I lost touch with three years ago. I'm pretty sure it will be awkward as hell.

So, TQC, do I go to the wedding of a couple I love and admire even though I'm not close with them anymore and it will be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for me?

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Collapse )

I called them and they actually claimed to have fixed it already!  Well, then they must have invisible workers then!
They said they would come today after re-opening the ticket!

When do you think the tech support people will actually send somebody to my office to fix my phone?   

Jareth +As the world falls down

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Why did/do/don't you want kids?

If you had an unplanned pregnancy and kept them, why do/don't you want more?

What name do you wish you could give a child but never will because you know they'd be taunted forever?
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Watching CSI makes me think of a few questions:

1. Suspect is eating dinner in a restaurant alone. Gets arrested. Does he eventually go back and pay his bill, or does the restaurant just write it off?

2. Suspect goes to jail for a long time. What happens to his bills - credit card, student loan, etc? Do they go into default, or wait years for him to get out? Let's assume that there is no family to pay them for the suspect.

3. Do you have a favorite CSI episode?

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Would you go see a movie because Tom Cruise is in it? Which has affected your opinion of Tom Cruise (and his movies) more: his age or his weird scientologiness?

Also, I have a meeting in a few minutes and I'm supposed to come up with some questions based on the theme "Back to the 80's". These are like questions where people can talk for 1 minute to answer them. Do you guys have any ideas? NO THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK.
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What was the last thing that made you go "oh god no" or headdesk/facepalm?

Has this week been creeping by for anyone else? 

I've been doing a lot of working out lately and as a result my muscles are getting huge (which I don't mind) but my skin is stretching on my thighs and I'm getting stretch marks!! Is this normal?!!? What can I do to stop them?! HELP!
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I'm currently at Seattle waiting for the plane to Denver to meet up with my parents. I haven't seen them in two years and my dad is planning on taking my mom and I around. Vacation has never been pleasant with my dad because he's very hot headed and things ALWAYS have to go his way or he'll get pissed and pretty much sour the whole relaxing mood of a ~vacation~. Now I shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions that the next five days I'm spending with my parents is not going to be the most enjoyable experience since I haven't seen them for so long. But still.....

I want this trip to be fun and actually worthwhile, because after these five days, I won't see my parents for another year.
TQC, do you think this trip is doomed or do I actually stand a chance of a somewhat decent vacation and parent-child bonding time?

Fix my conflicted idea TQC.

So, I have a five year old step daughter. I've been with my husband since she was two years old.

I'm wondering if its acceptable to refer to her as just 'my daughter', without always inserting "step daughter" if I'd like to?

I find it seeming kind of an ill attitude to say "step daughter", like I'm making a emphasis of "Not REALLY *my* kid" even though when I say it I don't use a different tone or anything. I keep the 'step', though, because A)I dunno if I'd be way out of place not to say it and B)People already get all judgey with me having my own kids at 19, let alone imply I had a kid at 16 with a five year old.

So, thoughts, TQC?
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Congratulations! A mysterious benefactor has awarded you an all-expense paid, 2-week trip in August to anywhere in the United States!!

They present you with two limitations (because hey, it's a mysterious benefactor here):

You may fly from wherever you live to a maximum of two different states or regions (go to Cali, then fly to Puerto Rico)
You may fly to one state and drive to a maximum of two other states, so long as they are next to each other (so drive from Maryland to North Carolina)

Where do you go? What do you see? How long would you stay in each state?

this is not a reflection of my real life, noooo, not at all. Totally...

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So.. what do you guys think about Disney's new World of Color?

My SO is excited beyond words. Well, not really, he actually won't stfu about it. Meanwhile, I am not impressed for some reason. I don't get it. I like pretty light shows (love good visuals at concerts) and its cool they hired all those independent artists/musicians and spent all that money and the new technology and thousands of sprayers and all that, but its still just a glorified fountain with diode lighting to me. He got really mad when I said that.

Can anyone help get me understand what makes it so freakin' awesome? This is all clearly going right over my head.


I have a chest infection/cold, I feel like my lungs are full of lead...you know without the being dead factor.

What do you like to eat for breakfast when you have a cold?
Keep in mind my tummy might be a bit unhappy
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I am currently working as a student-worker full-time for the summer. An organization I applied to some time ago just called and left a voicemail message about a job fair. The thing is, I would really like at least the possibility of working for this organization during the fall or in the future. I'm not quite sure what to do though but tell them I am currently employed. What can I do to convey I am still interested for an open position but for the future?
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Hey TQC. As you might know (because I've probably posted at least six questions related to it), I will soon be moving out of my mom's house and into an apartment with my boyfriend. It's wonderful, I'm excited, I can't wait till Saturday.

Yet I'm sitting here in tears right now. Yesterday my mom and I took my bed apart and took it downstairs, to make loading it in the truck on Saturday easier. Now, I'm sitting in a room with a big hole in it and, I guess, it all just became real to me. I'm leaving. I won't live here anymore. We moved here when I was three, and now, 20 years later, I'm leaving for good. All my memories are of this house, this room. Even though I've imagined what it will be like living in our new apartment, how we'll set up the furniture and decorate, and how happy we'll be there (mostly, I think, as a defense mechanism to avoid losing my mind worrying about the actual move), I can't imagine actually living there. I live here.

I know this is silly, but I could use some encouragement right now. Got any advice, or just sympathy and assurance? Or maybe tell me happy stories about your own moves to remind me why I have to do this?

Thanks guys.

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i don't watch tennis, but are you seeing what's going on right now?! HOLY SHIT! this match is going on 8 hours long, on the final set, tie-breaker at 42 45 50 games each. this is ridiculous. GO USA!!!

dk/dc: do you care about the world cup? did you see that finish?! holy shitx2
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TQC, help me. I'm going to New York for two weeks and need stuff to do. I've been a few times with my family so I've done all the touristy (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, etc.) stuff, and I'm on a pretty tight budget, and I'm not 21 yet, nor do I have a fake ID, so bars and suchlike are out.

So with those things in mind, what would you recommend I do?

DK/DC: What was the last vacation you took?

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Would you like to complain about your boss/job?

Brought to you by my boss sending me to the wrong place at a moment when she was unavailable (so I couldnt simply call her and ask her where she wanted me to be instead) to then complain to me for not showing up at the place where she needed me to be!
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So, last night I posted about going to Wisconsin, but it turns out one of my friends wants to come, so we're postponing for a weekend she's available.

Instead, I think I'll go to Minneapolis, just for one night. I found out that the Swedish Art Museum is having an exhibit of work that one of my professors in Finland did, which may or may not contain work that we actually did (which would be pretty sweet if so, 'cause we totally thought the models/drawings we did were going in the trash).

ANYWAY, what else should I do in Minneapolis? I like doing pretty much anything, but I'll be by myself. I particularly like architecture (like, a lot), art, museums, bookshops, vintage stores and vegan restaurants.
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What do you do about unwanted creeps? My best friend and I met this guy a while ago who's 23, unemployed, hasn't graduated college (or enrolled in one) and  until a few weeks ago, was working at the same place he had been working at since he was 16. He wasn't initially creepy (or maybe he was and we just didn't notice it) but after a while he started making sexual remarks, telling us how much he loved us, how he wished we were older, etc.

I don't know if this is an overreaction on my part, but being 16, I find that incredibly uncomfortable. I have friends who are his age; they're just that: platonic friends. How do I tell this guy he's skeeving my friend and me out? 

Edit for clarification: We don't hang out with him. He constantly texts, messages on Facebook,  comments, etc. I've blocked him, my friend hasn't. We've even ended up running into him around town.

Edit for clarifaction part two: up until recently was working at the same place.

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I made a deal with my parents that if I lose 20 pounds in 2 months they will pay for a vacation for me. (Yes my parents want me to lose weight that badly.)
My parents suck. You guys are right it's unrealistic.

I CANNOT STOP craving food and am on the verge of going to buy some Tim Bits.


DK/DC: What was the last promise to yourself that you broke?
>> for blue skies

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If you had a month off to do anything (abroad) what would you choose to do? Just simply travel and visit one place, or do something completely different?

I'm planning an entire gap year before I go to law school. I'm already studying German in Munich, volunteering in Nepal, working as a camp counselor in the States and travelling independently around India/China/USA.
I still have about a month of time between October-December to fill, and I have some money left to spend on something. I was thinking about doing a cookery class in Italy/Spain or maybe a working holiday in Norway or something, but I really don't know.

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what is with American soccer fans who refuse to support their country, even when they don't have any ties to another nation except maybe a 1/8th bit of ancestry? they just pick and choose their favorites like it's a buffet, like they don't even have a team in the tournament, let alone a decent team who just won their group. i've seriously never understood this.

does this happen anywhere else?

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How many of you have ever experienced an earthquake? Did you notice it? If you did, did you panic and run to stand under the doorway like they always taught in school?

I just bought an air conditioner because my apartment turns into the desert in the summer so when my chair started to shake I thought it was just the air conditioner vibrating the room. A few minutes later I got a text from my friend who works a couple of miles away asking if I felt the earthquake. I would have never known it was an actual earthquake. We don't get too many here in Erie, PA. I think this was the 8th since the mid 1800's.

Huffington Post's Article on it

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Is it hot as balls where you are?

What are your favorite summertime activities?

Do you find that you listen to certain bands or want to watch certain movies more in the summer than at other times?

dk/dc/in the southern hemisphere: answer another question and gtfo.

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My girlfriend and I are eloping in 13 days and we have no idea what we're doing!

So, TQC, what should she wear? What should I wear? Where should we go afterwards (like, for a honeymoon [keeping in mind there's only 13 days in which to get plane tickets/hotel room/etc])? How should we celebrate after? When should we tell our families?

Is this the stupidest thing I've ever done?

Have you ever eloped before?


I want to create an indoor herb garden for my boyfriend. What herbs don't mind being kept inside on a window sill, are easy to look after, and are good for soups and pastas (in the pasta, not a garnish)?

What's your weightloss/exercise routine?

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I have a GE oven. I don't know the model because it was here when we moved in. I have a problem.

I was going to have it self clean, so I started it. My MIL then told me that I needed to take the racks out. I couldn't open it, because the door locked itself, so I turned off the cleaning. The words "door locked" keeps flashing and it won't let me use the oven. I have tried pressing all the buttons to turn it off and it's not working. It's not cleaning, just the words "door locked" keep flashing, it's not locked, and won't heat up. What's wrong with my oven?

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What do you smell like?

Are you currently happy with the way your hair is? If not, could you post a pick of what you want it to look like? If so, could you post a pic of your hair?

I smell like a burrito...due to work.
And I want my hair to look like this:


happy place

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1. Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? Which one, where, when, and were you happy there?

2. I scored a rice-steamer off of freecycle. It came without the rice measuring spoon, or the manual, or the veggie-steamer top. I've been using it by putting in the same amount of water and rice I would normally use in a pot on the stove, then plugging it in and flipping the toggle to COOK. It then cooks rice for me and it comes out fine.

However, scalding starchy water spurts out the vent hole in the lid during operation, so I might be doing something wrong. There is no manual online. What are your rice-steamer tips?


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where can i go to learn about whats in and out of fashion?
what do you think is in and out of fashion?

ive got an interview coming up within the next week and while i'm not terrible at fashion, i'm not great at it, but ive been trying harder lately. i need to learn some stuff.

eta- the interview is just for a mall retail store, but ive been asked that second question before and i didnt give a very good answer.

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so.. we found some kittens at work today. We were asking around trying to find them a home instead of taking them to the human society. Two of the girls said they couldn't take it because their husbands would "kick them out" or "kill me". Now, neither one of them had pets, and the kittens looked clean and healthy. If you wanted a cat (or anything else for the matter really), would it matter what your SO said? Assuming you had the money to take care of it, and no one was allergic? If I want a damn cat, I'd get one. I would have taken them, but I already have two cats.

(ETA) not like I'd just show up with one. I'd talk to them about it... but if no one was allergic and we could afford it, I'd be getting one. I can't imagine being with someone who would have a problem with cats.
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So my stupid cat pissed all over my shoes. They're mostly boots and sandals, but they don't all look washer friendly. TQC, how can I clean my shoes and get rid of the stench?
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Poll #1582978 What Would You Do?

You have been arrested for first degree murder! You are 100% sure you did not commit the crime, but someone has done a wonderful and thorough job of framing you. You have no alibi, your DNA and fingerprints are all over the victim, and there are even eye witnesses who saw you do it! You claim your innocence but it doesn’t help, you get sentenced to life in jail. Luckily, oh my goodness, THREE YEARS into your sentence, new evidence shows up and you are acquitted of everything and set free!!! Which of the following appeals to you the most?:

Call Oprah, Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer to see who wants an exclusive interview of your awesome story
Write a tell all book, describing the horrors of prison and your hatred for the system
Go back to your pre-prison life and try to start over and erase the memories
Sue the hell out of anyone you can
Dedicate the rest of your life to helping out others who are wrongfully committed
Other, which I will describe in comments

Thank you to velloso21 for my 2 months paid account, this is my first ever poll! Yay!!!!

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TQC, does writing up/updating your resume make you nervous? Not even handing it in to a place, just typing it out and reviewing it.

I'm applying for a job at a vingate/alt clothing store. Do you think I'll get it? I'm affable, cheery, type fast, know how to handle cash/credit/debit, and can totally BS people into buying stuff they could get for way cheaper at Value Village. Also I'm willing to work shit shifts as long as they don't conflict with my other p/t job.

What are you having for dinner tonight? I have chicken fried rice waiting for me in the fridge, eeeee :D

chlorine+hair= :(

I've been swimming a few days a week since Memorial Day and I'm starting to notice a negative change in my hair. I plan on swimming all summer, so I'm in need of great assistance.

Do you swim in a pool often?
Does it wreak havoc on your hair?
What is your after a pool swim hair-care? Any specifics things I should do? Products that work wonders?

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Lets pretend you are the manager at any old office. You have one employee who spends a lot of her day talking. Talking about her life. Talking about nonsense. She talks to co-workers, distracting them from their work. She spends time on the phone with her daughter and her sister just yaking away about life. She's rarely at her desk doing work but tends to complain about how busy she is a lot. In a 7.5 hour day..she maybe does a solid 2 hours of work and wastes the rest of the day talking.

If you couldn't just outright fire her, how would you handle the situation? (I dont know why you can't just fire her but for the sake of this scenario..lets get creative)

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i wanna find someone who looks like Clint Dempsey to date, so i was thinking, put up an ad on craigslist that says, "I saw you at the store. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. You look like Clint Dempsey. Get in touch."

what do you think?
this could only end spectacularly, yes?

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By what grade/age do you think a child should be able to handle the concept of 1+1 = 2?

At what grade/age do you think a child should be able to do math problems without counting on their fingers?


What frustrated you today?

*Spending 30 minutes on the idea of zero plus a number equals that number while my student did not understand it at all. gah ;(
doctor who - tardis

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1. what common foods/spices/condiments do you hate? do people ever act shocked or tell you you're wrong for not liking whatever it is?

my dad thinks i'm crazy because i don't like pepper.

2. what tv shows does everyone else seem to love but you?


(no subject)

First day at a new job. You go to lunch with your supervisor.
Do you grab an onion ring off his plate?
Do you grab an onion ring off his plate without even asking??

How long do you give this chick?

(no subject)

I have some tomatoes that I'm growing. Most of them are still tiny and green, but there are 3 that are red-orange. Should I pick those now, or wait till they are a little more on the red side? I know tomatoes ripen a little after you pick them, but these still have a bit of an orange tint to them.

What are you doing tonight?

(no subject)

My friend and I are flying out of state on Friday. I told her that my dad could most likely drive us to the airport. She asked her brother anyway, set it up with him and then asked if I could get someone to pick us up next week. I can't find anyone who wouldn't be extremely inconvenienced by it.

Is it annoying of me to ask if her brother could pick us up instead?

Have any vacation horror stories?

(no subject)

how do you feel about going commando?

like it
love it
hate it

i learned a while back i really don't mind, actually kind of like, going commando. i do it when i run outta clean underwear but am too lazy do do laundry and/or still have a bunch of clean clothes. like now. i haven't had clean underwear since Saturday or Sunday and i don't plan on doing laundry until tomorrow night.

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Would you go ahead and build a house for just yourself? To me, building a house is much more permanent than buying a pre-existing house. When you build, I assume, it's because you want to make your perfect home to live in forever. I don't think I would do that as a single person. What if you meet someone and they fucking hate your house?!
Oh hay thar

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1. For those who have been to Vegas: Our anniversary lands is next Sat. and we will be there but we aren't into extremely fancy high class restaurants but the buffet at Wynn caught my eye. Is it worth the price?

Where is the best place to watch UFC? Blondies at Planet Hollywood looks good, anywhere else?

2. What is a thoughtful gift I can give my son's teacher? She teaches grade 1/2 split and he has been with her both years. She's done A LOT for him and they are quite close. Just looking for something other than bath stuff, candles, anything with apples...

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After an hour long walk and an hour and a half at the dog park running, Harley is running the Livingroom 500(circles around the ottoman at THE SPEED OF PIT BULL). She's driving me friiicking insane, but she's adorable so I can't be mad at her.

Will you tell me about cute and annoying things your pets do?
Bonus points if you have video/photo evidence.
Take a Look

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So apparently the reincarnation of Sid Vicious moved in next door. Currently there is a Sex Pistols reunion tour going on. Am I doomed to live with noisy, tone-deaf neighbors?
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Is your 8th grade GPA a good indicator of what your high school GPA may look like?

How did you do in high school?

Was high school emotionally easier than middle school?

(Yes, I'm only fourteen. I'll be in high school next school year in September)

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could you point me in the direction of a cute blazer, preferably in black and casual enough to wear with dark denim jeans?

if not, what is the most played song on your itunes (or the most played artist on your last.fm, or whatever)?

what is your favorite trashy daytime television show? i am a fan of maury

do you like rufus wainwright?

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For the summer I am working in a day care where I can go from having no down time at all to three hours at a time with no kids to watch and anywhere in between. I don't really know how busy my day will be ahead of time. Can you recommend some books that I can read just a little bit at a time and still stay hooked? Activities work too. I do a lot of crossword puzzles.

tl;dr: What are some books to read when you have a short attention span?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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1. What color goes with this color, other than black [forgot to add that in there]? I'm getting answers for light blue...blue and green. But, I really can't see it looking good/right. Help!

2. Who was the last person to come over your place? Why did they come over?
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Rocky Horror Batman Show

Food and weird body stuff

What weird sounding thing have you eaten lately that turned out awesome? My mom made some little cream cheese, ham, and pineapple burrito pinwheels for a party and they were amazing.

What would you put in a stir-frry? Probably carrots, mushrooms, celery, bok choy, cashews, and sugar-snap peas. And chicken for the meat.

Do you get eaten up by mosquitoes? I do, and it sucks. I've got bites all over my feet, back, and stomach. The feet are the worse because they're so hard to scratch

Have you ever lost a toenail? I regularly loose my pinky toenails.
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kesha roxxx

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After tonight, I have 7 glorious days off from work. I originally planned to go to Chicago but flights are expensive and I DNW to drive my truck 400 miles @ $2.89 a gallon and deal with finding a hotel during Pride weekend. Instead, I'm going to take myself and my blackberry and explore the great states that surround Nebraska.

TLDR VERSIONWhat are some cool things in NE, MO, SD, KS, IA or MN that you would say I have to see on a roadtrip?

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What are some of you favorite drama posts? ...Besides spur camping trip.

ETA: I wasn't aware this was already asked today, my bad. Sooo instead- what sounds are you hearing right now where you are? I hear my air conditioner and the dishwasher going downstairs.
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Do any of you experience heartburn?

Do you have acid reflux?

Can we talk about how much it sucks?

I've been dealing with acid reflux since I was 11 or so. I always have to fall asleep on my left side or else I get a mouthful of acid. Bleh. I need to remember to start up my Prilosec again.

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how should i rock out for the 4th of July if the USA makes it through the round of 16 in the World Cup?

i was thinking of throwing a totally redneck party at my friend's pool. like, beer, meat, BBQ sauce, Chuck Norris. or like, a party with tons of US stereotypes. redneck theme, surfer theme, what else?
Flea - Kiss

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How trashy do you find this woman?

ETA: Start at 00:22. I'd say all the evidence you need is in the first minute or so.

Poll #1583097 Trash-O-Meter

Is her trashiness?

Minimal! She looks professional and respectable
She's like the Wal*Mart of cosmetology
I wouldn't trust her to do my makeup, but she's not so bad
Dear God what is that thing?!

Would you give a first-time plucker advice on brow-shaping?
Do you shape your own? Is it worth the work? All I do is make sure there's no unibrow or scattering action.

Do any of your pets have "outstanding" (rather unique) features?

Will you put the left overs away, tqc?

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So I've been vegetarian for 9 years but decided to start eating fish again. I am doing it part for health reasons but mostly because I have been feeling a bit like an elitist snob lately and when I noticed myself turning my nose up at the idea of eating any sort of meat. I started feeling like a douche. I prefer not killing animals but I don't think there is anything ethically wrong with eating meat, and I felt like my actions were not showing that.
SO I just had some fish tonight. It was catfish that was battered and fried and it was really good, but for the most part I don't eat much fried foods.
Can you guys suggest your favorite easy and healthy fish meals?
Also, what do you do with tuna in a can? I have never had it in my LIFE but it is pretty affordable and has a lot of good fatty acids so I was thinking about trying it but FISH IN A CAN SOUNDS SCARY.

Nothing to contribute to the fish topic? How about favorite affordable bicycle helmet? I don't want to feel like a huge nerd.
Should I get a cruiser bike (with hand brakes) for my 13 miles total commute to work in the morning? Or should I get a different kind of bike?
Oh hay thar

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Canadians. What cellphone should I buy?
I will NOT switch from Telus so it must be carried by them
I am not interested in a Smartphone

Women-I haven't had a period in 4 years so why does my body start randomly bleeding right before vacation?

Related-What kind of nightmare am I stepping into laying over in Newark on July 4?

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dear tqcyclists,

i'm from a hilly, snowy place so i have a mountain bike. but i'm moving to a flat place with barely any snow, that is apparently susceptible to earthquakes.

is it worth it to get a road bike? what's the difference?

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If you had to choose between changing sexes everytime you sneezed and being unable to tell the difference between a baby and an English Muffin, which would you choose?