June 22nd, 2010

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I'm filling out paperwork to file in small claims court, and one of the forms states:

SPECIAL NOTE: The name of the person or business you are suing must be exact. If you make a mistake and list the wrong name, or leave out any part of any name, you may not get
your money.

I have no idea what this girl's middle name is. I searched Google, and have come up with nothing and have no other way of getting it.

What should I do?

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There's this thing I do if I'm at a swimming pool and the floats holding up the rope that separates the deep end from the shallow end are bunched together like this:


I'll go up to rope and do my best to distribute them equally, so they end up looking like this:


Do you have any somewhat compulsive behaviors?

zσмвιє мαяιƖуη
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after some of these other posts, i was jw if anyone knows of any books that might touch on subjects an african-american studies class might discuss?

thanks for being so helpful guys

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You've accidentally dropped something in the toilet. Are you likely to try and retrieve it?
Would it make a difference if you've already utilised the toilet?

EDIT: Okay, first scenario you've dropped something sentimental. Second scenario, you've dropped a hair clip/tie or the button from your pants popped off and landed right in, etc. What to do?
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What's the best way to deter burglars? Would signs notifying them that they're being watched/on webcam be useful? Security system stickers? Should I get a gun? D= (Third break-in/attempt this year tonight... idiot broke the window with bars though, so they didn't actually get in this time)
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Today my doctor prescribed me a new medication that she says can often make people a little "weird" the first few days they take it.  She didn't specify what "weird" means.  TQC, how long until I go insane?  What's going to happen to me? D:

Hotels are gross.

What is the worst hotel experience you've ever had?

I just went to bed at the Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri and the mattress was soaked with what I assume was the previous occupant's urine. I didn't notice it until it soaked through the mattress pad adn I was all "What the hell? Why is it wet? OH GOD IT IS STRANGER PEE OH GOD OH GOD."
Don't ever go to this hotel. Ever.
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guys, i’m fucking sick of this. i’m 23 and haven’t been able to score a better job than a fucking cook at a local fast food joint. what makes it worse is that i live in a small town so business is pretty limited, and where i work is the only place that’ll hire high school graduates. i’d get the hell out of this town if i could actually drive too, but i’ve failed every damn test I’ve ever taken. i’m socially awkward, even my co-workers fucking hate my guts. i have repressed lust for one of my best friends too; she’s athletic, smart and a gorgeous southern bell. i love her. you know what it’s like; i’ve been friend zoned real hard. she’s my only real friend, besides this one kid, who i’m pretty sure is only hanging around me because he is mentally challenged. i guess he’s the only one that can tolerate me. my pet is incredibly needy and leaves weird slime everywhere.

how can i turn things around for myself?
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My bf and I were comparing male and female orgasms, and he said guys have to wait 30 minutes after they orgasm/ejaculate before they can do it again. I had heard about this, but he said afterwards that if a guy ejaculates every half hour more than 3 times in a row, it's dangerous to his health to the point of near death.

Is this true? Is it even partly true, and to what degree? Or is it more than true, and you have a friend of a friend of a cousin of a friend, who died after ejaculating too much during a hot night?

Bonus if you have resources to back it up online, 'cause googling did not help me answer this.
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i am going on somewhat of a date tomorrow afternoon. we don't have concrete plans, but will be meeting up around 1 or 2, and he's free until 8ish. i don't want to go see a movie because the only good one is toy story 3, and he's seeing that tomorrow night. suggestions don't necessarily need to be super cheap. so: what should we do?

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there is this guy, we had drunken sex and he is from the same uni and same faculty although my senior. We had it another time after that and we does talk to me whenever he sees me but he refuses to add me on facebook and he has blocked me.. my friends say he was using me.. Was he just using me for some meat??

Edit:i was the one drunk.. he just had a couple shots..

I've never done this before...

I'm going to get applications today for my first job (yay?). Should I dress up for this, or is that only for an interview? I'm mostly applying at locally owned businesses (bakery, sandwich shops, monogramming business, etc.). When I go in, do I ask the person working at the counter for an application or do I ask to speak with the manager? Also, should I fill in the application there or should I take it home and do it?

Thanks for any help!

DK/DC: Do you have a Kindle? Do you like it? I want one but I just love books so much.
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Twitter and Facebook questions continue!

If you have twitter: How many followers do you have? How many people do you follow?
Do you use twitter mobile?


If you have facebook: How many friends do you have? Do you know all of them IRL?
Do you do "Friend Sweeps" where you delete a bunch of people you don't ever talk to?

How often do you check your facebook?

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Why do people feed squirrels and pigeons? Don't they understand that they can fend for themselves, and really are just dressed up rats anyway?

They are not going to starve to death if you don't leave food out for them, neighbors!
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If a burglar attempts a break-in and is unable to get in, how likely is it that they'll come back and try again? Will they keep trying until they get in, or just move on to a different house?

Question for New Yorkers...

Hi, all--I'm going to NYC for a long weekend and I'd like to know the following: where should I have brunch?

My preferences are as follows:

1. Nice-ish, rather than greasy-spoon/grungy, but not ridiculously fancy. A brunch cocktail list is a plus, a $40 omelet is a minus.

2. Manhattan is preferred but not necessary--we're staying on Union Square and know our way around New York pretty well.

3. Being able to walk in on a Sunday is a plus, although I'll probably make a reservation anyway.

Thanks! If you have places in mind that don't fit this bill but you'd like to recommend anyhow, fire away.

The funeral home

Why do they even call it a funeral HOME? Nobody stays there for any length of time, it should be called a funeral pay-by-the-hour cheap motel or something.

So my mom died a few years ago. I remember when I went to the funeral home to do all the paperwork. I just did it earlier that year with her when her husband died, so I knew the drill well enough. But this was different. Alas, this time my mother wasn't with me. This time, I was all alone.

I braced myself with a stiff drink or two (at 11:00 a.m.) and gave myself a good stern talking to about NOT crying in the funeral home. I am pleased to say that I had enough self-control to not cry during that whole time although I was crying in the parking lot minutes before. Ah, us stoic Scottish bastards; I come from strong stock, I do. The funeral director made it sooo much easier than it could have been with his dry macabre sense of humor (not unlike my own). First things first, I made him take me through the casket selections on display even though he knew damn well that my mother was to be cremated without any frills. I had never been in a casket show room, indeed never caressed a casket before and trailing my hand along the different textures in the room, I dreamily wondered if he ever snuck in there late at night and crawled into the rubber gasket-sealed, scrolled metal model number 892 with the removable gilded angels mounted on each corner (so that each family member - up to a maximum of four! - could take a piece of casket home with them) and the extra plump satin pillow and lining. I was enamored. If I worked there myself, I certainly would have crawled in one at some point during my tenure. Perhaps even with a loved one, preferably alive.

As he went off to do the paperwork, I went back into the casket viewing room by myself and opened the child-size coffin sitting forlornly in the corner - it was a white lace motif on the outside and frothy pink frills on the inside - and thought about how these people could prey upon the bereaved day after day like that. When he returned, I asked the funeral director how he managed to do it for a living and he assured me that the field was an acquired taste and one that took a bit of wall-building in the beginning so that a person doesn't bring their job home with them at the end of the day. He said he would show me out and walked me to the door. And then out across the parking lot. And then right up to my car and held the car door for me. Do you think it inappropriate that he asked me if I wanted to get a drink with him sometime? I was half-tempted because secretly, I really wonder what that casket would feel like to lay in it sipping a mint julep when that rubber gasket-sealed lid came down.

Another boss question

I'm working a temp job (for the summer) where I'm expected to get a certain amount of work done every week. I always meet my deadlines, and it's very hands off. I don't really ever see my 'boss' but he just came in to talk to the coworker next to me (who he's pretty good friends with) and didn't acknowledge me at all. I haven't even talked to my boss in like two weeks, though I haven't really needed to, since the work is so hands-off and can even be done from home. Does he hate me? Am I just paranoid? Was it rude to not acknowledge me?

DK/DC Have you ever worked a 'temp' job? What was it like? Any temp job horror stories?
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I'm going back to school in the fall, for either psychology or criminal justice. They're each 3-4 year programs. I am super excited but nervous about devoting the next 4 years of my life to obtaining a degree that I am not guaranteed to get any use out of. I have an 8 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old at home and am doing my schooling online.

What did you go to college for?

Did you have children when you attended school?

How long did it take to obtain your degree?

Are you using your degree in your career right now?

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How young is too young to say you've been in love / loved someone?

(background: My friend insists the first time she fell in love was in 7th grade and that just seems unbelievably young to me...)
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1) You have tickets for a concert. You know 2 songs from the artist and you like these songs. Would you listen to her on youtube (or whatever) before you go there or do you prefer to wait for the concert and see it as a surprise?

2) BTW do you guys like Marit Larsen? Have you seen her live?

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 What do you do when you're seriously freaking out over something that is nearly impossible?
Assume that you've done things to make sure it's not possible, but something happened that makes you think there might be a very slim chance.

Okay, that was badly worded, new question:

What was the last thing you were freaking out over?
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Will you name a band/musical artist (excluding the one-hit wonder varieties, please) where you like just one or maybe two of their songs, and the rest of their music is unremarkable or even unenjoyable to you?

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Two of your closest friends have hooked up (had sex) after having just met each other once. They haven't used protection, though she is on the pill. He has been sexually active with multiple partners in the past year (and has on occasion not used a condom). She has had one partner.

As their friend, should you raise concerns about the lack of safe sex and try to encourage them to use protection? Or should you just not say anything and stay out of it? (they are both adults).

1. Why? Why not?

2. How would you go about expressing these concerns in a way that isn't offensive?

Many thanks.
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When's the last time someone from your past reconnected with you out of the blue? Were you happy to hear from them, and have you kept in touch?

My childhood best friend found me on Facebook, and we stayed up half the night texting. Also, my sister's first grade teacher just sent her a high school graduation card.

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If you could live in ANY fictional universe (that was made up by someone else), where would you live?

If it's a universe where non-humans and people with superpowers or magic are common or normal, what species/race/class would you be? What profession would you have?

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TQC, apparently my SO's mother thinks that Netflix is "a scam created by the government to steal your identity and sell porn." Will you all laugh and spork this comment for the crazy that it contains?

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There's this girl I go to uni with. I've known her since second year (now in fourth) but we've never really been friends. No reason, we're just both kind of socially awkward.

Anyway, it's Facebook! We've started talking recently, which is great, and we've hung out (and gotten drunk, and she fractured her ankle, heh). Point is, I've kind of got a crush on her.

Being all awkward as I am, I haven't gotten the nerve to ask her if she's seeing anyone. I've kind of gathered that she's not, but I don't know. Anyway, we chatted until about 3am this morning, and I woke up and had this crazy idea: tell her I like her.

I figure she can either reply positively, which is great, or negatively, which is also okay because at least then I know and we can be friends properly. She is a lot of fun, so being friends would be rather awesome.

I had someone do this once, and I really admired it. Of course, I was interested, so I didn't see what happens when the receiving party is not, but I figure people get crushes all the time, so it'd be no big deal.

Anyway, TQC, what do you think? Could I totally ruin my chances at friendship and be alone forever, or is this really going to work the way I think it is? Should I send the email?
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First my desktop's power supply went out twice, my xbox's power supply overheated and today my wii's power supply overheated. 
What the hell is going on in my house?

If you have a dog do you buy your dog cheap kids toys to chew on like the ones in a crane machine?
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I'm searching for an apartment.
My first one.
Are there warning signs that I should look out for when viewing an apartment?
My friend told me to look under the sinks and look for pest or their feces.

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How would you feel if you IM'd your uncle on facebook and two minutes later they changed their status to offline without replying? :/

How close are you with your family?
If you use Facebook do you have any of them on your friends list?

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I think white people kind of smell. Not bad or anything like that. They just dont smell like black people. Like, you know, Indian people smell like the food they eat. I dont know, different reasons.

Have you noticed different people smell different?

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Think of the biggest problem in your life right now. The one that has other smaller problems stemming from it. The one that gives you the biggest source of stress, anxiety, etc.

Would $10 million dollars solve your problem?

Maybe indirectly
It would help it, but it wouldn't solve it
It would help very little
It would do absolutely no good,
Something else explained in the comments

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Do you take Zyrtec?  How do you like it?

I took a pill last night right before I went to bed at four am and woke up at 9 am wide awake.  I forced myself to go back to sleep and woke up at noon then got drowsy and took a nap.  I feel kind of weird right now.


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What are the weirdest, most interesting, or unique ways you've ever made money? Or is there something you've done for free that you should totally have been paid for?

Would you rather pay someone to do something for you or take the time to do it yourself or learn to do it yourself, assuming it's something you could conceivably do on your own? Does it make a difference if it's a one-time-only thing you need done? Or if it's something you need done on a fairly regular basis?

What's your latest guilty-pleasure TV show/movie/book/magazine/whatever?

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I'm going to a 5-day music festival next month, and we're going to make a flag/banner to mark which campsite is ours in the massive field of identical-looking tents (means it'll be easier to find in the dark/drunk, too).

What should we put on it?

unrelated: am I going to pass my driving test tomorrow? I'm nervous.

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Out and about one day, you notice a house with its front door open, the driveway empty and no signs of life inside.
Do you:
a) ignore it?
b) go up and shut the door?
c) as with b, but leave a note as well?
d) go in and have a nose?

If the opportunity arose where you could steal and get away with it, would you?

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I've been thinking of seeing a therapist for a long time now but I finally decided to actually do it rather than just thinking about it.

For anyone who has gone to therapy can you tell me what I should look for when choosing a therapist? What should I expect?

Any advice you can give me so I actually follow through with this? I usually end up looking for one, getting a number and then never get up the courage to call. :/

DK/DC-what do you order when you eat Chinese food?
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Were you aware you could get a free piece of chocolate once a month at any Godiva boutique if you sign up for one of their free rewards cards?

What other really awesome rewards card freebies are out there?


MLP - pinkie chicken

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Will you talk to me about your experience with having teeth pulled or with IV sedation, TQC? I'm having 3 wisdom teeth and an impacted molar pulled on Friday and I am developing concern about being conscious of what's happening during the procedure.

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Two weeks ago I was talking to my supervisor (I'm her assistant) about putting in my two weeks notice. She begged me to stay for the summer and said that she wouldn't mind if I applied for jobs while I was at work as long as I stayed.

Today I found out that she put in her notice.

Would this annoy you?

I'm noticing that the people I work with like me but they really don't give a crap about me (as in, take random days off and leave me in the office alone).
Why do I feel bad if I leave them to work alone or something? Are you overly empathetic? How do you just stop caring so damn much?

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What should a follow-up letter to a job application include?

Can I use it to tell more about myself or is that solely something you put in the cover letter?

Should I just re-state that I am still very interested in the job?
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

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Does anyone know where I can find a box like this?

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My one got broken by the kids at school today, and I've had it for years and would really like to replace it, as the parts which got broken off have been lost and - by this point in the evening - vacuumed up, likely as not.
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I have lots of spinach and want to make spanakopita, but pine nuts are insanely expensive right now (due to more people buying U.S. pine nuts to avoid pine mouth, in case anyone is interested).

What nut/seed should I substitute instead? I'm thinking probably walnuts, but maybe almonds or pistachios? Or a blend of nuts/seeds? I make my spanakopita with little to no feta, in case that factors in.

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My cat had surgery today and I'm bringing him home tomorrow. The doctor told me I should keep him inside for a few days so I need to get a litter box for him. Will he find it and use it on his own or do I need to like show him it's there?

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TQC, I am tired all the time. I do have a messed up sleep schedule at the moment, but even when I was in high school and getting up early every morning and going to bed at 10 pm, I was still tired all day, every day. And it's not just the tired where you can push yourself through it to do something--I seriously am so tired that if I can, all I will do is stay in bed or on the couch all day. Horrible, I know. I exercise, but afterward, I feel like dying. I don't have the energy to make it through even a short walk.

I am not sure what's going on, but I'm trying to fix it. What are things I can do to make myself feel better?
What are foods that will give me energy? I still live with my parents and they eat horribly so sometimes it's really hard to maintain a healthy diet. My dad has agreed to go with me to the store this week and let me get some stuff (something he hasn't done before, even if I asked), so what should I get?

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So, if you heard that a 17 year old girl was having sex with her mom and step dad, what would you do?

Inspired by my friend just telling me about a friend of his: "she didn't talk to me for a few days... then I found out she was havin like... an escape with her mom and stepdad and had sex with both of them. I'm still in shock".

I say she is still a minor, so call it Child Abuse and get her away from those sick fucks.

EDIT:: Friend refuses to get involved, how far should I push him to let me be the one to turn them in, or if its even my place/worth it?
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I'm throwing my first house party this weekend, and I need to know how to make it kickass. So far, we have jell-o shots, Rock Band, Twister, and and a place for people to sleep in case they need to.

Any other suggestions?

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I have automatic payments set up for my car payment. Last Monday, my payment did not get taken out of my account. I didn't think anything of it, and just let it be, expecting it to get taken out the next week. This Monday, they didn't take out a payment again. I decided to call the dealership, and the payment lady wasn't in so I left her a voicemail, alerting her that the last two payments were not taken out and if she could give me a call to see what the issue was.

I wake up this morning, and my account is overdrawn because she took out both payments, without calling me back. I called her, twice, and it went straight to voicemail and I asked if she could refund one of the payments. She never got back to me, and now I'm going to get charged an overdraft fee. Do you think I should be upset?

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What is something I could do that doesn't involve people at all?

Should I become an anchoress? Would you become an anchoress or an anchorite?

This is non-serious only. I'm already aware that my future line of work involves people.

Don't know or care, what makes a person an adult (aside from biological changes and features)?
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Do gays/lesbians or straight women have more self-esteem issues?

My friend and I were discussing the upcoming Pride festivals and she thinks the internalized narcissism/superficiality of the gays in society is more detrimental than all the media images showing girls as a all being a size 10 or some shit.
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hi tqc

Like 3 1/2 months ago I interviewed for a job I didn't get. However, the company has posted a new ad for an opening for an identical position now, and I'd like to apply again. What would be the best sounding way to say "I know i already interviewed but I hope you give me another shot" or something like that?

BFs and GFs.

What do you think it means when everytime a couple* has an argument that the boyfriend always too quickly goes to the conclusion, "Well, do you just want to break up?"


BF: "What's wrong?"
GF: "I don't know what's wrong, I just know I'm upset."
BF: "Do you just want to break up?"

*Been together close to three years, living together.
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There's a bat living above my front door. Should I be worried about this? My husband says I'm overreacting by wanting to call animal control tomorrow, but I don't want to startle it and get bitten.

If you don't care, what is your favorite superhero?

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Is there any point in going to bed if you're not tired at all?

On nights when I have to get up early I try to go to bed 6 or 7 hours before I'm set to wake up. I almost always end up just lying there for at least two hours, too overwhelmed by my own thoughts and desire to sleep.

Is getting rest but not sleep better than not getting into bed at all?
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So say that you were given the opportunity to live in the country of your dreams, but you have to live in what is considered by locals to be the worst city in that country. However, you can live anywhere in that city. Would you consent to live in that country anyway or stay in your current location?

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My boyfriends parents hired me to tutor my bf's little brother in English. He is going into his freshman year, and his grammar, writing and reading levels are just not up to where he should be. He is also SUPER stubborn when Im tutoring him. I really need to help him though, because I know that he wont be able to pass this school year if I cant get through to him.
Any advice?

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Do you apply for a job even if you're not 100% sure you'll be able to handle it?

I'm seeing a lot of jobs that sound really fun and I know that with a little time, I could do them...but I just feel like if I'm not 110% qualified, I shouldn't apply.

What was your last really expensive purchase? How much was it?

I'm buying tires in a few days and I can't handle the idea of spending $360 on 'em- gah.
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I've decided to go on a mini road trip this weekend to Wisconsin to see the Aldo Leopold Foundation Center (because I love green building and nature and stuff) and the Milwaukee Art Museum (because I've been wanting to see this building for years). I'll be coming from Eastern Iowa and stopping through Dubuque, Baraboo, Madison and Milwaukee on the way (and could stop other places for other things to do).

Anything else I should do while there? Cool parks or book stores or museums I should see? I think just hitting those 2 places and driving there and back in two days will fill my time, but I could squeeze something else in!

DK/DC, how do you feel about traveling by yourself? Liberating and fun or lonely and scary?

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I want to watch movie right now but can't figure out what to watch. I'm not really in the mood for anything heavy or deep, just something lighthearted and fun.

What should I watch, TQC?
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When you were in kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?

How about in high school?

How about in your freshman year of college?

What is your current career/what are you studying to become?

What changed, if anything?

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I took a drug test earlier this evening (I'm renewing my permit to own) and my doctor just left me a voicemail letting me know that I had "passed, except [he] found a trace amount of THC," indicative of smoking pot around 25 days ago.

I haven't smoked pot since I was a teenager, almost 15 years ago. Even then, I only smoked it maybe half a dozen times.

The only other thing that popped up on the test was hydrocodone, which is from over the weekend -- I took 4 x 10mg pills on Saturday and 3 x 10mg on Sunday. I haven't taken any other medication in at least the last 6 months -- Tylenol/Advil included -- and I've ruled out food, since I hadn't eaten anything at lease 24 hours prior to the test and only drank water and a frappuccino this morning/afternoon. My doctor wants me to come back for a retest next week (he's not turning this one in) so I need to figure this out before then.

What the hell could show up as THC on a drug test, other than marijuana?

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I have killed more spiders in my bathroom in the past four weeks than I have in the past four years. They're all different sizes, but they're getting progressively bigger and more frequent. Aragog is on his way, yes? 

What household pest do you get the most of? Which do you hate the most?
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I'm helping bring my grandparents into the 21st century on their new(ish) laptop, besides skype and facebook (which they are already 'masters' at) what websites should I show and teach them about?
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Let's pretend it's whatever time your dumbass goes to bed. You are sleepy, but also hungry. Which of the following do you do?

1. Eat something, then go to bed.
2. Go to bed because shit, you can eat when you get up, son.
Grammar love!

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Insect-knowers of TQC, what is this creepy looking colorful insect? I saw it today. It looks like it should exist in the tropics or something, not Illinois.

Collapse )

On that note, does anyone know of a free online database of insect species? Preferably with pictures or at least diagrams.

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I has cat. You has cat? Do you let your cat drink out of your cups?
Mine seems hell bent on a mission to drink out of my cup no matter what, even if there is a bowl of water for her!!! Why is she doing this TQC?!

Also, hows life been treating you this monday or whatever day it is for you?

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For the people who use both Twitter and Facebook: what determines whether something gets posted to Twitter or posted to FB? i.e., are some thoughts more Twitter-esque and others more FB-suited?

Because to me, they seem like the same thing - short updates. But then I don't use Twitter and rarely post FB status updates.

Guy + girl ---> friends?

Sorry, I wrote this in a girl's point of view, but do you think this could work out?

Say you and a guy friend previously had sexual energy with each other at the beginning of your relationship. But then things didn't work out because you guys had different values regarding relationships. But you guys truly do love each other as people and aim to keep it as a big-brother/little-sister relationship, and you know that you want to be there for him through his troubles and he for you. You weren't originally attracted to his good looks but rather his personality, if that matters. Also, he mentioned that he genuinely wants you to continue being in his life, and you yourself want this, too, but you want him as like a best guy friend.

Do you think this could work? Why or why not? You can write about personal experiences, too, if you want. Also, mention if you are female or male.

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I haven't seen my roommate in 5 days. He hasn't called, texted, or answered his phone when either me or my other roommate called him. Today I was sent to a message saying that his phone is either off or he's out of the service area. He does not have a car and we live in a fairly small town. Where is he/what happened to him? Srs/non srs, doesn't matter.

ETA: I looked at his Myspace and it says he hasn't logged in since 5/11/2010, but in his feed, he became friends with someone 2 days ago. WTF?

It's been so crazy hot lately that it's hard to eat during the day and I hate eating too soon before I go to bed. What do you suggest?

dk/dc/the questions suck, what's your favorite magazine?
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One of my co-workers keeps freaking out and screaming over things and randomly talking to himself. Should I be scared that he is going to go postal on all of us?

When was the last time you felt super hot?

Yesterday and today at work when I was dressed up (I had to wear my big girl career clothes for my summer temp job) and everyone--including my boss--told me how great I looked and how I always wear the best clothes and shoes. The guys staring at me didn't hurt either! One guy even told me that if Donald Trump saw me in the dress I was wearing, he would hire me on the spot!

Have you ever applied to go on a game show/reality show/dating show etc.? How did it work out for you? Or if you know someone who did how did it work for them?

I applied to go on the Apprentice but never heard back. I also made a mock audition tape for The Bachelor with me pretending to be a pirate but never sent it in. (We were REALLY bored one weekend!)

Has anyone applied for a job with NBC Universal? I keep checking my status and it keeps saying my resume has not yet been read. How long does it usually take for it to at least be checked out?
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What sorts of questions would be on an English placement test for college? Math?

Edit: My program is baking and pastry arts management, if that will have any bearing on your answers.

I have those tomorrow. I don't know what, if anything, I should refresh myself on. I haven't even looked at English since January. :x
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When you eat quinoa, is it the main dish or a side dish?

If it is the main dish, what side dishes could go with it?

If it is a side dish, what is your main dish?

Isn't dish an odd word? I've typed it so many times in this post that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Dish. Hmm.