June 21st, 2010

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Do you guys pee in front of your SO? Please tell me details regarding circumstance and whatnot.

Who the fuck would get their ass bleached?

And yeah this was inspired from Kourtney and Khloe take Miami

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I just CANNOT get to sleep!!!!
I just cannot relax enough to to be able to sleep!!!!!
My anxiety HAS to be at fault right now
This has Been going on for the last couple off WEEKS and it's getting WORSE!!!
It's 12.46 am right now and I NEED an early night for once.

I am so tempted to go out and by some milk so I can try warm milk but that has always has mixed results with me


Yes I realise before anyone says or asks. Yes I have a stress issue and an unmedicated anxiety issue.

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I know some people are extra bad at spelling but where does "horriable" come from? I keep seeing it EVERYWHERE and idgi, why do so many people have this inspiration to spell it like that?

What misspelled words make you shake your head?

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Have you been to any music festivals?
Which ones?

I'm going to Glastonbury festival this week!
I need to keep warm in the evenings, with the option of taking layers off in a crowd. I also don't want to carry too much.
Do I layer up woolly jumpers or go for one really thick one?

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My mom is going to *get her Shih Tzu professionally bred and then fixed after and I get one of the puppies FO' FREE.
I need your help with names. I'm going to keep its hair really short except for its ears and tail because that would just look silly. So imagine a teddy bear with a long haired tail.

I like names from books and movies, but if you're particularly creative, throw 'em at me. Nothing more than two syllables. And pleeeease no human names!

Help me? :)


*Edit #2: I truly just wasn't aware about the breeding. Thanks for giving me the heads up, I promise that for all our sakes I will talk to my mom about going to a shelter instead.
Now can I please have some names?
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Inspired by the savings question (in a round-about way)

I do not have a job and it isn't looking good. What are some ways I can make money?

I'm already selling stuffs on eBay/amazon/craigslist/etsy
I don't want to sell my eggs or my sexy times

Any ideas? Anything you've done?

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1. TQC, I woke up with a horrible crick at the base of my neck on the right side. I'm going into the studio to paint for 6+ hours today, and since I am right-handed, my shoulder/neck are going to make me want to DIE. :[ Do you have any quick-fix suggestions for me? I just took two ibuprofen, but I don't think that is going to help all that much. I would get a hunky dude to come over and rub my neck all day, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of hunky dudes in my vicinity.

2. Would you ever want someone to paint a portrait of you? Like, to hang in your house? Like, idk, a portrait of you + your family to hang in the living room or something (+ pets!!). Or would you find that creepy? I was telling someone that I was painting a portrait for a family, and they were all, "OMG WAT. That is soooooooo creepy! Why would anyone want a painting of them in their house! Ugh! That'd be so weird!"

dk/dc: I am disjointed and sort of loopy this morning, how are you? Anything you want to talk about?

Kitten names

TQC, I am getting a kitten today and I don't know what to name it if it's a girl. If it's a boy I'm naming it Ollivander and calling it Ollie. I originally was going to name the girl nymphadora but I'm undecided now. I want it to be creative, maybe from a book or something.
pantalaimon (his dark materials)
katniss (the hunger games)

thanks :)
Oh hay thar

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What are the chances I'll be able to fly with an unopened box of 8 little packages of coffee for the coffee maker? Looked on TSA's website and there's only mention of coffee that is actually in your cup. Called TSA and spent more time defending why I was bringing this on the plane than actually receiving an answer.

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I'm going away with some friends. Two of them are leaving tomorrow night and driving, another friend and I are flying down early Friday morning.

What are some things that I could send down in my friends car so that I won't have to carry them onto the plane?

*We're going to Florida

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Whats a good present for someone who has everything?

My friend wants to get his ex girlfriend (possibly getting back together with her soon) a birthday present.

Problem is: shes a spoiled lil brat who has everything or can get anything she wants and he works hard for his minimum wage. I don't want to see him spend a shitload and have her not appreciate it.

Shes really into shitty underground bands that she interviews on her college radio show and shes into overpriced clothes and purses. =/
I really don't know how else to describe her. lmao

inspired by Latino USA on NPR

What social programs or services do you think undocumented immigrants should be able to have access to? Welfare or government health care benefits? Should the children (also undocumented) of undocumented immigrants be able to get financial aid for college or loans? Should they even be accepted into college without paying international tuition rates?
Rainbow Skull

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Today is the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. Are you celebrating in any way?

Doing Father's Day today because my mom had to prep for a colonoscopy yesterday. Even dad admitted it would be a bit rude to eat tasty ribs while she was chugging lemonade.
françoise laugh

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If you meet an SO or a friend or whatever online, how do you deal with it in real life? Like if someone asks 'how do you know each other?', do you respond with 'oh yeah we met on okcupid/livejournal/match.com/whatever!' Or do you lie?


Have you got any favourite actors that you really liked and then you found out thier religious/ political beliefs and now you cannot see them the same way again?

Who is it?

Inspired buy happening upon an official twitter account on an actor that I really like...and I found out he really is not a nice person...or at least from my point of view.

Mine was Adam Baldwin
Pez&Ziv colour

Partner In The Sex Industry/Sex Worker

There was an article in today's Vancouver Sun newspaper about a prostitute who was fan murdered in the suburbs and her boyfriend who lives in a different province informed the police that he had been given a list of Johns and pimps who were "of concern" and if anything were to happen to her, to give the list to the police.

***the questions***

1) This made me wonder, why a man, or for that matter, anyone, in a relationship would accept their partner being a sex worker, being it prostitution, S&M work pornography?

2a)Would you be ok with your partner working in said fields?

2b)Would it make a difference if they were already working the field before you started dating?

BTW, I don't mean that they had worked in it and stopped, I mean currently, actively working in it.

my answer
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Rich Person Hate

Do you get annoyed when you see people post in a judgemental way about 'rich people' when the examples of 'rich' stuff are not that uncommon? For example, going on holiday, creating a birthday present list (you should just be happy with what you get!! Spoiled bitch!!! Never mind if the list is full of reasonable stuff and you're not demanding any of it) when family asks you what you want for your birthday, being able to afford new clothes or having airconditioning or more than one car, or having a walk in wardrobe?

Because I do. I'm not saying that anyone who can't afford or doesn't have that stuff is wrong, but I think picking on it is a bit much.

Could you see how people would get offended by the following post? Because she couldn't see it even when I changed it so that it was full of 'poor person' stuff that's not 'poor' it's pretty normal (eg second hand clothes, public schools, camping holidays) and made judgemental comments about as if people would be that poor on this site lol.

It was in response to a thread where she said he'd blogged about tips for cruising.

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Another question: Ever been on a cruise or want to? What was it like? (I prefer other sorts of holidays but we can afford some cruise ships after saving up like for any  holiday, we just don't want to go on them particularly. Maybe one day though)

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I need to get a new digital compact camera. It'll be mostly for general purpose, but i'd like one that takes flattering night portraits and being able to change settings such as ISO would be a bonus.
Any reccommendations?
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Have you ever had a concussion?

If so, what caused it? What were your symptoms like, and approximately how long did they last?

I have a mild one from an injury that happened yesterday morning, and I'm trying to gauge how long it might be until I'm feeling... less crappy.
Liz Lemon

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I have a job interview in an hour and a half, and I'm starting to get nervous! I'm sure I'll be fine once I get there, but the anticipation is starting to get to me. I really want this job.

Do you have any job interview horror/hilarious stories that you care to share? Alternatively, what was the last thing that made you feel nervous or anxious?

Which movie am I talking about?

Without consulting IMDB or any other resource, can you tell me which film I'm describing?

1. Tom Cruise tells a room full of men how to respect their cock - Magnolia

2. Nicole Kidman slaps the monkey, but quickly hugs it - Golden Compass

3. Ben Affleck kisses another man and his girlfriend breaks up with him - Chasing Amy

4. Denise Richards is shot by the cop, who makes it look like self defense - Wild Things

5. Rosario Dawson flies into space, after following the clues on the pizza napkin - Men in Black II

6. Tom Hanks orchestrates it so his fiancee's mother gets to eat an enormous penis - Bachelor Party

7. Alec Baldwin is dead and needs help getting people out of his houseBeetlejuice
My Wild Irish Rose

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Can you point me to me some good short stories that are either about, or involve  (more than a few characters drinking it occasionally), coffee? 
Preferably one I can acess on the internet.  :)

DK,/C/No:  What's your favourite coffee place, and why do you like it?

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Has anyone here been to a chiropractor? What should I expect when I go in for my first visit? Do you think the chiropractor helped any with your back problems? What kinds of things do they do to help with back pain?

I went snowboarding over Spring Break and took some nasty falls, and since then, my back has been hurting on and off. Some days it doesn't hurt at all, but a lot of days it's a dull ache or to the point where it hurts to move. I know how I sleep contributes to this (I'm a stomach and side sleeper), but I've been unable to train myself to sleep on my back. Exercise helps some days, and other days it just makes it worse. I've never had back issues before, so this is a bit frustrating. Sometimes ibuprofen doesn't even help. My main concern is when work starts up again in the fall. I have to be on my feet most of the day since we can get in trouble for sitting down (if you're sitting, you're not teaching!), but sometimes this makes it hurt, and so I have to sit down to feel any relief.


I am starting my own line of accessories for the alternative folk. But I cannot decide on a name...the list is as follows.

Flatline Couture

Flatline Designs

Flatline Creations


I realise they are jsut variations but I like at least of them...the forth is sorta a "Hey I did not think of that yet"
What sounds better to you guys?

I dont care if you hate all of them

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How come I always miss out on the good drama in tqc?
It doesn't matter how late I stay up, every time I check tqc_drama there are new posts, it's like you all wait for me to fall asleep and then start with the crazy :(

Need a tissue?

Who gets more annoyed at a sneezing fit?   The person sneezing or the people who have to hear it and keep saying "God bless you!" over and over again.  
Does the setting make a big difference?    Lets say in a library vs a busy hallway.

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If Lady Gaga got a sex change, who would she be?

Lord Gaga
Ladyboy Gaga
David Bowie
Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh's worst nightmare. Men would be converted into homosexuality right and left
macaroni murder lady

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I've broken out in hives again. I'm pretty sure I've identified and eliminated the aggravating factor but it's still maddening. Unless they get quite a lot worse I can't afford a doctor's visit for something that'll clear up on its own, and I can't afford the time off work to constantly dope myself up with Benadryl. I'm using hydrocortisone cream, and it helps some, but what else can I do to / put on / put in my body to alleviate the itching without knocking me out?

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So, for those of us without a job, how many applications/cover letters and resumes have you sent out?

I just counted and came up with 28 in the past month, with only one of those actually leading to a real job.

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Every year for my Dad for Father's Day I go get him a lobster and clams and go have lunch with him at his apartment. He was super busy yesterday so I am doing it this afternoon.

What type of dessert should I pick up at the grocery store to go with this?

*Reason I'm asking is because Dad is diabetic and I'm not super familiar with diabetic diets.

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When you ask for advice and the advice you receive is not what you want to hear, are you likely to take that advice on board?
Why/why not?

Have you ever had acupuncture?
How was it?
Was it for recreational purposes?
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if you have a paid account, will you talk me into getting one so i can get some more userpics and be able to edit comments?

or if you don't, will you talk me out of wasting my money on the internet?
Autumn Pink

Do you like my ugly shoes?

What is the difference between having little to no moral stance and not being judgmental?

Will you write a rap song real quick and tell us your lyrics?

Personal favorite song for Florence + The Machine?

Are you someone who likes boundaries, rules, lines, etc.? Or not? How do you figure?
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Has anyone with a TimBuk2 bag washed theirs?

I have the ballistic fabric and they say it can be thrown into the washer, but I'm terrified of ruining it. I love my bag, and I don't have the money to replace it, but it needs to be washed.


 My mom is taking her dog to be put to sleep, in a bit, and is really depressed and down about it. It's the right thing to do, because the poor dog is sick and can't even really move or eat or anything, but it's a hard thing to do :[

Any suggestions on what I can do to help make her feel a bit better? I was thinking about getting a cheesy old horror movie for us to watch, since that always seems to cheer her up, but idk.

Alternatively, have you ever had to put down a pet before? 
Patsy Stone

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My sister's friend apparently has an app on his phone that lets him input phone numbers into a "text-hack app" and he can read that person's text messages. He claims that he doesn't use the app, but I don't trust him. Is there a way for me to block him from doing this? He has T-Mobile and a Samsung phone. I don't know the model. I have AT&T and an iPhone.

ETA: I'm just going to block his number. He's being rude and doesn't understand why I would be mad. Not worth trying to be nice.

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I just saw a commercial for those stupid ~collector~ toy trucks. They're ~die-cast~ with ~~real moving parts~~.

You get 2 of them for $10. ~~~A $60 value!!!~~~

TQC, who the fuck is buying so many of these stupid $5 toy trucks that the people making them can afford to make good-quality, professional commercials and air them in the middle of the day on the Science Channel???

D/c: Should I get a pet corn snake? Have you ever had a pet snake? Will you tell me about pets you have/had that are not cats or dogs?
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I got a letter from a university library saying that I lost one of their books and if I don't give it back in a week, they are going to bill me for it. I swear, I returned this book after final exams! Still, I looked everywhere where it could be if it was still in my possession and I don't have it. It's large monograph, two feet by one and half, so it's not exactly easily mislaid. I am so fucked. Am I going insane? Should I call up the library and fruitlessly insist I returned the book about a month ago? HAVE YOU SEEN IT ANYWHERE BY ANY CHANCE?!

Have you ever lost a library book? How about something a friend lent you?
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It totally sucks when you have a whole bunch of straw holes in your shake/frappucino/slurpee thing and you have to keep moving your straw around to suck anything up it, confirm/deny?

I have never had a shake/frappucino/slurpee.
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I'm wondering how those of you who like to travel deal with having pets. I have a cat, and would like to get another, or perhaps a dog, but I'm worried I'd want to join the Peace Corps or spend summers in various other countries and it wouldn't work out.

Do you have someone in a permanent location to take care of your pets? Just not have pets? Foster pets instead?

I've thought about fostering pets when I knew I was going to be in one place for awhile and had the means to do so. Have you ever fostered pets? Experiences? I'm worried I'd get too attached.

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I finally quit my job. I have two weeks notice. My boss called and asked me if I could PLEASE PLEASE "help them out a bit longer" which means, I don't even know, indefinitely. I just want out :( Am I being a pushover for saying yes, because I don't have any new job lined up and feel like I don't have any real reason to not help them by working here longer?

Dk/dc, this store, in addition to being the never ending job nightmare I cannot seem to escape, smells like sour milk. I cannot find the source :( What is it??

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My brother was off with a friend this weekend and he came back pretty sunburnt. My dad thinks he's okay, but he's going through his sunburn relief stuff like crazy. I don't know exactly what it is, I assume it has aloe in it. It's a tiny hotel bottle from Disney World that we had laying around lol. I'm heading to Target and I'm gonna see if I can get more of a similar something.

Should I just get an aloe gel or is there something specific I should look for? I've never had to treat a sunburn like this before.

Alternatively- how badly have you been sunburnt?
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What words do you find most annoying? Not necessarily for a practical reason, but just words that irritate the shit out of you.

"Sammich" and "disrespect." Both make me want to cry or perhaps kill someone.

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have you ever ruined a really big surprise (for yourself or someone else)?

my mom is buying me a brand new car and i just found out :( she was going to have it waiting for me when i got back from a trip and throw me the keys. i suck

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I have a chin length bob at the moment, but I'm really torn between letting it grow or having it cut short again

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DK/DC do you have long or short hair? Do you dye it? If you could get away with any hairstyle, what would you choose?
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What was the last thing that made you go, "Jeez, grow the fuck up!"? *

My best friend told me a few weeks ago to lay off Facebook a bit, so I wrote on her wall today for the first time in three weeks to ask a question and then recieved a text saying "You're doing a shit job of not posting all the time." Lol. She should be damn grateful that I actually want to speak to her and not be drama-Queen like because in future, I won't bother contacting her at all!

*ETA: Besides this post, people.
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The situation:
You have a houseguest for the weekend. You leave them alone in your home while you are not there for several hours (or longer). They decide to be nice and clean. Your cast iron skillet is out on the counter with its oil coating as it should be. They decide it is dirty and clean it. You arrive home and discover your cast iron skillet soaking in the sink with a LOT of soap in it.

What do you do? (immediate reaction, how do you let them know not to do that)

(You aren't really supposed to clean cast iron with soap, or soak it in water, because both activities promote rust)

I made a sort of big deal about it, right then. My SO says I shouldn't have because it probably made the house guest feel terrible. But the houseguest is going to stay here without us next weekend and I don't want to deal with ANOTHER ruined skillet.

ETA: I'm not blaming the houseguest. It was a mistake. I don't want it to happen a second time, and houseguest has a tendency of ignoring me when I talk. SO said I should have just ignored it and is harping on me about supposedly making houseguest feel bad. I really don't want to come home next weekend and discover it soaked in the sink the entire 3 days I'll be gone.

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I live (permanently) in...

United States
United Kingdom
A country I will post in the comments

This was not meant to be an exhaustive list, I just put the countries that I'm pretty sure most people in TQC are from. Don't be offended if you're not on there.

If you're from different countries, put the one you feel is your most permanent home (the one you are more than likely to live in regularily for a good long time)

Books and Food

If you are not vegetarian: Do you ever eat fake meat?
My boyfriend just tried my Quorn chik nuggets and was impressed.

If you are vegetarian: What are your favorite fake meat brands?
Mostly Quorn and some Morningstar.

What is the last book you got from the library?
I just checked out "A Colourful Death: A Cornish Mystery" but I am reading "The Happiness Project".

If you don't go to the library- Why not?!
Don't forget libraries have free dvd rental, free video game rental internet, programmes, BOOKS!
Hell - Picasso Devil

I heart TV

I started doing a rewatch of DS9 which I remember really liking when it was in first run, but it's not quite like I remembered, and I can't decide whether to carry on mainlining it. Also, I'm going to a one man con of Richard Dean Anderson (NOM) in August and I figure I could gear up for that by rewatching some SG1, or maybe crack open the season one MacGyver DVDs a buddy sent for my birthday. I just finished a rewatch of Buffy :D I also have a bunch of new-to-me shows I want to try...

What show should I watch next, TQC?

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Poll #1581811 what should I read next?

What should I read next

A novel
a book about the history of costume
a book about the history of the Lower East Side
a book about baseball
a book about medicine
the boys from queens

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are you on any fashion sale lists?

i am on:

gilt group
editor's closet
beyond the rack
rue la la
haute look

if yes, which is your favorite?
if no, would you like invites?

dk/dc: what was your best purchase EVER?

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What is your favourite type of cupcake or cake?
Or what is a way to make cupcakes a bit more exciting?
OR is there anything special you eat on your birthday? What?

It's my best friends birthday at the start of next month and I always make her birthday cupcakes but I've exhausted most of my cupcake repetoire the last few years.

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When my partner and I came back home from the community pool late this afternoon, we both had to pee really badly. He told me I could go first. When I was done, I didn't flush and instead just told him to go ahead. He saw the pee in the toilet and was like, "Ehhh D:" He couldn't get past the fact that there was pee in the toilet.

I mean, he finally peed because he really had to go, but WHY WOULDNT HE PEE ON MY PEE?? What's the difference anyway? It's all going to the sewer.


have any of you ever had experience with that kricket wireless? 

im thinking of getting a phone and i cant afford any of the major companies, and i wont be using the phone for much more than texting anyway. im just worried it will suck.

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Westboro Baptist Church is going to be picketing the university in my city this Friday. Part of me wants to make a sign and counter their picket but they really should just be ignored since they deserve no more than that.
What would you do?
Flea - Kiss

So let's say...

You and your sweetie just recently moved back apart because you left campus and each moved in with your respective parents, about a 5 hours drive away. Usually one of you send the other a weird/gross/funny-faced picture or sign, and the other responds in kind. This Sunday I was sent this.
Usually we respond within a few hours (especially if we're already talking online/the phone). I was too lazy to do it yesterday, and was sent this today, accompanied with the message "You owe me two more, sphincterface".
Which two of these should I send back? Side note, his camer's date is usually wrong because the battery thing pops out. Do you know of a good way to fix this? Is taping the slider over a good idea?

What is a good way to convince your SO to change their hair?

If you have curly/wavy/busy hair, do you bother straighten it in the summer?
I personally don't see the point.

Have you recently gained employment? Lost it? I got a job today!

What is the last purchase you made, irl?
I bought a cameo hairclip from DollarTree.

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My boyfriend and I are going to be separated (by distance - not a large distance, but more distance than we're used to) for the next month.

After that we're moving in together.

How do I keep myself entertained for the next month without him around?
serious or non-serious answers

Also, for a real question...
Any advice for moving in with a SO? This is a fairly new relationship, but it's the only practical option for both of us. I'm excited about it, but also nervous as I've never lived with a boyfriend before.
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When you relate to others (specially people you met recently) how much do you let your gut guide you when it comes to getting to know them better or rather not 'letting them in'?

This is difficult to formulate, so I'll give an example: You meet someone (or knew them already for a few weeks/months) and when you spend time with them sometimes you feel very uncomfortable but you cant quite explain or understand why. Do you continue having contact with the person because you dont really have a good explanation as to why you shouldnt, or do you trust your gut (feeling uncomfortable) without questioning the matter further and decide to not continue contact?

And generally: How much do you follow your gut when it comes to relating to others?

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Do you keep a pen and paper journal?
What do you write about in it? 

My fiance picked out a nice journal for me today. 

When's the last time you took a trip? Where to?

I'm leaving for Toronto in a few hours! :D

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1. Has anyone done invisalign? Did you like it/dislike it? Was it worth it?

2. Are at home whitening kits just as good as having your dentist do it? If so, any recommendations for good ones?

3. Does anyone here not have cable and just use a converter box for local channels? I'm considering canceling my cable but keeping the internet service. I don't really watch cable except to have it on as background noise. I just figure I could watch TV shows online via Hulu, and I have Netflix, so there's that for movies and TV shows as well.

4. Would you eat chocolate covered bugs? I ate some the other day at the museum after going through the bug exhibit. They reminded me of chocolate covered almonds.

5. Have you ever entered any kind of essay (or other types of writing) contests? Have you ever won any prizes? What was the prize?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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I'm at the Cake Wrecks book signing right now.

I was never assigned a letter so I will have to wait until the end to get my book signed.

How long am I going to have to wait?

DK/DC: I have no other question. I really only care about how long I'm stuck here.

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Do you think that "Ninja" kid from yesterday actually ended up going to rehab today? I hope he did.

Is there anyone in TQC you've been wondering about lately and haven't had the opportunity to ask about? Let it out.

dk/dc: Alex Trebek- Better with or without the 'stache?
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Will you post picture(s) of eyeglasses that you like and/or of your own?

It's due time for me to get some new frames and I'm looking for ~inspiration
Rugby Beard

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It's June 21st, why the hell haven't my landlords cashed my rent check yet?? (it was due May 31st). Am I getting free rent for the month of June?

If you're a renter, when do your landlords usually cash your rent check?
oh mr. tea

Dear Doctor TQC...

I got 3 tick bites over the weekend. I've been feeling a bit of muscle soreness randomly throughout the day. Should I go to the doctor just to be extra-cautious?

(Sorry, I feel like this is a no-brainer, but part of me thinks maybe I'm jumping the gun.)
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homeless, PAINTprogramPIC


In your opinion what makes a book/ series good? What makes a book/series popular?
Those questions might kind of go hand in hand. I don't really know.
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What was the last movie you watched that was a total let-down?

For me, it was An Education. I found David's character to be really creepy from the beginning, and the feeling kept growing all the way through. :/
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What TV show would you most like to see a musical episode for THAT NEVER DID ONE? Current or past, idc

I think a musical Mythbusters would be fabulous.

TV shows

After we(my partner and I) finish "Chuck" and I catch up with "True Blood" we will be watching "Breaking Bad", what do you recommend?

We like Sci fi and or dark drama.

Nothing too political or fan servicey please

(no subject)

1. Have you ever bought a new battery for your phone?

2. Have you ever bought new laces for your shoes?

3. Have you ever had shoes repaired?

4. Have you ever repaired a piece of clothing?



Long story as short as possible: my best friend started talking to this dude who turned out to be a HUGE clinger. He texts her at least once an hour & if she doesn't answer immediately he texts 5 minutes later with something like "you don't wanna talk to me?" or "are you ok?"

They went on 1 "date" (before he showed his crazy) & on their 2nd "date" she brought me & another friend along for backup. The dude was all over her & clashing with us & it was bad. After we essentially kicked him out it was decided this dude NEEDS to go.

He texted her literally 2 minutes after he left with "I miss you so much. I can't wait to see your face again soon!" really.

He seems like a nice guy but he has anxiety issues & she doesn't wanna be a bitch or just ignore him (both of which I've suggested).

TQC, how do we get rid of this guy?! He seriously will not take a hint! (srs/non-srs)

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There is a bid on eBay for a Microsoft Office 2007 product key and a link to download the software. The ad says there are no physical disks involved, just the product key and the download link. Sound legit or like a scam? 
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What is the website that has audio of people from all different countries and regions of those countries speak the same sentence in English to show you examples of their accents?

I failed at google.
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So this chick I know was talking about how she's not going to let her son watch Sesame Street because it supports the gays with Bert's & Ernie's ~*relationship*~.

what the hell is she smoking?
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my financial aid stuff for summer was just deposited into my bank account. they automatically take out my tuition ($325) from my total ($660) and deposit the rest ($335) into my account. there was only $313 deposited today. where is my other $22?

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How do you feel about being asked to be kissed (by someone you are clearly interested in)?

I'm going camping for 6 days and won't have a cooler. What foods should I bring?
I have packet soup and beans on the list at the moment.