June 20th, 2010

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Help Me Dr. TQC

What have been your experiences with antidepressants? Have they helped you?

What helps you cope with depression?

I've been considering taking them... I always have an underlying feeling of sadness, even when I'm feeling happy. I'm always in that depressed state of mind. :|

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How do you clean an oven? Ugh...
Is there a way to do it without buying oven cleaner?

Also - I'm moving at the end of the week and I need to get my house spic and span. Any cleaning tips for the bathroom and/or kitchen?

-I feel like cleaning at 1AM just makes me a maniac.-
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Image Recognition Failure

So I;'m looking at course descriptions for colleges because that's apparently what I do at 1:15 a.m., and I realised I didn't really understand what I was looking at.

Collapse )

What do the numbers that I've underlined with thick, darker blue pen here mean?  Are they room numbers or time slots or...?
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help me make all my life decisions

1. should i go crawling back to AT&T for an iphone? i've got the money now sorta (just got to save a little bit more), but the last i remember of AT&T is my mother getting charged for things she never used or asked for and customer service being dicks about it. i also figure this'll give me a chance to establish a credit history for myself, and i already know i'll have money to put aside every month for the bill. i'm just afraid i might lose my job or something and get stuck with a $175 cancellation fee, so i was planning on saving up that and putting it somewhere so i won't be encouraged to spend it. /TL;DR

so will you share AT&T horror stories? or convince me to get one because my ipod touch never leaves my side and my phone will barely turn on sometimes?

2. anything you've been waiting for lately, TQC? srs/non srs. personally i've been waiting for someone to comment on my seizure-inducing icon by way of accusing me of being a troll and then i might pounce on it.
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Do you think that my southern accent could hold me back in my career if I moved somewhere out of the south? I guess what I'm worried about is not being taken seriously because of the novelty of my accent, or having the "people from the south are dumb" stereotype surrounding me wherever I go.
If it helps I would eventually like to work in the newspaper industry or for some form of online news source.  
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(no subject)

in honor of it being father's day will you post pics of your favorite celebrity DILFs?

or just talk about all your daddy issues and i'll try to listen
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I'm really new to thrift store shopping. I was wondering, do they sell things that they actually know work (electronics) or do they just sell them no matter what? I was kind of wanting a VCR and some VHS tapes but I don't want to waste the money if none of them work. What should I do?

Also, what is the best thing you have seen or bought at a thrift store?


I'm sitting here very angry right now because some little fucker tried to break into my house at 5 this morning. My husband almost caught him,but he ran off. We live on the military base and the police came and took our report. They told us that it was a group of teens and they are being lead by a Sargent Major's kid,who was finally barred from the base after being arrest 12 TIMES!!

a: What the hell is wrong with kids now adays that they have so little respect for soldiers that they would steal from them?

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(no subject)

I am going to a wedding this upcoming weekend. I have NO IDEA what to get the bride and groom for a present. They're one of those couples who basically already has everything they need, and they don't own a house, so things like a hardware store gift card are out.

They're getting a puppy soon though, and I was thinking a gift certificate to the good pet food/supply store might be good. The puppy is the husband-to-be's wedding gift to himself.

Good idea/bad idea?

(no subject)

My Firefox can't show Divx. I am going to just change browsers until they decide to fix it with a new patch.

What browser do you recommend? I want something like Firefox and I need my Adblock Plus or something similar. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Poll #1580896 Aaaaarrgghh

Where the fuck is my USB stick? I have looked everywhere

Have you checked the fridge
Go look in your room on the drresser again
Go look in your room on the floor again
Check the living room couch
It's in your shorts' pocket, which is now in the wash 'cause the universe is teaching you ALWAYS CHECK YOUR POCKETS
I have it, actually, the ransom will be mailed to you soon
Somewhere Else (to be specified in comments)

ETA:  I found it!  It was in the pocket of the shirt I wore yesterday (which happened tyo be on my dresser, TY everyone who picked that, hahaha).
Yay. ^__^

For latecomers: erm... what's the place you most often seem to lose things?
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(no subject)

ugh will you talk about how messed up your sleeping schedule can be to make me feel better about having to work from 4 until 9 later and still being up? i tried to fall asleep and then got f*cking distracted by facebook.

or if you take naps, how long do they usually last?

ty for your time.

(no subject)

I just got my very first ipod.
(and accidentally a word)

Is there anything that you feel super late to the game with?

I also got my first Mac. Are there any tips/tricks/whothefuckknows that you know about that I should know about?

I'm overwhelmed!
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(no subject)

Today I'm going to the National Aviary with my 2 year old cousin! (and her dad and my mom) What would you want to see at the aviary?

My mother told me we were leaving at 9:30am. I just checked the aviary's website and it doesn't open until noon on Sundays. Why did my mother want me to get up this early on my day off?

Have you ever used a sugar scrub? I just got one from Lush for my lips and I am loving it.

dk/dc: What are you doing today?
pauly d peaches!

(no subject)

TQC, I am dumb and accidentally put my iPod in the wash (I forgot I had left it in one of my jeans pockets). Is there anything I can do to save it?

ETA: Thanks everyone! I put it in uncooked rice, let's hope for the best.


For you non-paid account folks like me, which ads are always coming up for you?

I am constantly getting a banner ad for safehaven.org. It's that program where you can basically abandon your baby at a hospital within the 1st few weeks and not have any legal ramifications. Who do they think I am, TQC?

Of note, the hospital where I work has been a Safe Haven hospital for years and I don't think we've ever had a drop-off. I think it's a decent program. Much better than the alternatives.

For the paid account people or the dk/dc crowd, what's your favorite carbonated beverage?

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Poll #1580904 Age and dating and variables

If you are 18 years or older would you date someone eight years older than you who is physically disabled 30% of the time?(They are unable to leave their home)

I'm not sure

If you are 18 years or older would you date someone eight years older than you who is schizophrenic and has delusions 30% if the time?

I'm not sure

I was thinking more about age and romantic relationships. This post is in reference to my earlier one about what age is appropriate for someone at my age, 32, to date. I was thinking of many factors and also about it being personal for someone. SO I thought I'd ask a lot more questions, but not all at once.

(no subject)

What's the last thing that weirded you out?

In searching for jobs there were some listings in the city "6th of October", which is my birthday. It's apparently a city in Egypt, but there was a moment of :O
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Non-passive-aggressive note

My housemates and I all work different hours and can easily go a week with barely catching a glimpse of each other; I noticed this weekend that somebody had scratched the surface of my only non-stick pan.
Would it be rude and passive-aggressive of me to just stick a note in the pan saying 'Please don't use metal utensils on this.' or should I just wait to talk one or both of them during one of the rare moments we're all at home together? It could take some time for the latter given how few and far between those times are.
What should the note say?
How badly scratched does a non-stick pan have to be before it can be classed as useless and/or that it needs to be replaced?
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(no subject)

My Gramps has really hurt his leg and has been bed ridden for three days now, he is in constant pain and can hardly move. The on call Doctor came out this morning, but because Gramps was in so much pain he couldn't examine him properly. The Doctor said it could possibly be Scaitica.
Does anyone here have any experience with Scaitica? How do they treat it?

(no subject)

I have been put on bedrest yet again by my doctor. Since my husband was the one who took me to the hospital this time he is making sure I stay down because the doctor scared the poop out of him. So, I am bored out of my mind. What are some fun internet sites that I can distract myself on?

How can I make The Sims 2 more exciting for me to play? It seems to have lost all it's fun but it's the only game I have on my computer.

I feel like such a lazy ass :(

(no subject)

are you a fan of lady gaga?

if yes, can you explain what it is you like about her? please be as detailed as possible.

ETA: does she look her age to you? (24)

also, where can i find a picture of her with no makeup on?
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(no subject)

totally dumb cooking question here... Can I make this cake sans the red velvet part? Or would it be mushy and without a base?

I'm making it for my father for Father's Day and thanks to my awesome planning skills, I don't know if I'll have time to make two cakes from scratch. He hates cake mixes!

(no subject)

What was the last thing you bought as a treat or special gift for yourself?

Post is an excuse for me to nerd out over the turntable and stereo amp I just bought today, plus Pink Floyd's A Nice Pair double album, so now I can hook up all my sound equipment and actually use it!

When is the last time you really gave your room/apartment/house a good cleaning? About a month ago D:
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(no subject)

I want to use my slow cooker sometime this week to cook dinner, but my slow cooker cookbook has left me uninspired.

Can you link me to (or just post) some yummy slow cooker recipes?
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

(no subject)

Hey TQC,

So I'm trying to plan a flight out to Greenville, SC for a friend's wedding in September. One flight option is fairly cheap but involves a 4hr layover in Salt Lake City airport from 8:50pm-12:50am.

Does anyone know if there's something to do there? Or would I end up extremely bored?

My other option is about $130 more expensive but cuts out about 5hr of total travel time.

I booked the cheaper one. 4 hrs probably won't be that bad. Thanks, TQC! :)

New question: How often do you travel?

I don't travel much at all. I flew when I was probably around 8yrs old and then not again until I was 22. lol In the past 2 years I've flown to Japan/Korea (it was a combined trip) and Toronto.

(no subject)

If winning players go to Disneyland, where do losing players go?

Sea World
California Adventures
Fred Durst's BBQ
Universal Studios
The showers

(no subject)

Anyone watch a movie on Netflix Instant Play that was amazing lately?

I watched Seven Pounds last night and it was really good but not quite as great as it could have been I guess.
I watched the full season one of Sexual Healing and got mad enjoyment from it.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to decide if I should drive to Brooklyn tonight or take the train. Do you think the drive from central NJ (Freehold/Howell area) to Brooklyn would be full of traffic on a sunday night? I would be leaving around 8pm. I thought it would be fine but now I'm wondering if there will be a lot of people heading home from the ~jersey shore~

I'm mostly concerned about the outerbridge crossing/goethals/verrazano.

(no subject)

ok so I met this guy the other day and we've been talking/texting ect.
Last night he asked me if there was anything I wanted to ask him/wanted to know about him and I really don't know what to ask.

so I come to you for help TQC.

What should I ask him?
what would you ask him?

srs/nonsrs responses are welcome!

(no subject)

You're at a party. You've had a few and are having a good time. You go to use the bathroom and there's a line. By the time you're next, you're hopping in place and have to piss SO BADLY. The girl inside is taking forever. You glance down and there's a litterbox for the cat. You're aware that there's not that many people at the party still, and no one else is in the hallway and people are chilling in the living room. Your bladder is about to burst and this girl won't get out of the bathroom. What do you do?

Keep waiting and hopping in place
Drop trou and piss in the sandbox. Quickly

(no subject)

Those who lived in areas with Kroger grocery stores some years ago:

Did you or your family use the Peapod delivery service?

My mom did during her last pregnancy because she couldn't lift over 10 lbs (and thus couldn't take my baby brother to the store) and it was AWESOME. I am wishing that they still had that service because I need a few things and don't want to put on pants to go to the store :(

(no subject)

I'm fairly sure that I brought my compact camera home from uni for the Easter holidays. However, it has since disappeared. I just moved out of my uni room, so it can't be there, and i've looked most places I can think of at home. While i'm borrowing my dads on a long loan, it's not very good.
Should I have one last final hunt? If so, where could it be hiding that I haven't already looked? (I have 3 brothers and a very neat but forgetful mother)
Should I just suck it up and buy a new one? I wasn't hugely keen on it anyway.
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(no subject)

Do you clean your place of residence on a regular basis? If so, do you have a set day of the week or just whenever you have time over the course of a week/month?

I clean the house every Sunday. I alternate weeks washing our sheets and vacuuming (today I vacuumed, next weekend I'll wash the sheets).

What's your favorite and least favorite cleaning chores?

I love washing dishes and hate dusting (so I never dust).
naps <3

(no subject)

There's a good probability that my boyfriend of 4.5 years might break up with me tonight when we meet to talk after I get off work.

Will you post your favorite gifs and macros that make you laugh and/or squee with cuteness to distract me in the meantime?
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(no subject)

For the wisdomous bakers out there: I'm mixing some cookie dough for some friends and want to give it to them so that they may store it in their freezer/use it when they want it. Does it make a difference whether I give them the blob of dough or separate it into cookie shapes? Which would you recommend?

(no subject)

i'm going to NYC soon. I've been there a handful of times before, so i've already hit all the usual tourist attractions. Do you have any recommendations for any places I should check out? 

If not, where was your last vacation to? where is your next (if you have one planned)?

(no subject)

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
I am craving prosciutto wrapped dates. Omg so good.

Ladies, what is your favorite swim suit cut?
I really like bandeu cut tops.

Any men out in TQC like to rock a banana hammock?

very messy kid's room

My son is 13. He's a sweet, cheerful, happy person and very bright, but a couple of things he does are making everyone's life hard: he doesn't turn in much homework (whether it's finished or not) and he does not clean his room--in fact, he stores everything that comes into his possession in his room. Today he left for camp, so I was able to clean the room without his drama ("you'll just throw everything AWAY," he says, but read on). I don't avoid cleaning it but I do like to give him a shot at doing it himself; this is hard to do when he never gets rid of anything. Everything he touches, he just tosses into a drawer, a stack, a bookcase, etc.

Collapse )

Were you a really messy kid? Did you ever change? When and why? And--I am going to have to stand over him and make sure he cleans out drawers and cupboards and throws away garbage, y/y?
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(no subject)

Anyone else in Toronto unable to get to work due to the G20? I get to work at home until the 29th...yay?

To any Americans who hardcore supported Barack Obama, are you seeing evidence of that ~change we can believe in~?
Do you feel he's living up to the hype?
Do you feel like he's even had a chance to yet?

DK/DC: What's your favorite song to dance around to? Mine is Waka Waka by Shakira at the moment. It's ace.
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sibling rivalry

 have you ever been jealous of a sibling?
if so why and what for?

i'm currently jealous of my younger sister. she's always been the more cool, socially adjusted one of us while i was the socially awkward outcast. idk why she seems to have her life in order while mine is a mess. and atm she has made fun plans for summer all the while i've just moved back home, am unemployed and am devoid of a social life.

アンジェラ・アキ - Blue

(no subject)

Have you ever been scheduled a closing/opening*? If so, how many hours apart were the two? How much time did you have to sleep?

Have you ever been scheduled an opening/closing? If so did you enjoy your "day off" that was in the middle?

Mom and I closed today at 8pm, but I didn't get in the car to go home until 8:35, and it's a thirty minute drive home IF you're hitting every light (which we luckily did). Tomorrow we work 5:30-2:30, which means we have to be UP at 4:30 if we want to get there on time. I know that mom and I are "the duo" at work (read: we almost always work together and we do a damn fine job) but hell I HATE openings, especially when I don't have time to come home and relax before going right back in. :|

*A closing shift followed by an opening one, often the next day.

(no subject)

so a few minutes ago I hear the sound of kibble spilling all over the kitchen floor, go in there and look to my cat who's just casually cleaning herself after what appeared to be a satisfying dinner. I sweep it up and she immediately lays down right next to me and watches me sweep almost as if she deliberately did this to get fresh food then once it's filled, she resumes eating :/

tqc, am I just crazy, or does my cat love torturing me?

dk/dc: are you pets assholes, too? if yes, explain.
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 so i feel i haven't exactly been taking advantage of being young. i mean, i recall when i turned 13 my dad was all, "you're 13 now. you are a teenager." and all during my teen years, i didn't have the distinct understanding of what it meant to be a teenager. the teenage years are defined as a rebellious haze of experimentation and trouble making while i stayed very safe and wholesome. now i'm in my early twenties and still do not know, i think, how exactly to partake in youthful activities...

so what does it mean to be young? how should youth be lived/enjoyed?

(no subject)

What do you think would happen to this generation of young teeny boppers if Justin Bieber was assassinated tonight at the Much Music Video Awards?

Please note, it's not like I'm planning to, I'm just wondering

Name that movie!

What's the name of that film where it starts off in a magical fairytale land and the heroine ends up in America possibly New York. She's wearing a dress with very, very puffy sleeves.

Don't know/Don't care- What's your favourite fairytale inspired movie?
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Parking Structure BS

So, I really hope this isn't too long and complicated, but I am extremely pissed off and I need advice? Maybe just reassurance that we will be ok? LOL.

Last night my husband was leaving a parking structure, and right after he paid this parking police type guy (you know, not the real police, just like a rent-a-cop type guy) asked him to pull-over so he could talk to him. My husband agreed and got out of the car. The rent-a-cop said that someone had just come down and said that someone else had witnessed a grey car of the same make (my husband has a silver car, close enough I supposed) hit another car and just leave and he had to get my husband information. Rent-a-cop said that if someone in the structure complains that their car is damaged that we will get a ticket in the mail. My husband said "I did not hit anyone! Look at my car, check it all out, look at the bumpers there are no marks anywhere". So they looked all over the car, and rent-a-cop agreed that there was no evidence of an accident, but still said if someone complains of a hit-and-run that we will be getting a ticket in the mail. This car is pretty new, less than a year old. Rent-a-cop said that he will be watching the exit and if another car comes down with the same color and model in the next 30 minutes he will get their info as well.......

Now, here is a couple of issues that I see.

First of all, my husbands car is VERY common.
The person saw someone hit a car and then leave, so more than likely THAT CAR LEFT BEFORE the witness could get down there to complain!!!!!
They're going to watch the exit for 30 minutes? So someone hit a car, left, and then drove around in the structure for 30 minutes? That wouldn't make any sense.

I just don't know what to do guys. What if we get a ticket? We go to court to fight it? This is CRAP! In the 10 years my husband has been driving he's never been in any kind of accident, and has only gotten one ticket in his life back when he was 19 for going 5 over =/ 

What do we do? We took a picture of the cars bumpers, but I feel like now I just have to sit and wait for a ticket if it's coming. 

***EDIT*** Apparently the only info they took was my husband's license plate. So whether he complied or not they would've been able to write that down as he drove away. If we do get a ticket or something in the mail, we will fight and I am sure there is no case. 

Thanks for the help!!!