June 19th, 2010


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So I just got a new phone, the Samsong Flight. My question is, do the games already programmed to the game (I think its Pacman, Tetris, and Diner Dash) use the internet, or they just on the phone? I ask because web is not included in my plan, and while it would be nice to play something while waiting for the bus, I do not want to pay the extra money for the web service.

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I'm going on a slightly long road trip tomorrow morning, and it just occurred to me that I have absolutely no mix CDs to bring. So instead of being stuck with two Alice in Chains albums like my last road trip, I'm trying desperately to put together a good driving mix, but I kind of suck at it.

Know any good songs I could add? What's your favorite "driving" song?

Braces Suck

i started wearing braces this year..and i'm kinda regretting it already cuz my teeth aren't that bad anyway (the're actually straight, i just had an overbite) but i keep telling myself 18 months of suffering gets me a lifetime of no regret..

Does anyone wear braces here?????????? What do you think about braces in college?
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I need help finding the title of a book.

The main premise is about a teen girl who gets into a car accident driving home after finding her boyfriend dancing with her best friend. Her legs get destroyed and she has to go to a special home for a while to recover and it deals with her trying to get better and walk again. She meets a guy online who is interested in her and ends up being someone who wants to rob her and kidnap her.

Can someone tell me the name of this book? I think it's for young adults. The title is something like "please someone, save my life!" or something like that but I can't find specifics.


Whoa. I have a new favourite restaurant. It's a Brazilian restaurant here in Kansas City called Em Chamas.

I call it MEAT HEAVEN. 75% of the meal is straight meat, roasted over an open flame and carved right at your table. 14+ kinds of meat, I might add. Plus there's an appetizer bar that comes with the meal - they call it the gourmet bar. Hearts of palm, green salad, potato salad, traditional Brazilian side dishes like black beans and rice, baked potatoes, and a ton of other different prepared salads. That thing has over 40 appetizers / side dishes. My favourite was a lobster ravioli in cream sauce that made me want to eat it every day.

LOOK - eat here if you visit KC. Seriously.

What's the last incredible restaurant you ate at? Can you post the menu for us so we can drool?

I just hope I'm not subjected to massive bowel movements for the next few days.
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would you be more likely to vote someone into political office if they had been
a farmer?
a business man?
a cop?
a marine during vietnam?

how would you feel if they had been all four?

did you know that alabama ag commissioner is one of the most powerful positions in alabama?
bet you didn't know that.
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Is there a difference between the way you say Erin and the way you say Aaron?

For me: No. I can hear the difference when other people say them differently but whenever I try to say them differently they still sound the same.
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If you have pierced earlobes and wear earrings on a regular basis, how do you store your earrings? And where did you get whatever you use?

I am thinking it is time to graduate from "a pile on top of my dresser", especially as it has the danger of knocking on the floor without meaning to and not being able to find them.

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What is your preferred method for dealing with crazy housemates?

A girl I'm living with now keeps turning our air down to 55-60 degrees when it's 95-100+ outside. Half of the people living here have asked her about it and she's told us it's just fine and we should put some pants on, because apparently the logical solution is to change clothes six times a day. Normally I deal with roommate problems pretty well, but I don't even know where to begin with this one.

Alternatively, tell me your awesome (awful) stories about living with strangers?
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Would it be rude to not go to a friend's graduation party? A friend of mine just got kicked out of her house this week, so i've spent the past few days hanging out with her, having her stay at my house, making sure she's okay, etc etc, i haven't had a down day all week, and i'm just kind of tired. I'm not even a huge fan of parties, and this one is a pool party and "street" themed (still haven't figured out what that means, exactly) so i'm supposed to dress appropriately. I'm not even sure if i'm capable of that, to be honest, because i'm sure i don't have "street" clothes. I RSVP'd on Facebook, but i wasn't planning on staying long anyway, so would it be rude to just not go? It's a graduation party that runs from 3:30pm to 11:00pm, so despite the pool and the theme, you're probably still not expected to go and stay the entire time.

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What are some plot points or ideas that exist in earlier children's books that would not be publishable today? I was re-reading some of the Little House books this week, and there are so many things that happens in those books that would offend some group nowadays (e.g., the scene in Little Town on the Prairie in which some of the men of the town dress up in blackface and put on a minstrel show, Ma's hatred of Indians, Laura teaching school at 15, etc.).

If you don't want to talk about books, you can talk about movies, TV shows, and cartoons as well.

Don't know or care, what is your favourite video game console?

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so, watchin' the World Cup this morning?

if that wocka wocka wocka song is the official song of the World Cup, why do i only ever hear "Wavin' Flag" by K'Naan? not that i mind, i love that song.

oh, also! soo i like this guy, and he has at tumblr, and he had to explain to me what tumblr was, hahahaha. turns out i already knew, i just didn't know what it was called. anyway, he posted a link to it on my facebook, so i went. and there he has a link to his photographs, and they're REALLY GOOD. they're so pretty. i love photography so i wanna tell him i like them a lot, but there's no comment thing and i don't wanna leave it on his facebook.

would it be weird to text him that? we've only hung out twice, but we made out a lot the first time, hahahaha.

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How far are you willing to move for a job? Was it easy or difficult for you/family? My husband just applied for about 30 different jobs through the state because he has no upward mobility at his store, and we are really hoping for the best. I wouldn't mind moving but I know it would be really hard on him because his family is all on this side of the state.

What is your hobby?
What do you wish was your hobby?

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How good are you at logic puzzles? I'm ok at them. They were one of my favorite things to do as a child in my school's gifted/talented program, and I still love them as an adult.

What do you do when you're bored at work? Well, I do logic puzzles =P It's the only game-type site that's not blocked, lol.
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TQC,  I am all doped up on cold medicine.  How should I spend my slightly-stoned Saturday?

ETA: If your suggestion is "watch movies", which movies should I watch/are good to watch when you're kinda dopey?  I've been sick and watching movies since Wednesday, and I've already watched: all the Harry Potter movies, Last Chance Harvey, the latest Terminator movie and both the originals, UP, wall-e, Grumpy Old Men and most of the Planet Earth and Life series.

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So, my friend is getting an ipod wants to make a big library. The problem is, I don't know any sort of site where she can download songs (legally) without them being $0.99 per song, or just itunes.

We've looked at Rhapsody, but I don't think it accepts ipods, or am I just really overlooking things?

Any suggestions?

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You feel old when _________________.

When I know all the songs on mix stations (which are now songs from my adolescence instead of songs my parents liked

What is your favorite leftover food?

Puerto Rican beans and rice warmed up is so tasty. Almost better than when it's fresh.

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My little kitty cat is sick. He's been sneezing like a fool and his left eye is running/pussy and a little swollen. Also, his energy level is way down. I'm a first time cat owner, so I'm not sure if I should panic and run to the vet or not. Do I wait a few days to see if it improves or should I take him to a vet as soon as possible?
ETA: ok ok, I'm taking him asap

DK/DC? What are you doing tonight?
I'm seeing the Raveonettes and Iggy Pop! Weeee!
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Varicose veins

Now that it's summer I'm more self-conscious about my varicose veins on the back of my legs. I'm 21, perfectly healthy weight, and my mom always tries to tell me that they're just because I'm fair, but I know that's not the case.

What can I do? How much is the cosmetic procedure? Are there any solutions? It's gotten to the point where it's hindering me from wearing sundresses as I am so embarrassed.
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What's the biggest/highest level competition you've ever participated in?   How did you do?

I've competed in a bunch of national championships for bridge, but I'm not good enough yet to be a real contender.  My best finish so far has been in the top 40.  My husband is playing in the US Bridge Federation Team Trials right now and I'm crazy nervous/excited for him.  He made the first cut this morning and so far is in good shape to make the second cut.

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california peoples: do you drive in the car-pool lane on the freeway by yourself? have you ever gotten pulled over? how much was the fine? how do you like it otherwise?

dc/dk: how is your state's freeway/highway/tollway/turnpike system in terms of traffic atm?

ETA2: i guess there are other carpool lanes in this beautiful country/world of ours. how is YOUR state's carpool lane (if applicable)?

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Okay TQC,  I was watching a film last night on TV (I can't remember what channel) and it was about this Barman who became part of the C.I.A, while working in the bar he serves a man who knows his dad and rips a newspaper up and says 'nothing is as it seems'.
When the bartender becomes part of the CIA he has to go through a bootcamp with loads of other people, after a while, he is kidnapped for days, but its just a test, and since he got caught he is fired.

Does anyone know what film I am on about? I can't remember what it is called.
Thanks muchly :)

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Have you ever not gotten a deposit back on a place?

My roommate and I initially put down $1800 (1 month's rent) as our deposit 3 years ago. While we lived there, we were pretty good tennants, never seriously fucked anything up. However while we were there we experienced a lot of ridiculous shit, including no heat or hot water for 4 days in February, our bathroom and kitchen ceiling leaked and ruined my shit, and our window liked to fall out of it's frame (seriously).

He's not giving us our deposit back because he said the place was "trashed." And now I can't get in touch with him. We moved out 8 days before we had to, as a courtesy, even. He said that whatever we didn't want could be left, he just had new tennants who really wanted to move in.

What does "trashed" mean to you?

Why the fuck didn't I get my shit back?
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1) Has it ever happened to you that a friend of yours turned out to be everything you find annoying in people? Tell me!

2) Unrelated: Do you like receiving flowers as a gift for bdays/xmas/anniversaries or do you feel like that's what people give when they have no clue what to give (mostly to women)?

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TQC, my 12 year old family dog, Roger, passed away last night :( He's the first real pet death I've dealt with, so this is all new to me.

Will you post things to cheer me up? The funnier the better!

This sucks :(

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I'm looking to visit family in South Africa this Christmas, but I need to find a cheap flight, and I've never looked before.

What are your favourite sites for good deals on airfare?

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So my friend was supposed to pick me up to hang out over an hour ago.

At 4pm she said she'd get me "in about two hours."

Is it safe to say I've been stood up?

Edit: WTF she just texted me asking what I'm up to.

TQC have you ever been stood up? Let's share stories. I also got stood up on my first date.
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If you walked up to a desk and the clerk (in a very friendly tone, I might add) greeted you with:

"Hello, what's up? How can I help you?"

Would you be offended? Would you call their corporate office and complain/try to get them fired for being 'unprofessional'?

ETA: A woman called our Corporate office on me today and tried to get me fired for being 'unprofessional upon check-in.'


Alright, so I need some help on archaic movies I can't find.
I'll tell you the description, could you tell me the name of the movie?

1) A movie about a mutated human species. Awkward, but it's a comical one. A girl has three boobs in it, and a guy figures out something crucial by looking at the table of elements on the back of a girl's shirt.


2)A movie about a mutated monster lurking in the tunnels of NYC's subways, and a couple of people are captured by it. The thing flies, yo. And when they get captured, they attempt to escape by smearing the monster's blood all over their faces, to cover up their human scent. Unfortunately, a guy finds his son, but sweats a pool, washing off the monster's blood, and gets attacked by the monster


3)A movie about aliens in space, and the only scene I remember was the one when the guy's oxygen tank is cut off, and He's suffocating in Mars, without air. You can see his eyes bulge.

-Total Recall-

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Do you have a "friend" that you can't get rid of? Do they use tricks to keep you around? Do you swear to never speak to them again but they pull some trigger out their ass that makes you stay? Tell me about it.

This chick tried to kill me after a long and very annoying friendship I wanted to end. However, if animals are involved, I always run back to help animals in need. I swore of speaking to her July last year, and she messaged me on facebook to beg me for help regarding a nursing cat and her 7 kittens, that she is sickly and not producing milk. Turns out the kittens are a little over three weeks, but I still called her and did everything I could to help her know what to do with the cat and kittens. She promised to keep updating me. Did I just fuck myself over again?

Also, for bonus with this story, ever have "friends" that keep moving close to you in an effort to get you to interact with them?

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I'm participating in a cookie swap which involves sending a batch of baked goods by mail.

They don't have to be cookies, technically, they can also be slices/bars/brownies etc. The recipient and I are both vegan so I'll be making something vegan, but most baked goods can be vegan-ised easily enough so that doesn't have too much bearing on things. The important thing is that the goods be something which can be shipped/posted without being likely to fall apart, and be something which can last a few days (2-4) before going stale or dry.

What would you suggest?

My ideas at this point in time are lemon slices, lavender shortbread with lemon icing, or some kind of peanut butter choc chip cookies, possibly containing non-dairy mini M&M things instead of choc chips.

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Has anyone had ringworm? I know, I know, kinda gross.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and after waiting for 2.5 hours, the doctor had no idea what it was. He wanted to tell me I had chigger bites when I know that they aren't. I mentioned ringworm to him and only then did he say it could ~possibly~ be it, and I should put Lamisil cream on the spots.

Anyone used the Lamisil cream? How long does it generally take to work? I'm not even for sure it's ringworm so if the treatment isn't working, I'd like to know so I can try something else.
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Shampoo for Freshly Bleached Hair

I'm in the process of going back platinum blonde and need recommendations for a gentle shampoo (I've got conditioners and treatments down). I was looking at L'Oreal Everstrong Hydrating shampoo and it's got great reviews on makeupalley. I can go to Beauty Alliance, as I went to cosmetology school, but the price, lack of sulphates and ease of buying it anywhere is really selling me on the Everstrong...

So, personal reviews of this or suggestions of another shampoo from people who also bleach?

Heart burn disappearing after vomitting?

My dad had to go to the hospital the other week because one morning he woke up and started vomiting out of nowhere for two and a half days. He was dehydrated so needed to go to the hospital. They did blood test, urine test, EKG (?) etc and found nothing wrong. He went home the next day.

He has suffered from heart burn for years now, and he said ever since his visit to the hospital he hasnt had heart burn since, despite not changing his eating habits at all.

The only thing he got at the hospital was an IV and two shots to help rehydrate him.

Does anybody have any idea what could have caused his heartburn to disappear? Do you think he could have vomitted something up to stop the heart burn??

Is there some kind of medical type of community I could cross post this to where someone might have an idea?
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TQC, I need your help! My mom is looking for a mother of the bride dress. Her two rules are it has to be age appropriate and mostly, if not all cotton. Any places online you can recommend?

Thanks, guys!
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The Doctor shows up in his Tardis on your door step. He will allow you to take one (and only one trip) aboard the Tardis. Where do you ask him to take you?

Don't know or care, if you were forced to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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About to go on vacation, and the hotel has a gym. Should I pack some workout gear, or take the week off? (Our plans include museums, zoos/aquariums, and Six Flags.)

Dunno/Dun care/LOL hotel gyms: what's your favorite road trip snack?
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Inspired by the Clueless line post....

Did my hair go flat?

Did I stumble into some bad lighting?

Was I the only one who didn't know Christian was gay?

How do you deal with family you live with driving you nuts?

Is it wrong for your family to expect you to take off from work to take care of THEIR puppy? Collapse )

Is it wrong of me to not only be annoyed, but to tell them no since I'm working and really need this job? (They are going to the movies, not like it is anything entirely earth shattering.)
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I want to start reducing my carb intake when I eat breakfast.

Until now I can think of eating hard boiled eggs, cheese and fruit with a glass of milk.

Any other ideas?
Please nothing with meat unless it's somehow with scrambled eggs.

Mac help!

Dear Mac-Users of TQC,

Why has my Macbook decided to selectively not allow me to enter text into certain text fields on the internet, and treat my Delete key as a Back button???

I would google this but I can't enter text in the Google search bar.


EDIT As soon as I posted something to LJ, the problem of entering text inexplicably fixed itself. But it's still using the Delete key as a Back button. ...imma go Google that, y'all can instead answer this one:

What do you like on your tacos?

EDIT2: Fixed the Delete key thing. NOW TALK TO ME ABOUT TACOS, PEOPLE.

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has anyone seen "the a-team?"
how good is it? should i go see it just for bradley coopers chest?
tqc, does anyone know where i could score this movie illegally?

dk/dc Im going to vegas on monday, what would i have forgotten if you hadnt reminded me?


Using my age of 32 what is the cut off age for too young to date me?
Other possible important info is i'm a man.(i'm 32 and it still sounds weird to say man)
I try to be open, but its probably 25.
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Inspired by the three-foot tall original oil painting of an owl I bought yesterday:

Are you a yard sale person? Do you prefer to hold them, or to go to others'? Have any quirks about how a good sale should be set up? And what's the best thing that you've ever purchased from someone's yard sale?

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I just lost a decent sized chunk (about the size of a dried split pea) of tooth/filling (can't tell exactly) from in between two teeth, leaving one of them with a big half circle of tooth missing from the edge. I don't have dental insurance and am on a limited income, so is it horrible of me to just file the rough edge and wait until I've got a little more cash on hand to go to a dentist? And do I need to keep the piece of tooth that broke off, or can I just toss it in the bin?

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I hang out with my closest friends once a week. I'm the only one in a non-terrible financial situation & I love to cook so I always make something for us to snack on.
I try to switch it up every week but i'm running out of ideas!

So, what would you make (if you like to cook)/what would you want me to make if you were coming to hang with us?

To give you an idea: in the past I've done pizza dip, pigs in a blanket, taco dip, etc- so nothing fancy, just good go-to party food. =]
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Is there anything special you are doing for your dad tomorrow for father's day?

My dad is a diabetic and has been for 20+ years and I asked him what would he like me to make him for father's day. He said he hasn't had key lime pie since he became a diabetic so he really wanted that. I went searching for a good recipe and finally found one in a cookbook at a random bookstore around town, luckily.

What kind of tea do you like?

Sweet tea, especially this new brand I found called sweet leaf and only like earl grey when I want hot tea.
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I have a 750ML sized bottle of Absolut Vodka filled with pennies. How many pennies do you think can fit inside this bottle? It is filled to the top so that not one more penny can fit inside.

The first person to guess correct, or the closest without going over will win a prize! Winner will be announced tomorrow evening.

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TQC, someone on my FB took and posted this picture. Her stomach is NOT like that normally--she's sucking in or doing something weird to make it look like that, as stated in the comments of her photo, and as seen in other pics of her. She took it to be artistic, but she's getting a lot of judgment for it. What do you think? Is it artistic, attention-whoring (no one knows if she has an eating disorder for sure or not, but she likes to make comments about not eating and such for attention), a cry for help, pathetic, or something else?

Collapse )

Cat found

Today while I was feeding my cat, another cat came in through the window. She's very malnourished, her ribs are  poking out and she's been in a fight or ten. She has no open wounds or anything, but is missing patches of fur. When I sat down the food, she went crazy, jumping on the counters, running around etc, and then ate everything in the bowl.

I took some pictures of her to print out flyers, I can't call the animal shelter because they're closed for the weekend. 

What would you do? Keep her inside and hang up flyers? 

The weird thing is that she's very cuddly, she purrs when she sees me and jumps in my lap. Do you think she has a home?