June 18th, 2010

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My husband and I have been married a year!  And we are getting the opportunity to move at the end of this month from a one bedroom apartment to a house!

It's been a long time since I've lived in a house.  What sorts of changes are we in for?  What necessities do you think a house needs?  What changes will this do to our still new marriage?

We're renting from his Aunt, but we can do a lot of changes to the house.  We want to personalize it, but we're very broke right now.  What sorts of little things can we do to make it "ours"?

DK/DC:  Should I get a dog and name him Goggie?
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If you could combine the powers of any X-Men mutants, who/what would they be and why?

I'd combine wolverine's healing, and claws with Jean Gray's telepathic power, and with Rouge's suck-the-life-out-of-ye power.
Healing and claws so that one could defend oneself immediately and then heal, and then one could telepathically control the death-suck power and use it to take away a mutant's power without killing said mutant, or to just plain knock some-one out.
I think that'd be sweet. :)
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Have you ever had something happen that made you INCREDIBLY angry, but had it happen at a time or in a place where you had no one around to vent to? What did you do to calm yourself down?

This has just happened to me and I'm fucking in tears I'm so pissed but it's midnight and there's no one around! Fuck!
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Do you ever hookup with your friends? How is it? Is it weird?

Have you ever been in love with someones personality, but physically the attraction isn't there?
I seem to have this problem all the time..

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I had an epiphany today and I realized my boyfriend of almost a year never tries to understand why we argue and just apologizes so it will go away. Whenever we fight he apologizes and when I ask why he does something he shrugs or says "I'm a loser" while, like an idiot, I write long monologues explaining every little thing I do.
I want to break up but his birthday is on Sunday. We had this drawn out conversation on MSN (I know a bad place to communicate but it's worse on the phone with us) and I had this epiphany and we ended on kind of bad terms, but I just want to end it now.
What would you do, given his birthday and everything?

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I gave my friend a skirt because I never wore it. But I think it doesn't fit her. And now I'm wishing I had a few more skirts for summer and I can't find any that are what I want. Would it be rude to ask for it back?

If not, can you suggest a way to ask, because "you know that skirt I gave you; can I have it back if you're not gonna wear it?" sounds really bitchy in my head?

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Why am I always in the 'friend zone'?  I heard I am once again relegated to the zone with the newest guy I just want to bone.  Rude, right?

Should I stop being friendly and jokey all the time?  That's how I do.
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We have a cleaning guy who comes to our office every Thursday night. He does his job but we noticed that he feels the need to close all the window blinds in the entire building (about 20 windows total).

Why do you think he closes all of the blinds while cleaning? We never bother to during the week since we're located by the shipyards so no one but truck drivers are around to see us sit at our desks all day. The curiosity is too much but we don't have access to the security tapes! Serious or non-serious answers welcome.
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Have you read any HP Lovecraft books? If so, can you recommend any? (Or if you've read a lot, how about your favorites?)

I've been curious to read some of his books, though I'm not sure where to start. Are all his novels supposed to be horror? Do you find them scary?
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Is anyone else sick of hearing about the world cup?

How has every team that's scored a goal won?

What the fuck is this?


ETA: Guys- the second question is totally non-srs. Stop taking it seriously. =P

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I'm 2 posts away in my personal LJ from my 1000th entry. A couple of ideas I have of something to do for my 1000th post are:
a picture post, like possibly a day-in-the-life type thing,
a Best of reve119 post, maybe about the different "eras" in my LJ over the past 6ish years, most commented posts, stuff like that

Do you have any ideas of what I could do, serious and non-serious? Do you celebrate/take some notice of LJ milestones, like anniversaries and such?

Don't care: How many entries have you posted in your current personal LJ?

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How do you deal with the "nice guy"?
Do you have such as friends? How do you make them behave? Is it impossible?
Any stories about "nice guys"?

Brought to you by discovering that a friend of mine is one of those. He was fighting with me last night because I didnt want to let him walk me home!

ETA: TQC speaks so often about "the nice guy" that I thought this would be clear. My bad. The "nice guy" is the guy that insists he's so nice and complains why women never sleep with him or give him attention! "I walked you home! Why dont you invite me in for sex!?"

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For the past week I have been getting more and more pissed at NOTHING. I am now totally enraged, at everything and everyone. I've become pretty good at controlling my attitude and staying positive - but right now I can't get a grasp on it. It's preventing me from getting things done and I can't stop picking fights with EVERYONE.

Has anyone ever dealt with this sort of thing?
Have any advice?

Dk/dc: Have you ever taken a trip in an rv?

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Who else is getting sick of being hit by cars while riding their bike?
Granted it has happened to me only twice, but the amount of times that is has ALMOST happened is blowing my mind.
So I'm riding across the entrance in front of a publix and I have the right of way. All of a sudden out from the other lane a lady decides to make a left turn into the entrance. She sees me, and while I am trying my best to brake she just lays on her horn and continues to drive on through. I can't brake in time so I crash into the side of her car.

And more importantly, why did I not file a police report?

Oh yeah, the shock, and the fact that I could not even look at this woman because I was afraid I would rage on her. I was shaking so bad. Luckily an old man witnessed the event, busted out his tool kit, and fixed my bike.
So I go on my merry way and the next big intersection I come to I almost get hit again. Yes I have a "walk" sign, but the lady driving decides she can just slam on her brakes at the last section before looking to see if she can go, and drives far over the pedestrian walkway.
Love it. Luckily I never trust drivers so I expected this to happen, but I am so over it.
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What have you learned today?
That "In-Show Body Lotion" =/= moisturizing shower gel. I was washing and I realized it wasn't sudsing and THEN I read the back and it was all "wash yourself with soap first, then this" and I was so disappoint. So I had to wash myself with shampoo because I didn't have any freaking shower gel, then I used the lotion. I was all wtf.
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Which of the following do you think is the minimum qualifications necessary on the resume of an expert ass kicker who conults with the President of the US on ass-kicking?

martial arts background
law enforcement background
playing law enforcement or martial artist in a movie
good handwriting (for taking names)
solid name-taking abilities
16 credit hours in psychology
ability to break boards with your face
can rip a phonebook in half
deceptive looks to fool the ass kickee
excellent sense of humor
cool gadgets to use in ass kicking
the ability to fly
a costume that involves wearing underwear outside your pants
amazing breasts
a nice ass that would be a sin to kick


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Okay, so my mom often puts garlic cloves in a pan, and covers them with water and puts them over some heat on the stove til they get soft and delicious. I keep asking her how she makes them, and she's like, 'Oh, I don't know.' And I'm never home when she does it, so I can't watch her. Does anyone know where I can get a basic recipe for this kind of thing? It's okay if you laugh, I really don't know anything about cooking at all.

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Your partner is friends with a porn star who is the same gender as you and have spoken about them enough that you now recognise the name.
One day when your partner is pilfering through their stuff they come across a picture and are like; "oh it's [-insert friends name here-]" and proceed to pull it out and stick it on the fridge. It's a naked picture of said friend that has been signed.
What are your feelings towards this?
You don't live together if that's likely to make a difference.

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I was going to make a potato & tuna bake, but I only have salmon. I usually make it with tuna, corn & a creamy sauce mixed together with mashed potato & cheese on top.

Do you think it'd taste good with salmon instead?
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Whenever I do something graphics intensive for more than ten minutes at a time (like playing Farmville or some random crap like that), my computer overheats and shuts itself down, then it won't turn back on for about half an hour until it's cool again. Started doing it a couple months ago. Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions on things that might be wrong and/or how to fix them?

I finally installed a bunch of updates on it last night, including a video card update... is that gonna help or am I kidding myself again?
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Thank You Father

I woke up at 1 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep until this poem was written

Thank you father

Thank you father for always loving me,even when I am naughty
Thank you father for calming my fears during the raging of a storm
Thank you father for your wisdom and great advice
Thank you father for giving me the best medicine when I am sick
Thank you father for giving me the best food to eat
Thank you father for the clothes you have given me to wear
Thank you father for forgiving me when I hurt you
Thank you father for always being so kind to me and giving me many special presents
Thank you father for giving me the most special gift of all
Your most beloved son to die a horrable death on the cross for my sins
You are the best daddy and I love you
Have you thanked our heavenly Father today?
Why not?

fucking iTunes 9 >:(

Please someone help me!

Okay, I have a Macbook OS X 10.5.8, Tiger. I downloaded the latest version of iTunes and it doesn't let me open it because it says that I need quicktime 7.6. I can't download the latest quicktime because it only comes for Leopard, but there is still a version of 7.6 that is for Tiger. I downloaded it, but then it tells me that this version is for an older Mac OSX version!

Now, I uninstalled the new iTunes version, and installed an older one, iTunes 8.02. Now I can't open this app either...it says that I need some other version of Quicktime that I've tried to download but it doesn't work on my MacBook.

Can anyone give me advice on what to do here? Or if there is a way where I can just go back to the old iTunes that I used to have which was fine and didn't have a problem with Quicktime?

I would really appreciate your help since it it very frustrating not being able to use iTunes :(
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Do you think it's possible for drugs to be used for spiritual purposes? Or do you think the people that use them as so only think it works because, hello, they're on drugs?

EDIT: I mean more for spiritual enlightment. Like, do you think it ACTUALLY works?


What are your thoughts on reincarnation?

I personally like the idea. In each life you meet the same people over and over again. Each time you meet your soul mate and fall in love again.

But that denotes fate.

I like reincarnation in a romantic sense, but I don't rightly believe in it.
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When the lights go out in the ciiitttyyyyy..

When the power goes out, what is your first thought?

Last night my whole town lost power except for 2 solar streetlights. My first thought was "oh shit. A nuke must have just gone off." And when I asked my husband, his thoughts were the same. For the record it was a truck hitting a pole. Serves me right for reading too many apocalyptic novels...

Paging Dr. TQC


I feel like I have a fever, and have been progressivly getting more tired feeling as the day wears on. I took some tylenol about an hour ago and it doesn't feel like it's helping me out. Tonight I'm supposed to work at my second job, but it's working with food so if I'm sick I shouldn't go in. Calling in sick isn't a problem so I'm not worried about that, but since I'm the pivot shift- I might not be needed anyway.
If I wasn't needed I was supposed to go out and enjoy a few drinks with some friends. If I'm getting sick though should I suck up not being social tonight and stay home and rest?

I have a really huge weekend coming up this weekend with lots of fun plans too. I hope I'm not getting sick. =(

What can I do other than oj and rest to make sure I'm okay for this weekend?
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I see a fetus as a form of human life, but the mother has priority by far. I support Roe vs. Wade and would denounce any politician who seeks to overturn it. I read this forum a few years ago, where this woman said she had her second abortion in two months and asked if that was bad for her health, and I was disgusted that she wasn't using birth control/condoms.

Am I pro-choice or pro-life?

edit: ooh I accidentally started a war between moderate pro-choicers and extreme pro-choicers.

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TQC, there's a band I want to see tonight. I'm also rostered to work tonight.

• Doors open 8pm, and they're the support act (for the record, I would enjoy the main act also, but I'm more a fan of the support act, and wouldn't bother going if I knew I would miss the support act).
• I'm rostered to work from 4pm-8pm, and by my estimates, I'm most likely to arrive at the gig venue at 8:40pm if I went straight from work.
• Tickets are $35, whereas tickets for most gigs I go to are under $20.
• I won't starve or default on bills if I skip this shift.

Do I:
- Call in sick to work now, and go to the gig on time?
- Go to work, go to the gig late, probably missing out on a chunk of the support act?
- Go to work, and not bother going to the gig?

TLDR: If doors open at 8pm, and I arrive at the venue at 8:40pm, how much of the actual support act playing time do you think I'll miss? How long after doors open would you guess it'd be before they start to play? Woo, just called the venue (why didn't I think of that earlier?) and was told the band I want to see will be the SECOND support act and therefore aren't due on stage until about 9pm, yay!

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For those of you who play Final Fantasy:

My bf and I are big fans of the KH series, but since the new ones arent coming out for a while we need a new video game to entertain us. We figured FF would be a good substitute. We bought FFX at gamestop, but we arent really enjoying how fight scenes work (where you dont really have much control over the character and you take turns w/ the monsters). Do all the Final Fantasy's work like that? Or can we just move on to a newer FF?

I think Im going to try FFXIII, but until I buy it, what is a good replacement game for KH? (with similar gameplay please)
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 Where are my Chicagoans at?

My sister and I went apartment hunting and were very interested in one right by the corner of N. Winthrop and Bryn Mawr.

My dad's "city friend" says we're going to be shot dead. I think he's overreacting.

So Chicago TQCers, what do you know? Will be we shot dead by hoodlums, or will we (probably) be fine?

ETA: Serious and non serious answers welcome, including anecdotes about your parents freaking out about something only mildly risky you've done.

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I got an electronic proof of my graduation photo that I really like, but there's no way in hell I'm paying over $90 for a single 8x10.

How hard is it to photoshop the "PROOF" mark off of a picture?

....anybody in here know how to do it? :)?
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Hey, TQC gamers.

Did you follow E3?

What announcements got you the most excited?

I'm stoked for Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 2, and Halo Reach. The Kinetik (or whatever) looks really interesting too.

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I wanted to get my boyfriend a bottle of whiskey as one of his birthday gifts. I went to the liquor store and asked the person working (the owner, he looked like he knew what he was talking about) what I should get. He usually drinks Jack Daniel's, so the guy recommended Johnny Walker Black Label.

How is Johnny Walker Black compared to Jack Daniel's?
He doesn't mix it, just drinks it as a shot or from a glass.
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So, I'm unemployed and out to earn extra cash. A family member led me to a babysitting job tomorrow night.

I'm a bit nervous. I haven't had a babysitting job probably since I was 17 years old, there's three kids, they're all pretty young (the oldest is about 11), and it's a 9 hour job.

Also, I'll be watching them at a hotel room (apparently the parents are in the music business or something so they're in town for work) and the kids have movies to watch, but I'm sure movies won't entertain them the entire time.

Should I bring activites/games? Like what?

Idk what to do! Halp, TQC!

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Will you share your most recent near collision story (be it in a car, a bike, as a pedestrian)?

I mention this because there's an intersection by my house that I almost always get hit when I'm driving through. People coming in the opposite direction are so unaware of the stop signs there it's incredible.

My most recent near collision happened a little earlier today while driving this notorious intersection. The car in front of me stopped at the sign and went straight. The cars coming the opposite direction went through the intersection. I had my blinker on to make a left hand turn and as I'm in the middle of the intersection turning left, a car rolls through the intersection without stopping at the sign at all. I lay on my horn. He waves me on to finish my turn. No shit, it was turn to go.

My most memorable near collision in this intersection was ridiculous. I had stopped at the stop sign and made sure no cars were coming the opposite direction. I pull into the intersection and a car comes to the stop sign in the other direction, stops briefly, and then starts pulling out into the intersection, nearly running into the side of my car. I lay on the horn and the girl looks up. She wasn't looking ahead of her AT ALL, but rather in her lap. Texting perhaps?

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are your parents crazy? how so?

i'm almost 22 and my parents are going away for 2 days (camping, less than a half hour away) and mom just spent literally 15 minutes making sure i'm going to be okay here by myself. it's not like i've never been home alone before. OH WAIT SHE JUST CALLED TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS OKAY. they left seriously 3 minutes ago.
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I left my wallet on the dashboard of my car, which was parked in the sun. My debit card, credit card, and my dad's credit card all warped. They look okay but if you lay them on a flat surface you can see they are no longer flat. How likely are they to still work?

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I'm applying for a part-time job to fill in gaps in my work schedule. I am completely confident in my ability to do the job, and pretty confident that I will get the job if I make it to the interview stage.

The problem is that my resume is pathetic. My qualifcatins/skills are fine, but I only have my GED and only have 3 jobs to list. All of this comes out to half a page. Is there anything I can add that might help? Is it bad to have a short resume?

Does anyone know how to include info about a GED? I've never been able to figure it out!

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If you were given the opportunity to swap bodies and face with any person you choose, famous or not, would you do it?

Whose appearance would you want?

Lets assume ypu're guaranteed they don't have any freakish secret deformations or illnesses.

yoo hoo!

Securing a job when you have a criminal record.

Hi all!

My friend (we are in California) has a criminal record - felony drug charges - and now that he's out of prison, he cannot find a job anywhere... sooo, what are some resources or methods that you know of that would help him find a job?

We're getting desperate here - he is literally on the verge of being homeless and he has nowhere to go or anyone to turn to (my place is absolutely full - I can let him couch surf for maybe a day, but he doesn't really have any other friends and his family won't speak to him).

Thanks in advance!

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1. What is your favorite cereal?

2. If you have plans to meet up with someone around a certain time but haven't decided on a meet-up location, and that part of the day passes by a few hours, is that being stood up or is that just the other person flaking? Or something else?

3. What is likely the next movie you will see in theaters?
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What would you take this to mean? Especially the last line.
"I need my space and that is the only thing you don't give me. Silence doesn't count as space."

How has your day been?
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I got confused for a second while shopping for luggage.
I was asking the employee for luggage and he kept giving me sets, and I'm like 'No, I mean, 1 luggage."
Only when I said "a piece of luggage" did he start showing me what I wanted.

Do you know any words that can't be made singular?
butters as a squierrl

Anyone use Digsby?

A friend recently suggested Digsby to me, since I use Yahoo,Aim,MSN and Facebook chats. So I downloaded it and everything seems fine on everything but MSN.  It says I'm online, but a friend says i'm not. That I'm not showing up. Anyone else use this that could help me?

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Sooo I'm at the urgent care place because my family doctor closes early on fridays and I couldn't make it before they closed. I've been waiting for 45 minutes already and no one has been called back yet.

How long will it take?!
what's the longest time you've waited at the doctor?
i say, old bean

lol facebook

i was telling my friend to have a nice day and someone commented with a sort of "haha, oh it's you" and upon trying to ask what he meant, he refused to go into detail because he "didn't want to be a dick" and "it wasn't his facebook"

TQC, what do you think he was refusing to go into detail about that would have resulted in him being seen as a dick?

what's the weather like where you're at?

have you ever choked on food? tell me about it
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Quiznos or Subways?
I think I'm turning into a Quiznos Lover.

And, also, I just got called in to do a 48hr shift tomorrow.  
So, tqc, how often do you get called into work?  Are you the one your boss always calls to cover someone else's shift?  Do you ever lie and say you're sick or leaving the state to avoid going into work?
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1. I have no plans tonight, should I go see Toy Story 3 alone, or wait a couple of weeks to see it with friends?

2. If I don't go to the movies, what should I do? It's severe thunderstorms out, so nothing where I have to be outside for more than like 2 seconds. Any good movies I should rent? (fyi I have to be somewhere at 5:30 am tomorrow, so nothing too crazy/late.)

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Any Australians about? What do you call the sport that is being played in the FIFA World Cup. I know that we Americans are among the few to call it "soccer" and that most of the world calls it "football".

I'm reading an Australian mystery novel, and there are a couple of references to "soccer" and a "soccer field". Maybe it was Americanized from "football" when it was published in the U.S.


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If you lived in a place where it was totally okay to walk around with bare titties, how often might you walk around in public with bare titties?

Have you ever been denied a bathroom break? Did you pee your pants?

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TQC, I am fashion impaired.

I'm going back to work in the offices of an oil site. Typically I used to wear jeans and a hoodie, however I do want to step it up slightly. I've been looking for those "Ten Items Ten Ways" sheets some stores have, but apparently I am google-fu fail as well!

Does anyone have any suggestions for casual office wear? Or how to dress up an outfit with accessories? Bonus points for photos, and cookies for any that come from a Canadian site (as I'm going to the city to shop next week...)

If this bores you to tears and you couldn't care less...if you could get a tattoo without fear of pain or cost or judgement, what would you get?
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1.For those of you that live with someone else, especially family/parents:

Do you have those days where you need to get the hell away from your family? My mother is taking off every Monday/Friday this summer because she is going to lose vacation time if she doesn't, and she is driving me completely mad. My hours have gotten cut back at work temporarily :( So I can't even escape to my job. Where should I go that is fun and preferably free or cheap? I live in the Pittsburgh area, if that helps.

2. Today I received mail from a company called Credit One saying that I owe them $56.14 or something on a credit card, and that they received $56.14 in the mail on 30 May 2010. I do not and have not ever held a credit card with this company, did not pay them, and have no fucking clue who they are. Google has shown up that they seem pretty involved with fraudulent business practices, and I'm planning on taking the letter to my Credit Union's fraud department, but I'm kind of nervous. Does anyone else have experience them/what should I do?

EDIT: #2 is "solved," I have a shitty shitty father who is a crappy excuse for a human being and he opened a card in my name.

So new #2 - Should I report my father for his identity thieving ways? (this is not the first occurrence) or should I very clearly state in front of all of our family at our Father's Day planned event that his gift is the fact that I will not be sending him to jail for this fuckup?

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should i light my candle? it was pretty expensive so i was wanting to just use a candle warmer but i don't have the money right now. burning it once couldn't hurt right?

whats for dinner?

(no subject)

To those of you who use work out DVDs, which do you use? 

I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, but I've done it on and off for the past year or so and I'm getting tired of it, so I'd like to find a new one. I'd prefer to keep the work out less than 30 minutes. I'm not in the best shape, so nothing of P90X intensity, please. (: 

Are your nails painted? What color?

(no subject)

 Do you have a favourite scar? How did you get it? Can you post a picture of it?

mine is on the white of my eye after my squint operation to correct my lazy eye. Basically it's a vertical pale yellow line..it's awesome :)

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Have you ever used Rosetta Stone?

I never really got the hang of learning languages in school, but now that I'm older and have some time on my hands this summer, I'd really like to have another go at learning one. I'm in the middle of nowhere, so actual classes are out. Have you ever had any luck using a "teach yourself" format? With what language?

True blood

Do you watch True Blood? I saw season 1... should I wait for season 2 from net flix (june 22) or get them from itunes? And, Snoop Dogg made an awesome tribute to Sookie.. pretty hilarious if you're a True Blood fan!! :)

Collapse )
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can you suggest a name or two for my new birdy tattoo? it's definitely a girl.

who are you supporting for the world cup? england are doing shocking right now :(

what razor do you use? what's it like? i just splashed out on a gilette one and it's brilliant.

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What would you think if you saw someone walking around with a parasol or something else that's not worn or used by most people?

Don't know or care, what was the last alcoholic beverage you drank?

(no subject)

TQC - do you agree or disagree that women's bodies are still viewed as "public property" in modern Western society?

Women of TQC - do you have any anecdotes to share about being treated this way? (i.e. someone telling you "Smile, men like pretty girls who smile!," commenting on your appearance without being prompted, touching your hair or pregnant belly or tattoos, being harassed, etc., especially by a stranger)

I have this little niggling idea for a slam poetry piece about Women As Public Property, rape culture/rape apologism and slut-shaming, and I'd like to comb TQC for ~inspiration~ if I may.

Everyone else/DK/DC - what is your favourite kind of doughnut?

ETA you guys are awesome and have given me TONS of stories/ideas/themes to touch on in my piece. Keep going pls!
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What's the last thing that pissed you off?

I bought mirrored closet doors from HD and I had to get my friend to help me and use his truck and drag them up the stairs -- I take one out of the pack and put it up -- it's great. I take the other one out and it's cracked. Now I have to take this huge door back to the store and drag another one back here. I am so over it.

DK/DC: What do you use to wash your face? I use some stuff from Target, but I'm almost out.
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do you ever worry that paris hilton will never relase a second album?

are you excited for when khia's new album motor mouf A.K.A. khia shamone finally drops?

what other upcoming albums are you looking forward to?

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I pulled a muscle in my thigh yesterday doing a pratfall in a play rehearsal. I have to do the same fall tomorrow(I'm the stunt double in the show and we NEED to rehearse it), so what can I do TONIGHT to make my muscle hurt less???

Also, I made Greek Pasta Salad like my local grocery store makes, but It doesn't taste very good :( So far it's penne, olive oil, lemon juice, feta cheese, and sea salt, and I'm going to add tomatoes and green peppers. What can I do to make it yummier, TQC?

I cant think of anyone else who could answer this.

Our power went out when I was at work and when I got back home it was on again, but the light around the power button on my HP desktop was blinking. That's never happened before. I tried turning it on and it wouldn't turn on. The blinking didn't even stop when I unplugged the power source or turned off the power strip.

What's wrong with my computer and how do I fix it?
I tried googleing it, but got only one answer that was even remotely helpful.

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TQC, my bank account had -$489 dollars taken out of it today. It says tmobile took it out but they don't have a record of my account being credited or anything. Has something like this ever happened to you? How did you go about reporting it or dealing with it?

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I'm super excited/anxious for my new mac to arrive and keep checking the FedEx tracker as if that's going to make it get here any faster :'(

is there anything you're looking forward to/can't stop thinking about crazily ?!?!

Convention with infant

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to a tattoo convention. We have a 3 month old son. I have a carrier that I will carry him in for part of the day but I think we should also bring his stroller. My husband maintains that there will be too many people and we won't be able to use the stroller. What do you think TQC?

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sooo i am wanting to design a website but i have no idea what the fuck i could even do. i have no cool skills to show off and i'm not good at blogging. i've tried to find some businesses that are looking for websites but i've done sites for businesses in the past and it's way more of a hassle than anything. any ideas tqc?


I rarely watch TV because idk, I read and weird shit like that. BUT I really would like to get into a television show -- something I can become emotionally and mentally invested in. lol Bonus points if there are multiple seasons already out.

Will you suggest some TV shows for me to discover?
i ain't into that!

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I messed up at work today (it's my fourth day) and I got chewed out by this mean old lady in front of my boss. ;__;

Will you make me feel better by telling me a time you recently fucked up?