June 17th, 2010

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Have you ever watched a show you hate to see a celebrity/band/someone you love? What show, and what celebrity?

Who told Jimmy Fallon he was funny? Was he this lame on SNL, and if so, how did I fail to notice it at the time?

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The screen on my laptop is currently freaking out, like as we type. I don't even know how to describe it, everything's messy and slightly distorted and twitching slightly. If I could take a picture of it that would help, I would.

How likely is it that this is a loose connection and thus fixable and not my screen dying? :(
lol because of the twitchiness, that sadface looks like a happy face almost.

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TQC, I hate summer.  Here is why:

I cannot find long sleeve, button down dress shirts anywhere anymore.  I have looked at Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy... everywhere, including the internets.  I need dress shirts for work and they have to be long sleeved because I have tattoos on my forearms.  I've lost weight and now all my old ones are all baggy and WTF on me.

Where can I find some decent goddamn dress shirts?

ETA:  I am spoiled because I got used to these George ones from Wal-mart that were short so I didn't have to tuck them in.
Peggy Blink

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It's 2am. You're awake. You're hungry. You haven't eaten since noon. Do you -
a) Cook what you have in the house in the microwave, risking waking up your room mates.
b) Grab cheap food at the convenience store on the corner, risking waking up your room mates and downstairs neighbors leaving the apartment.
c) Smoke a cigarette out the window with the fan blowing out and incense burning to curb your craving for food this fucking late, not waking up your room mates or downstairs neighbors, but potentially bringing smoke smell in to the house.
I'm super paranoid about waking people up going to the BATHROOM, but I'm like wtf I'm hungry, man.

I went with B. AFAIK, I didn't wake anyone up.

Will show me something on YouTube? Thanks.

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will you tell me about the worst vacation you've ever taken?

i once got really badly sunburnt on day 1 of a trip to florida and had to stay inside the entire week. it sucked. :(


On saturday, I am driving from Lansing, MI to Chicago, IL. (3h30m /220 miles)

I am freaking out about my car. There is no real reason for me to believe it cannot make this trip, except that one of my tires is kind of flat but I will get that taken care of tomorrow. I drive a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero, and I just got my oil changed and everything checked up about a month ago at most. I am probably safe to drive to chicago y/y?

If I am not, please describe to be the absolute worst scenario possible?
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My little brother just posted a status on facebook that said he accidentally drank a glass of dihydrogen monoxide. How many idiots do you think will comment on it?

Do you know what diyhydrogen monoxide is without looking it up? I am amazed at how many people I know that don't.
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TQC deja vu

Have you ever had TQC deja vu??

Last week I mentioned cooking eggs in a microwave. Today I had 3 raw eggs and no way to cook them except for....ah haaah! A microwave. TQC saves the day....again.

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So there are basically 2 sides to the issue of prenuptial agreements. A) "If we're going to be married forever, what's the big deal in signing it?" and B) "If we're going to be married forever, WHY SHOULD I NEED TO SIGN IT????" With which do you basically agree? Why?

Alternatively, can you recommend a neat desktop calendar/to-do list program for Windows XP?

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Girls, do you sext your SO's? If so, just boobs or is below the belt appropriate as well?

What's the best text you've gotten? Do you save the sweet ones to pick you up when you're down?

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I have a potluck at work tomorrow. I have no idea what to bring. The list already has a lot of things like desserts, dips, pickle wraps, etc.

What should I bring? 

If you don't have an idea, what is your favorite potluck type food to eat? 
Do you always bring food to a potluck or let everyone else do the work?

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Doesn't it seem a bit riciculous to win a digital camera in a photography competition?

Should I tak my iPhone to Glastonbury festival with me?
Pros: cool apps which will be very useful, video/camera
cons: low battery life (I would probably get some sort of solar charger), high theft risk (would probably buy insurance)
Lee Min Ho Dapper

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If you are in a relationship, do you have crushes on any other people (obvs not something you would act on, just an innocent crush)?

Do you think there is anything wrong with this? Do you think it's more "acceptable" if the crush is someone unattainable like a celebrity?

DK/DC- What TV shows do you watch? Recommend one for me.

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For a school assignment, I am to create a red carpet look for any celebrity I want. So TQC, who should I pick?

Also, what caused your most recent injury?
my dad stepped on my toes yesterday. They are purple today.

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I just watched Grizzly Man last night and enjoyed it - but I was entirely weirded out on what good he thought he was actually doing out there. I don't really understand how he was protecting the grizzlies.

If you've seen the movie, what are your feelings about it?

If you haven't seen the movie, if you could live in the wild with any kind of animal, which animal would it be?

And lastly, any other documentaries you'd recommend?

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Does anyone have the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens? Is it any good? I can't find any reviews (but I fail at google via blackberry) so I can't decide if I should get it.

How many dvds do you own?

lyrics questionnn

So I heard a song today on stereomood.com and I didn't save it cause I was doing yoga...


It went something like:
I didn't want the chase I just like following you..

That's all I can remember. Google fails me. I believe it was some indie band.


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Bite me, bitch...

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Would it upset you if commissioners decided to change your county's name to that of a basketball player?
Miami-Dade County is being renamed Wade County (after Dwyane Wade) and I am not amused.

Which basketball player would you be ok with your county being named after?

I Hate Driving

Just looking for the general consensus out of curiosity's sake... 

  • Car A is in the middle of a left turn in an intersection.
  • Car B - coming from the opposite direction - rolls through a stop sign into a right turn, cutting off Car A.
  • Car A honks once at Car B as both cars finish their turns.
  • Car B stops immediately and the driver begins to exit his vehicle, screaming angrily.
  • Car A skids into the back of Car B, facilitated by hydroplane.
  • There were no obstructions in the road to make Car B's stop necessary.
Who is at fault here? Does the driver of either car have a case against the other with respect to insurance? If taken to court, would this just be dismissed as a case of "following too closely?"

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I'm trying to remember the name of a brand of pencil cases from the late 90s. They were hard plastic boxes, and rather large (would hold a glue stick, protractor, scissors, etc as well as lots of pencils) and they were often one color on the bottom and another on the top. The top had bumps or something. Anyone know? (x-posted to whatwasthatone )

What's the best hangover remedy?

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I know this is a lame question, but I'd like to make a twitter username with my name in it, but with a clever twist. Can you help me? My name is Alessia.

DK/DC: What should you be doing right now that you're not?

Your body is a canvas

TQC, will you show me your tattoos and explain their significance/why you got them please?

Don't got any: Show me what you would get inked on you?

ETA: I'll be getting my first soon. It's gonna be a kangaroo  which is my favourite animal and also symbolises Australia to me - my childhood holiday place and the first place I ever travelled alone. I want a little Playtpus on my foot, because it's so unique and so awesome and I really, really want the quote "You can never be old and wise if you were never young and crazy" somewhere.

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Do you answer the phone when you get calls from unknown or 800/866 numbers?

What temperature of water do you use for: rinsing dishes? brushing your teeth? bathing/showering?

ETA: What Iphone/Ipod/Droid/Etc app do you feel you could not live without?

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Someone on facebook was asked what she thought Obama has accomplished in 2 years. She said, "Well I mean, all you have to do is look at how has handled BP. All Bush did on 9/11 was pretend like nothing happened." I thought she was being sarcastic, but she says she's serious.

Where on earth is she getting her information?
Is this a common point of view?

I'm genuinely baffled. Even if you love Obama and hated Bush - this statement is absurd.
TK and Kari

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So I graduated from college 5 days ago, working part-time as a freelance writer, and other than that I'm looking for "real jobs" and wasted a whole day yesterday going to an interview for a full time job that turned out to be nothing.

So I've been with my mom the past 5 days. The whole time I'm being yelled at, called a "useless pig" and "trash" and being told "that's what you get for not picking a REAL major in college" even though the people she know who have graduated from Berkeley with "useful" majors haven't found anything after a year. Her rationale is that if THEY can't get a job, how can I when I went to a less prestigious UC.

She used to beat me when I was little and I really, really did not want to move back but had no other choice. It's only been 5 days but feels so much longer because yells at me non-stop. I'm grounded to my seat and am only allowed to get up to walk the dog or eat, and I feel trapped if I don't get a full-time job soon (and far away). It's either this or living on the street, basically, and I applied to 10+ jobs today as well as wrote another article for my freelance job, but honestly there is nothing and none of my classmates from more prestigious colleges have found anything except for a computer genius who got hired for Facebook.

Have you ever been as "stuck" as me? How did you get out of it?
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Today was my last day of school and yet I don't seem to realize I have 2 months of freedom ahead of me.  Do you ever have a hard time believing something just happened?

What's your favorite summer activity?
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How upset would you be if you were charged for having a checking account? 1=eh, I already am/I just go with the flow, man.; 10=what the fucking fuck!?

Mean: 7.10 Median: 9 Std. Dev 3.42
mac animated - prayer works!


My husband and I play in a pool league and we won our district championship!

We are going to Vegas for a week in August to play in the National Championships.

I've never been to Vegas. Just in case we lose in the first round and have a whole week to ourselves, what are some things to do in Vegas that don't cost a ton of money?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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The company I work for pays for our full health care premium. I just received a letter that starts off with this sentence: This is to notify you about the possible termination of your health care coverage due to non-payment of the monthly premium owed by your group for the month of June.

How nervous should I be about this? :/

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What are some movies that leave a main/major character unnamed?

What was your last Freudian slip?
I just said "my husband tried to fix it yesterday," but the guy is not my husband and we haven't been together in years. Awkward.
Fables; Snow

Wedding gifts

Have you ever gone to a wedding and not given the couple anything? Like, not even a card or a letter with a nice message.

If you had a wedding and someone did that to you, would you care?

Out of around 100 guests, only 2 couples did that to us. This is not me wanting more stuff. It just seems rude not to give or write anything at all. Hell, reading all the nice messages on the cards was my favorite part of going through the gifts honestly.

ETA: Doesn't seem like I was clear the first time. I don't necessarily want a gift, esp if someone is having financial difficulty. Just a little note would have been nice.

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I am driving from Ohio to California soon. On the reverse trip (to Ohio) we stopped and ate at places we knew. What places should I go to that isn't in California but would probably be on the way there? The only regional burger joints I have hit are Steak and Shake and In and Out. What about uhm, Chick-Fil-a? Should I try and spot one on the way? Or Sonic? Never had those.

Don't know about the route or what joints are there, what are your favorite fast food restaurants?

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If you were a bride due to get married, would you agree to have no say in the organisation and leave it all up to your groom?

ETA: question inspired by BBC programme 'Don't Tell The Bride'
ETA2: In the programme they are given £12k to do this. Would this change your mind?

DK/DC: What car do you drive?
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Hey TQC,

I need to record a phone conversation. Can do this on a BlackBerry or a landline, whichever would work better. What are my options in terms of ways to do this?

The only idea I have so far is trying to find an old school audio recorder and setting it up next to another landline phone that's off the hook.

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Hey! So my sister just left for camp, she's a senior counselor. I have to send her some stuff (flip flops, different sheets, etc) What fun stuff should I send her? (any food has to be Gluten free)

KK - Kelly

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 Have you ever been seasick? If so, what were the circumstances?

I went bottom fishing yesterday for my birthday. The water was terribly rough, reaching eight foot swells, and I don't think there was a single person on that boat that didn't feel it at least a little. Unfortunately, my mother and I were pretty much incapacitated, and my dad wasn't much better. The up side was that we still got some fish.
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Yeah I'm totally getting you guys to do my research for me. :p

But I figured hey you're from a wide range of places!

My boyfriend is having trouble picking an overseas university to go to for a semester (whatever you call your Christmas to summer semester). He's Australian. Can you please help? Thanks so much.

What are these universities like?
What are the areas that they're in like?
Tell me stories about the countries they're in?
Which uni would you go for if you had to?

Here are the countries he's interested in:

England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Finland and Norway

He's looking for a place that's either very old or very awesome, has a lot of stuff to do, has things that are close by but out of that city to do as well, so he might be able to go bike riding around the place for a while or do day trips, are really nice cities/towns, and so on. He likes forests, really interesting old buildings, different landscapes, and 'European stuff' (??), festivals that don't necessarily mean just getting smashed...

He does not speak a second language but he's doing Maths so he's not sure if that'll be a big problem in terms of study.

He's also looking for towns/cities that aren't too expensive to live in.

Here are the universities:

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I'm spending a week in Florida. We're going to Disney for one day, two days at Universal and one day at Sea World. How much money would you bring? We're staying in a house, so I'm hoping most meals will be eaten there.

Do you prefer to bring cash or a credit/debit card?

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Everything I've done and planned for today has gone wrong. How do you deal with situations like this? I've already taken a bubble bath and screamed into a pillow. 

How was your day? I slept through my alarm. I stepped in roadkill and threw up. The lady at the hair salon cut way too much off of my hair and I look like a medieval guy. I waited for an hour at the church for a pianist who never showed up, then hurried home and scarfed down food so I could meet with friends... who had something come up at the last minute. I need a do-over. 

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i don't care if this has been posted loads, i never get fed up of it... show me your tattoos if you have any?

what is your profession? if you don't have a profession (e.g you study or whatever) what profession do you want?

favourite indian food?

favourite sex position?
d20 :: natural 1
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Heyyy fruit lovers of TQC,

It's that fabulous time of year again where all the good stuff's in season and fruit salads are just the thing. Only one problem: The vast majority of my family's tried-and-true fruit salad recipes have canteloupe and/or honeydew and/or bananas in them, and I'm allergic to all three.

So I turn to you. What are your favorite fruit salad recipes that don't have melon or bananas?

If you don't have any or don't care for fruit... what was the last thing you paid for? I bought a pair of sneakers two days ago.

this is probably not as big of a deal as we're making it out to be...

 TQC, please help. I have a friend, we'll call him John. We have a friend, let's call her Sue. Sue is in love with John. She tells everyone that he's her soul mate. John does not return these feelings, and he's really creeped out by Sue's advances. She legitimately stalks him, Should he tell her something about it? He's so nice and never wants to hurt anyone but I have a feeling it's really bothering him. How should he tell her.

Also, she's going to be at the same movie tonight as we are. Should we avoid her or be friendly?

DK/this is lame: Are you excited about Toy Story 3?! I feel kind of lame, but Toy Story was the first movie I saw in theaters, so I feel like I have some kind of connection or whatever.
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Its 9:30 at night, my mom just got up to make banana bread and now she's freaking out because she can't find chocolate chips to put in one loaf. She's all out yelling and all that and throwing things around the pantry.

Menopause, y/y?

What should I sneak into the loaf to get her to chill? She's been doing things like this for the past few months, or at least since I've been living here. I'm not sure before then.

Will you tell me what you're wearing right now?

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You meet up with your SO or best friend or close family member for lunch. A horrible cafe-roof incident occurs and this person is injured. Turns out they'll be fine, but also, through this you discover they are an incredibly advanced robot. How do your feelings towards them change? Lets say they didn't tell you because they physically couldn't, or they didn't know themselves.

What if they were an alien?

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So, I'm seeing Emery in concert for the 17th time next month.

Each show (since the 2nd I attended), I'm made a shirt (or pants, or shoes) for the show (saying things like "I love emery" or lyrics to the entire newest album or other 'adorable' crap).

This show, I'm ordering a baseball tee that simply says "emery" on the front, and "17" on the back.

Seems kinda boring for a 17th show.

What should I put on it to make it epic?

dk/dc: who is someone you really want to see live (whether you already have or if they aren't still active)?

What arist/band are you super dedicated to? how do you show your dedication?
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Jalapeno Hands

I cut up and deseeded about 8 jalapenos two hours ago. I brilliantly forgot to wear gloves, but washed my hands in hot water right away after cutting them.

Will I be in a world of hurt soon? Or am I in the clear?


Has anyone ever ordered from amiclubwear.com?

The reviews are all REALLY bad but I SWEAR someone mentioned ordering from there on here before and having a positive experience.


what is the last thing you spent a lot of money on?

I had to buy 4 new tires today. BOOO. 399.70 :(
he's a genius
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Any camera experts out there?

I have a Canon EOS 30D. I just tried to take a picture with it and my flash wouldn't pop up. It flashes with the internal flash still down :(
Is there anyway I can fix this?
I know pretty much nothing about cameras and only have this one because of amazing luck. I tried to pry it up while taking a photo in different modes and it wouldn't.
pretty sax icon

This question brought to you by the chunk of skin/flesh missing from the tip of my thumb...

Do you buy regular band-aids, or do you like the ones with fun characters/colors?

How old are you? And do you have kids?

I have two Princess and the Frog band-aids on my boo-boo. I'm thirty-three, and I have a girl kid.

Related question: when's the last time you bled? Didn't curl my thumb under while chopping onions, and I almost became part of the guacamole.

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You have two potential careers ahead of you. One is secure in terms of benefits, pay and job security, somewhat fulfilling. The other is less secure, the money is less certain but it is interesting and creative.
Which one do you choose and why?

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How do you think one goes about getting a job as an anonymous shooter for a firing squad for executing inmates?

Would you ever want that job? Honestly, who would want that job?!

dk/dc: Will you tell me something about your hometown?

21st birthday in Vegas

My 21st birthday is December 7th and I've really been thinking about spending it in Las Vegas! Ive never been before so I'm cautious when it comes to booking my hotel and planning out what to do so I have a couple questions to ease my little soul!

1) Can you give me any advice about spending a little vacation in Vegas?
The best hotels, places to go for entertainment, restaurants, etc. I've never been to Vegas before so I'm basing all my decisions on the internet and I would just like to know some actual personal experiences.

2)I also cant figure out if it would be cheaper to drive or fly? I live in Texas.

3) Based on pictures and prices Ive seen so far I'm thinking The Mirage might be a good hotel for me, is that a good decision?

4) Are weekends any more eventful in Vegas because I'm thinking about arriving on Monday and leaving that Friday.

5)And last but not least how much money should I bring with me for spending money (food, fun, shopping.. basically everything but the hotel and flight/gas)?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Thank you all.

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can any of these medications come up as opiates on a drug test?

i cant find any info on google.
besides eating a poppy seed bagel before my drug test i havnt done ANYTHING. they said i would have had to eat 20 bagels for it too show up but i only had 1, so ya my mind is boggled.
what the fuck could it be???! ive been clean for a month and a half.