June 16th, 2010

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My 21st Birthday is in 2 days (well I guess technically it's tomorrow since it's after midnight) I've heard that I can buy alcohol in an ABC store the day before my birthday. Does anyone know if this is true? I live in Virginia  It worked. I bought liquor at 2 different ABC stores in Virginia and my 21st birthday isn't until tomorrow! I asked the second lady and she said they're allowed to sell it the day before, but it's up to each store to decide if they actually do.

Regardless of when I can buy it, what should my first legal purchase be? I'm thinking a bottle of Stoli vodka...

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What's that film/book where there's a couple who break up because they have different views on the final scene in The Graduate?

Solved, the answer was '500 Days Of Summer', thank you starsandflowers !

Um new question, FML or MLIA? Which is your favourite?
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Why is it so difficult for people to accept that other people who were EXACTLY as intelligent as us but lived 4000 years ago could do things architecturally and mechanically that we can do too?

Why is it that just because we don't know exactly how they went about it, IT MUST HAVE BEEN ALIENS???

Is Ancient Aliens the stupidest show ever? These morons are seriously starting to piss me off... I can't change the channel cuz my sister's boyfriend is here and mocking this show is funnier than watching pretty much anything else that's on right now.

dk/dc: Do you add anything to mac n' cheese to make it better? What brand do you prefer, if you don't make it from scratch?

Text Break Up

Have you ever broken up with someone via a text message or been broken up with by someone via a text message?

What are your feelings on text message breakups?

Do you think that after living with someone two years that breaking up via a text message is acceptable?
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What is a good habit you're trying to pick up?
I'm using FlyLady to get into some routines with cleaning the house.

What is one habit that you're trying to drop?
I curse a whole lot, and I'm trying to cut it down. Or at least do it in another language.

DK/DC: Would you rather be too hot, or too cold?
Too cold, I can always add more layers. I can only take so much off when I'm dying from the heat.
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Thanks to my longish fingernails that need filing and my restless sleeping habits, I now have several obvious mini-cuts at the base of my neck. I work in a professional setting, and since it's 95+ degrees everyday, wearing my hair down to cover them is not an option.

Should I try to cover them with a band-aid, or do you think that will that draw too much attention to the area and I should just let it go?
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I've been lying in bed, wide awake for 2 hours. Any non medicinal way to help me get to sleep? I tried meditating but I'm so out of practice, my head just gets overwhelmed with inane thoughts.
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My grandma makes these cookies and they are like a square, with jelly in the center, and two of the sides folded over the jelly. What are these called? I have looked up jelly filled cookies, folded jam cookies, folded jelly cookies. My google-fu just sucks.

Also, if you freeze mayo and thaw it, is it safe to eat? Or should I chuck it? It's the squeezey kind if that makes a difference.
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Have you ever started/continued a cell phone conversation while using the restroom?

Have you ever been on the other end of the phone with someone who did?

Will you tell me your thoughts on this practice?

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Do you feel older or younger than you actually are? 
I feel older.

How old are you? How old do you feel?
I'm 22, and I feel 25 or 26.

Do you sometimes forget your own age when someone asks you how old you are?

What age do you/did you feel like lasted the longest?
This one. I feel like I've been 22 forever.

When is your birthday?
August 18th.

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Has anyone else had a foot go almost numb--but not like it's fallen asleep or anything?

I don't know how to explain it, but I know it's not asleep or has been asleep. My right foot feels different than my left, and it came on all of a sudden. It's almost like it's ~warmer~ than the other foot, and it tingles a little.

I'm pretty sure this happened to my other foot a few months ago, and it went away on its own. But I worry a lot so..
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why is my roommate getting all huffy for me for letting my friend sleep and keep her things in the living room when NO ONE USES IT?

i seriously cannot stress that enough. WE DON'T USE IT. EVER. there isn't even a TV in there. she's gone 80% of the time and when she's here, she's in her room. i've never once seen her in there. in fact, i've never seen her with friends over except the guys she's dated since we've lived together. she's also getting on my ass to clean up the kitchen and dining room when it's our other roommate's mess. why is it meeee?

also, my friend is just visiting. she's leaving tomorrow afternoon.

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What should I make in my new toaster oven?

(I am pretty jazzed to have a toaster oven)

Also, what was the least satisfying phone call you made?

I just spent 33 minutes on hold waiting to talk to financial aid, as it's not been posted yet and classes start in 6 days. When I finally talked to someone she looked me up and said it'd be posted Friday.

Do you feel like 3 days' notice is a little short? How am I supposed to know if I need to take out a private loan? (which takes 4-6 weeks for my school)

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omg tqc, i don't know what happened. i was cuddling with the kitty and suddenly i felt my neck tweak out. at the moment i can only turn it halfway when i look to the right and the pain is shooting down my back :/ anyone have any quick home remedies for a stiff neck? help me?!

update and question....

So I just got the call offering me the job at dunkin donuts as a night manager. YAY!

so for those of you who work there,do you have any tips for me?
also I forgot to ask, do they pay weekly or bi-weekly?

i'm excited to have this job now and want to do a kick ass job at it!

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I'm having a total blank on a word. What's it called when someone takes a technique that someone else uses and adapts it to their own differing purpose? E.G. 'Colbert presents left-wing ideals through ???? O'Reilly's rhetorical techniques'? It's something along the likes of adapting/twisting/misrepresenting but not quite.

Edit: Got the word, it was appropriation.
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Has anyone here used Redken All Soft shampoo/conditioner trio? How did it affect your hair? I have thick curly hair that I just got cut back into health and I want it to stay pretty :(

DK/DC: Who is your favorite/least favorite coworker and why?

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Got a question:
Can a stuffy sinus cause dental pain and ear pain in addition to the discomfort it causes alone?  
What do you guys think?
What is a good long term remedy?  By long term I mean not just something to block the pain for a few hours.

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for tqc members who sew,

what are some books that were helpful for you when you were learning how to sew? particularly in pattern drafting/making. i am a novice and would like to venture into clothes making, have been looking for suitable books on amazon for hours and have not found a good one :(
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Your old favorite tv shows/movies that haven't aged well?

MTV's Undressed is a big one. I respect the show for being ahead of it's time - still is in many ways - but man. I searched for some clips on youtube once and couldn't believe how terrible the acting was. And nowhere as ~risque~ as I remember. I was binging on this shit every night 11pm?

Also, I can't find much enjoyment out of the old All That episodes except for the nostalgia factor, which is strong. Makes me sad. :'(

Music-related poll

What's worse?

To have an achy-breaky heart
To be insane in the membrane

Best female pop star?

Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Britney Spears

Whose 'best of' album would you sooner buy/download?

The Who
The Goo (Goo Dolls)
The Foo (Fighters)
The Crew (Motley)
The Wu (Tang Clan)

Best actor-first, musician-second?

Hilary Duff
Heidi Montag
Taylor Momsen
Jared Leto
Miley Cyrus

Who will have more hits by the time they're 40?

Justin Timberlake
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber

Which Manson would you most like to see make a comeback?


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I have cat hair all over me, it's also my birthday tomorrow (the 17th) and i feel weird about it...I am turning 23

What do you do when you notice you are covered in cat hair only after you leave the house?

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I really need to wash my hair but I don't know if I should blow dry it afterwards, it's really hot and I don't feel like sweating my ass off while blow drying it. Should I just towel dry or wait til tonight?
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What are some of your favorite expressions for when you feel like crap?
"I feel like hell on wheels" or "Feel like I been shot at and missed, shit at and hit"

What do you need to get done today?
Homework, cleaning, and more cleaning.
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What are some books that could be read at a 10-12th grade level that specifically involve a theme of a person working against a society's agenda? (Examples: The Handmaid's Tale; The Hunger Games; 1984)

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What are your thoughts on the Illuminati? I think it's interesting enough for me to want to read up on it... have any of you read any books about it? I'm thinking of getting The Secret History of the World but any other recommendations would be great :)

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This morning (around 9am GMT) I put home made veggie sausage mix in the fridge to defrost (leftovers from a batch we made last month). I went to check on it and it's still quite....icy. So I've taken out it and placed it on the counter to speed up the process. We do not own a microwave so I can't defrost the food that way.

Is there any hope it will be safe to eat by 6pm when my boyfriend arrives home? (It's currently 3.50pm GMT). I have tried Googling but most answers relate to meat based defrosting issues :(

interview fashion with an unfortunate twist.

I know, I know, another job question.

I've been searching unsuccessfully for a job forever and I finally landed an interview tomorrow. However, I haven't interviewed in a long time and since then I've put on a bit of unsightly weight and none of my old interview clothes fit anymore. Can you give me tips on what to wear that might flatter a figure with large breasts/stomach/thighs? I still have relatively skinny arms and lower legs, but everything else got chunky during my unemployment. I'm worried that I'll do poorly during the interview if I'm stressing about how flabby I look.

ETA: I am going to have to go out and buy this new outfit tonight, so feel free to be specific.

DK/DC, talk about anything involving employment or fashion, I guess. I got nothing, I'm too stressed, sorry. You could also tell me about how awesome or how bad the interview will go if you want.

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TQC, what would you do in the following situation?

You've been with Job A for 2 years, it's frustrating but tolerable with good people. You're working 19 hours a week (permanent part-time) with no option to increase. It took 3 years of job hunting before getting Job A.
Job B comes along, it's less pay (by under a dollar) 38 hours a week but it's only a 6 month contract. You have no idea about the business and there is no training, they just chuck you straight in. There is also no way of telling how soon after the contract you can find a new job.

Would you accept Job B?
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What do you do when you're alone in an elevator with mirrored ceilings?

Brought to you by the fact that I just realized there is a camera in the elevator in my building. I hope whoever watches it enjoys the funny faces I make at myself.

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I'm working on maintaining my weight as gaining a bit of muscle. I started biking to work, 3.5 miles each way. I also go for a 2 1-mile walks in the park daily during breaks.
So far today I have had
1 banana
1/2 cup cottage cheese
handful of pretzel rods
1 cup of pasta salad with veggies
1 quaker oatmeal 90 calorie granola bar
and 1 oreo cookie
Total- About 570 calories.

Question is, What should I eat for dinner?
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Inspired by the post below...
What does your diet consist of?

Have you ever been on a diet?
Have they ever worked for you?

What's your exercise routine like?

(my answers are below)

DK/DC: What are some movies I should download?

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What's a good small-breed dog to adopt if you live in a small/medium-ish size 2-story apartment/condo? This person has no other pets and it's her, her wife and their 6-month-old baby so it should probably be okay around kids.

Edit: My friend works from home, her wife is a stay-at-home mom so they are essentially home 24-7. They also have day help with the baby. So they're pretty much available to the dog 24-7 (this is why they are considering adopting a dog). They live across the street from a playground, which has an adjacent dog park, so if the dog needs doggie compansionship s/he would have easy access to other dogs. Umm.. IDK what else. The last dog they had was a medium/large dog -- a female black lab -- but she passed away 2 months ago so most of their experience is with labs.

Also be nice because she's looking over my shoulder

ETA: okay so far corgi is the top suggestion, thoughts?

And thank you crazy dog people of TQC!


I'm going to Queensland in July - Gold coast and sunshine coast, for 2 weeks, with my parents, my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend. We all have different interests, and different physical abilities, and we've only got one car between the 6 of us.

Other than the theme parks (got that covered!) and beach stuff (that's sort of a given) what would you recommend to do in Queensland during that time?
Know of any out of the way awesome things? Any cool events going on? Throw whatever you want at me!
We are on a budget.

If you don't know, here's another question. We'll be home in the evenings/night time. What are some small things I can pack to do, either alone or with others in the group? Or ideas of things to do? (eg: go for a night walk, play charades, create a board game...)


My roommate used the last of my paper towels (without replacing them AGAIN... FOR THE LAST MOTHERFUCKING TIME, as we're moving out in a month and a half and I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but I will be hiding them in my linen closet for the rest of that time) and I'm off to the store to stock up on Move-Out Cleaning supplies. What do I need to do a *thorough clean*? What am I likely to run out of, or forget completely? (Though this part obv isn't true) assume I don't have any cleaning supplies at all in my apt.

When you were growing up, did you have guest quarters in your house? Or when your family had people over (to spend the night) how did sleeping arrangements work?
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This past March, I got hired as a math and science tutor. I was really excited because not only do I get to tutor biology, but I was going to get paid $27/hr to do it. If I worked 15-20 hours a week (which I was told they could "totally do" for me), I could move out of my parents house.

Collapse )

Thanks, TQC.

tl;dr: I got hired at a job three months ago and they still haven't trained me or given me any work. Is it out of line if I sent them an e-mail telling them that I am getting pissed off and if they don't give me some work soon, I will quit?

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Any mechanics in here?

So I think I may have driven my vehicle with an oil issue. Let's say I drove it with no oil, or the oil pump gave, and my vehicle stopped running. Once I got it home, I can turn it on an it runs. Does that mean the engine is ok? I can afford a new oil pump, but not a new engine.

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I'm making myself a tv guide of sorts so I can watch one tv show a night, excluding Friday nights.
So I have 5 shows - Sons of Anarchy, Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad, True Blood & Dexter.

What other show should I watch?
There's so many that I want to see or finish watching, but I can't pick 1 out of them all.

paging DR.TQC

i have this pain in my ear that i feel like started in my throat and worked its way up. i'm not sure how to describe it, kinda like a sharp, pressure pain. it hurts randomly and sometimes when i swallow, especially liquids,when i burp, and it hurt a little when i put my ear buds in earlier. it just started 5ish hours ago.

what is going on?!
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Dear TQC,

Is it sexual assault if you stroke your partner's penis while he's asleep?

(Sorry if similar question has been asked lately; I haven't been here for ages. Question inspired by conversation with friend... I'm just curious what TQC thinks.)
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If you've ever worked somewhere that sold cigarettes/alcohol/some other age restricted item, what was your policy for checking IDs?

The Wawa by my house has a sign saying they card everyone under 55. Do you know anyone who is younger than 19 but looks 55?

I get why they do it but 55 seems a little extreme.

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Are there any television characters (on shows that you love) that you absolutely can't stand?

I've been re-watching Friends recently, and am just realizing that I find Phoebe to be kind of ...well...incredibly bitchy. Its making me rather sad about my Friends-stanning-early-2000s-self.

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TQC vets, I need you.

I have an appointment for Harley tomorrow afternoon, but I'm curious now.

The insides of her ears have been chapped and dry for a few months now, and when neosporin and adding oil to her food didn't work, and they seemed to not be bothering her, I ignored it as a dog thing and moved on. Now she's got a couple little spots of blood along the edges of her ears where they are most chapped, and she's started itching them a bunch.

When I spoke to the vet tech, she said that because she's so young (under two), it would be really weird for her to have ear mites.

Barring ear mites, what could this be?

I guess I'm not so up on my doggy dermatology.

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setting: anywhere online

white kid: could they not have picked some ELSE to cast as the hardcore mafia guy?

stranger: what, so just because he's asian means he can't have tattoos or body piercings?

white kid: lol chill, I'm asian too, and I have tattoos and piercings all over the place. I was talking about his face...yeah...

Ever done that before? Back up your non-racism/prejudice/stereotyping online by pretending to be "one of them"?
Or do you just say what you think and not care about creating drama?

reason for asking: I just saw a comment posted by a youtuber who I could've sworn was white commenting on a video saying, "I'm chinese so it's okay for me to laugh"
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my friend is having a wedding in less than a month and it's "vintage" themed. it's also going to be located outside at a golf course because her uncle owns it or something of that matter, i don't know.

the dress code for this place is as follows: Collapse )

so what should i wear? pictures are FANTASTIC because i'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. it will probably be pretty warm or hot out. i also don't have a whole lot of money right now.

also hair ideas will be welcomed, because i'm at a loss there, too. sooo, help?
i've been putting this all off for a while now.

Decades in movies

Alright, strange story. I went to buy hair bleach. While waiting at the register I saw two guys hanging outside in the parking lot together. One was dressed in an indie rock southern shirt, tight jeans, sunglasses and a bad bleached hair cut. The other was dressed in white shorts, a striped thin cotton shirt unbuttoned to show a a white t-shirt undernearth. As well he had a Yankees hat forward and to the side and a gold chain. When I left the first one spoke to me with a feminine lisp. I turned around and there was also a guy in pants, shirt, curly hair, and a fidora. There was a fourth guy, but I couldn't make him out.

SO we have
The cool, hip gay indie guy who the girls all giggle and gossip with from the first decade of 2000.
The suburban gangsta wannabe, but not really of 1990.
The smart, goofy jewish kid(but playing a kid implied to be christian) everybody likes from the 1980s.

Who was the fourth?
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Let's say you're going to be murdered.

Would you rather be murdered by someone you know or by a total stranger? On one hand, you are ultimately betrayed by someone you trust and possibly love, and on the other hand, you are being murdered and you don't know why.

OR SURPRISE OPTION C: You are murdered by a total stranger but before it happens they explain exactly why.

ETA: Why did you choose what you chose?

DK/DC: I just got a notice in the mail that a Level 3 sex offender has moved in down the street. He was convicted of rape in 1976 and sexual assault in 1986 and served 10 years in prison. This doesn't bother me too much. I'm not gonna invite him over for tea while i'm home alone or anything but i'm not bothered by a guy seemingly trying to get on with his life.
How would you feel if you were in my shoes?
If it makes a difference, he's not my next door neighbor or anything but he lives just right down the street.

ETA: These questions have nothing to do with each other. I wrote the murder question and was about to post when my mom brought in the mail and showed me the notice. Lol I posted this and realized these questions are weird together

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For those of you that have dogs, should I buy another dog?

When I adopted my first dog, they told me that he was feral and that he wasn't captured until 10 weeks of age (thus having no human contact until that time) and said that it would take a while for him to not be scared and comfortable around me. It's been a year, and while there is progress there is still a few hurdles for him to overcome. However, I have noticed that when he is around other dogs, he is much happier and calmer and not as nervous. I was thinking about adopting a younger, female dog so he could have a friend and hopefully, finally just be completely calm and comfortable. I have the time and energy for another dog and the space. Should I adopt her?

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As I have the unfair combo of fathers day and my brothers birthday on the same day, I feel validated in asking; can you help me choose a present?
My brother will be turning 17. I want to get him something gadgety and/or educational. He wants to study medicine so something along these lines would be good. I'd like to spend less than £20.
Failing this, something just really cool. Thank you!


My cousin made a facebook for his 90 something year old mother. She died this year.
EDIT: The dead lady friended my cousin. Why is her son friending people? It's not a memorial page

Is this fucking weird to anyone else?

I'm going away for a week. Should I bring my laptop or just a book or two?
Is it weird that I'm afraid to take my new Macbook with me on vacay?
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1.  What is something tiny and inconsequential that thrills you?  For example, I am way too happy when I finish up a bottle of something, be it shampoo, ketchup, perfume; it makes me feel accomplished.

2. Is there anything worse than kitten farts?

3. Are you excited for the new Top Chef?

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I liked this question, and thought I'd modify / repeat it to get some recommendations.

I'm a big fan of documentaries. What are your favourites? Can you post the trailer for us or at least explain what it's about?

Mine are:
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Is this outfit appropriate for a business setting? I need to do a presentation tomorrow and need to wear formal business attire. (outfit breakdown, since webcam isn't great: dress shirt that will probably be substituted for a black one, black high-waisted knee-length pencil skirt, 4" patent leather pumps, bustle jacket). I'm definitely concerned about the jacket, because it's not a traditional blazer. I tried to take detailed pictures, but here is the actual jacket.

I gained weight, so my dress pants don't fit comfortably (but I can wear them). I haven't worked in an environment that was business casual for a long time, so my small business casual wardrobe is rather limited from my weight gain, and I would prefer not to have to run out and do last minute shopping for a five-minute presentation.

Also, is red lipstick okay in a formal office setting? I am a red lipstick kind of gal.
Thank youuuuuuuuu~

ETA: I'm sewing up the slit on the skirt and this is for a class. I'm not actually going to a business, but the teacher wants us to "dress up" to have the full experience.

ETA2: Thanks so much for the *overwhelming* feedback. I've sewn up the slit and I'm going to 86 the jacket since it's going to be really hot.

ETA3: I ended up wearing the skirt and a different top with a cami underneath it. Preso went really well.
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Why does your life suck?

I drove 2 hours under the hot So California sun to a job interview...and found that though you don't have to be in college for the job, you have to be in college when you are hired. I graduated just 4 days ago and applied for the job 2 months before, and they took too long to get to me.

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Sorry to be a total downer and make you imagine yourself in a horrifying situation, but...my sister just sent me some self-defense tips from Snopes. One of the tips is talking about what to do should someone get in your car with a gun and tell you to drive:

"Another plan would be to drive him to a police station rather than to where he orders you to go, reminding him that if he shoots you, the car will veer out of control and hit something, which will injure or kill him too."

Does this sound like a good idea to you? I usually trust Snopes, but that sounds kind of risky. I would just be hesitant to piss the guy off...what would you do in that situation? Would you have the balls to "remind him" that shooting you will kill him too?

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About how much do those weird glamour shots at the mall usually cost?

It seems like everything I'm eating lately is fucking with my stomach and making me poop funny. What can I actually eat that won't fuck my shit up (literally)? Or should I just not eat at all and drink water or some detox stuff and try and get rid of whatever bug I might have?
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What is the cutest thing you've seen, recently?
Collapse )

DK/DC: Do you use use actual dishes/silverware, or paper/plastic? If the first, when do you wash your dishes? Immediately after use, or sometime after?
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How do you motivate yourself to clean? And I don't mean "I look at the mess and go 'ew' and just clean it", I mean things you do to really make it somewhat fun. I watch room tours on YouTube and see how organized they are and usually, that inspires me, but I don't feel like cleaning my room right now even though I have to.

DK/DC: What's your favorite documentary?

Weight-loss camps

Have you heard about the new ABC Family show called Huge? It's about teens at a weight-loss camp.

I've seen about 15 commercials for it today, and it's rubbing me the wrong way. What do you think about it, TQC? (more info under the cut)

Also, do you have any experiences with a weight-loss camp? Will you share them with us?

Collapse )
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In a customer service setting, what regions of the US (sorry global TQC'rs) do you think the staff is friendliest? Which region is the worst?

Most people from the East Coast/Southern states tell me our staff here in the Midwest is outrageously friendly.

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Have you ever been to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (in Michigan) and if so, was it cool?

I really want to go to a museum w/ ancient egypt stuff but there isnt really much of that in Michigan..

dk/dc/i dont live in michigan: What is your favorite Ancient Society? (mines a mix of Ancient Greece&Ancient Egypt)
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Did you ever play any of the Twisted Metal games for Playstation?
If yes, who did you play as?
Which games did you like?
Did you know there's a new PS3 game coming out next year?

Dk/dc - When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?

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Some really sketchy guys were sitting in their sketchy car in the parking lot at Kroger when I went inside the store, and as soon as I came out and got in my car they turned theirs on. They didn't follow me so far as I could tell, but it still creeped me out a little. If I'm absent from TQC tomorrow, you know what happened to me. 

What's the last thing that creeped you out? 

Contrarily, will you post the cutest animal photos/videos you know of? I could use some cheering up.   

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I like to go to the nudie beach with my two of my guy friends. We keep our clothes on.
Do you think the nudies are horribly offended by this?

When you go to the beach, do people walk up to you and start conversations?
Do you think the nudies do this to test us?
Would you go naked at the beach? Have you?