June 15th, 2010

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I was bored a couple of days ago and decided to waste some time looking at Yahoo Answers, and I noticed that a few users on there liked posting questions/answers that were degrading in regards to Australians.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought would make people post really stupid/kind of hurtful crap like that up ( Were they raped by kangaroos when they visited?)

What do you think of Australians?

I might be biased since I am one, but I'm pretty sure we're not convict nutters that spend our lives in trees eating grubs and riding kangaroos...

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Will you share an embarrassing fart story with us? It can be about you or anyone else. 

My younger friend and I were just talking about several classmates of hers who lost their virginity when they were in middle school (which was last year). Apparently that's really common now. What's something that makes you sad for kids these days?

Is this normal?

If I drink heavily the night before when I wake up in the morning my whole body shakes. It goes away within twenty minutes or so as long as I get up. Its not the shaky hands thing alcoholics get, its just like my body is vibrating. I looked it up on google and all it talked about was withdrawal and I'm pretty sure thats not it. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you know what it is? Its not that bad, I'm just kind of curious about it.

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It's been years since I've read a book for fun. Now, for some reason, I'm interested in reading, but.. I have no idea what to read. Suggestions?

My favorite TV shows are Lost, House MD, Queer as Folk, Dexter, and Trueblood, if that helps give you an idea of what genre I might like. And I have read the books Dexter and Trueblood are based on.

ETA: I just got a coupon for 40% of DVD boxed sets from Borders. Would one season of a TV series fall under "boxed set", or would it have to be the entire series? I am tired and idgi.
snow miser

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You are trapped in a house with Mr. Spock (Old skool Leonard Nimoy style), George Weasley, and Ford Prefect.
You have to make diner with one, have sex with one, and then spend the rest of the night cuddling with the other.
What do you do?
I <3 TLV

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My husband's transmission died yesterday. He has a 2000 Camry with 140k miles that's in need of body work and other repairs. He wants to get it fixed, but I think he should just get a new car. Which would you do? A new car is a better idea, right?
Peggy Blink

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On my 101 in 1001 list, I set a goal that I have to watch 26 movies I have never seen beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Will you name some movies that are super good, but easy to find torrents of or, preferably, on MegaVideo? I watched "B" today. ETA: Documentaries count, too, so long as they are over, say, an hour and a half. I watched The Business of Being Born today and I was so happy that I did!

Alternatively, will you post funny YouTube videos?

What's your favorite type of YouTube video?
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE room tours. They inspire me to organize my bedroom.

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Do any of you guys wear ~shapewear~? Is it awfully uncomfortable, or are you ok in it for a whole day? I could imagine spending the whole day thinking about when I could go home and take it off. :/ Do any of them ~really~ make you go down a size or whatever they claim to do? Because I need an inch off my waist and I don't feel like exercising, lol.

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What's one of the more interesting ways a person has tried to pick you up?

I work in a casino and had a guy last night ask me if I was handed a $1000 chip with a phone number on it, would I call the number. I was like; "I cant accept tips."

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Do you think people in the armed forces are entitled to discounts on goods/services? Why/why not?

Inspired by a facebook friend's several irate posts about how his wife was 'overcharged' for a hotel room and car repair even after being told her husband was overseas.

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How long after submitting a request to join a community would you send a message inquiring about your pending approval if you hadn't been approved (or denied) yet? I think it's been like 2 weeks and I thought that community was fairly active. :\

dk/dc/whatever: What's your favorite kind of soup?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Do you parents bug you about your relationships?

It seems all the stuff on tv has parents and grandparents bugging their kids about finding someone to be with or asking about a current relationship.

My parents and gramma ask my younger brother about his all the time, but have never once asked me if I'm dating someone or when am I going to give them grandkids.

When you invite people to something and they RSVP online, do you constantly check to see if anyone knew has RSVP'd?

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It's 4 in the morning, and I have to be up in an hour & half for work. Should I even attempt to sleep, or just stay up and drink like 3 cups of Starbucks before I go in? I'm just not sleepy, but I do feel tired.

What are you doing right now?

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A friend and I were talking about how it'd be fun to plant trees in one of those "reforestation" projects but I haven't been able to find anything locally. But that got me to thinking, what are some of your favorite volunteer activities, tqc? I know you have a giving heart! It doesn't have to be environmental.

If your cause has a website, please share.
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syringe meme


I have an American friend who just went to Bulgaria for the Peace Corps. She's a mostly content, happy person and not terribly materialistic. I want to send her a surprise gift – something she might be missing over there. The catch: it has to be something that won't cost hundreds of dollars to ship. So that rules out a guitar, which I know she wants. (Although I think she finally managed to get a cheap one from Sofia, anyway.)


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How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Do you play any sports? If so, what do you play?

Yoga people in the place! How often do you stretch on a day off from yoga?

DK/DC: Please choose one of the following: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, or Red?

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Do you think it's okay for a guy to slap a girl on the arm, grab her by the back of her head/hair, or kick her really hard to get her to stop crying?

This is a serious question, because I am confused.

multipost 4 u tqc

what web browser do you use? why?

i'm thinking about buying my first mac. should i? what can macs do that makes everyone love them? i hope they come with a bonus sex toy for that price. >:|

do you make coffee at home? what kinds of flavors do you enjoy? do you add anything special~? i'm currently enjoying a cup of chocolate-covered cherry but when i buy more i'd like to examine some variety.

got any creative storage solutions for me? my boyfriend moved into our new place first and claimed our largest closet and now i don't think my stuff will fit in the other one. do i make do or do i shove his stuff aside and start hanging up lacy tops?


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TQC, pls halp a clueless vegetarian: What good dishes could I make involving meatballs? Besides spaghetti. I was going through the recipe book and found one of my mom's old recipe for meatballs, and my dad was all, "OH! MAKE THOSE PLEASE! THEY ARE GREAT!" And I'm like, "Uuuuhhh, ok, but with what?"


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Will you name some things/products you tend to call by a brand name?

Will you name some things/products you know are generally called by a brand name?

For example, pain killers = aspirin, orange soda = fanta.

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I've started baby-sitting my friends five and seven year old while she works (5:30am-2:30pm). How much would you charge to do this? (She provides their food and figure you have another income that covers everything just fine and you stay at home with your own kids as it is).

How do you keep a five and seven year old busy/entertained? (I live in a apartment and it can be slightly shady so i'm not comfortable letting them play outside except the small porch, they're both very active but my friend said not to let any 'horse play' or 'running around' happen, and the WII only keeps so much of their attention dispite their love of video games.)

dk/dc/ew kids: What is your to do list for the day? Are you motivated to get it all done or is some of it going on tomorrow's to-do list?
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Elizabeth Bennet

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What sort of things do you do to prepare for an interview? How do you keep yourself from freaking out? I have an hour-long interview in ten minutes (don't worry, I'm prepared, but I'm curious as to what TQC does).


Any roller coaster tycoon experts here?

Just bought rct3 (+soaked+wild) and rather like it!, but got a few questions:

1 - is my version missing something - or are there reallyu rides under "other rides" called haunted house and ghost train, which are just outdoor track rides?

2 - building paths, is there any way of selecting a rectangle to build, or do you relly have to go tile by tile?

3 - is there any way to edit the height of individual track sections, I'd like to have a very small slope on the first corner after the lift hill - just enough so I don't run out of speed before the drop,, and "gentle slope" is too steep.

4 - the user guide says that sometimes you may just need to reconstruct part of a track - how do I go about this. if I need to say, add a brake after a drop, and haven't got a piece of horizontal track to add it on?

5 - if I've used auto complete, what's the best way to add opne or 2 bunny hops on the completed finishing track?

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Are any of you fine people missing any fingers or toes?
If so, which one? 
If not, which one would you be willing to part with if you had to lose one?

None missing here!
   I would choose my pinky toe's neighbor.   Ring toe?

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How much would you tip a massage therapist who works for him or herself?  If a one hour massage is $60, how much tip would you give?
(They're not working for a spa, so they set their own prices to begin with...erg, I'm just bad at this stuff.  It feels wrong not to tip, but I don't want to tip stupid high or insultingly low, either.)

What's the last thing you treated yourself to?
アンジェラ・アキ - Blue

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Are there any free MMOs out there that are any fun? I love playing World of Warcraft, but I'm always off on Tuesdays (read: Maintenance days). Aside from Tibia, are there any decent, fun to play, free MMOs out there? Preferably where I can play by myself and I don't have to speak Spanish to get by? (No offense to those that do speak it, but that's one of the reasons why I avoid Tibia.)

Nom nom noms

What was the last dessert thing you baked?
How did it turn out?

What dessert thing should I bake for my boyfriend's college graduation fiesta this weekend?
It'll be like an outdoor kinda deal and I want to impress the family/friends I haven't met yet with deliciousness. Recipes encouraged!

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Why is my friend, who I haven't talked to in a few years, suddenly trying to get a hold of me for the past few days? And then not replying to my IMs? Non-srs please :D
MLP - pinkie chicken

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My oral surgeon just rescheduled my consultation appointment for Monday, from Wednesday. I'm now going to spend all of my weekend lying on the sofa trying not to cry. Therefore, I need a game to play to keep my mind off of shit. We have a PS3, and I've played Heavy Rain and loved it - I love RPGs, but I'm not a big fan of shooters. What should I play?
girls » barbie

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If you saw someone sitting in a chair study nook, alone, that looked like this:

(c's represent chairs, p is the plug in station for the chairs; the bench as three of their own)

would you ask before you sat down on the bench, or just plop down?

brought to you by the rude bitch smacking on some rank ass chicken less than three feet from my face!

DK/DC: what are you having for lunch today, tqc?
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legs motherfucker

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have you seen The Messenger... is it worth watching... or will it be a waste of time? i have one day to watch it before my mom sends it back to netflix.

speaking of my mom, she tells me not to walk my dog around my neighborhood because "THERE'S PITBULLS OUT THERE". will you tell me ridiculous assumptions (or stereotyping, that works too) you've heard recently?

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TQC, this job application for a research assistant position wants my elementary school information. I was homeschooled. What should I put down for address and phone number?

dkdc: I just moved into my new house! I am right down the street from songinabottle. What have I forgotten to pack?

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dear TQC,

For the sake of ease, I'm going to write this question as it relates to my life, and if your gender/sexual orientation differs, please just change the genders/sexual orientations to suit you and then answer the question. Otherwise it might get a bit confusing. (:

edit: olololjk. It was store bought. My bad.

A girl bakes buys a cake for your boyfriend for his birthday. This girl has expressed sexual interest in your boyfriend several times, even going to the extent to telling him about an explicit sex dream she had involving him (while this incident didn't happen while you and your boyfriend were together, it happened while he was in a relationship). You trust your boyfriend and know that he has absolutely no interest in the girl (and I know this is true; he had several opportunities to date/hook up with her and he turned her down every time). On a scale from 1 to 10, how bothered would you be that he accepted the cake?

 Some skank bitch bakes buys your boyfriend a cake. Are you mad?

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What sites do you go to besides the usual(LJ, Facebook, etc)?

How hot is it where you are?

What do you want right now?

Miley Cyrus is making a ~special~ announcement on Ryan Seacrest tomorrow, what could it be?

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I'm going to my friend's bachelorette party and we're going to a strip club. I've never been to one before. Any advice?

I'm not able to make her wedding but I wanted to give her some cash as a wedding gift (she prefers cash)...should I give it to her at her bachelorette? I don't really know what the proper etiquette is for this. Do I give her a card with some cash and say "This is for your wedding?". Also what is a proper amount of money to give? And should I give cash or a cheque?

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Is it true that if a waiter/waitress gets your order wrong and they have to send the food back, the price of the meal is taken out of their paycheck?

Our waiter got my order wrong at lunch and I didn't want to send it back because he was nice. I'm just wondering if I made this all up in my head.

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I often wear circle lenses, which are contacts which not only change the color of your eyes but make your irises appear larger. The ones I wear are the same color as my eyes. No one can tell when I have them in. Is this:

a) good, because they appear natural and not freakish?
b) pointless, since they don't make any noticeable change in my appearance?

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If you were a soldier out in the field and happened to have an Android based phone on you, what sort of applications do you think you would find handy?

Both serious and non-serious answers, please!

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You are sitting in a semi-public lounge watching tv. A man in a gas mask walks up to you and offers you some cookie dough from a freshly opened package. He does not hand the dough to you himself, just offers the container. Other people around you are eating some of the cookie dough with no immediate ill effects.

Do you accept some cookie dough? Do you eat it?


DK/DC: What is the weirdest thing you've accepted from anyone?


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tqc today i'm introducing two friends in the hopes that they can build a business relationship. friend 1 needs a product that friend 2 makes. if it doesn't go well, it's not my fault right? i am worried about that even though they haven't even met yet.

anyway aside from my anxiety how are you today?
TK and Kari

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milkshakes at fast food places are...

nasty. I can make way better, healthier milkshakes.
nasty, though all milkshakes are nasty
so good! unf!
I have never had a milkshake

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Have you ever been picked out of the audience to participate in a show? What happened?

What do you think of shows that rely on audience participation?

What are you wearing?
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Lush TQCers,

What was the first thing you ever got from Lush? What are your favorites?

My dermatologist suggested off-the-book that I should try herbalism, so I'm getting that, the sex bomb bath bomb, and the karma bubble bar.

(no subject)

Next week I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time. I am staying at their house for two nights. Should I bring them a small gift or would that come off as me trying to suck up?

If I should bring them a gift what kind of gift would not scream "you are trying to suck up"?
girls » barbie

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What is the fastest your internet has ever gone?
I'm at school right now and uploading shit to mediafire at almost 10,000 kbps.

Do you remember days of dial up? Were you behind the times or ahead of them, with how soon you got high speed internet?
Behind. I had dialup until 2006 I think.

DK/DC: What kind of cell phone do you have? If you don't have a cell phone, why don't you?

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I was volunteered on a roadtrip from California to Ohio with my dad. The car ride is 4 days one direction, so a total of 8 days in the car.

I'm not too worried about it, except for what's going to be on the radio.

I want to make a playlist of things that could be acceptable for my dad and me.

My dad likes:
Parliament Funkadelic
The Rolling Stones
The Grateful Dead
Big Brother and the Holding Company
and bands similar to that, as well as a lot of songs that are very electric and have a lot of guitar solos (which I don't really like)

I like:
The Beatles
Joni Mitchell
Brett Dennen
Kate Nash
Ingrid Michaelson
and other stuff like that. I really like the sound of the guitar and vocals.

If you were making a playlist that had music that made a crossover between our two tastes, what would you include?

What kind of music do your parents listen to?
you think you're heart would learn.

Thanks TQC!

Hey guys,

firstly i want to thank you all so much for providing me with numerous thoughtful insights about my recent break up ordeal. iCollapse )

so TCQ: Why do boyfriends disappear instead of initiating a breaking up?
sweeney todd

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What do you think of training dogs to use litter boxes?

I think it's completely weird and wrong, but right now I really don't want to take my dog out and I can kinda see how it would be more convenient for me.

DK/DC: What is your favorite dog breed?

(no subject)

How in the world do you get the motivation to work out?

I have NONE. Well. I mean, I want to work out, but I just never feel good enough to get my ass up and do something. I would like to go walking/jogging but it's 100F with 90% humidity and I know i'll just be pissy when I get outside. If I wait till later, I'll get eaten alive by mosquitoes and other various bugs.

What effective workouts can I do indoors? Specifically for people who are apparently lazy. :\

(no subject)

Do you or anyone you know own Reebok Easytones?

I've had my eyes on them for months, but I already own a $50 pair of gym/running shoes. They're a year old but perfectly functional. I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the money on Easytones when I already own running shoes. Long story short, are they that awesome? My friend has a pair and loves them.

Also, iPod Touch- I'm eyeing that up, too. Thoughts/pros/cons on that? My iPod is going downhill so I'm probably gonna need a new one by the end of the summer.


Due to the blistering cold we are experiencing right now...

What was the coldest cold you have ever experienced?
Where were you and why were you there?
What were you wearing?

EDIT: I Just remembered there are two ways to measure temperture
conversion would be appreciated for us using Celsius


Does Melatonin make anyone else get light headed/feel sick for a few minutes after taking it?

I'm only taking half of a pill and it jacks me up for a little while =/, but I get the best sleep everrr on it.
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(no subject)

Will you recommend a good restaurant in LA near the Staples Center?

If not, do you ever post passive aggressive Facebook updates?  What do you think when people do this?  Do you ever respond to passive aggressive posts?
Patsy Stone

(no subject)

My Mother believes spam emails about people searching for her and remove your cellulite with our miracle, just give us your SSN, bank acct number and soul!!!!!! She also fought with some Adam Lambert fans on myspace about his new video. My crazy Mama took on the Glamberts and lived to tell the tale. :O

TQC, are your parents ridiculous with the internet?

(no subject)

do you like jonathan safran foer's writing?

if so, which book of his would you be more likely to recommend to someone who hasn't read any of his work: everything is illuminated or extremely loud and incredibly close?

if not, what do you think is your favorite author's best book?

do you like to pair anything with nutella in sandwiches? i'm a fan of nutella-and-sliced-apple sandwiches, myself

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Ok. Semi-follow up to my previous question about working out:

I finally got off my ass and walked for 2 miles down my road (and didn't get kidnapped, yay). I used my phone as an mp3 player since I don't have an iPod.

Should I get an iPod, or a different brand, like a Zune, or Sony, etc etc etc? Recommend me some? Preferably less than $150, but pretty nice.
What kind of headphones should I buy? My ears are apparently freaks of nature and every single pair of headphones I've ever tried always fall out of my ears in like 20 seconds.
Flea - Kiss

(no subject)

What is a good, free image uploading site for NSFW pictures?

People recommend Flickr, but it confuses me because I am both a woman and very high. Should I man up and stop being a n00b about it?

What should I eat to satiate my munchies?

DK/DC: Do you feel bad telling your attention-whore friends they need to STFU?

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Has anyone here ever purchased tickets through TicketMaster and lost them??

I think I lost my tickets and the website says to call and they can use their discretion whether or not to replace them. I can't call until 8AM, so I'm asking you:

If you lost your tickets, were you able to get them replaced?

If you never lost tickets, what do you think my chances are of getting replacement tickets??

More importantly, where the hell could my tickets have gone?!?!

(no subject)

What is one of your habits that people always comment on that may annoy you?

I don't ever eat meals, I just eat various things like half an hour apart from each other. When I do eat things together people make comments about how it is gross, for example I like eating sour pickles when I'm eating strawberry yogurt and spicy hot v8 juice.
snow miser

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So, I'm pretty sure I have had Trichotillomania (a hair pulling disorder) since I was in high school. The only hair I pull is my eyelashes. I've actually pulled them all out before :/ . I've never seen a psychologist or been officially diagnosed with it or anything.
Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with this disorder?
Where they actually able to get help with it?
cubs hat

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I need to bring a side dish to dinner tomorrow. The hosting couple is making a pizza, and I'm not sure what I should make. We're feeding four adults. I don't feel like a salad is filling enough.

What should I bring? Can be store bought, but would prefer homemade.
TK and Kari

inspired by kick-ass

Let's say you're a superhero. You have to have a superhero costume. Would you have a cape or no cape?

no cape

underwear on the outside?


bikini top?


reveal bare thighs?



covers eyes//nose
covers nose/mouth
covers whole face
no mask at all


yes, though natural-looking
yes, outrageous
no wigs

costume material?

metal (like iron man)
latex (like the other superheroes)
other (please specify)

skirt on your costume?


how do you transform?

superhero clothes under normal clothes
magic, may involve me twirling
separate clothing set

does your costume itself have powers?

no, my power is natrually mine (superman)
yes, I have no powers of my own and depend on technology (Batman)

(no subject)

TQC,  I really need your help this time.

So I have a friend who lives in Brooklyn, best friends in fact, and he told me a while ago the he was gay. I'm fine with that, and it doesn't change our relationship.

One day, his father goes through his computer and "Invades his cloister", as he tells me, and discovers that his son is gay. He finds chats about guys, and the inevitable pornography. Then, he makes a bitchy move (In my perspective). He sets one of the photos as my friend's background image, and the day my friend logs into his computer, he runs out of the house, into mine, bawling.

TQC, As a girl-best-friend, how would you comfort him? I feel so guilty not knowing how to help.

(no subject)

 TQC, I'm gonna ask you again.

What did I forget to pack?

Also, I'm hungry. what should I eat?

ETA: Anybody want a postcard from somewhere? I'm going to Spain, France, and Italy.
ETA2: I'm really cheap so y'all will have to compete for them! I'm giving out three.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I'm very hungry but I can't eat again until tomorrow because of a medication I'm on. How can I make my hunger go away without food?? (No drinks besides water either, though they said Crystal Light is ok)
Cadbury Creme Egg

(no subject)

Do you prefer to travel alone, or with a friend (or multiple friends)? Why?

Package tour or independent travel? And why?

I've always travelled alone and have only done one or two day tours. I prefer the independence. But I'm going interstate with a friend on Thursday and all the stories of 'my friend and I went travelling together and hated each other forever afterwards' are swirling in my head, especially since things between my travel buddy and I have been a bit tense at the moment.

(no subject)

When quoting a poem for an essay, instead of putting the page number, like I would for a book, do I put the stanza?
I'm need MLA format, but I don't know how to cite it.

Don't know/Don't care: Who was/still is your favorite boss?
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