June 13th, 2010

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my fear is not rational!!

How do I stop freaking out if my fiance's out and he doesn't answer my texts immediately? It's not a "oh god what if he's out with some ho", it's "oh god what if he's lying in a ditch somewhere bleeding to death"

I can't stop thinking like that. If I'm expecting someone to be around at X time and they haven't called me or checked in, I panic. And then I start thinking, well if I did/didn't X, they'd be okay, without even knowing what's up.

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(no subject)

has any event ever happened to you that made you go "there is no way anything worse could possibly ever happen to me"?

did something worse than that happen to you afterwards?

meaning an event that affected you on a personal level, as opposed to some atrocity going on elsewhere in the world that has nothing to do with you. like the death of a loved one as opposed to the iraq war or something like that. and let's assume that death would not be the worst thing that could happen to you, just so we can rule that out.

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I just found a bag of dove chocolates in my bed. Dark. Is this a win or am I a fatty?

What was one book that you read when you were little and thought was epic...and then eventually matured, and though it was horribly, childishly written?

What's one memory/fact that you know about me? Feel free to improvise.

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Does anyone know of a site or program that is compatible with Mac that can condense a whole bunch of small audio files into one or two larger files? The easier to understand, the better!

I just downloaded some new audiobooks and all the little parts drive me crazy! It's so hard to keep my place...

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My mum is booking a holiday in Alanya, Turkey for us.
Has anyone ever been there? Did you enjoy it?

DK/DC: What colour eyes do you have? Do you like them? Pictures if you have some (Pictures not eyes) ?

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Am I the only person on earth who doesn't know how the hell to make microwave popcorn? I always end up burning it even if I set it for like 2 minutes.

How the hell can I start making good microwave popcorn? Do I just need to get a new microwave instead?
you think you're heart would learn.

doubt thou the stars are fire...

so i've recently been trying to digest the possibility that America is no country for love. certain countries, over time, have evolved cultures that in popular culture stand as societies representative of love and romance but the new world is strangely left out of this league. images such as bored soccer moms, single parents, hateful children and bitter old people in retirement homes come to mind. where is the love?


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I would like to fuck my 48 year old chess teacher.  Good idea y/y?

I am 20 and he told me he wanted to put his thing in my thing when I was old enough ; ).

Are you in a snarky fucking mood tonight?  I am just ready to jump on anything.

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I leave for a nine day trip to Italy and Greece on Monday.

Yes I realize this is extremely last minute.

Where can I do US Dollars  to Euros exchange?
Would my best bet to do it when I get to the airport?
Any advice?

i might exchange a small amount of money and then do a withdraw at the bank


Any plans for this upcoming week?

(no subject)

Do you like flavored coffee? What is a flavor I should try?

Have you seen TOP GEAR? Do you like it?

The forecast here for Thurs is 142F. I think that is a mistake...what do you think?

(no subject)

After how long of dating your current or ex have you decided to tell your SO that you love them? Were you the first to say it?

Dk/dc, how slutty are you on a scale of 1-10?

What's your favorite food?

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i just fucked this guy. we're really close friends and we always talk to each other about our problems... namely, we're both in love with other people who don't want to be with either of us and we have depressing conversations about our separate situations. we even talk about this stuff together before, during, and after sex and that's the kind of dynamic our friendship has. so i'm trying to come up with a term for the kind of sex we have... as in... sometimes people have hate sex, make-up sex, etc... what is ours called? all i can come up with is "comfort sex" but i feel like that's not accurate enough. do you have any ideas for what we can call it?
アンジェラ・アキ - Blue

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Is there a place that'll critique an RP story for World of Warcraft? I love wow_ladies but I'm terrified of asking them for advice on my very, very strange story. Those ladies can be tough (though I do love 'em).

OMG UR SUCH A NERD/I don't really care: How do you like your pizza? I like mine plain, as any extra toppings ruin it.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, I have 2 papers due tomorrow. One is 2-3 pages analyzing a Shakespeare character + a 1-2 minute monologue, the other is a 1+ page paper about drugs. Which one should I write first? How do you motivate yourself to write something you really couldn't care less about writing?


So I woke up this morning and I had been logged out of LJ and it kept telling me my password was wrong.

I finally managed to reset it and nothing has been changed or messed with, that I can find, and I can't find any entries posted anywhere, so it seems like someone got into my account... just to look?

What gives, TQC? Has this ever happened to you?

(edit: My gmail password had also been changed.)

(no subject)

Are you the type of person that likes thoughtful presents, or are you the type to not care about presents very much?

If you are the first type, have you ever given presents to the second type, only to have them ignore all the effort you put into it? Do you not bother next time?

And if you are the second type, would you rather people didn't bother putting thoughts behind your presents, and just get you a gift card or something?

Party math.

I invited about 45 people to our cookout this afternoon.
28 RSVP'd "yes".
4 RSVP'd "maybe".

And the rest never RSVP'd at all.

How many people should we plan to supply food for?
I have some prepared now, but we're going shopping for the rest this afternoon.

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If I have the tower part of a (Windows running) desktop PC right here, and I want to access it to see what's on it / manage files etc., but I can't be bothered hooking it up to its monitor/keyboard/mouse (because they're elsewhere), is there a way I can access it by hooking it up to (a) this Macbook running Mac OS X, or (b) a Windows laptop PC with a non-functioning network card?

Or do I have to go dig out the monitor etc.?

DK: How many computers & TVs are in your household, and how many people?
1 TV, 5 computers (3 of which are mine), 3 people.

(no subject)

Is a longboard worthy to get?

I do not want to do any fancy tricks, just want something to cruise on, easy to ride and a longboard is perfect for that except they are really expensive... So are they? 

Should I just go ahead and buy one?


So I moved into my own apartment this week. I lived with a roommate who was never there and her cat. My cat and hers got along well, they'd play and groom eachother. Now it's just her, and she's gotten super clingy. Follows me, meows all the time, lays on me and rolls around.. all this super affectionate stuff she didn't do before. I'm assuming she misses the company of the other cat, will she adjust? At this point she cries when I close her out of the bathroom or leave for work. :(

Dont know or care: What was your first apartment like?

minus factored

Attempting to word this better:
Everyone's supposed to like certain things according to some label or what all their friends like. Such as if you're indie rock you have to like the mountain goats or if you're a hipster you have to like david bowie. Yes its all bullshit, this is for entertainment. So how do you fail at being cool?

Some for me:
Nightmare Before Christmas=boring
David Bowie's music...snore.
I like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen
Clerks was meh, clerks 2 so bad wouldn't watch more than a few minutes.
Poppy Z. Brite=way over rated.
Depeche Mode=unpleasant to the ears.

(no subject)

My EVDO card finally went (well, my nephew broke it in half) and my contract with Verizon has been month-to-month for about a year now, so I can cancel it if there's something better.

What should I get to replace my EVDO card, TQC? I want something I can use on all of our machines so I'm thinking about a USB or a MiFi-type modem. What do you have and/or want? What do you think I should get? What provider should I go with?

*it has to be compatible with Mac (Snow Leopard) too!
Sheryl Nome

(no subject)

Do you play any MMPORPGs? Which one(s)?

Have you ever read Conn Iggulden's Conqueror series? (The one about Genghis Khan.) What did you think of it?

what do you do if a drunken footie (soccer) fan shoves you in the pub because he's too drunk and stupid to realise that he's standing in the doorway?

Do you like Quavers?

Is wanting to make my parents flip out a good reason for getting a tattoo or tongue piercing? My housemate thinks I should, but I'm not sure.

ETA: What do you do if your housemate is going away for a week and leaving you to look after her two kittens, when you can't deal with faeces without vomiting violently for several hours? (ETA 2: If it was as simple as 'getting over it' I wouldn't be asking. I've tried to get over it in the past, both when my housemate has gone away before and when I lived with my parents and their two dogs. Last time there were two other people living here who could deal with the litter tray. This time I'll be on my own and I won't be able to clean it.)

Should I ban my brother from coming to visit me unless he pays me back some of the £110 he owes me that he's been promising to pay for ages?

(no subject)

How late is it acceptable to sleep after a night of partying?
You'd drank quite a bit, but you got to bed by like 1am.

Will you please cross your fingers for me that the rain holds off today?

What's going on today?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

(no subject)

My grandpa is a superb gardener. I am a terrible gardener. Things die in my garden when they're still at the sprout stage. Grandpa's plants are magical. The oranges taste like creamscicles, the grapefruits make my lips tingle with deliciousness, the tomatoes taste like fresh marinara, the onions taste like waves of flavor that have flowed from heaven, etc.

What makes Grandpa such a great gardener?

These are some current theories of friends and family:
1. His house is built on an ancient burial ground
2. Alien assistance
3. Grandpa is, in fact, an alien
4. Radioactivity
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If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

Can someone shed some light on this for me.

Does 'the woods' refer to a particular forest, or is it a generic term for all forests?

By extension, is every teddy bear in the world in one particular forest having a large-scale picnic, or are different forests hosting their own local picnics for teddy bears in that region?
burning words

starbucks "however you want it" frappuccinos

as someone who has been customizing her frappuccinos for years, i haven't been too adventurous in coming up with new blends since Starbucks started advertising their "however you want it" frappuccinos. what have you starbucks lovers come up with for new frappuccinos?

also, on the website they have a "Syrup Flavored Cream" frappuccino. what is that? i live in canada so maybe we don't have it here yet or else i've just been living under a rock. how would you customize it?

thanks everyone!
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(no subject)

If someone offered you $1 million dollars (or the equivalent in your country's currency), would you live among the Amish for a year? You'd live among the Old Order Amish and would have to do everything that people in that particular community do.
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

(no subject)

TQC, my parents want to know what I want for my 21st birthday. I want a laptop, more specifically, a MacBook Pro. I honestly don't expect them to drop 1200 dollars on a laptop, so I figured I'd offer to pay for a little less than half (I have about 570 dollars in a CD account from a graduation/18th birthday present). It's a long shot in itself, but should I at least try it?

If you don't care: Are you a Mac user? How easy was it to convert to Mac if you used a Windows OS previously?

(no subject)

I have been thinking about taking myself to Florence, Italy as a birthday present in October.  With airfare and hotel for eight days/ seven nights it comes out to about $2000.  Good idea?

If you could go anywhere by yourself where would you go?


(no subject)

TQC, does this phrase make sense, grammatically?

this is not a love poem,

this is an exorcism:

a command in the name of some deity I don't believe in

for you to take your leave

Who else refuses to wear socks during the summer? I'm going to be living in my flats and sandals or be barefoot all summer and dispise wearing socks, except for when I want to wear my Doc Martens.

(no subject)

If you know your friend is an atheist, would you say "You'll be in my prayers"?
If you're an atheist, how does this make you feel?

ETA: if you know they are atheist, can't you just say "thinking of you" or whatever? I have a friend that is trying to get pregnant and she's probably a bigger atheist than I am.. yet everyone is commenting with "I'm praying for you" or "God will provide". That would just piss me off if I were her.
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(no subject)

Have you taken photos of yourself and a partner kissing?
Was one of these then made your facebook/myspace display pic?

What's your general feelings towards kissing pictures?


What adventures (not necessarily involving really harsh conditions or giant treks) would you like to have in your lifetime to do with travel?
What fears do you have about that adventure idea?
Tell me about a travel adventure you've already had?
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Another "plan my life for me" question.

1. I need to get out for some exercise. Should I run or ride my bicycle? (It's warm and humid here, if that helps...)
I rode my bike for thirty minutes. Fun! So... Bike-riders, do you signal your turns?

2. We're watching the World Cup soccer game. What's with the horns? Shouldn't they be singing and chanting?

3. Vacation is in a week. What should I do to make the next seven days go by quickly and smoothly?

Turpentine and Turpenoid

A few years ago I took an oil painting class where the teacher explained the difference between turpentine and turpenoid. She very specifically stated that regardless of what anyone in the art store will tell you, one was good for cleaning brushes while the other was for thinning paint, though I can't remember which is which.

I think turpentine is for thinning paint, and turpenoid for cleaning brushes, but I just want to make sure. I've googled and found nothing conclusive. Does anyone here know for sure which is for which?

back corset

(no subject)

Do you have any scents that remind you of a place or time?

What about songs? Any songs that you listen to that take you back to the time period of when you first listened to them?
Patsy Stone

(no subject)

TQC, I am having a bad day. Today a "friend" told me that I am going to be single forever because I am weird looking and too fat for my height and body shape. Can you make me feel better by posting beautiful people? Show me who you find beautiful, please :)

Edit: thanks TQC <3 you guys are sweet, and I am enjoying the pictures of who you find beautiful.
oh George, another one

(no subject)

What's a good movie for a rainy day? I was going to rent The Dreamers but I am slowly noticing that students at my school are either losing movies on purpose or don't know how to keep up with things that they don't own...

I'm in the mood for something pretty girly--nothing that involves Julia Roberts kind of girly, though. But I'm still open for all suggestions except for horror gory movies--zombie movie is reserved for another night. :)
love me do.

(no subject)

I live in USA and I've somehow been managing without internet in my apartment for a year. I'm finally giving in. But the issue is that I don't want to spend more than 30 a month for internet and I'm probably going to be moving in about a year, and most plans I've seen have a two year contract minimum. I'm okay with it being slow as long as I can play a youtube video (I can wait for it to load). Any plan suggestions? Does pay-as-you-go exist for internet, because I think that would be ideal.

Edit: When I say move, I mean potentially to a different country.
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(no subject)

I'm finally eligible for an upgrade on my phone, and unforch I have to downgrade from my crackberry to something else. I want to stay QWERTY, but can't have a data plan anymore, so that puts me at the Samsung INTENSITY or the LG Cosmos. Do you have a preference between the two, TQC? Intensity is free, Cosmos is $29, which I'd rather not spend....but if there's a big enough diff, I will.

DK/DC: Favorite sport to watch? Favorite sport to play?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Did you have the opportunity to meet, remember, know, etc. your great-great grandparents?

Mine died when I was in elementary school so I remember them clearly, and now my own children will remember theirs; they are 8 and 5 and still have their great-great grandparents (my great-grandparents).
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(no subject)

Do you have any close friends that are into you? How do you deal with it when you're not the least bit attracted/interested? Do you think it sort of kills part of the friendship when someone admits undying love?

What flavor do you like your chicken wings to be?

Do you prefer to use sex toys or go au natural?

Toxic Parents

Do you have toxic parents?

Have they gone far as harassing your relationship (boyfriend or girlfriend) with psychotic messages or something?

Have you cut ties with your parents? If so, how do you stick to it?
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(no subject)

 what was the last thing to take you by surprise?

about a week ago some friends and i went to the river. on the way back my right leg got fucked by thorns. today i did a sea salt compress on the worst cut, and as always because i cant help it i mess with it a little bit, mostly trying to help drain it. to my suprise, i squeezed a little at just the right angle and pushed out a thorn about a centimeter long. i cant believe i couldnt tell something foriegn was in my body that long!

it was sick but somehow satisfying.

(no subject)

How do I make new friends? Im 20 years old and living in Florida. (dont say school clubs cuz my school doesn't offer many)

serious answers only. most of my highschool friends have moved on and i feel like i'm a loser. =/

(no subject)

Okay so I just made an OkCupid profile and have been browsing. I just came across a girl that I think is pretty cute and I would like to send her a message but I have never sent anyone a message on OkCupid before. I really don't know what to say nor have I even uploaded a photo yet. How do I go about this without being awkward or creepy?

ETA: Although I have nothing against the non-serious answers, I would strongly prefer serious answers for this question.

Okay then, i'll upload a photo.

Do you use dating sites? If so, any success stories?

Inspired by the movie theatre cup holder question...

When you watch movies in theatres, do you choose your seats at the box office from the seating plan and then have that seat row & number printed on your ticket?

Or is it free-seating where you sit wherever you want once you get in the theatre?

Which country are you in?

Here in Malaysia we ALWAYS choose our seats from the seat plan whenever we're buying tickets (either online or at the box office), then the seat is assigned to us and printed on our tickets. I very much prefer this method so that whoever buys tickets the earliest will get to choose their preferred seats. I love sitting at the back rows right in the middle.

(no subject)

1)What do you think about people who don't call their families about their engagement and just change their status on facebook?

You know how I feel by my asking this question.

2)So, what do you do in boring job training?
legs motherfucker

(no subject)

would you ever consider shaving your head?
...brought to you by someone trying to convince me to shave mine.

what's the biggest change you've ever made to your hair?
what about your appearance in general?

what is the color scheme of your bedroom?
Julia Murney

(no subject)

 If I were to post a sign in the elevator of my building inviting people to my apartment for a Tony Awards party, what is the likelihood I would be robbed? Raped? Make new theatre-minded friends?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

What should I bake?

Tres leches cake
Something else I'll tell you about that won't take too much effort

And yes, TQC, of course I will share with you.

Baked anything delicious lately?
[Merlin] - Gwen

(no subject)

Do you remember the salutatorian/valedictorian speeches from when you graduated high school? Were they interesting?

I have to give a salutatorian speech. What should I do to make it not totally godawful?
nancyvandal B&amp;W striped socks legs

(no subject)

Anyone have a good vegan cupcake recipe? I'm making some for a friend's birthday, and I've found some online but it would be great to know of ones that have been tested!

For everyone else, feel free to discuss being vegan, or just cupcakes in general.

(no subject)

I have some weird spots on my skin.

They randomly appeared one day after being outside, but the outside part may just have been coincidence. They also didn't all appear at once. Two showed up on the side of my face, then two on my chest, one on each side of my neck, and now there is one on my arm, like 3 days later. They might be bug bites, but they don't itch. They are for sure not mosquito bites. The ones on the side of my face look like they are peeling or something. They're just small red dots, maybe a little splotchy, but they don't look like the pictures of eczema I've seen or anything.

What could they be? :(

Edit for less than excellent quality pictures to show size and stuff. Pictures are kind of big so I'll just give links
Collapse )


I'm heading to Marble Slab (like Cold Stone) after dinner tonight and I need some ideas. So I'm asking you What is your favorite mixture of ice cream and mix-ins to get at an ice cream shop?

DKDC? What is your favorite cold thing to eat on a hot summer day?
Pamela Dare

(no subject)

I just bought a pair of jeans for $7. They are Miley Cyrus brand from Walmart. I ripped the tag off the inside so no one will know that Miley Cyrus was involved in the creation of my jeans.

What's the last thing you bought for under $10?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

Mom: your cousin unplugged a cd player without turning the power off. She is incredibly reckless and her boyfriend always has to scold her and tell her how reckless she is.

Me: well then she should find a different boyfriend.

Mom: no he is right, if he finds faults in her he should point them out or else she will never learn.

Do you have my mom's philosophy? Why or why not?

(no subject)

I have had bumps on my knees and elbows since I was a kid. I'm sure this is a form of rough skin, but despite lotion and other moisturizing efforts, the bumps remain. Anyone else have this problem?
god bless the world

(no subject)

My friend just told me she is going to commit suicide. She's in her late 40s, just lost her job, was recently divorced, and is experiencing "empty nest" depression. She wrote me a letter and told me that things would just be easier for everyone involved, ect. She wasn't answering her phone so I went over there and knocked on her door. She answered, sat me down in the kitchen and very casually told me she had lived her life and was ready to die. I asked her when she was planning on doing it, and she said in the next couple weeks when she gets her "affairs in order." She told me she wanted me to have a particular piece of jewelry from her collection.

I was stunned.

What do I do? Who do I call? The hospital? The police? Surely there is something to do in this situation? I don't know her very well. I don't know her relatives or other friends or anyone I can contact to let them know.

(no subject)

I have about 20 shows on my 'must watch/finish watching' list. Should I add Sons of Anarchy to it as well?

For those that watch their TV online, how do you keep up?
I have so many shows that I want to start watching, & when I do I find another 3 shows to add to the list. Do you watch a couple of eps of one show a night, and another the next? That's what I'm thinking of doing.

(no subject)

Lets brainstorm TQC!!!!

Your boyfriend is sad. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulder and sometimes it all comes down at once.

You want to cheer him up.

But you can't have sex.
(A. You're in a friends apartment, alone. But a friends apartment
B. No condoms.
C. You're trying to wait to get to know each other on a different level before joing genitals.)

What would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

(caps locked answers welcome and appreciated)
MCR Gerard Red Hair

(no subject)

My hair is wrecked. I straighten my hair (with heat protective product and only once since that's all it needs), it's dyed and bleached in places.

I had it straightened by a hair dressing student, who barely put any product on to protect it and then went over damaged hair with the straighteners about 5 or 6 times on a heat over 230°. Its been horribly dull and dry ever since.

So TQC please tell me some really good conditioners (home made or otherwise) that you know of to make my hair feel better.
gasp zooey

(no subject)

I accidentally dropped an ice cube in a pan of inch-deep boiling oil.  SOMEHOW I managed to not get burned, but...how do you get oil off of every surface in your kitchen?

(no subject)

If you were going to do an interpretation of some popular music these days, which artists/songs would you choose?
anything Ke$ha or Gaga

my friends and I were talking about it in the car earlier and decided that it would be really funny to see someone interpret Just Dance in a very serious tone of voice

(no subject)

What are some good ways to meet people when moving to a new state? I just graduated from college, if that helps. Any personal experience stories about moving to a new place you'd like to share??? :)

(no subject)

This is going to sound weird, but do you know of any trustworthy site for downloading screensavers?
(I'm looking for an ocean-themed one, specifically one with octopodes.)

What is your favorite aquatic creature?
What (non-human) creature scares you the most?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Can you name 3 songs about drugs? Bonus points if they're the same drug.
Can you name 3 songs about weather? Bonus points if it's the same weather.
Can you name 3 songs about alcohol or cigarettes? 
LB - Ugh.
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(no subject)

posting for a friend, srsly.

So I drank a delicious, delicious Mexican-bottled Coke the other day. Wegman's imports them and I buy them on occasion since they're made with sugar, not corn syrup. This particular Coke, however, has extras, in the form of GLASS. That's right, three glass shards in the Coke. Luckily, while I did drink them, I felt something odd in my mouth and spit them out. I didn't cut myself, and as far as I know, didn't swallow any glass.

The shards are clearly from a Coke bottle (color & label paint) but not THIS Coke bottle - it's not broken or chipped in any way. They're not huge, but they sure aren't small - about the size of a Wonka Nerd. I found three.

What should she do? 'Sue the bastards' has already been suggested elsewhere.

(no subject)

what do you think makes people be sluts edit: "promiscuous"? are they just really horny all the time, or do you think it's a psychological ~needy~ issue? or something else?

DK/DC: what meal would you request for your last meal?

Edit: I am done with fighting with people on the internet so you can all talk amongst yourself and send me rude comments.

(no subject)

My boyfriend is very anti-shopping for clothes or sneakers, and is very picky about labels/stores due to their child labor laws and other such humane issues. This makes it really difficult for me to buy him new clothes, which he desperately needs, so I was wondering: Does anyone know of any "safe" brands or stores, whether online or offline, that I could check out?

What was your most recent splurge?
Cadbury Creme Egg

(no subject)

If someone were to visit from overseas with no knowledge of the cuisine/food of your country (or region if you live in a really diverse country), what meal would you cook them to show them what it's all about?

Don't mention your country, and we'll see how good we are at guessing...
wacky races

What would you do?!

Hey, so I have to get up at around 4am tomorrow to get a bus at 05:10. It's 10:30pm right now, and I'm trying to decide whether to just stay up all night, or go to bed - bearing in mind there's a 50/50 chance of me sleeping through my alarm. (I am definately not a light sleeper!)

What would you do in this situation?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

(no subject)

I'm about to buy some stuff from Amazon.com right now.

My total is about $5 shy of the $25 free super saver shipping thing, so at this point I'm just gonna buy another $5-ish thing (since I'd end up paying that in shipping if I don't, and I'd rather have a $5 thing than spend the $5 on shipping).

Problem is, my Wish List is full of $20+ things. I don't know what else to buy!

Should I just waste the $5 on shipping?

If not, what ~$5 thing should I buy? Any suggestions?
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Flaming Sikozu

(no subject)

I'm crocheting a blanket, what should I watch whilst doing so: The original Nightmare on Elm Street, Rocky Horror Picture show (with or without the commentary?) or the remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3?
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(no subject)

While I am unemployed, my parents are helping cover my bills that I can't pay. As such, I am doing stuff around the house, including doing dishes, watering plants, laundry (excluding underpants) and cleaning...I don't cook a lot for them because they eat meat and I don't...and I can't cook it for shit. Do you have any other suggestions on other things I can do to show my appreciation?

DK/DC: whatchu sippin' on tonight, tqc?
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Is there anything interesting between Pittsburgh and Chicago? (To stop at while driving) I'm going to assume there's nothing in Ohio, but I've never been to Indiana before so idk.

[The kind of stuff I hope to find: Tiny little out of the way stands selling the world's best home made jam, giant balls of twine, etc.]

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I need to track down this guy I've decided is the love of my life and we should be together forever and ever. We went on a few dates last year and I called him 2 weeks ago and we started to arrange going on another date and then he told me to call him when I was around and he would see if he was free.


I lost my phone! And with it his number...

I've got a few issues though! I've just realised I don't have him on Facebook, I may or may not have him on MSN (Jimmy Williams, is that you?! Why are you online quite a lot of the time yet never reply to me...), none of my friends know him that well to have his phone number and no one I've been asking knows him. The only thing I DO know is where he lives, albeit I'm not 100% on the door number or flat number.

SO what do I do?! Surely going over there and ringing his buzzer is a step too far no?
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Smoothie makers of TQC,
Where do you find recipes for smoothies?
What is your favorite kind to make (and what goes into it)?
What other sort of iced beverages do you enjoy making in your blender?

Plz be sharing recipes.

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Where is my remote?!

It must be in my room somewhere, so no couch cushions or anything. I can't find it D:

How often do you lose things? Do you ever misplace things, like putting the remote in the fridge or something?

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I have either a cold or allergies (can't figure out which one it is) and it's making my nose and throat REALLY itchy, and I haven't stopped sneezing all day. I tried taking Benadryl and Tylenol Sinus and neither did much, other than making me sleepy. I've also tried vaporizers and mint tea and pretty much every solution online...nothing. I have a job interview tomorrow and can't be sneezing all over the place.

Do you know of any good home remedies?
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