June 12th, 2010

never could sing

Are you really hot, but nobody likes you cause you're too weird?
Are you really ugly, but nobody likes you cause you're too weird?


Were you dissapointed by The Runways movie too? It focused on cherie and joan way too much.
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I recently purchased my BFF a subscription to Vogue, and I was wondering, dear Vogue subscribers, when are your magazines usually delivered? is there a certain day or week of the month you expect the issue? i already checked Google.



Before I head off to bed

 Do you know all the words to any national anthems other than your own?

What's the strangest soda you have ever had? Any sort of drink if you are one of those weird anti-soda hippies. Though you people probably drink wheatgrass every day. 

In a related vein, who makes the best ROOT BEER? (sorry, I am losing it rapidly)

Coconut milk ice cream. Brilliant and delicious, or sneaky vegan trick? 
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Since sextips fucking sucks and won't approve my bullshit,

what sex positions can be suitable for a more submissive male (and more dominant female)? Because typical lady on top is all I can really think of, though suggestions of deviations from that would be appreciated

If you have no idea, will you tell me about your sex life? And specifically, what positions you most likely use?
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When someone calls you and asks you for a favor, do you make a note (mental or physical) of it, and expect them to do a favor for you later?

My brother just bought a $500 piece of equipment for his band, along with a shitton of other stuff. Some of the other guys are pitching in, but it was mi hermano who fronted the dinero. As such, when this band breaks up, how do they determine who gets what? Buying out or whoever originally bought it, keeps it?

DK/DC: When you use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound, does it burn?? It hurts like a mofo to me, but it seems like everyone else doesn't mind it.
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Do you have a Forever21 near you?
Do you like it?

We have a huge one here that is absolutely stuffed full of clothes that I can't imagine anyone would ever wear. I bought a pair of sunglasses there the other day, and I think I could have gotten a much sturdier pair from walmart for the same price.

dk/dc: What is your favorite healthy snack?
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It's almost 2am, I'm at home eating Spongebob mac-n-cheese and my husband is in DC playing a show for the BOUND convention.

What is your favorite midnight snack?

What is the likelihood that my husband is getting tied up or electrocuted at this moment? (lol oh BOUND)
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When someone's icon has a person in it, do you assume that it is a picture of them?  If it's someone famous, do you assume that's what this user looks like?  Is that you in your icon?

make up

Where do your lower lash eyeliner? Under your lash? or along the ridge under your eye? I've always done it under the lash...but am wondering if I should try the other way?

dk/dc what are you doing today? 

Blogging is serious

How many blog posts should someone have written or at least planned before advertising their blog all over the internet?

I'm subscribed to over 20 blogs and I get one or two new posts a day on my feed, if I'm lucky. Everyone seems to neglect their blog after the first couple of posts.

What are some blogs I can subscribe to that are updated a few times a week but not several times a day so it's not overwhelming to keep up on?
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This was inspired by a short (and polite!) discussion in another community.

If you are an employer or supervisor, and you had females who you supervised, would you call them "my girls?" 
If you are an employee, and a supervisor called you "my girls," would you be offended?

Never, not unless it was completely tongue-in-cheek.
Absolutely. I belong to nobody, and feel like it is an unnecessary show of power, and feel objectified. Plus, I am a woman, not a girl, tyvm.
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When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

And why did people add me to their f-list because of this? =/
Have you ever added someone to your f-list because they appeared on Writer's Block?

ETA: LOL! All their journals are in Russian.
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Settle this argument for me, TQC:

My local grocery store has cherries now! YAY! But they come in bags that are at least a pound. I can't eat a pound of cherries before they go bad. I get my own produce bag and grab just a handful or two. They are priced by the pound, and not by the bag.

My husband tells me that I'm not supposed to do that - I'm only supposed to grab a full bag. I think that's silly.

Am I breaking a grocery store rule?

EDIT: I don't know if this makes a difference, but the bags are like zip-lock bags. I'm not ripping open a bag and ruining it. I un-zip it, take my cherries, and re-rip it.

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what types of places should i be looking for a job? (i have no experience and no references aside from family and friends and the places i'm applying to don't even call me back)

wtf am i going to do about getting a car and moving out if i can't even find a job?!
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

tried to make this gender neutral, but I'm not sure if I succeeded

Say you have two people who are interested in you. You are 24, living at home with your parents while you finish your last year of your degree, and work about 30 hours a week (some nights, some weekend hours, some day shifts).

Person #1 - Age 26. pros: shares a lot of interests with you, conversation is always good and you never run out of things to talk about, similar sense of humor, amazing chemistry. Probably the best kisser you've encountered. cons: has a crazy work schedule so it is hard to find times to meet, since you also have a kind of crazy work schedule. Also, can't tell how much interest this person has for you. Is living at home with a parent at this point, but is looking to move out in the near future, and has applied for a better job (and has an interview) that would be way better hours.

Person #2 - Age 25. pros: has a great job at an internet giant, is incredibly nice, and has a pretty flexible work schedule and can basically fit their schedule around yours. Has a really nice house. It was sort of hard to come up with topics on your first date. Cons: On the first date, this person basically sprung a makeout session out of nowhere and is not a good kisser. Also, you find out they are a virgin. And apparently really wants to fix that. They seem like they might be a clinger.

Who do you devote more time and energy to? Do you string Person #2 along in hopes that Person #1 works it out? Do you let Person #2 know you're really not interested? Are you a gold digger and you go for it full force with Person #2? Or do you say "fuck it" and start the search entirely over again?

dk/dc TL:DR: How do you let someone down "easily"? Dumping is dumping no matter what, in my past experience, and I'm leaning towards letting P#2 down easily and I'm not sure how to go about that.

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I'm going stir-crazy, and it's making me irritable and depressed. I'm an unemployed student on summer break. Most of the openings for admin work or customer service there's no point in applying for, since this is SoCal and I cannot drive. As far as I can tell, no business within walking distance or the transit lines closest to me is hiring. Including retail, which is iffy I could even do.

Am I left with whatever volunteering (if any) is possible within walking distance?
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This isn't intended to be a sexist poll, for those of you that may translate it that way. It's really cut and dry and I'm curious about peoples' response. Note: By "conservative", I do not mean "sexually conservative," but think more along the lines of politically and otherwise. To exaggerate it a little so you know what I mean, think along the lines of, being old fashioned or traditional. I know some of you would prefer another option, perhaps a "both/neither," but answer whatever it seems to you.

Which gender do you find to be generally more conservative? (Read post.)


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1. What is the best gift you've ever received?

2. How much should I tip (what percent) at a cafeteria-style restaurant where customers go through a cafeteria line and get their own food and take it to a table, but an employee comes by to refill drinks?

3. What has been one of your best Halloween costumes?

4. What would someone assume about you based on what's in your bedroom, its level of cleanliness, etc.?

ETA: This is the place https://www.lubys.com/en/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luby%27s (if that helps at all).

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How do you respond to someone who said to you: "Because of your skin you look like chocolate and should be eaten"?

Consider that you have to see this person once a week in an informal environment. You are not obligated to interact with them but they will probably seek to have contact with you. Also consider that you didnt appreciate the comment at all.

Bonus: Has anyone ever called you something that offended you a lot that was no direct name calling? How did you react?

ETA: If relevant, consider that you have dark skin and that people with dark skin are very rare where you live. It's also known that you are a foreigner living in said place.

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Inspired by the signature scent question:

Anyone have any suggestions on a cheap body spray for guys that I can use daily without smelling rank or as if I'm in middle school?
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If you could watch any movie right now, what would it be?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Did you rent movies as a kid? Where from? What did you rent most often?
Probably a tie up between Andre and an animated Barbie movie featuring Barbie vs. Jem. I still remember the lyrics

DK/DC: If I were to throw a TQC pot luck, with everyone bringing their favorite thing to cook, what would you bring?
I would provide "Everything" Cookies!

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When was the last time you felt blindly robbed?

I went to get a pedicure, and the pedicure alone was $35. I go over and sit at the drying station, and then a guy comes over and starts giving me a shoulder massage. He says I'm extremely tense, then asks me to come over to the massage station and proceeds to give me a more intense massage. He didn't even ASK ME if I wanted it done, so I thought it was courtesy.

I go to the counter to pay only to realize that they're charging me $17 for the massage. WTF?!

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I've had my fill of the news and have worn out all the subjects that generally pop into my head to google to death.

Can you suggest any interesting online reading? About anything at all. I don't have any good books to read and I need something to do when I take breaks from cleaning my mess tonight.

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If there were no repercussions would you sleep with a boss or employee?  Assume the other person in this scenario is like Brad Pitt/ Christina Hendricks HOTT.

What if there were repercussions?

Are you the kind of person who is naturally lucky or the kind of person who never wins anything?

(no subject)

What would you think if you were home and your boyfriend was at your house, and your female roommate starts walking around the house in her thong and bra?

What would you do about it?
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kinda tl;dr, sorry

I'm going to be house-sitting for nine days at the house of a friend who lives about a hundred miles away from me... I'm probably not going to have internet access so I want to take the opportunity to read one of the many big fat paperbacks I own that I have not yet read. So:

If it were your choice, would you read James Clavell's Shōgun or the first book of the Kim Stanley Robinson trilogy, Red Mars?

Basically it boils down to Japanese historical fiction or utopian/dystopian science fiction set on Mars. Both seem like they've got lots of drama and action. Shogun is a lot longer than Red Mars. I've started both of them before but didn't get far in either, so whatever I pick I'm going to end up starting over. Aaand I'm probably going to be reading it alongside Their Eyes Were Watching God.

What genres of fiction do you most enjoy reading?
How often do you read, either novels or nonfiction books? Can you read a book straight through or does it take a while? I used to read like a fiend (I once kept track of all the novels I read in a year and it was something outrageous, like two hundred). But since I got to college it's a huge effort to read anything, even something that seems really interesting.
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Does anyone here by chance know what happened to the icon comm acidette? I only recently found it and it had amazing icons, but it was suddenly deleted :(

Where do you get your icons from?

Will you reply to this with your newest or favorite icon?

cats cats

I really want a cat, but I can't have one due to expense/allergies. Will you post some adorable cat-related gifs/videos/photos to brighten up my night? Pics of your own cat(s) work too, if you want to show them off! :]

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Once again, I've had a hard drive failure. I have no idea why, but my computer burns through hard drives like it's trying to create a global shortage of them. I am extremely pissed off now, because I _need_ this computer to work and will have to buy a new hard drive, even though I'm unemployed and really can't afford it. I have a backup laptop (and a backup backup netbook), but neither of them can do what I need.

Any suggestions on what I can do to burn off my pissed off-ness? I'd been having a bad day already, and this isn't helping.


What are some cities that inexplicably fasciante you, and why? Have you ever been there?

For me it's a tie between Perth because it seems so alone out there in western Australia. I've heard interesting things about the music/culture. The other is Reykjavik in Iceland. I think it's the northernmost capital of any country in the world, and people have told me it's great. Iceland in general fasciantes me. Sadly I've been to neither.

wet beer glass

I was out for a drink earlier tonight and watched the bartender pouring beers. Each time he filled a glass at the tap, first he would rinse out the glass with water. What's the reason for this?

(no subject)

What's the best "brand"(?) of credit card to get?

My mom forbid me from getting one when I was a teenager, and now I'm like SHIT I NEED TO BUILD CREDIT. I have no idea which one to get, though. What do you have?

(no subject)

Some people have given my SO and I cash as gifts for the baby shower.

We have $300 just in cash gifts.

I'd like to invest this money somehow.

TQC you are better with money than I am, how should I do that?
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There is one washer and one dryer in my apartment building. I washed some cloths about an hour and a half ago.  There was stuff in the dryer then, and no one has taken it out since.  It really drives me crazy when people take my clothes out and put it on top of the dryer, but I don't feel like staying up till 2 am to see if anyone comes and gets their clothes. 

How long would you wait before you take it out and put your stuff in the dryer? Or...is there another alternative. It's too humid to air dry stuff here right now.


I want to buy a new camera, but my knowledge of them is limited to "higher megapixel=better quality". Is there a substantial difference between a $150 "point-and-shoot" 10MP and one like this that is also 10MP? Is the more expensive camera worth the money?

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If you could either change your boss or the type of work you do, what would you choose?

Type of work
I'm a stay at home mom
I'm a student
I don't work for some other reason

How happy are you with how much you get paid? 5 being couldn't be happier!

Mean: 2.37 Median: 2 Std. Dev 1.16

Oh no!! Someone stole all the forks from your house! What do you eat? The following choices are the only things you have in your house to eat.

Mashed potatoes
Chocolate chip mint ice cream

If I offered you a Chupa Chups lollipop, which kind would you choose?

Strawberries & cream
Strawberry yogurt
Choco vanilla
Peach yogurt
I would just randomly pick one out of the bag
I wouldn't want one, thanks.

My family in a state 900 miles away wants to throw me a baby shower. The baby is due in January. I am eligible for one week of vacation in November. I plan on taking 12 weeks after the baby is born. What should I do?

Take the vacation in November and go to the baby shower.
Add the vacation time to the 12 weeks and go after the baby is born.
Don't go at all. Baby showers suck!

What is a poll question you would like to see asked?


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so im bought a lotto ticket tonight. the drawing is in 5 mins and 32 seconds. im going to win. its just a matter of how much :)

how much money will i win? (if i get all 5 balls plus the power ball i win $44 million or $23.5 million cash)

what would you do with the 23.5 million?

edit: i got the powerball so i won $3!

not the million id like, but a nice investment.

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What do you think about guys who think it's unacceptable to curse in front of women?
Are there any "polite" things that men do for women that you think are actually offensive?

For example, I train at a martial arts gym and I'm the only girl. The guys have all been super respectful and inclusive but sometimes if I walk in on a conversation suddenly and they're talking about masturbation or something like that, there is this guy who apologizes to me, "oh, I'm sorry you had to hear that!" And he will either censor himself or immediately apologize to me after cursing. He's 23 and I'm 20, so it's not really an age thing either. The thing is, I don't care how vulgar he is and I've told him so before. My mind is equally if not infinitely more filthy than his. I guess he thinks he's being courteous by protecting my virgin ears from anything not made of rainbows and lollipops but I'm sort of offended in a way because it's sort of patronizing. Should I tell him?

(no subject)

I have all 3 dogs and one of the cats on my queen sized bed, too much? When's the last timre you had too much stuff in a limited amount of space?

I have horrible acid reflux and just took 4 tums that aren't working, what do I do now?

(no subject)

What are some movies you were looking forward to, but ended up being complete fucking shit?

What did you do to calm yourself down?

I just watched 'A Serious Man' and threw a book across the room. Can't believe I didn't look up the directors beforehand. I hate the Coen brothers more than Mel Gibson hates Jews.

(no subject)

Is there any place online I can see a list of all the Netflix movies that can be streamed through the Wii? (Nvm, I wasn't logged in so it was just showing me the free trial ones). 

If you could have the body/appearance of any celebrity, who would it be? Zooey Deschanel. 

(no subject)

Ok, so I'm stupid and I need help. I'm going to Germany, England, Ireland, and Spain this summer (I'm from the United States) and the whole electrical converter/transformer/adapter thing is confusing me. I've asked my friends who have been abroad and none of them have been any help. Can someone recommend me an electrical plug converter thing to buy that I can use in these coutries? The only stuff I'll be needing to plug in are my iPod, cell phone, camera charger, and hair dryer.

Don't know/care: After you've finished going to the bathroom, do you pull up your pants first and then flush, or do you flush first, then pants?
I do the former.
TK and Kari

(no subject)

My cousin wants me to be the singer at her wedding. I told her to get a real singer. She says she doesn't want a real singer, because she doesn't want to hire a stranger to sing when she can get me for free. I've had no professional training.

How bad of an idea is this?


So I'm a pretty straight forward person and I need help asking a guy something without sounding too aggressive or blunt. The story is that we both like each other and I'm sure of this because there's been really obvious flirting going back and forth, as well as things like purposing to hang out. However, I tried to initiate something by asking him to call me when he's free... and he hasn't. How do I ask him if he's still interested in me in a subtle way? I don't want to just ask him if he still likes me because while I am pretty sure he likes me, I may be wrong.

EDIT: I was kind of hesitant to add this detail before, but it might change things. This guy is my violin instructor and we flirted when I wasn't eighteen yet (I'm eighteen now) and he'd say things like "Oh, well once you're 18...."