June 11th, 2010

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Will you participate in a photo scavenger hunt?
1. Someone comments with an item they want you to post a picture of (I'll start).
2. You post a picture you take with your camera (preferably) or find on the Internet somewhere as a reply to that comment.
3. The first person who comments with a picture gets to post a new comment with an item.
4. Repeat.
For example:
iheartsarahduh - "Will you post a picture of your pet?"
nopantspanda - (posts picture of his pet)

nopantspanda - "Will you post a picture of your favorite painting?"
hajiomatic - (posts picture of some poop on a canvas)

hajiomatic - "Will you post a picture of..."


(ETA: Feel free to add to a thread if you want, but don't post a new item unless you are the first commenter)
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My parents aren't married anymore. I live with my mom. She's going to change her name back to her maiden name, which is also the name I was born with (since my parents weren't married when I was born, but they had my name changed shortly afterwards).

Should I change my last name too?


No, I don't actually expect you to make an informed decision without knowing the two names. Humor me.

Some details: I think I like her maiden name better than my current one. I have very few things in my own name aside from like...a bank account and school. Without changing my name, her maiden name is going to die out with her generation. The last name I have now is one syllable and kind of harsh, hers is three syllables. My first name is two syllables. I'm still in touch with my dad and his family, and they might be insulted.

Do you like your name?



Today when I was almost at work my oil light came on in my car. 91 corolla. It only comes on while idling or decelerating, and even then it's not constant. I got to work and checked my oil, and I have plenty, though I do admit I am due for an oil change like 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, I know nothing about cars. Can I chance it and try to drive 40 miles home? Yeah, I have a long commute. Or do I take it to an auto place by my work and bus it home? This results in me getting home an hour and a half late, probably, but I don't want to kill my car.

Can anyone car smart offer advice? Thaaanks.
r lee ermey


Has anything made you rage lately?

This was in my in-box this morning: As thousands of American troops pour into southern Afghanistan, insurgents have launched a vicious offensive against the Afghans supporting the surge. Insurgents publicly hanged a 7-year-old boy who they labeled a spy for local troops. He was hanged from a tree in front of a crowd in Helmand's Sangin district. He was the son and grandson of prominent tribal leaders, one of whom had recently spoken out against the Taliban.P resident Hamid Karzai said: "A 7-year-old boy cannot be anything but a 7-year-old boy,hanging or shooting to kill a 7-year-old boy ... is a crime against humanity.

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I get SUPER ANXIOUS when I know that my bf's going to call, but I'm fine when I don't know when I'm going to talk to him next. Weird?
What makes you really anxious/what do you do to alleviate it?

Dc/Dk, What's your favorite thing in the room that you're currently in? Pictures more than welcome.

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Which of the following have you needed for a serious injury?

physical therapy
artificial body parts (prosthetics, joints, rods, screws, etc)

*deleted to add stitches. sry
legs motherfucker

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so my aunt bought me some tea from china. i can't read anything on the can-thing but it smells delicious and i want to try it. it's not normal tea in a bag. they're like... balls of stuff and from what i can tell she says that they will open up in hot water and it'll look like a flower blooming.

has anyone ever had this before? how do you make it? i've tried asking her but she doesn't speak much english. is it one-per-cup... or a one-per-teapot thing? anyone? here's a picture...Collapse )
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I have an interview in two hours, and my allergies are acting up like crazy. We're talking sniffling, sneezing, coughing, congestion, red watery eyes, runny nose, the works. The only meds that work for me are make me drowsy.

Which is the less bad option??

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Are there any songs that make you weepy? Which ones?
Brought to you by my getting misty at "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab at work.

What are your favorite sweet, mushy-gushy love songs?
My favorite will always be "Echo" by Incubus. omg.<3

Do you have emotional reactions to any other songs? Which ones and what emotions?
"Uprising" by Muse makes me want to go FIGHT SOMETHING.

If you don't like tea don't even bother

Why can I not steep tea for the life of me?

It seems like I either use the wrong proportion of tea or steep it for the wrong amount of time every single time I try making loose-leaf tea, even though I follow the instructions included with the tea.

Like I tried making black tea with two teaspoons of tea and steeping it for five minutes. It tasted too weak. So I tried making it with two and a half teaspoons and steeping for five minutes. It tasted too strong/tannic/over-steeped. So then I tried two heaping teaspoons but only steeping it for about 3 minutes and 45 seconds. It was still too weak.

What is the secret of perfectly steeping tea? It can't be that hard!

(I do usually use tea bags but sometimes you just have to drink whole leaf)

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What movie should I go see? I'm considering seeing "The Karate Kid" or "Get Him to the Greek" but I'm not sure what's good at the moment.

Who's going to go see Toy Story 3 when it comes out?
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My friend is having a wedding in September - i am one of the bridesmaids. Her idea was to pick a color from David's and let her bridesmaids chose from  there - any length, any fabric. Her reasoning is that she wants each bridesmaid to reflect who they are in their dress choices because she has such a beautiful and ecclectic group of friends. I think this is a beautiful way to do it - and pretty uncommon too. What do you think? (If anything?)

What something irrational that annoys you? 

I hate when someone is pointing something out on a computer screen, telling me to click on something and they put their finger all the way up to the screen, blocking my vision from the very thing I should be clicking. Obviously, I can still click it well enough but I am irratioally annoyed and I always want to push their hand away.


Yesterday I subtly tried to invite the hot new chick into my living container.
She didn't fall for it.
What do I do now? Hit her on the head and drag her in? Offer her chocolate?

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If you have auto insurance, what is your monthly premium?
How much liability coverage do you have (for example $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident)?
What is your collision deductible?
What is your comprehensive deductible?
Who are you insured with?

i ain&#39;t into that!

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Which job should I take?

Receptionist at an upscale spa
Barista at a Starbucks in Target

How many of the Top 10 Billboard Singles do you actually like like?

California Gurls - Katy Perry
OMG - Usher
Airplanes - B.o.B. and Hayley Williams
Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha
Billionaire - Travis McCoy
Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
Alejandro - Lady Gaga
Nothin' On You - B.o.B
Rock That Body - Black Eyed Peas
Bulletproof - La Roux

Click the ticky box if true:

I live in Europe.
I've been single for more than a year.
I'm going out tonight.
I've seen a movie in theaters in the past two weeks.
When people ask where I'm from, I would say the name of my county rather than the name of the town where I live.
I'm not on a laptop right now.
I own a film camera.
I'm not wearing pants right now.
I have more than one sister.
I have to sleep with two or more pillows.
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What is your favorite gummy bear flavor?

Something else
I do not like gummy bears

What's your favorite Skittles flavor?

Something else
I do not like Skittles

What is your favorite flavor of Starburst?

Something else
I do not like Starburst

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Do you enter online sweepstakes? Are there any that you enter every day? What prizes are you really hoping to win? Will you share links with me?

I like the one here: http://www.hgtvpro.com/hpro/ab_sweepstakes/

It's got strange rules (they post 7 daily prizes, but only give away one prize weekly, but if you win you get to pick from the different prizes you entered for), but it resets every week and this month they've been doing electronic gadgets I'd love to have (some months it is things like garbage disposals or circular saws).


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Assuming you're a woman, if you had chest hair, would you wax/shave it? And I mean actual hair, not just peach fuzz. Like it's visible in pictures and stuff. Why or why not?

Pretending you're attracted to women, if your female partner (or potential partner) had chest hair, would it bother you? Why or why not?

I ask this because a girl I know has pretty severe chest hair. Which it's fine, sure, I get it. Shaving and waxing can be a bitch. But I've never seen this girl in a swim suit or without a shirt; I know she has chest hair because she wears clothing that shows it off. She wears extremely low cut shirts almost every day, and I just don't understand how she doesn't notice it. I'm all for being confident and stuff, but idk. I think it's strange, especially because she's an appearance-conscious person. She wears make up, styles her hair, etc. WHY DOES SHE SHOW OFF HER CHEST TUFT? 
MLP - pinkie chicken

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There's been this fly in our living room, and it hasn't died yet. It's been here for like a week and it just won't fucking die. It's driving us insane. Does anyone have any tips about how to kill these persistent little fuckers?

What's been annoying you lately?


If you've left your hometown/area where you grew up, what is the thing you miss the most about living there?

If you haven't left, what's the thing you think you'd miss most?

Alternatively, what's something unique to your hometown area that you haven't seen much elsewhere?

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TQC, why does my downstairs neighbor always feel the need to sit downstairs and chain smoke while crying to people on her phone?  I like to smoke and I don't want to hear her dramaz, and I like to keep the door open because it's hot here.

Will you come over and tell her to STFU with me?  I live in Denver, CO.  I will give you Chupa Chups.

Is that furry post a few posts back going to give you nap nightmares?
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Do you have friends on Facebook that couldn't care less about talking to you in real life, or returning your messages?

This one 'friend' I have added that I haven't talked to in years refuses to reply to any of my messages, yet he will call to hang out with my boyfriend.

Will you take my Psychology survey? (Freshmen and Sophomores in college, only, please)

For my psychology final, I'm doing a survey to see the difference between dating and just plain hooking up. And how these views differ, at all, between High schoolers and college students. It didn't let me put all the questions on one poll, so I split it up. I hope it works. Thanks so much for participating! :D

Collapse )
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I'm bored! :(

Do you draw? What do you like drawing?
What should I draw?

What are your plans for this weekend? 
I got roped into working my only weekend off in 3 months. Not happy about that one.  

Should I dye my hair or no? I'm bored with it. 
What color? I've been red, pink, purple, blue, blonde, all of these combined. 
Collapse )

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what was the last major event your city has held? where? about how many people attended?

chicago blackhawks stanley cup rally:


~2 million people

ETA: pic #2 is just a little glimpse of the crowd. the entire downtown area of chicago looked like that.


Should I have crepes for lunch at the crepe place or should I be a good girl and stick to my diet and not eat until I get home?

Don't know or care, which bill denomination do you prefer: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20?

[edit] I'm at home and I'm having the crepe.

Growing up is scary.

I'm moving out of my aunt's house and in with some roommates. This is my first time living away from parental units.

What are some things I should expect from a roommate situation? Tell me your funniest/worst stories. And stories about your first time living on your own!

Also, I know I'm going to get mad homesick and I'll miss my brother. :( How do I handle that?
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I have a job interview Monday. Any tips?

Also, it's for a position taking care of dogs at a vet's office. It's a pretty casual atmosphere (employees wear scrubs), but I know people usually dress up a bit for interviews. What should I wear?

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I need new earbud headphones - the sound just went out in one side of mine. This has happened with the past three pairs I've owned. Right now I'm using the ones that came with the iPod, but they keep falling out of my ears. 

Is there any brand that you would suggest? The ones that just broke were Skull Candy and cost $20, and those were the most expensive I've owned. Price isn't really a concern for me anymore, since I'm just trying to find earbuds that will last more than seven months. 

Bonus points if you know of any that come in pink. 
Do you google?


So, tqc, do any of you out there enjoy the game Dwarf Fortress?

If so, which version do you like the best? Do you use any other programs like Dwarf Therapist or Dwarf Manager to make herding your little drunken pawns dwarfs easier? How about favorite mods? Also, how do you feel about cats?
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My cell phone carrier sent me a duplicate check for the same $50 refund. I just called to ask them what they want me to do with it (I haven't cashed either). After being on hold for twenty minutes, the associate came back and told me, "We see what happened and the solution accounts payable came up with is that it is your money."

Does that mean they are okay with me cashing both checks? I asked the associate, but he just repeated the same line.
Would you?
Will I go to hell if I cash them both?

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what would be a good kind of booze to bring camping in pretty fucking hot weather?

this is weird but i use acetone-free nail polish remover and it makes my skin take on the wrinkled texture like you get when you've been in the bath a long time and then sometimes it peels. does this happen to anyone else? would regular remover not do that? it makes me confused. :(
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Have you ever walked out on a relationship where you were still in love but knew you needed space for some reason? How did that go/ what was your reason?

How do people afford fucking mattresses?

Have you ever learned the hard way? Can you share more about that?

Do you honestly think Bargs is better than A&W? You're kidding right?

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I got weird vibes from people here at work today.  Not bad vibes, but weird ones (I can't describe them any other way).  My boss is out of town so I don't think anything is going on behind my back.....or am I wrong?   

Yup!  I'm being "paranoid" again!   

Serious and non-serious answers welcome 
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Have you ever moved in to a different line of work successfully?
How did you do it?

My resume touts mostly administrative assistant positions and non-profit work, but I'm currently looking to be a waitress because of the hours involved - I'm going to school in the fall, so I need to be able to have a flexible schedule. I'm also not looking for anything full time, I just want to work enough to pay my rent and possibly put food on the table. I just applied at Applebee's and the website only let you put your last three employers (all admin jobs), but nothing describing your work there, so I'm afraid they are going to dismiss it as me not having any experience with customers or anything. Blah.

DK/DC - Will you share a recipe for yummy party food?
you think you&#39;re heart would learn.


so i've heard remarkable success stories of using accutane to treat acne from friends. i've always been anti-accutane, relying instead on topical creams and antibiotics to treat mine. now im thinking maybe i should give it a try. if you have used accutane, would you recommend it?
why or why not?
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Please please Dr TQC help me:

I have sprained an intercostal muscle due to an annoying cough that's been plagueing me 2 weeks. Do you have any tips to cut down on pain (besides pain killers)? I'm still coughing and it HURTS. How long will it take to recover? I'm supposed to do a 116 mile charity bike ride next weekend. Should I still attempt it? (I'm reasonably tough and hate backing out)

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Do you use a day planner? 
What kind do you use? Is it your favorite? 

What's one thing you always seem to buy even though you already have it?

I always buy day planners, sketchbooks and  notebooks as well as pens, markers and pencil crayons. All the time. 
I have 2 day planners for 2010 and I'm obviously hankering for another one. 
Some people like purses and shoes, I like day planners. 

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Where either of your parents absent for the majority of your childhood/adolesence?
If yes (and not because of work), did you ever have any desire to find them/meet them?
If yes (because of work), do you still resent them for it?


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Sorry for kinda spamming today, but I'm looking to get a new phone, kinda short on cash so I'm looking for one that isn't gonna make me pay for a data plan. I'd prefer something that isn't touchscreen and has a qwerty keyboard. Windows Live is a plus. Any suggestions?

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My friend had this posted up on a site:
"With heads like lemons they slept in one. Lengths of orange and blue and teal. I am a seal, I am a seal."
Does it ring any bells? Is it a quote? Google search brought up nothing, for all I know it's gibberish. I'd ask her myself but she's at work and I'm impatient.

Are there any piercings you just hate? Have you ever gotten one anyway?

What color is your favorite pair of shoes?
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Is money different depending on where in the country you live?
Like, do some parts get the new bills a lot faster than other parts / do some parts still use old bills a lot more than other parts?
Let's talk moola.

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What do you feel about chemically castrating sex offenders?

You can read about here, but Poland has passed a law which can force some rapists and pedophiles (specifically men who rape children and family members) to take drugs which would reduce their sex drives.

The courts would be required to consider the opinions of psychiatrists before ordering this.

Is there anything in the news that's interesting you currently?

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Do you like garage sale-ing TCQ? What's the coolest thing you've ever found at one?

I'm going to one an aquaintance is putting on tomorrow morning, hoping to nab some of her awesome dresses.

I might be getting my tattoo tomorrow (finally). What's the worst thing that could happen to me during the session? Non-srs answers only.

How many times a day on average do you eat a piece of fruit?


I must be getting desperate

What is a good online dating site that is completely FREE? I know of OKCupid, but I was wondering if there are any others.

Have you had any luck with online dating sites?
Which ones have you tried?
Do you have any funny/horror stories to tell us relating to someone you met on an online dating site?


hey you guys...

my husband and i were watching "pirate radio" the other night with our baby...and being tired, new parents...we kind of lost our ability to stick with it til the end.

we got to the part where the boat engine asploded...

did the boat sink?
did people die?
did rock and roll survive?
what happened in the final minutes of this flick?

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Why are the tea partiers not saying anything about the comments John Boehner made yesterday about how tax payers should foot the bill for the BP clean up?

Why are they not outraged over this?

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What is a covered dish?*

I'm going to an outing next week and it provides:

"Please bring a covered dish to share"

Baked ziti? Potato salad?

What would you bring to a picnic featuring about 80% of people you don't know?

*ETA: I'm obviously a fucking idiot. Why I didn't take it to mean something literal, I have no idea.

Carry on.

Completely unrelated:

Do you have vertigo? Have you taken anything for it?
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Did you ever go back and visit old teachers? Did you wait until you'd made something of yourself, or just sometime after you'd left?

DK/DC: What color are the walls in the room you're in right now?
It's sunset themed, so it goes blue/purple/orangey pink/pink/blue.

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I bought a video game on Ebay. I had it set to show only sellers in the US when I searched. Found one I wanted, bought the item, they took the money out of my Paypal account, and I got a tracking number. However, I looked on Ebay to see that the seller deleted their account, it says "Member since: Dec-04-09 in China", and the tracking number says there's no record of the item. The tracking number also doesn't match the format of any of the sample tracking numbers on the USPS website. How likely is it that I just got screwed out of $34?

DK/DC: Do you play any instruments or sing?
If so, which ones?
How long have you played?
How did you learn (formal lessons, taught yourself, etc.)?
What's your favorite song to play/sing?
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 I know almost nothing about soccer.  I will be rooting for the US in the World Cup.  I'm assuming that won't last too long.  Once they're done, who should I root for?  Why?
House - insert insight here
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If you work full time, how long is your lunch break?
Would you rather have a shorter lunch and leave earlier or do you prefer the downtime in the middle of the work day a longer lunch provides?

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will you please tell me about your experiences with Greyhound?

i'm contemplating a trip down to florida. it'll be about 24 hours but i've never done ANYTHING like this before, and i have no idea what to expect. what should i bring? anything i should know? thanks guys.

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If you stole someone's card, but you didn't know their PIN code or anything, how would you use the card for you gain?

I mean, you couldn't really order anything online, because wouldn't they trace you really easily?

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Probably not the best place to ask...but I always love all ya all's answers :P

We are renovating my sister's room to surprise her. her closet doors are SUPER heavy sliding doors..and suck and you can never get to the middle of the closet....on top of that its huge. do you guys have any suggestions for closet doors? :)

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ETA: f that. 

Should I watch the X-Files or Eddie Izzard: Full Circle?

Should I stop being lazy and make pasta, or should I go to McDonald's?  

DK/DC: What color is most prominent in your wardrobe?
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total pain in the butt

I have a pain in my hip/butt when I run. The right hip. Hurts like a mofo. Hurts inside on a treadmill, hurts outside on pavement. It doesn't hurt from other activities like walking or weight lifting. I can't really stretch it much; I'm hyperflexible, so normal stretches don't do all that much for me. I can roll the hell out of it with a tennis ball, but that doesn't keep it from hurting next time I run. What else can I do for it? Srs and non-srs answers, please.

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Today, a neighbor's pitbull bit my little sisters arm. We spent 5 hours in the ER to get her fixed up. Not 2 minutes after we got home, the woman who owns it came to our house and yelled at my mother. Isnt that a bit effed up?

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What are some things that other people do that annoy the hell out of you or gross you out?

Inspired by the dude smoking near me outside who kept smacking his lips and picking his teeth, ewwwww
Take a Look

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Ok, crisis smoothed out and over. :)

But now my bloody iMac is rejecting my CD. It loves to pick & choose the music I listen too, I swear.

How do I get it to read my damn CD?? I just bought it and listened to it in the car ONCE.

It's reading other CDs, just not this one!!
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Ugh... WTF? Am I the only one this happens to?

I go shopping. I don’t have to pee. I drive for a couple of hours. I don’t have to pee. I do anything. I don’t have to pee. I pull into my driveway. All of a sudden I have to pee like crazy and do a crab-walk while holding my crotch all the way to the bathroom, hoping I don’t pee my pants. WHY is my bladder trained to do this?? It’s like Bladder: “Oh, hey... she’s home! I think I’ll go nuts since I know the toilet is all the way down the hall! I’m gonna piss myself laughing if she leaks!”

Do you think I can train my bladder NOT to do this? There’s almost no other time this happens to me, so I don’t consider it “overactive bladder” or “urinary incontinence”. Driveway = Crazy Bladder. Fark.

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last one for the night, i swear. tomorrow night is really busy so i have to eat dinner really fast, and i can seriously make waffles in less than 10 minutes. i also live really close to a panera bread. so have a lame poll before bed:

tomorrow night for dinner i should have

pumpkin cinnamon waffles
some other kind of waffle which you will explain in comments
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I bought some "foot salt" for a foot soak thing. I'm sitting here and not really noticing what the hell it is doing. I wasted my money TQC, y/y? What exactly does soaking your feet in salt water do?

Do you get pedicures?

I'm too cheap to get them, but I bought a whole ton of foot products at Lush yesterday to round out my Lush arsenal and now I'm going to town on my feet so they'll look fabulous.

ETA: I opened a bottle of wine (a red one - Malbec) probably about four or five days ago. I just went to have another glass and it tastes different - but wine doesn't go bad in five days, right? I mean, it wasn't an expensive bottle of wine, but I drink red wine much slower/less frequently than white so I'm not attuned to the changes.
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my kitteh isn't eating his food *dry* but this is usually what he eats, from his previous owner.. and i haven't seen him drink water either! i'm scared he'll get dehydrated or something... what to do??

and he's not using his litter box, i have no idea where he pees or shits...