June 10th, 2010


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Do you have more friends online or in real life?
Do you type similarly to how you talk?
ETA: How do you talk your friends out of dating psycho, attention-seeking crazy girls?

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Do you like to sing while you are taking a shower? If yes, what song (or songs) do you usually sing there? Why this song (or songs)?

my answer is: I sing, but rarely. Only if I'm in an *extremely* good mood. My fave song to sing in the shower is Feodor Chaliapin's song "Along Piterskaya street" (Chaliapin was Russian opera singer of the early 20 century, I choose this song... maybe because of his awesome large and expressive bass voice, I try to imitate his voice every time, but that's hopeless, I'm definitely not an opera singer

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What college courses would allow you to be some sort of authority over wild animals?

My brother is interested in the wildlife and forestry specialty major at a community college. He wants to start some kind of refuge one day. You know, you find some baby raccoons in your garage one day, and you call a guy to come and get them to raise and release them. He wants to be that guy.

But I'm thinking that major would make him more of a park ranger. Wont he need some biology/zoology classes to handle animals like he wants?

I imagine being the game warden would be cool though. "Sir, you've killed 5 bears, please hand me 2...you are over your limit".
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When you watch a TV show/movie where a woman is giving birth, does it make you feel uneasy because she's in a lot of pain? Or are you so used to watching that on TV it's like watching someone eat lunch?
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Will you tell me the funniest thing that's ever happened to you, TQC?

Inspired by the "most awkward thing" post, so if the funniest thing that's ever happened to you is also the most awkward, well, think of the second funniest thing.
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What do you do with cold fries? My grandfather brought some chicken strips with fries but I didn't wake up, so he put it in the fridge. The chicken and biscuit were alright, but, fries. I feel bad throwing them away, but I don't think there's much else I can do with them if I'm not starving.

Good morning

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Joan Jett
Lita Ford
Sandy West
Cherrie Currie
Jackie Fox

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq0Jr2VwlUY (link is NOT WORK SAFE, but VERY funny) Who's your favorite trans Golden Girl?

Trans Blanch
Trans Dorothy
Trans Rose
Trans Sophia

(link is NOT WORK SAFE, but VERY funny)

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I won $1,250 yesterday in an art campaign contest they now want me to model in one of the ads for. Should I do it/ what should I do with the money?

I'm hungry and it's been so hot that I haven't eaten much of anyting all week. What should I have?
Evil Me

Food in Montreal

Where should my coworkers and I go for dinner tonight?

We did an AWESOME Indian restaurant last night (Devi on Crescent) and a Tappas bar the night before (Pappas Tappas on St Laurent). Money isn't too much of an issue as we're here with work and it will be reimbursed anyway.

The only real consideration is that one of the people is a pescstarian (eats fish/seafood, but no other meat). We're all pretty open to different types of cuisine and love to eat.

Does it "count"?

If you keep track of new cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/etc. you visit, what "counts" as having visited somewhere new?

Yesterday my boyfriend and I drove two and a half hours to the border of a state we'd never been to, crossed the border into a city, went to a museum, and an hour later we had crossed back over the border. On the way back we stopped at another tiny town in that state to eat ice cream.

Kitty Lick
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Lights Burn!

Do flourescent lights bother you? How do you cope?

I sit in a cube all day, and for the last 2 months, the lightbulbs over my desk have been broken. I walk in this morning and they were replaced, but instead of the normal grugy yellow bulbs that exist in the rest of the office, they put in these BLINDING white bulbs. It's not even 10am yet and I have a horrible headache and I can't stare at my computer screen or desk for more than 10 minutes without having to give my eyes a rest.

I emailed the office manager but haven't heard back yet. I have no idea how to deal with this. I can't wear sunglasses over my regular glasses and I don't own a hat and shouldn't wear one at the office. But this is unbearable. :(

Edit: A insanely tall coworker of mine came and unscrewed the new lightbulbs for me so I am now painfree!
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So my moring tradition is quickly becoming a medium coffee with lots of sugar and cream, and a cinnamon raisin bagel. I love it.

Is there something that you do every morning or every day that just makes life lovely?


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TQC, do you have anything you want to complain about?

I missed a tutorial for one of my classes because I was super tired, and now I have to do a make up task. It's practically a mini assignment, fuuuu that's what I get for being a slacker
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What should I draw for my portfolio? I lean towards fantasy and science fiction illustration but I've tried almost every medium under the sun at some point.

Serious and non-serious answers, GO.

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Should I work out or go shopping for my boyfriend's birthday present? His birthday is tomorrow and we have plans for lunch around noon. I'm not sure if I'll have time to shop tomorrow. Working out will take around an hour, including showering and getting dressed.

Which of your pets is your favorite? Why? Feel free to include pictures of your favorite and the others. (:

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I bought a shit ton of fast food this morning in a hungover daze and was able to eat less than 1/4 of it. What's the last ridiculous thing you did?

Who's the last person you friended?
Do you have any interests in common with the person who posted above you?
Foiled Again!

Sick of San Jose, CA

I feel out of place here.

I'm looking for a slower, cozier lifestyle. Maybe to the bohemian side. I'm an artist (paint, sketch, what-have-you), studying voiceover and wanting to learn to play my guitar. I seek a quiet, eclectic, walkable neighborhood with coffee shops, art galleries, small theatres (play houses), and book stores. And weather. I seek nature. I'm tired of being not merely surrounded, but engulfed by technology. I'd prefer it to be a part of my life, rather than a focus.

And it sure would be nice if there were friendly people and a distinct lack of gang violence there.

What do people think of Seattle?

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How does insurance work? I know, I am completely stupid.

My deductible is $3,000/year. I got a huge book of exactly what it covers and how much, etc. The majority says 100% after deductible. Does this mean after my biweekly insurance payments equal $3,000, they will cover everything? Or does that mean that until I pay $3,000 out of my own pocket for medical care, they will cover whatever else I need for the rest of the year? I don't understand at all.
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i have a job interview and they want to meet me at this sandwich/salad joint. it's not a sit-down restaurant.

have any of you had a job interview like this? did you buy lunch? i don't know if it's expected of me to chill and have lunch, or if it would be really tacky to do that.


eta: thanks so much guys :)

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I awoke this morning to a text from my mom, who says she's sold my old car for $2,000! The money is being transferred into my account this afternoon.

I have to put at least half into a savings account; what should I do with the remaining $500-$1,000?

Hookers and blow is the obvious answer. I just now also realized I can finally afford to get my first tattoo! 

PS: anybody want a Lookbook.nu invite? I got one yesterday, reply with your e-mail. And if you already have one, link me the page so I can fan you? :D
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For the summer, I was looking at babysitting around my neighborhood to earn some money. If you've done babysitting before, what have you charged? The last time I babysat was about three years ago so I was looking for more current rates. Would charging $7.00 then a dollar added on for each additional child be too much?

What are you watching on TV right now and/or what are you listening to? Have you read any books recently?

I'm watching a comercial on TV until Starsky & Hutch comes back on and I'm listening to the dishwasher running. Yesterday I finished a book called 10 cents a day.
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So Colorado has joined The Pac 10, leaving The Big 12 floundering.

Do you think The Big 12 will split completely? If so which conferences would they join?

Do you care for The Big Ten (or The Small 11, as some say)? Do you think any of the remaining Big 12 teams would join us in The Big Ten?

I'm hopelessly excited about all of this. =X I know The Big 12 is a big deal to those in it, but hot damn The Big Ten has needed some new members. My Buckeyes need more of a challenge than Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Penn State.

DC: Who would you punch in the face if given the opportunity and there were no consequences, not even a punch back?
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Do you find it difficult to drive when you're hungover?

Do you mix fountain pop flavors? What's your favorite combo?

What annoys you the most about your mom?

Do you have one large group of friends or several smaller and unacquainted friend groups?

Thx. Srs bzns survey.

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What candy or junk food did you like as a kid but never see anymore?
Bonkers, Chewy SweeTarts, Cookies n Creme Twix

What candy/junk food did you like as a kid but don't like anymore?
Fucking corn nuts and Doritos.

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At work we're having a benefit for the family of a customer of ours that died in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. Is there a free program somewhere where I could put together some nice looking tickets for this?

They will need to have the date, time, address, and all that info, plus a Harley-Davidson logo.

I am not super computer savvy so something basic would be best.

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what's the creepiest thing that happened to you?

i just got home from going grocery shopping and there was a man standing near the stairway, i chose to ignore him and i entered my house. after a while, i hear my dog barking like crazy, at first i'm like ohwhatever. but then i hear a shrill continuous sound coming from my door and the doorbell rings. now i'm apprehensive, i check the peephole and it's that man i spotted earlier. he sees my eye through the peephole and starts banging the door and shouting something in another language then he says in english, 'what did you see it? what did you see it, huh? open up' at this point, i want to cry. i call my dad and when he comes the man runs away.

"Bartender, I'll have a sweaty koala, plz"

Let's make up a new name for a cocktail. Select an adjective and a subject to create a new drink.




Altar boy
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TQC, can any of you recommend a free screen cap software? I'm looking for something I can set to run as I watch a movie or something, and automatically save them every x seconds. And recs?

DK/DC: What is your favorite physical feature you have? What is your favorite physical feature on someone you're attracted to?
My hair, his ass.

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hey people how are you??

have you done anything awesome this summer yet? are you going to?

tell me about your day? (i ask this a lot dont i?)

eta-im going to buy a lottery ticket today. which one should i buy?

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The purple pop tarts with the green stripe on them are back, are you happy? I know I am :D.

What's your favorite kind of pop tart?

Don't like pop tarts: What's the unhealthiest thing you've eaten today?
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My husband's friend is custom making us some soap and lotion, that'll be lemon-ginger scented. We get to name the products ourselves, but we can't come up with any names that we really like. Any ideas for us?


Am I wrong to be annoyed that my partner of three/four years hasent thought or does not seem to be caring about my birthday and birthday present?

I am annoyed but I feel bad for being annoyed

My birthday is next thurs and he works full time so there is not much of chance aside from today and its already 4 and shops close at 5.30

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Is there anything that makes the town where you live right now seem absolutely crazy/ridiculous?

The Bozeman police reports are seriously some of the funniest damn things I've ever seen, it makes this podunk rural college town seem like everyone's doing crack regularly or something.

Got any plans for this weekend?

Driving back to Montana, then work/chilling. Beats my hometown for sure at least.
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Is there anyone out there who is good at trig? I am having the hardest freaking time with angular speed and linear speed, and my test is tonight. My prof canceled office hours and in his e-mail from last night says "if you don't know it by now, no time with me the day of will help."

I am seriously freaking out I do not understand this angular/linear speed crap, and I'm getting confused on distance, radius, and finding Angle Θ :(

When was the last time you had a seriously useless professor?
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I am such a tech idiot.. Can someone please give me clear step 1, step 2, step 3... instructions on how to make photo albums on my 3GS iPhone? I have a MobileMe account and a Compaq.

Many thanks!!!!

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I just read and watched this, about how a 16-year-old girl is attempting to circumnavigate the globe by sea, alone.

How young is too young for something like this?
Would you let your kid up and sail the sea on their own?

What is something that you wanted to do when you were younger, but were not allowed because of your age?

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I'm looking to buy a new car. i saw a 0% deal on 2010 Corollas. It said for "well-qualified, credit worthy buyers"

So, what exactly does that mean? I have good credit, but idk if it's enough.

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I went to the dentist today for my horrible tooth pain (some of you might remember me posting about it the last few days) and had a surprise root canal and a cavity filled! Wheeee!

So, TQC, what can I eat? I probably will have to eat soft things for 3 or 4 days. I picked up some mac & cheese, ramen, mashed potatoes, ice cream, and my boyfriend is making me homemade soup right now. What else should I get? No jello; I hate that stuff.
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If I were just getting into Nine Inch Nails, what would be some similar bands I might enjoy?

Will you use this post to suggest music for people?

Also, can you direct me to some Pokemon roms/roms in general you think I need to play? I have a Macbook.

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I was at work today and I went out to smoke a cigarette while the concesionist helped a customer since we were slow.  When I came back she asked me if I had put water in the popcorn kettle and I said no.  She said that when she turned around to make another batch of popcorn she saw the lid was lowered and opened it and saw water.  There was half an inch of water in there and the heat was on and it was just chilling.

WTF happened?  Was it our theatre ghost?

The employee wasn't fucking with me; she was super freaked out.  It couldn't have been anyone else because they were all busy.

Oh hay thar

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I have never bought tickets before (I usually buy them off Ebay or off the street, lol) but I really, really must get tickets and the event in question is currently in its presale. I have the presale code and all but I am not pleased with the seats they are showing me and wants something much better. Do they save better (or more) of the seats for when the tickets go public? Should I wait or just get what I can now? The show will be sold out for sure.
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do any of you live in arizona? i'm daydreaming again of moving somewhere warm for a few years and that place is super cheap compared to (western) washington. do you like it there? pros & cons? my old boss was from there and he always talked about how much better it was and how bad he missed it.
ETA: i was thinking the mesa/tempe area cause i could transfer & finish school there as well. bad idea?

in other news, i'm thinking of joining a gym or something. my legs are killing me from me not doing pretty much ANYTHING but sit down all day. but i'd be joining by myself and going by myself. have you ever joined a gym without a gym-buddy? did you like it? is this a good idea? i've never been to one, so what do most people do? HOW DOES A MEMBERS-ONLY-GYM-THING WORK? PLEASE INFORM A GYM-RETARDED GIRL HERE, THANKS.

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My friend is a make up virgin and I always end up doing her make up when we go out, along with her hair.

I want to put together an 'essentials' kit as a gift, along with step by step instructions on how to do certain techniques.

So, TQC, what do you think an 'essential' make up kit should include? She only owns eyeliner.

Also, do you know any good make up tutorials I can look at to help me put together my own?

ETA: I don't have a huge budget for this project

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Okay so my laptop won't connect to my router. My router (NETGEAR) is on, and the main computer connects with it just fine.
When I pull up the list of available connections, it shows my router in full strength and yet when I try and connect is says Low Signal. I troubleshoot and I do everything that it suggests (reset the router, move closer to the router's antenna, try to connect it manually) and NOTHING works. Meanwhile, my laptop will connect to an unsecure (yet weaker) connection down the street. What else could I do to try and connect the two?


I just had homemade chicken palaak that turned out to be quite spicey...

Whats the spiciest thing you have eaten?

Was it a surpise or were you expecting the assault on the tongue?
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What did the cat drag in?

a dead rat
cigarette butts
the newspaper
my neighbor Steve
the filthy catnip toy that was thought lost
a big ole sack of money
ping pong balls and a dirty sock
nasty hobbitses
a baker's dozen of
a Wonka bar
another fucking cat
a used condom
a used heroin needle
your mom

oh shit I got sidetracked. *a baker's dozen of empty soda cans

Did you check with the captain of the flying monkeys?
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What's the order of your nighttime oral hygiene routine?

Floss, brush, fluoride
Brush, floss, fluoride
Just brushing
Brush, floss
Floss, brush
I tend to forget to brush my teeth at night
I just use fluoride

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

Three times
More than three times

How many times a day do you floss?

Three or more times

How many times a day do you use fluoride rinse?

Three or more times

hate pimentos

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Does anyone have any favorite recipes to share that are good for a potluck?  If I can make it in a crock pot that would be amazing, as I there's no oven where I work. No desserts, please.
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TQC, I need shopping advice. I want to get my bridesmaids small gifts as a token of my gratitude. I was thinking of getting small charms or earrings. Where I can find an octopus charm & ducky earrings?

(yes, the animals have meaning. I looked on Etsy but didn't see anything I loved)

Threading or waxing?

Should I get my eyebrows threaded or waxed from now on?

I've tried both. I like the results of threading better. My eyebrows have a better shape. It costs a few dollars less than waxing, and it's supposedly better for your skin, but I would need to get it done once every two weeks because the hair grows back faster. With waxing I only need to get it done about once every four weeks, but other than this benefit I like getting my eyebrows threaded better.

Doing my eyebrows myself isn't an option because I'm too incompetent!

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Omg, guys, the fireflies finally came out tonight. :D

What happened recently that made you stupid excited? Bonus points if it was something you waited years and years for.

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I was looking for earrings on the tiffanys website and I started browsing engagement rings for fun. I logged off and went on facebook, and the first ad on the screen was for engagement rings. I know it's set up to do stuff like that but it's so creepy. My bf said once he changed his fb relationship status from single to in a relationship, he stopped getting ads for dating sites.

What funny ads pop up on your computer that make you laugh at what browser cookies think you might like?
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What are you craving RIGHT NOW, TQC?

I want puppy chow so bad right now. To go with my very classy diet cherry Pepsi and Jack.

ETA SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF PUPPY CHOW? Also known as Muddy Buddies or Monkey Munch, it's a delicious confection made of Chex, peanut butter, melted chocolate chips, butter, and powdered sugar, all shaken up so it's delicious and chunky and messy and yummy. DO YOU LIVE UNDER ROCKS OR WHAT

DK/DC: when you drink, where do you first start physically feeling the effects of the alcohol? I usually feel it in my collarbones first. It's so weird - like my collar-muscles are going totally relaxed and tingly. Though sometimes I feel it in the tops of my thighs first.
*betty draper reading


Techies of TQC, my kid wants to trade Pokemons or something but the Nintendo DSi's wi-fi only works if you have an unsecured network or use WEP.

My router has always been set to WPA because from what I've read, WEP is shitty security that can be cracked easily and WPA is better. But if WEP is so shitty, why does Nintendo still make games that can only use WEP and are not compatible at all with WPA?

Am I worrying too much about this? Is it really no big deal to have an unsecured or poorly-secured home wireless network? Is this something that only big companies really need to worry about? Or should I stick to my guns and tell my kid to go trade Pokemons at his Nana's house on her unsecured network?


I have an LG Voyager with Verizon and I'm used to the flip-open keypad to text. I'm curious as to anybody who went from a flip to an all touch and how they liked it? I might look into a new phone soon but am worried I won't like not having the flip keypad to use and worried about the data package they make you get.