June 9th, 2010

Buffy - Really busy

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TQC, I'm having a really bad day.

Could you please post something funny or cute to cheer me up? Video, Webpage, etc.

Hope you all have a much better day than mine!
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Does anybody know any good dance or ballet communities on LJ? Or are dancers themselves and would like to befriend me? The only communities I seem to find are Russian ¬.¬ I just enrolled in an adult ballet class today and I'm nervous and excited and would like some likeminded friends! Thanks!
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What books are you reading right now? Do you recommend them?

What books have you read recently or in the past year that you've enjoyed and would recommend?

What books have you not read yet, but are planning to read?
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Did you vote today? Did you vote yes on 16? If so, were you dropped as a baby?

Slightly less punchy question:
I'm thinking of getting a "modern" smartphone (either Android, iPhone, or Palm). If you were me, which would you get?

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say you're moving across the country to be with your SO. you're going to have to buy a mattress for your apartment (for whatever reason, the one your SO uses cannot be moved into the home you will share). what do you do? do you trust your SO enough to pick one out for the both of you? do you buy one as soon as you get there?

please tell me why moving across the country is so complicated?

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Have you ever walked out of a movie? Which one(s) and why?

I walked out of Step Brothers because I couldn't stand the douchebaggery anymore and also Duplicity because I wasn't really paying attention and lost the plot. I *almost* walked out of Hot Tub Time Machine too.

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On a scale of 1-10 how drunk are you right now?

What's the last thing you ate?

What's a good thing to do on a 2 day road trip? Do you need to practice road head or can you just wing it?

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Why do you think it is that when women kill their children and have it associated with Postpartum Depression that there is a lot more sympathy for them than, say, a rapist who is extremely effed up in the head and has had a horrible abusive life himself?

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Do I warn people before a fight that I have a black belt in Judo? I really can't control my temper when girls try to pick a fight...especially at bars.It seems like its self defense. But it's not a fair game...Regardless of the fact, they still think that I'm bsing...I sound stupid saying it, but really though I feel like I ought to give a warning!
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Will you take this opportunity to bitch about your first-world problems?
I spent the day at the beach on Sunday and got the worst sunburn I think I've had in my life. I used to never burn when I lived in Florida, but now I don't spend too much time in the sun. I got it all on my back and chest and it's really not cool at all. I have to lay on my stomach constantly, and even when i wear a shirt that covers the burn, the sun hits the shirt and burns my skin, so I can't be outside for very long. Anyway, I don't have anyone to rub aloe in to my back all the time, so I got one of those shower poufs on a stick to put aloe on and then rub against my back, but it's like rubbing a cheese grater against my skin. I feel like dying. I haven't started peeling yet, which is at least the cool part. Ugh.

YAY! We're throwing a TQC potluck! What do you bring to eat or drink?
I'd bring a 12 pack of PBR and a dish of mac and cheese.

ETA: Is deleting your own comments the rules? The rules say "Don't... delete/screen comments made by other users." but nothing about deleting your OWN comments.

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Do you like when reporters harrass people they are interviewing by interrupting them and making accusations?

I hate it so much and want to smack them. This isn't a law drama. It's not like they have to give a yes or no answer.

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If you had to drink/eat a full cup of a condiment, which do you choose?

I say maple syrup. Does that count as a condiment?

Also, what do you think those tanning bed addicted 16 to 25 year old girls will look like in 10 years? Will they eventually disintegrate?

sob story boohoo.

TQC, how do I fix being a pathetic loser and make some freakin' friends that are in my area?

I've been in Texas for over three years and have only made two 'friends'. I've been to parties with them/gone out with them a bunch, but their crowds (and the majority of kids I do meet) are very into the 'party' scene, which is cool, I like the party- but I don't really party. Weed makes me sick so i don't smoke it, I dont really like drinking and getting drunk at other people's houses that I dont know well just makes me panic, I'm married so I'm not very... "sexual" I suppose is the word? And I guess it makes me come off as stuck up even though I'm not arrogant or judgey when i say "No thanks" when offered stuff.

I've tried going to church since I figure I'll find kids who might have more in common with me (the no drinking/smoking idea) and that wasn't the case lol (along with enjoying the party, I also like to do stuff like paintball or just general activities that doesn't have to be party-like).

Its a small town so i run into a lot of groups that have been friends since forever and I can't really get in with them it seems.

I've tried going to "mommy&me" groups, since I have kids and maybe can make friends with other girls, and that didn't work either =/.

I just end up not having enough in common with anyone to persue a friendship past the small talk.

I don't think its my social skills, I have a whole load of friends back home, still do, so... I don't know what my problem is =(.
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Is there anything that you fear?

My boyfriend has had a fear of aliens for years that I just found out about, it all started with him watching Fire In The Sky when he was very little. I have a fear of spiders, and only if I am aware that there is one around. I also used to fear the thought of being dead.

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What are some things you want to try?

I want to try some photography, flamenco dancing and singing opera..

How do you go about getting into opera? lol

My brother broke up with his gf and apparently has somebody else now.. I liked his ex.  Would it be weird if I messaged her telling her that I'd like to keep in touch with her and maybe even hang out? 


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The guy I'm seeing commented on a picture I sent him that I didn't remember and I was like "WTF, That is not me that you're talking about." Upon closer examination of my sent MMS's I found that it was in fact me. Is he ever going to call me again?

I'm nauseated from drinking all day yesterday and only eating a hand full of pretzel sticks and yogurt. What do you do when you're nauseated?

Dk/dc, what would you do first (assuming your estate and all paperwork's in order and you've already quit your job) if you found out you only had a week to live?

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What are you doing? Are you procrastinating?

I'm supposed to be working on a database for work but bahhhhhhhhhhh. I hate working on the damn thing. So I'm not.

I'm also trying to finish planning my vacation for next week. :) Although I'm not looking forward to being stuck in the car with the husband for 2 days.. :(
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I got my hair cut the other day and I hate it. I know it'll look ok in about two weeks when it grows out a little bit so I'm just wearing it up everyday until then.

Will you tell me about a time in which you had a horrible hair salon experience?

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Ladies! Do you like having acrylic nails? If you do, what shape do you get them filed into? I personally love them and I go with round because it looks more natural to me.

Do you have any tricks for not having to sweep as much when you have a hardwood floor? I feel like I'm pulling out the broom everyday because there is just dirt or dust or something.
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I'm looking at some study notes I made while tipsy at a bar during happy hour, and I can only read about every other word. What happens to your handwriting when you're drunk?

Do you write primarily in print or cursive?

After you started spending all of your time on the Internet, did it become hard for you to write things by hand again?
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Have you ever had a KFC Double Down?
How about the Cold Stone 2010 calorie shake?

How about both in the same meal?
Do you think I will explode if I try to consume both at once? (The Double Down is 540 calories and 1380mg of sodium btw)

Have you ever eaten any other ridiculously...let's say decadent...foods?

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Hey TQC, if you could make a candy mold in any shape, what would you make?

What flavor would the candy be? Would it have any special ingredients (caffeine, tonic water, etc)?


I'm torn between buttons (for topping cupcakes) and caffeinated green-apple flavored gummy batteries.

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Problem Child

I heard this story through a friend who had his coworker "house sit" while he was away on vacation:

Collapse )
TL;DR  :   Coworker's son steals the key to an apartment he is house sitting, runs away to hide in apartment, MAY have intended to steal electronics, and was caught by coworker.  Big mess was left in the apartment as a result of the debacle and a police report is filed by coworker on his son, who is about 13 years old, but does not clean the mess up in the apartment or require the boy to do so.

Is this how you would handle the situation if you were the coworker (father of the boy)?  If not, how would you handle it?
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When is the last time you legit fell and scraped your knee?
Today...I tore my favorite pair of jeans and everything :( but before that the last time I remember was 7th grade, so...12/13, almost 10 years ago.

What kind of battle wounds do you have from childhood?
A tiny scar on my knee from a former scrape

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Okay. So after putting up with blurry album art for a few months, I finally got the album art off of iTunes. But even though it said it changed album art for 333 songs, I only see a change for one album. And it put the wrong album art with it. So iTunes isn't going to be any help. 

My question - what size picture would I need to find on Google Images so that it wouldn't be blurry?

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ok! i'm compiling a list of things i will need when i move out of my grandparents house/into an apartment with my SO. i have the list here and i'm wondering if you could go to the link and add anything you think i missed? the highlighted things are the ~mega important~ things we'll absolutely NEED/can't get by without having in the first few months!

thanks :)

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I got sick earlier and was sent home from work. I have a doctor's appointment at 6. What should I do until then? I don't want to get off the sofa, and I can only f5 TQC so many times.

When I'm sick I love love Ramen noodles with an egg mixed in and orange juice, are there any foods that you crave when you're not feeling well?

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Why is prostitution illegal?

If women are that desperate for money and men are that desperate for some poon, and they both accept the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, then why shouldn't it be allowed? People can do what they want with their own bodies, right?

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I am going to a cabin for the next four days with all the family on my mom's side (20 of us). It is supposed to rain Friday and Saturday.

What are some games we could play/things we could do inside that don't require going out and spending money? The youngest cousin is 15; the oldest is 30.

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"New York City, New York State, 10108"

Do you recognize this jingle? It pops into my head all the time and makes me wonder WHY of all things I remember this from my childhood. Is there anything strange that you remember from your childhood?

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I bought my kid the three pack of The Princess and the Frog (blue ray/dvd/digital copy) from Amazon back when it came out. We're going on a trip and I want to load the digital copy on my netbook so she can watch it on the way.

The problem is that I've lost the insert that had the digital "unlock" code on it. It won't let me install it without the code.

Does anyone know of another way to get the copy of that code?
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i'm SO BORED. i don't have a job, i get out of school at noon and i never know what to do. i'm sick of the internets and video games and tv. my very few friends that i have work until 6 at the earliest, so even if i can get her to hang out i've got 6 hours of mindless boredom. it's not nice out right now so i'm REALLY lose, but i guess next week it's supposed to kinda feel like spring.

is there a website that lists activites or something in different areas?
want to hang out with me? i want to rent a canoe or something and have an adventure.

ETA: i'm not looking for a job right now, i have a full-time externship in august so i'm putting that off until the externship is over.

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How should I take revenge on my roommate? She's playing big band music and I feel nauseous. :/ Humorous answers only.

Don't know or care, when was the last time you vomited?
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What are you doing tonight, TQC-ers?

What is something you're super-fucking excited about?

I'm about to head off to hang out on the riverbank with some friends, and then we're going to see The New Pornographers and The Mountain Goats LIVE, I am XTREEEEMELY EXCITED. Also I have Ariba zesty taco chips waiting for me at my buddy's house.

Do any of you have a Lookbook.nu account? Do you like it? Hate it? What sort of looks do you post?

And can you send me an invite? ;_;

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Why are they showing episodes of Star Trek TNG on BBC America? Is the UK trying to steal the USA's aliens? Is it because Doctor Who sucks? (YEAH SON I WENT THERE, WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT???)

Do you ever flip through channels and wonder what kind of people are sitting around watching this weird shit? Seriously, I want a camera that can see into the homes of people who are currently watching "Sweat Equity" whatever the fuck that is, or "Ed Hardy Footwear" or "Joel Harper's Firming After 50"... you know what actually I don't think I want a camera on anyone watching that last one but you get the point.

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Is your house clean/tidy enough that if someone stopped over for an unannounced visit you would feel okay about it?
What's something you would try to sneakily put away before they saw it lying around?  

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So apparently there was a Mexican teenager that was shot and killed at the border for throwing rocks at an American officer. A lot of people are just going and disregarding this teenagers life just because he was Mexican(and apparently a smuggler but that's to be determined) and trying to gain entry into the states illegally.

Do you think American people would be singing a different tune if it was a white teenager doing the same to a Mexican officer?
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Will you guys help me out?
I decided to spend my birthday money (haha it was in February but I didn't know what I wanted) on movies.

I want to know all the amazing movies you've ever seen! OLD AND NEW!

I'm looking for things with gypsies/magic/eerie anything ethereal or beautiful.

It'd be great to get some really nice, old movies in there.

One's I've seen recently that I like are:

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss
Pan's Labyrinth

So what should I watch?

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You and your significant other are perfect for each other. You are best friends, have great chemistry. They listen to you and care about you and make sure you're safe and provide for you.

They just don't express how they feel for you with words. They never call you pet names, tell you how much they love you/miss you/how special you are to them/etc.

Would this be a deal breaker for you?
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Suggestions for not going crazy from loneliness when living on your own? I am surprising myself by craving interaction.

Your favorite (fresh, preferrably) herbs? I'm digging basil.

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1. It's become a tradition that every year with my birthday coming on I try to think of a song with lyrics referencing that age. For example, age 21 was "21 and Invisible" by Something Corporate. 22 was "I was born this Thursday, 22 years ago" by Switchfoot.. and so on.

Well, I'm 25 tomorrow. What songs talk about turning/being 25 years old?

2. When's the last time you thought someone looked familiar but could not place where you knew them from? Did you ever figure it out?

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What is the best prescription medicine for a toothache? What will a dentist usually prescribe? My dentist from years ago couldn't prescribe painkillers so I am not informed.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow and just curious what i might get, because I took a Vicodin an hour ago and my tooth is still killing me. Is there anything stronger?

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My friend is on her way over and we're trying to decide what to do. The malls are about to close, there's nothing we want to see at the movies, and we go to the book store far too often. We have about $30 combined to spend. Got any ideas? We live in South Florida, if that matters.

attn tqc fashionistas

how would you dress up a graphic tee? i'd like to figure out something else to wear with it besides jeans

more specifically, how would you dress up Collapse ) shirt?

i'm thinking a black blazer but i'm lost as to what else

what physical traits are you most attracted to in the gender of your choice?

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Are there any Australians here on the Telstra pre-paid mobile network? And if so, do you have issues with receiving mms texts from other carriers? Were you able to fix it?

Damn network won't let me download mms texts that aren't sent from a telstra number. >:/ I've tried their 'faq's' but it still won't work dammit!

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in essays/written assessments, do you go over or under the word count? doesn't it suck when you go over and have to cut down?

what's the last thing you encountered that just clicked and made sense to you?
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My friend is thinking about cheating on her husband? What are some suggestions from you successful cheaters out there?

how many people, besides the ole ball and chain, have you fucked while in a relationship?


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I am desperately trying to find a good foundation for under $20, and having no luck. In the past, I've tried the Neutrogena mineral stuff (fail, none of it actually sticks to my face), and purminerals or whatever it's called, which worked better, but still not great (especially for the price). Bareminerals didn't have the right shade for me, I've already tried it. I am very pale, if that makes any difference. So, ladies of TQC, what do you use? Do you like it? Any other suggestions? I might try a liquid one, since mineral ones aren't working out so well.

If you don't wear foundation, or don't care, what was the last thing you bought?

I need some shoes, help

I have this great skirt in a deep pink with white circles on it. I never wear it because I do not have any shoes that work. It would look silly with very high heels but I look weird in skirts and flats because I am short. Also, what color to get is baffling me. Like a nude color? Black (almost all my shoes are black) looks harsh and odd. I despise sandals, especially at the office, which is where I'll wear this mostly.

TQC, where is a good place to look for some shoes that will work with this bright cheery skirt of wonderful? I want to wear it soon. (I haven't found anything at Zappos that works for my thrifty nature.)
SPN: Dean: Dear diary


What was the most awkward experience of your life, TQC?
I took a friend of mine to a concert to introduce her to a man I've been thinking of dating. He showed up in drag. His legs were better than mine and he walked better in heels than I ever will. She's called me and laughed every day this week.

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will you post a quotation (or several) that you find inspirational or profound?

here's one from me:

"As long as life is ascending, happiness is the same as instinct" - Friedrich Nietzsche
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dream meditation thing?

So.. this might be a long shot, and I've used my Google-fu, but I really don't know what I'm talking about so it's not specific enough.

A long time ago, a teacher gave my class this exercise that we used to figure out our dreams and goals, the whole "what do you want to be when you grow up?" kind of thing. All I can remember was having to close our eyes, and picture a field, we're walking on it, and then she started asking us if there was a path, what kind of path, telling us to follow the path, what did it take us to, etc.

Kind of a guided meditation thing.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or can link me to that sort of exercise?
Thanks bunches, kiddos.
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Poll #1576530 Which Digital SLR camera should I purchase?

Canon Digital SLR

Mean: 7.53 Median: 9 Std. Dev 3.20

Nikon Digital SLR

Mean: 6.75 Median: 8 Std. Dev 3.30

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