June 8th, 2010

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HALP. My computer is infected with some kind of virus, called "A*V*I* secu*rity su*ite". (minus the asterisks..) Can someone please google this for me and tell me how to fix it? If I try to search the virus name in any kind of search engine it blocks it (it wont even let me publish this post without using asterisks.) I've tried downloading malware removers but the virus keeps shutting them down.


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So my SO gave me a netbook, and it's running Mac Snow Leopard on it, and I'm too lazy to put Windows on it. I remember someone having an adorable little Mario Bros. themed dock set. Anyone know where I can download this, or a site that would have similar dock sets?
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Okay, so I have to get up relatively early tomorrow (9 am) to make sure I'm packed for a flight at 8:30 pm. It's midnight thirty right now, and I'm really sleepy. Sleepy to the point of being too tired to find the effort to get up and get ready to go to sleep. So poll. What should I do?

Poll #1575706 My First TQC Poll!

Should I just...

Get up so I can get ready for bed
Keep surfing LJ and TQC
Play Ms. Pac-man again
Watch Porn
Make chocolate milk

you think you're heart would learn.

flash photographs

so i hate flash photographs. i have a history of acne and bad skin so the flash just illuminates every spot on my face and makes it look all shiny so much so that it barely resembles my natural skin tone. i am lucky in that i have a fancy camera so i can take decent pictures with the flash off and i manage to look quite similar to what i look in real life. only other people have this pathalogical habit of using flash photography and i always look gross with a shiny face, red skin a couple shades darker than my neck. i don't currently use any makeup on my skin focusing instead on highlighting the eyes, but i'm seriously considering applying some to even out my skin for flash photographs.

any flash photography makeup tips and tricks?

Language Question Redux

I brought this up in very vague terms in this community months ago but now I have specifics so I decided to bring it back.

Here is the situation: I've decided to learn another language. I have narrowed it down to three useful (for me, at least) options. First is Spanish. I live in the southeastern US and it could be extremely valuable as a large portion of the population here speaks it and an environment for immersion is not far at all. It's also easier to learn than my other options. However, I have been exposed to Spanish for most of my life (even if I don't speak it) and have kind of grown weary of it. I have little cultural interest.

Second is Chinese (Mandarin). I have a ton of interest in this culture and language. However, it is among the hardest languages on the planet to learn and a good learning environment is an hour away from me. Plus, there are only a few Chinese here so I would have to relocate to make it more useful.

Finally, Hmong (White Hmong or possibly Green). This option has a closer learning environment, there are plenty of native speakers here, and I do have interest in the culture. But the door it opens is not nearly as beneficial as the one learning Spanish opens.

Chinese is my preferred option but it presents a bunch of obstacles.

Which of these languages should I learn?
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I came to France with my friend to visit her family. We spent a week in Paris and then we took a train to Lyon. The original plan was to stay in Lyon for the rest of the summer with my friend's mother. However, I really want to see more of Europe (I really wanna see Italy), and since I'm already here I decided that instead of spending the rest of the summer in Lyon with her mother, I would like to go out and do a cheap tour or something. I'm trying to google tours that go from Lyon to Italy but so far I haven't really found anything. I have around $1,900 saved up in the bank for this trip.

Any suggestions? Do you know any tours or suggestions for where I should go or what I should see? This is my first time out of my home country (US) and I just don't know where to start. Thanks!

decide for meee!

so it's 3:38 am and i can't sleep. i just borrowed a bunch of movies from my bff; what should i watch tonight? i've seen Away We go and I Love You Man before, but only once each, back when they were in theatres.

Poll #1575708 peliculas

what should i watch?

first season of Dexter
Away We Go
I Love You Man
500 Days of Summer

monetizing that little oil oops

1. So, BP continues to make money selling the oil they're collecting out of the Gulf, right? They're not collecting it to minimize the disaster but to make money, y/y?

2. I saw a newspaper article all about people boycotting BP filling stations because, you know, BP just destroyed the ocean, and all the local station owners were like "Oh, don't penalize US, we didn't do anything, it won't hurt BP at all if you don't buy their gas!" And then there was the usual comment string-- "you dumb liberals don't understand that all the oil companies are bad/Citgo is owned by Chavez/oil is good for the economy" and "you mean old conservatives don't understand that the ocean is sticky and everything in it is dying, so the economy is moot." Does it hurt BP at all if everyone quits buying their gas? Is it bad for the economy, and does anyone care if it is?
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So a friend of mine recently got a position at a private behavioral services agency and told me lots of great things about it. I decided to send my resume as I have tons of experience in the field and figured it might be nice to change agencies (this agency is looking for full time employees and deems ft as 40+ while my agency deems ft at 30). I sent my resume. I just checked my sent email and realized the resume I'd sent was the same one I used for my grad school application. In it I said my current agency's training was "unsurpassed" do you think this looks insulting to this other agency? My wordage in this resume is very celebratory of my current employers (because experience was a huge deal for the grad program but ugh how bad does this look to a possible employer in the same field?). There's obviously nothing I can do about it now :/.

Do you like cheese and crackers? What kinds?

Do you like chips and dip? What kinds?

I'm hungry!
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So I've got a little girl growing inside of me, and I have been trying to think of some names. If you were expecting a daughter, what would you name her? Do you already have some names picked out? Are there girl names that you absolutely LOVE? ^_^

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My boss (she's subbing for my actual boss that's on medical leave) says she needs to talk to me this afternoon and that she's been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks now....but it's nothing bad.

WTF does she need to talk to me about?

Am I finally going to get yelled at for being an asshole to the other "boss" in the office?

I should take the afternoon off, y/y?
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My mom has this upholstered chair that she wants to give to me when I move out in less than a month. It's a good, sturdy chair, but it has been sitting in our garage for years, and my mom has used it as a place to smoke during the winter (because I won't let her smoke in the house). Also there is a possibility our cat has peed on it at least once. As a result, it smells pretty funky, and it's just... dirty. Like, you touch it, and your hand comes away feeling grimy.

I'd like to use this chair. Like I said, it's sturdy, and also comfortable, but it is so gross. How do I clean an upholstered chair? Do I need to take it to a professional or is there some way I can get the smell/grime out myself? I've never had to give a piece of furniture such a deep clean before.
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TQC, what do you think about posts like this that are starting to show up amongst your Facebook friends?

"So where are all the "Save the Gulf" concerts? Where are the T.V. Benefits with celebrities and musicians giving heart felt speeches on the poor fisherman, wildlife, beaches, loss of income and sabotaged gulf economy? I find it rather strange how these people (including our own government) are so quick to help Haiti and other countries...but sit on their butts for this one. Just the facts. Post if you agree!!"

jezemel did this once...now me.

hey there...i have a new lil fella in my life...and his name is Jack.
Today he is 13 days old!

My question is...could you please give Jack a random piece of advice to help him on his life journey? (include your first name if you want me to know)

it could be about anything...but yanno, he's a kid, so be nice!
i am going to put them in a jar labeled, "ADVICE FROM PERFECT STRANGERS" and collect them all the time.
Columbo deep in thought


What was the last incredibly stupid thing you did? I just called a store where I used to work to try and help a friend of mine out. Only thing is, I'm a manager now and I used to be a regular employee there, and when I called I got the store manager, who now suspects that something is going on, even though I tried to be nonchalant about it. I'm afraid that he'll have called my boss and when I go in later today I'll be in big trouble at work.

Did that stupid thing come back to bite you in the butt? Am I in for big trouble when I go in later today?
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i'm busy altering an old band t-shirt. i've shredded up the back, but now i need to figure out what to do with the sleeves. it's a generic men's small t-shirt and i'm a medium-sized woman. what should i do? muscle tee, racerback, none of the above??

what do you like to DIY?

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Do you have a family doctor or do you do walk ins?  Is your doctor female or male?

I don't have a family doc.. I live in a city where they're scarce and my old one in a different smaller city retired after I moved here.  I walk in but .. I need oneeeeee :( 

If you found your own doctor after moving or whatever.. how did you go about it?

My elbow hurts so I can't put a lot of pressure on it.. also my back is wonky and hurts after a while of sitting (work).  What kinda activities can I do to keep active and limber? 

I usually do yoga and run or bike.. I could prob bike but my back might bug me.  Running maybe not so much yet.  As for yoga I can't do anything where I'd have to bear weight on my arm.. so none of those downward dogs or planks :( 

MLP - pinkie chicken

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I've been sick as a dog lately, and when I got home from class last night, the boyfriend surprised me with copies of Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts. I've never played either. Are they both good? Which should I play first?

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Is there a person in your life who everyone just seems to love and you cant understand why because you find them particularly unpleasant to be around?
What makes them so unpleasant?

Here the person isn’t necessarily a ‘friend’, more an acquaintance. However, if they fit the criteria, sure.


I have an afternoon to myself so I am going to go see a movie. Should I see Splice or Get Him To The Greek?

Edit: After texting my husband I decided on Splice, because he also wants to see Get Him To The Greek so we'll see that together later. He would hate Splice. Thanks for the thoughts!

Edit x2: This post may now contain SPOILERS on Splice!

Do you like seeing movies by yourself? I do cause I can spread out, get whatever candy I want, and no one tries to talk in the middle of the movie to me.
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So, I just bought some Starbucks brand bagged coffee. It was like $9, and my Dunkin' Donuts coffee is way better than this.

What is your favorite coffee you can buy from a grocery store?
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This is going to sound really bizarre, but how do you cure a dog of a hangover (if there even is a way)?

My friend gave his Schnauzer about a can of beer last night and he texted me this morning saying the dog has a hangover. I really can't make this up.

Serious and non-serious answers, if you please.
TK and Kari

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I was reading a novel and a description of a dress was:

"It was a strapless style with built-in bra cups, giving me an extra uplift. It had a seductive front leg split. It was made in a jet-black animal-print leather mixed with satin panels that shimmered as I moved. It was finished with a sexy lace back."

I thought "I don't care" and my eyes skipped straight to the next paragraph. Do you have a similar reaction to me, or do you actually like details about a character's clothes outside of "she wore a short black dress"?

Quintessential driving music

So, I'm gearing up to drive across four provinces to my new job, beginning on Thursday. I'm gonna be on the road for two days with two very-pissed-off cats in the front seat.

I could use some new music on my iPod - music that isn't going to make me fall asleep, but also music I can sing along to.

What do you suggest? What's your favourite song to drive to?
Autumn Pink


When was your last run in with hypocrisy?

Have you ever caught yourself in mid-hypocrite stance? (Like saying or oding something and realizing in that very moment that you are a total hypocrite.)

What are you hypocritical about? 

Do you have any friends/ family that you love but think they are better than you? How do you deal with that?

Make me laugh please?

For last month my depression has decide to come back. Major stress of my own busniess and organising a holiay.

I had a HUGE high last night when I found my passport saving us another $200 an stress

but now that I am at work I feel like absolute SHIT.

Share with me what makes you laugh and happy.
nothing tear jerking please...

Would you please?
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i've convinced someone i know that somewhere in asia they have genetically modified a new cat breed to look like hello kitty. please tell me there's some crazy article out there on the interwebs that i can send to him... have you seen one? will you share? i don't care how fake it is.

also there was a website about cats in glass boxes or jars that was floating around somewhere (it was fake... or i'm telling myself it was), anyone have a link? it's part of my genetically-modified-hello-kitty-cat-breed argument.

will you post pictures of ridiculous hello kitty related things?

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We've all been asked if we'd date someone who identified as homo/bi/pan/a sexual, right?

How would you feel about dating someone who (for the sake of this question) is bisexual, is "straight" in terms of the relationship s/he is in with you, but identifies more as "gay" despite your relationship?

I.e., you're a straight girl with a boyfriend who identifies as bi, but he identifies more as gay while dating you. He never actively pursues relationships outside of yours, and there are no other problems (physically, sexually, romantically, emotionally or otherwise) in your relationship -- he's 150% attracted to you, etc -- but your friends note that you're "pretty much dating a gay guy." How would you feel? Would his behavior bother you (not factoring in your friends' comments, obs)? Would you stay in the relationship? Would you ask your boyfriend to stop behaving that way? Would you want him too?
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Do you know of any fun, laid-back places to take a day trip or maybe spend a night or two in NY/VT/NH?

My boy and I want to take a small trip for our anniversary, and we'd be leaving from Plattsburgh, NY (all the way up near the Canadian border). Unfortunately we haven't gotten enhanced licenses or passports yet, so anything above the border is out.

So far we were thinking Burlington, VT or Lake George, NY...we've just been to both so many times.

We're mostly interested in good restaurants and bars and entertainment that's not TOO outdoorsy, although we appreciate beautiful surroundings and might picnic or take leisurely walks or something.

ETA: DK/DC? Where did you go for your favorite vacation ever? It doesn't matter if it was just a weekend trip or a full-blown vacation.

Also edited to bold, because no matter how I try to keep it short, everything I post ends up tl;dr.

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My best friend is one of those people who constantly feels sorry for herself.
It's frustrating because whenever anyone else has an issue she kind of pushes it aside and tries to find some way to make everyone feel bad for her.

Collapse )
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I am rescuing a one-eyed cat from a foster home this weekend. Her name is Penny and she's a two year old Tortoiseshell.

Do you have any physically unique pets? Got any photos?

Collapse )

DK/DC: What book(s) are you currently reading?
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My grandma was telling me about a girl who goes to their church, saying that they're having to deliver her baby today, though she's only 7 months along (she's been on bed rest for the past 4 weeks). My grandma says that it's common knowledge that a baby 7 months along has a better survival than 8 months along, and that doctors always say that. I tried googling, but idk how to search appropriately b/c I keep getting stupid Yahoo! Answers results. Granted, she's also 93 years old and it would be understandable if she was behind the time in the latest news in obstetrics.

So, TQC: why would a baby at 28 weeks have a better rate of survival than a baby at 32 weeks?

DK/DC: do you want babies one day? do you have a preference between adopting/birthin' your own? why?
Black nail polish rose


I just found $10 in my laptop case! This means I can eat more than ramen for lunch this week, yay :D

What is the last spiffy thing that you found?

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So yeah..

In a nice way...I have authority issues..which is no surprise there..

But she thinks that I'm too talented for this job and while I make an awesome administrative assistant, she thinks that I need to take advantage of the free tuition and figure out what I want to do with my life because she knows that I won't be happy here long term.


What the fuck do I want to do with my life? I'm 6 courses away from an accounting degree and I like numbers....I also like computers...so I could switch it up and go that route...but I like psychology..and then she said something about, oh hey...how bout becoming an English teacher?? Or just a teacher???????
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Father's Day

Hello, TQC! Father's Day is coming up and I need your creative imaginations...

Every year, my employer holds a raffle for Father's Day buckets. Each department is given a bucket and they throw a bunch of stuff together in it. People then buy raffle tickets to win them for their fathers. We need help coming up with ideas because we are accountants and imagination is not our strongest point. Examples of past buckets: bbq/grill, fishing, cars/mechanic stuff, beer, sports.

What kind of bucket do you think my department should make? What should we put in it? Serious and non-serious answers! :)

If you dk/dc: Use this post to talk about your dad. Love him? Hate him? Have a cute or funny memory of him? Whatever you like.
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Maternity Leave

Do you think that full-time employees should have paid maternity leave?  Paternity leave?  How much time is fair?

What about unpaid leave?

Should it be the same for mothers and fathers?

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On my local news, I heard that some 16 year old who just got his drivers license hit and killed a man who was working in his yard.   Most details were left out so we don't know if speed was a factor but he was not on the phone or drinking.   Sorry for leaving that out. 

What kind of penalty should this kid face if any at all?   Is the guilt he most likely is feeling enough? 
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Am I the only person who can't find a damn job?
I've been looking for over a month now. The boredom is crushing, and I feel like a miserable excuse for a human being because I got no skillz.

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After you die, how do you want your remains disposed of?
e.g. Burial in a nice coffin, burial in the back yard, cremation in a nice urn in the cemetery / mantle / etc., ashes scattered to the wind, ashes launched into space, donated to science, hung out for the birds to eat, etc. etc. etc.?

If you don't want to think of something so weighty, what do you do with your tongue while the dentist cleans your teeth?

(no subject)

What's the best thing to do to alleviate really bad tooth pain? :(

I have various pills like ibuprofen and aspirin, no clove oil (read that it helped somewhere), no orajel or anything similar. Any ~home remedies~ you know of? This pain is horrible.

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Which of these do you enjoy eating

brazil nuts
macadamia nuts
pine nuts
hickory nuts
ew nuts are gross :(

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I'd like to rename my livejournal. I've had it 7 years and chose the name when I was 14.

Any suggestions?


DK/DC: if you could eat only one dessert for the rest of your life what would it be?

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I have looked and looked and I can't find a solution.

I have a personal check from my mom from California. I am in Toledo, Ohio. I want to cash the check. I can't use my bank because our only account is a rep payee account.

Where is a place I can cash this stupid thing? It's from Bank of America and I haven't seen one of those out here. Any advice?
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This is a stupid problem I wish I didn't have, but here goes.

Last week, due to a crazy mix up I don't have the patience to go into right now, my wallet ended up in the possession of someone I work with who is now in Houston. I live in Austin. When she realized she had my wallet, she called me, got my address, and told me she was going to put it in the mail as soon as she got off the phone with me. This was last Thursday.

I've already put my credit and debit cards on hold and everything, but it is important I get my wallet back before the weekend, because my boyfriend and I were planning on going to an Iron Maiden concert in San Antonio, and surprise surprise, our tickets were in my wallet. I just went and checked the mail and my wallet has not yet gotten here. I don't have her number with me (it's in my work junk and, because I work at a school and school ended last week, I don't think I can go get it till summer school starts next week), so I can't call her to make sure she sent it.

Am I right to be freaking out about this? How long should a small package take to get from Houston to Austin? If she sent it on Thursday, it should be here by now, right? Should I just cancel the tickets and see if there are any more available? I really don't want to miss this concert, but I'm afraid that, less than a week before the show, there won't be very many un-claimed seats.

I'm just trying not to be launched into a nervous breakdown by this. I'm afraid we won't be able to go to this concert we've been planning for months and its all my fault and arrg. I don't know how to fix this.

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I have a LOT of design work, sketchbook work and an article to do today, to complete my degree.
What food stuffs should I have to get me through this monster pile of creative work?

(no subject)

What is your favorite road tripping music?

Favorite road trip ever?

If you had to, would you rather drink hand sanitizer to get drunk or inhale computer duster to get high?

What do you use to clean your jewelry? 

(no subject)

You're given the opportunity to join a team of astronauts to the International Space Station.  All expenses are covered, plus they send you through a vigorous training program which you pass, and you are deemed physically fit for the trip.  The stay will last for 6 months.  You are not expected to do any research; you're just there for the experience.  You face the same risks as any other astronaut, so your safety is not 100% guaranteed. 

Do you go?  What would you bring with you, if you're permitted to bring 3 small personal items?  If you're also given the opportunity to do a spacewalk, would you go for it?

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there is a nice young lady working for me. She has a BF and an ex-BF. I was thinking of asking her for a FWB arrangement. Good idea?

Poll #1575798 do the right thhing?

Should I do a "FWB" with a co-worker ?? 1=fine, no problems whatsoever 10=you're going to die and go to HELL

Mean: 7.35 Median: 8 Std. Dev 2.74


1. What kind of vacuum do you have?
2. Do you have pets? If so, how many and what kind?
3. Do you like your vacuum?
4. Do you think a Dyson is worth the cost?
5. How often do you vacuum?
6. What percentage of your house is carpet?

These questions inspired by the death of my old Bissell. I just bought a new one, don't know what I think about it yet.
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I have a really boring work-study right now consisting of sitting at a desk, reading books, answering the occasional phone call, and helping out when someone needs help here and there. I feel like I am stealing money. Any suggestions for me to at least feel more productive?

(no subject)

How long is Orajel (or anything similar) supposed to last before it wears off? I got some for my really bad toothache but it wore off after 10 minutes. The instructions only say to use it 4 times a day. Is it wearing off on me long before it is supposed to?

DK/DC: Will you tell me about your encounters with snakes, alligators, sharks..etc? Have you been bitten or chased by something similar? Even just a snake hissing at you works.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

I live at home with my parents and it's lame. But I will hopefully moving out soon. However, before I do this, I need the advice of strangers from the internet to help me make a significant life decision.

So what should I do?

Save up money, buy a car, then save up more money, and move out
Move out, then save up money and buy a car

I'll be living in San Francisco, hopefully within walking distance of my work. I can take public transit here, even though I despise it with every fiber of my being. I basically want a car so that I can cart stuff around easier (my laundry, groceries, etc.), visit my friends (who live all over the city and in some places outside of the city where public transit doesn't exist), and most importantly, because I was violently attacked a few years ago and getting on the bus at night scares the shit out of me.

San Francisco also has businesses like Zip Car and City Car Share, where you can rent cars by the hour. Does anyone use a service like this regularly? It seems like it should cost less than buying and maintaining a car if I only use it a few times a month to run errands, right? (And I'll just deal with visiting my friends by...making them come visit me!)

So what say you, TQC?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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What do you all think of astrology? What experience(s) have you had with it (like newspaper horoscopes, talking to a friend who messes with it, etc etc)?

If you actually pay attention to newspaper/magazine horoscopes, do you try to see if it ever plays out in your life? Does it ever?
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My roommates, while awesome, bought a giant subwoofer that is directly above my bedroom. Now my room is constantly thumping with ridiculous bass and I want to cry. HOW DO I FIX THIS?! (nonsrs answers preferred please, I know I can ask them to turn it down but I'm being antisocial right now)

What is your ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE? Just one.


I run my own business but at the moment I am so stressed, getting no sleep, my depression is coming back and I need to sort out my anger...
I do NOT want to go to work tomorrow, there is no need for me to be there and I am not respected as much anymore.

My partner has a day off tomorrow and we could totally spend the day tomorrow to clean and sort out our holday and do shopping.

But I am not sure if I should tak the day off. I can get someone to work and I know she enjoys working for me an she is a fantastic worker but I dont want to be seen as pathetic and useless.

I do however need the time off because I am going bonkers...

What should I do?
what would you do?
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Have you known someone who has participated in a reality tv show? Your connection can be as superficial as you want as long as you've meet them before :P

Just found out that Abdi Farah is appearing on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. We went to school together from middle school through high school, taking visual arts magnet classes together. We graduated in 2005 and I'm looking forward to see how he's grown as an artist because he is arguably one of the most talented people I have ever meet.

(no subject)

do you take any supplements? what do you take, and what's it supposed to do? does it really help?

do you know of any supplements that are supposed to help with anxiety or depression?

dk/dc: will you talk about creepy things that have happened to you or people you know? ghosts, paranormal stuff, anything!
Clem & Joely

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Does anyone here have the Birth soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat? If so, I need to ask you a question about a very specific part of the soundtrack. I downloaded mine from the internet and there's something that I can't tell if it's supposed to be part of the soundtrack or not...so if you have the soundtrack, please let me know!
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How intelligent are you?

Above average
Around average
Below average

You can evaluate your intelligence however you want. Feel free to justify your answer in the comments if you like.
you think you're heart would learn.

how do i get my life back after graduation?

i've moved back home with my parents after graduating from college a little more than a week ago. i don't have a job or an internship and am seriously broke. my friends are becoming a rarity and my room is now given to my baby sisters. i have been passing the days as if in a half-awake daze. it is painful getting up in the morning because i know i have a day full of emptiness ahead with nothing to look forward to.

advice please?. i'm trapped. how do i get out?!
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 What is the most inappropriate thing someone has said to you? What about the most inappropriate, yet somehow funny thing someone has said?

A male dementia patient who has never been inappropriate ever rubbed my leg and asked if I, "Wanted his pu**y?" A very lol whut moment as I hurried out of the room. 

DK/DC: What is your favorite video game? 

(no subject)

For my prom, I can't afford a hairdresser so I'm doing my hair myself.
I want a 30's/40's inspired look such as....






My hair is about 20inches
I have my own curlers and non-heating rollers.

How should I do my hair? Any tips or know any websites with *helpful* info? If patient enough could you give a step by step?

Thanks :)
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Do you ever see something IRL and go, "o damn, that reminds me of a TQC member!"?

Who was the last TQCer you thought of?
I'm watching some of S1 of True Blood and Jason just said "I wanna lick yer mind", ergo, I thought of sacreddiseases

No/DK/DC: Would you rather be stuck in 90°F (32.2° C/ weather with 95% humidity, or in 122°F (50°C) weather, with humidity being less than 20% every day? IDGAF if you like the cold, it no longer exists in this question!

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Hello people,

My local movie store has this "7 movies for 7 days for 5 dollars" deal. They can't be new releases (like, made in the last year or so), but I wanted to check some out. The problem is I had an awful time picking movies. I always seem to choose ones that suck.

Anyone have any suggestions for what I should rent?

I'm up for anything, humor, romance, horror; all I ask is no extreme gore, or movies with anything like rape.

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one of my childhood friends just posted this on my facebook wall:

"Do you remember that time when we were younger you came with me to that party of my mom's friend and we were the only white people?"

wtf am i supposed to even say to that?
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Thanks for all the suggestions about where my bf and I should celebrate our anniversary.

We're going to The Finger Lakes Wine Festival!

I know mariposa2384 posted a road trip playlist question way down the page, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that post, BUT...

What would be on YOUR road trip playlist, particularly relating to being young, in love and loving life? Not necessarily sappy love, just happy and free and mellow (although mellow's negotiable. I'm sure we'll wanna dance around in the car a bit, too!).

DK/DC: What's on your FAVORITE playlist?
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1. Do you like MoonPies?

2. Have you heard of people celebrating something called birthmonths? My Facebook is getting spammed at least four times a day by one person who keeps talking about doing activities every day for their birthmonth.

(No, they are not turning 18 or 21. They are about 35 years old.)

3. Do you celebrate your birthmonth?

4. I applied for a few different teaching positions at a school (4th grade, 5th grade, English) and am being called in for an interview for a math and science position. Aside from what I learned in school, I don't have experience in either subject. I told them this one the phone but they said to come anyway. Why are they calling me in? Is this a trick?

5. Would you post your username here so TQC can reply with an image they associate with you?
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Which would you prefer?

Boy/girlfriend lives one hour away by car and you see him/her once a week for a day/night.

Boy/girlfriend lives 400 miles away, but stays for 2 weeks every month.

Assume you love this person and enjoy spending time with them.

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Inspired by kurenaiairen: what are some things your mom said all the time when you were a kid?

My mom:
"If you don't like it, you can lump it."
"You're not gonna melt." (If you try to get a ride somewhere when it's raining)
"We'll make it fit: we'll swear at it." (What you say when your suitcase won't shut/you can't get the car trunk to close.)
"There's always soup, there's always eggs, there's always grilled cheese." (When you're hungry and somehow can't locate a snack)
"Let's do something, even if it's wrong."

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Love and lust Dr. Eljay, I need you now.

I've been texting/flirting with a ~*hottie*~ for a couple days.  I've been hinting at hooking up ("I'm bored; I'm lonely; I'm craving human interaction, etc.") but either it's me, or he can't take the hint.  This is a guy who gets turned on by a brick wall and I'm more attractive than his ex (and younger).  WTF is going on here?

The question:  My roommate almost texted this guy and said, "Just take Em from behind already," but doesn't have his number.  Should I give my roomie his number (they go pretty far back but his new phone lost his contacts) and let him send the text, or not?

The complication:  This guy, who I have known casually for three years, is also technically my boss.

What do I do?  All I want is some p33n.

ETA:  Here's the thing.  I work at a movie theatre as a manager and he is two management levels above me but not my GM, so decisions affecting my fate as a manager etc. aren't his problem.  His boss powers extend to telling me to do cash, inventory, or projection and I shouldn't (don't) argue with him.

However, neither of us is all over the rule book and I'm all in favor of the DL.  Plus, there's nothing in there about FWBs.  He hit on me before we worked together and we've always had some sort of tension.
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a boring quest

if you were going on holiday abroad for three weeks (over christmas if that matters) would you take your laptop? the holiday would include visiting four countries on at least four planes very long distance (like round the world).

tell me also why or why not. please and thank you and goodnight.
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Were there ever any updates on the poster who was getting harrassed with creepy phonecalls while her partner was serving overseas? The phonecalls that played the old song every four minutes...

DK/DC: What animals/fish/insects/etc. are you afraid of? I'm afraid of pretty much all sea creatures, insects, spiders; most birds; and dogs.

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i'm home from college and my parents are having a formal dinner with some people by dad works with (not for me lol). could you recommend me something to wear? bonus points for pictures

alternatively, what is the most played song (or artist) on your itunes, last.fm, whatever?

on my itunes it's a three way tie between "blue magic" by jay-z, "empire state of mind (part II) broken down" by alicia keys, and "itty bitty piggy" by nicki minaj
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ATTN cat owners!

I just adopted a cat from another family who left for another country.

It's been meowing non stop since it got home. how do i get closer to him?

what do i have to know as a cat owner?

his name is einstein, btw!
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i just read that each household is getting three $100-$300 HST rebates. is that in addition to or instead of the GST rebates? i love randomly getting $70.

is mcguinty on anyone else's last nerve?

i can't come up with a question for the rest of you, bye