June 7th, 2010

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Clearly I'm out of my mind with boredom tonight.

Where can I find a cute birth control pill case?  The brand I take comes in rectangular form.  I tried google and I think those pillpax are tacky.


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does anyone else here get a bad taste in their mouth after using Tom's natural toothpaste? if so, do you have recommendations for other natural toothpastes?

why can't you eat or drink after midnight before a surgery?

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What has been the most recent childish thing you have done/gotten upset over?

What is something stupid that you have gotten upset about?

What is the last thing you have beaten yourself up about?

How do you snap yourself out of it?

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I just noticed there's chocolate icing on the top of my computer tower. And it's really dried on there, so it's sort of old.

How in the name of fuck did I get chocolate icing on my computer, and how did I fail to notice it before now?

(This question calls for a non serious answer...)

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So I've gone on several dates with a guy. He poured his heart out one night and said he really likes me, blah blah blah. He's done several things to suggest interest, like touching me a lot during conversation (like touching my arm when he's laughing with me), playing with my hair, etc. But neither of us have made a "real" move, and thus we haven't even kissed yet. Me, because I'm shy, and him because I told him after like date #3 that I was still trying to get a feel for things. SO, with that said, I know that he's waiting for ME to make a move.

And now, because I always overanalyze things instead of just doing it, here goes my question:

Thursday was my birthday but I was out of town for it (and thus away from the guy). Got back into town on Saturday, and we met for dinner. He gave me a really sweet birthday card and treated me to a nice dinner as my gift. I really wanted to kiss him that night, but we ended up meeting up with several of his friends right after dinner, and good opportunities just never ended up arising.

We're going to meet up tomorrow night, and I really want to go in for the kill. I was thinking of saying something like this, "I've been doing some thinking since Saturday night, and I've decided that there's another birthday present that I'd like to request from you...a kiss."

Is this lame as hell, or am I good to go?

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So there is VH1 classic that plays anything from 60's to the late 80's.

When are they going to make an all 90's music video channel?

What channel do you wish existed?

Which one do you want to go off the air?

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If you worked in fast food as a drive-thru attendant and you saw a family pull up to the window with the mother sitting on the passenger side holding her 6 month old baby on her lap, would you say anything about it to them?

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I had a root canal about 6 years ago. The dentist did it wrong (I believe he was high) and my tooth is ugly and the root is obviously still there, because I've been experiencing a lot of pain in that tooth lately.

If I go back to a different dentist, will they be able to fix it? It's my front, top left tooth, so pulling it or anything isn't really the best option. Can you get a veneer on just one tooth? I'm sure it's expensive though.

TQC, help me figure out how to fix my teeth :(
mtn, girl

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What are some ideas that can be done to help the community? All I can really think of is picking up trash, but we want to do something much more than that.

We have a group of people interested, and where we work... we are supposed to help the community and we haven't in a while. I need ideas!

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"if you care about someone more than you care about yourself, then you've got a big problem."

agree or disagree? why?

ETA: don't even answer if you're going to be vague. i'm looking for rationale more than anything here.
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QUESTION: Why the FUCK does it take so long for Wachovia to process their money transfers? It's only 10 bucks, Wachovia, seriously??

And how is everyone's morning today?

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What's the difference between flirting with someone (appropriate) and hitting on someone (inappropriate)? Or is it just that if you're attracted back you call it flirting, and if you're not interested you call it hitting on?

David Collings - Dark Towers


What is the most exotic pet you currently own or have ever owned?

Mine is my 8 year old South American tarantula. All my other pets are pretty "standard".

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My friend was born in 83, I was born in 92 and I had to link her to the trailer for Footloose because she had never heard of it, let alone watched it :/ Is that weird y/y?

What are your favourite 80s movies?

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Should I believe him and go see if he has the money or should I just forget it and cut my losses?

TL;DR:  my slimy ex says he will pay me back if i meet up with him..should I try it or is it a trick?

dk/dc: have you tried Clark's wave shoes?  I have pain in the balls of my feet usually and these are putting no pressure on them :D  yayyy

dk/dc2:  tell me about your weekend !

I went to the island..visited my SO's mom, went to a small fair on the beach, ate junk, got sunburnt, went to a party and saw lots of old friends woot.

Belle bookworm

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My boyfriend's parents are coming to visit, and I'd like to have a picnic and show off our lovely parks. The problem is that his mom is gluten intolerant and none of my go-to gluten-free recipes overlap with my go-to picnic recipes.

Do you have any suggestions for recipes that are both picnic friendly and gluten-free?

What's the strangest compliment you've received recently?
(I was told the way I blink is "engaging.")

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So 3 weeks ago, I interviewed for a position. The next morning, I sent a follow-up/thank you email. I haven't heard anything since, and it's been 3 weeks.

Should I follow up again?

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You may only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What will you eat?
Along with that, you may only drink one thing for the rest of your life. What will you drink?
Assume all food and drink is healthy.

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TQC, can you say something that'll cheer me up? i just received horrible news from my doctor about some lab results that just came back. looks like i'll be needing to go to a rheumalogist and endocrinologist asap. i'm freaking out. :(
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What is that gigantic ass temple that was built into the side of a cliff?

I just remember it being massive and amazing and ancient and built into the side of a cliff.

Since I learnt about it in Classical studies... I assume it was a Roman or Greak Greek temple...

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This morning I took a really hard final (at 8:00am, UGH), then found out I didn't pass two tests I need to get my teaching credential (but I was soooo clooose =[ =[ =[). Not a very good morning. I don't have another final until Thursday afternoon, and I have the rest of today off.

What should I do?
Study for my final on Thursday which is going to be super extra hard? Or take the day off and veg in front of the TV all day?

Don't care: What's the farthest you've travelled from home?
Mine would be New York (I live in California) but this summer I'm going to Germany! Aaah! So far away! =] ETA: And where do you live?

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I'm hungry but I have a pelvic ultrasound in an hour and 20 minutes meaning I have to drink 48 oz of water starting in 20 minutes. I think I won't be able to hold as much water if I eat. Should I just wait till after the ultrasound to eat?
Bite me, bitch...

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Someone in my story is about to get shot. What type of gun killed her? I would shoot her up with an AK47, but silenced handguns are preferred.

Have you ever fired a gun? What was that like?
Pez&Ziv colour

Olympic Pin

It is a tradition that at the Olympics lapel pins are made and people collect them.

Peta made one, obviously it is not an official pin.

Is this not the most awesome Olympic Pin ever?

For those who can't tell or don't know what it is, it is the Inukshuk mascot from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games clubbing a baby seal.
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What would you think if all of a sudden you started to hear voices? Voices that obviously are speaking only in your mind. Would you think you'd gone crazy? Would you try to find a logical explanation? Or would you be forced to accept, if this voice persisted, that the universe is just filled with endless mysteries?
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i need to know if this is just a dumb canada thing.

on christmas can you watch a fireplace on TV?
if you have digital cable/satellite is there a fireplace channel?
can you watch it ondemand too?
what's the dumbest channel you have?

we are watching a fucking fireplace on television right now.
Vote in my poll.

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You meet a guy who is 30 years old. He is average size, neither particularly mean nor nerdy in his appearance. He come from an average neighbourhood (in the USA), so not slum-like and not a gated community either. He tells you that he has never been in a physical fight in his life, including his teens and his childhood.

0 = Not all surprised through to 10 = I think he is actually too punch drunk to remember the fights he's had!

How surprised would you be by this fact?

Mean: 1.17 Median: 0 Std. Dev 2.15

DK/DC? That's ok, just don't complain when this post doesn't buy you anything for your birthday!

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Did the Beastie Boys do a cover of "It's Tricky" by Run DMC? 

My friends and I were arguing because I said Run DMC did that song first, and they were saying the Beastie Boys did. I only had a few minutes to research on the internet... but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Will you help me prove them wrong? 
drunk buffy
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My crazy ex is telling me that she's so depressed over our breakup that she may kill herself. Being that she was/is crazy, I am fairly certain that this is an abusive manipulation tactic and am not falling for it, but I'm wondering.. have any of you have ever tried using antidepressants to treat a broken heart? Did it work? She thinks it will, I say it wont.
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So I just weaseled my way into my friend's private wedding by offering to take pictures for free. I'm not a professional of any sort, but I do enjoy taking pictures(mostly of nature tho). Is there anyone here who can give me advice or good websites to look up on helping me with this new adventure?


So our really crappy college apartment that two roommates and I are living in for the summer beeps once every minute. It's a high pitched CHIRP. We cannot find the source of the beeping. We have these old electrical-looking little boxes that say FIRE on them and have a light and I guess they are smoke detectors. There are three. We also have this weird flat red thing on a wall that looks like it'd be a light switch except it's up high and has a vent. Every time we stand by one of these things the beeping sounds like it's coming from somewhere else. Then when we stand in that room, it's not in there. We have been going crazy wandering in circles around our apartment trying to figure out the source of the beeping.

What is the source of the beeping?
Are we going to die?
Our conclusion right now is that the gods are really really bored and playing a prank on us for amusement.

eta: stop giving such serious answers! i'm kidding.
eta2: it was the carbon monoxide thing in a closet that was low on batteries.
Georgie - Smiles

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Are you guys getting your comment notifications?

Edit: Mine have been buggering up for at least 2 weeks! There are posts I've made in a comm that have got 300-400 comments and I get NO notifications! I thought they'd come in late, but they aren't. WHAT SHOULD I DOOO. I've followed the instructions in the FAQ and I definitely haven't turned comment notifications off. I'm still getting other types of notifications, like tracked posts. What the hell?
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What was the last thing someone said that pretty much left you speechless and/or with your head meeting your desk?

My drunk and high roommate tried to tell me that drug users not being able to legally use drugs is exactly the same as gay people not being allowed to marry. Something about how the government has no right to dictate what people do in their own homes (like heroin, or buttsex). idk, I was too busy slamming my forehead against the wall.

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1.  A couple friends and I went to lunch and waiting for our fourth friend, who stood us up.  He texted me forty five minutes after he was supposed to be there and told me he had to work today, and he was sorry he couldn't make it.  I was sad because he is super foxy and I am trying to get him into my pants.  Was he lying to me?  I can easily verify this story when I got to work later.

2.  Will you go to work for me?  You would just have to thread and run two sets of 12 shows and make sure you don't mess up any film.

3.  Why do  keep forgetting to take my birth control?

ETA:  Once I saw this jar full of condoms with a baby crossed out on it for sale at Fascinations.  Now I can't find it.  Do you know where it went?  Srs/non-srs appreciated, because I do want to make it a lovely piece of my room.

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Say you have a friend who is a teacher, and he asks you to volunteer some of your time to help with his classes. Not much time, a few hours at most. And he's not asking just because you're friends, but because you possess a particular skill. You want to help your friend out, but he teaches at a private school that is administered by an organization that is abhorrent to your own morals and ethics. Would you accept or decline?

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1. A new store with fashion forward choices for plus sized women has opened up at a mall near me. The store is called Voluptuous. Now isn't a name like that pretty much the nicest way possible to say 'clothing for fat girls'?

2. For all of you who don't live in/near Toronto, is the G20 summit in the news for you at all?

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TQC ladies with shoulder-ish length hair, what do you do when you want to dress it up a bit?

I can't for the life of me decide on my hair for my wedding, except that I want it out of my face.

Alternately, how can I convince my fiance that Jonas is the ultimate name for a son?

Blue-tongued skink

My friend and I are looking into getting a blue-tongued skink. (We are pretty decidedly in the "research" phase.) We know that they are omnivorous, that they like to dig and climb, and that they will need a pretty big container to live in (we're going to get a glass one). What else should we know?
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does anybody know why someone is trying to kill me? especially by putting flies in my chips? and by trying to poison me with a drink? and sending me threatening notes? and giving me headaches and chest pains? and sending me sick notes?
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I like the mocha frappe's from McDonalds. They're the first coffee (besides regular coffee) that I've tried. I want to expand and try some other coffee drinks! I'll be heading to Dunkin Donuts in a while. Can you recommend something, please?

I'm looking for something iced. And that isn't overbearing with coffee flavor.
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You leave your debit card at a restaurant/store. You don't notice for a few days because you usually pay with cash. When you do finally notice you call the restaurant/store and they tell you the do have so you go and pick it up. Would you continue using it or would you cancel it?
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While browsing Netflix streamable horror movies, I saw some movies called: Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter, Tales from the Crapper, and Redneck Zombies. TQC, which name made you laugh harder?
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Paging Dr. TQC:

About ten minutes ago, I noticed two red dots on the side of my face. I don't know how long they've been there, because I have to turn my head to see that part and I just don't pay attention. I showed my dad a second ago, and he pointed out one on my neck that wasn't there before. They look like mosquito bites, but a bit redder and they don't itch (mosquito bites always itch badly for me).

What could they be? I was outside earlier, but I didn't think anything bit me.

If I was having an allergic reaction to something, I would already be having breathing troubles and stuff, right? Maybe? Just trying to make sure I shouldn't go to the hospital :P

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A tutoring company set me up with a bunch of kids. Some of the parents don't speak English. How much of an issue do you think this is going to be? (I feel like it's going to end up being a problem down the road)


What's stressing you out right now?
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Part of a project we're working in at my work involves interviewing people who were part of a state-wide initiative focusing on co-occuring disorders. I've never met any of the people I'm interviewing before and they are spread throughout the state. I was interviewing one director today and while I was talking to him, someone backed up their car without paying attention and hit him (he was sitting on a park bench or something...not too sure). He was okay but it was quite shocking (probably more so for him than me)!

What is the most surprising thing that's occurred while you were talking on the phone with a stranger?

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My girlfriend has been getting calls from an unrecognized but local number. At first, she only received maybe 2-3 calls over the span of a couple months, starting about a month after she got the phone. Now, out of nowhere, the calls are coming 4-5 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. The guy leaves voicemails everytime but she n.e.v.e.r. checks her voicemail, so I finally convinced her to check it today.

It's a guy who's obviously looking for his ex-girlfriend. You can tell he's distraught and he all but begs her to call him back. It got so personal that about 30 seconds into the voicemail we listened to my girlfriend deleted it because she felt like we were invading his privacy.

She tried texting him a couple timesto let him know it's not "Nick," the girl he's looking for, and got no response (it's possible he's calling from a landline). She just tried calling him about 10 minutes ago (after getting the 4th call of the day) and the guy refused to believe she wasn't Nick -- he kept going on about how she's being cruel and started crying about how he was sorry. He's starting to worry me now.

How do we convince this guy she is not the girl he is looking for? She doesn't want to change her number (it's her work cell phone and it's well-established at this point) and she's afraid if she blocks his number he'll freak out and blow up her phone from a different number. Any better ideas?
TK and Kari

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I'm walking down one side of the street and a little kid is walking towards me. Twenty feet before reaching me, he crosses to the other side, and once we pass each other he comes back to my sidewalk again.

Has this happened to you before? How would/did you feel in my shoes?

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TQC, how should I style my hair tomorrow? It is nearly waist-length, straight and strawberry blonde. Will you show me pictures of awesome styles for loooong hair? I am going to the awesome ocarina shop tomorrow and so I want my hair to look awesome to fit the awesome occasion.

EDIT: OR, if you don't care about that, will you tell me what you are doing tomorrow? OR will you post a picture of your cute pet? OR WHATEVER?

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So I really need a job. Not just any job, but a career.

I have 2 trips lined up...1 week-long trip in July, and a 3 week trip in August. When interviewing, should I bring up these trips? I just fear that my having to be gone for 4 weeks will hurt my chances of getting hired anywhere.

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I was a member here yesterday evening, then not today, so had to re-join...anyone else get that?

Anywayz, TQC peeps, what colour is your hair right now? And what colour is it naturally?

I am a natural pale/golden blonde but currently dark red-purple.

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Graduates/soon to be graduates:

Did/will you decorate your mortarboard? How so?

I am trying to come up with ideas for mine so my mom can pick me out of the 8,161 other graduates (YES I KNOW THAT IT'S FUTILE humor me).

A lot of people are suggesting rhinestones or glitter...so wouldn't everyone do that? Perhaps some tie-dye is in order...
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Do you comma-splice acronyms into your sentences?

If you tell me what annoys you about the way sentences are written on the internet, then could I write a program using machine learning to derive other types of rules if the rule I manually add is something like this post's first question?

How about you put a longer sentence here which doesn't technically run on?

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to the ladies (and make up wearing men) what do you want to know how to do using makeup... but have no fucking clue?

i wanna be able to do the "smokey eye." every time i try i look like a tranny in midtown.

dkdc? whats your favorite beer?


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Ladies, do collars and cuffs match, as they say? *

What was the last thing you said in real life?

*ETA: Woahhhhhh.....didn't realise it was so uncommon =/ So, do the carpets match the drapes, ladies?
the boys from queens

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Doctor TQC, why do carrots give me the hiccups?

I know it's so weird, but it happens every time I eat carrots on their own. Like, if I'm sitting there with a bag of baby carrots. I love carrots a lot so I can't stop eating them :( This also doesn't happen with any other food.

Do any foods give you guys hiccups? It doesn't happen to anyone I know, so I'm starting to think it's just me.

If You Can't Tell By This Post, I Love Disney

Do you agree with this picture's description of Belle? (or any of your other favorite Disney Princesses for that matter)

Collapse )

(Edit for less Disney fan girling. I tend to put too much emotion into what I say) Basically, Belle is one of the more admirable Princesses and does more than sitting around being a damsel in distress. People shouldn't worry so much about what these movies are teaching their little girls. If it worries someone so much, just tell your kid that it's not a real story and that girls can do more than sit around and wait for their prince and be pretty.

More edit: Yes, I know the html is messed up. I can't delete it. I don't post a lot of entries that require a page cut. If someone tells me how to fix it, the offending html fail will be gone lol :P

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Do you agree with the military in that women can't be in the front lines?

I don't agree. I agree that the average man is stronger than the average woman, but that doesn't mean that there aren't women who are stronger than other men. And by stronger I mean anything that is desirable by the military for a person to be. I guess there are other things to take into consideration like having to dig 2 holes for bathroom usage or whatever. That doesn't seem like such a big hurdle though, imo.
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 What was the last CD/Album you bought on a whim that took you totally by surprise with its awesomeness? What made you buy it?

If you have not had this experience with a CD, tell me about a book or movie.

I bought Hadestown because I saw it reviewed in Bitch and was like "eh, what the hell?" AND OMG YOU GUYS IT IS AWESOME. 

Why We Build The Wall and His Kiss, The Riot are just mind-blowing with amazing. 

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I'm turning 21 in an hour!! Unfortunately, the only place I have to purchase alcohol is walmart, and the only thing i can get is wine. I'm 4 days post-partum and I just want something to sip on. (Got the 'okay' from my dr)

what's your favorite kind of wine (that i can get at walmart)?
what's it taste like?

dc/dk: what'd you do on your 21st?

follow up on earlier entry:

the group has been deleted. idk if fb did it or if she did. she never responded though.
at least the plan has been cancelled.

so, new question:
Do you think she learned her lesson?

dk/dc/what are you talking about??:What is the last good deed you did?
francois lick it

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If you were a vampire, what kind of vampire would you like to be?

(I'm talking like vampires in movies/shows. Like would you like to be pale and gay like in Interview with the Vampire, slutty like in True Blood, emo and into depressed jailbait like Twilight, etc.)