June 6th, 2010


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I have been with my boyfriend for two years. We live together. Do you think it is weird that I sometimes go to my girl friend's house and we go out drinking and then I stay the night at her apartment? Does he have a right to be upset about this?

Just curious about opinions. Why?

Does it matter at all that she lives 45 minutes from us and that he and I share a car? She and I often hang out when my boyfriend and I get off work because she lives 5 mins from work. I would have to drive my bf 40 minutes home and drive myself 45 mins back to her house to hang out...then all the way home...after drinking...?

Edited to clarify:

The three of us work together on Friday nights. She and I work together on Saturday morning; he doesn't come in til Saturday night when we all work together again. So I'll go out with her Friday night and she will bring me to work Saturday morning and then I go home with him after our night shift. He doesn't have to drive me a half hour to work on Saturday morning; I just ride with her. And I don't have to drive him home from work on Friday night before I go out with her. Then I'd have to either drive home drunk afterwards or drive 45 minutes home in the morning to pick him up so he can drop me off 30 minutes away at work so he will have the car to bring himself in on Saturday night.


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This is in regards to my previous post about surprising my Mum with tickets to see Kenny Rogers.

I've bought her a new outfit and I can afford to also do one of the following. Which one do you think would be best?

Dinner somewhere really nice.
Staying over in a hotel
Or an appointment at a salon for a massage or something.
dia de los muertos


What is the grossest thing you have seen in person? 

My assistant manager at CVS cut off his thumb opening a tote right in front of me, there was a lot of blood and it was pretty scary but we got it taken care of pretty quickly and he got to keep the thumb!

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how can you tell which bacteria are flora and which are fauna?

i imagined that flora would be photosynthetic and fauna would be consumers, but if probiotics in yogurt are flora, then my idea makes no sense.
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what is something amazing that happened to you today?
the braves @ the dodgers game. seven batters and seven runs--all in the 7th inning :)

what sports do you watch? who are your teams?
MLB - the braves; college football - georgia bulldogs; NFL - indianapolis colts; NBA - hawks, but since they're out of the playoffs, the lakers

DK/DC: what kind of calendar do you have?
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what are your favourite ~dystopian society/post-apocalyptic~ books? holy shit i am so bored

i've read 1984 (LOVED it), a canticle for leibowitz, the chrysalids (meh), the stand, and oryx and crake. i hate margaret atwood sfm. eta: oh and i liked hunger games.

also, do you like books written like this? is there a word for this style? i find that a lot of new-ish books are written in this really weird way. this is what i get for going to the library for books, i'm not up to date on these things.

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I need help. What do i need to know about getting a student loan?
what is the best bank (in the US) to use?
will i have trouble getting a loan if i have no credit (that i know of? i don't own a car/house/anything and i've only ever had one bank account and i don't know what happened to it)?
what else?
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 What was the last surgery you had? How long did it take you to get back to normal?

I'm stuck with bandages around my head for a few weeks and I've read two books since Tuesday. I am le bored.



Where do you go or what do you do when you need to self-reflect?

I need to do some serious self-reflection sometime soon to figure out what I want to DO with my life. Solitude is necessary, I'm thinking about going up to the mountains by myself to just sit and think.
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So, I was heading out to the store this morning and as I was walking out the door, my room mate, who I haven't met in the ten days I've lived here, walks in. She jumps back about ten feet and screams because she wasn't expecting anyone at the door. I'm out of it, since I hadn't slept all night. I shook her (limp) hand and introduced myself, she ran to her room.
How can I repair this first impression of me? omg
What's the fucking weather like today?
(78 - it's fucking nice. Except it's supposed to rain today.)
What are your plans?
(Coney Island)

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What's your desktop background?

What's the most risque behavior you've engaged in lately? If nothing lately, then ever?

Dk/dc, What's something embarrassing that's happened to you or someone you know lately...or ever?
you think you're heart would learn.

live the life you love

So I'm trying to reboot my life after trying unsuccessfully to resist my life the way it is. instead of whining about all the things wrong with my life and how it should be, i want to try this new thing called accepting each day as it is. but at the same time work towards incorporating my elements I love into it. what do you do all do daily that reminds you that you are indeed taking part in a living that you love? if not, what is holding you back?
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Bottle Water

Do you drink bottled water?
If so are you a bottle water snob that it has to be from a bottle or only if it's more convenient?
Do you have a brand you like?
Regular bottled water or energy water (added vitamins and stuff like that)?

Personally I only drink bottled water for car rides if I've run out of water from my stainless steel water bottle and I do drink the flavored energy enhanced stuff.

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I'm going to be 21 in August. What's something awesome I can do on my birthday before or after I get shit-faced?

DK/DC: If I turned a guy down for a date because he's 27, and I felt like he was too old for me would that be silly of me?
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Are Acer laptops good quality laptops?

My mom recently got a new laptop, an Acer Aspire 5442, even though the one she had was less than a year old. It is a Dell Inspiron - 1525. It works great and I LOVE it. I think I just really love having a laptop in general. Anywway she has decided she doesn't like the new laptop anymore and wants her's back. She has offered to let me make payments of fifty dollars for six months on the new one, that's 300 dollars. It's a lot less than what she paid and a lot less then what they sell for. But, are Acer laptops good laptops? I wasn't picky about the Dell becasue it was free but if I am going to pay for one I want to make sure it's a good one.

So my question is; Ia Acer a good quality laptop, and is the one my mom has worth buying?

DK/DC: What is your favorite computer brand?

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Does the lead singer's voice of this band sound irritating?

[EDIT] I ask because my friend and all of his friends think this guy's voice (and band) is absolutely amazing.. And I want to see how many others, like me, want to rip their ears off when hearing it.

Will you post a picture of your dream wedding dress?

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mr schadenfreude

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I know that there are some gun enthusiasts here and I was wondering if there are such things as all carbon composite hand guns? Do they contain metal at all?

DK;DC? What comforts you?
John Simm, Life on Mars

Getting a prepaid cellphone in the US

I'm getting conflicting reports.

To get a prepaid cellphone in the US, what do you need to supply? Do you need to have a SS number, and a steady residential address? Is an overseas passport sufficient ID? Is there anything else I'd need to supply to get and activate a prepaid phone?

I'm asking because I'm coming on holiday to the US for 2 months, and overseas roaming charges are prohibitively expensive (think $5 a minute) not to mention I'd have to buy a triband phone anyway. It'd be easier if I could buy a prepaid phone in the US, if I would be allowed to do so.


ETA: Brilliant, sounds like it shouldn't be that hard after all- harder to get a phone here. Thanks for all your help!
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If you lived or have lived with your parents, what sort of sleeping arrangements do you have in place for when your SO would spend the night?

I'm 22 and my boyfriend still has to sleep in a guest room, on another FLOOR, even. I don't understand. It's such a buzzkill.

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ETA: lol I meant what do you think *I* will be having in 7 months, child wise.

Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

Chips Ahoy
Cookies suck.
Oh I could never choose!

Favorite juice?

Some kind of juice medley
Something else

You are...

Wearing a shirt
Drinking something
A natural blonde
Blue eyed
A smart ass
Drinking something
A nerd
A bad dancer

Who loves you pretty baby?

I will be having...

One boy
One girl
Twin boys
Twin girls
Twins - one of each
Something else in comments

What kind of animal lover are you?

I hate animals

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My sister hasn't been to camp in quite a while, what are some things that she should bring that probably aren't on her packing list?

She's also trying to figure out what snacks she can bring that are gluten free/nut free any suggestions???

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I found a used up disposable camera in my drawer as I'm cleaning.
I think this is upwards of 5 years old. I have no idea what's on it.

Would you get it developed or is it a waste of money?

What's the last thing you found that surprised you?



For those of you who watched Criss Angel's Believe show (the one he collaborated with Cirque du Soleil), how was it?

I've never really watched Mindfreak, but I have watched Zumanity, Dralion, O, and Alegria and I was fine with them. What's kind of getting at me (in a good way) is the music and how dark it looks.

Thanks in advance!

Baking Questions, Omnomnomnom

1. I have several pie and cheesecake recipes that I love to make for friends, but most people don't want/need an entire pie and it would be so much easier if I could just turn my full size pies into smaller versions. I have a bunch of muffin tins and jumbo muffin tins, but I'm not sure how to switch up the recipe or cooking temperatures. Will the muffin tins work? Does anyone have any tips for shrinking down recipes? (I really hate just experimenting completely on my own; ingredients are expensive!)

2. For the cooks/bakers out there, what recipe/meal have you not mastered that you want to?
I need to master vanilla icing, it's taking me years

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Here's the dillio. I am flat broke until Wednesday due to the fact I am moving at the end of the month to a new place. I am down to my last few food items.

I've got whole wheat spaghetti noodles, a small can of COCONUT milk, and some powder yellow curry.
I;ve also got a can of fireroasted garlic chopped tomatoes. Garlic

So last time I made a dish with curry milk i failed miserably. This time it needs to be good!

Can you offer me a recipe with these ingredients that will be good?

EDIT: I found a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup. COuld I use this for a sauce? I'm so hungry guys!

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I'm watching Nature's Deadliest: Brazil right now, and it's pretty grisly. What would you rather be killed by 1) an anaconda that crushes your bones and organs, strangles you, and eats you whole, killing you in about three minutes, 2) a smaller snake that makes you bleed out of every hole in your body until you pass out and die a few hours later, or 3) a swarm of bees that sting you all over until your organs shut down and you die of swollen airways? 

I'm gonna say the anaconda. 
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What are your thoughts/feelings/opinions on Sublime with Rome?
(A new lead singer named Rome is now touring and performing with the remaining two members of Sublime under the aforementioned name, performing Sublime's music)

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The other night I showed my mother some food/baking websites such as i am baker and Bakerella. She was very impressed with these two, but didn't like other sites, such as 17 and Baking because they didn't have as nice pictures of skilled piping work and interesting, extravagant cakes.

What are some other sites similar to those two that I can show her?

Not so much recipes or general cooking blogs, as we're in Australia anyway and can't be bothered doing conversions, but sites with amazing baking pictures.

curbside treasures

So, you know how you can type "curbside" into craigslist, and find things that are available to go pick up for free on someone's curbside? i.e, washer, dryer, couches, tables...

Well, a friend told me there is a website dedicated soley to free curbside treasures, do you know what it's called?
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Is a tomato a fruit?
I heard someone tell me that it is because it has seeds.
But, peppers and squashes have seeds and they're still considered vegetables.
Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable? 
What separates fruits from vegetables?
srsz, boondocks

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What does the southern saying "I'm about to monkey" mean?  It relates to being hot.

My southern relatives are confusing me.  First tomatoes and now weird sayings.
They can't explain it themselves.   But they said it's probably related to ruining the original saying by being illiterate waybackwhenslaveryetc.
Like, when they say "Peelar Rice" instead of "Rice Pilaf".

Any must-reads?

Summer's approaching and I'm gonna have a LOT of spare time.

What books (mainly fiction novels) do you recommend to read? 
Any MUST-Reads? :)

ETA: Thanks for all the recommendations. I will definitely check them out. :)


I need a new blender, since mine just started leaking all over the place. Should I:
A. Go to Target or Walmart and buy the cheapest one they have to offer, and hope it works better
B. Tell my grandparents that I need one, have them look for one at a yard sale, pay them back what it would cost (probably way less than even the cheapest one would be new), but I won't get it until July
C. Buy a good blender, cheapskate
D. Other

Also: Do you leave your window open at night? If so, what floor/level are you on? Do you have a bar or something to keep it mostly closed or do you just assume you'll be safe?

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ipod touch, worth the money or a waste?

I want a good all around laptop that I can use for classwork and other things like music files, games and so forth. Any suggestions?

[edit: thanks to the one person who commented. I had a moment of stupidity.]

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TQC parents, how do you organize a spot for your kids in your house? Like, in the family room, so their toys aren't just laying around the place. I'm trying to get organized and I have all these toys laying around. I will put them in her room but then she brings them all downstairs again when she wants to play with them. I have decided to not fight it.

It's the week before my wedding. Why am I not panicking?

What is one thing we should have at my bachelorette party? I don't drink and neither do my friends, and I'm not into strippers or penis things. Should I just make a cake and call it good?

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In this horrible economy, why are so many people still so hateful to those less fortunate than they are? When they could be the less fortunate ones the next day?

I always see people saying they "saw" some mom with food stamps and five kids use the food stamps and then go out to an Escalade while talking on her Blackberry. Is this just part of the "welfare queen" stigma?

Why are people just so fucking stupid about this?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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This entire poll is inspired by the smell of my boyfriend making spaghetti in the kitchen.

We're making a pizza. How much sauce do you want on it?

I fucking hate sauce on pizza. As little as possible.
Just a normal amount, please.
Please drench the crust in sauce, I love the stuff.

What if we're making spaghetti? What's your noodle-to-sauce ratio?

More noodle than sauce, please.
Equal portions of noodle and sauce.
I like the sauce more than the noodles - more of that, please!

Do you like garlic in your spaghetti sauce?

Fuck no.
Ehh why not.

What about Parmesan cheese?

Get it away.
Why not?
It's a staple of the spaghetti experience.


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Are there any civil court cases that you know about besides Roe v. Wade, Dred Scott v. Sandford, and Brown v. Board of Education(major decisions in the US, idk about other countries)? What was the case about and what was the outcome? (district, appellate, SC-doesn't matter which court)

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How expensive are things in/around Destin, Florida?

My boyfriend wants to go for a few days in July for his birthday and I'm not so sure we can afford it. :(
Are there cheaper places nearby that are still pretty? I've never been to Florida.

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What does the emergency room do for someone that comes in with a "panic attack"?

A girl I knew just said she got out of the hospital for one. I can't imagine what they could do except give you a light sedative and tell you to not "worry" anymore.
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How long will it take this sunburn of mine to fade? It's lobster red but it doesn't hurt, my skin isn't extra-sensitive, but it does feel warmer than the unburnt parts of my skin.

What should I have for dinner? I have Syrian lentil soup, salad, yogurt, and poptarts. I could also make spaghetti, mac 'n' cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, or black bean quesadillas.

Have you ever lightened your hair with lemon juice? What was that like?
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People with long hair [aka long enough to pull back/up]: do you ever get a sensitive scalp that results in a godawful headache??
I almost always wear my hair up in a messy bun, and it hurts today...so I put it down in loose pigtails but god it still hurts. I took excedrin, which is my go-to, but still :(

DK/DC: What color is your hair right this moment?
veeery blonde. yay for no more roots!

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mine and my brothers phone both got soaked on a water ride at six flags today and they both seemed to be working ok but we freaked out and shut them off anyway. right now they're sitting in the window drying out and i'm gonna get some rice as soon as i can to soak up all the water. how long should i leave them in there?

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i'm headed to the beach in july and i'm looking for some fun nonfiction to read. i really like david sedaris and chuck klosterman, but unfortunately i've already read everything they've written so far.

care to recommend some good nonfiction to me?

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Dear god can someone please tell me how to make muscles feel better a day after you WAY SERIOUSLY overdid it at the gym???? I can barely walk, and this morning I put off peeing for FOUR HOURS because I could not make myself stand up, then sit on the toilet, then stand back up and sit down again. D: It hurts SO BAD. I have never felt pain like this before.

Who is the last person you had homicidal feelings toward? Why?
admiral_walrus for making me spend 2 hours at the gym yesterday morning D:
eek turtleshell ~obsessiveicons

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Should I get a kitten?

I want a pet, something fuzzy and cuddly.

I've never had a cat before, I grew up with dogs, but dogs require more time and attention than I can give them. I'd love to have a pet, and I've heard that cats require less attention than dogs.

I live alone, I work 9:30am to 6pm, and I usually spend about 2-4 nights a week at my boyfriend's house, so the cat would be alone sometimes. Financially, I can afford it, but I don't know if it would be bad for a cat to be alone so much?

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I need help for my crochet project I'm working on currently. I need some retro-ish colors but am having trouble figuring out what out of my stash is right.

What shades of the following colors should I use?

I have mustard yellow and avocado green, but I can't figure out the red, orange, blue, and purple shades.

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 Guys I'm going to Pride in two weeks! 

What are some essentials I should pack? 

Should I buy rainbow glitter or a white iridescent glitter? 

Are any of you going to Pride?

Any good Pride stories/fascinating anecdotes? 

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Were you happier before you were married or after? Is there any reason you can think of that you might consider a divorce?
For those of you who are not married, do you think marriage will make you happy?
For those who have been divorced, what was the reason for it?

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i got my iphone wet today and it was working fine when i shut it off so i think it just needs to dry out and it will be ok.

how do i keep myself from trying to turn it back on? i have no willpower!

PS omg i forgot i already asked a question about this i'm sorry for being annoying D:
Mitty box

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I have these tiny fruit flies all over the house and I don't know what to do to make them go away! I've tried all the remedies I read about online (apple cider vinegar and a little dish soap, boiling water down the drains, etc) and none of them work. I've taken to carrying bug spray around with me and hitting them mid air. I've been bleaching everything and it's not working!

How do I make these annoying things go away???

Nothing worse than trying to watch TV and having one fly in your nose or ear.

Which insect do you loathe the most?
Cockroaches or house centipedes. And wasps!

Which insect do you love the most?
Butterflies of course!

Would you like to share any bug related stories with me?

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I was taught that to have a repressed memory means you've pushed something totally out of your head and won't remember it unless cued, or even at all. Is there a term for something that's been partially repressed? Like, it's a memory of something that actually happened, but it feels more like you dreamt it than it actually happened? Is there a term for that?

The reason I ask is something happened to me when I was younger (like 5 or 6) and for a long time it was what I understood as repressed entirely, but it's come back into my mind but it feels almost like it never happened, like a dream. I'm tempted to ask my mom or somebody if it really did happen, but if it did, I'd rather not stir it back up on anyone.
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Does anyone else have super vein-y eyes? I feel like I always look tired/hungover because I have these awful veins coming from the corners of my eyes towards my pupils, and they're always there. Doesn't matter how much sleep I get, how little TV I watch, how little I'm on the computer--veiny eyes.

Any idea what could help with this?

edit: I don't smoke, and drinking doesn't change it. I use some drops and that helps allergen redness, but doesn't affect the actual veins. This is kind a creepy pic, but it's upclose and shows the veins i'm bugging over up close. I only wear glasses, and the script is current.

xposted to beauty101

DK/DC: Will you reply to this post with your newest icon?

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If you were having lunch with a friend and a mutual friend (who is exceedingly hot) and friend a (friend b being the hottie) suggests a pizza buffet along the lines of Cici's or something, would you go with the flow or recommend somewhere else?

Am I the only one who feels weird eating at buffets?  What is wrong with me?

DK/DC: How low can you go?


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What are some good sites to look at while at work? 
I can't access any social networking sites (except Omegle) or usually anything with adult content. 
I usually look at craft/book sites and wikipedia but I'm getting bored of that. 

What have you done today? 
What are you excited about? 
Take a Look

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I'm going to Scotland with my fiance (well he'll be my husband by then :D) in mid-August. Any recommendations on things we MUST see? We're thinking of staying somewhere between Edinburgh & Glasgow, so we can get to both (by public transit).

Thanks, guys!

'K, to be more specific, he loves scenery and that sort of thing. I like history and castles, but not really art history.
debbie harry

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My parents are really strict, i think it's why my sister moved out when she did. To give you some idea of the strict behavior, i have to hide my R rated movies, questionable video games, and my new pornographers t-shirt. If not that, my mother questions why there were no girls at four square tonight. Then you have the whole curfew thing when i just turned 23, on week days i have to be home by 9-9:30 or earlier Fridays and Saturdays 10:30-11.

It's driving me insane, and they won't listen to anything i say and claim they can't sleep if i'm not at home.

I don't have a car, but my boyfriend is wanting me to move in with him. What should i do?

Are/were your parents ever very strict?
Oh hay thar

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I fail at being Canadian. I hate beer but I want to like it. What kind of beer should I try that I might like if I don't like the taste or smell of the usual beers that people around me drink like Bud, Labatt, Molson Canadian, Moosehead, Alexander Keiths, etc.? Does Corona seem like a good place to start? IDK what I'm doing here, I only drink screwdrivers.

Do you like beer?

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Are you friends with any of your friends' parents on Facebook?
I just friended my roommate's dad, who wants to go get tattoos with me.  I have never met him.

I'm home alone.  What should I do?

What are all these weird stains on my carpeting from?


polar bear

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Which of the following movies has made you cry/get teary eyed?

My Girl
White Fang
The NeverEnding Story
Old Yeller
Patch Adams
Big Fish
The Fox and the Hound
American History X
All Dogs Go To Heaven
King Kong
I've never seen any of these movies.
I didn't cry when I watched any of these movies.
evil toys

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 While browsing a friend's honeymoon pictures on Facebook, another friend just put up the status "HE PROPOSED!!!!" I'm having major wedding-envy right now.

Will you tell me some wedding horror stories (your own or others) to help snap me out of it?

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Where I live, it's considered standard to wait to reply to text messages. If you reply to a text as soon as you get it, you are considered socially retarded and desperate. You are supposed to wait at least a few minutes to reply so that you look unreachable and ~popular~. If the other person is also leaving a pause (as they are expected to) you should be pausing even longer than they do. If the person you are texting waits five minutes, you have to wait ten. This is so that you appear to be more ~popular~ than they are.

Do people do this where you live? Do you?
I don't do it myself, even though everyone else does. I find it so annoying and superficial, and I wouldn't want to annoy others in that way.

Do you think this is a good idea, or that it works? 
No, not at all. 

edit: I live in Toronto, Canada. I talked to an American friend today and he said "NO, WHAT?" inspiring this post.

I already know the answer, though

Poll #1575257 Best Don Bluth film?

Best Don Bluth flim?

An American Tale
Land Before Time
Fievel Goes West
The Secret of NIMH
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Banjo the Woodpile Cat
Space Age
Dragon's Lair
Another one you haven't mentioned, GOD
I am soulless and never had a childhood and choose none