June 5th, 2010

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny

I haven't really gone swimming in a long time and the few times I have in the past year I've worn extremely conservative bathing attire (water-resistant shorts and a bathing top that looks like a tank top) because, well, I'm a "curvy girl". But now I want to get a bikini, although I feel like this might be a bad idea.

Are people at the pool going to feel sickened if I show up wearing a bikini? Does it look dorkier for someone in her 20s to be wearing a full-coverage bathing suit or for a fatty to reveal her belly full of jelly?

Lay it on me, I don't want to hear "forget about what other people think, just do what makes you feel good". I just want your personal, non-politically correct opinion.

Edit: non-srs answers appreciated, I'm not going to lose sleep over it

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My bunny is sick, we've been to the vet and are getting treatment. Part of the treatment is syringe-feeding him every fours hours. Between the feedings and the panic, I haven't been able to get any sleep over the past few days. I would take a nap, but I'm afraid of not being able to wake up from the alarm. I don't do caffeine, what would be a good way to stay up?

TL;DR: Part of being a good bunymama entails that I stay up another 48 hours. What is a good drug/caffeine-free way to stay awake?
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Do you buy TV shows on DVD by the season or wait it out until there is a complete box set?

I usually wait for a box set. But in some case if I really like the show (Like CSI:NY) but I think it went down the crapper at some point I'll buy the DVD's up until that point.

What was the last box set of season or a show you got?

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Do you like going to sleep to the sound of rain or thunder? I love that shit.

What are your ideal sleeping conditions? My mom would always have an air machine running and when it broke, she was disappointed because all the new fangled air machines were silent. She needed the wurrrrr of fan to fall asleep.
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Do you mind if a woman at the beach is wearing a two piece bathing suit and hasn't shaved? If she's got some hair on her back and belly, should she have worn a full top?
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So I went to a wedding today, or well just the party, and it was good. So now I want to marry.

Do you want to marry me, TQC?
If so, how will our wedding look like? what will happen, what kind of music will we play, that kind of thing?
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are you a ?

or a ?

are there people on tqc who you sometimes confuse?
I get cestlavie, cecilydolce, and cordeliasue confused sometimes because of the black and white icons.

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I was eating chocolate ice cream while wearing a white shirt and trying to keep the ice cream off my shirt.  Right as I was putting it in the freezer I took one last bite, and then drooled on my shirt.  My male roommate saw me rubbing the t-shirt with spray and wash right over my boob and stared at me.  What was he thinking?

DK/DC: Do you own a vibrator?  What kind?  Do you love it, or LOVE it?

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my so just created an lj account. he knows i use it but i've told him i want to remain anonymous. i'm so afraid he's going to find me.

what are your irrational fears?

has someone from real life recognized/found you on lj?
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Sharon Osbourne caricatures

As you can see, I'm not good at drawing people's likenesses. Because of this, I'd like to improve my accuracy.
The question I have is, which of the following pictures most closely resembles Sharon Osbourne? I know they're not perfect likenesses, but out of all of these six, which is the one that is the one that is the most kinda, sorta, almost like Sharon?
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I'm meeting with a family for a tutoring job. This woman seems a little more serious than the other families that I've worked with and has asked that I bring references and a resume about three times. I usually wear jeans and a nice shirt when I tutor.

Do I need to wear dress pants for these people?


Anyone else have a ridiculously messy room? How the hell do you function? Mine is so bad that I started sleeping in my living room two nights ago. haha

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Dear TQC,

Does this seem like a scam to you?

I'm pretty sure it is, but I couldn't find anything searching on Google. Especially since the supposed name of their business is "Commercial Construction Company."

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EDIT: Definitely a scam. Hope this is helpful to anyone else who receives this email.
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TQC, I wasn't tired until about 5:30am. Between then and 8:45 I think I was waking up every 20 minutes, so I am absolutely beyond exhausted. I have to be at work in about an hour and a half where I will spend the day making phone calls and staring at a computer. How long will it be before I'm falling asleep at my desk?
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I lived under a rock and have not obtained a PS2 until now. We have it until the end of July. TQC, what games do I need to pick up for this PS2? We have God of War 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Crazy Taxi already. 
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Have you ever dreamed something that later came true? I'm not talking about deja vu, but a full-on premonition.

EDIT: I remembered that I did in fact have two dreams that my baby is a girl, but I didn't really take it seriously. Then almost two weeks ago I found out from my doctor that my baby is indeed a girl. Pretty cool. ^_^
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I have an exam in a few hours, procrastinating!

In about 5 months I'll be leaving for the US for a 3 month long internship. My lease expires about a week after I leave, and since my housemates and I aren't thinking of renewing it, I'll be moving my belongings to my parents' place beforehand, and finding a new place to stay afterwards.

My issue is with mail - as I see it I have a couple of options.
1- Get a PO box ($130/year, it's 20-25 mins walk from my current place and includes 6 months of redirecting mail from my current address), redirect all my mail to my new address when I get back.
2- Redirect all my mail so it goes to my boyfriend's place while I'm away, then change it to my new address when I get back.
3- Have AusPost hold my mail while I'm away (around $70 for 3 months) and hurriedly redirect my mail when I find someplace new to live.
4- You could move into my house while I'm away, and store my mail for me! It's a top location - 5 mins walk to King's Park, which Wikipedia tells me is the largest inner city park in the world, and a short cycle to some of the best beaches known to man!
(EDIT) - My parents live about 4 hours drive away, so redirecting it to them isn't an option I'm considering.

So, TQC, what would you choose? Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm leaning towards the PO box because although it's kinda expensive and it requires quite a trek, it's probably the least stressful for me. I reckon I'd have upwards of 30 "correspondents" that I need to give change of address details.

Oh the little darlings....

Do You Like Children?

I adore them! The more the merrier!
Only my own kids. I hate other people's brats.
Only if they are other people's kids, because they have to take them home and I don't.
I love them - boiled or fried, they are tasty either way.
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At what point do you consider yourself blown off?
I was supposed to grab coffee this morning with a friend, with plans being that she'd text me when she wakes up--"never before 10 or 11" and we'd establish a meet time from there. It's 12:20 now. Blown off, TQC?

DK/DC: What/where is your happy place?

Edit: She called around 12:45 :)

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Back story: I went on a two dates with a girl. There was a week up. Crazy texting during the following week. This girl is a semi-professional musician playing in a concert tonight. I was told "[concert]is not a big deal ... I'm not playing that much ... I won't be able to hang out much."
Should I not go? Should I text one more time seeing she REALLY doesn't want me there? Or should I 'surprise' her? Its really no trouble for me to get to the place.

DK/DC: What are going to or what did you eat for lunch today?
I'm thinking Fried Chicken.
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Have you ever had a close friend that suddenly stopped talking to you, and then hated you for years? Did that friend ever let up and start talking to you again? How hurt were you? Did you deserve it?

Three and a half years ago a guy that I loved who was also my friend decided to stop talking to me because I started dating his best friend. I had feelings for both. He hated me, then he decided to nothing me. Recently he added me back on Facebook and perhaps one day him and I will talk again, because I am pregnant with his best friend's baby. I deserved it, to an extent.
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Would having a swayback influence your ability to do sit-ups?

My dad seems to think my stupid back is why I could never do sit ups. I think it's just because I never really dedicated myself to working out & doing sit ups. I really hope it's the latter or I'm screwed.

EDIT: I'm training for the Coast Guard. I haven't actually talked to a recruiter, but looking online I found that I need to be able to do 32 sit ups, so that's why I'm asking.
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Do you have any friends or relatives who are "celebrities" (in any context: musician, newspaper writer, actor, blogger, whatever)?
Do they get recognized a lot when you're hanging out?
How do you handle the newfound success of your friend?
Last of all, who are they?

ETA: I'm asking because a kid I used to be friends with played young Dexter and he was also on that terrible live-action Cartoon Network TV show. Children and older people would not leave us alone. Another friend of mine is in a really popular folk-punk band and sometimes it is hard to talk to him because we only see each other when he plays here and there is a constant parade of young girls.

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Through a crappy series of events, my boyfriend and I ended up throwing our own baby shower. It's pretty nontraditional so far, just a big cook out for all our friends, male and female alike.
I'd still like to do some type of little favor, nothing necessarily baby related, but I'm strapped for ideas aside from a little cellophane bag filled with candy.

Do you have any good ideas?

(no subject)

If someone paid you $1000, would you walk around in a muumuu and slippers in public for a month?
What is your favourite regional candy (or other food)? I like Boston fruit slices.
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we all know it doesn't work, but have you/anybody you know had a milk drinking "contest"? y'know, attempt to drink a gallon of milk. stories, plz.

ETA: what's with all this milk hate?! in normal amounts milk is amazing, especially with cereal and hot chocolate!
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(no subject)

i hate to admit it because i fancy myself Wonder Woman but i'm single and it makes me lonely.

does anyone else feel guilty or ashamed for that feeling?

how do you comfort yourself and make yourself feel better when you're single and know you're going to be single for a very long time?
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TQC, I am working for the census as an enumerator. I recently got assigned an apartment complex, and when I went to go survey today I found that there is some giant block party for all the residents. Out of the 19 houses I visited today, I only managed to close out one survey...and that was only because he just moved in and it had been a model home previously.

I'm considering going down to the block party and bugging people. I mean, literally no one was in their apartments. But there are also hundreds of units...what are the chances I'm going to find my 19 to survey? And what are the chances they won't be too drunk to help me fill it out? Will I seem like a total douche for interrupting their wonderful day of fun?

dk/dc : There is a free concert tonight in my city; Guster is playing. I haven't listened to them in ages, but it is also supposed to rain. Should I go?
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Do you have any stories from your childhood that make you go :O ?

Today my Mama told me that I once checked out books on witchcraft from the library and tried to curse my sisters. She caught me with red watercolors and feathers from her pillow muttering weird crap under my breath at them. I was 10.

(no subject)

What do people do when they cosplay?

I know that Step 1 = dress up as a fictional character and Step 2 = meet up with a bunch of other people dressed as fictional characters. What is Step 3?


(no subject)

Should I eat some ice cream or some actual food?

My baby kicks and it is really cool, don't get me wrong, but if it happens to much I end up feeling really odd. I guess I feel really vulnerable and awkward. Is this normal? Am I some baby carrying freak of nature that gets scared when her baby starts kicking?

Whats one thing you want to tell someone but are to scared to tell them to their face?

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I'm taking my Mum to see Kenny Rogers for her birthday next week. She said a while ago she'd love to see him but it would be too expensive but didn't think she could ever afford to.

She knows nothing about it and I would like to catch her off guard and surprise her with it. I thought about placing the tickets somewhere and let her find them herself. Inside a book or something.

Do you have any creative suggestions on how I can surprise her with them?

When was the last time you were really surprised about something?

(no subject)

Who is your favorite comedian?

Mine has to be Christopher Titus with Eddie Murphy as a close second. 

DK/DC: What song annoys you to no end?

Mine is anything by Miley Cyrus. I still haven't forgiven her father for his achy breaky heart.  
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(no subject)

Why am I obsessed with my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend? Please tell me how you've been weird in a similar way.

I am so bored and I can't leave work for 2 more hours. Some fun websites please?

(no subject)

How do you get someone to leave when they've overstayed their welcome at your house? my aunt keeps talking and talking and she won't leave! I don't want to be totally rude but she's not picking up the signals.


(no subject)

Would it annoy you if your SO/bff frequently didn't ask how you are, how your day was etc?

What are some unsolved mysteries or conspiracy theories that you find fascinating? What do you think the explanation is for them?
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WTF is dripping from my ceiling

There's a leak in my bathroom ceiling and there's super gross brown stuff dripping down. Wtf is this stuff? Toilet water from the upstairs apartment? Water with iron or other non-disgusting thing in it? I'm treating it like plague-carrying acid and wont go in the bathroom. How long till I pee my pants?

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Blow Dryers

For those with frizzy hair ...

1) What blow dryer do you use and love?  About how much did it cost?

I have frizzy hair that I normally straighten to death but I hear a god blow dryer works wonders!

2) How do you make your frizzy hair straight and smooth (i.e. what's your hair routine)?

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(no subject)

What songs do you love but you hate the person who sings it?
Is your time perception as fucked as mine? It's after 10 here but I feel like it's 7.
Should I gather the cash and find someone to take me to Denny's (I can't drive) or just wait till tomorrow?

is Vitamin D bad for me?

My doctor last year ran a bunch of routine blood work and decided I was lower than average for vitamin D, and advised me to add supplements. I've been taking them pretty faithfully for several months. Not megadoses or anything.

I also experienced a really bad flare-up in the nerve/muscle problem in my left shoulder--tingling, burning, spasmy hand, knotty pain in the shoulder, popping and clicking. I blamed it on overuse and started all kinds of different things to make it better. I cut down the amount of weight I lift, started taking yoga 1-2x a week, got more massages (ouch $), I went to physical therapy (helped sometimes), I met with a Feldenkrais practitioner and will probably sign up for her class (my doctor recommended it). But it got worse and worse. I went over all the stuff I've done in the past few months, looking for the obvious big change that had made my body fall apart, and I couldn't remember anything new except I had started taking Vitamin D. So, for giggles, I stopped taking it Monday. By Wednesday, I felt a lot better. Today it's even better. Not great, but not terrifyingly bad.

This is just a coincidence, right? I can't find anything online that links my symptoms with Vitamin D.

ETA: Of course I'm going to ask my doctor, but he's not available with anecdotal input at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Dr. TQC is.

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I have an acquaintance from high school who keeps wanting to be my friend on facebook. I accepted him once, but all his status updates and any thing he posts are all scripture/churchy stuff/I love Jesus crap. So, I unfriended him cause I'm an atheist, and I don't wanna hear that crap every day all day from some guy I sort of knew. Do I just ignore, or say something about not wanting to be preached at everyday on my fb? ugh.
How do you deal with morons irl or on FB/LJ?

eta: he lists Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter as his 'heroes'
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Maybe I'm just super cheap and love hoping that I'm lucky, but I love blogs that occasionally have giveaways. What are your favorite blogs that do the occasional giveaway?

I don't care what kind of stuff they giveaway.

And have you ever won anything from a giveaway online?

Once I won some frozen yogurt, yum yum!
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(no subject)

I have swimmers' ear and a toothache. (luckily I'm on medication for the former and can go to the dentist monday for the latter). What do I do tonight to forget that my life is fucking terrible right now? (bonus points if it doesn't involve booze, but shit, okay we have vodka, rum and cheap beer).

We just saw "Alice In Wonderland" (the Burton version). I was very underwhelmed with most of it. What movie or book has underwhelmed you lately?
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(no subject)

When I wear my slightly longer than waist-length hair down, I get looks. Are these probably looks of interest in a good way or does the general population look at me like a mental case who uses her hair as a security blanket? What if I said I was extremely anal and obsessed about my hair/hair care? Psychologize me, TQC. I really don't care about being offended.

1. What do you think of really long hair on women or men?

2. I have 26 more days until vacation. How do you concentrate at work pre-vacation? It's getting hard.

(no subject)

I decided to catch up on a TV show, so I went to sidereel and watched a few episodes through megavideo and everything was cool. Now, every time I try to watch an episode, about 5-7 minutes in, the audio screws up and lags about 2 seconds behind the video and nothing I do fixes it. I've tried links to like, 12 different sites and they all do the same thing.

What am I doing wrong?
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(no subject)

do you like scary movies?
when do you like to watch them best?
what's your favorite one?
are there any "scary" movies that you didn't think were scary at all?

inspired by trying to find one to watch via instant netflix and i can't find anything >:(