June 4th, 2010


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Do you ever get bouts of tiredness that just go all of a sudden?

Like tonight I was losing focus, blazing pain in my head couldn't keep my eyes open, like it actually hurt to stay awake. But I had to babysit so I forced myself awake and after about an hour it went. This was about 7.30. But now it's almost 1am here, I haven't actually been to sleep but I don't feel the urge to go to bed for work tomorrow.

Would you say this sounded normal?

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When was the last time you needed some mind bleach?

I just got on Facebook and saw my most recent ex, who came out as gay shortly after we broke up, talking dirty with his new boyfriend. We were happily together three months ago. Seeing that was just too weird for me. Has anyone else had this experience? How long did it take you to get over it? I'm perfectly fine with how things turned out, wouldn't want him any other way, glad he's happy, etc. But hearing about him having sex with other guys is a little much this soon after the breakup. Can I get some validation here? 
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I'm thinking about getting my mom at spa day package for her birthday. But I don't know the first thing about spas. What's a reasonable amount to be spent for a massage and possibly a facial package? Possibly foot massage as well? She's never been to one, so I don't want her to be too uncomfortable, so is there anything recommended for first time visitors to try or avoid? Swedish massage vs hot stone massage vs blah blah massage??? I can't really spend that much though, so any other ideas to make her feel extra special?

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How often do you wake up way before you have to, and can't get back to sleep?

What do you do with all that time that was orginally planned for sleep? D: I just woke up 2 hours before I had to and can't get back to sleep to save my life.

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TQC, how do you take care of your headphones/earphones?

every time I get a new pair, the connection always messes up and they end up breaking within 6-8 weeks. :(

what kind of headphones should I get?

DK/DC: will you tell me something SCANDALOUS?!? :O
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If you were to meet me and I groped your ass, how offended would you be? 1=I'd probably be flattered; 10=I'd definitely slap you in face.

Mean: 6.36 Median: 5.5 Std. Dev 3.15

*in the face

Is there anything you've experienced that seems to always cause unusually large booger nuggets hanging in your nose? I think this mostly happens to me when I'm around people who are smoking.

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What's your favorite kind of Skittles?

I mowed the grass this morning and OMFG, now I remember why I never mow the grass. For those of you with yards that require mowing...how often do you mow your grass? Mine needs to be mowed once a week...it can be stretched to every two weeks...my backyard hadn't been done in a month.

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i am feeling a bit anxious today. im not sure why, i just woke up feeling like that. i dont have any weed right now, but i have some kief. should i just smoke that and get super fucked up even though it's only 10:30am?
how are you feeling today?

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Has your family bought any of McDonald's Shrek glasses this year?
Will you be returning them due to the recall?

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
Do you like anything in your chocolate? (Almonds, fruits, cookie pieces, etc?)
If you don't like chocolate, do people ever give you a hard time for it?


Does any one else ever make their LJ entries via text?

I'm getting ready to leave on vacation for a week and I'm trying to test he text lj feature - which i"ve used before- but there seems to be a very significant lag in the update speed. I sent the text over 10 mins ago and it's still not appearing in my journal.

Is that normal?
TK and Kari

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In the 4th grade, a friend of mine took an IQ test and was considered average. Then the next year, he took it again and got considered "gifted".

How the freak does that work? Isn't your IQ supposed to be consistent?

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How do you snag good deals?
What is the best deal you have ever gotten on a service?
We got our wedding photographer for $200 even though his cheapest wedding package is $1000 because I know him from work and he gets to expand his portfolio :)

What is your opinion of child beauty padgents?

What do you think of thoes medical schools that have like 9 month training programs? I'm looking into the Pima Medical dental assistant program...or selling insurence.

Would you rather sell insurence or stick your hands in peoples mouths from 9am-5pm every day?
Does that change if you have kids?
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My boss just left the office - she'll be gone for the rest of the day. It's just the secretary, one other staff member, and I left in the office. What are some fun movies or tv shows I can watch on my laptop? No one cares if I look busy or not. I like comedy but nothing too stupid and I have 5 hours to kill.


To those walk or run either freestyle or on tredmill, how brisk and how long do so to lose weight and or get fit?

I am getting treadmill today and plan on being on it everyday for about half an hour...but I want to lose about ten kilos(approx 20 pounds) in close to a month (for a holiday and for general health) and I am not sure if that will be enough.

I also have good diet, I dont eat much crap so I will be joining this with a good eating plan.

EDIT: I plan 10k in month...i have done it before and was still healthy, the only reason i need to do it again because meds I was on made me gain the weight

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When was the last time you went to multiple stores looking for a specific item? What item? How many stores did you go to before finding it?

Yesterday I went to 5 stores looking for a specific lip gloss and nail polish. I was so excited when I finally found both at the same store.
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To the ladies...

How do you get rid of the hair on your body?
Especially your legs.
How much hair do you rid yourself of?

Since it's summer, I'm trying to decide if I want to remove the hair on my thighs. I've never done my whole leg, but I bought a lot of short shorts this summer. I'd be using Nair or some other dipilatory, which works well for me.

If you're a guy, how much hair do you like on a woman? Do you notice thigh hair?

>> for blue skies

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Have you/do you ever travel alone?
Do you prefer travelling alone or with companions?
Are you male or female?
Would you travel alone in a developing country (for example, India) or somewhere else in Asia?

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have you ever stayed out all night and not gone to bed?

Me and my friend were thinking of just going places all night, but we're 18 so we couldn't go to bars and stuff. What could we do/where could we do? (Again, I live in central jersey, and have a fairly good amount of gas money).

if this is a stupid idea tell me cause IDK what to do.

ETA: i was thinking tonight we should go to one of the weird nj places!! have you ever been to any??

DK/DC: What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

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Okay, for the last few nights, i have been waking up at like 2-4 AM with my left calve muscle super tensed to the point of pain&i cant make it stop for like 10 minutes. What is going on? Why is it only my left calve? Wtf is wrong with me :(

Thanks everyone! i'll grab a banana and some strawberries as soon as i get home!

New Question: What is your favorite fruit/vegetable?

Return of the Nerdi

In the realm of nerds, where do you fit in?

Nerds? Oh, you mean 'those' people. I see them sometimes scurry behind a tree. I don't understand them at all
I've known a few nerds in my time. They're good at figuring out how much tip to leave!
I'm on their newsletter, but I have yet to attend any nerd events
I don't see myself as a nerd but they include me as one of their own
I am what I am. Anyone up for a game of Magic the Gathering?
Proud nerdling. I'm awesome in my dorkitude
Nerd of high standing. In times of social anxiety, other nerds look to me for answers
Queen/King of the nerds. I rule them all with a Sauron-like iron fist, but I allow them to live long and prosper
God of the nerds. I am the alpha and the omega of all things nerd
What's a nerd? Is it that candy? Is this a poll about candy? I don't get it
tick tock

i'm sure this will be SUPER fun

Will you write the phrase that you say most in your workplace and let us guess what your job is?


Job 1: "What size?" or possibly "Do you need room?" and then "Your name?"

Job 2: "Our men's section is over there" or "No, that's a sock size, not a shoe size. They should fit you..."
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Would you live in a house where people have died?

What do you think about disclosure rules on this matter- real estate brokers HAVE to tell prospective buyers about a murder or suicide that occurred in the house in some states?

If anyone's looking to live in Long Island, The Amityville Horror house is for sale again, as is Joel Rifkin's torture chamber.

Has anyone died in your house?

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Hey guys!

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you are a lot happier going places alone, and where you actually had more fun being alone?

Right now I'm very far from home at a summer research program, and I have been happier than I have been in years!! I've met new people here, but I'm actually preferring to go out on my own and explore, instead of spending time with people.

Do you think that it's possible for a person to live like this, and stay happy? Or do you think this will fade out when I'm used to this place?

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under what conditions will you absolutely not watch a movie or television show?

i can't watch rape scenes and i refuse to watch michael cera movies, for example


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hi TQC
while i was sufing Russian blogs this morning, i've found tonnes of posts devoted to Marvin Heemeyer and to the event happened on this day in 2004
the story of him is *really* popular today here (i mean, in "russian area" of lj), I must admit
I think, in most cases bloggers wrote about him just to raise the topic of pressure on the individual and the topic of combating corruption, and other things. like a media-form of social protest
and, of course, it would be interesting for me to know, what do Americans think of him?
was he the man who had the balls to fight for his right, or did he solve his problem too radically?


So I rescued a cat the other month. I've never had a cat before. I've had many other animals though. 

My fiance grew up with a cat but said they never walked her. I find this weird. What animal wants to live it's whole life inside?! I used to walk my 6 ft iguana when he was alive, and my snake, and well just every animal I've ever had in my care. 

If you have a cat do you walk it? How did harness/leash training go? What harness is the best for cats?
I'm against letting your cat roam around by itself so I wont be letting her out of the house unless she's in a harness and on a leash and I'm with her. 

Will you tell me a story about a pet and post a picture of your current pets? (mine in comments)

ETA: Off to buy a harness to start training! 
TK and Kari

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What type of musicals do you like? (check all that apply)

Ones sung all the way through (no talking)
Ones were people talk most of the time, and burst into song
Ones with tapdancing
Comedy/Satire musicals
Dramatic musicals
Movie musicals
Stage musicals
Musicals where people sing like opera singers
Musicals where people belt
I hate musicals

amelie half face

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hey guys so, there's something totally gross-looking in my fridge and it COULD be rotting. I SHOULD EAT IT, RIGHT?? i mean like, common sense has no place in my life. so natural selection is for real again, isn't that a good thing??

so really i should eat it, right???

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Do you live in NH or VT or know anyone who lives there? What is it like to live there? Is there anything redeeming about those two states?

Does NJ have any redeeming qualities?

Don't know or care, if you have Twitter, what was the last thing you tweeted?
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Anyone know where I can find prices for selling manga? (you know, what people are selling it for)

You can mock me all I want, but I'm trying to make a profit on free stuff here.

What was the last thing you sold for mad profit?
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I think I may be crushing a bit on a guy with high functioning Asperger's syndrome. I know a little about it, although not a ton. I do know it makes connection to people and their emotions challenging.

Do you know anyone with this condition?
Have you ever been with someone with a developmental disorder?
What difficulties have you gone through with it.

DK/DC: What is something people eat or do to their food that disgusts you?

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give me a short plotline of the movie you consider to be the worst ever

example: knowing

something about a code

world ends

aliens come to the rescue but ONLY save nic cage's son and daughter

nic cage gloriously (while crying and just being generally ugly) sacrifices himself

aliens start earth 2: electric boogaloo

nic cage's son and daughter become the new adam and eve (i shit you not)


gimme food ideas

What's an easy appetizer/snacky thing that I can make tonight for my friends? I need something low effort, since I've still got a bunch of cleaning to do.

The other snacks will be buffalo chicken dip and deviled eggs. So, not those!

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there's been whole wheat penne sitting in a pot in our fridge (with the lid on) for 7 days. there's about an inch of starchy water sitting in the bottom of and the noodles on the bottom are notably soggy. the ones on top aren't soggy, but they're wet. think it's safe to eat?
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Will you show me some cute animal videos that are NOT from youtube? It's blocked at my work and I need some cuddly and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww.

What are you having for dinner tonight? What would you really like to have for dinner if your current dinner wont be all that amazing?
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Are you friends with someone who makes choices very differently than you would make/ someone who makes a lot of mistakes or lives relatively wrecklessly but you love them anyways?

If so, do you feel it is your place to tell them about themselves periodically or how do you deal with it?

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for those that suffer with allergies, what are your symptoms and how do you deal with them?

I get all the usual symptoms (itchy eyes, sneezing etc) but I also get an itchy mouth and throat. The itchy throat drives me insane! I wanted to know if anyone gets the same and has a way to stop it being so damn annoying.

DK/DC: Whats the stupidest thing you've done today?
I flopped onto my bed and landed on a tub of cream, causing a nice crescent shaped bruise on my shoulder!

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yes, another post like this. yes, i blame my roommate again.

we have these orange peppers in our fridge. we bought them on May 20. their skin is a little wrinkly but they're still firm and there is no visible mold. think they're safe to eat? how would i know for sure?


I am lj stupid.

I want to NOT see a community that I am in on my friends list. I do not want to leave the community because I read it actively, but I like to have it in its own tab, otherwise I can't see my other communities. How the HELL DO I DO THIS?!

Thank you all!

New question: those of you that wear make up, what is your favorite item? Show me?

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My internet has been out all day.
How long have you been with out the magic???

I plan to get back in the gym on Monday. What should my punishment be if I don't go? My reward if I do?

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Why does my cat not cover up her poo?

She also sometimes doesn't want til she's done pooing and leaps out of the box only to leave droppings on the floor, why does she do this?

Does your pet do anything gross?
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TQC, are there any tech geniuses in the house? For Christmas, I got a G Drive 500GB external hard drive. I used it on my iMac (Leopard 10.5.8) and on my old Macbook (running Tiger 10.4)

Then one day, perhaps to just frustrate me, the iMac stopped recognizing the drive.

The laptop still realizes the drive is connected, but the iMac ignores it completely. I've tried connecting it every way possible. Firewire, USB, it still won't recognize the drive.

How do I get this stupid machine to recognize my drive? I really need the files on the drive.

I've tried Googling the website for the drive, but it appears to have been designed by people who don't actually want to solve problems.
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What would you do if your good friend was dating a convicted rapist/registered sex offender (he admits his guilt)? Would you hang out socially with your friend and her boyfriend? Treat him like any other friend's boyfriend?

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I bought a youth large t-shirt by mistake today but I still like it.  It was mildly constricting so I cut a slit into the neck and then caught it and it tore more.  Am I now an accidental slut if I wear it out of the house?

Do you know what Chupa Chups are?  I ordered a five pound bag from the internets and they came today.  So happy!

Why is someone in Degrassi always in an abusive relationship?  WTF is this?
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#1. What kind of MP3 player do you have? I want one. Are Ipods really the shiz-nit?

#2. What's the best way to find a roommate?

#3. What's the dollar amount in your bank account that makes you consider yourself broke?
Anything less than $300.
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What is your favourite type of chocolate? Favourite brand?

Do you prefer white chocolate or dark chocolate?

Don't know or care, have you ever purposely not worn underwear in public?

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Did you bring your lunch when you were in school? What did you put in your bag lunches? What do you put in your to-go meals nowadays?

Where can I find a cheap Bento system or metal lunch tin set? (extra points for links)
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I have a REALLY old microwave. I'm getting ready to nuke something, but the length depends on the wattage of my microwave. Is there any easy way to find out what it is? Any ideas how many watts an old microwave would have? And by old, I mean probably about 20 years.
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TQC and LoTR had an unfortunate accident. TQC people got cast as the characters. Who would you cast in each role?

Pastorlenny as Gandalf and Shippo as Saruman obvs...

EDITOMATIC: Tomorrow TQC collides with classic Star Trek. Start thinking!
Take a Look

job hunting...

TQC, I need advice. Not that I've found any employment yet, but in the event I can actually get a job before August...

I'm getting married August. My parents gifted us a two week stay in Scotland for our honeymoon. Should I kiss my hopes of being gainfully employed if I say I need 2 weeks off that early on?

(Yes, I know I'm an idiot for doing this, thank you.)
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1. How do you feel the first time you're about to have sex with someone?

2. Are you self-conscious about any part of your body, especially when nude?

3. Would you find it absolutely weird if you were having sex with someone for the first time and they didn't make ANY noise?

4. There is an LJ community dedicated to sex misshaps. Can someone please remind me of the community name?

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I'm watching the national spelling bee right now. Is anyone else? Is that totally lame of me, considering it's Friday night?

Have you ever been in a bee? Will you tell us about it? I was in my middle school's geography bee. I came in second because I missed a question about the official language of some island nation. The winning question? "To which country would you travel if you wanted to ride a bullet train and stay in a Tokyo hotel?" I pretty much facepalmed on stage. 

It's hypothetical. Really.

If someone asked you (The Question Club) what [guro, bukkake, a dirty Sanchez] was, and said they didn't want to "JFIG" because they're afraid they might get unwanted image results (even Wikipedia has some pretty disturbing images, and occasionally someone will post an image to UrbanDictionary), how would you react?

Would you just answer the question? Would you be a total bastard and post an image depicting whatever it was? Would you do something else, like ignore the question or post "in b4 drama"?

Let's assume that the person knew it was "something bad," which is why they didn't want to Google it.

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what character would you want to see the most in the next Batman movie, and who would you want to see play them?

who do you want to win the World Cup?

what's an album you remember owning on tape?
  • akktri

Problem solving

Hypothetical situation.
You have a house in the country, so your yard doesn't have a fence. Late at night, you hear the sounds of a dog in distress. You go outside, and you see a huge dog flailing around in your swimming pool. It's trying to get out, but it can't. There apparently is no handicapped ramp or shallow, and no ladder. It is not near a drainage slot, and it's tiring, panicking. You are about five feet, and you're not muscular enough to lift the thing out, and plus it's a strange dog that could possibly bite you. But then again, you are a pet lover. What could you do to safely pull this mongrel out of the pool without getting bitten?

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so one of my many roommates moved out on wednesday. because he is an asshole, he decided to do this at 11:30 at night. yesterday morning, i went to my other recently-moved roommate's room to make sure the window in there was closed because it was supposed to rain, and i found that he had taken the doorknob off her door. he had also screwed it back together and lain it thoughtfully on the floor just inside the doorway. tqc, why the hell would he do this?? it wasn't even his room! should i be afraid of what else i might find in the coming days?

dk/dc, what is your favorite thing ever? Collapse ) is my new favorite thing ever (watch the high-res version). i love sue denim so much, you don't even know! her twitter keeps me endlessly entertained and posi :)

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Do you kiss/hug your (non-fish, haha) pets?
Do you think your pets understand human displays of affection?
What do you think it feels like to a dog to be petted? Like when someone runs their fingers through their hair?

What is your favorite color to wear?

Spare tire cover

My boyfriend drives a Jeep Wrangler and loves the shit out of it. He's been missing a cover for the spare tire and I've been considering getting him a cool one for awhile. Some time ago on LJ, someone posted a picture of some van with a spare tire cover that was basically this thing -

Collapse )

Does ANYONE know where I might possibly find such a tire cover? I wish I could find the picture of the van that had it :( Even if I did find somewhere that sold it I'm not sure it'd come in the proper size.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a good site/store to find tire covers that aren't the same damn 3-4 designs I see on EVERY Jeep?

DK/DC - What is your dream car?

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Men of TQC, how often do you masturbate?

I'm learning some shocking habits of some male friends of mine. o_O

EDIT:OK WOMENS. Please to be giving me your habits too...but let me know if you're female, kthx.
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Today, i found out that a man i know was arrested and charged with murdering his neighbour and stealing her apartment.

what kind of weird shit has happened to you lately?

alternatively, will you tell me something nice or funny to help me get to sleep tonight?
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(500) Days of Summer


What was the last item you bought online?
Mad Men Season 3 - $19.99
The West Wing Season 3 + Season 4: Shooting Scripts

Would you rather shop online or in the store?
Depends on items for me

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TQC, I was looking at the preview for tomorrow's teefury teeshirt:

And it popped into my head that today is my late father's birthday. I completely forgot.

My mom was really sad today and I kept asking her why but she never told me. Now I feel like a total dick and the worst child ever. :(

1. What should I do to make it up to my mother?

2. If you have a loved one who passed away, do you recognize their birthday?

I always remember the anniversary of my Dad's death but I've never really paid attention to his birthday. I feel awful that my Mom is so sad today and I didn't even remember. :(

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My mom was supposed to be home from her high school reunion 45 minutes ago. She won't pick up her phone. Can you please distract me? Fluffy animals and funny videos would be appreciated.  

Edit. Nevermind, she just got home. Thanks, guys.