June 3rd, 2010

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Have you ever been to the Orlando Hard Rock Cafe?
If yes, did you take one of those little tour things into the Lennon room? How about the room where all the celebrities write on the walls? Did you have fun? (I was just looking at some vacation pics and was thinking about it)

dk/dc: what is your favorite vacation spot?

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Do you ever find that guys with short/shaved haircuts having weird smelling scalps sometimes? Sometimes I think since they barely have hair, they don't really bother with shampoo, etc? it's unpleasant

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What do you do when you realize all of your friends are varying degrees of racist? When your "ethnic" husband still accepts them? And any criticism would get you labeled as a crazy bitch?

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Moving out to Toledo I used a website that let me put in my route and then showed me the pet friendly hotels along the way. I thought it was on Peoplewithpets, but it isn't. Does anyone here know of a similar place?

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TQC, I have a bunch of legal self-help stuff I want to put online. Problem is, I've been trying to come up with a domain name for 3 days now, but everything is taken!

Can you help me come up with a domain name, TQC?

ETA: what do you guys think of lawgoon.com? like lagoon.. lawgoon.. get it? plus, it's like a goon that knows the law. IDK. It's either that, lawnub (which really makes no sense) or wherethefuckisalexcabbotwhenyouneedher.com

my first tl;dr post

tqc help make my life decisions

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i need to get rid of either the biology or stats class and i can't decide

the stats class is something i have to take to graduate but it's offered every semester including summer so i can potentially take it later.

the biology class i sort of need (as a biology elective, but there will be plenty of others later) but i'm not especially interested in it. i've heard the prof is pretty good and an aquaintance of mine is taking it so i'll have someone to study with.

obviously the logical choice is to drop the stats class and take it later but i want to work next semester and the biology class kind of fucks up my flexibility. i have a volunteer job that's about 10 hours a week and i can not sacrifice that so i feel like i need some big blocks in my schedule if i'm going to fit a real job in there too.


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TQC, I am watching Degrassi and learning important life lessons.  What was the last show that taught you something?

Can anyone give me the correct translation of, "Until we meet again," in French?

Have you ever used tips from Sue Johanson in your boudoir?
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You find a young bird on your front lawn. Presumably, the previous storm has knocked it down; in fact, you came across another bird just a minute before, but that one had managed to fly back to the tree. The current one is about the same size, but only able to fly-hop short distances. It's two in the morning and you want to go to sleep soon. Take it in or leave to it's mother that you have yet to see/neighboorhood cats?
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TQC, will you tell me gory stories about your wounds? The more pus, packing or stitches the better.

Inspired by the inch long AND PROBABLY INCH DEEP gaping hole in my side and finding this old photo on my hard drive (i won't get into the story but it involves a bookcase falling on my head while i was sleeping).

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If you live on your own etc. how involved are your parents in your life?  Do they tell you what to do? 

Mine aren't really involved.  I see them once in a while..hang out..let them know how things are.. but they know I'm an adult and can handle myself and make my own decisions.  I kinda let them know this about a year after I moved out and they didn't continue meddling.  My boyfriend is older than my by 7 years and his mother is quite a bit more involved than my parents.. She literally ordered him to apologize publicly to his OLDER brother for calling him a name (they do this all the time anyway)


I fell in the bathtub yesterday.  my neck and back hurt now.  Should I go to the doctor? 
I'm going anyway to get my bc pills refilled.

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College peoples....
My daughter is home from college for the summer.
she doesn't have a job nor is taking classes.
Her 2am bedtime is irritating my wife.
What can the daughter do to occupy her time?
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Should I try to get short term health insurance? As in for a few months? Would it be worth the trouble and money versus hoping for the best?

I was recently made full time but missed the insurance enrollment date at work. Even with the health care bill increasing the age of coverage to 26, I can't be put back onto my dad's insurance until January 1st 2011 (and he works for the government, d'oh). I've never had any outstanding health problems and rarely get sick but of course, anything can happen. Been without health insurance already for a few months and it's starting to bother me :(


When I'm at work I'm able to read 1 book in two shifts.  I want to read between 3-6 books a month since I have the time at my job. 

Recently I've been reading a lot of Dean Koontz (for sentimental reasons) and I think that I'd like to mix it up a bit. I bought a new book last night called "Animals" by Don LePan but it's a rather short looking book. 

TQC, what are some good books I can read while I work? To be honest I've never really been a reader until I got this job so I'm wide open to all genres of books. I don't really know what types of books I like yet, since I haven't explored that many. 
What are your favorite books? 
What are some books you think everyone should read once?

What are your plans today? What about tomorrow?

I'm thinking of going to pick up my son from daycare early and spend the day in the park with him and my friend! 
Tomorrow I'm taking my grandma and my fiance out to the IMAX and the new museum exhibit! 

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Are there any GOOD websites for making chore lists? I keep trying to make one for my house but I never like the look of it. Something that says what gets done what day type thing. If you have one, feel free to share it.

How do you stay organized?
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The Secret...

Even if you haven't seen "The Secret", you must know what the law of attraction is. Have any of you have ever tried it, and if so, did it ever work for you?

I used to be an athiest and would have never believed in any of this shit, not even the power of manifesting thought into reality, but thoughts are not confined to the spaces of our heads. They are alive and even if what "the secret" talks about can't happen, who can deny the power of the mind, and how there is A LOT OF SHIT that WE HAVE NO IDEA about when it comes to the way our mind works. Science can only explain so much. Nature is NOT mute, and we ARE a part of nature, even though living inside of walls all the time would lead a lot of people to believe so.
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My boss just called me and told me that 2 full time positions have opened up in another part of my company. This will not only keep me full time(since there is a BIG chance I will go part time beginning of next year if I stay where I am), but also keep me in town. Right now I travel as far north as Hilton Head Island, SC; as far south as Daytona, Fl(sometimes even further south); and as far west as eastern Alabama. I'm seriously about to SQUEE.

What was the last exciting news you've received?

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If you have an adult child, and they get bit by a dog, do you leave work (where it is very busy and you are needed) to go to the hospital with them?

ETA: the child is in her mid 20s, her boyfriend/baby daddy was there, and she was bit 3 times and had to get stitches. AND this woman has already called off Tues and Wed.
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TQC, my last undergrad class ever is a creative writing class, three and a half hours long, twice a week, where we all sit in a circle, do a bunch of touchy-feely hippie shit and aren't allowed to criticize anybody. I haven't felt so miserable in a class since high school.

What is the worst class you ever took and why?
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 How many people are in (whatever you define as) your household? How much toilet paper do you go through in a week?

I'm a chick, I live with two guys, and somehow we went through five rolls of relatively standard-strength toilet paper in the last week. This is WAY more than we used when it was just boyfriend and I (the other guy is renting our extra bedroom for the summer and just moved in last Sunday).

Any suggestions/tips for apartment-hunting? I'll be moving out of my current place at the end of July and currently have nowhere to move to - and I'm not really sure how to find a place or where to start. 

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If someone offered you a sneak preview or a spoiler of the rest of your life, would you watch it?

Don't know or care, do you like NPR, or PBS? What is your favourite program on those stations?

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I have just found out that my annoying neighbours that have made my life hell for the past year are moving out in less than two weeks. Yesterday, I put a holding deposit on a new place and am set to move out of my current place in a month's time *head desk*

What has recently made you *head desk*?
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I just completely emptied a 2 GB flash card. When I put it in my camera, it says there's only enough room to take 4 pictures. Wtf? Any idea how I can fix this?
Not sure what I did, but it's working again :)

When was the last time you had that 'butterflies in my stomach' kind of feeling? What caused it?

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I recently moved into a 2 bedroom apt with my friend. The layout is as such: You walk in to a small kitchen area and then her room is on the left and mine on the right. (Yes, it's a TINY apt, but it's in NYC after all).

There's no AC in there, so we need to install a small AC unit in one of the windows ASAP as it's summer.

If we put a unit in the kitchen, will that be more efficient in getting cool air ALL throughout the apartment? Or, should we put the AC unit in one of our rooms?

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Have you recently cut/dyed or done anything to your hair that you deeply regret? Or have you in the past and it still haunts you? Can you post before and after pics?

My hair NEVER grows past my shoulders and it takes forever just to get there. I recently went to get a trim and basically had my hair chopped off :'(
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About the Golden Girls...

Estelle Getty died in 2008.
Bea Arthur died in 2009.
Rue McClanahan has died in 2010.

Coincidence or fate?

Will Betty White survive 2011???

I'm so not with the times.

Are there any crazy numerical coincidences in your life?
Do you believe in numerology?

My dad was born in 1948 and I was born in 1984. My mom was born in 1958 and my middle sister was born in 1985. My dad's mother was born in 1919 and my baby sister was born in 1991. We think it's a pretty cool coincidence.

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At my job I do a lot of...?

cleaning up of precious bodily fluids
being on conference calls to discuss conference calls
being on conference calls to discuss meeting
being in meetings to dicuss meetings
TPS reports
manual labor
thinking outside the box
thinking inside the box (literally)
thinking about my dick in a box
thinking about a dick in my box
I am currently unemployed but I do some of this stuff anyway.

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TQC, I want to get a tattoo of a swirl of snowflakes.  Google is failing me.  Do you have any good pictures of snowflakes you want to share with me?

DC: Do you ever start your morning with a cold can of soda?
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So, someone mailed me baby formula--not a sample amount, but two full cans in a box that looked expensive to ship. : /  They addressed it to my maiden name, and sent it to my parents home, which is...weird, because I haven't lived with them for years. Also, I'm not and have no plans to be pregnant.

Yesterday I found out that a friend in Tennessee got a package of baby formula too. o_O

SO, my questions are:

1. Did you get any baby formula recently? 


2. Any theories about why random shipments of baby formula being sent to random women? 

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In the spirit of summer starting:

How do you feel about tans TQC? Overrated or stylish? 

I hate overdone tans where people look orange. I mean, it looks good in moderation-but dont go too far. But overall i prefer being pale(:

What is your favorite summer activity? 

I love just not having school, relaxing outside with a nice book

Where is your favorite place to go in the summer?
Going to Universal Studios if im lucky enough(:


Its high time I had a morning/evening -face cleaning- routine. So,

> What type of skin do you have ? (oily, dry, etc)
> What does your face routine involve? (products, etc)
> Anyone have any miracle solutions to oily/acne skin ? (that isn't some sort of drug/medication)

(I need my oily/acne face to turn into a significantly less acne face in about a month.... )

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So there are a lot of stray kitties around my house. Today we found a ouple really tiny kittens. They are meowing a lot. One of them is a lot smaller than the other one and looks like it's missing an eye.

What should we do? Nothing?

They are so cute and helpless looking

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What is the stupidest lie you've ever believed?

When I was six, my older sister told me that all of The Beatles died in a bus accident back in the 1980s. Morbid fascination led me to believe this for four years. Then George Harrison died and my sister got a hard kick in the shins.

How often do you change your shower curtain? Do you have a curtain and a liner, or just one? 

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Have you ever been in foster care?
Will you share your experiences with me?
Do you have any advice you'd like to share with someone who is going to be entering the foster parenting program?
Do you know of any forums or communities about foster parenting?
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My cat just ran across my laptop, and she turned something on. I have a mac, and it is saying commands out loud. Like if I move the mouse across the menu bar it says 'menu bar'. Its driving me insane, I dont know how to turn it off. Anyone know what I'm talking about? How to turn it off?
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have you, or anyone you know, moved to a different state just for a change?
if it was you (or if you can answer for the person you know), did you get the change you were looking for? or did you just end up feeling the same?
(college does not count)
i've always day-dreamed of moving somewhere nice and warm, because i imagine being happier there.

dk/dc: what are you looking forward to next week or this weekend?
this weekend i'm going to a little "bavarian" town in the mountains and monday is supposed to finally be a little nice (68!) and i'm going on a "field trip" with my class to the zoo!
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If you could try any drug once and it would have absolutely no consequences or  negative repercussions, legally or on your body (if it is meant to cause a trip, you are guaranteed a good one), what drug would you try? Why? 
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Poor Chelsea

Honestly, how would you react if you were friends with a boy who constantly whined about being lonely and no girls want to date him and you suggested that you would go to a movie with him and he said "Sorry but you have great boobs your face just isn't my taste."?

What should we plot for revenge?

Not only that but my friend is completely attractive and I rarely find people who don't think she's good looking.

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do any of you have a pear shaped face? or triangular some websites call it...

anyways, there are so few resources to find hairstyles that suit pear faces (with the lower half of the face being larger than the upper half, dominant jawline, etc)

How do you part your hair and style it so that your forehead and skull don't look so narrow?

macro - hai
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Do you have any unusual habits when you're getting sick?

Normally I can sleep whenever I want. When I'm sick, it's like my body sets a very strict sleep schedule and I find it very hard to take a nap or even sleep in.
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If you were an ice cream flavor, what kind would you be? Describe in detail.

I'd be vanilla, but not like exotic vanilla Haagen Dazs with little flecks of vanilla bean. I'd be the generic store brand that's kinda flavored with cheap imitation vanilla and when you open the box it's got that ice crystal thing going on because it melted and refroze from sitting out on the grocery store floor after it was delivered.

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I had an interview today with a "learning center". The guy asked me if I knew any foreign languages. When I said no, he asked if I would be comfortable teaching any.

Does this seem a little off to you?
Does making your own fliers for said tutor company seem ...weird?

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What's your favorite thing to order at Subway/Quizznos/Jimmy Johns?

Do you like your toes?

What are you craving right now? Apply blintzes and anything with lots of fancy cheese. Fetta...brie...anything. YUM.

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Do you think every child should get an award at the end of the year in elementary school? Or do you think that if they don't meet the standards for any of a handful of awards, they shouldn't be given anything at the ceremony?
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 If you're in a relationship, does one person make significantly more money than the other? 

Does this affect your relationship? If so, how?

ETA: Most of you guys  ladies seem to be with guys who earn more than you. Do you think dynamics would be the same if roles were reversed?

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So there's this guy that likes me but I don't return the feelings. However he's tried really hard to be the kind of guy I want and need and I totally acknowledge those efforts but I just don't feel anything more than friendship for him (at least right now). This makes me feel really guilty.

Should I feel guilty in this situation or not?


Does anybody want to talk about beer? I always do. Favorite styles/brands? Personally, I love IPAs - king amongst beers.

If not, what about [current] movies? I've been invited to see Splice next week. Will this movie be great?

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Is there any interesting local news going on in your area?

Link me? I feel like being informed while I sit on my ass doing nothing and being lazy.

ETA: Or any interesting news at all for that matter?

Hey, that guy that they nabbed for killing that chick, the one that they suspected in Natalie Halloway's case. This is, like 5 years to the day from the other case. What are the chances that he does this every year? You know?
Vote in my poll.

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So yesterday I watched the movie "The Alphabet Killer". Essentially it sucked except for about 5 seconds when you got to see Eliza Dushku, or at least her body double, topless so they could secure that part of the r rating. Anyway, they said in it that 2% of the population have a name that has the same letter for their first and last name, for example Harry Hat or Penelope Pitstop. So let's see if TQC is representative of the rest of the world:

Do your last name and your first name start with the same letter?

I don't care so I am going to answer another question!

Zoolander: versatility

Books vs Movies

Poll #1573993 Rewind

Do you reread books?


Do you rewatch movies?


Inspired by me reading both Jurassic Park novels this past week and my boyfriend asking me how many times I've read all my books. He rewatches movies all the time, so I don't see a difference. I'd rather reread a book than rewatch a movie. You?
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how can i recycle a soy sauce bottle? it's glass but it has a little plastic thing glued to the top that i can't get off (to control how much gets out). i finally popped it off the second i posted this.

if you had 2 hours to yourself right now to do anything you wanted (but everyone you know is busy), what would you do?
Adam - idk my bff jil?

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I need to go shopping. I was gonna go in like 15 minutes but there's a storm. Should I go when I was planning to or wait until it ends and put dinner on late?

(And I'm on a laptop wot's unplugged so don't y'all talk to me about surges or anything.)

DK/DC: Do you like Emo Philips?

EDIT: Saw blue sky peeking under the clouds so I went when I'd planned to... storm had cleared off by the time I was outta the store.
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Have you ever seen a movie that scared or disturbed you so much, you declared to yourself, "I never want to see that movie again as long as I live"? What movie(s)?

For me, it's Saving Private Ryan and American History X. NEVER AGAIN.

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Is it bad to get everything you want from someone all the time?

It's not that I expect anything from him, I just have my own agenda of priorities in life. I wanted to go to Costa Rica by any means, and he invited me last week. He treats me to expensive dinners all the time. I don't want to be spoiled and take anything for granted, but I'm not all that attracted to him...

The thing is that I tried to see him that way before, but we broke up and he wants me back.

I guess this is what everyone wants though, right?

ANY opinions welcome.
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Brought to you by me going to the dentist and thinking everyone has fluoride in their water.

Is there fluoride in YOUR water? Where do you live? Have any thoughts on this oh-so-interesting subject?

What would you like the government to put into your water? Why?

Would you rather?

Here's a fun would you rather that my friend just asked me on Facebook Chat.

Would you rather....

Have sex with your dream fantasy TOTALLY HOT person (Drool worthy eye candy) but have them be sooooo terrible in bed that you cry... ALOT
Sleep with someone who is by your standards about a 2/10 on the attractive scale but is a god in bed.....

dead zone johnny & sarah

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In the US: Let's say you go to your regular doctor and they say they are going to refer you to a specialist. They say they'll make the appointment for you. How long does it usually take, in your experience, for them to let you know when that appointment will be?
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TQC, a friend "gifted" us 3 ~18gal tubs of manga his ex collected. What the hell can we do with it all? It's mostly [apparently, I know jack shit about manga] romantic comedy shit.

ETA: Thanks, guys! Any idea where I can find estimated asking prices?

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It's really bothering me that I cannot figure this out. Which is grammatically correct?

1. This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof.
2. This time baby, I'll be bulletproof.
3. This time baby I'll be bulletproof.


DK/DC: IDK what to tell you.

Thanks guys. I guess I'll replace it with a different question:

What are some good quotes or song lyrics to cheer someone up?

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Have you ever seriously dated other people while the person you ~knew you were going to marry was living somewhere else and not really a part of your present day life? Did your then-current SO ever find out?

See, there's this boy that I've been just ... connected with for years, you know? But we don't live in the same state anymore and we both agreed that it'd be best to distance ourselves from each other and move on with the thought that maybe, probably we'd be together again. My boyfriend knows about this other boy because I am like the freaking Embodiment of Honesty over here and he understands that I am respectful and that I don't talk to him beyond the occasional "Hey, how are you?" and stuff. But we got into a fight today and he told me that I was "just another girl who's using him to pass the time until she can be with the person she really loves." I'm happy with my boyfriend and would like to stay with him but when it's put like that, I mean, how can things go back to being the same?

I know I sound like I'm about twelve years old, lol, but I promise I'm not really asking for advice or anything. Essentially I just want to hear any experiences that any of you have had with situations like this.
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So a guy allegedly abuses and kills Natalee Holloway (but wasn't arrested because of lack of evidence)
then EXACTLY five years later he allegedly does the same thing to another girl.

is that a coincidence or not? is it some sort of anniversary? what do you think?

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What are some shows that you know you probably shouldn't watch with your children in the same room but do sometimes anyways?

I'm eating a pasta dish that is about a week old in our fridge. Will I die? It smelled okay.

(no subject)

i'm going on a trip tomorrow and i need some movies for me and my brothers to watch during the drive.

they said they want comedy. they are 12 and 13 so they like stupid shit like meet the spartans but i am not going to watch that. will you guys help me think of something better?

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Does this sentence make sense grammatically?

"As a former war correspondent from England, 1984 author George Orwell witnesses political turmoil and inherent flaws within certain governmental structures emerging within the newly drawn lines in his post-war continent."

(no subject)

Do any of you have good relationships with your parents? If so, will you tell me a little about them?

If not, instead of just saying "no," will you tell me about your fantasy-life? (Career, friends/family, housing, etc).

(no subject)

When I was at the grocery store about two hours ago, someone went around playing with a squeak toy. The entire time I was in there which was an hour.

What the hell would make this person think it was OK?

(no subject)

So I didn't even know this could happen. But I left a pot on top of a plate in my sink, and it seems the bottom of the pot was rusty. Now I have what I think is a rust stain on my porcelain plate. I've scrubbed, and washed but it's pretty good on there. I thought those things are supposed to be unstainable... like toilets. Anyone know how to get it out?
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1. The answer is, "Childbirth." What's the question? Show creativity.

2. There are eight hundred different kinds of caulk at the hardware store. I exaggerate. Which one will be best for my kitchen sink, to seal the gap between it and the rest of the counter?
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question for the gurlz

do you get dizzy while you're on your period?

i get dizzy occasionally (have asked opinions on this before) and usually while i'm on it. i've taken iron supplements for the past month or so (almost every day) but for some reason i still get these dizzy spells. i'll be sitting still and i feel like i'm falling over and i have to catch my balance. it's really strange.

doctor said all my blood work was normal. does anyone have something similar? what do you do to fix it?

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Do any of you have ADHD? When did you find out?

I was just diagnosed with ADHD-PI and my doctor prescribed me Concerta. Do any of you have experience with this medication? Horror stories? Success stories?

DK/DC: I'm going to Vegas on Sunday. What should I do while I'm there?

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At what age did your parents start treating you like an adult?

I'd say I'm a mature, responsible 18 year old. I graduated school early and went to college early. I have a good job and always lend my parents money. I'm not a crackwhore and am a pretty good kid. Yet my parents still treat me as if I'm 15.

DK/DC: what is your favorite song from the 90s???

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TQC, how long before an exam do you start to study for it?

Can you concentrate if you have your laptop turned on, playing music and sitting in front of you?

Do you have a preferred technique for memorising things?

I have a two exams next week that I've been writing notes for all semester, but only really started studying for two days ago and I haven't been able to concentrate one bit. It is worrisome!

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Now that Lost is over, what TV show should I get addicted to?
Restrictions: I don't have cable, so it has to be something with at least a few seasons on DVD. It also has to be available on Netflix (which is most everything anyway).
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how do i know if i actually don't like my boyfriend anymore or if i'm just annoyed/hateful towards everyone because i'm sick of being on house arrest?

he's the only friend/acquaintence i've seen besides my roommate since i've been on house arrest.

edit: i live in the suburbs right now and my dogs are pretty annoying and there's nothing to do at my house so there's really no one really wanted to come all the way out here to visit me. not to mention the majority of my friends bike and don't drive.

also that isn't answering my question.
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== Have you seen The Princess and the Frog? How did you feel about it?

Did it ever bother you that Tiana, a girl that grew up in the poorest of poor areas, was best friends with the richest daughter in New Orleans?

I've seen this movie at least a hundred times. It's one of my favorite Disney movies, though it's hard to compete with movies that have nostalgia value (i.e. Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, Pocahontas). However I cannot for the life of me understand how Tiana puts up with her friend's exuberant spending and constant whining about wanting to be a princess. =/ I also don't see how her friend genuinely cares about Tiana or any of her feelings. They didn't set that up well enough, at least I think.

Also I wanted to see more human!Naveen and human!Tiana interaction. Oh well, that's what sequels are for I guess. :P

== Mom's signed her and me up to represent Home Depot if Hurricane Relief is needed. Would we get paid for this or would our finances get a major fuck up because we won't get paid?

dc/idgaf: What is the most obnoxious food chain?
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I was in a car accident (passenger) earlier today, but I felt fine at the time so I didn't think much of it, but it's been a few hours and I've got a headache, a stiff neck and I feel like I've been hit in the nose.

TQC, are these symptoms bad? Should I go to the hospital tomorrow? Will I live that long?

DK/DC: Have you ever been in a car accident? Did your life flash before your eyes?
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(no subject)

would you rather puke your poop or poop your puke?

puke my poop
poop my puke

do you find the topic of this post to be unpleasant?


will you post pictures of things that make you happy to make up for the unpleasantness of this poll?


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My boyfriend and I are having conflicting sleep schedules. He didn't wake up until 10 pm tonight, so he'll be up all morning. I have to take my grandpa to the doctor at 10 am tomorrow, so I have to be awake early. My boyfriend wants to stay up until 6 pm or so tomorrow, sleep till midnight, and stay up the rest of the night. I am aware this is odd.

We are hanging out tomorrow because we haven't seen each other all week and he goes back to work Saturday. Should I try my hardest to stay up until 6 pm with him tomorrow, that way we can both sleep at the same time, or should I go to bed tonight and be extremely bored for six hours tomorrow evening while he sleeps? If I did the latter, I would have to sleep at some point that night so we wouldn't really be "hanging out" much.
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ummm how fatal is this?
It's always been super sensitive but just now it was popping out non stop so I went to move the computer and it fell out...it's a sony vaio, about 15 months old D:

What was the last major bout of computer trouble you had?
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If someone is 16 or 17, what is the upper age limit for a close personal friend before it starts getting creepy??
Does that change when the person turns 18?
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i live in an apartment with stark white walls. i have access to cheap recycled wallpaper (unused, but donated). is there any way i could affix just like a strip of it to my wall in a way that would look okay but still come off easily?
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At the risk of sounding like a "Yahoo Answers" Question...

I recently bought Catcher in the Rye from Barnes & Noble - I'm almost done with it, but since I'm not in love with it, I want to return it. I just bought it 5/29, and I plan to be done with it by this Sunday, so it'll be well before the 14-day deadline for returns.

However, it says: "for returns of new and unread books" - uh, they don't have this magical way of knowing that you've read it, do they? I'm doing my best to keep it unmarked and unsoiled, and I think I've been doing pretty okay. I just have no idea how strict they are: if they flip through the pages and find a rip/fold/stain/etc. or notice that the page is wrinkled because of my fingers or something.

Guess anyone that's worked there would know? I have a feeling I'm worried all for nothing, because I really can't imagine anyone giving that much of a crap, just as long as the book doesn't look too messed up.

ETA: Huh, didn't realize this was a bad idea. I've never actually returned a book there before. I haven't been to my local library in so long - I've had so much money to spend there because of gift cards, so I decide to go B&N instead. Only this time, I didn't bring enough of them with me and paid it with cash. I bought 2 other books which I plan on keeping, and had the intention of keeping Catcher as well because everyone's always raving on and on about it and I'd figured I'd like it too. You guys are right, though: the library is the more sensible choice. On one hand, getting the money back would be nice, but now, in reading all these responses, I should probably just take the loss. Lesson learned: Either I be more wary of what I'm buying, or I just use the libary :P