June 2nd, 2010

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Out of the suburbs/neighbourhoods in your state, which one/s would work best as the name for a child?

Which ones would be worst?

Oh, and where are you from? Just so we have a frame of reference.

The best ones from my area (Victoria, Australia): Preston, Chelsea, Baxter, Clyde, Alma. The worst ones: High Camp, Officer, Sulky, Mt. Eliza, Won Wron, Indented Head, Bo Peep.

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I really want to buy a drum set and start playing drums. Does anyone here play drums? What brand would you recommend for a beginner?

Also, does anyone here drive a Suzuki? Are they good cars? I'm going to test drive an sx4 crossover tommorow and I love everything I've seen and read about it. But I don't want to invest in a car if it's going to fall apart two months from now.

For those that date men, what is your least favorite type of facial hair on guys? a goatee? a handlebar mustache?
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I just moved in to my apartment on Thursday. I met one of the room mates, who is the landlord's son, when viewing the apartment. It has almost been a week since I moved in, and I still haven't met the second room mate. I know she's a she and she works at a pharmacy (and that she has long black hair, according to the bathroom floor), but I don't know her name, nor what she looks like. The room mate I have met is very quiet - it's hard to get two words out of him. There really is no communal area in our apartment, except the kitchen, and they don't hang around there anyway. I mostly just stay in my bedroom and Internet when I'm at home because, well, it's like I live alone.

How do I become friendly with my room mates? I'm used to living with outgoing people, so this has never been an issue before.

DK/DC: What are your work habits when it comes to school? Do you study all the time? Not at all? Got any cool study tactics to share?
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What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

Tonight, on my way home, my accelerator got srs bsns stuck, and i swear i thought i was going to rear end everyone in front of me D: I ended up flying 90 down this dark twisty country road omg i thought i was gonna die D: the brakes wouldn't knock it out or anything...i wound up getting enough brake to slow it to 70 and dropped it into neutral and that released the accelerator but oh my STARS i was so scared i almost peed myself.

DK/DC: I'm springing for dessert. What'll ya have, what'll ya have?

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Did you ever start reading a book and decided it was awful and unworthy of your time, but then for some reason you did read all of it and discovered it was actually pretty good/just as bad as you thought it was going to be? What book was it?

I am forced to read a book for a class and it's a complete mess. It starts off with the author telling me that I shouldn't read on if I don't like reading about dead bodies (I don't, also breaking the barrier is so awful). At this point I threw it aside, but decided I should pick it up again, and now the author keeps telling me I should skip to this and this chapter if I don't want to read the boring bits. YOU ARE MAKING IT HARDER

It's Dance On My Grave by Aidan Chambers

In issssrael!

How do you feel about the raid/attack/siezure/whatever by the israeli military of the flotilla attempting to break the blockade?

I have to say I think the israeli's over did it, however I can't seem to find information on if the people on the boat attacked the soliders or not. I'm also not completely unbiased because I'm jewish(ethnically) and think that jews have a lot of hate for them around the world regardless of israel or not. So I guess I can't give an opinion until i know more. The people attempting to breach the blockade would have known, very likely anyway, they would be boarded. Shot, however, dunno. Blah.
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I can't sleep. What's been keeping me up all night?

What kept you up last time you couldn't sleep?

What (at least, what do you hope) will be driving you to stay awake today?

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Several months ago I got Implanon for my PMDD and lately I've been getting some symptoms I had when I had it. Is it possible that my body got used to all the estrogen and the PMDD is coming back or am I just being paranoid\is it something else?

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Have you ever hit rock bottom? what does that look like?

I am wearing a polo/golf shirt. Should I button it up or leave it unbuttoned?

I have an EXTREMELY hairy chest. and gold chains.

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Who taught you how to drive? If you learned through a driving school, what were your instructors like? Were they as bad as the instructor I had on Sunday?

Don't know or care, how do you feel?

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a potentially stupid question...

where are you supposed to feel menstrual cramps? i've always associated them with being in the lower abdomen. i've never really gotten those. but i do get cramps in what feels like my cervix area on the first day of my period, which is my heaviest day. i've never really thought about it being weird until now and now i'm freaking out. is that even weird?

interesting lJ communities

Hi y`all!

I`m an English learner from Russia and would like to join any interesting English-speaking communities in order to improve my skills. Could you recommend me any, please?

I`m especially interested in a kind of "girls only" community and smth about the movies, but any random and catchy stuff you can think of is welcome as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you ever learned anything useful from a TV medical drama?

EDIT O MATIC: Would you go out on a date/pursue a relationship with someone you KNEW had one of your DEAL BREAKER properties??? ex: a smoker?
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Ultra sound question.

Ok I will try to keep this short but there are a few details. A friend of mine's sister recently found out she's pregnant. She's 34 and overweight, which from my understanding, makes the pregnancy high risk from the get go. I was talking to my friend this morning and asked if her sister had been in for her ultrasound/sonogram(whichever one they do at this point). I was told no, because according to my friend, they don't do ultra sounds or sonograms until you are 5 months along.  I told her that can't be, because I thought they'd want to make sure there is a baby in there! I have no personal experience in this myself.

Is that true? Or is my friend uninformed?

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So I've decided to get me some contact lenses. Just wondering, what exactly us the difference between dailies and monthly? aside from the obvious. Which is better?

Does it make more sense to get dailies? because if I lose one, it wouldn't be a big deal, right?

I don't think I'd wear contacts every day. Maybe 3 or 4 days of the week.

Laundry Ball

Has anyone tried one of those laundry balls? Like the one from www.nanosmart.com.au ?

It is basically a plastic ball filled with ceramic beads. It eliminates the need for detergent and it lasts for 3 years. I'm really interested in getting one, but I don't want to waste $50 if it's not going to get my clothes clean.

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Ok, so I damanged my laptop on Monday (so excuse any missing lettes, the keys are sticky!).
The screen and the key board need replacing, but thankfully I have 'Whatever Happens' insurance.

Thing is, I pay for the premier service where they are meant to collect the laptop the next day for repair, but in actual fact they are not coming till Sunday!

The service has also been extrememely poor, the 'Tech Guys' are so rude.

Do you think i have grounds to complain?
Should I complain?

DK/DC: have you ever accidently ruined a prized electrical good? What was it and how did you ruin it?
Any shockingly bad customer service stories? Or insurance that didn't quite live up to what you paid for?

Seriously?!...I don't even

My son(8) got in trouble at school for hugging a little girl. The little girl is special needs and likes to hug. The guidance counselor told my husband that my son also wrote he didn't mind touching her. My guess is the other kids make fun of her and my son was being nice. He is a sweet little boy and tries to make friends with everyone. I'm really anger because of how the school is reacting to this and treating him. It's like common sense is completely forgotten now adays. So,my question is...

How do I explain to him the situation so he can understand,but also make sure that this doesn't turn into him losing his compassion and kindness?
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So, I work for AmeriCorps, and we have to do a 'volunteer generating project' (like a fundraiser or recycling drive or something in which we'd get volunteers and involve the community). The only stipulation is that it either involve the environment (green living, energy efficiency, diverting stuff from a landfill, etc.) OR generate money for our program.

Any ideas of fun things I could do? The only problem is we have no money. I thought a tree planting would be fun, but we don't have money for trees.

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My cat is 6 years old and has never been around other animals except our dog, who he hates. My husband has a sad about the adult cats at the shelter and would like to adopt one. Would this be a good idea?

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Will you show me a picture of your face?

I've kind of been wanting to watch Just the 10 of Us or The Facts of Life lately, What old canceled show (don't say Lost) do you wish they would bring back?

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Did you know that today is the Marquis de Sade's birthday? He would be 270 today. How are you celebrating?

If you're not celebrating...booooo. Will you tell me your favourite historical person?


Your friend attends a community college. He says that he is uninterested in pursuing a relationship or friendship with any of his peers there because he feels he has a weird "superiority complex" and does not feel they are his intellectual equals (by virtue of them attending community college).

How do you respond?

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Has there ever been something on a shopping channel that, even though it looks very tacky, you still secretly want it?

For me it was this hair thing called a 'bumpit' which pushes the back of your hair up for a 60's look :)
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So my friend and I will read missed connections on CraigsList when we're having a girls night because a lot of them are really cute. We've been doing this for ages and yesterday we read one that may have been for her! It mentioned the book she was reading and the train she sometimes takes to work. It also mentioned her clothes, but my friend is so forgetful she has no recollection what she wore yesterday, let alone a week ago. She's single and is torn whether to reply or not. Could be nice, could be a crazy creepster. She was reading so has no idea who it could be.

(Assume you are single and extroverted)
If you saw a missed connection that has a strong possibility of being you, would you reply?
If you saw one that was 100% for you, would you reply?
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would chives be good on a pizza?

usually i make dough (w/ yummy spices in it), then top with tomato sauce & nutritional yeast, then spinach, then TONS AND TONS of veggies, then drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper & spices. what else could i do? I WANNA MAKE A CRAZY PIZZA. i'm a ~vegan~ but if you wanna comment with non-vegan crazy pizza toppings you like feel free.
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Do you ask people to kill bugs for you, or are you the one people ask to kill bugs?

I'm scared of bugs, but my roommate started screaming and crying when she saw this spider less than 1 inch in circumference. She then tried to use this bug spray on it, screaming the whole time "It's not dying, oh my god it's not dying!"

it's business time

Hey TQC, the need to answer this question actually convinced me to come back to livejournal after a few months of insisting I was never going to. Awyouguys, google can't quite match TQC's collective experience.

So anyway. I am applying for a job at a research firm, and they want me to send the following:
a letter of transmittal requesting consideration for the position, (2) a current résumé/curriculum vita, (3) a narrative description of how your knowledge and experience match each of the specific responsibilities and qualifications for this position.

I have 1 and 2 down (cover "letter" email and my resume), but I am confused by 3. TQC, what are they looking for exactly? They have provided a catagorized and bulleted list of responsibilities and such, should I just match all those in similar catagories, or write a full on paragraph by paragraph explanation of how I am awesome and fit for the job?

If you have no idea, then tell me: what was the last job you applied for?

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Now that you know what everyone looks like, will you use this post to hit on people you didn't realize were so hot?

If not, then will you show me your favorite item of clothing?

Still no, have you ever met someone on craigslist to buy or sell something? I'm meeting a lady later on to sell a trunk/basket thing to, should I be scared?


I want to get something custom made but I need pictures of it to give to the seamstress the out fit that I am looking for is either the formal outfits that Pepper Potts or Black Widow wore in Iron Man 2,

I have a look but my google skills must be broken and I cannot find them...

anyone have any screen shots? ;)

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What makes your life good right now?
I didn't work today, yay!

What is currently bugging you?

My roommates and I recently moved into a new house. The post office refused to deliver our mail because we have a dog "on the loose" (she's on a long chain on the porch for an hour in the mornings). We changed the time she's out on the porch so she's never out there when the postman is, called the post office, and they said that was fine.
We still haven't been getting any mail, so I called them today and they said it's because we "have a bunch of pots and pans on the porch". We have no pots OR pans on the porch; all we have are the dog's stainless steel food and water bowls, which in NO WAY block the mailbox. Wtf.
Also, they never notified us that they were holding our mail.

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Which of these people would you be most nervous to meet?

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Paul McCartney
Mick Jagger
Lady Gaga
Robert De Niro
Oprah Winfrey
Queen Elizabeth
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Walken
Meryl Streep
Kevin Smith
I would not want to meet any of these people.
I would not be nervous about meeting any of these people.

haha WOOPS

What was the last stupid thing you did at work?

I work in an airport and my badge expires on my birthday, which was yesterday. I have had trouble tracking down the lady with my renewal papers, so I was supposed to come in early today to get them before work. I forgot. Then no one was in the office, and I had to go home because I couldn't get through security. My boss did what he could to prevent a write up, but I said it was fine because it was my dumbass fault. At least I can be productive today?

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Have you ever been in a position where you found out someone was talking badly about you, but the person who told you swore you to secrecy? Did you confront the person who was talking about you anyway and reveal your source or did you keep it to yourself?

DK/DC: What is your least favorite food?
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My new house has a wood burning fireplace in the living room and I think we'd like to use it in the winter to reduce the gas heat bill.

Do you have any tips for beginners with wood burning fireplaces?

What unique things do you have hanging on your walls?
(I have a theater marquee M that hangs above my bed)

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Why are we so scared of cockroaches?
Are yous cared of cockroaches? How much?


There's a live cockroach upside down in the bathtub, and I got all squeamish and I can't even kill it! Please help me :'(

Don't worry--I just love to camp!

Are you good at building campfires? What is your technique? I know fireplace fires use a similar technique. Do you ever have larger bonfires?

Any tips? I'm very good at it, but one can always improve even more.

Once it's going, what is your favorite thing to cook over it? Aside from s'mores; that's a given.
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My friends are trying to convince me that I will have the best time of my life if I drive with them to Saratoga Springs, NY tomorrow (5.5 hrs away) to see Dave Matthews Band. What is the probability that this is not true?
mr schadenfreude


My 6 year old child told me that they play "teepees and Indians" at school for phys ed. They run around going "whoo whoo whoo" and crawl (like ~lil' injuns~ I guess) between the "teepees" which are the other kids legs.
It's obviously really culturally insensitive stuff and I'm a little unsure how to respond tbh.
Do you think I should bring this up with the school? If so, any suggestions as to the best way to do so?

We live in a little coastal town in Australia, so we don't know much about Native American issues. However ignorance isn't a get out of fail card if you kwim.
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I'm currently reading 'Harry  Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and on page 245(UK version) Harry says to Dumbledore 'Voldemort put a bit of himself in me'. I laughed so hard everyone in the room gave me a dirty look.

What was the last thing that your dirty mind found funny, even though it wasn't?

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Has there ever been a story that has made you laugh so uncontrollably that its painful? Share?

I was watching this video on youtube from Jake and Amir. Amir managed to climb over one cubicle wall into Jakes and lower himself down to scare him. It was great. I had to tell my brother about this video because it was such a great video but it got better. My brother told me a simmilar story happened to him When he was at intermediate one day, he needed to poop so he went to the haunted bathroom so no one would find him. A few minutes later he heard this loud sniffing noise and looked everywhere to find it. He looked up and saw a kid sitting ontop of the cubicle sniffing his poop aroma and pointed to his penis and exclaimed "I CAN SEE YOUR PENIS" needless to say I was in hysterics from hearing this never told before story! okay so its fuckung disgusting that someone would climb up there to sniff someones poop, but the fact that this actually happened to him is insane! I have laughed to the point where I now have a roaring headache and my ribs hurt far too much.

Yeah so I suppose this story is probably gross but who cares, to me its hilarious.
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I'm at the library. What movie should I check out while i'm here?

ETA: I'm especially in the mood for a horror flic like Rosemary's Baby (which they won't let you check out; you have to watch it there)

(no subject)

how do i avoid the fucker that's called the shaver rash?! i only get it on the front of my legs :(

what fake tan lotion/spray etc do you use/have you used before?

what are your plans for tonight?


Has anyone here ever done (attempted) the Couch to 5k program before? Tell me about it. How'd that work for you?

Alternatively, what are your favorite cheesy (old or current) tv shows? Let us judge you. I'm watching 7th Heaven right now (I totally DVR its reruns every morning) and was watching Golden Girls a little while ago.

Alternatively alternatively: are you a member at a gym? Which gym? Do you like it/pros and cons plz?


My mom and sister and I might be going to visit the UK next spring. I grew up in Bedfordshire and we would like to go back there and see our old house and school and stuff. If you were visiting the UK/England where would you be sure to go? (We like history and old castles and stuff, as well as art/museums)
(walking too much might be too hard, our mom has bad ankles)
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i have a lot of built up energy and feel the need to work out, but i have to do so within the confines of my small crappy room for the moment. is there any cardio i can do in a small space?

More than meats the eye

You're a Transformer (TM)! Congrats! It's not important if you're a good guy or bad guy. What is important is what you transform into. So, what mechanical device or vehicle does your action figure change into?

Hair straightener
Sports car
Dialysis machine
Cell phone
Monster truck (like from those demolition car shows)
Arcade game (Mrs. Pac Man)
Electric guitar
Food processer
Isaac - MySpace Angled


Dear TQC,

I just met Hanson!

...and Frankie Muniz (but I'm substantially less thrilled about Frankie Muniz than I am about Hanson)

What's a really cool thing that happened to YOU today?

DK/DC/Nothing cool ever happens: Do you like eating raw tomatoes? I love raw tomatoes but some people think that they are repulsive unless cooked or otherwise overshadowed by other flavors.
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How do you feel about affirmative action? I'm reading about it and I am mostly for it, although I wish that the bill did not focus on race, and rather focused on income.
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Do people usually buy wedding cakes that are big enough to feed ALL the guests (just in case every single person feels like cake)? Would it be gauche to estimate that not everyone will be eating cake and plan accordingly?

I guess this wouldn't be an issue if we were having a sit-down-and-eat reception, but we're getting married of a morning and we decided to do a mini-brunch (with cake and fruit salad and punch) immediately following the ceremony in the foyer of the church (it's a big foyer). My side of the guest list is already at 150; I'm expecting my fiance to invite between 50-75. I really don't want to pay $400 for a cake not everyone is going to eat, and have to throw some out.

Do you eat wedding cake at weddings? I've worked on and attended so many myself and I can't remember ever eating any, except for maaaaybe the most recent one I went to, last September. Usually by that time I'm full from reception-food anyway.


is anyone else kind of disappointed in "high violet"? i heard it was OMGAMAZINGGG but i'm just kind of like "meh". there are a few songs i like a lot, but on the whole, w/e. thoughts? do i just need to listen to it more? do i Just Not Get It? or is it not that great after all?

dk/dc/hate the national: wtf is up with the daily show/colbert report player? it keeps skipping over the first segment, playing ten thousand commercials in a row, then randomly freezing. why does it hate me?

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what movies did you watch over and over again when you were little?

what were your favorite toys to play with?

I went through phases of watching The Wizard of Oz, Grease, and Willy Wonka on a daily basis.  Also watched Oliver! a lot.

I was always either playing with my polly pockets or my dollhouses.

firecrackers all summer WTF

I never noticed this until I moved to my current neighborhood, but around here, people set off fireworks in the park or right in their driveways practically every night from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It peaks around July 4, of course, but the weeks leading up to it get progressively crazier and then people must have a lot of fireworks left over because they continue doing it sporadically for weeks afterwards. I don't mean just firecrackers, I mean colored thingies, bottle rockets and roman candles and some fairly serious giant umbrellas of light etc.

I live pretty close to the park and I'm wondering if maybe one day they'll set my trees or my roof on fire.

Do you hang around outside creating amateur fireworks shows? Why?

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Marrying for benefits in the military: yay or nay?

Assume that you were planning on getting married to this person anyway, but now they want to join the military so it would just be earlier than you had planned. Are the benefits worth it?

(no subject)

What would you do if you were talking to your friend irl and they said something really racist/sexist/homophobic?

What would you do if this happened online?

I ask this because I tend to feel braver about calling them out or arguing about it if it's happening online. If it's irl I usually just go "well, that's not really right, but it's your opnion" and leave it at that.

help! i need an answer!

hi, uh i have a question, what is the best way to get rid of stage fright-ness, because tomorrow i have this really important poetry thing and i'm nervous, I'm afraid i might mess up on stage, what rituals/things do you recommend to get rid of my stage fright or what do you do to get over it? it would really help me out, a lot...
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I live in a very rural area (on a gravel road, three other houses, only one of them within sight, completely secluded by the woods from any highways nearby). Yesterday a sheriff's car drove down to my in-sigh neighbor's and was parked there for a while.

My mother talked to the neighbor later and asked what was going on (the neighbor's an older woman and lives alone) and the neighbor said that someone had reported hearing two gunshots earlier that morning, and also a person yelling "Help! Help me!" in the woods.

I heard those two shots too, TQC! I didn't think anything of it at the time, though I remarked out loud to my mother, who wasn't paying attention to me.

ETA I did NOT hear the screams. Just the guns. Guns are common in my area.

So: are they going to find a dead body in my woods any time soon? Or did some redneck just blow a toe off playing with guns?

What's something weird or uncanny that has happened to you?

DK/DC: what is your favorite place to go for fun besides to a bar or club (unless it's a really fabulous bar or club)?

(no subject)

I've been looking for a new place to live on Craigslist, and I see people asking for "1st, last, plus fully refundable security deposit" in the ad, I assume they mean first and last rent, is this normal? I was always under the impression that you only pay one month's rent in advance.
Flaming Sikozu

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I was given a $250 voucher for JB Hi-Fi at work, what should I buy?

Is Skullcandy a good brand for headphones, or should I go for Sennheiser (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong.)? I'm reluctant to pay more than $70 for headphones but since I'm not really paying for them maybe it's worth it...?
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(no subject)

When was the last time you were mad?

When was the last time you were sad?

When was the last time you were happy?

When was the last time you were relieved?

When was the last time you were scared?

Will you elaborate?

(no subject)

What was the best birthday you've ever had?

What did you do for your birthday this year (if it has already happened)? What will you do this year if your birthday is coming up in the next few weeks or so?

(no subject)

i have a motorola droid, and out of nowhere it started rebooting over and over again. as soon as it gets done and is about to show me my home screen, it reboots again. it's been doing this for like ten minutes and i've tried plugging it into the usb port, unplugging it, pulling out the battery and putting it back in, and holding down the power button, and nothing's working? does anyone have any advice? please?!
Get in Both Lanes

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I have Windows movie maker but it's not very good. In fact it makes my a little bit blurry webcam videos, very blurry.

Does anyone know of a good free video editing programme that doesn't do this?

(no subject)


My boyfriend and I are going to look at our first (!) rental tomorrow - it's a house! What kind of questions am I going to forget to ask? Any horror renting stories? Advice?

What was your latest purchase?

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Why the fuck does everyone think the stay-at-home-mom has a harder job than the working mom???

Okay. The stay at home mom does dishes, laundry, cooks, cleans, takes her kids here, takes her kids there, does this and does that but guess what!

The working mom does all that PLUS has an outside job!!!