June 1st, 2010


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Have you ever stopped eating sugar?
Did you notice any changes in your mood or anything else?

Have you ever done anything that significantly changed your mood/happiness for an extended amount of time?
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What are you putting off, TQC?

If you're actually doing something, is it something you had previously put off and can no longer avoid?

Inspired by the mountain of chemistry I am catching up on right now >.<
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I'm wanting to watch a movie on my laptop before/as I go to sleep and I'm too lazy to get the power chord for it. Is there someway I can set my computer to go to sleep after 30 minutes or so despite the computer being in use with the movie? I know how to set the general sleep timer, but watching a movie keeps it on until the computer battery dies.
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Travelling music

so I'm leaving next week to go on a three week bus tour of Europe and my Ipod is empty, what kind of songs should I put on there for my travel playlist?

If you don't listen to music, what kind of book should I bring with me?

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how do you know if a relationship is worth getting back together? How can you tell if the person you dated before starts to like you again, and isn't just being friendly?

DK/DC: What are some good anime movies? I've really only watched some Hayao Miyazaki anime films, so something along those lines.

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When U.S. (or any abbreviation, really) falls at the end of a sentence, you skip the period at the end, right?

So it would be:

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that over 5.6 million of the individuals who entered the country between 2000 and 2007 did so illegally, and an estimated 19 million undocumented immigrants currently reside in the U.S.


The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that over 5.6 million of the individuals who entered the country between 2000 and 2007 did so illegally, and an estimated 19 million undocumented immigrants currently reside in the U.S..

But if it were a question, it would be:

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that over 5.6 million of the individuals who entered the country between 2000 and 2007 did so illegally, and an estimated 19 million undocumented immigrants currently reside in the U.S.?


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Should LJ purge empty accounts after a certain number of years?**

(Inspired by the fact that someone anonymously bought me a rename token and I can't use the usernames I thought of because both the ones I'd like to use are already registered. Neither have been updated in more than 5 years, and haven't ever been updated, to boot.)

Don't care: what's your hometown?

**edited to better phrase the question I wasn't sure how to phrase in the first place.

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Do any of you happen to have a copy of Stephen King's 'The Stand' to hand?

I'm writing an essay and there's a description in there that I'd like to use, which should be really easy to find, but I don't have my copy here at uni with me.

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I will actually love forever anyone who could possibly help me out here.
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poop poll--votes can be views but individual answers are private.
EDIT: okay the first one (when you open the bathroom door) is when you're done with your business and ready to carry on with your day. not for when you're feeling voyeuristic.

how long does it take you to poop? (from sit down to opening the bathroom door)

<30 seconds
<1 minute
<2 minutes
<3 minutes
<4 minutes
<5 minutes
5-10 minutes
11-20 minutes
21-39 minutes
kinda depends on what i ate

how often do you poop?

once every three days
every other day
once a day
twice a day
three times a day or more

reading material?

yes - newspaper
yes - magazine
yes - book
no i am a speed poop gold medalist, i don't need that shit

do you HONESTLY wash your hands everytime you poo?

no, but i like to lie and say yes
nope, i am in denial about the teeny tiny particles of poo!
no, and quit putting words in my mouth
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I'm googling like a fool, TQC, and I can't seem to find an answer.

I need one of these for my camera charger, because apparently I misplaced it. Ideally, I'd like to have one today so I can take some photos. However, I can't seem to find any other listings for this, or the same cord on Best Buy's website...is this something Radio Shack might have? Or that, if I walked into Best Buy with my camera charger and said "I need just a cord" they'd be able to help me? I really don't want to pay $40 for an entire charger because I have the little box for the battery...just not the cord. I don't even know what you'd call this cord really; do you? I've just been googling AC power cords and then looking at all the ends to see if any have that little two circle thing going on.

tl;dr: Why am I up before 6 am on my day off googling for power cords? How sad is my life? I should nap today, y/y?

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Have you ever attended a ball (not a prom, homecoming or other school dance)? What was it like? If you haven't attended one, would you?
When you get your hair styled, how long does it normally (for you) last until it's fucked up again?

Which TQC member is likely to be a celebrity-in-disguise?

No, I am not going to a ball any time soon, I'm merely curious.

Don't know or care, what should I do to get revenge on the humidity for fucking up my hair? Non-serious answers, obviously.

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Why are my nightmares always about a scary version of my mother?? 

Whats your favourite breed of dog?  cat?  
if you don't like dogs or cats what animal do you like?

I like labs :D  and theres one in my office right now. I love him <3

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How long would/could you stay in a committed, monogamous relationship without sex -- for the sake of the argument, let us say you and your SO have sex, on average, once every 2 or 3 months -- if:

you were only a few months into your relationship?

you'd been together a year?

you'd be together 5 years?

you were married?

you initially had a really good sex life, but it's dwindled down to nothing after that first year?

your SO gets of by him/herself all the time despite of (or possibly causing) the problems you guys have?

your SO spent all of his/her private time looking at porn instead?

We're assuming there is absolutely no cheating on either person's part.

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How many times do you think BP will fail before the oil disaster is under control?

If you don't care, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
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On a scale from 0 to 10 with 0 being sweet as pie and 10 being "fuck you and your mother and every child you have" how snotty would it be if I mailed the neighbor who can't play guitar a pair of headphones to plug into his amp?

What was the last snotty thing you did or said to someone?
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Do you ever correct peoples pronunciation or grammatical errors? How do you do it?

I have a friend who keeps saying things are "even worst" and I don't know if I should correct him or not. Same with a girl I know who keeps calling absinthe "absininthe"

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If you watched a movie and it was horrible (HORRIBLE) and then someone was telling you they were going to see it..would you tell them it was bad to warn them?
I got reemed out for this..  they can see the movie if they want whatever..but I'd wanna know beforehand if I'm gonna be wasting my money on it hah.

DK/DC do you run?

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So I like this guy. We've been chatting online for 5 years (no joke), but we only recently started hanging out in person as I only recently moved to his city. We've been going on dates throughout the month of May. We have amazing chemistry.He confessed his feelings for me 2 weeks ago. We haven't been physical because I told him I wanted to move slower.

I'm apprehensive to take things to the next level as he's moving literally to the other side of the world in mid September. Part of me is a firm believer in the whole "don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened" philosophy but the other half of me KNOWS that I'll get attached, thus making it hard for me when he leaves.

What would you do in my shoes? Would you go for it and have a whirlwind summer romance, or would you force yourself to just stay friends due to the in-the-near-future move?
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When was the last time you were in an awkward situation that YOU caused? Care to tell me about it?

I was eating breakfast with my parents today, and somehow, the topic of open relationships came up. My parents immediately started talking about how they never work, they're a load of crock, people who are in them are secretly miserable, etc., etc. And I had to go open my big mouth and say, "That's not true!" The next few minutes of conversation were rather...strained.

interview follow up

I had an interview 2 Fridays ago that went rather well. They contacted me the same day and scheduled a 2nd interview of sorts- a writing and design sample. I went to that on Thursday of last week. After we met for my samples, I emailed the them to her with a "if you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact me, blah blah I look forward to hearing from you about the position blah blah". Since it was a long holiday weekend, I expect to hear back from them by today or tomorrow about whether or not I got the job.

I am so anxious! Should I email her to follow up now, or wait until tomorrow/this evening? What should I say in the email?

I really want this job, I even had a dream I got it! Positive thinking in action...

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do you have any unusual beauty/personal care regimens? what are they?

for example, last night i combed olive oil through my hair, covered it with plastic wrap and a towel, and left it in for 2 hours before showering.

ETA: hopefully tomorrow i am buying these boots. what should i wear with them come fall?

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I am trying to ascertain from my housemate when he is going to be coming home with his girlfriend, so that I can better plan my day and clean up the house. He's being incredibly vague: "So what time do you think you'll be coming home?" "Dunno, we're sorting clothes now." "Okay, so later tonight since it's a seven hour drive and you obviously haven't left yet?" "Who knows?"  Is he being deliberately vague, TQC? Does vagueness piss you off as much as it pisses me off?

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Someone walks up to you and tells you that they would like to fuck you. Who of the following could this person be for you to consider this a compliment?

Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Salma Hayek
Scarlett Johannson
Zac Efron
George Clooney
Tina Fey
Johnny Depp
Will Ferrell
Sarah Jessica Parker
Shane MacGowan
none of these people
I would not feel complimented regardless of who said that to me.
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Hey TQC,

Someone on your Facebook friends list updates their status to the following:

[Name] just really didn't think you would [Album 4; Track 3] like that. However, in a bold departure from the vice I've come to be known for, I'm gonna [Album 3; Track 12].

Without knowing the artist their albums and track numbers correspond with, what would you guess the missing word(s) probably are?

And on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being extremely intrigued and 10 being on the brink of friend list deletion), how much does this sort of vague status update interest/annoy you?
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What are your thoughts on leggings being used as pants?

Be honest: does it bother/disgust you when not-so-skinny people wear leggings or tight clothing?

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DK/DC: How is your closet organized? By style? Color? Etc.

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have you ever moved cross-country? will you tell me about it?
did you drive your own vehicle? did you cram all of your things into it or did you ship things?
what other planning did you do?

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What do you like to do when it's just you and your SO and you have no plans for a little bit? Do you become couch potatoes and watch tv/play video games? Do you go on a walk? Do you snort a mountain of coke and then have lots and lots of wild sex? WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM?

I just made a really great salad, and then made the mistake of putting a really crappy dressing on it which turned the whole thing really blah and unappetizing. What is blah about your day?

Should I walk down to the library to return the book I borrowed? It's 3.5 miles, but I like walking and I have absolutely nothing else to do today. The only thing is that I sunburn easily, but I have sunscreen and an umbrella.

TQC, what are you doing? I am really bored. Are you as bored as I am? EDIT: Will you use this post to just talk about whatever? WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND?

I don't know how to phrase this...

but I'm going to try my best. Asking if you think someone can be born geared toward a subculture sounds silly, but that was the original question. I think my mind is trying to ask this:

Do you think a person can be born with such a personality that they will eventually enter a certain subculture or is that a learned trait?

If you have any experiences with this please explain.
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Do people still break into cars to steal cds? A while ago all three of my cd binders went missing from my car. My car was very very messy so I didn't notice they were gone for a while. I don't remember ever seeing signs of a break-in, but they seem to have completely disappeared. Stealing cds seems like such a 90s crime, but I don't know where else they could have gone. Could they have been stolen? If not, where could they be???
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I planted 8 sunflowers and 2 have survived. One has bloomed and then the bloom has died. The other is blooming this week. What do I do with them after the blooms die? Cut them off? How do I ensure that these flowers live to see another springtime? Apparently sunflowers are annuals.

What are some flowers I can plant that will bloom every year without me having to do much to them?
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What's a movie that you're embarrassed/ashamed to say you haven't seen? (or if you don't get embarrassed/ashamed, then one you've been scolded for not having seen?)

Me: Any of the Godfathers or any of the Austin Powers films

Sex music poll

In the 80s, whenever a movie had a sex scene, they would play the requisite saxophone solo. That's how you knew that things were going to lead to nookie; when the jazz sax became audible. Someone about jazz sax = STICK IT IN ME! If there had to be one musical instrument that was to be played whenever you had sex, what would that instrument be?

Sax (everybody else is doing it and it's spelled so close to 'sex')
Kettle drum (my bedroom sessions involve a lot of rhythm and some occasional charging/beating hasty retreats)
Electric guitar (I fuck like a rock&roll god/goddess)
Accoustic guitar (I'm totally indie under the covers, and there's a lot of unplugged feeling involved)
Kazoo (sometimes the sex is silly, but it's uniquely my own way of doing it)
Air guitar (lot of solo sessions with nary a partner in sight)
Piano (classy, elegant, sophisticated debauchery)
Cowbell (sometimes the music just flows through me and I pound it out at my own pace)
Tuba (in bed, I'm slow and clumsy)
Harmonica (I can do some amazing tricks with my lips...either set)
Accordion (sex with me is an acquired taste but quite enjoyable once you understand it)
Alpenhorn (making love with me is an odd thing and there's usually cough drops or sheep present)
Bass guitar (the lower octaves are just sexy and make your teeth rattle, which is how I get my sex on)
Harp (angelic, blissful, and pure. This means that I abstain from sex, my thoughts being more sacred than profane)

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I am a good driver. I have never been in an accident that was my fault (someone clipped the tail end of my old car, causing me to spin off the road) and the only ticket I've ever got was a $10 parking ticket when I had to park on the street while I was working and the employee lot was full of customers, I exceeded the 4 hour limit.

Anyway, how come everyone around me are such horrible drivers?
Have you noticed this?

Today alone I was cut off 4 times and people cut in front of me at highway speeds without even signaling.

Will you use this post to bitch about the world's shitty drivers?

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Do you ever feel like you are being left out of the loop?   You know, like you aren't in the circle of trust, but you thought that you were? 

Sometimes at work I feel that way because I'm still kind of new here.    I do, however, trust my co-workers to include me when it is necessary so....I guess the topics of their conversations don't have to do with my job.

Am I just paranoid?
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First of the Month

Did you ever play 'Rabbit Rabbit'?  I heard somewhere that it's good luck if the first words you say on the first of the month were 'rabbit rabbit'. 

I did it for YEARS until one day I remembered to say it and my grandfather died the next day.

What were the first words you said today?  Who did you say them to?

Mine: "Oh, hey. Haha, yeah."  In response to the bus driver teasing me about almost tripping going up the steps.

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I have to work Saturday as overtime. Usually I would bring my laptop from home and watch TV through that to get through the day (I only have to stay on site as the key holder, I'm not needed for anything else).
Problem is my laptop screen got ruined yesterday cause of my clumsiness and won't be collected for repair till Sunday so now my Saturday looks even more boring than usual.

Suggestions on how to fill my time? Internet access is limited, but links of interesting things to read would be appreciated too!
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So, here's the deal. I bought a pot roast on sale yesterday, and it needed to go in the pot at 4 to be done by when we usually eat dinner. I had everything I needed but a can of tomato sauce, BUT I had a can of spaghetti sauce. I basically used the can of spaghetti sauce and watered it down a bit with two small cans of beef broth.

It's already done, so it's just a matter of seeing how things work out, but what do you think? will this be gross or okay?
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So, my idiot cats just stole the bag containing the frog food and ate some of the little pellets. I think the pellets are dried bloodworms. Anyways,

Are my idiot cats going to die? What would possess them to try and eat frog food? They have enough food of their own!
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I'm gonna be living on a boat over the summer and want to buy a travel guitar to take with me. This probably won't change my decision to get one, but I was wondering, do you know if (or how much) it would affect the guitar being around salt water? I know not to try dunking the thing in the ocean, but would the salt water in the air get to it much?
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If you went to college, how did you pick which one you went to? Gut feeling? Finances? Location?

I chose Purdue because it stole my heart when I walked on campus. It just happened to be in state.

I can't seem to decide on an art school, though. There's only two in the area and the one that I think I might really, really like is expensive for a school without room & board (~$23,000 per year). If I'm going to pay that much I might as well go to Rice or University of Texas. =/ I'm nervous and I'm not sure why.

idgaf: What's your favorite Disney movie of all time? It doesn't have to be one of the 2d animation movies.

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I always had this question that may seem silly and ridiculous, but I've always go back and forth about this.

So, how much do you think a college professor is allowed to ridicule and almost belittle a student when they "deserves" it?

I always had friends that say it's ok to yell and chastise a student (when they deserve it) because it's a respect thing. I've seen professors completely yell at a student from across the room.

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1. If you could commit an illegal act know you wouldn't be caught, would you? What illegal act would you commit?

2. Do unicorns poop rainbows or glitter?

3. What is your favorite mythical animal?

4. What is something most people don't know about you?

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When people are asked what their favorite animal is and they respond with "Dolphin" or girls get dolphin/butterfly/flower tattoos, do you tend to think they're silly? Do you think Dolphins are overrated?

Different question now... if I said my favorite childhood movie was Wizard of OZ, would you think I was silly?

What was your favorite childhood movie?

Window air conditioners

I want to get a window a/c in the bedroom, but our windows are weird. They're kind of like this. The frame is plastic and our walls are concrete/plaster, and there's no ledge or anything; it's just a straight drop down ten storeys. When I look up from the balcony, I can see that other people have them! How the eff did they do it?? Do I have to build a frame or something? How do I anchor that to the window? (It also has to be super sturdy because the windows are at floor level and I have a baby learning to crawl.) Should I attempt the a/c, or just get a of couple fans and keep the windows open and hope for the best? It's already been so hot in here that none of us could sleep.

tl;dr How can I get a window a/c in the type of frame linked above?
dk/dc What do you do to keep cool when it's super hot?
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So on my massive list of things to do is to learn all the names of the people who live on my floor. I've never seen most of them so I thought of having a sort of block party, more of a floor party, and just putting invites on people's doors. I would lock up all my valuables and have no alcohol. What do you think? Bad idea/good idea? How to go about this? Scrap the party idea and just go door to door asking people's names? I don't want to be best friends with them...

A party would be a considerable amount of work because the people on my floor vary widely in age(there's a 50 year age gap between me and my next door neighbor), language barriers, and schedules, so I'm worried it would end up just being me and the weird cat lady down the hall.

Note: I've been living here just over a year.
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So, today I royally fucked up on Priceline and accidentally booked a non-refundable flight out of Chicago instead of an airport near me (Chicago is 4 hours away). I fly out at 6:00am, and back in at 4:50pm. Basically this face -> D:

Should I take the bus to Chicago the day before (Megabus, should be under $15 each way) and just sleep at the airport until my flight? Then when I got back, I'd have to spend the night in a hotel ($70) or risk trying to get to a hostel from airport at midnight (does this sound sketchy)? I'd have to deal with public transit. With this plan I also get to spend a day in Chicago, and I've never been there. TOTAL = ~$130 (+ possible cab fare in case of emergency)

Or should I just drive (at night), park my car there ($117 total in the cheapest lot + $40 gas for both ways), and not worry about it? TOTAL = ~$160

With the first plan, I have to rely on somebody else to drive me to the bus stop, and also I'd have to crash at their place for a night. I'd prefer not to ask such a favor since the only people I can ask to do this are coworkers and idk awkward!

ETA: NM, I was able to cancel it for $40, unfortunately the new flight is like $200 more but whatever >:(

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Should I save the $100 my parents gave me or should I use approximately $40 of it to take my boyfriend to dinner tomorrow night?

If it influences your decision I currently make less money than I spend but am not broke, per se, because I have savings.
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In a few months I'm applying to be a camp counselor and they ask for one reference who can vouch for your ability to work with children.

For the past two summers I have worked for short periods of time as a carer for a family who have a daughter with cerebal palsy. It's casual work, and the mother used to work with my mother, which is how I got the "job". They usually contact me in about April or May to arrange work for the next summer. I was going to ask her to be my reference, but they have not contacted me to work for them this summer, which means they have most likely asked someone else. As far as I know, we are still on good terms, she might possibly think I'm not available this summer, although I did tell her about 8 months ago that I would be.
I don't really have anyone else who would be as good a reference in relation to child experience, although I have other people I could ask for general references.

Should I contact her anyway and ask her to be my reference, or should I try to find someone else?

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I bought a filing cabinet for all of our grown-up super important papers. They've just been laying about in piles until now.

How should I organize this thing?
If you have something similar, what categories do you have in there?


Are you drinking it?

If so what are you drinking?

Do you like absinth?
(its like death to me)
Do you like Agwa?
(ach I love it)
I am drinking Rum and its 6.40 pm where I am right now

Little Adventures

What's a little adventure I can do on Friday during the day and/or night? It's quite cold and wet at the moment if it matters. I'll have access to a car, but not much money. I'd be doing this with my boyfriend, or possibly one of my female friends.
What's the best book you were ever forced to read at school?
Does anyone here run a IP.Board forum, particularly the newest update/version?

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TQC, what the fuck happened to my bike?

i started biking to the bus today and i noticed a squeaking sound. then on my way outta work i looked down at the back wheel and saw that it's... crooked or something! once a rotation it rubs the break without me breaking. i can't think of anything that's happened to it except that i didn't realize how flat the tires were until a few days ago. but when i did i left it at my friend's until yesterday when i rode it 4 minutes to the bike shop to fill up the tires.


what would you rather have, a cruiser bike or a mountain bike? what are your reasons?

(my dad says cruiser bikes are harder to ride even on flat ground and thinks I'll wish I had a bike with speeds. I however think I'll be fine, but would still like your opinions).
I &lt;3 TLV

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Have you ever listened to music that you hadn't listened to in a really long time? How did it make you feel? I'm listening to music that I used to listen to a lot around 10 years ago and it's making me feel weird. I like the music a lot, though, so it's a good weird.
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Do you have a WordPress.org account? If so, which web host do you use? If you're willing to say how much it costs per month, that would be great. How much bandwidth do they give you, too, and do you find this sufficient for your purposes?

Orrr will you just use this post to talk about your blog/website? Whee!
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TQC, I need to get my flabby ass in shape. Any suggestions for starting an exercise routine? Right now I'm a little limited in what I can do (no access to a gym ATM) and my rather hilly neighborhood isn't really good for running or biking.

I have goals, but IDK how to reach them

What's your exercise routine?

Thanks guys! :) Any tips for working up to running 1.5 miles in 15min? My best mile back in HS was 9min. =/

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if you could have a power of one of the X-Men, what would you want?

i would want Gambit's kinetic energy. there are so many times at work i wish i could just blow up my computer so i could have a break. plus Gambit is my favorite and i'd be a total badass.

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So, tqc, I've got a job interview on thursday to work at Wet Seal. Have any of you ever worked there? how was the experience? The pay?
If not, what did you have for dinner?
I fixed a nice pasta/shrimp thing

Three unrelated questions

1. Are there any phrases that just set you off? As in, someone says a certain phrase and you just become incensed? Why?

2. Is there a certain medium of animation (classic cel animation, CGI, clay-mation, stop-motion, flip books, etc) that you particularly enjoy or dislike?

3. Have you ever been hit on by a creeper? Will you tell me about it?

(no subject)

What's you favorite thing to make when there isn't much food in the house and you don't feel like going shopping?

What's your preferred social networking site?

What's your Facebook/Myspace status?

(no subject)

I got carded buying a bottle of vodka last night. I showed the clerk my license and he looked at it and said, "There's no way you're 26. You're too short to be 26."

I'm 5'2".

What's the last weird thing someone said to you?

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We have an issue. My SO's niece's 10th birthday is tomorrow. We are a terrible aunt and uncle and forgot. She lives 2 states away.

What should we do?
Are there any online gift certificates that we could buy and have her use?

I feel crappy about this.
I &lt;3 TLV

English Muffins

Do you like English Muffins? What are you favorite non-meat/egg things to eat on them (cheesy ideas are fine, I have Daiya =D)? I've recently discovered that I love them, and so far I've tried Earth Balance, jam, Tofutti cream cheese, and have turned them into mini pizzas. Any other yummy suggestions for ways to eat them?

(no subject)

Have any of you guys worked at Wegmans? If so, could you tell me about it? What you did/didn't like about it, what the environment was like, etc. I just got a call from them about setting up an interview for an overnight stock position and I'm curious. I've been reading reviews on sites like Glassdoor, but I'd rather hear it directly.

DK/DC: What was the best job you ever had? Define "best" however you want -- coolest, highest paying, best benefits, most fun, whatever.

(no subject)

I noticed a "Moonlight" stamp while browsing DeviantART. Does anyone remember that show (it's really not old... though)?

Did you like it?

When you look at this show and then the Twilight series, which emerges as the best?


What were you favorite 90's cartoons?


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tqc i went out and bought a sketchbook, conte pencils, and a kneaded eraser and i drew for the first time in 6 years. i drew my hand. what should i draw in the days to come?

what do you like to do/are good at doing, but rarely do?

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What are some extreme lies you told as a child?

I used to lie super hardcore as a child. I can't remember most of them but the biggest one I told was during a bomb threat at school I told my teacher I wasn't scared because I had been held at gunpoint before.

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My aunt made up this crazy story about driving me to school every day of Kindergarten. Then gave me a key chain with what she says are real diamonds inside. (She said to take out the diamonds and put them into something)

Can I bring these to any jeweler to see if they're real? Should I bring them to more than one?
What would you do if someone was telling you a totally fake story about your childhood?
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Seriously shitty day and I can't get rid of this nauseous feeling.

What's the funniest picture/video/.gif thing you've seen latley?
What about ever?
What always makes you laugh?
Will you post something funny please?

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Your car is plummeting off of a bridge. The impact doesn't kill/hurt you. You are conscious as your car sinks into the water. The temperature of the water is moderate and there is no concern of hyperthermia.

Is it better to open your window as to have an immediate escape? (Can the vacuum/rush of water be fatal?)
Or keep them close in hope that once the car stops sinking, you can break then window and swim out and up?

Do you have a strong fear of driving over water?

Do you play out emergency escape scenarios in your head regularly?


My birthday is soon and I will be making several cakes. I am making one this weekend, one next week to take to work, and possibly another if I can talk my friend into having a party. I have like 20 lbs of flour I need to use up, so I will not be buying cake mix. What kind of cakes should I make?

Should not have coconut, b/c I hate that in my cake.
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Have you ever bought an item that was on an infomercial? What was it?

I love everything on infomercials, idk why. I have bought an emery cat board, a snuggie for my grandpa for fathers day and a pizzazz which is THE SHIT.

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So I'm getting one of these babies.

What is the greatest puppy name ever for this little ball of cotton?

I was thinking about naming him/her Shady Grove after the awesome folk song, but I think my boyfriend might laugh at me.

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I'm hoping someone has seen this...a while back I watched a movie/documentary on one of those history/a&e type channels. I think it was about global warming type stuff, it had commentary and such by "expert" but the main focus was following the life of one girl/woman into the future. It was animated, beautifully.
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 my boyfriend has played video games all day long today. we live an hour away from eachother during the summer so we normally call eachother every night before bed.

i call him and he doesn't stop playing his game, but he talks to me and genuially seems interested in what i have to say.

do i have a reason to be bothered by this? he doesn't understand why i'm annoyed he didnt stop the game to talk to me for a few minutes. (he says he can still play and talk at the same time. =/ ) how can i explain to him? 

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So, basically, me and my friend, lets call them Borris, fell out a few months ago and then became friends with the biggest bitch on the planet but its kinda blantes that Borris doesn't like her. Earlier today, Borris texted me asking if we can talk to each other again and be friends, I said yes because I am always forgiving and believe in second chances. But somehow it all seems to good to be true, i feel like this could be a trick and the bitch could be behind it all since or maybe Borris finds this amusing. I should also mention that I am a very Paranoid person.

What do you guys think? Is it for real?


soundtrack of the summer.

well, spring's just about over, and summer is coming.
for some people (like me), this means a new playlist or mixtape for those lovely sunny days.

for your playlist this season, what song or songs are absolutely necessary to make it feel like summer?

i ask partly because i'm looking for some new music t listen to. some of mine this summer: the strokes' "someday"; all time low's "the party scene"; the blackout's "murder in the make believe ballroom"; the maine's cover of def leppard's "pour some sugar on me"; paper route's "tiger teeth"; the academy is...'s "skeptics and true believers", &others...
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