May 31st, 2010


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I'm leaving school in three weeks after this holiday and I can't wait :)

How did you feel when you left school? Did you ever get told that 'School is the best days of your life' ? Also, If your British, what GCSE's did you get?
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Do you ever suffer from buyer's remorse?

What was the last thing that you dropped a hefty (by your own definition) chunk of change for? Any second thoughts about it? How's that working out for you?
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The cutest porn star I've ever seen in my life

I friended him on MySpace, but I just adore him. I'm trying to decide if it would be too much to message him and be like:

"Hey I just thought you were really cute, and you seem nice too. I'd like to get to know you. Text me whenever =)
Plus, he's got awesome tattoos I'd like to ask about.

I hope that's not too creepy, since although I have done creepier things, creepy things are amplified when you do them over the internet. Should I do it?

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My father, brother, and sister are going to the town I used to live in and where my cousin currently lives to go sailing with my cousin. I can't go because of work but I want them to bring me a sandwich from my old job, Schlotzsky's Deli. How can they transport this sandwich and have it make the 6 hour journey? I'm thinking cooler plus ice, but I don't want it getting wet from the melting ice.
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Do you buy extended warranties (or Standard Protection Plans) for your devices, which ones?
If so, do you also purchase accidental damage plans?
I used to buy them for pretty much all my electronics, but I've only used them for a computer and an iPod, all the other warranties expired without use.

I'm going to save up this summer to buy a new computer before the next school year starts but I'm wondering if I should factor in money to buy an extended warranty and an accidental damage plan.  What do you think TQC?
Minchin hmm?

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How many cats do you have?

No cats.
One cat.
More than one cat.

Have you ever noticed that most people who have cats have more than one? Or do I just know a lot of crazy cat people?

How does this make sense, given cats are supposedly solitary and territorial animals?
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What is a really good show to watch that is on netflix, hulu, etc? I'm running out of shows to watch while I work :[.
I watch things like Weeds, Dexter, CSI, etc.

What are things that keep you awake when you are trying to stay up?
Coffee hurts my stomach so I drink red bulls, five hour energys and I smoke menthols.
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Anyone here have an LG Neon? Thoughts on it? I wanted a decent texting phone since I can't afford to keep my iPhone (if anyone is interested in getting one for a reasonable price, let me know) and it looks pretty good, especially for the price.
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I know I'm not moving into my dorm for another few months, but still, what sorts of things should I decorate my dorm with? I am open to anything you throw at me. I'm going to have a single if that matters.

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How would you react in the following scenario?

At work one day, your manager (of whom you are very fond) approaches you and tells you that she and some others were hoping that you and a certain coworker would get together. (Assume you and said coworker are single.)

This happened to me today and I'm a little... "o.o."
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I managed to fuck up my thumb pretty bad the other day, between bagging papers and carrying a book at an awkward angle. I have taken either advil, ibuprofen, or aleve alternating, and they help some but aren't knocking it out all together. I have a doctor's appt on Thursday to deal with it. Would it kill me to take half of a two year old vicodin, so I can sleep?

DK/DC: What is your number one pain killer? What has been your biggest source of physical pain?

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For people who have successfully quit smoking, do you still get an odd craving for a cigarette every once in a while? I haven't smoked in 4.5 years and I know I will never smoke again but sometimes I want one. I don't really want to smoke it but I miss the whole ritual. I miss pulling one out of the pack, the smell of fresh tobacco, lighting the cigarette, holding it in my hand.

Some randoms...

Have you ever faked an orgasm, or would you ever? Under what circumstances did or would you?

What are some of your favorite TV shows to watch reruns of?

When perusing TQC, what do you look for? (certain types of questions, your favorite users, lots of comments, not a lot of comments, drama, or just answering what ever is there?)
Also, do you tend to read the comments or just the questions?

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I have a slight dilemma. This guy who I am very good friends with always hits on me but he has a girlfriend. When I bring this up he mentions how much he really dislikes her and how he's only with her because he doesn't want to leave her alone right now because she's all alone and she's on medication and he's paying for it. I always tell him that it's her own problem and even though its valiant, to leave her ass if he doesn't love her. He won't. I'm catching feelings. Hard. Have any advice?

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my friend was telling me about a sex position that requires like 10 or more people called THE MACHINE. she explained how it is set up but i wasn't paying attention. i tried to look it up online but found nothing. does anyone know what it is?

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one of my 'friends' won't stop posting ayn rand quotes. I hate her with a passion. I won't hide his statuses because I like reading the ridiculous, ignorant, fucked up quotes his friends come up with in response. Do you like ayn rand? Can you tell me why you love or hate her?
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This is for all my fellow Canadians.  Who's are some people, who are somewhat well known in Canada but definitely a nobody outside of Canada?  Like along the lines of Carla Collins.

DK/DC - What do you think about Blue comedy?

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What is the biggest lie you've ever told? Did you get caught?

What are some shows similar to House Hunters? I'm bored at work and have watched all of them on Hulu but want more house-hunting goodness.
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ok i was playing final fantasy 13 and two characters have australian accents... and none of the other characters notice. but there can't possibly be any other australian-sounding people around because these 2 characters from a different planet that has been uninhabited for hundreds of years.

are accents just a social construct that doesn't really exist?


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In honor of memorial day and all:

What are the best toppings for a hot dog?

What is the best dessert at a cookout?

What is the best beer on a hot day?

How warm does it need to be to get you into a pool?
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Have you ever been fired from your job? How did you handle it?

It just happened to me and I have been feeling like absolute shit...I'm 18 and it was just a waitressing job, but I feel like it's the end of the world. :(
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Anyone know where I can buy a moka pot (stovetop espresso maker)? I know they sell them at Cost Plus World Market, but I don't have one near me. I have a Target and other generic stores, don't want to buy online.

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On Friday I had to go to the hospital (I was vomiting and dehydrated and couldn't keep anything in me).

I'm not usually a wimp about this type of stuff, but when she put the IV in*, it really, really really fucking hurt. She put it on the thumb side of my wrist, right on top of the bone.

Even now, it's bruised around the site, but the thing is, it's sore running up the inside of my arm and down my thumb.

Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Call the doctor?
I've only had an IV once before.

*edited fro my screw up.

Why were you in the hospital last?

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Say you live with a sibling who is married and has a child.  He/she goes on to buy a home in another city that isn't commuteable for work..while failing to find a job in that city.  You want to move somewhere else but as your sibling is paying mortgage on that house you are stuck helping with rent on the place you are living in currently so that he can continue with his job, you don't because it'll screw them over.   Do you give him notice and move out since it was their decision to buy a home elsewhere without a secured job?  Do you stick it out until they find a job out there? 
What would you do if you were the sibling.. sell the house?  suck it up and get a job that isn't as good?

DK/DC Would you sacrifice location for cost or size of the place you live in?  me not really hah.

would you refuse to move in with your SO if they live or want to live in a location you don't like?  maybe..

DK/DC me with straight hair..not as cool as fro/curls..y/y?  :P

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Got my dog from the shelter a year ago, and so far we've never had to clip his nails. They never grew, they're just little hard stubs at the end of his paws. Anyone else have that happen?

dk/dc: When you read book reviews on, do you pay more attention to the 5 stars or 1 stars?
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My boyfriend and I are house-sitting for his parents this weekend. We found a tub of frozen daiquiri mix that has never been opened, so it's still very much vacuumed sealed. It expired in 2005. TQC, how sick will it make us if we're dumb enough to have some?

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When I buy things at the grocery store, I tend to buy things for meals and end up not buying any snack type stuff.

My SO tends to look for things to heat up for snack type things. So, what things can I buy and stick in the freezer or refrigerator for him to snack on?

Bonus points if they're on the healthier or not completely junk side of things.

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Some of the other people living in my apartment have a pet tarantula. They fed the tarantula some crickets yesterday, but the spider hasn't eaten all of them yet and they've been making cricket noises almost constantly since then.

TQC, how do I make the tarantula eat its lunch?
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Backing Up Hard Drive

SO I'm getting a new hard drive for my laptop in a few days and need to back everything up off of it so I can put it on the new one. Whats the easiest way to do this? Should I just buy an external, use a program, have someone else do it for me?

Its about 200 GB of stuff probably less.

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This might be weird but I have to ask it. My boyfriend's penis is 5.5 inches in girth (I made him measure, ha) and it hurts like hell. Now, considering he's the only guy I've been with I'm not sure if, say we don't end up together, I'm in for a world of pain (if that's average) or perhaps I should consult Dear Abby. So I guess my question is, is that big?

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If you borrowed a book from a friend, and then can't find it when you want to return it to them.. would you buy another and give it to them while telling them that you can't find the original?  or would you just buy them a new one and pretend it was the same one if it was in similar condition when they gave it to you? 

Has anybody ever had jaw surgery for TMJ?  if so.. how bad was it and are you back to normal now (chewing or what not)?

I might need jaw surgery and I'm afraid I wont be able to play trumpet anymore..
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last night, i dreamt that one of my friends came to visit me and they tried to kiss me. it didn't happen, but in the dream i'd really wanted it to. for reasons that are too tl;dr for this post, the past few days had had me wondering if there were feelings there, and now this dream just makes me more confused.

TQC, have you ever found your dreams to be prophetic or profoundly revealing in that way? did you ever realize something about yourself or someone else based on a dream you had?

Degree choice

I need to make a solid decision on what I want to do in school but I am really stuck. TQC, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

I've worked in technical support for 6 years now. I have a lot of great experience, mostly love what I do and IT generally pays well. Having a degree in it would solidify my knowledge and finding a good paying job in a comfortable office environment wouldn't be too hard. I will be able to have a higher quality of living but may get sick of it.

I'm also interested in social work - I enjoy working with people and helping people. I start classes for this next semester, but I know a degree in this is probably never going to land me a job that pays more than enough to pay the bills. I may enjoy this more but the quality of living would be lower.


What four books from this list should I buy?

Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link
Trash Sex Magic by Jennifer Stevenson
Air:Or, Have Not Have by Geoff Ryman
P:A Novel by Andrew Con
The Other Nineteenth Century by Avram Davidson
Somebody Come and Play by Clare McNally
The New Weird by Ann VanderMeer
Suicide Girls In The Afterlife Gina Ranalli(Not connected to the pop pornsite)
The Digging Leviathan by James P. Blaylock
Extraordinary Engines:The Definitive Steampunk Anthology edited by Nick Gevers
The Worm Ouroboros by E.R. Eddison
Jurgen by James Branch Cabell

and of these two audio books, which one should I get?:

Invisible by Steve Rasnic Tem
Eat the Dark by Joe Schreiber
is a beaut

i saw it on tv.

which one of these personality traits do you feel you possess most prominently?

openness (you are receptive to new ideas, very creative, make abstract links between things/think of things other people wouldn't, open minded, daydreamy)
conscientiousness (you are organised, strategic, hard working, forward planning)
extroversion (you are an optimist, attracted to social, stimulating experiences, a thrill seeker, energetic)
agreeableness (you are empathetic, concerned greatly for others and their feelings, easily form bonds with others)
neuroticism (you are easily made anxious and tense, sensitive (especially to threats), worry often)
i have absolutely none of these traits even slightly more than any others (annoying option)
this is rubbish

which trait do you possess the least of? (does that sentence even make sense)

i have absolutely none of these traits even slightly less than any others (annoying option)
this is still rub

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I read on the Prevention website that when trying to lose weight, you should avoid gum because what most people don't know is that when you chew gum, you swallow air, which causes you to bloat and make extra used space in your GI tract. What's the dumbest thing you've heard/read lately?

ETA: This so was not supposed to be an omg plz discuss gum post.

If you dk/dc, I just had a craving for shrimp ramen, what's something you haven't had in a while and want right now?
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I know there's been research on aspirin lowering heart rate, but everytime I've taken something with aspirin in it, my heart rate increases and I start trembling. I have a high tolerance to pain killers in general, but all others without aspirin do not cause any reaction. (From Tylonel up to Dilaudid in potency).
Is this an allergy or just a bad reaction?
Do any of you suffer from medication allergies? Which and what happens?

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Do any of your friends excessively complain about being single?
One of my friends acts like he NEEDS to be in a relationship, so he complains every single time he's single. His last FB status was telling all the ~ladies~ that he's single now, and his MSN status seriously says "Dude...I haven't gotten any since my birthday..."

Why does he think anyone cares when the last time he had sex was?
What do your friends obsess/complain about?

ETA: LOL he just updated his FB with this:
"Dude for real. It's almost like I'm ugly or something..hahaha"
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I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets again and was noticing on the inside of the front cover that it was signed as a gift from my parents to myself in 1999. And it occurred to me that that means I've been a fan of Harry Potter for over 10 years and that seems kind of wow to me. I know there are manymany others, but I was curious to see how long other people have been a fan. To those of you who have been a fan before the books became wildly popular how did you hear about Harry Potter?

When DID they become wildly popular? The first book was published in 1997 in the UK... I remember my friend reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 1999 and I was asking her about it. That was before he was really popular and she was like, "it's okay..." and I had no idea about it. 11 years later and I'm still reading through the series, but I don't know if I only ever picked it up when everyone else did, too.

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Does anyone have suggestions for how to stop nail biting?

I've tried putting nasty tasting nail polish on and clear nail polish as well. I bite through. I've also tried doing something with my hands so I won't have the urge, but I wind up doing it anyway, sometimes without realizing right away.

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I'm going to get my phone upgraded tomorrow, what phone should I get? Fyi, it's for Sprint.

If you were going on a trip for an indefinite amount of time and aside from clothing could only bring 3 items with you, what would they be?
If you could have anyone in the world over for dinner, who would it be/why?

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I've been looking for a relatively non-judgmental gym for awhile, and I got a coupon for Curves. I'm actually intergendered, raised as a female, in the process of becoming male, but I pass as female. Would it be unethical for me to go to this gym? Would I be taking advantage of my situation?

Updated: I think I'm gonna go to the Y tomorrow and see if I can get a scholarship or something. It was my first choice anyway, it just costs too much.

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Should I buy the Kick-Ass sequels as individual comics or wait for the trade?

What was your favourite/least favourite part of the movie?

What was your favourite/least favourite part of the comic?

What did you think of the differences?

Movie Soundtracks

Do  you like listening to movie soundtracks? I mean the kind that has the background instrumental music.

I like the soundtracks from Pandorum and The Book of Eli, but I want to find more good ones. I tend to prefer the creepy/intense music.

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For those of you who have been between jobs/unemployed/working part time and in search of a full-time job, how do you handle criticism of your situation? As in people making comments suggesting you are lazy or about how they'd enjoy to have as much free time as you do?

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I have a Bell pay as you go cell phone. I have had so many issues with Bell I'm sick of them. What would happen if I left my phone at say a -$50 balance and just got a new phone? Would I get a bad credit rating? How do credit ratings even work? Would it REALLY be a big deal if I didn't pay my balance? (For the record, it's only at -$31)

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TQC doctors, I'm having a helluva time trying to find the answer on the internet and I'm going crazy over it.  My friend has warts on her legs and hands and she slept in my bed.  Is there a chance that I may get them, too?

DK/DC/You think I'm stupid: What is the best book you've read recently?
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If you knew the man you grew up with wasn't your biological father and you knew where your bio-dad was and how to get in contact with him would you?

If you were the bio-dad would you get in contact with your child?

Text me!

When you text do you use proper spelling?
Do it bother you when people don't?
If you're texting someone and you have a character limit, do you go through and erase the ands to replace them with ampersands (&)?

Harry Potter fans

I'm rereading the series right now, and just wondering. Those of you who read Harry Potter...

Which book is your favorite? Deathly Hallows
Who are your favorite characters? Fred and George, Molly, and Bellatrix. 
What one thing do you hope they leave in the seventh movie? "Not my daughter you bitch!'"
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It's normal to be so frustrated with my future college, in that I'm trying to view my student account, but they have me running in circles to sign in to the account for the first time, right?

Will you tell the class how your school is ridiculous?

Edit: Oh! Did you have to take a placement test? What test(s), and what was your program/major etc? 

Edit II:  Do the Flyers often play the opening of the Phantom of the Opera when they get on the ice?
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Do you have any questions for other members of TQC, but there just never seemed to be a good time to ask? If so, ask them here.

dk/dc/are subtlesphinx: What was the last lie you told? Saying you've never told one counts.
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I just signed up for a free month of Netflix, and I'm in the mood for a documentary tonight. Help me decide which one, TQC?

Poll #1572555 Documentaries

Which documentary should I watch this evening?

Born into Brothels
Man on Wire
Food, Inc.
We Live in Public
A Brief History of Time
Oh hay thar


I just commented a kinda-sorta friend with, "I BET IT'S LUPUS LOL" to someone whining about being sick to find out that they actually have Lupus. How do I remedy this?
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In NY, does a Class D learner permit invalidate a Class DJ permit?

I'm taking my road test on Wednesday, and I can't find my learner permit. D: I still have my original permit that I got when I was sixteen (my Class DJ permit), and it says it's valid until 2013, but I can't find the one that the DMV sent me in the mail when I turned 18 (my Class D permit). I tried looking on the NYS DMV website but I can't find the answer. Will I still be able to take my road test?

Nevermind, I found it. Of course, as soon as I ask the internet about it.

Did you pass your road test the first time? Any horror stories?
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TQC, I'm visiting my neighbor's dog (a 25 lb dachshund) while they're out of her fresh water and walking her a couple of times a day. The husband is home, he just has a crazy work schedule, and is feeding the dog. She stays outdoors, where she has a dogloo under an extension of their house. We're about to get hit with a really bad storm, and will be hit with another one soon after...should I bring the dog to my house and keep her in my garage? I have a spare crate and blanket from Chiquita.

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So, after seeing the pic/reading her situ, should I bring her over to my house?

edit: the only reason she'd have to stay in my garage is that a) she stinks really bad and b) my dog is extremely dog aggressive and will go after her :[

editx2: it passed over us, and only sprinkled a bit. the thunder never came closer :)
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Five-Finger Feet Evangelists

I was in a local online forum where someone wanted to start working out and asked for shoe recommendations...said he was "a big guy" and that just walking in regular shoes hurts his legs so he was looking for a good place in town to get fitted for walking/running shoes. No surprise to me that the Vibram Five Finger people jumped right in and started preaching about how their lives have changed since they got the Wonder Unshoes.

Is anyone else getting awfully tired of waiting for the Five Finger Wave of Glory to be over?
I <3 TLV

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I want to bake cookies that have maple syrup in the recipe. I'm out of real maple syrup, but I have the fake corn syrup maple-flavored stuff. Would that work? How would it affect the cookies if I used it instead?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

an adjective

This has been on the tip of my tongue all day. What's a word or phrase meaning when you cook without really looking at a recipe or bothering to measure? Like "laidback" except referring to someone's cooking style.

Pleaseee don't tel me, "A pinch of this, a dash of that." Thank you!

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Do you wear makeup/beauty products on a regular basis?
If so, what's your can't-live-without product, or what would you recommend to someone who's just starting to get into a beauty routine?
screen clean

a lot of things that SHOULD piss me off, don't. and then things like this do.

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edit: also if it counts for anything, we had a conversation earlier that week where he said "i'm going to need a haircut for that job interview" and i said "good thing you have someone that will give you an awesome cut for free!"

i guess what i'm asking, tqc, is...

am i justified in having the feelings of betrayal, or am i super over-reacting?

should i bring it up again and tell him how much it bothers me, or should i just shut up and hope the feeling passes eventually?
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What are your three best features?
Nice rack, great hair, and adorable little southern accent.

What are your three worst?
Mouth worse than a sailor, less than stellar ass, and extremely knobby knees.

What are you doing this very minute?
Chatting on FB and AIM, watching It Takes Two, writing my chem report, and writing this question.
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In regards to this post warning - animal cruelty

Do you believe that keeping a cat indoors is cruel or not?

I've had several cats over the years & I keep them indoors. My current cat has never been out and untill I live in a house in the middle of nowhere, that's where he's going to say. I know this way he's somewhat safer. Especially considering the traffic & sickos around here that have been cutting off cats tails.

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My sister is wondering what to get her boyfriend for their six year anniversary/his birthday (they occur within a day of one another). 

Over the course of the relationship, she has gotten him an iPod Nano (which he has filled), a digital camera, a Wii and a PS3. She was thinking of an iPod Touch, but he just got a Droid. She was also thinking about a Kindle or a Nook, but she would prefer not to order online.

TQC, what do you suggest?

1. Credit - ana3cg

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I hate to ask this here, but it's late and I kind of need help.
It's not homework I swear!

Basically my uncle passed away and they are creating this memory book for his family. My cousin and I wrote a biography but I am incapable of using commas properly or something haha.

Could anyone help me format this sentence?

He was raised at Cribbons Point in Antigonish alongside his three older brothers; Angus, George and Ross, his older sister; Sheila, younger sister; Rose Marie and two younger brothers Gerard and Paul. He also grew up with two foster sisters; Adeline and Margie.

& this one?

Shortly after moving to Vancouver, Allan met the woman who would change his life forever; Florence May Ianson.

Friendship is the best (Coupling)


I'm attending Amecon in August, my first Anime-specific convention. My aim is to cosplay all weekend, and I've got one costume down, but I'm stuck on the others.

I've got this dress, which strikes me as being vaguely CLAMP-esque, but I can't pin it down? Has anyone seen an anime with chracters wearing styles similar to this?
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Hay y'all.

What do you guys do as a hobby? I am in a rut in my life right now, and since I am having trouble doing what I like to do, my mom suggested I find a new hobby to give me something to do.

DK/DC: What is your favorite kind of cheese? I am a cheese fanatic! I love Shropshire Blue the best. It is a cheddar cheese that is also a blue cheese! It's so delicious (but so expensive).

(If you don't like/don't eat cheese, tell me some other food you like.
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Whats the difference between a relationship and a friendship? (besides physical intimacy and titles.)

alternativly. my 21st birthday is coming up and I should like to create a facebook event, Got any good ideas for the event title?
[lost] Goodbye lost


When playing games with other people, do you "dumb" it down to their level, or just play at your best?

I'm playing words with friends, and some of my friends just stink at this game and I feel bad for continuously stomping them

dk/dc, what's your fav iPhone/iTouch app?

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Will you tell me about the most painful thing that has happened to you? Physical/emotional, doesn't matter.

Definitely the time I had an abscess because my tooth couldn't come through properly. I imagine that's what giving birth feels like if it happened in your mouth.