May 30th, 2010

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Have you been awakened to the awesome powers of
Its one of the reasons I left you for a time TQC, but I will always come back, like a cheating boyfriend to a girl that puts up with him/lets him sleep over at her place all the time.

Also, what have you guys/gals been up to in my absence?
Heard any good dead baby jokes? I haven't.

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dear tqc,

why did my right arm just break out in little red dots? they itch like you wouldnt believe! what are they? why did they pop up? the only other time ive every had these was when i got strep throat and my fever reached around 103ish.

should i start freaking out? should i itch them? what the hell is this from?!

this is what they look like (not me)

OH awesome. by the time i finished the other forearm is starting to match!

[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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Last time you put your foot in your mouth? (figuratively speaking) Or the last time you said something you regretted?

I posted some things on Twitter not intended for some RL friends to see, but some divine force inspired them to check mine, and now I'm having to cover my tracks a bit. And yes, I know it's stupid to post things on a public Twitter if I don't want anyone potentially reading it, but I was pretty livid at the time of the posts and had to vent somewhere, and didn't think any of them actually ever checked my Twitter, seeing as none of them even have one.


Have you ever really listened to a favorite song and the lyrics turned out to mean something totally different to you than they ever had before?
I just listened to this song, and started crying...they lines
"Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind saying,
"Maybe, you didn't know him at all,
you didn't know him at all" just hit me like a freaking ton of bricks. I've only listened to this song daily for the last 16 years. And it's been years since my breakup. ugh men.
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flavored vodkas!

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dear tqc, I'm at loose ends for the rest of the evening - I've made myself a refreshing vodka tonic which I'm now currently sipping on.

should I stop after this one and decide what to do for dinner (in case I want to take myself out), or should I just have however many I feel like, munch on snacks or whatever else is around, and hit the bed when I become too intoxicated to type coherently?

when's the last time you were on your own with nothing other than your whims to claim your time?


So TQC I am going to be buying a new computer. What I don't know is which one to get. I've had laptops for years and am sick unto death of them. I want a good gaming computer (Game examples: Sims 2 &3, Dragon Age, Newer Age of Empires that the bf has yet to get to play) , but it will also be used for school work and the like.

I have read somewhere that computers dedicated to performance have a shorter lifespan. What? I was looking into an alienware since I know that if I actually shell out money for a decent computer I will fix if it anything happens to it where I won't bother with a laptop. I've also considered getting a desktop because it is upgradeable and I'm tired of the cheap crap I've had for years.

I basically want speed, performance, great graphics, and memory.

Tech nerds of the TQC help and advice is much appreciated. 

Edited: Sorry, sorry. What should I get for a computer? What have you had the best experience with when it comes to computer brands?

DK/DC: Would you rather work in a nursing home or at wal-mart? 
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Are there any political communities on LJ or elsewhere that have a more moderate or independent slant? I read ONTD_P but sometimes the stuff that's posted there and the reactions annoy me.

Don't know or care, what's going on?

Also, are you liberal, moderate, conservative, or something else along the political scale?

[edit] Just saw the comm rules.

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Hey Dr. TQC:

Last night I slipped/fell/something equally clumsy and landed on my foot and/or ankle really weirdly. It hurt at the moment it happened, then I was okay after a few minutes to get up and walk just fine. This morning however, it hurts like hell to walk on and aches when I'm lying in bed. If I turn my foot a certain way, it hurts really badly.

What is the best thing I can do to heal it? What kind of medicine is the best to take for something like this? I'm really clumsy but I don't ever do stuff like this, I only get bruises. Help :(

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Do you like empire waist tops and dresses?

With the way they just skim over the waist it makes me feel like I look like a tent rather than a lady with a nice figure. I'm a pear shape and I think natural waistlines just are so much more flattering on me.

What is your body shape? 

What is you least favorite trend right now?
Adam - Say it with beer!

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My wife wants to know:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had a catapult?

I say none, because it couldn't crank the wheel, since a woodchuck only probably has like 3 pounds of force it can exert, maybe five at the outside. She says that's beside the point, if there was a woodchuck-sized catapult, it could probably chuck a damn lot of wood in a day's time.


Alternately, if you were having a housewarming party, would you prefer gifts that were neat and quirky and still hypothetically useful like a cheeseplate made of a flattened Smirnoff bottle, or purely useful things like Macy's gift cards and blenders?

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I just went to restart my computer (not this one) and I have a blue screen with "Startup Repair" checking my system for problems.

Is my computer totally dead? Is this the blue screen of death?

Any recommendations for a new computer that isn't a mac?

What are your plans for today?
I have a graduation party that I really don't want to go to :/
keep calm and run

Games for groups

What are some good games to play in a group setting? Board games or otherwise, I suppose. Games that don't require a lot of concentration and can easily add/lose players are ideal (so not like, Monopoly or Clue). My GSA tends to play a lot of Apples to Apples, which is great... but a bit tiresome. Helen Keller is always the trump card.

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Have any of you been treated for bipolar depression? Did your creativity go to shit? Can that be avoided?

My family doctor is certain I have it and wants me to go to a therapist and psychiatrist. I'm afraid of treatment because my senior project is next year and it requires lots of creativity. :/

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A few months ago, a girl from my class wrote down her name so I could friend her on facebook. (I'm graduating and won't be seeing her again) I friended her and she never accepted the request.

Now there's a chance she doesn't know my name, and my FB picture isn't of me.

Do I send her a message or just assume she can't stand me?

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do you believe in the laws of attraction?

Meaning like, following "the secret" and if you think positively about something you will get it.

I'm pretty sure I don't believe in it, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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i'm going to san diego, CA soon with my brothers. they're going to a padres game on one of the days, so i'm going to be stuck by myself for a few hours. i will have a car.

what are some fun (and fairly cheap) things to do in san diego by yourself?
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Have you or anyone you've known ever had any experience with bed bugs? >: (

I'm so pissed. We just moved in a few months ago and apparently they've come out of their dormancy period. I'm COVERED in huge swollen itchy hot welts and now we have to start waging the apparently difficult to win war against these bloodsuckers. We've stripped the bed and will be having a major wash and vacuum day, plus spraying with alcohol/water and getting a protective sleeve for the mattress. We've contacted the landlord about an exterminator, but if there's anything else we can do in the meantime, let me know please. This is disgusting and my body is really unhappy right now.

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What's the last thing that made you stupidly happy?

My roommate and I got the house/cottage we wanted!!!!!!!!

What kind of house/apartment do you live in? (ranch, split-level, duplex, condo, complex, etc).

I live in a duplex that is a converted house.
I <3 TLV

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I found this photo on my camera after taking pictures last night. I don't remember taking it but I must have. I have no idea what it's a picture of, and I can't find anything that looks like it, or is even the same color. Wtf did I photograph?

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Essentials for the flighty and forgetful!

So I'm moving into an apartment with my S/O in a week. This is not my first place away from home, but it is the first one I'll be moving to without roommates to rely on for stuff to borrow or the general "college" feel. I'm looking to make this into an actual home for us. Unfortunately, this IS my S/O's first real place on his own and he's not much help in figuring out all of the little finicky stuff we'll need that I'm probably forgetting! I'd like to start poking around online to find deals and steals so TELL me TQC! What items to you think are essential (or completely non-essential and just plain awesome) for a new "home"? Give me as few or as many as you can think of: your favorite items, things YOU forgot, stuff that makes living in a new place just a little more bearable. Links or ideas of where to pick up unique things are much appreciated.

Minor things about us to help with awesome list-making: We are likely bringing along my cat unless my mom can't bear to part with him, we're both technology geeks, we're on a budget but willing to splurge for things that are extra special, and we're both going to be young professionals and/or students while we're living there. We also have a dishwasher, laundry facilities, a garage and some outdoor space including a patio.

DK/DC (but I can still use this to help me, bwahaha)? What item that you own could you not possibly live without? Bonus points if you pick something that isn't a computer/car/TV/etc.

Thanks TQC!

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what types of questions do yous guys notice getting A LOT of comments? i'm talking about 500+ on TQC. tqc_anon gets 1,000+ like it's nothing. but i'm wondering: what ~tickles your fancy~, TQC?
TK and Kari

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So my dad likes to take me out to fancy restaraunts, he's single, and EVERYONE mistakes me for his sweet young thang instead of his daughter even though I get asked to show my ID when he orders alcohol. How can I make it so that I'm not mistaken as such?

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I'm on a monthly mobile phone cap that doesn't roll over credit, so some months I have anywhere from $5-$20 credit left.
Usually I send it to my best mate, but when he doesn't need it I spend the left over credit on Playfish coins (Facebook games) because I have no idea what else to spend it on. I currently have about 200 damn PF coins.

What else can I do with my extra credit?
I don't play games on my phone, & I don't download wallpapers or ringtones because I make my own.

Help! I don't even play Facebook games much anymore! lol
I <3 TLV

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1. If you like peanut butter cookies, do you prefer them with or without chocolate chips? I'm baking some and I'm deciding whether or not to add chocolate chips, I have everything I need except the chips and so I would have to go out and buy them. Should I just bake them without?

2. What is your opinion of green eyeshadow? Can it look good depending on the person/outfit/occasion? Or is it always tacky?
Blue Ji 2

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Do contacts expire if they stay in their original container?

I was cleaning my room and found a pair of unopened contact lenses, it has a lot number and underneath it a date of 2006-02. Is that the expiration date? Or just the mfr date.

It's a really cool color (moonlight) and I'm tempted to try them on. Tell me if this is a stupid idea or not. The fate of my eyes are in your hands.

and, what was the last thing you discovered in your home that you didn't even know you had?

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Have any of you ever attended a single sex school (whether a high school or a college/university)? Did you enjoy the experience? Would you care to elaborate upon it?

If you haven't attended one, would you consider attending one?

Don't know or care, which flavour of ice cream do you HATE?
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I'm going to Europe soon, so I need a power adapter that will work there. I've been googling, but there are a shit ton of options. From experience, what are the best (and preferably cheapest) ones out there? I found this one at ThinkGeek. It seems pretty decent, I think.
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How to break up when in a LDR?

Okay, so, I've come to terms with the fact that I want to break up with my boyfriend. He was my first love, we were together for four years, he's not only my partner but my best friend... I'm in for a lot of heartbreak, but I think it's the right thing to do. It's going to be especially difficult because I just know he's going to try his hardest to talk me out of it.

The problem is that I'm not sure how to go about breaking up with him. We are in a long-distance relationship. He lives three hours away from me. I want to do this in the most respectful and least painful way possible, but I don't know how. Doing it over the phone wouldn't be appropriate. And I feel hesitant to drive down to tell him because I don't want him to be so excited to see me, only to be crushed by the news. Meeting up halfway isn't an option because between where I live and where he lives is pretty much the middle of nowhere. Any advice on how to do this? I'm really at a loss....

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Who is your favorite character from Lost?
If you don't watch Lost, who are your favorite characters from the tv shows you watch and the books you read? Who do you hate? Who do you wish would get together?

My favorite from Lost is Sayid.
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Okay TQC, I kind of have an irrational fear of botulism poisoning and I kind of freak myself out whenever I eat canned foods, especially if the cans are slightly dented or old. I was going to have canned chicken soup for dinner but I just noticed that the top of tin was slightly dented and now I am scared. :(

So, my question is, should I just suck it up and have some god damn chicken soup?

Dk/dc: what are some of your irrational fears?

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You have invited TQC over for a summer dinner party:

Will you have a BBQ, a potluck, a picnic, or a combo of all 3?

Who do you invite?

What will your ~specialty dish~ be?

What kind of activities will we do?

Which TQCer will provide the most "embarrassing photo moments for Facebook"?
she blinded me with science!

words will never hurt me

na·zi 2 often not capitalized : a harshly domineering, dictatorial, or intolerant person

Do you use the word "nazi" in that sense ("grammar nazi", etc.)? Are you offended when people do? Would you flip out and flame someone on the Internet for using it that way?

The P.C. police on the Craigslist forums get pretty bent out of shape if you mention "flag nazis". I think they're retarded lame doubleplus ungood.


I have the terrible habit of picking at my acne and I really want to stop doing it, because well it's gross and it's not healing any faster because of it. 

How do you go about stopping a habit?

Do you have any bad habits that you wish you could stop doing?

If you had a bad habit that you have cured, how did you go about doing it?

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TQC, what would be the best way to sell valuable old furniture?
My Grandfather died last summer, and my family is in charge of selling all his furniture, and it's overflowing our house (his house was probably 2x as big as ours, and all of the furniture-the beds are in our house :/)
Keep in mind this is valuable/antique stuff, lots of marble &stuff imported from italy, so we dont really want to sell it dirt cheap. We set up an eBay account, but im not sure if that will do good. What do you think?

(just to clarify, im not trying to sell you guys the stuff, i know that is against the rules, i just need some advice as to HOW to sell all this stuff)

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Does anyone here have an SO in the military? Specifically the Air Force, maybe?

My boyfriend just told me he is really wanting to join the Air Force and I'm not too keen on it, just because I'm not ~educated~ about it. Can you tell me how things are, like, living wise? Do you have to be married to live on base, etc?
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Plan my day, TQC!

I have tomorrow off. My fiance has to work, and my daughter is with her grandparents, so I'll be all by myself until a little after 7 PM.

What should I do? (I did hookers and blow yesterday, and I'm looking to switch things up.)
Typing Monkey

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Is anyone playing in the Altador Cup? If so, what team are you on? I'm playing for the Haunted Woods.

Do you wear sunscreen? Why/why not?

I almost always wear it, because I get burnt very easily. I've had several people in the last few days tell me that they don't wear it because they either don't get burned or because there are too many chemicals in it. I tried to get my dad to use some yesterday at my sister's softball tournament; by the end of the day, he was so red that my skin hurt just looking at him.

Do you watch/like Tosh.0?
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what movie should i watch next?

a cinderella story
ever after
what a girl wants
freaky friday (lindsay lohan version)
he's just not that into you
down to earth
spice world
the wedding planner
don't watch the movie, stupid, clean your room/bathroom instead!!

what is your least favorite (regular) skittle?


wrud tqc? will u answr n chtspk oR sTiCkYcApS?

Isaac - MySpace Angled

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I'm watching "Psycho" (original, of course) and working out.

Do you watch anything while exercising? If yes, what?

DC/don't exercise: Do you get into the shower and then turn on the water, or do you turn on the water and then get into the shower?

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What did you believe as a child that you realized was totally untrue later on?

I believed that all parents slept naked (like, once you were married, you never wore pj's again) and everyone who smoked, did so inside their own homes and cars, probably because my parents did.

ETA: Also, I remember assuming that all married people wanted kids and anyone who didn't have kids had tried and failed. I believed that until I was like, 15 and found childfree on LJ.

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I'm pretty much going to be downloading music for the rest of the day.

Can you suggest a band you think I should check out or suggest a song you think is awesome? These are some of the bands/music artists I like, so you have an idea of what I listen to!

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I have a 2x a day for 10 days antibiotic for UTI. Mic something or other. Microbeam or something of the sort. I open the caps, put the powder and the little tiny pill crushed up in apple sauce. Some times it takes me a little bit to take the apple sauce. Is it still effective? Or does taking it over the course of an hour or two lessen the effect and make it so the antibiotics don't work?
I <3 TLV

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A couple days ago I had an echocardiogram done. I asked if I could get a picture of the screen, but was told that you're not allowed to take pictures of it and they can no longer print out pictures. She had no idea why. Does anyone know why that wouldn't be allowed?

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So I'm taking a break from my SO, and I'm in a pretty shitty mood. I don't know what to do fincially, emotionally, or what to do about our wedding two weeks away, or the whole his son is in my womb thing. What could you say to cheer me up?

Have any funny jokes to tell?
Is there light at the end of my horrible tunnel?

Why did this have to happen to me?

EDIT:: For more information, consult my LJ.
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Inspired by a post yesterday:

If you were in a shop and you broke or damaged something you couldn't afford to buy, what would you do? Is your answer based on how out of your price range it is, what kind of a scale do you place it on?


EDIT: Afterwards, would you continue to shop there? If you were hard pressed to find an item, and they might have it??

DK/DC: What is the last thing that made you openly LOL?
This article on ONTD equating Xtincta Aguilera to Cher with this album.

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what are some fun things to do in newjersey/ PA? i love in central jersey, and i'm really tired of going to new hope every weekend. and there's no money to go to the city. any suggestions?

DK/DC:what are your favorite summer activities?
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When you apply to jobs from craigslist (or a similar site) do you attach your resume or paste it in the body of the email?

EDIT the reason why I am asking is because I have heard a lot of places won't even open attachments because of possible viruses? But attaching it keeps the formatting etc which is my dilemma

DK/DC: What is your favorite blowpop flavor?
I <3 TLV

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Ok, something weird is going on. I've replied to two craigslist ads about houses for rent, and I got responses back from two different people both claiming to be pastors doing missionary work in Africa with pretty much identical stories and information. This sounds like a scam, but both houses in the ads really do exist and are for rent. What's going on here? Is this a bizarre new kind of scam or just a really weird coincidence?

[Edit: Good thing I got the second email from the other scammer, it wouldn't have set off alarms just by itself! I'll be staying away. It's too bad, the house is quite nice. I wonder who is actually renting it...]

[Edit again: I found the REAL ad for the second house. I emailed the rental company and let them know their house is being used in the scam. Maybe they can do something about getting the scammer's ads taken down.]
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Inspired by xx_socold_xx...Does anyone have any experience with working for the Coast Guard?

I've been considering it for a while and I looked it up...They have an officer's program and the field I want to go into, the training site is less than an hour away so it's not like I'd have to move or worry about flying up there for 3 months. (hello, long and winding sentence)

But this is a huge commitment and I'm just wondering what other people's experiences have been!
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fry and laurie or barratt and fielding?
who's your favorite comedy duo?

dk/dc: non-synaesthetes, when you listen to music, does it sometimes make you think of a certain color? what bands/songs are what colors for you? or does this just never happen unless you have straight-up synaesthesia?

you guys, i am SO BORED and my room is SO HOT :(
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Please help!!

A few days ago I went and got a original Nintendo for my aunt. It cost 30 dollars and came with 34 games. There's just one problem. Its front loading, where you put the game in and push down. It pushes down but pops right back up! Whatever it is that holds it down isn't working! Is there any way I can fix it?

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Still babysitting the friend's house and dog but this time of night is my favorite to go grocery shopping. I spent a bunch of time away from the dog today though.

Should I go or just wait until tomorrow?
TK and Kari

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Why do you think sexism started? I'm talking about wayyyyyyyy back in the day. Srs and non srs welcome.

A bunch of cavemen got together and were like, "Let's invent a religion that makes them look bad and get them to fall for it."
Clem & Joely

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1) Have you ever contacted an ex (friend or bf/gf) after a looong period of time of not communicating in order to have a clear conversation with them about your relationship and hopefully meet an understanding with them?
2) Was that understanding to both see that the relationship is in the past and "it is what it is" or was it to come to some sort of conclusion about what happened? If the latter, what "happened"?
3) Did you guys "fix it up" and become friends again, or was the meeting just to meet a mutual understanding and go your separate ways?

1) Yes, I just did. We called ourselves bf & gf in high school, though no one in their right mind would call what we had a "relationship". He moved to another state and I have no other way of contacting him besides facebook. So I'm waiting to hear back from him.
2&3) I'm just hoping to replace the messy drama we left in with some harmony by just kind of acknowledging to each other that there are no hard feelings. We were young and it was a while ago, so I'm pretty pretty certain he has no hard feelings about it either. I expect to maybe exchange a couple messages and that'll be that. But I still feel nervous about it, we haven't spoken in so long, I'm nervous-excited to hear back from him and am venting by posting here and hoping to hear of others' stories if they have any. :)
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If you work in retail/practically anywhere, do you allow people to return things without a receipt? If so what is your policy? Would you return anything without the receipt?

I work at The Home Depot and our policy is that if you don't have a receipt it goes on what we call "Store Credit." I have customers that REGULARLY and sometimes BLATANTLY return things without receipts because they know we can give them store credit. Some of them even know that they require manager's approval because they've had more than their limit on store credits and we give it to them anyways.

You can tell I worked returns today, can't you?

dk/dc: Do you prefer to work opening, closing, or midshift?

Closing. I like starting off really busy and then taking care of the mess afterwards. For some reason people ABHOR closings and love openings. Hell no I don't want to be awake at 4:30 so I can be to work at 5 am.
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What has gone right for you this week?
My shoes are finally here and they're perfect.

What has gone wrong for you this week?
A friend wanted to trade a pair of steve madden shoes which retailed new for $60 for a brand new (srsly still has tags) bag that retailed for $498 and thought it was fair because i liked the shoes and she only kind of liked the purse. I told her lol no and now she's pissed. WTF?
Cute mad kitty

Well Hey!!!!

So, I've been gone for some days.... anyone miss me??

I fractured my ankle on Wednesday night by missing a step on some stairs *drunk ass*.
Have you ever broken a bone before? How much did it suck?
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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Some of my favorite foods are in places where you wouldn't normally go to get foods. For example, at one of the casinos nearby, one of the restaurants inside serves a turkey sandwich that puts a giant pile of real turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a cranberry mayonnaise on fresh baked rosemary focaccia bread. I've def gone to that casino just for that sandwich.

Do you ever go/contemplate going somewhere non-foodie just for the food (casinos, hotels, etc)?

DK/DC/WTF is wrong with you: Do you do any dangerous crafts?

I've been doing some embroidery lately (which i don't usually do, mostly just as a special project for my mom or someone) and a bug was flying in my face so I clapped my hands in the air to try and kill it and forgot i was holding a needle. Ouch.
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Do you ever hear your animals make noises that sound like words?

I told my brother to let our dog O-U-T and she started wagging her tail and pacing, and when I asked her if she knew what O-U-T meant, she barked and I swear it sounded like 'I do!'

And sometimes while giving her treats, we'll ask her if she wants it, and she'll do this little whiny bark that sounds like 'i want it!'

ETA: Also, one of my cats will start meowing 'herrro' to anyone out in the hall in the middle of the night because he wants out of my bedroom.

What's your favorite creepy movie?
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What do you usually wear to work? If you want to describe it with more detail than 'a top and pants', that would be excellent.

I start a new job at my brother's work tomorrow and just picked out my outfit - a cute new dress, jacket and heels - only to be informed that 'NO-ONE dresses up' and that most women in the office wear old jeans and t-shirts. Eeeek!

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Has it ever been pointed out to you that someone you think is HOT actually looks like someone to whom you shouldn't be attracted at all?

A friend pointed out that my pastor and Robert Downey, Jr. look alike. He's right. I can't ever look at Robert Downey, Jr. the same again.

NOM <3

So my 4 year is coming up and I asked my man what he would like.

He said "nom," which is a big change from the other years as he usually says "I don't want anything."

What can I get him that relates to "nom"?

He likes handmade things, cute stuff, and useful things.

Since he has work that day, I was thinking on making him a bento with his favorite "noms" and have a picnic during lunch, and then stuffing a bag with things that relate to noms, like maybe a t shirt with "nom" type art on it.

What else is there that I can give that relates to "nom"? I am a very crafty girl, and he really likes stuff I make for him.

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If you feel like someone's being weird with you online/by text message, do you call them out on it or wait until you can speak to them properly?
ETA: I just feel like tiredness/distraction etc can be wrongly interpreted...I hope so....
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should all young people start paying rent to their parents after they hit a certain age and/or start work? what age? how much should they pay? should this change depending on their wage? if you pay/used to pay rent at home, how much do/did you pay? did you feel it was reasonable? will/would you insist your children pay rent?