May 29th, 2010


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I know many may not care, but I'm posting because I care and I'm sure some others do too.

Dennis Hopper has died. :(((

What's your favorite of his film roles?

if you don't know any, then feel free to check out his imdb page or you can list another of movies' psychotic bad guys and we can tell you how much they (probably) don't match up. ;p

seriously though, if you're not familiar with his work, will you list your favorite movie with an iconic villain? (and if it's "The Dark Knight" and it's already been listed, then give us your second favorite.)
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Fiance and I are going to Chicago for a weekend in June and since we'll only be there for two days, I want recommendations. Do you have any recommendations for amazing restaurants or stores that are absolutely must go to while there?



have you ever been to the dominican republic? if so, what did you love about it? what did you hate about it? i'm going with my boyfriend and it will be our first time traveling outside of north america.. i don't really know what to expect!
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Do any of you wear earplugs when you sleep at night?
If so, are you able to wake up to your alarm?
I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new apartment, since my bedroom has windows, whereas I have been living in windowless bedrooms for the past year - now I'm very sensitive to light and sound, where I used to be a heavy sleeper before. The problem is that I can now hear every little noise that goes on outside, including the blare from what I can only assume to be a train that blows every hour or so. I have to wake up with an alarm tomorrow, and I already bought earplugs - would I be able to wake up to my alarm with the earplugs in? They're just cheap earplugs from Rite Aid, nothing fancy or high-tech.

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I'm broke so the only viable vacation option for me is an amusement park. Which one should I go to? Preferably on the east coast, but I'd be willing to go for a road trip.

Favourite roller coaster?
Most memorable theme park experience?
FLORENCE by rodeo_town

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Do you have anything special planned for your father on father's day?

What is your favorite wine?

Ok, and I really need to know why no matter what I do, my username and password show up when I type in Where do I change these settings? I've looked all over livejournal and control panel. WTH.

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Which are you more likely to visit in your lifetime?

A ghost whisperer
A goat whisperer

Best girl named George?

Melissa George
Regina George
That girl from Dead Like Me

What are you most likely to have?

A bad habit you won't bed
A bad hobbit who won't bed

Who's harder to find?

Waldo in a busy crowd
A ninja assassin hiding in your house

Most naughty-named animal?

Cocker spaniel
Wiener dog
Sperm whale

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So, my friend is suffering through an extremely painful tooth-ache that won't go away, even after she used orajel. In her words, "it's like giving birth through my mouth."

Do you know anything that would lessen the pain, even just a bit?
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What are you so afraid of?

Or, phrased a different way:

What's your stupid, irrational fear?

(I am terrified of surgery and scared of hospitals. It doesn't really make much sense - I have had surgery twice, but they were minor and had no complications. But thinking about them or about hospitals in general can send me into a hysterical crying fit.)

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TQC, i keep having these sexual dreams involving my ex-girlfriend that i don't want to have. wtf is going on?! we've been apart for about two years and they're so reoccurring that it's pissing me off. wtf can i do to stop this?

do you have any reoccurring dreams that are pissing you off? weirdest dream(s) you've had?
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I just acquired and devoured fully half of The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx in one evening.

While playing with my 2-year-old daughter.

...who can now recognize and say "NIKKI SIXX!" rather excitedly...

What was the last book that you just could not put down?

dk/dc/illiterate ( are you on TQC then...?): What was the last thing you did that you couldn't decide was a WIN or a "dear god what am I doing with my life???" moment?

The windy city!

What are some fun things to do in Chicago? What are some cheap things to do in Chicago? What are some "yummy zomg to die for" foods to eat in Chicago?

Dc/Dk - How ghetto would it be to set up a kiddie pool inside my apartment? (It's like a bazillion degrees)
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What size bed do you have?

For those of you who've had braces, did/do you wear your retainer the way you're supposed to? For those of you who have, are your teeth still as good as they were post metalmouth?

Do you know any other sites like It's great, but I'm looking for more like babbling brook/forest sounds.

Online Notebooks

Do you use any form of an online notebook? I use Google Documents for my grad class because I know that I can access it from any computer that has internet access. I was looking at Microsoft Office products and it mentioned OneNote. Have you ever used that? Is it worth it to purchase?

What about EverNote? It's free to register, but I don't really see its appeal.

I also noticed Google Notebook, but it's blocked as a social networking site, which to me means that it's not accessible from any computer. Do you use Google Notebook?

What is your favorite computer notebook application?

DK/DC? What is your favorite thing to mix with oatmeal?

oh, and are you having trouble with LJ? The CSS isn't loading on mine.

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It's already hot here (despite having snowed just over two weeks ago) and I am looking for a thin bedspread to replace my thick winter comforter. I've never bought one before - where is a good place to get a bedspread? Online or in-store is fine.

I lost my Diablo organics calender with the coupons in them when I moved. I know there's a sale this weekend, would anyone here be kind enough to let me know what the coupon is?
I <3 TLV


I need help figuring out what iron setting to use for a Japanese blouse.

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OR is there any setting on an iron that can be used if you're unsure of the fabric? I think it's 100% cotton but I'm not completely sure. Should I just use the cotton setting?

[Edit: I ironed it on a low setting and it's good!]

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there's only two comic book stores in town and in one of them i accidentally broke an $80 replica of The Green Lantern. i was in no financial position to pay for it, even if i were a saint, so i bolted. now The Green Lantern haunts me every time i look for Gambit comics at the used book stores.

but now i'm in a jam. i'm well on my way to exhausting my resources and i need to check out this other store, and this whole Green Lantern debacle happened well over a year and a half ago.

do you think it's safe to go into the comic book store yet?
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I want to get both my housemates a small farewell gift (or make them something, I don't know).
All three of us are moving out this July because we have just graduated from university, but I am the first to leave.
They are both 21 year old girls, neither are particularly girly.
What should I get them?

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Say you and your friend are renting a 2 bedroom apartment. One room is almost half the size of the other room. Obviously, the bigger room is more desirable for the both of you.

How would you go about fairly deciding who gets which room?

how do I dress nice bluhhhh

I am going to a friends' wedding next weekend and I'm trying to get some clothes together. I usually don't dress up, or go to weddings, so I am confused.

I emailed the bride and asked her what I should wear, like how fancy/not fancy. She said: "Not formal, but not casual either. In between nice-ish wedding clothes. Not sure what to say except a dress or pretty skirt and shirt would be fine."

I went out and bought these two skirts on the sale rack yesterday. My boyfriend likes the black one more, but I thought wearing black to a wedding was bad? I don't know.

skirt A
skirt B

I have some black fabric flats that could work with A, but I'd have to buy shoes for B. I might buy shoes anyway. I don't know!

MY QUESTION: What kind of shirt should I look for, for either? A blouse? A nice embroidered tanktop? What's too casual? Why is this hard?

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Two things are true about me:
1. I've lived in Florida my entire life.
2. I like to plan ahead way too much.

That being said, I have a question. I am traveling to Wisconsin this December for xmas with the (future) in-laws. What type of clothing/gear am I going to need to survive this adventure?
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Anyone know of an affordable, easy to use place to buy a domain name? Compatible with Dreamweaver's FTP link...thing? I'm web-ignorant and yeah, I know it shows.

DK/DC, my fellow Americans, what are you doing this Memorial Weekend?
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soooo, since your advice to me last week re: pizza and ice cream worked out so well, i've decided to put more life decisions in your hands! my question today is SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR???

i have very VERY curly hair and lots of it and it is really pissing me off. also, i have not cut my hair in about seven years because it grows so damn slowly, and once it's long i always feel like it's such a shame to get rid of it :( i want to cut it really short, like short enough that most of the curl will disappear (i shaved my head in like...'02 or something, and it was kind of straight for a while until it grew back past a certain length, so i know this is possible), but still girly, and long enough to put it in a faux hawk if i want because i'm the kind of jerk who thinks that looks good on anyone ever. since i shaved my head before, i know i don't have a weird-shaped skull or anything, so that's okay. usually, i just plait my hair so i don't have to bother with a ~*style*~, and my friend says this is adorable and if i cut my hair, i won't be as cute. i am inclined to believe him, but idk, maybe i could pull it off. what do you think?

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How do you react when people intrude in your life without knowing what they are talking about? When was the last time this happend to you and what was said?

It could be anything from giving you bad parenting advice, commenting on your health/weight/appearance/, or any assuming based on partial information.

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Do you know anyone who met an SO (past or present) on a speed date?

What "speed" was it?

What is the minimum interaction time you think you would need in order to decide whether someone is dateable?
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Up from the filth

Best cover of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen?
I'm going with Regina Spektor.
Best cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division?
I'm going with The Cure.

What subpar song means a lot to you?
"Hometown Glory" by Adele.

Motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre

Can you recommend some good ghost horror movies & slasher films?
I'm majorly hungover & don't feel like watching any from my own collection.

Oh & also is The Crazies any good? I've got a half decent copy on my computer, it's watchable. Is it great & I should watch it today? Or should I just wait till I can get it on DVD?

Beauty shop

How much do you normally pay to get your hair done at the salon? How much is too much?
How long does it take your stylist to do your hair (whatever you're getting done that day)?
How often do you go and what sort of hair style do you get?

Don't know or care, which hairstyle would you love to get, but can't for some reason or other?
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Diana Mini F+ or Diana F+?

I'll use it 50/50 day time and at night at parties. I won't really use cross exposure, but I would like one where I can take 'landscapes' indoors (without the flash only letting me focus on a subject), and for long exposure at night/indoors.
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It's a beautiful day outside. I don't want to spend much money today, we always go to movies, and I'm not particularly hungry, but I'd like to do something at least a little fun and enjoy the day with a friend or two. What would you do?

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What's a song lyric that you misheard, and now that you know the real lyrics, you still think of the old ones when you hear it?

I was listening to "By The Way" by RHCP and they say, "ooh ah guess you never missed it" but I always hear, "Cushion and a milkshake"
Bettie Page

preserving playdo creations?

In a moment of boredom, I created something kinda neat. Using this page as a guide, I rolled some dollar-store playdo into thin lines and "drew" that flower with it. It turned out way better than I expected, so much so that I want to give it to my BFF, but I can't figure out a way to preserve it or safely travel with it. Any suggestions?

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How can I best describe the particular shade of purple I want over the internet? (it's for mittens if that matters)

I have never been camping. What is the most useful thing to take or other handy tips? Srs and non srs

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TQC! I have a dilemma.

Yesterday evening I rear ended the van in front of me. We were stuck in traffic and I'm not sure what happened but I ended up bumping into the guy in front of me. We got out & looked at the damage and there was none.. not even a smudge on either car. The guy was laughing and just said "honestly, this van is so old I'm not even going to bother. I'll rinse it off and see if there is any damage but I think it's fine. Shit happens". I gave him my insurance numbers and everything just in case.
Should I do anything about it? I don't really want to make an insurance claim because if there is damage it's MINIMAL so I want to just pay for it. I was going less that 2km/h so there's no way it's serious, I basically rolled into him. He gave me his number, should I call him and see what's going on? I wrote down all the details, like time and his van and blah blah. Will this incident haunt me in the future?
I've been freaking out all day =[

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If you could be any supernatural/mythical creature, what would it be?

I would be either a Vampire or Medusa because they are both hard core and still have a tiny bit of humanity about themselfs :)
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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What is one song (or album) you think everyone should listen to?

ETA: A situation has presented itself. Should I go and play poker with friends/watch the Suns and Lakers game, or should I stay home and watch the Blackhawks and Flyers game?

"romantic" gestures

Person A: if you and your SO hadn't been getting along for some extended period of time, and you wanted to reestablish closeness with him/her/other (including physically), what kind of move would you make?

Person B: if you were the SO in question, what would you prefer he/she/other do (assuming you had no interest in making the first move yourself)?

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How come my internet is working just fine, but when I try looking at my friends page here, it says the internet connection was lost? It says it if I try going to my journal or other pages too.

Will you please help me fix this?
TK and Kari

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Have you ever read a novel where you got a vibe that the author was in love with one of his/her own fictional character and created them as some ideal man/woman? What book was it and what was the character like? Don't just give me the name of a book and don't describe it.

for me: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, there were so many details about this one girl's perfect, large, perky breasts and slim waist and broad hips and beautiful dark hair and it even went on to describe how her pubic hair looked.
TK and Kari

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If you can *barely* squeeze into a dress but it looks OMGZ amazing and you just need to slim down maybe 5 pounds for it, would you buy it for $22?

Edit: Of course there are no others in different sizes! Geez, have some logic people.
Zombie Attack

Doing your civic duty.

I found out today that I have been selected for jury duty. :-(

This is something I've never done before and I don't know anyone that has so I'm a little nervous.  Have you ever been called for jury duty?  What was it like?

Also, did they fix it so you'd have to be a juror on more than one trial (with possibly more to be added) during a specific three month block or was it just one trial and it was all over?

dk/dc - When was the last time you've been in a court room?
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the age old question


help end the argument between my boyfriend and me. we already went through the rules of cuteness, and one won by one point. so we're taking it to the masses:

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thanks tqc

edit: sorry html didn't work
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For those of you who've read Little Women:

Did Jo give off butch lesbian vibes to anyone else? My theory is that she was a lesbian (because let's face it she was butch as hell) so she wasn't into Laurie, but she was constricted by her society into marrying a man, so after Laurie got Amy she ended up settling for that old German guy who could barely speak English.

Also, she was based off the author and the author never married, and her explanation was "I love women more than men" or something.

she lied to me about being on the pill?

she is pregnant and she said to me, I only got pregnant for you, I want you in my life forever and stuff like that, even though I didn't want a baby, I trusted her and she lied to me, she said she did it to keep me, WTF I'm not some pet, she can just keep forever? What can I do, she is a liar?

pesticides on unwashed fruit

So far about 10 times, I've bought conventional fruit from the grocery stores and eaten some or all without washing it. Every other time I have washed them and now I try to eat organic as much as possible. Should I be worried that these approximately ten times i have eaten fruits without washing them will affect my health? All of this probably occurred within the last year..

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An inquiry, inspired from listening to too much "Love Line":

What is the psychological reasoning for some kind of trauma eventually lending itself to becoming sexually pleasurable later on in someone's life?
On "Love Line" if a caller asks why they/their partner is turned on by something... violent (choking, cutting, ect), Dr. Drew immediately asks if there was trauma or abuse earlier in their life, and the caller almost always says yes. I know it's not the case for everyone...but anyways I think it's interesting, curious to your guys' thoughts.
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What are some things you hate that the entire world seems obsessed with?
Harry Potter, Twilight, Lost.

Why must ABC Family play Harry Potter almost every weekend?

EDIT: How was I the last to know this guy I know was playing for the other team?

Sketch or normal?

I haven't sold anything on eBay in years but I put a computer up recently. The auction lasted ten days and no one bid on it until the last 20 seconds. The person has 16 reviews, all positive (from what I can tell - it's through my dad's account which I don't have access to), and has apparently only bid on/won computers recently.

Is this person likely to pay?

Please say yes?

What was the last thing you sold for extra cash?

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I feel a fluttering in my chest, almost like a tickle, but my heart beat is entirely normal. It's not fast, and it's not skipping or irregular. Due to severe hypochondria and anxiety, I'm not allowed to look symptoms up online. Any ideas? 
zombie baby cede! :D

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TQC, I just got home from an awesome blind date, and I don't know where to go from here.... So what do I do now?

DK/DC- any horror stories about blind dates? Any stories on the other end of the spectrum? 

So I'm Talking..

.. To the girl I flirt with at work and somehow the topic of underwear comes up, and i tell her she seems like her style of underwear would be pretty vanilla and she's all "O RLY?"

So if Your Underwear style, and we're talking daily not special occasions, was a flavor what flavor would it be?
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Dear fitness instructor TQC,
I had never tried to seriously run for exercise in my life before about three weeks ago. I've been running pretty much every day since then, but progress is slow. My goal is to be able to run 2 miles in 16 minutes by the end of summer. Do you have any advice for me?
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poll of gross things

which of the following would you eat (or at least try), deep fried?

maracroni and cheese
coca cola
cookie dough
pop tarts
you are disgusting for even asking this. i think i feel a heart attack coming on just looking at this question

which would you choose

cleveland steamer
alabama hot pocket
meeting a serial killer with ocd in a back alley who has to stab you at least a 3 times. however, if he misses, he'll have to make it 33, and so on. depending on his mood/aim, he might stab you 3 times, 33 times, 333, or even more.

you're enjoying a delicious dinner at your bosses house, when your SO asks about the delicious sauce on the chicken. which response would be the worst to receive?

the intermittent crunch you're enjoying is a week's worth of eye crust
that tangy zest you're currently experiencing is from their daughter's cold (and the resulting tissues)
the key to the robust flavor is the water she uses is from her best patient's most successful colonoscopy

What is the grossest thing you have ever personally encountered?
I used to work with this woman who was rather large and wore clothes that did not fit. Because of this, she had a chronic infection going on at the site of her c-section, and she wouldn't get medical help for it because of the cost. oozy, smelly, and disgusting. worst of all? her son was 2 1/2.

Will you use this post to discuss gross stuff in general?
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I'm baking a cake and I accidentally hit the cook time button instead of the timer button. This just means that the oven will turn off after my time is up right? D:

I didn't pay attention to the time when I put it in!

what's your favorite cake/icing flavor combinations?

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Is there anyway i can get this popular guy to get me PREGNANT?
IM 14 & I THINK im ready 4 a child & i hav the right guy to get me pregnant but he doesnt want to have 1 so is there anyway i can poke holes in his condoms with a needle without him knowing wut i did?
i have a job... and i dont want to be an old mother thats why i wanna have one b4 16 & the guy is 17 & he's the coolest and richiest guy in school and he has a car. what if i buy him condoms and poke holes it them then have him use them?
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A Facebook ad just promised me "limited retro indie designer styles." What do you think limited retro indie designer style clothes look like? Pics?

eta: offers specifically mod retro indie clothing & vintage clothes. Am I really the only one who finds this sort of conglomeration of words hilarious?

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Hey TQC, I just melted a major portion of my friend's expensive coffee pot.

Have you ever done something stupid that resulted in destruction of property that isn't yours?
If so, what happened?
Has someone ever done that to your stuff?