May 28th, 2010

minnie and zeus


If you're a supervisor at work:

1. How long have you been a supervisor? What's your title?
2. How many underlings do you boss around? :P
3. What's your least favorite aspect of being a boss? Most favorite?
4. Do you know of any good resources or books for leadership, time management, project management, delegation, etc.?

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If you celebrate Halloween, what are some of your favorite costumes you've had? I liked my ballerina-in-a-dog-mask costume from when I was five. It was creative. I also made an adorable pirate when I was eleven. 

What do you really want to dress up as, regardless of probability etc?

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What's the worst bastardization of a common phrase you've come across thus far?

Inspired by the countless times I've heard "for all intensive purposes" and the guy who just told me, "take it with a grain assault."

Edit: Besies "I could care less" ;)

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I've taken in an orphaned kitten. He's about 3 weeks old, almost 4, maybe. I have two other 13 year old cats. One of them (the laid back one) doesn't seem to mind, but will hiss once or twice if the kitten gets too close. The other already hates everything in life so for him to hate the kitten and hiss/growl is not weird.

The kitten is sleeping in a box on my bed. The laid back cat is also on my bed, and has been for an hour now without even going over to the box. Do you think it's alright to let the bigger cat sleep in my bed and trust him to not do anything to the kitten? I hate to kick him out of my room because I don't him to feel less ~important~ than the kitten.

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TQC, what should I do on my last night in Shanghai?
I'm a little tired, most likely broke, but would like to know if there is anything special in downtown old Shanghai that I can do by myself.

Serious and Non-Serious appreciated.

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exam in exactly seven hours. :/ i'm so nervous.

what do you do to calm yourself down/get your mind off things?
did you get into the university of your choice?

is your current job somehow related to who you want to be in the future?

alternatively, what's your favourite flavor of ice cream?

(no subject)

You wake up, check your bank account online and find that a few hundred dollars has mysteriously appeared there. How do you react?

Don't know or care, which Mario game is your favourite?
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"Biologically speaking.....the human species procreates based on pheromone compatible couples finding each other and then spending the next 2 years in drunken pheromone love madness to ensure offspring. At the 2 to 3 year mark the pheromones start to dwindle and often couples break up or start having issues at this time as they are seeing the person as they really are and not through mother nature's love hormones,"

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

DK/DC:  do you like to bake? what's your specialty?  any good recipes?   If you don't like to bake what do you like to EAT that is baked?  :P

My specialty is apple cake.  it is nummy.

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What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor cuz he's hungry and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money?

ETA: Keep in mind that his daddy's gone, somewhere smoking rock now, in and out of lockdown. I ain't got a job now.

Also, what was your least favorite assigned reading in school? I absolutely couldn't read House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. I thought I would die.
Hell - Picasso Devil

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When going on a trip, when do you pack? Are you a last minute packer or do you get started weeks ahead?

Do you like water parks? What's the best one you've ever been to?

Do you ever wish adults in general were more playful? What's all this growing up nonsense anyway?

Before the holiday

Normally when at work my day starts at 8:30 and ends at 5:00, but today we are getting an early dismissal at 2:00.   I'm excited!
Do you ever get early dismissals from where you work before a holiday weekend?   What kind of place do you work?

Most holiday weekends we get out a few hours early.     I work in a University office...desk job. 

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What are your bad sex stories?

When I was in college, I was pleasuring a woman for an hour, when it came my turn she said "Umm...not so much" then threw me out.

OK OK you guessed WAS Sarah Jessica BEFORE she became Sarah Jessica Parker.....

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Ok, first off, please forgive me if this comes out completely ridiculous, but I don't know where else to turn.

Last night, I went and saw Sex and the City 2 and there is something I just don't get. Collapse )

Has anyone else seen SATC2 yet? What did ya think?


do you hate the dentist?
when is the last time you went for a cleaning/other procedure?

I've never had any teeth removed before and I guess my back molars are falling down since I never had any lower second molars. How much is this going to suck?
And when should I get it done? the doc said "at my convenience"

Is going through a painful procedure ever convenient? I mean come on
legs motherfucker

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is there anything/anyone/whatever you're embarrassed that you like? what is it?
brought to you by me listening to eminem for the past few hours.

is there anyone who you knew in highschool that's done anything note-worthy since graduation?
take this any way you want, good or bad or anything else you feel like talking about.

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Are you aware of a situation where going on a break has helped your relationship?
My SO just suggested that we go on a break and I leave. I'm five months pregnant with his son, on bed rest, our wedding is in two weeks, and I'm so scared.

Can someone please cheer me up?

Happy Friday!

I'm "making" lunch.  Lean Cuisine.

I was looking at the back of the box and to my surpise I saw the Nestle logo on the back.  Huh.

What product / parent company relationships have you been surprised about? 

(no subject)

A lot of historical time periods (like the 19th century, and more recently the 1940s and 50s) are portrayed as really conducive to romance, particularly in movies and books. Do think that people in the distant future will have reason to look back on our current time period as ~romantic~?
Take a Look

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I need advice, but I'll try to keep it short. We have a storage unit. We let a friend's baby mama use it to store all the baby crap because the kid was taken away from the two of them and we felt somewhat sorry for them. We gave her until April to get her stuff out or we'd donate it because storage units are bloody expensive.

April comes around and her stuff is still there. We call her up and repeat the ultimatum and she says oh, she'll pay for the storage unit since she had no place to keep the stuff. She paid for it last month but now we can't get ahold of her. She's not returning our calls or emails.

If we went ahead and dumped her stuff (which she knows we're going to do if she fucks us over), are there any legal ramifications against us?
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What's the stupidest thing someone has ever argued with you about?

Once a Norwegian girl insisted there were 52 states in the US and I, who was born and raised in the US, was wrong about there being only 50...

Why do people bother arguing about things that they know nothing about?

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If I keep saying no to the relevance of the Hulu commercial while I watch shows, will Hulu ever let me watch shows commercial-free?

So like, uhh, how about some cleavage pictures?

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How long in your oppinion should a widow wait til they date again?

A friend of mine's wife of four years (six year relationship) recently died in a car accident about two months ago. They never had children, and his mother is one of those "GRANKIDS NOW" types ha. It got me wondering what kind of waiting period is appropriate in these situations. Is it just when you're ready?

How would you feel about dating someone who was widowed?

My cousin recently married a girl two years after her fiance died (a week before the wedding *sad face*). When he began dating her, he could tell me he would be afraid of always feeling second best/second choice.
humanity overcome

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I want to go to Publix. Publix is about a mile away. I have a bike, but no bike lock. I have no car. It's hot outside and it looks like it might rain. I don't like walking in general.

What can I use to redneck engineer a bike lock?

Riding a Razor scooter to Publix: awesome y/n?

Alternatively, wtf do I do?

ETA: Okay, okay! I'll walk.
Space Pope

(no subject)

Anyone here used the Insanity workout program?

Do you have any thoughts, comments, warnings, suggestions, or advice you would like to share on the subject?

Do you have any thoughts, comments, warnings, suggestions, or advice you would like to share on any other subject?
Blue and silver stars

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a good tasting juice that isn't loaded with sugar? One preferably not from concentrate?

EDIT: Wow, 2 juice-related questions in a row. I can assure you that wasn't intentional. If you don't know of any good healthy juices, what kind of stuffed animals did you have as a kid?
Daniel Johns

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What are your favorite alcoholic drinks?

I'm going out for my birthday tonight and I'm tired of just drinking Bass to celebrate, so I'm going to lift some ideas from you guys. :P

ETA: OMG, you guys. I wanna try all of these... I am so getting shit-faced tonight.


What are some words you always spell wrong? Will you please show us your spelling and the correct one?

If you're too awesome for spelling errors: What are some other mistakes you always seem to make? (any kind of mistake)

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Sorry, this is a completely cliche question, but when I ask this IRL everyone teases me instead of answering. Lol I have terrible friends. 

Why I'm asking: A couple weeks ago I saw a gorgeous guy in line to order at a restaurant, just as I was leaving. We met eyes for a second (it was a ~moment~) but he was with some friends and I had bags in my hands and it would have looked really stupid and obvious if I had gone up to him right there and been like "hey good lookin'". I guess people more ballsy than I can actually do that, but I still curse myself for not saying anything because he was seriously my idea of a perfect guy physically. ...Yeahhh this is probably why I'm single, lol.

I guess I'll make this a multiple question post, and you guys can answer all, or just one or two, whatever works:
  • What do you think are the best ways to approach a boy/girl, in a public setting?
  • Where are the best places to meet people?
  • What are some pickup lines/ice breakers/approaches that you've found to work? 
  • What do you find appealing from someone who is approaching you? (i.e. if you were in that guy's^ position, what would you want to hear from me?)

(no subject)

Romantic things to do for cheap or free? Activities, gifts, whatever.

Both the guy I'm seeing and myself are going through money and job drama lately, and I want to make sure I keep working on us even when I'm poor and annoyed. The boy is also a huge romantic, and a big softy, and lots of fun to spoil. We've been together for 2.5 years, don't live together, college students, kinda hippie-artistic types.

Anything'll do!

(no subject)

For those with a SO/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner etc: How did you meet?

ETA my answer: My SO worked with my best male friend, who at the time was my friend with benefits. We went out for my friends 18th, where I met my SO dressed as a school girl and it went from there. Together for 4 years and planning our wedding

For those who are single: what would be the most perfect way to meet an SO/bf/gf/partner etc?
Do you fantasise about the perfect love story?
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If you find out one of your favorite artists is friends with a public figure that stands for everything you think is wrong with the world, would you still support them? (As in listen or buy their music, go to their shows/movies, watch their tv show, etc.)
This is inspired by some fans of Michael Bublé on Facebook, who swear they will no longer listen to his music because apparently he's good pals with Glenn Beck.

What is the last song/album you bought got?

(no subject)

Did you ever go to a ~make-out party~ like kids in middle school/early high school on tv do? Was it lolerific?

If you work in an office, did you have a REALLY BORING DAY? Everyone in my office today was mentally already gone for the long weekend. My day was SO BORING... until my coworkers decided to take me out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant for my bday (which is on Sunday) and fed me margaritas, haaaaaah. :)

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What do you think is the better option when moving to a new city?
I'll be moving in with my brother, so house hunting isn't a problem. And I'm on Centerlink (welfare) so I'm not totally broke.

* Saving up a chunk of money, moving & looking for work when you get there. Easier to find the right job when you're able to talk face to face with employers & are able to move any time you want. Although might take longer to find a job than expected.

* Finding a job before you move (on the net) and moving when they want you to. Have a guaranteed job from the moment you get there. Although you may have to take what you can get when finding work online and you have to move when the employer wants you to.


Hey TQC. I'm alone on a Friday night and have a number of solitary activities I could do. What sounds most interesting?


Poll #1571173 Friday night alone

Should I....

Bake banana-chocolate chip bread
Clean the kitchen
Get drunk and play Oblivion
Write a story
Work on my term paper

(no subject)

so my birthday is june 17th. why do i always tend to glance at the clock when it's 6:17? i'll open my phone to check the time: 6:17. i'll come back inside after having a cigarette: 6:17. it's not one of those "OMGZ 23!!" Jim Carrey type of things, because this is specific to something personal to me (my birthday, duh). same thing happened when i was dating my ex. her birthday is november 13th, so i'd catch the clock at 11:13 A LOT. does something similar happen to you?

dk/dc: what's the weirdest thing that's happened to you this year?

(no subject)

I'm going to a pot luck tomorrow.
I have to bring a dessert.
I don't bake often. What are some easy desserts I could make? Something delicious.
Recipes would be lovely, or just suggestions that I can google recipes for.

(no subject)

TQC, have you seen anybody IRL wearing jean shorts or tailored shorts over top of sheer or patterned pantyhose? Do you think it looks cute, or dumb?

Collapse )

Do you like hats? Will you post a photo of your favourite hat (or a stock photo of your favourite hat style/a hat you want to buy)?
vg - Always

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If you had a 2,000 points Wii card and you were going to download something from the store, what would you buy?

I just bought Super Mario World and it's just as awesome as I remember. I already have Legend of Zelda too.

Does anyone remember Pilotwings for the Super Nintendo? I loved the hell out of that game though I wasn't that good at it.
TK and Kari

(no subject)

My dad has apparently been giving my mom $1300 a month "for me". My mom pockets the money without telling me. I'm in college, I do work part time on my own but it's not much (ranges from 200-600 dollars a month) and my apartment is $450 a month, and I never spend money on luxuries, just groceries and the occasional Coffee Bean drink. If I run out of money my mom will put maybe 700 dollars in my bank account once every 3 months. I only found out from my dad two weeks ago that he's been sending this money to my mom, she never even told me.

So basically, I take 233 bucks a month, dad's been paying 1300, mom's been pocketing the rest.

If you were me, would you bring it up with my mom? My dad pays my tuition too. (I don't qualify for financial aid because my dad's rich, though I was raised by my mom)


Can you advice me language that is as popular, topical and widespread as English language? The kind of language that would be useful for me to understand, so i will be able to use it practically everywhere. And it would help me to find a job.
アンジェラ・アキ - Blue

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I know you can freeze your tongue to a pole. Is it possible to freeze a penis to a cold pole? (Don't ask why I thought about that, I just did.)

dk/dc/what a dumb question you've posed:
- Those that are straight: How do you feel when someone of the same gender hits on you?
- Those that are gay: How do you feel when someone of the opposite gender hits on you?
- Those that like both/all genders: How do you feel when someone you're just plain not attracted to hits on you?
- For all: How do you feel when someone you don't like hits on you?

I always feel a little weird when men hit on me. I know that they usually mean it in jest and that I look like I'm straight, but it still makes me feel all squicky and weird. When someone I plain ol' don't like hits on me I feel incredibly awkward and want to just run off. This happens more than I care to admit. :(
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TK and Kari

(no subject)

You are thirteen. You find out your thirteen-year-old best friend is getting beaten by her dad. She tells you not to tell anyone, because she doesn't want to go to a foster home. He'll slap her hard enough that she cuts the inside of her cheek against her teeth and spits out blood, but he won't break her bones or anything. And he only beats her when she disappoints him with say, a B- on a test, not because he just feels like it.

He's also saving up money for her to go to college, buys her whatever foods she wants, etc. She reasons this is better than her going to a foster home, that's why she doesn't want you to say anything.

What do you do?

Edit: Since people seemed so riled up...

This is from a fictional story I'm working on, and the boy chooses to keep it a secret but becomes the girl's person to confide in.


Even if you don't like my style, I'd like your suggestions.

I basically have modeled my room after the store Anthropologie because I really enjoy their style, just not their price tag and I really enjoy DIY projects and thrifting.

I'm very unhappy when I'm not comfortable in my own space, so I've decided to finally use my tax return money to continue decorating. I have almost no furniture, I need a bed, neat book shelf and some more storage ideas and stuff to decorate my walls with.

Any suggestions for projects or where to look to buy things?
(I really will not buy particle board bookshelves/other furniture of that sort)
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

1. I know that you're supposed to eat a kiwi when it's slightly soft. But my mom bought a pack of kiwis a few weeks ago, and it's still hard as rocks. When is it going to be ripe to eat?

2. What's the last thing you cried about?

3. What's the next thing you're thinking of purchasing?
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all noisy and stuff

TQC, what the HELL is happening outside my house?

I live on a quiet, residential street where the neighbors don't really socialize much. The houses don't have front porches...they have decks in the back. There is a LOT of noise coming from the street...what are people doing out there? It sounds like a pool party, a giant hula hoop, the Muppet Show, a broadcast of a Cubs game, a smacking noise I can't identify and random hooting and hollering every few minutes. What's happening out there?

(no subject)

so last night i was out with my two best guy friends, let's call them Ted and Marshall. also joining the festivities was a mutual friend of theirs, let's call him Barney. a call comes in from Barney's friend/co-worker, Stewart, let's say, and he says he's comin' out. Marshall says, "Is he bringing his girlfriend?" and Barney says, "I hope not."

now why was it OK for me to be out with the guys on guys night but no one wanted Barney Stewart's girl around?

lol too many people in my brain.

a little prezzie!!!

I just got this announcement on my university's Blackboard from my future Public Speaking 101 professor:
Hi y'all!
I hope you are having a great summer. I'm heading off for the month of June and I wanted to leave you a little prezzie!!! I think it helps to have an idea of where you need to focus for study purposes!

See ya soon!


So, TQC: How old is my professor?  Should I fear for my future or appreciate the fact that she sounds like a happy person?  I'm actually kind of looking forward to the class now. 

DK/DC: What is your favorite airline?  
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I'm taking muffins (and probably also cookies) to a picnic tomorrow. They'll have to sit in my car for a few hours before being eaten. Would it be a good idea to freeze everything tonight and then during that time let them thaw? Or should I just take them fresh? I don't know how freezing them will effect the taste, though that probably is enough time for them to fully thaw.

[Edit: I wont be freezing them, thanks!]

(no subject)

What are some things that could be causing stuff to download slowly on uTorrent?

I usually download at ~280 kb/s but tonight it's at 20 kb/s and hasn't gone up past 80 kb/s the whole time. I have 4 out of 5 bars on my wireless connection and have plenty of seeds for this torrent.

(no subject)

what is currently on your grocery list?

-liquid pectin
-madras curry seasoning
-chicken breasts (enough for 2 meals)
-stir fry veggies
-honey balsamic dressing
-greens for salads

when is your favorite time to go grocery shopping?

do you like going grocery shopping?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

Which superhero power would you rather have?

The power of rhyme: whenever you talk, every other line rhymes with the one before. Ability can be toggled on/off
The power to turn invisible whenever you want. If you accidentally bump into something you're visible again. Clothes turn invisible with you.
The power of teleport: you can teleport yourself, but if you try to teleport someone else they'll end up at the other place naked.
The power to put people to sleep when you play music/sing. Only when you want them to though.
The power of memorization: photographic memory. Everything you see/read/hear you remember. Always on.
The power of drawing: everything you draw you can pull out of the paper/chalkboard. Only inanimate objects though.
The power of persuasion: you tell them to kill themselves, they kill themselves. You tell them to be happy, they'll be happy.

family on bed

(no subject)

We are currently renting and our estate agent was supposed to come over for a routine inspection yesterday, only on the day the woman who was supposed to be doing it discovered that they didn't have a key, so she came over and popped a note through the door asking us to call. When my SO called her to reschedule it, he said she could have come today as he had the day off but she said she was too busy even though we live 10 mins walk from their office. So instead she wants us to drop round a key so she can come over whenever.

This would be fine, but my SO and I work really sporadic hours (early/late shifts etc) so it's essential for both of us to have a key, as we obviously don't want to leave the house unlocked (the front door has to be locked, it's not on one of them on the latch that locks automatically when closed). We have a back door, but the latch on the gate is really stiff/too high/difficult for me to open myself. I wouldn't mind dropping off a front door key but they might have it for up to a week until they decide to come over, which would put us out majorly, and also imo they should get another key cut for themselves anyway as they will no doubt want to come over again at some point (they only gave us one set of keys, we had the other set cut ourselves).

argh! what should we do?
lead me

(no subject)

TQC, I have a 9 year old half-siamese cat. We got her when she was 3 and she was a shelter cat. We just bathed her and treated her for fleas. Why on earth is she hiding in the litterbox? She will not come out unless you take her out of the box, and when left to her own devices, she goes right back in.

I figured it was something from her shelter days, when she wanted to be left alone she would go hide in her box. After she came here, she hid in her box for a few days too. But this is ridiculous. TQC do your cats hide in litterboxes?

(no subject)

what qualities must someone's breasts have to be able to pull off going braless?

eta: so should i just say fuck it and go braless or try to find a bra that will work with this dress? all my strapless ones poke over the top and it looks pretty retarded so wtf should i do?! i feel like my boobs look kinda droopy and pointy but i'm used to seeing them in a push up bra so what do i know

Collapse )


How often do you take out the rubbish (or trash, if you're not from England)?

My personal habit is "Whenever an individual bin (trashcan) is full."  Or, "when said individual bin starts to smell", whichever is sooner.  It's usually the first.

But my mum is the complete oposite - every other thursday evening, come what may, she goes round the house and empties all of the bins, whether they need it or not, ready for the bins being collected by the binlorry the next morning.  She says "Why have rubbish lying around the house when we could get rid of it?"  I think about all the extra binliners that are going into landfill needlessly, and the 20 minutes "wasted" perfoming this chore.

So, just curious.  What are your bin habits?