May 27th, 2010

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Poll #1570346 Money Money Money

What is your average monthly income from all sources?

Income? I'm flat-ass broke.
> $5,000
$5,000 - $9,999
$10,000 - $24,999
$25,000 - $39,999
$40,000 - $59,999
$60,000 - $79,999
$80,000 - $99,999
$100,000 - $129,999
Millions and millions and millions
I'm not telling youuuuuuu

From where does the majority of your income come?

Working for a company.
Running my own company.
My spouse's and/or significant other's job.
My parents and/or other relatives.
Carefully-planned investments.
A trust fund.
Robbing banks.
Other legal source.
Other not-so-legal source.
I have no income.

Where does the bulk of your money go?

Bills, bills, bills (oh, and bills).
To support my kids and/or child support
Medical bills
Alcohol, weed, blow (oh, and bills)
I have no idea, I ask myself that every day.
I have no money.
Other/in the comments
Slight discomfort

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Thanks to the recent posts about scary things, i now am having trouble turning off the lights and crawling into bed.

Do you ever sleep with the light on? How often? Why?

I usually like it to be pitch black when i fall asleep but sometimes after reading a particularly interesting scary book i'll be too freaked out. Like Stephen King's "Cell". I dunno why bit the descriptions of the guy in the Harvard sweatshirt gets me EVERY TIME!

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one of your work friends messages you on facebook, asking you if you know who else got fired recently. you have no idea about any of this, and note that some of the people she says got fired are known for being extremely nice and friendly all the time and are good workers. would you panic at all? BECAUSE I AM PANICKING.
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What's the best way to distract yourself/get over a hopeless crush?

Have you ever found yourself falling for someone while you were in a relationship? How serious was the crush? How serious was the relationship?

Can you tell me a hopeless crush story?


I have to leave to get on a plane in a little over an hour. I've been up way way longer than usual due to several things going not-as-planned. If I go to sleep I will sleep through my alarm. I have already consumed caffeine products and taken an ice-cold shower. Help me stay awake TQC!

Do you have any gifs/macros/sites/whatever that will help? Any other suggestions for staying awake? Post them please!

Edit: I made it! Time to go.
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If you could be eating anything right now, what would it be?
Will you give me the recipe? I want to try out new things.

Don't know/f*ck off with all the food questions already:
If you could be having sex with any celebrity right now, who would it be?

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Will you tell me what you think of my story?
Collapse )

I read through it just now, for the first time in months, and I remember why I stopped writing: I just have nowhere to go with it :/

But will you please tell me what you think? Brutal honesty. :)
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article: dog killed by car, owner of dog billed for damages

If you don't want to read the article, the above statement pretty much sums it up. A woman let the family dog out of the house to roam around without a leash, and the dog got hit by a car. The insurance company found the owner of the dog to be 100% responsible and are requiring the owner to pony up the cash required to repair the vehicle.

What are your thoughts on this?

I feel like this could be a really epic episode of Judge Judy.

Several questions

Nutrition questions: What are some replacements for oils?

I really like stir fry vegetables, but I think having oil is not that healthy. What could I replace the oil with? I usually use good quality olive oil. I heard grape seed and coconut oils are better, but I don't want my food to taste like coconuts (although it's a good idea for thai food) or like grapes. (I like grapes, but not grape juice or the kool aid of grape flavor, or anything grape flavoured for that matter)
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TY in advance.

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I don't know a lot about how the hair stylist training works; there's a salon near me that's offering half-price cuts from a third year apprentice. Is this a good deal where I could be pretty confident of getting a decent (basic; really just want a few inches off) cut?

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What is your LEAST favourite Disney animated film? What is your FAVOURITE Disney animated sequel?

Don't know, or care, or hate Disney, do you prefer the original fairytales as told by the Brothers Grimm, Perrault, et. al, or do you prefer the Disneyfied versions?

What do you put on your French toast?
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What is the last movie that you were excited to see that REALLY disappointed you?

DK/DC: Do you like eggs for brekkie? How do you like them done?

Mine was the Hindi film Kites. It sucked, TBH, and I am really mad.
I like my eggs scrambled in a little butter with some parsley and basil. Or in a frittata type thing with peppers and cheese.
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climate and culture

If someone said to you "I love New England except for the (cold, snowy) weather," where would you suggest they move to?

How much do you think a place's culture and personality are affected by weather and climate?
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I bought this dress for eight dollars. It might be really hideous, but Collapse )

What is the most you've ever paid for a single piece of clothing?

How often, if at all, do you buy clothing from thrift stores?

Do you own any articles of clothing that everyone else finds hideous, but that you really love? Bonus points for pictures!

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This is day three of bed rest due to having contractions and being only 23 weeks pregnant! What should I do today? Yesterday all I did was watch 80's movies like Flight of the Navigator and Adventures in Babysitting, and watch Top Chef.

Has your work ever done something really nice for you? Yes. I called and told them that I wasn't going to be able to make my shifts this weekend and so they gave me this weekend completely off and next and just told me to call when I start feeling more up to coming in. YAY!

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If you see a bug in your home, do you kill it?

Whenever possible. I hate bugs.
Depends on how disgustingly gross/big it is
Never! What did it ever do to me?
I catch it and let it free
Certain insects are dangerous where I live, so I kill them/deal with them appropriately
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Have you ever been to Atlantic City? How about Philidelphia? Have any anecdotes to share on either place?

Have you ever camped out ON a beach? Think I can camp out on Atlantic City Beaches? Where would I shower??

What is the craziest animal attack you've ever heard of? I just read an article about a Hippo attack on tourists in the Amazon River Zimbabwe, crazy story.
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Three friends and I want to go on a vacation somewhere together this year. We're not uber-fixated on where, but more the idea of going on an adventure.

We've looked at some 5-day train trips across Canada that looked awesome, but were too pricey (about $2,000 each for the whole trip). There's a really cool concert boat cruise happening next February that would cost under $1,000 each, but only two of us like the bands that are playing on this cruise, so that's a no-go.

Got any cool and relatively inexpensive vacation ideas for four friends, TQC?

Random additional facts: We live in Vancouver, Canada. Two of us have driver's licences and cars so road trips aren't out of the question, and we'd probably be going in July or August of this year.

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How would you classify yourself regarding your gender?

How often do you get your genitalia inspected by a medical doctor?

As often as I have sex with him/her
Once ever 2-5 years
Whenever something irregular is going on with it
Bite me, bitch...

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If you play video games, what game series would you like to see a new release for?
My youngest brother was playing old-school Kirby on the Wii and I wondered why Nintendo hasn't put out a new Kirby in such a long time. lava_sharks' icon didn't help.

What game series needs to call it quits?
I could stand to see the end of Final Fantasy and think Pokemon should've left it at the original 150. There's 5,000 of them now and it's ridiculous.

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Is your life more scheduled or unscheduled? Do you wish it were different?

Mine is a mix of both. My morning/afternoon schedule is pretty much the same all throughout the week, except my nights are unscheduled. I wish I didn't work everyday but meh gotta make $$$

DK/DC: would you please post before and after pictures of your most drastic hair change?
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I'm writing a short piece on envy. I need some quick quotes from people. Don't ask. So I'm going here!

Who, or what, or who and what, do you envy?

Bonus points if you want to give me your age, gender or first name, and location for posterity.

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I am going on vacation for a week starting this Sunday! I'm going with friends and family and we will be doing parks and activities but we will also spend a good bit of time by the pool. What book should I bring?

-House of Leaves because I very much want to reread it and I have a schoolwork-free summer to do so. Also, BF and friend want to do a HoL book club.
-Of Mice and Men because I haven't read it in a long time, it's one of my favorites, and it's short.
-Something else because these two books are way too heavy for vacation reading.

mm complain complain.

Do you tend to answer honestly when your SO (or anyone) asks you something like "Are you sure this is ok/you're ok with this?" when its something you really aren't ok with, even if you don't want to be a wet blanket or whatever reasoning and say "No, its not ok", or do you say "Really, its fine"???

this inspired by my husband saying it was ok I go to a concert with a guy friend who also enjoys the bands and shows (while my husband does not), and then ended up blowing up my phone the whole night and being super pissy when I got home. ruined my entire night.

How do you deal with double standards in relationships? (SO or friendships etc)

again, inspired by my terrible night, as I don't say a single word when he's out with his friends until 3am and comes home drunk as hell. I don't badger him with texts asking where he's at or doing or why he isn't home (cuz its 11:30, obviously if you're still not home you're cheating!), which he gets to do every two weeks if not every week. And this is the first time I've gone out without him since we had our kids almost two years ago.
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I (as in you) like...?

check boxes
radio buttons
take-out chinese
crime dramas
offshore drilling
blowout preventers
jelly beans
swimming in the ocean
to pretend I am someone else
driving a car
riding on a train

Sex after eating?

ugh no
yes, please
eh, okay
amy winehouse

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TQC, I need tech help.

We just got Verizon FiOS internet installed for my mom, my sister and my computer. My computer is a mac, they have Windows. We used an Apple airport device to connect all computers before, but with the installation of the Verizon shtuff, that was taken out.

Anyway, now I can't connect to the internet on my computer (am using my moms computer right now)- I tried following their help stuff but it's primarily for Windows computers.

What do I do/how can I fix this?

ETA: Fixed! The tech man told me the password I was using was the wrong one. I feel like such a dolt. Thanks guys!
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Of COURSE its been asked before...

But I'm going to ask it again...

What "classic" book do you think just doesn't live up to the hype?

Do you feel bad admitting it because you are afraid of being judged by all those literary snobs?

If you could add a book to the "classics" list that doesn't get a lot of attention right now, what would it be?  Why?

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When you have fallen asleep, do you sleep through until morning? Or wake up lots? Get up for a wee much?

I wake up 5-10 times a night, for about the past year, but I have fibromyalgia, so pain wakes me up.
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What is the longest you've ever stayed awake?

I am in the middle of lecture and can't go to sleep, but really really want to. What can I do to keep myself awake? Can't be too obvious or obnoxious!

and crazy, but something bugging me: on my campus, we have a big lake, called Swan Lake. We had two swans on it, a male and female, who never migrate. the female is currently sitting on eggs. this weekend, the male was killed...bitten by a snake. i want to make sure the female is still being taken care of...who on campus would i ask? i feel so bad for her :(

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So yesterday I was talking to some American girls about the fast food place called Sonic. They were saying that it is the type of place you get excited about going to the first time, but once you've eaten there you are "meh" about doing so again.

I decided to look them up online and came across this picture on their website for their burgers. Normally I lust after burgers as I can no longer eat red meat, but really, this looks very unappertising.

Is this reflective of their burgers, ie. truth in advertising/a supermodel in a hessian sack with no make-up on, or are they worse, or better, in real life?

DK/DC? That's ok, Jesus loves me...a commercial on TV and then a billboard advertisement told me so!

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How do you get gatorade out of carpet?
I think my carpet is going to end up being rainbow one day from all the times my fiance and I have spilled drinks on it!

DK/DC: When it's warm outside and you're driving do you roll your windows down or use the AC?
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I have cellulitis rn. The ER doctor refused to cut me open because he doesn't think it's an abscess yet (?!?! there's a lump there idiot), so I'm on Bactrim and Keflex. Meanwhile, I'm uncomfortably nauseous, IN PAIN, and have a huge amount of redness and swelling. How best can I hasten my own death?


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Alright, I am planning on buying my first hamster in June or Sept. How easy are the little creatures to care for? Any tips/thoughts/objections?
All I know is they are little, cute, have to be kept alone, are smelly.. OK, I know a bit more than that, but still...

Is Sir Humphrey Wigglebottom the First (or Sausage for short), an acceptable name for the little rascal?

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I accidentally tagged someone I hardly talk to in a picture of my dog on Facebook. 

What's the stupidest or most embarrassing thing you've done recently?

Edited to add question mark that I stupidly left off, answering my own question. 

Edited again for HTML fail. Ugh. I'm so slow today.
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So today is my birthday. Woo hoo!

About six weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of four and a half years. We have not spoken since. Today, when I checked my phone, I saw I had missed a call from him. He left a voicemail saying, "Hey, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

Should I call him back, TQC, or do you think a text saying something like, "Aw, thanks for the birthday wishes!" would be sufficient? I'm not really interested in talking to him; I can see it being really awkward.

DK/DC: When was the last you time you had a really awesome day? Please, tell me all about it!

EDIT: Aw, thanks, you guys! You're all so awesome!

If you have the sims 3...

Does it ever randomly crash on you while your playing?
Mine takes forever to start up, and then i have to constantly save while playing because no matter what, it ends up crashing on me.
What should i do for it to run more smoothly/not crash? I've tried deleting stuff off the computer but idk what is okay to delete/what is essential.

dk/dc/who plays sims anymore? : What is your favorite computer game?
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tripping roads

Do you know of any good roadtrip destinations on the Eastern US shore? (EDIT: I guess I should add that we're starting in south central PA) We're going during the first week of August when everything is crazy expensive apparently.

What was your favorite roadtrip?

Your mum's a pervert

So I was watching Oprah today and they were talking sex. Anyway, so they had a bunch of women on talking about watching erotica (porn) & how much they enjoy it. How it made their sex lives so much fulfilling, made them feel sexy, yadda yadda. But Oprah brought up a great point that no one would answer, they just talked their way around it which pissed me off.

In the past, the vocal majority of women thought men watching porn was disgusting & wrong. A lot of women Oprah had on her show over the years had called men 'perverts' for watching porn & looked down on them.
But now that a lot more women are starting to watch porn, they're calling it 'erotica' to make themselves feel better about it (Oprah's words there) & act as if what they're doing is something wonderful & special. Oprah then said that the women on her panel were full of double standards & pretty much called them all hypocrites. Then I laughed.

So people, what are your thoughts on this?
Do you agree with Oprah?
Do you agree that the way women treat porn is different to men?
Do you think that makes us (women) not 'perverts'?
Etc etc etc...

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I just started a job as a cashier.

My feet fucking hurt.

For those of you that stand for hours while at work, what do you do to ease the pain? Will I get used to it? Are there some special shoes I can buy? Do gel inserts help? Can I just chop off my feet so they will let me sit down? (I work at Lowe's so chainsaws are readily available)

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What are your biggest annoyances right now?

My colleague saying 'love ya and leave ya' as a good bye, another colleague constantly snapping her gum and drivers who can't keep to their lane and go round rounabouts in the wrong friggin' lane!
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 Inspired by having Thursdays off:

What do you love to do when you have the house to yourself?

I love to turn my music up SUPER LOUD and sing along even though I sing like a dying yak. in labor. on fire. 
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Good Idea or Bad Idea?

To make it easy in The United States for anyone to decline a state or federal income tax refund and have it go back to The Government Coffers?

I know plenty of people, especially here in California Bay Area, who think taxes should be raised and I think this would be a good way for them to put their money where their mouth is.

Those outside of The States, can you do this in your country?
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Have you ever had a friendly conversation with a group of people then someone says something that makes you want to *facepalm* IRL?

"Is the word 'retarded' offensive?" We had a good light-earthed convo going, why did ya have to ruin it?!

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Which to you like better?

Wheat Thins
Oh god neither, kill them with fire
Something else which I will share with you in the comments

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this is probably a silly question but whatever. i'm gonna go to the gym later tonight and normally i just run, but i wanna start using weights/weight machines. i'm terrified of doing it wrong and hurting myself, but at the moment i don't have the money to pay for the training session the gym offers. is there a way to figure these things out for myself or should i let a pro show me?

what do you like to do for exercise?


Okay, I know that everyone has their own personal fears but while reading I thought about this. The Victorians all feared live burial and even today many people still write that our greatest common fear is being buried alive but recently with the advent of zombie and vampire culture it seems to me that we have a fear of being eaten alive.

Which scares you more: live burial or being eaten (alive or dead)?
Which do you think western culture as a whole fears?

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Are you currently happy with your body? Why/why not?

In an ideal world, how would you like your body to look? What body type do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

EDIT: My own answer:
Not at all. I'm 5'8 and pretty broad, and sadly no matter how much weight I lose I can't change my basic bone structure. I'd love to be tiny and dainty. My boyfriend is about 6'2 and about 160 pounds, with broad shoulders and fairly well-muscled arms. That's pretty much perfect in my opinion.

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In about 2 weeks i am going to America for the first time on holiday. :D
What food places MUST i go to?
Also i am going to Florida specifically and what things should i go to see? Only thing thats a no so far is Seaworld as my friend does not want to go there.
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I'm trying really hard not to buy fastfood for dinner.
Right around the corner from me is a Quiznos, Subway, multiple Chinese restaurants, McDonald's, BK, Pizza (NY kind and Pizza Hut), Checkers, Popeye's Chicken&Biscuits, White Castle, Deli's, and a Golden Krust. None of them are more than 10 mins away on foot.
And I'm sick of eating grits with butter&cheese.

Got any quick meal suggestions?

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I'm worried that my friend will stay in her current job (as an assistant in a chain pet store) and her new bedsit for forever, since even though she's capable, she's not very ambitious. Talking to a close (of both of us) mutual friend, we talked about whether we should make sure she eventually moves on. But she seems very happy now.

TQC, do we encourage her to find something else later, knowing that she could have better, or do we remember that she seems happy with what she's got?

DK/DC: Firstborns are parents' guinea pigs, Y/N?
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Because I can't say no to anybody without feeling horribly guilty about it, I'm going to be working about 130 hours total in the next two weeks.

TQC, what can I do so I don't a) die of exhaustion or b) turn into a total psycho bitch and take it out on everyone I love?

(At least the money'll be decent...)

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You have a POS jeep truck. You want to buy a new truck but you haven't because finacially it would be silly. The truck never ran great but it ran well for what you used it for (a work truck) but was always a POS. The best thing in it is the stereo. All of a sudden you let it run out of oil because with your SO going into labor super early and her being on bedrest it just wasn't the first thing on your mind. Well, now because that happened your truck makes a knocking type rattle sound and dies at stop signs. What should you do? Fixing it would be silly, because it is from the early 80s and really is worthless, we are not fixing it. Should we just sell it for the best offer? Put a free sign on it?

Why do guys shave their chests?

How do I get rid of this horrid bacne that I blame on my pregnancy hormones?

What is the oddest place you would change clothes? Or have changed clothes.

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I spend the night at my boyfriend's apartment every Saturday. Now that I have a key to his place he likes me to be there after he gets home from work if he closes (which is around 11 p.m.).

Since I'm a boring person I will probably go to his place a few hours early and clean and such. I also want to have a small surprise waiting for him. What can I do that is cheap or FREE? I was thinking I could just make a poster or something and hang it on the door but I am not creative so ideas are welcome.

Also nothing to do with me being naked or whatever because that wouldn't be that big of a surprise...
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What are you excited about? What are you nervous about?

Me: I'm excited about the apartment I saw today. I'm nervous that I may not be able to get it for some unforeseen reason. I'm also slightly nervous about a party my boyfriend is throwing tomorrow, because I may not know too many people there very well.

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How many facebook friends do you have that you know solely from TQC/online communities?
How did you find them?
If you could add anybody on here, who would it be?

Non-facebook users, gtfo.

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I'm going to do a book club type of thing with girl that I tutor.
She's 15 and currently reading (and enjoying) The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

What are some books that you would suggest we read this summer?

(no subject)

A few of my 5-HTP pills (supplement that is kind of anti-depressant-y) fell out of the bottle and into my purse, where they mingled with the loose change, receipts and other debris from the depths. I put the pills back into the empty bottle when I cleaned my purse, but I was unsure about whether I wanted to keep them ('cause of purse germs), so I got new ones.

Now I'm out of 5-HTP except for the stash from the bottom of my purse, and the stores are closed and I feel like I should take one. Would you take a pill that had been hanging around loose change and other gross germy things? I feel like I'm overreacting but. Still.

And yes, I feel very stupid asking this.

ETA: Thanks, guys. I took them. :)

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Will you post something that you would buy from American Apparel?

Collapse )

What grocery store(s) do you usually get your groceries at? Do you get certain things (bulk, veggies/fruits, cleaning supplies, etc.) at different stores?

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I really want to get a cupcake tattooed onto me. I've been thinking about it for awhile and I'm really happy with a certain design, but I cannot for the life of me figure out WHERE I want it. I'm absolutely not getting it if I'm not happy with the placement.

Collapse )

If you were obsessed with cupcakes as much as I am, where would you tattoo this on yourself?

If you could tattoo anything onto yourself, what would it be?

Do you have any tattoo designs you love?

What tattoos do you have?


What tv show would you recommend that's sci-fi/the fantastic or there abouts that I could watch somewhere online? I've seen a lot so excluding:
BSG, Caprica, Warehouse 13, that merlin thing on syfy(not interested), being human, sanctuary, x-files, star trek and its offspring, buffy/angel/medium/etc(not seen, but not interested in), true blood, sarah connor chronicles, bionic woman/man, carnivale.

if none then

how about...What would you suggest for reading from an obscure or sort of obscure horror/fantastic fiction writer?
For me I'll mention Anthony Shriek.

(no subject)

Have you bought the complete series of Daria? If so (or if not, but you liked the show), what are your favorite episodes?

Don't care: What TV shows from your childhood do you wish were available on DVD?
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attack of the stubble monster

so my boyfriend's stubble irritates my skin and makes me break out in the mouth-area, especially above my upper lip. it tends to make me look like i was hit with the herp.

however if he shaves more than once every two or three days, HE breaks out. plus his stubbliness is kinda hot.

surely there must be some way, besides growing a beard, that we can have kissy-kissy time without one of us being rashy/pimpley.

before, it didn't concern me too much, as i always had breakouts, but now it's glaringly apparent, as my skin is USUALLY clear.

any suggestions? will i just grow immune?

he'd look silly with a full-on beard.
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for those of you that have gotten tattoos before, did you tip your tattoo artist? how much?

i'm getting a shoulder piece done on saturday that my friend designed so the woman who is doing my tattoo didn't design it. i already got an awesome tattoo from this tattoo artist and didn't tip her, but in hindsight i think i should have?


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I googled this but can not find an answer at all!

I have an account with TD bank. Since I was 16 when I created it, my parents had to be holders of the account as well, and i can't take out money by myself. Now that I turned 18 yesterday can I take out money? or do I have to go in with my parents and get the account switched?

halp plz

ETA: At what age did you move out? I really want to move out (Trust me, I have enough money...I pay a lot of my parent's bills). but my parents think that I'm 15 and that if I move out it means that I hate them, even though I graduated high school early and am the only one in the household with a real job....


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My fiance and are having our wedding reception separate from the wedding, and we want to be super cheesey and wear tuxedo shirts.  is there a female version that is more feminine than me wearing the same sort of shirt he is???

this is all ive found so far, and i'm not into it:

Collapse )

I was hoping to find something that resembled a wedding dress a little more.

Thanks to who helped me!

dkdc? is it hot where you are? i'm sweating like a pig.

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What do you guys think of the username weekendoffender?

Last time I asked for new username ideas, most of you didn't like precious & in the end I decided against it. Now I love this username but after a month of trying to come up with a new one & being all gung ho about it, I don't actually know if I want to change now =( Ugh, what do you think?
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TQC, I'm taking a class about drugs and the criminal justice system. We have to watch 2 of these movies - preferably 2 movies about the same drug - and write a paper comparing them. I have a shitty-ass attention span and so they need to be good fucking movies. Which 2 should I watch?

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Requiem for a Dream, Blow, Trainspotting, New Jack City, Any of the Friday Movies,Any of the Cheech and Chong movies, Easy Rider, The Untouchables or Half Baked.

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When you're jumping the gun, having hastily prejudged a situation, and you're reacting on impulse, you're being pre________?

Not presumptuous. What is this blasted adjective? I can never remember it and once in a while I could really use it.
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It's 11.00pm, but I've been studying since dinner so it feels like I'm in the midst of an all-nighter. I can't study any more TQC! Will you sing/play me a song to help keep me distracted?