May 25th, 2010


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i'm pretty sure i have a kidney infection. aside from calling my doctor first thing in the morning and drinking a crapload of water and cranberry juice, is there any i can do to make it more bearable? : (

eta: can you diagnose me? i got pretty dehydrated friday night and felt nauseous from saturday morning until around noon today. starting around maybe 9 or 10pm, i've had pretty bad pain right around my right kidney (i'd give it a 4 on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no pain at all). i've also been peeing CONSTANTLY since the pain started (like every fifteen minutes sometimes). peeing doesn't hurt, and my temperature is 97.8F/36.5C. what is wrong with me?

Take 2

Better name?

Veruca Salt
Fairuza Balk

What are you most likely full of?


If someone's sticking their fingers in a leaky d*ke, where are they?

Lilith Fair

Which animal looks better in pairs?

Ear mites

What's more likely to happen in your lifetime?

Heidi Montag selected for Supreme Court
Jessica Simpson discovering cold fusion
"Please rise for President Kevin Federline"
Zombie invasion
You (you the person taking this poll) getting a sex change
Wyoming sinking into the sea
Bigfoot is captured, cloned, mass produced and sold as housepets
globalwarmer making a post that does not include weak wordplay alluding to a female body part
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Late night questionnaire

Do you believe/have you ever encountered "signs" from God/dead person/aliens/whatever you believe?
Do you believe that we receive affirmations from God (Higher Being/etc) when we question what we're doing in the world?
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If you don't give a crap , do you think Lady Gaga or Ke$ha makes "better" pop songs?

And if you really don't give two stinky diapers, has a celebrity ever replied to you on twitter?

My one true childhood love, R.L. Stine @ replied me today and pretty much made my whole life.
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1. Have you heard of the trend of some teens embracing werewolf culture in your town? If so, how do you feel about it? Do you find it silly, inappropriate/disruptive, just kids being kids or something else?

2. If you had to change your username, what would your new username be?

3. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be?
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What is something that has pleased you made you happy this week?
I got my first belt in Taekwondo! lol just a white belt but white belt > no belt :(

I start summer classes tomorrow, and have a few hours between my lab and my lecture. Napping in my car is not an option due to the heat. Any suggestions on how I can catch a few z's and not get robbed blind? I was thinking like, bike lock around the neck or something...

DK/DC: What forms of caffeine did you have today?
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Ladies: Assume you don't buy new things very often. If you were going to treat yourself to one item out of the following, which would it be?

A new pair of shoes.
A new bag.
2 sets of matching lingerie.
A different item of clothing.

& if you want, why that item?

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Soooo guess what I found out JUST NOW. Like, 10 minutes ago. Yep. I'm pregnant!!!!!! My first child. You are the first people to know! It's 3:00 am and my SO (and everyone else in my life) are asleep so I'm not going to tell them until they wake up.

So what's the next step? How soon do I need to see a doctor???
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Is anyone else at work?

How many cups of your beverage of choice have you consumed in the past 3 hours?

HOW DO I GET OMGAMAZING ABS that will make the boys want to eat me? How do I casually tell the dude I'm dating that he could drop like 25 pounds?

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What was the last thing that you did that you consider to be really childish?

Mine: Last night I locked my car keys in the car and did not tell my SO about it. I got up real early this morning and called a locksmith and 45 dollars later had my keys back. It took him a while to get in the car and while I was waiting, I bummed a cigarette from him (I “quit” about 2 months ago) When I got back inside I crawled back into bed and the first thing she asked was “Have you been smoking?” I had to confess about the keys and the smoke. She was not upset but I felt like a childish ass.      

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What are some awesome commercials that really stand apart from the rest and actually make you want the product advertised?

I just saw one on Hulu for FedEx that said "your time is more important so we're speeding up this commercial" and it only lasted about 5 seconds :)

I also remember one that was silent and had writing on a black background that said "this moment of peace and quiet brought to you by Karako Suits." My dad liked it so much he bought his next suit from them. They have real good deals btw ;)

Videos a plus! I couldn't find either of mine :(

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What are some great albums you've listened to recently?
  • Ben Weasel - Fidatevi
  • Burzum - Belus
  • Chuck Ragan - Los Feliz

Do you usually listen to albums all the way through?

I am considering spending a good amount (~$100) of my $450 in extra food stamps at a soda emporium. I am kind of a soda geek. Do you think this is a good idea?
ETA: You're right, TQC. I was probably just being dramatic. There's no way I could realistically, conscionably spend more than $20 on soda, even really interesting imported soda.

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I EFFING HATE PETA! Is there any organization that you hate that people just seem to blindly follow?

What's the last thing you bought/sold online?

What's the most risque thing in your home?
Colin Melooooy

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You did something stupid (juggled knives, stole from the wrong person, put your hand in a lawnmower). The penalty is that you have now lost a finger from your dominant hand. Which finger would you mind losing the least in a situation like this? (I am also including the thumb in this question.)

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Ambidextrous, maybe?

What is your favorite thing to do with your hands?

What are you feelings about the song "Hands" by Jewel?

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I bleached the underneath of my hair last night.
It's come out a really nice strawberry blonde, but I want it slightly lighter. Would it be a bad idea to do it today? I remember something about leaving as long as possible before bleaching hair again.
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Anyone else dislike getting flowers?

It's like, "Yay, let me stick these severed stems in a vase full of water and watch them wither and die over the course of three days!"

idk, I find it somewhat depressing tbh.

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In light of having to call in major favors to get a babysitter today, when was the last time you had to call in a personal favor?

I just put vanilla pudding mix in my smoothie and it was probably the best choice I ever made. Has anyone else ever done this?

How do you stop contractions?

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Reading for, ya know, fun.

Do you have a page limit for books you're reading? Such as you give up after fifty pages if you're not enjoying it.

If I'm not enjoying a book after 50 pages or the first couple of chapters then I tend to stop reading. I have so many books I want to read and so little time to read them.

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Have you ever reconnected with someone from your past?
how did that work out?

I think I just an e-mail I shouldn't have

What are you learning (interpersonally) now, that you should have known already???

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What is your favourite kind of bread?

I like all bread.  I have a problem :P

If you have an SO do you get along with their parents?  do they get along with yours?

we all get along surprisingly well...

Do you know anybody who is baby crazy? 

my parents apparently.. except they want ME to have the baby

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How many push-ups can you do? Pull-ups? (be honest! test it right now if necessary! I'll wait...)

ETA: I'll go tomorrow. Thanks!
Now the longer question:
I'm on summer vacation trying to get a weekend job before my unpaid internship starts. I heard about this valet position and called in, the guy said I can show up for an interview any day during business hours. I've been on a crazy sleep schedule since finals, up all night & sleeping all day. I've been straight sleeping through business hours. I stayed up all night last night and figured I could go interview and then sleep. But now I am beyond tired and also kinda dizzy from not eating for so long.

Should I force myself to go to the interview? Or rest and try again tomorrow?
What would you do?
If you would go interview, how would you wake yourself up?
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TQC I'm waiting for some very important news in my email and it's so distracting waiting for it!

How do you deal with having to wait for important information? (making a team, someone having a baby etc. etc.)

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Will you describe (in full detail) what you do at your job?
If you don't have one, what sort of courses are you taking at school?
If you're not in school, what do you do to pass the time?

[edit]Volunteer work counts.
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Fucking your best friend: bad idea, yes/yes?

Do any of you remember this comic strip that ran in the newspaper probably around 1998? It was a group of high school friends, they might have been ghost hunters or something. The strip got really surreal when they all started to get sucked into little tamagotchi-like devices and trapped in the digital world. They all started disappearing into the cyber world and then the strip stopped forever! This ran in St. Paul, MN - I'm not sure if it was just local or what. It was really bizarre though.

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does anyone here have the blackberry curve 8530? if so, can you use your browser without wifi? like, on your mobile network.
i tried to disable wifi in my manage connections screen and when i go to the browser it says "this is a wifi something blahblahblah" does this mean i can't use sprint's data services?! i'm mad >:(

what are you doing today?
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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If you were forced to move out of your home and into a store, what store would you live in? (Tell us why if you are so inclined.)

All necessities (i.e. food, water, clothing, etc.) will be provided given they aren't already there, and you do not have to pay for anything you use in whatever store you chose to move into.

This or that

Poll #1569683 This or that

Which would you rather have?

The chicken that lays golden eggs
King Midas, whose touch turns everything into gold, as your indentured servant

Which would you rather have?

Magic beans, which turn into a ginormous beanstalk when planted, which, when climbed, leads to a confrontation with a carnivorous giant
A cow

Which would you rather have?

A sword that can cut through anything
A singing frog

Which would you rather have?

X-ray vision that's always on (can't be turned off) that only works on people over 60
A visit to the gynocologist with a one-eyed practician with lousy depth perception

Which would you rather have happen to you?

Go on a 6-hour road trip with Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, while listening to a liberal news channel that'll only rile them up
Be trapped in an elevator with a mute clown for one hour. He says nothing, but just stares at you the whole time and makes balloon animals

Which would you rather find?

$20 on the street (in whatever currency your country uses)
$30 worth of Russian rubles (you'll need to get it converted)

Which would you rather watch?

12 hour marathon of Larry the Cable Guy, both his movies and standup acts
2 hours watching the sex tape made by Chyna (the wrestler). It just gets replayed and replayed for 2 hours

Actors that give people the heebie jeebies

I found this list list the other day that somebody has compiled. Actors that give people the creeps.

Steve Buscemi
Kevin Spacey
Kathy Bates
Willem DaFoe
Christopher Walken
Crispin Glover
Robert De Niro
Anjelica Huston
Elijah Wood
Anthony Hopkins

I strongly disagree with Anthony Hopkins & Robert De Niro. I love Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi but I can understand why they're up there.

Only actors I would put up there are Rik Mayall and Jack Nicholson. Although, around One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest time, Jack was pretty hot. It's now that he's older that he really really creeps me out.

Who would you put on the list? Who do you think shouldn't be up there?

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Pick 3 entrees

roasted trout
rasberry chipotle pulled pork sammich
chipotle blackbean burrito
chicken soft tacos
turkey burgers
turkey taco burgers
flank steak fajitas
flank steak gyros
jerk pork loin tacos
kofta (mediterranean spiced meatballs)
grilled brats

Pick some veggies you might like with one of your entrees

grilled corn on the cob
grilled beets
cole slaw
grilled zucchini
green beans
roasted artichoke hearts
kale or chard gratin
greek salad w/red wine vinaigrette

Pick a restaurant

greek food

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Have you ever had to get one of your pets to stop 'spraying'? How did you do it? FYI, that No Spray stuff does not work.

What are you looking forward to?
If you could only wear one color + black & white for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What's for lunch/ the next meal you're having?

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Do you take public transportation frequently?

Why do people like to pee on buses?  Why don't they poop on them too?

ok, I know that MOST people don't, but why do the people who do piss themselves on the bus do it? 
kesha roxxx

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Is it ever acceptable to be on your phone during a date?

Does the number of dates you've had with the person matter (is it acceptable once you reach a certain level of comfort)?

I say no to both, unless someone is dying.

On Minivans

So I have to buy a minivan for my business- for the people who own such a vehicle model, can you suggest a make and model?

It needs to be big, able to haul a little weight and hopefully not a total bust on the gas mileage. Any suggestions?
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You're trapped in an elevator with a complete stranger. When you buzz the security desk, you're told that you'll be stuck for 2 hours. What's the LAST thing you want to hear your elevator companion say next? Your elevator companion is a 40something man, completely average looking and sporting a bad toupee and a little extra girth

"No...No....NOOOO!! I HATE CONFINED PLACES! It makes me go CRAZY!!" They start throwing themselves at the elevator doors and pounding aggressively against it and does not stop until they eventually open
"The important thing is that you're comfortable these next 2 hours...why don't you take your pants off, like I'm going to"
" do you feel about Scientology? There's a few interesting tests I can read to you. You may consider these 120 minutes the most important time in your entire life"
"Um...this is highly embarrassing...I'm lactose intolerant and I was on my way up to the third floor, where there's a public restroom. This is going to be really embarrassing. Say, do you have any paper?"
"OMG! They're watching us! I know it! And they just made their move, trapping us in this elevator, but I'M ONTO YOU, SPACE ALIENS! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE EITHER OF US ALIVE!"
"Know what really helps calm me down? Martial arts training. Why don't you get up and let's spar a little bit and that'll blow off some steam. Really, Insist. Get up"
"2 hours! Fuck that shit. I've never worked on one before, but I'm sure I can get this elevator up and running licketty split. Help me take this control panel off and I'll start rewiring everything and save us both"
"Don't judge me but the only thing that calms me down is by touching myself. You can watch if you want, or partake if it helps calm you down too"
"You look like a chill person. I know how we can kill 2 hours" He then reaches into his jacket and pulls out some heroin
"This is not how I wanted to make your acquaintance, but this is a golden opportunity. I've been following you for weeks, you see. Following you to work, ogling you at night through my camera. I think I may be in love with you"
"We'll be ok. I have my lucky charm, you see. I never go anywhere without my lucky hand grenade. It got me through some tough times"
"Come here and let's join hands and pray for divine intervention. I bet we can squeeze in 3 rosaries"
"I hope Betty will be ok. She's my pet tarantula. Would you like to hold her? She's very fond of strangers"
He says nothing. Just sits in the corner and pulls out a pair of X-Ray Specs, puts them on and proceeds to stare at you with a smile on his face
"THIS IS YOUR FAULT THE ELEVATOR STOPPED. WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU'D BETTER FIX IT IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU. I have a drug deal to make and my client's unhappy, I'm unhappy and then you'll be really unhappy"

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hopefully this is allowed. i haven't been here in awhile.

a seemingly stray cat has been coming by our backyard pretty frequently. she is extremely friendly and affectionate. i put up "found" posters in the area, but no one has called. i'd take her in myself, but unfortunately i live with my parents in their house and they absolutely refuse. so, that's not an option. i called the no-kill shelters around me, but because it's "kitten season", they're at capacity. she is seriously the sweetest little thing ever.

are any tqc members in the tri-state area looking to adopt the most adorable (and most interesting-looking) kitty cat? i want to find her a home asap because the weather is supposed to be terrible here later this week and the raccoons in my area are crazy cat-attackers. i've asked friends, acquaintances, and put up an ad on craigslist, but no one is committed to taking her yet. here is a video i took of her earlier today:

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There is a sophomore at my high school whose nude pictures were uploaded by some other vicious sophomore and put in a public photo album (she got a hold of them supposedly because the girl sent them to her boyfriend a while back) .  The sophomore does not know they are up on the internet.

Should someone tell her?  Or is ignorance really bliss?
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UK cat food

Can any cat owners in the UK give me advice as to the best/healthiest kind of cat food available? My (seven-year-old) cat is currently living on Whiska's, which I know has all the nutritional value of a Big Mac, and I really want to transition to something that's both good for him & doesn't involve animal cruelty in the production. (I've heard about certain supermarket brands using vivisection to test their products, which I am totally not okay with.) I've tried googling, but all I can find are links to US brands, none of which are available here.

Also, he's a family cat, & my parents are generally resistant to changing his diet - could anybody provide me with additional information about an adult cat's nutritional needs? I'm willing to pay the extra to get him some proper food, but I don't want them to turn around & start feeding him junk again the moment I move out, so any information I could show them would be really helpful.

Thank you!

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Do you believe in God? why or why not?

Personally I believe anything in possible, I mean no one really knows for sure what's out there, so instead of renouncing myself to one particular theology I keep my mind open others religous beliefs although I admit some seem less likely than others. However, reincarnation is an idea i could come close to believing in. Because we as humans project energy, energy can niether be created nor destroyed, so what happens to that energy when a person dies? does is fizzle out in the area around them making that energy avaible for countless uses, perhaps even the creation of a new life? Idk, just a thought I had one day.
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what's the best way to remember sentence long quotes for written exams? i'm trying to remember like over a hundred for two exams!

i don't like two irrelevant questions in one post but i'm going to do it anyway. if you could have any hair you wanted with no work to it at all and it would suit you magically, what would you like your hair to be like? please describe in deet.

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When is the last time you went on a nice date?! What happened? 

Tonight my fiance is taking me to one of my favorite restaurants and then to a movie and then we're going for some gelati on an outdoor patio. I'm excited!  

What was one of the worst dates/relationship experiences you've had? 

One time I was having sex with my boyfriend and my ex (and his mutual friend) came over unannounced, let himself in (as our friends usually do) and stood on the other side of the bedroom door listening (we didn't know) until he got up the courage to knock. It was sooo awkward and horrible. In his defense we had asked him to hang out but he said he was busy...but then his plans fell through and he was able to come over, we weren't expecting him though. 

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if you're upset, what are you upset about?
what's the hardest thing you've been through?
the most painful thing you've been through?

if you could study ANYTHING even if it isn't a subject that is available or if it's something you're not naturally good at, what would it be?
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hello tqc, it's time for apartment questions that never get asked.

1. for people who live with stranger bitches they found on craigslist: what do you say when you respond to a roommate-wanted posting?

i don't mean the ads lovingly crafted with pictures and descriptions of all the people in the apartment, i mean the "$600 BLOOR STATION UTILS AND INTERNET INCL. NO SMOKERS" ads.

2. also, is it unreasonable to ask if a furnished room can be de-furnished? i'm seeing a lot of furnished room ads (and they tend to be cheaper than unfurnished rooms) but i just got a new bed this year.

3. ALSO ALSO, is it common to have A/C in taller apartment buildings? most buildings here have 2-5 units and they don't have A/C and i'm from the suburbs so that's gonna suck. we're already at july temperatures in may, le fu-

eta: oh shit, there are places where all apartments have A/C? i'm canadian.
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My best friend has a large flea problem. She came back from college a few weeks ago, and found that her house had been infested with fleas. It's a recent problem, and we think it's thanks to all the rain we got recently. She's tried flea bombing her house, but she's allergic to the products used.

TQC, we need help. We need some way to get the fleas off the cats, out of the carpets, bedding, etc., and off her. What are some of the best ways you've found to get rid of fleas? Natural and/or inexpensive remedies preferred.

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So, some guys who are claiming to sell alarm systems came to our door. I didn't answer, but my two roommates did. I stayed in the back, listening to the sales pitch. We have guns in the house, and a few expensive electronics and I'm sure the guys saw them. They started with "Well you know recently about the crime in the area..." I've lived here for at least two years and there hasn't been any crime. No break-ins, no robberies, nothing. But now, that these guys have been inside our house I have a feeling that we will experience a break-in soon. Am I just being paranoid? Has anyone come to your house recently trying to sell you alarm systems? We didn't buy anything, but now I'm fearing that something might happen.

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If there's someone you've had some drama with here in TQC, does it affect how you respond to them in other posts?

Also, how long does a softball game normally last? My neighbor took my daughter to see her boyfriend play tonight but they left before I got home, and she didn't tell me when they'll be back. She doesn't have a cell at the moment so I can't call and ask.
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Did you ever borrow something from someone, and "forget" to return it? What was it?

If you let someone borrow something, and a long time has gone by, do you ask for it back, or just let them keep it?

It's been a year and a half since I let a friend of mine borrow one of my books.  I haven't seen her (or really talked to her) all year, even though we still live in the same town and go to the same university.  But every time I look at the empty spot on my bookshelf I wonder if I should ask her if she still has it...

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1)If you were a little fishie swimming in the ocean and came upon this huge blob of British Petroleum crude in the water, what might go through that little fishie head of yours?
2)Would you be disgusted by dead body if it were your loved one? Like would you not want to touch it or would you be hugging it? Inspired by a tv show, not trying to be morose or anything.
3)Who is your favorite zombie on this site? Why do you think they're interesting?

names and such

Because I just came across a comment from a Susan Smith on Facebook, I started to wonder...

Would you change your name if it was the same as a notorious murderer/rapist/all around bad dude?

(Perhaps not legally, but maybe go by Susie Smith instead of Susan?)

Or would you fancy the built-in conversation starter? It would get old after a while though, right?

Do you currently have a name (first and last) that's the same as someone famous or infamous?

Is it cool or a burden?

eating out of packages

Do you eat chips right out of the bag, or do you put them in a bowl or something first?

What about ice cream, do you eat that right out of the carton or get a dish?

What about orange juice or milk? Drink right from the bottle/carton or put it in a glass?

Do you live alone?
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I don't really talk to my mother however today she drove me over to get my car from the shop. In this ten minute drive, she gave this cross that was "blessed with the Holy Spirit". She then bust out in tears saying how she's been worried about me, blah blah blah. While I appreciate her concern, I'm not a religious person and I feel like the "gift" was just her way of saying, "ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST!" Personally, organized religion isn't for me but I don't knock her for believing it. That is, until she pushes it on me. So now, I have this "blessed cross" am I supposed to do with it? Should I just bury it in the backyard? Put it in a bottle and send it off to sea? Give it to some homeless guy? Dunk it in the trash? Non-srs and srs answers please.

The truth is out there

Poll #1569811 Believe

What do you believe in or the possibility?

Parallel Universes
Psychic Ability
The restaurant at the end of the universe
The answer to life is 42


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what aspect of Tooters is the most offputting?

i think the name is awful

have you ever consumed a tooter? which flavor looks the best? the worst?

i kinda want to get them because they look so portable. i could keep one or two in my pocket in case of emergency.

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Can you help me track down this movie?

I saw it when I was really young and can only remember a few things about it:

It was about a family who had taken in some Vietnamese refugees. I'm almost certain there was an older Vietnamese woman and her two daughters.

There was a scene at the supermarket where the little girl picks up a pineapple and puts it in the cart but her mother made her put it back. The lady taking care of them bought the pineapple for them anyway.

While teaching the girls English, the host points at her ring finger and goes, "Ring finger." The little girl fights her by saying "Finger ring! Finger ring!"

I cannot find anything about this movie on google or IMDB. :(
cabaret voltaire

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So I parked in this parking garage to go to work and my shift was supposed to end at 9, but my manager asked me to stay till 10. I did, and I go back to the garage only to discover it was closed. No access to my car. I was pissed and threw a fit. Do you think my car was towed, or do you think it is still there? I didn't know the garage closed at 10 and I parked there under the impression I'd get off work at 9.
i ain't into that!

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Dirty talkers, what words do you use to refer to genitalia during sex? 

Do you play The Sims? 1 2 or 3?

When was the last time you were drunk?

What's your favorite color of Gatorade?

What web browser do you use?

Do you usually eat breakfast? If so, what is your typical workday breakfast?

What is your opinion on Twitter?