May 24th, 2010

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What was the worst series finale you've ever seen? Will you describe why it made you so angry?

If your answer wasn't The Sopranos, have you SEEN the finale to The Sopranos? Check it out. It was even worst than LOST's finale tonight. But I'm a hater...

What was the best series finale you've ever seen?

(you can answer with a season finale if you prefer)

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If you woke up tomorrow and had a perfect* face and body, how do you think your life would be different?
What advantages do the Beautiful People have that the rest of don't? Besides, y'know, the obvious stuff... like getting free drinks and the ability to wear giant fucking sunglasses indoors at night without looking like a complete tool.

* This is "perfect" according to traditional Western media standards. Say, for women: You're 5'10", 115lbs, 0.7 waist/hip ratio, perky C-cup tatas, symmetrical neotenous facial features, etc.
Men: Um... you're Wentworth Miller. And you're naked and feeding me strawberries.

DK/DC: You're probably wearing giant sunglasses and drinking a Disaronno Sour that you didn't have to pay for.
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So I've been on like 7 dates with this guy. On dates 5-7, he displayed some subtly affectionate gestures to show his interest:

Date 5: casual but flirtatious touching of my arm and lower back while laughing
Date 6: walking briefly with his hand on my lower back
Date 7: briefly putting his arm around my shoulder, playing with the ends of my hair.

I haven't done anything to show that I don't want him to do these things, but I haven't necessarily been reciprocating these actions either. I just keep talking or doing whatever it is that we're doing.

-When the above happens, and you like the person, do you reciprocate affectionate gestures? If so, what do you do?
-If I don't do anything on the next date, such as look into his eyes to indicate that he can kiss me, or something else like leaning in closer when he puts his hand on my lower back, do you think he'll get the idea that I'm not really interested in that way and lose interest in the pursuit?
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Using this tool, what is the biggest/weirdest/oddest discrepancy you get between the initial phrase and the final translation (assuming the setting is "max")?

Not bad for a 147 year old blind lady. = 147 posts, wrong.

I'm pretty sure about that. = I do not think so.
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Grab-bag of queries!

I am full of quandaries tonight. Something for everyone!

1. What is up with this one bird that sits around and sings all night somewhere on my block? I think it's a mockingbird, because it has so many variations in its song. Is there something wrong with it? Why won't it shut up???

2. Why does my uncle keep turning the thermostat up to 73F(/23C)? Is he a freak who should go live in a sauna, or are we freaks for keeping it at 69F(~20C) normally? Do you have relatives who do really annoying things when they visit?

3. Does anyone here speak fluent Spanish? I really really need a sentence or two translated from English to Spanish and I know very well that relying on online translators is NOT a good way to do it.

4. Do you have any recent musical "discoveries" you'd like to recommend to TQC? I'm looking for new great stuff. (Mine are in the comments.)
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You're sitting in the jury room, waiting for your interview, when in walks the hottest person you have EVER seen. You're seriously about to throw yourself on them and dry hump, people around you be damned.

What would turn you off faster than a bucket of cold water?

They pull out Ann Coulter's book "Godless" and begin reading with avid interest
They lean forward slightly, causing their shirt to gap, revealing a name tattooed on their chest, crossed out, and then re-tattooed. There are currently two crossed out & one untouched name.
They start talking. Their voice starts out normal, but the longer they engage in conversation, they begin to put emphasis on their s's. "Jussssssssssssssssssssst like ssssssssssssso".
They have what appears to be jock itch that has spread to their ass, so they're constantly scratching both their crotch and the expanse of their ass
They sit with their legs splayed, inviting the world to enjoy their loins, only they smell distinctly of ballsweat, no matter the type of genitalia they have
They finish every sentence they say, be it one word or twenty, with "BE QUIET YOU IDIOT!" in an exact replication of Ren, from Ren & Stimpy
They start speaking in tongues and begin having seizure like motions as they do so. You're the only one who realizes they're simply alternating between "Paul is dead" and "I buried Paul" backwards.
They sneeze violently into their hand then surreptitiously (or not so much so) wipe it on their neighbors, a la George W. Bush in Haiti with Clinton.
Their pant/skirt rides up and you see a bush of leg hair, that has been dyed multiple outlandish colors. At second glance, you notice "I'm a pretty girl" has been shaved in, regardless of gender, a la the nike swoop in the early nineties.
They reach in their purse/manbag and take out a finger skateboard and begin playing with it. You can hear them narrate "Hawk with a kickflip to hardflip to invert varial lien!" as they do, and they begin cheering as the combo is completed.
They pull out Dominatrixing for Dummies: how to embrace your inner Nazi ideologies.

This post brought to you by the hottie who whipped out Godless during jury duty this past week :'( what a waste

DK/DC: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

The End

So, LOST series finale last night. Like all good things, it came to an end.

If you are an avid television watcher, what series finales have you watched?

What ones have been the most meaningful for you? 
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What is your favorite band at the moment?

How early in the morning do you start thinking about what's for lunch?

Favorite color highlighter?

Yahoo/Gmail/MSN? Other? (please specify)

How far is your trip from home to work?

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What is more painful; childbirth or a UTI? And I mean childbirth like just oxygen/saline. My mom had both her kids just oxygen mask and saline IV on the incase they needed to drug her up (she was 42) and she says UTIs are worse than childbirth, but I wonder if others think that way.

In case that isn't something you can answer:
What is something you really wanna eat RIGHT NOW? Pics?
What is a picture that always makes you laugh or smile?
Do you have a preference between cats and dogs?
What is your favorite type of soup?
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What are your favorite furniture/home goods stores that are decently priced?

I like Ikea but their quality can be hit or miss (damn you chipboard). Moving out of my parents house later this summer so I'm looking for a new bed, couch, kitchen supplies, ect. Can afford better than dirt cheap but the more I can save the better :)

I live in the DC/Baltimore metro area if anyone knows of some local places.

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Those who wear contacts: do your eyes/contacts dry out when you're somewhere with really cold/strong air conditioning?

Mine do. And I'm in a waiting room at my grandpas eye doctor and for some reason they have both the a/c and several portable a/c units running. My eyes are screaming.

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1)What's the most disgusting odor produced by the body?
2)What's your favorite TV show theme song (one that was written specifically for the show, not like a song that was already written and they used it for the show)?

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So I decided to revise outside! I brought my tomato plant out for a bit of sun but it's starting to wilt. I've been watering it well. What's wrong with it? Is it just too hot? It's come from quite a dark cool room.

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My google skills have completly ran out on me.

I would like to read a book about someone who has ran away from their old life and made a new one. Whether it's a normal new life or a circus. However I can't find anything. When I looked on Amazon I could only find books on runaway kids etc.

So, do you know of a book like this? Or what I can do to find what I'm looking for?
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Do haughty and hottie sound differently to you when you say them? How so?  

They sound exactly the same to me, but a friend in Baltimore told me she says them differently (in text, so she couldn't pronounce them for me). 


so, over the past couple weeks my arms have accumulated, over night in different patches, sporadically, fields of bug bites.
we cannot figure this out. in the house im in, where SIX other people live, NOONE has gotten bit up like me. Ive slept in practically every room in the house, where noone else has gotten bit, yet i still succeed in getting them. weve checked all over, powdered floors, washed everything ive touched like clothes and bedsheets, everything. im frustrated because i cant come up with any answers and the clusters of bites on my arms are so not attractive. 

does anyone have any ideas?

Poll for the ladies

Poll #1569071 Another one of these dumb polls

Let's say your last name is Biggin. You're engaged to be married, and your bethrothed's last name is Fatt. What would your married name be?


Same as above, except your last name is Stew, and your bethrothed's last name is Pitt


Same as above, except your last name is Aine, and your bethrothed's last name is Null


Same as above, except your last name is Kuntz and your bethrothed is Berger


Same as above, except your last name is Kaw and your bethrothed's last name is Weir


Same as above, except your last name is Harry and your bethrothed's last name is Buttz


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my little brother is in elementary school and i come in every monday to help out his teacher. i am writing him an email telling him that i can't come in today but i will try to stop in on friday instead. what the hell should my subject be?
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I have a wedding and a week long meeting in August and I'm not entirely sure what to do about my dog. Should I...?

board him at the vet for 9 days. It's a nice place and I know he will be well cared for.
let him stay with my parents. He knows them and gets some of the comforts of home, but he may have to stay a couple of weeks.
something else (suggestions please)

If you were a zombie, what body part/organ would you go after first?
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Do you let people who you know IRL read your LiveJournal?

If you told someone IRL (let's say it's someone who you have a crush on and are just getting to know) that you have a LiveJournal and they asked to read it, how would you respond?

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1. My older sister and I want to take our little sister on a trip in August. We live in Los Angeles, California and my little sister has never been on a plane. Where should we go that isn't crazy expensive, is fun, and isn't more than a 5 hour plane ride? I feel like we should keep it short since it's her first one. Out of state/city suggestions are welcome.

2. What's your identity in your sibling group?
-For a long time I was the bitter middle child. As an adult, I'm not too sure who I am yet. Not bitter anymore though! :)

3. Do you and your siblings have similar names?
-My parents gave us all the same initials of AAT.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm 21, older sis is 23, little sis is 17.

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Which of these traits could you put up with in a SO?

Loud snorer. Once he/she nods off it's like a hibernating bear is in the room
Racist. Intolerant against one specific race. He/she wouldn't do anything extreme or violent but just doesn't like 'those people'
Frigid in bed. Kissing and cuddling is great, but must intimacy involve the genitals? Again? We did it last month!
Insatiable sexual appetite. Wants to have sex multiple times a day, but will settle for once per day
Gas. Your SO has a farting problem. At least once every hour, he/she has to let one fly and it's not pleasant. They try to disguise it or hide it but it's not always possible
Overly protective of you. Tends to get into shouting matches with people he/she perceives as 'hitting on you', and it may lead to fisticuffs
Bad breath. Halitosis fever
Reckless driver. He/she insists on driving because they don't like how you drive. He/she speeds, changes lanes suddenly and swears at other drivers, but never gets into an accident
Is in a cult. Or so you believe. He/she doesn't talk about their beliefs with you at all unless grilled, but it seems that he/she is spending more time and money than reasonable on this group
Bipolar. Emotions range from ecstatic good times to crippling depressions
Conspiracy theorist. Mistrusts every story and can cite the bullshit 'real story' from everything from banks to the moon landing to whatever. Highly opinionated
Vain. Spends more time in front of the mirror than you do and can spend upwards of an hour getting ready to go out, and that's if they're in a hurry
Super kinky. Bored with generic sex and likes to experiment with all kinds of techniques and toys. Expect nothing conventional in bed
Vanilla in bed. Likes missionary and nothing else. "Why reinvent the wheel when this is feels good already?", he/she says
Embarrassing laugh. When he/she laughs, it's high-pitched, loud and shrill, similar to a witch's cackle, except cranked up to 11. Has been asked to leave a movie theater before

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I'm on my way to Best Buy because my iPhone buttons are all sticking and I can't use it because it tries to shut off every click I make. I'm still under warranty (7 months left) and I have insurance through Best Buy.

What should I expect when I get there? Will I get a loaner phone? Will it take awhile to get a new phone?
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Is the girl who was receiving creepy phone calls okay? That was really disturbing and I haven't seen her update here in a few days about the situation. I'm wondering if anyone is friends with her/knows an update.

She was receiving very frequent calls while being home alone, and a random song played during the calls...a song that had significance to her.

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I remember a time when arguments about what was "factually correct" didn't/couldn't involve a google check. Here's hoping the majority of people also do otherwise I am going to feel even older!

Do you remember this being the case?

I'm not sure, can I google it and get back to you?
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 When you open things like peanut butter, or sour cream, do you take the sealed tin/paper/plastic liner all the way off, or only half off?


Does it bother you when people do it the opposite of how you do?

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Poll #1569107 Road Rage

Which of the following annoy you most when driving?

People who don’t use turn signals
People who jam their music loudly and rattle your ride
Random honking at stop signs and red lights
People who do not let other cars merge for any reason
People who ride in the wrong lane until the last second and try to merge
People who leave their high beams on
Double parking
People who drive slow

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Should I take Ballet or Modern Dance next semester, or neither? I've always been really shy about dancing, especially ballet since I was always a tomboy, but I've wanted to get back into it. I'm not sure if I'll tell anyone though.
What were your grades or if you haven't gotten them yet, how do you think you did?
For those out of school or who don't care, what is your least favorite food?

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for those of you who smoke cigarettes, when is the time you need it most? what brand? how much/day?

for those of you who don't smoke cigarettes, do you say anything to that person smoking? what do you think about smokers (aside from "OMGZ UR GONNA DYE!!!11")?

for everybody: what color are your eyes/favorite color?
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01.When you take things slow with someone you plan on eventually turning into your bf/gf, is there some rule about how much you talk to each other and hang out? Should you let him contact you first and plan the next outing?

02.Also, why am i so stressed out about this?
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How dependent are you on your cell phone?

N/A - I do not have a cell phone and I don't want one.
N/A - I don't have a cell phone but I wish I did.
1 - I forget I even have a cell phone most of the time.
5 - I like having a cell phone, but I don't flip out if I don't have it for the day.
10 - OMG I freak out just at the thought of being without my phone all day.

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What's the last thing that made you really happy?

I know this question is asked a million times a week, but I wanted to brag about the fact that my pap smear came back normal and I'M HPV FREEEEE!

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Today we saw some Broncos players at a casual dining restaurant and Champ Bailey's pretty much kind of a douche. (I'm not into the Broncos and wouldn't have known who they were, but I think my mom was pretty disappointed by him) Have you ever met someone famous you thought was pretty great and they turned out not to be?  Did it totally spoil them for you?

I ran out of gas and had to wait at the gas station for nearly 45 minutes while their system came back up. What's the last thing to annoy you?

If n/a, what's the most out of character thing you've done lately?

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Are you waiting/did you wait to have sex until you are/were married?

If Y: Do you judge those that didn't? How so/why?

If N: Do you judge those that did? How so/why?

Alternatively, if you had the choice between a really nice (expensive) bathing suit and a really nice (expensive) haircut for your birthday, which would you choose? Assume that you HATE the one bathing suit you currently own (and you will have a season pass to the local 6 Flags waterpark this summer) and your hair has no style/is fried because you haven't had it cut in 6 months.
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What should I do to take my mind off of something that's making me anxious?

(my roommate and I mailed off our applications to the PERFECT rental house we've ever seen. It should get to the landlord by today/tomorrow. I'M SO NERVOUS. I want the house so bad. It's like a small cottage here in town and SO PERFECT.)

What's making you anxious?

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My roommate and I were doing some walking today and we've got sunburns, but mine is super mild and doesn't hurt a bit, and her being Irish, well, it's much worse.

What are some good sunburn remedies? I know I could google, but I want to know what you guys use and what you know will help!
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How do you feel about people who drag their feet both literally and figuratively

can deal with figuratively, but literally is annoying
can deal with literally, but figuratively is annoying
both are pretty annoying
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So, on Friday, I went on a second date with one of the attractive guys I've ever met. I was really nervous, so I drank a little bit more than I would have liked.

In my drunken stupor, I told him I was going to take him on a picnic this weekend. I have never taken anyone on a picnic ever.

What should I make? I was thinking of roasting some chicken breasts and making sandwiches, but that seems so boring and I don't know what else to serve with it. Again, chips and soda seems so...meh. And I don't want to deal with a BBQ, since it will just be the two of us.

What are some good food to bring on a picnic that can either be served cold or at room temperature?

He doesn't like mustard and only likes mayo in small amounts. I don't do spicy food.

Should I make a pie or do think that would be too much?

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Let's say there's an apocalypse. Doesn't matter how it happens -- nuclear war, zombies, 2012, whatever. You and an incredibly sexy member of the opposite sex are the only survivors. Assume that this person is sexy enough to turn you straight if you are gay. Both of you are completely fertile and your babies will be free of birth defects. You have an infinite supply of condoms and HBC since there is no one else who needs them, as everyone else is dead.

Do you have kids with this person, with the intention of carrying on the human race? Why or why not? If you do not have kids, the planet will be 100% free of humans forever onwards. If you do, they'll have lovely incest sex and eventually the population will creep up.

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Do you take fitness/health and wellness classes? (Ie: zumba or yoga) Do you like them? How old are you? Where do you take them?

Do you live in an apartment or a house? Do you have a garden? If you have an apartment garden will you show me a picture? If you have a regular garden, will you also show me a picture? What do you grow?

If you are a college student, what are you going to do during the summer?
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If you saw someone being beaten to death, would would you do?

-You are not alone, there are a ton of people walking past the scene but no one seems to be doing anything
-The person is conscious but barely
-You are about 5 feet away from your car (you could easily drive away and continue your day)

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1. I've been applying to many jobs lately and have noticed that after name, address and date of birth, I am always asked if I am latino/Hispanic. Then, it asks me what race I am. This is confusing me a bit, not because of the race/ethnicity difference, but because latino/Hispanic is a question all on its own. Why do you think this is?

ETA: I know about the difference between race/ethnicity, it just seemed odd to me it was the only ethnic group asked about separately.

Sorry I'm having trouble communicating my confusion here.

2. What is your favorite flavor of snow cone/shaved ice/raspa?

3. When was the last time you were proud of yourself? What was the reason?

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favorite place to get stylish but affordable glasses frames? I was looking at some at the doctor's office today and am convinced I can find some cheaper ones somewhere.
Can I see your glasses?
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When you file your nails using a file with coarse-fine-smooth-shine sides, do you all sides in sequence on one nail before moving to the next, or do you do an entire hand with the coarse side and then do the entire hand with the fine side? Do you do one hand and then the other, or both at the same time?

Nails are made of keratin, which is protein. If one were to save the nail dust from filing their nails and cook it into food, would it be digestible as protein?

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You and your mother have a strained relationship. You fight a lot, yell, and curse, whatever. You are shopping with your mother things are going relatively well. Your friend calls, you try to talk to her but can’t really because your mother keeps butting in to tell her about all these little things you’ve done wrong all day. You’re getting annoyed, you tell your mother to stop. She keeps digging at you. You tell her more firmly to stop, she does not, and you cannot even concentrate on your friend because you mother won’t shut up. You snap, you scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. Your mother hits you in the mouth with enough force to cause your lip to bleed.


Who do you feel is “in the wrong”? Is the mother justified in hitting her child for cursing at her? Or was the child justified in cursing at her mother when she had already asked several times to stop? Are both parties equally wrong? What’s your take on it?

Edit: you're drving in a car, walking away is not an option

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So the backpack I've had for about ten years has finally bit the dust. I'm in the market for a new one, what are some things I should be looking for? Obviously padded straps, lots of space, lots of pockets, I don't need a laptop pad part thing... Anything else? Suggestion of brands?
Fyi, I use my backpack for everything, it usually has TONS of stuff in it.

What's something you always have on you? (other than wallet(and contents), cell phone, ipod, clothes, pen or laptop)

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Inspired by mollywicked's post below:

At what point does a parent's obligations to their children end? When does a child's obligation to its parent end?

Are humans the only animals that maintain familial ties after the children have reached adulthood?

Don't know or care, how would you react if you found out you were dead?

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There has been a gnat flying around my bedroom for like three days now. It keeps going in front of the TV and trying to land on my food. I can't open a window, it's a good 35 feet from the door so it's not like I can shoo it out, and capturing it in a tupperware has failed. Any suggestions? How long until it just drops dead? 
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If you ever color your hair at home -

Do you do the allergy test 48 hours beforehand? Or do you just throw caution to the wind and put those chemicals right on?

I've never done one, and I'm sitting here reading the box with a bold warning telling me to make sure to buy my product 48 hours ahead of time.

DK/DC/Don't color your hair - At amusement parks, do you ride the water rides or do you stick to the dry ones?
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boner post

will you post a picture of one or more celebrities/athletes/whoever that you're crushing on right now?

if you're not in the mood for 13-year-old girl terminology such as "crush" then let me rephrase that. will you post pictures of one or more folks who give you a case of the raging thigh sweats?
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Breaking up

Okay, I've decided to break up with my boyfriend who won't have sex with me and thinks sex is icky (if any of you were around last night/this morning for those conversations).

Now he is back from his weekend trip to Louisiana, I want to go see him and get this done. The longer I wait the more anxious I'm feeling.

How should I break up with him?

Where should I do it?

When was the last time you broke up with someone? Did they cry? Did they get angry? What happened?


He doesn't want me to come over right now, I'm talking with him on facebook chat? Should I just do it over the chat?


I got himt o agree to meet me at the movie theater. And I told him to his face..he stormed off. :S And now is sending me pissed off texts. yippee!
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THC (I’m leaving that typo, TQC), I can’t remember what something is called. Can you help me?

When I was little, a million years ago, the recreation dept in my city had these square game tables - well, actually just table *tops* that had different games on each side. The games involved little wooden discs, like little hockey pucks, and sticks that are used like pool cues. If I’m remembering right, there were nets at the corners of the table, sort of like a pool table. I think the game on one side of the board was a maze that you have to shoot your little puck thing through. Anyway, I want to get one for my 5yo, but I have no idea what to Google to find one.


Have you or has anyone you've known worked for Victoria's Secret?

Can you tell me about any of their dress code policies? (Ie. Tattoos, piercings, etc.) I'm googling around and not finding much...
Was it a good work environment?
Are they going to tease me because I'm president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee? :(

I just received a call in the middle of class and the woman left a voicemail asking if I was still interested. (Hell yes.) I assume the next step is an interview. I would like to quit the part time job I have now because my weekend 2 hour commute paired with summer college courses is really doing a number on me and I'd really like the get this job but I'm not sure if I fit the "stereotype" of a VS employee.

shoe hunters halp plz?

Can you find me a pair of shoes that will look good with this dress or this dress? Preferably flats, flat (non-thong-flipflop) sandals or sandals with not more than a 1.5" heel.

Do you think the first or the second would better suit a curvy chick with a defined waist and a large ass/hips on the lower end of "plus size" (I wear a size 14/16 in dresses) ?

Alternatively, is there anything, clothing or otherwise, that you're thinking about buying? Let us weigh in!

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Where can I watch Gossip Girl online?
I haven't watched since Hilary Duff was on it but I want to catch up. & muchmusic only have the last 3 episodes =[
(I'm in Canada so it needs to be viewable here)

What is/was the weather like today?
Was pretty sunny here :) Love nice days!

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Can you tell me about the most awkward situation you've ever been in?

I'm trying to think of one myself and honestly can't think of any that I can remember. I think I've blocked all the worst ones out. Although I'm thinking that having to go to be a witness in court with my ex boyfriend will be pretty awkward since we're still in the 'let's not contact each other for a couple of months til we get over each other' stage.

Should I eat some chocolate swiss roll which may be a little stale or a chocolate pudding that may be out of date or just have a cup of tea and some crisps?

What's the best joke you've heard recently?

Mine: What's green and smells like red paint?
Green paint.

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TQC, I'm in the mood for a documentary. I tend to like ones that are shocking, like Jesus Camp, or ones that explore various issues, but I'm up for anything. Which one(s) do you recommend?

[edit]I've decided to watch The Devil's Playground. Thanks, TQC.

Will you continue to use this post to recommend good documentaries?
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TQC, I'm officially homeless 3x a week.

For those of you who have been following my recent posts (and no, I have no links :P)

I told the husband I need a on his nights off, I'm staying elsewhere. On the nights he has to work, I'll come back after work so I can be here with the kids.

This is going to be weird, y/y?

The fact that he's acting like nothing happened means he thinks I'm bluffing, doesn't it?

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Dilemma! My Maya Angelou tattoo is now all screwed up because i gained weight AND got my boobs done. I obviously had it tattooed too high and too far forward. I'm either going to get a cover-up or get it removed, but it makes me sad because I really liked it.

(The surgeon had to loosen the skin under my boobs to create a lower pocket because they were too high up to start with, and he obviously tried very hard to avoid the tattoo with the incision. Eventually I'm going to have to have another incision in the same place to get them replaced, so this limits my options as far as covering it up)

What the f*ck am I supposed to do about this? Ideas? Suggestions?

Pics under the cut. Kind of NSFW
Collapse )

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Have you ever broken/damaged something in a store and were made to pay for it?
I'm not talking about being careless, I'm talking about brushing up against a breakable that was on the floor/part of a display.

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I'm meeting with a parent to possibly set up some long-term tutoring with her daughter. She said she would like me to bring my references.

Should I just give her a list of contacts with phone numbers or give her my letters of recommendation?

Do you feel guilty when you spend money?
How much is too much to spend for a dinner at the diner?
(I feel robbbbbed)


Will you post a picture of someone who does not give you the raging thigh sweats, but you just LOVE? Like you would love to give them hugs and hang out and play board games and go shopping and WTF ever you guys know what I mean.
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Is Glee worth downloading and watching? Why/Why not?

I've watched all of the major shows I keep up with (American Dad, Family Guy, and Grey's Anatomy) and I need something to occupy me during the summer. Also a friend of mine said Rachel reminds her of a character I draw from time to time. Combine that fact with the fact that I love listening to remixes/tributes to old classics and it seems interesting enough.

Edit: Another question. Would it be possible for me to pretend Rachel is a lesbian? I mean I do it all the time with other characters (most notably Casey Novak from Law & Order: SVU), but would it be fairly easy with her or will I have other eye candy?

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Do you have any recurring themes or whatever in your dreams? How do you feel about this?

I keep having dreams where I'm pregnant. The one I had last night, I was like eight months pregnant and wearing this pretty flowy dress and somebody I knew told me I make a very pretty pregnant lady. I love and hate it because I can totally picture myself being a pretty pregnant lady but being pregnant right now is definitely not a good idea.

some decent rest for a change

I am married to a fellow who takes up like 75% of the bed with his person and various pillows, and also he wants about 200% more blankets on than I do. In addition, I am having long-term chronic nerve damage and pain in my neck and shoulder. And he snores. So I will wake up several times a night very sore or cramped, curled up in my little portion of the mattress, sweating under 100 lbs of blankets, and then I can't get back to sleep because of the snoring.

Last night it was pretty warm here but he hadn't yet turned on the a/c, so I opted to sleep on the couch. I felt SO GOOD when I woke up. I wasn't sore, I wasn't exhausted from repeatedly waking up--I felt like I rested.

Should I do it again tonight?

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It's my flatmates birthday on Saturday, and so far facebook says there are 65 people coming to my flat. Of course I will lock my bedroom door etc, but is there anything else you think I should do to prepare for the carnage?

How secure is your house/flat/room?

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Is "hexing" someone considered a threat? Because it's not actually going to hurt you but the intent to harm is there so it's at least threatening right?

No one is hexing me. It's hypothetical, lol.

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Tactfully using a different icon so it's less obvious that this is my third question of the night. 

Ladies of TQC who have been on BC in the past and then come off of it (oddly specific, I know): 

I was on Yaz for more than two years, and stopped taking it in April. I had a period shortly after stopping it, but it's been five weeks and I haven't had another one. Is this normal for having stopped the medicine after so long? And no, there is no way I could be pregnant. 

Edit: Thanks, it feels good to hear that directly from other people. My main worry was my mom thinking I was pregnant, so now I have information to back myself up and get her mind off of that. 


Anyone been to Madrid and/or Barcelona? I'm going on Wednesday, any tips for what we should eat/see/do?

How many other countries have you been to in your lifetime besides your home country?

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I went into contractions today, and went to the hospital. I'm only five months along so obviously this isn't good. I have been put on bed rest till the contractions stop but I have a three year old step daughter. I am a stay at home mom and I don't know what to do. Basically I was told that if I did anything I could have the baby and so I'm not going to do shit. But will I be okay to still take care of her? Like, making her food and stuff. I don't want the baby to come early but I can't ignore the other one.

My SO can't get the days off, so it's just me.

How do you like your sex?

Rookie Cook

So I've really been wanting to learn how to cook. I love looking for new and different recipes, but since I really have no experience with cooking (except for really basic stuff), it's hard to find recipes that are easy for me.

I love the website TasteSpotting, but a lot of the recipes on there are a little too ambitious for me to try.

Can anyone recommend any websites or blogs that have fairly easy recipes that are suitable for beginner cooks?

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 I need food ideas to surprise my boyfriend.

I'm going to see him on Thursday for our anniversary. I already got him a present and I plan on arriving super early and waking him up wearing something cute.

I also wanna bring up lunch for us both. What ingredients could I buy to make him something for lunch? He loves spicy foods and chicken is his favorite meat.  He doesn't' really have a favorite dish and I wanna do something different. 

I haven't done anything special for him in a while so I want this to be perfect. What else could I do besides surprising him with a present and lunch? 
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When I put heavy eyeliner on, it always rubs off onto my upper lids. How to I prevent this from happening, slash is there a good eyeliner (preferably not liquid) that doesn't rub off like that?

DK/DC: What restaurant /food place is your favorite burrito from?
I had this one shrimp burrito at Tacos Por Favor in Stanta Monica, CA and it was Uhhhhhh-mazing.
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