May 23rd, 2010

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Have you ever dated and/or slept with a coworker? If so, how did that work out?

Probably unlikely, but have you ever dated and/or slept with more than one coworker at once? If so, how did that work out?
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Haw was your day? Why was it that way?

iPod question....  if I have limewire files on my computer, how do I get them onto my iPod? My iTunes seems to see them but they don't sync and I don't see a place to make those files sync to my actual iPod...?
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I might be opening a can of worms here, but I was having a discussion - more a fight really - with a classmate about bullying, and it basically boiled down to this question:
When there's an incident involving bullying, does any of the blame fall on the person being bullied/do you believe that it's partly their fault?

What do you think, TQC?

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How do you feel about books (or other media) that use an unreliable narrator? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you wish there'd be an addendum at the end with "this is what really happened"?

(I just finished reading Liar by Justine Larbalestier. It's very well written, but I don't know if I actually like it.)

certainty vs doubt

IN YOUR OPINION are men more attracted by girls who give them them certanty and make them feel important or by girls who keep men in doubt and who make them understand women are independent and that they can perfectly do well the same without their men?

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How did watching this video make you feel?

Frightened. My knuckles are white because my nails were digging into the chair
Disturbed. Who the hell would make such a weird, messed up video?
Bored. I kept waiting for something to happen
Aroused. My nipples are hard enough to pop a balloon animal
Happy. Clowns are full of happy
Entertained. This was kind of amusing
Sad. My whole family was eaten by clowns
What video?
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Ugh, this is going to be a vague question, but google isn't helping. I was just at a night club and there was a song playing that went something like "when you get lonely girl I'm gonna be here forever". I tried that song tapping thing but it didn't help. I'm pretty sure ACDC is somewhere in the lyrics. Anyone know what song this is?

Living by yourself

How old were you when you first lived by yourself?
Where was it?
Did you run into any trouble?
Were you ever very paranoid with the fact that you would be coming home to an empty house each night?
If so, how did you deal and still manage to live life without letting your paranoia stop you from doing what you wanted to do?
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My charity organization is currently doing a letter-writing campaign and I'm addressing envelopes. I have the name of a church, and a PO box and city. If I google it, I can find the street address, but since they have a PO box I assume that's where I should be sending mail. However, the city is big enough that it has multiple zip codes. Is there a way I can find out which zip code a certain PO box is located in?

EDIT: As far as I can tell, the church does not have its own web site. I have a phone number and email address that I can try on Monday, but I'm impatient and want to know now if it's possible :)

EDIT EDIT: I'm a moron. Answered! New question: have you ever had a nose bleed? I used to get them a lottttt when I was a child. I just had one earlier tonight. Bleh.

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So I just realized that the lit class I took this semester I'm pretty sure is the last lit class I have to take in my undergrad program. I take the fact that I passed all of them with a C or above to be proof that if there is a god, he is a kind and compassionate god indeed. But to the point. Now that a good chunk of assigned reading has been vanished from my life, I'd like to go back to reading because I feel like it. My favorite book series are Harry Potter and the Dollanganger books by VC Andrews. With that in mind, what should I read this summer?

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May 25, 1977, STAR WARS was released in the theaters in the USA. During these 33 years, have you watched them all? (even if you weren't born when the movie was released). What do you think about the theory of "the force"?

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Have any of you lovely ladies had a contraceptive implant?

Did it hurt?
Did your periods change? In what way? I'm not so worried about them stopping (:D) but I've heard several stories about them increasing and getting heavier and that would be BAD!
Did you have any other side effects?
How long did you use it for?
Did it WORK?

Pack horse

It's 4am and I have to get up in 2 hours to drive to the airport. I'm in the middle of packing for a 2 week holiday to Thailand. What am I gonna need and what have I forgotten???

(Oh and to anyone following the international news, don't worry, I'm going to the South of Thailand where it's safe and non-explodey)

Thanks y'all!

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I'm getting married in July. My guy and I decided on a justice of the peace with a few close friends and family. After this, though, we want to have a huge party to celebrate and we want to  invite everyone.  I'm not sure how to invite people without saying "no you can't come to the wedding, just the party." What is the best way to say this on an invite?

What's your favorite kind of soup?
mine is Irish Potato. omfg yum.
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I'm thinking about getting a FM transmitter for my iPod. Does anyone have any experience with these? I used to have a Griffin iTrip years ago and it was crap because it was so hard to keep the station clear. Are the ones available these days any better?

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Will you post a picture of what you look like right now?
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Why would you ever want a pair of nude colored shoes? I have found several pairs that I am dreaming about but I don't think I can pull them off like Kim Kardashian or the spew of other celebs that rock them so well.

I got a teeth whitening kit, it says it takes two weeks. My wedding is in three. Should I start it today and then see if I like the results way before the wedding or start it next week? Have you ever used one of these kits? Do they work?

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It's me again, the one with the creepy phone calls.

They're still going on. Since I'm still not getting much concrete help from the phone company or the police - apparently they can't trace the number - what song or random sound should I organise to blast through the phone at nine zillion decibels when the Creepy Phone Person calls again tonight?
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TQC I need a new DS game. :(

I have played all the Phoenix Wright games, Pokemon, Hotel Dusk, Mario & Luigi and Scribblenauts. I hate strategy games but I love RPGs. (my favorite not-DS game is Tales of Symphonia).

What the fuck do I want to play?

ETA: Fuck me I forgot I've played the Zeldas, too. I wasn't a fan of Layton.

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why turn the option on to log people's IP address when they post comments?  is it to have a method of stalking them should they post a really, really good answer?  


do you believe in magic?  
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I have a bunch of stuff I do on Sundays (clean the bathroom, vacuum, etc) but last night I got super bored and did everything except vacuum and mow the lawn. I can't do either of those right now and I'm super bored.
What can I do to entertain myself? Hookers and blow are always an option.
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My best friend clicked on the distracting beach babe malware on Facebook yesterday. She didn't have antivirus and so I instructed her to download and install one over the phone and she never figured out how to run it. This morning she sends me a text saying that all she gets on her computer is a blank screen now and she doesn't know what to do. I'm not that experienced with computers so can anyone tell me what she should do? Is this new problem with her computer even have to even do with her clicking on this fake video?

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What are you listening to right now? Sum 41 Pieces
When you're in a relationship do you get insecure and find yourself getting "back-ups?"
Is your goal marriage or are you just having fun?
Roomie # 2 is down to drink but he doesn't want to get facials/DIY mayo vag/peen masks. Get him drunk enough to agree? Y/n?
P.s. I's 11:30 am and we woke up an hour ago and I'm already pretty buzzed.

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I'm applying for an internship at the same place where I've been volunteering at for the past few years. Should I write a letter of interest in additional to the application?

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TQC, it's a friend's birthday and on his Facebook I want to post that picture of the creepdog smiling at a birthday cake. he's also wearing a silly hat. does anybody have it?


what's for lunch?

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My boyfriends mom gives me gifts at holidays. However they are usually odd for me. Twice she has given me long sleeve shirts, and a couple turtle necks. I have never once given her any inclination that I enjoy wearing those. For easter she gave me candy and a half used bottle of body spray. (I know it was half used because it was half gone)

How do I interpret these?

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TQC, what do you do with your pubes?


If you wax, do you do it yourself or do you go to a salon/spa to get it done?

DK/DC: show me your RAAAGE face?
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What do you do when your period is late? Like what are the steps you should take

I was supposed to get it Tuesday, like always. I've been on the pill for 6 years and it's never come later than Wednesday night. I know you are going to be like "oh gurl that's nothing" but to me it is and I can't really think about anything else


 What do you label someone who is sexually attracted to both men and women, but does not want to have a relationship with either?
A step below asexual I'm guessing... arealtionship?

EDIT: I've decided those who are only sexually attracted to men and women will be named; bi-amorous. You are welcome, world.
Ugh I posed love to mean sexual desire, but I guess it's more relevant to emotional bond so fine, we'll call it aromanticism . Yes?


I'm going to a "LOST Party" to watch the final episode with some friends. I told them that we (my SO and I) would bring something tasty in exchange for them hosting and were going to bake "dharma cupcakes" but have run out of time for that. So, TQC, what would be a good snack to bring? We'll already have eaten dinner so something dessert-like would be preferable but we'll have to be able to buy it from a bakery. Suggestions?

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The zoo near me posted that they are looking for a new lion keeper and I'm thinking of applying just for giggles. I have no experience so there is basically zero chance of me actually getting the job. Is there any reason not to? Is there any way this could bite me in the ass? I just think it would be funny.
(note: I would submit my real CV, no fluffing or lies)

What is the longest period of time you were unemployed? (while on your own, so not while living at home, etc.)

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Good morning. :D

I have two questions. The reason why I'm asking is because I do enjoy some good lurve music and I can't think of any to listen too so I'm counting on you guys to supply me.

1. What song do you find yourself listening to when you have a crush?
You shouldn't kiss me like this-Toby Keith
Why can't I-Liz Phair

2. If you have a SO what is your song?
Wouldn't it be nice-Beach Boys
Slide-Goo Goo Dolls

I started dating my SO at 16 and my parents were a bit strict and we were always wishing I was older so we could runaway and get married. :D


My new job allows me to wear Crocs, as long as they are close toed. Having never owned a pair of Crocs, I have no idea what my options are. Can you reccomend some not terribly ugly crocs, with closed toes?

Zappos or Amazon links appreciated.


Wearing sneakers to work instead of crocs is wiser, support wise, right?

Edited to remove the word cute.
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Hi TQCers. I'm doing a presentation for my Applied Linguistics class about sign language interpretation and I just wanted to ask for some people's personal experience with interpreters that I could include.

So, if either you're Deaf and have worked with an interpreter (especially in a school setting) or you are an interpreter, what do you think about it? What's good about working with an interpreter? What's difficult? How do teachers/bosses/other hearing people relate to you/your interpreter?
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Getting across country

I want to get out west, specifically to Colorado, around the 14th of June, and flying from this area (Boston) is fairly expensive, so I'm trying to explore other options.

Have you ever hitchhiked before? Would you?
I'm a young female, and I'd be doing it alone, so I'm concerned about safety.

Have you ever used a ride-sharing service? Would you? I just signed up for is it any good? I was hoping to find something like, but for rides. Any other recommendations?


EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has been telling me how dangerous hitchhiking is. I assumed that it was indeed dangerous; that's why I mentioned a concern with safety above. I was more or less just looking to see if anyone had had a different experience. I'm not actually planning to do it myself. Thank you all, though.

I'll check out Amtrak and Greyhound too-- thanks!

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tqc! i really want to go to the store to buy pizza and ice cream, but it is like 90 FREAKING DEGREES. should i:
-take a shower and bike to the store?
-take a nap, play text twist, and then try to construct a pizza out of the leftover matzah i STILL HAVE OMGGG? i had to buy it in giant bulk and i feel like it will never be eaten. ever.

dk/dc: would you rather it be hot or freezing?
i live in chicago, so when i say "hot" i mean in the 90s and when i say "freezing" i mean well below zero, plus wind. i can unequivocally say i prefer summer ten thousand times over. but i apparently have awful circulation, and i work outdoors. and i hate frostbite :(
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naming a boutique/small business

this is the first question i've asked in this community and i would appreciate any feedback you may have.

i am in the very beginning stages of starting my own business/boutique. and i'm trying to think up some catchy/cool/fashionable names. the type of business would be similar to anthropologie. i would be a lifestyle boutique carrying men's, women's and baby clothing, as well as homewares/gifts/vintage items. i want the overall feel to be unique/vintage/comforting/smart/eclectic.

some ideas i already have are:

Page 61 (would be named after the page number of my favorite book, the number 61 is just an example, i don't know which number it would be yet, i hope that makes sense)
Lace Root

general themes that i have been thinking about are book/libraries/gardening/natural elements/vintage.

again, these names were thought up pretty quickly and i'm not really too attached to any of them in particular.

EDIT: so which ones you think work and why?
and if you have any other suggestions please share!

thanks so much!

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I'm thinking about getting a new game for my DS for a long car ride in my near future.

I'm thinking Mario Kart DS, has anyone here played it? Any good?

And for fun, other games you like? I have New Super Mario Bros and most of the Pokemon games.

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Which movie stars do you currently find not particularly good-looking in their old age (not ugly, just not attractive), but when you see pictures of them in their youth, you're like "holy shit fucking HOT"? Also, please post the hot pics if you can find them.
okay I was more referring to the over 50/60 crowd, not movie stars under 40.

sorry for the tl;dr

One of my good friends has been dating her boyfriend for a year and they just moved in together. They fight constantly and I think he's an arrogant asshole, but she constantly tries to convince me he's "really a nice guy" and "things will get better once I get a job/we move in/he gets over the novelty of having his first girlfriend."

She really wants me to like him and cares about what I think of him. She will ask me questions like "do you think he's the one?" "You like him, right?" I don't want to lie to her, but people usually don't listen to you when you say "your SO sucks."

What would you say to your friend in this situation?

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Do you bother to treat people well, even when they are not as good as you?

Would you ever wear or give your SO an engagement ring, even though jewelry in no way relates to your love or your bond?

Do you sometimes search for racist messages hidden like camouflaged lizards in the leaves?

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TQC, can you share some of your notable ebay experiences?

I recently left a neutral feedback on a jacket I bought, because the photos didn't accurately reflect how worn the item was. And I got an email from the seller asking me to change my feedback.

I am tempted to now go and change the feedback to a negative one.
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Guys I need some help.

I don't even know what to type in to google to search for, because everything I've tried has come up with stuff I'm NOT looking for.

What I want to find:

A decorative wood border cut in like a damask or some sort of similar antique looking style? I'm looking to frame a piece of wood I painted, but I'm not looking for a picture frame and I'm not looking for molding like you would use on a floor. It would be great if I could by it in a long piece like molding so I can cut it to my own dimensions. THE THING IS, I don't want both edges to be straight, I want the decorative edge to be left open, you know? I drew a terrible picture but it'll explain what I mean, I hope.

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Any suggestions? I don't even know how to explain this well.
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get out your marshmallows and sit around the campfire

in light of THIS article that i just brought up in a post below, will you post some things that you find super creepy?
a picture? an old news story? a personal ghost/ouija board experience? share!

i remember being 9 years old, sound asleep, when i woke up for no reason in the middle of the night and saw this figure about two feet from my bed, who i could have SWORN was my dad. i said "dad? dad? hello?" but the figure didn't move or respond, it looked like it was just leaning against the wall. i squinted at it, blinked a few times and it disappeared. i still have no goddam idea what shit was about.

also, spiders. my friend posted a link on my facebook the other day and it was a HUGE FUCKING PICTURE OF A HAIRY SPIDER and i almost cried.

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How would you write .0009% in fraction form? 9/1000th? Is there a formula for figuring this out?

I've always had a problem with math and even reading/copying multiple-digit numbers. I was diagnosed with dyscalculia in 3rd grade. But thanks for making me feel like as ass TQC.
Grammar love!

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Does anyone know where to find those summer dresses that you can tie/wear into like 18 different styles (halter, strapless, one-shoulder, skirt, etc)? They come in 2-3 different patterned fabrics per dress. I saw some today at this festival in my city but didn't get one. And I know I've seen them at a mall kiosk at some point.

Do they sell them online? Do they have an official name? Would I be able to find them in a brick and mortar store? I've seen ones that are just one color but I want the obnoxious colored/patterned kind :D

I guess while I'm on this topic, does anyone have one? Are they any good/fit well/etc?

Thaaank you.

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have you ever worked retail?

what was the best thing about it?

what was the worst thing about it?

if you no longer work retail, would you go back to one of your old retail jobs if it meant you'd make the same amount of money that you do now?

Mental Health Law in Ontario

So I did some research for my friend who needs some help, and I'm not sure if this is the policy in Ontario or not.

To give you a bit of background, the particular thing I'm asking about has happened twice now, and I'm thinking of going to the media about this. I have done a little research into Ontario law, but not that much.

My friend has been an involuntary patient twice (at least that I know of). He has a lot of problems, so please do not judge him or I (for not getting him help earlier, although I can't exactly do it now as I have absolutely no connections whatsoever). But long story short, he has managed to escape from two different hospitals/mental institutions. Even though he was an involuntary patient in both of these, after he escaped, they de-certified him, meaning they signed forms saying he was an involuntary patient. This was after the cops had brought him in (he is in the system, he has a record) and the hospitals/mental institutions had checked him in as an involuntary patient.

So my questions to you, tqc, are:

-Have you ever had any experiences with the Ontario mental institutions or even psychiatrists? Did they help?

-Can a mental institution do this? Is this official policy? I did read that the form to have someone as an involuntary patient is usually 72 hours and then they have an appointment with a psychiatrist who is supposed to evaluate the patient, but my friend needs more help than 72 hours and an evaluation...

I did tell him that he should try CAMH... the problem is that I am not sure that he wants help and that is difficult. I am aware that he has to want help.

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I am going to participate in a HAIKU DEATH MATCH in 1 hour, TQC. 16 people enter, 1 person leaves. But no Tina Turner in chain mail, alas.

Do you think I have a shot at winning? Stroke my ego plz.

What is your favourite article of clothing?

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Do you avoid answering the questions posted by people you don't like in TQC, or do you answer them?

If you answer them, do you do so honestly or do you make snarky comments instead?

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So next weekend (Sunday, to be specific) is my birfday! It's smack dab in the middle of not only a 3-day weekend, but my first days off work (at all) since Easter. My SO asked me the other day what I think my capacity for "doing stuff" on Saturday will be, given that I was really looking forward to just lounging for a while, because he is planning a SURPRISE!

What is he planning?! He won't even give me a hint. Non-srs only, plz, the sillier the better. :)

What do YOU want for your next birthday? How old will you be?

Alternatively, if you're shopping at a store and you decide you don't want something after you've picked it up and moved away from the area it was in, do you dump it wherever or do you put it back where it belongs?

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1. Have you ever applied for a job that you were considered overqualified for? If so, did you still get hired? Were you honest about your work experience or education level? Or does that work against a person?

2. Will you please post with your least-used icon?

3. What is something that never fails to make you laugh?

ETA: I'm thinking of applying for a job at a candle shop. I haven't worked in a store since my freshman year of college. After I quit, I finished college, got a professional job (I stayed there two years) and then got a part-time teaching gig. Any advice on getting this job?

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I live with my ex and am seeing someone else (who is currently out of town) I find myself incredibly jealous of whoever my ex is seeing since my current's been gone and am growing increasingly untrusting of him. It may have something to do with the fact that I believe he's always lying or hiding something from me.  Normal, y/n?

How jealous of a person are you?

He wouldn't stop opening the window by the computer to talk to me when I locked the front door, so I threw my XL Slurpee cup full of ice water in his face? What's he going to do to get me back? or what's the last irrational thing you did?

Dk/Dc? What should I have for dinner? 
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A couple of questions!

1) I generally have really oily skin. I also make less than minimum wage, so I can't spend a fortune, but lately my elbows have been disgustingly dry. Not the rest of me - just my elbows. Does anyone know of a reasonably affordable lotion that can spot-treat some problem areas?

2) I am about to finish reading Curtis Sittenfeld's "American Wife," and it was so good. I love fiction that's juicy and solid and satisfying without being mushy, over the top or unrealistic. Some of my other favorite books are "White Oleander" and "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay". Does anyone have a good book recommendation?

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am i alone in thinking that adam wheeler, the guy accused of lying his way into harvard, looks a lot like musician sufjan stevens?

who do you think is more at fault or should be scrutinized more in the adam wheeler case - adam wheeler himself or harvard university?

this is a week old, but what do you think of this article?
if you don't want to click the link, a girl can't get federal loans for college because her family moved to the united states illegally when she was eight years old, and the heritage foundation are total dicks

First Job

What was your first job? How was the application & interview process? Did you find it very difficult to get your first job due to lack of experience/nervousness/being young and stupid?

Mine was a paper route when I was ten. (Does that even count?!) My mom was there during the interview and she answered most of the questions. LOL. I was nervous but thanks to my awesome mom, the getting-hired part was pretty easy.
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My sister and I are taking a random trip to San Francisco in June Thursday- Sunday, so she can audition for a dance company. We decided to stay the whole weekend for fun and her audition is right away Thursday morning. My sister wants to go to a drag show, so we're already planning that.

So what is fun to do in San Francisco? We aren't looking to go shopping, but we do have extra money to spend on tickets, tours, whatever.

Take a Look

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TQC, I need travel tips. I heard it's cheaper to buy plane tickets on a Tuesday versus any other day of the week. Is this true? How can I go about getting the best price for a round-trip from ND to DC? Should I buy 'em now, or wait until closer to the travel date (in August)?

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so. you're traveling in a foreign country. in this country food is scarce. also, its believed that when a person dies, the soul leaves the body to go wait in heaven till its placed into its next body. all that being said...

you go out to dinner, and the main course? Homo sapiens sapiens. a PLT if you will. some human and broccoli with fried rice.

do you try it? would it change your answer if i said you were dining alone?

edited to fix my sapiens.

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I've been overcoming an eating disorder for the past year. My boyfriend knows this and picked me up playfully today. It has been established since the beginning of our relationship that I am immensely uncomfortable with him picking me up and he agreed never to try it.

I immediately began crying uncontrollably. He genuinely feels sorry and now he cannot bring himself to look me in the eyes. His intention wasn't to hurt me, but it honestly did bother me and I am still hurt with what he did.

Should I tell him how I'm feeling to get it off my chest, even though I know he feels remorseful about the situation?

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Have any of you ever ordered large amounts of candy online? Like 5lb boxes.
Are there any websites you have had really good results with? I have some websites but I want to see if they cross over with any of the websites you have used.

Do anyone want to come over with me and watch movies for a couple hours? I have birthday cake ice cream and a loving chihuahua puppy.

Have you ever seen a movie that just shook you to the core? I watched Law Abiding Citizen last night with my SO, omg I cried and we held eachother all night.
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Dear Dr. TQC,

I think I am allergic to the country I am studying abroad in. I didn't think I'd have issues since I'm in a city and I only have allergies when I'm surrounded by grass and stuff, but I'm seriously dying. I'm taking 180mg of Allegra daily (prescribed by my doctor at home), but it's just not doing it for me. I can't go to the doctor. What OTC stuff should I take?
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Does the way you organize your stuff reflect who you are on the inside?

For example: My room and my computer look like they're well organized. However if you look further you'll find a disorganized mess of folders, clothing under the bed, files in the wrong places, and the only things that have been put in the right place are things that I love to pieces. On the outside I come off as if I know what I'm doing and where I'm going but on the inside I'm just a really confused, walking, emotional time bomb.
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does anyone remember an online game from a few years back that involved you getting a stick figure from one side of the screen to the other? you had to click various things in the scene to create a safe way for him to cross, and if you did just one thing wrong, the whole scene would mess up and you had to start over again?

found it. hapland!

are you watching lost?
i'm not.
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Have you ever witnessed a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or a tsunami?
What was it like? How did you feel when you saw this happening?

DK/DC: What's the temperature right now?
It's 79 degrees fahrenheit, feels like 81 with 62% humidity. It's been sticky today!
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So my friend and I ordered plane tickets. For some reason, she has seats assigned but I do not. Will I get my seat assigned when I get to the airport or something?

If you DK/DC, what was the last thing to really stress you out?
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If you bought a six-pack (beer, winecoolers, etc) and your roommate drank half of them in the same day, would you ask for reimbursement?

What if it happened more than once?
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I had a graduation party last week; it was GREAT. However, my BFF did not attend. She called and left a voice mail a few days before the party saying she couldn't come because it would cost forty dollars to take the bus into town, so she wanted to stay for the whole weekend, but her co-worker died and the funeral was on Saturday, so she would only be able to come Sunday for the party and spending forty dollars to go to town for one day was 'not in her budget'

TQC, is this or is this not the most bullshit story you've ever heard? I'm not doubting she went to a funeral or anything. But something just seems off about it. She would have been spending forty dollars either way, so how does the money thing make sense? I could just be thinking this because I've known her to lie to people before, but I want some untainted opinions.

If it is bullshit, should I tell her off about it? I'm a bit tempted. Mainly because I've known her to lie before. yeah not gonna do that
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My boyfriend has social anxiety. It's something he's aware of and getting help for, but it's already made an impact on how some of my friends and relatives view him. He often becomes stressed out and flustered around people he doesn't know very well or those he feels he needs to impress, and he's put his foot in his mouth a couple of times around them. Also, because he becomes so stressed out about it, I sometimes allow him to not go with me to social or family events, and some of my friends and relatives see this as him not "liking" them or wanting to be around them. That's not the case; he'd love to be able to be comfortable around them and very much wants more friends, but his anxiety prevents him from going about it like a normal person. I've tried to explain this to my friends and relatives, but a few of them don't seem to understand and think he's insulting them by not coming to events. I had a friend tell me she was worried about me dating a "recluse." My boyfriend is sweet, caring, and an all around great guy, he's just very uncomfortable in social situations.

How do I get this across to those of my friends and relatives who think he's some weird recluse who hates them and never comes to their parties?
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If you were the victim of a violent crime, or even murdered, which fictional group of investigators would you want to solve your case?

Options include: Law & Order, CSI, Reno 911!, NCIS, Criminal Minds, the Mentalist, Castle, Miami Vice, Bones, Crossing Jordan, The District, Walker: Texas Ranger, Fastlane, Homicide, Lie to Me, Psych, Third Watch or any of a number of other ones.

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I vaguely recall a computer game from my childhood, that was like, a skier going down a slope, and you had to avoid all these trees, and if you weren't careful, The Abominable Snowman came out and ate you. And then jumped up and down in victory. The animation was stick figure-y and it was kinda plain.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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A while ago someone posted a link here to a site where you could put a phrase in and it would use google translator to automatically translate the phrase through a whole bunch of languages until it came out unrecognizably mangled. Does anyone have the link to that?
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What happens when you mark someone who sends you a friends request on facebook as someone you don't know? I couldn't find any info on it in the faq, but I've been getting a lot of requests from strangers who I've marked, and I don't really know what that does.