May 22nd, 2010

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U.S. citizens, who did you vote for in the 2008 presidential election? if you didn't vote- why not? 

dk/dc: if you were president of the U.S. right now, what is the first thing you'd do?
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I am drunk at the moment, and I'm also unsure of what I should eat in my besotted hunger.

What is your favorite "drunk food", TQC?

DK/DC/Don't drink: Do you sleep on your stomach, your side, your back, or some other mysterious position I've never heard of?

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For people who share a bed -- does your significant other snore?

How much does it bother you?

Have you found any solutions to the snoring problem?

N/A:  If you could sleep as much as you want, how much sleep would you get each night?
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We all know that the moon is not made of green cheese. But what if it were made of barbeque spare ribs? Would you eat it then?

I know I would. Heck, I'd have seconds. And then I'd polish it off with tall, cool Budweiser.
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Runner type folk...or people with toes...ever had a toenail bruise to all hell and fall off? : (

Not quite there yet, but think I'm headed that way. It's currently a lovely shade of purple, and tonight's run was a bit on the painful and limpy side.

How long do naked toes take to heal, would ya say?

What's the worst or weirdest exercise related injury you've had?

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Let's try this again - Unidentified Norse Metal

I was unsuccessful at showing people this last time, so hopefully this time it will work.

My friend sent me a recording from a radio program about Norse legends, and they had this song playing during a break. I'm sure it's a real rock band, and I'd like to know who wrote the song.
It has no words, so it makes it a little difficult. I hope this works.

Let me know if this works. The page seems to allow downloads when I'm not signed in, so maybe I can get someone to identify this accurately now.
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Is there a website where you if you can't choose something to eat, you can enter your two choices and it randomly picks for you?

If that website does exist, would you use it?
What would you use it for right now?

Right now I can't decide whether I want pizza or Jimmy John's.

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It's 1am, I'm not tired. I want to watch Mythbusters and/or Batman.

Should I make myself perogies y/n?

DK/DC: If you don't know what a perogie is, shame on you. What's your favourite post-midnight snack?

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TQC, will you help me with my weird sleep patterns?

Due to my boyfriend's work schedule, my (and his) sleep schedule is pretty fucked. He works for 4 days, 6 pm to 6 am, then is off for 4 days.

On those days he works, I pick him up every morning at 7:30 am and take him to his carpool meetup spot thing at 4 pm. Since I live twenty minutes from him, I just stay at his house from the time I pick him up to the time we leave in the afternoons, then I go home. I usually go to bed around 3 am, then get up at 6:45 am to leave and pick him up. When I get to his house, we go to sleep from ~8 or 9 am to 3 pm.

On days that he's off, he likes to stay up way too late then sleep until 6 pm. I understand that he's worked hard and is tired and wants to relax, but it's a little excessive. So, because I like to hang out with him on some of his days off, I end up with weird sleeping hours as well so I can be awake at the same time he is.

So. What should I do? It is thankfully the summer so I don't need to work my sleep schedule around other things, but I don't want to feel sleep deprived. Should I just sleep at his house from 8 am to 3 pm, then stay up and repeat? Should I try to go to bed earlier in the night, get up at 6:45 am, and stay up at his house (leaving me to be EXTREMELY bored for 7 hours)?

Help me figure out what to do and how to fix my sleep schedule. :(

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Are your parent/s awesome?
If so, in what way?

Cause I just got home at 2.30am with the biggest case of drunken munchies EVER & I just discovered a peanut butter sandwich, a bowl of leftovers & 2 cupcakes in the fridge with a note from my mum saying "thought you'd be hungry =)"

Fuck yeah, how awesome is my mum?!


Do you floss? If you do, what do you do with the food you've extracted when you're done: throw it away, or re-eat it?

(Someone I know re-eats it and I think that's really weird.)
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TQC, i'm staying at my mom and dad's house for the weekend. my dad has been out of town all week and was supposed to be home tonight. at 9pm he texted my mom and said he was getting on the jet and would be home in 3 hours. it's now 3am and he's still not home. my brother and i are still awake and worried.

what could have happened for this delay? he's flying from las vegas to minneapolis and he's not flying on a commercial airplane, he travels on a private jet if that makes a difference.

i'm really starting to worry. :( i texted him and didn't get a reply which would be normal if he's still on the jet but he shouldn't still be on the jet.

he's home now. no sign of hookers and blow, though.
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Did you ever have a swatch phone? Idr.if that is the right name, but basically it's a phone with a cord whose base turns into a handset as would have ben perfect for 80s Regina George!

Dk/dc: if you could live in a treehouse on the beach a la swiss family robinson, only with electricity/toilets/perfectly stocked fridge etc, would you do it? Catch: you have to sever both pinky fingers, and you cannot reattach them or do prosthetics (is that even possible?)

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If a recipe calls for butter, could you replace it with margarine without any ill effects? I'm trying to be a bit healthier with my baking, but I don't want my cakes/icing to turn out crappy.

sound of thunder

I live in a house that's set an average distance (maybe 25 feet?) back from the street. Right now I'm in the living room (on the front of the house) and all the windows are closed. A guy just ran by on the sidewalk. I know because I could hear every step like bom bom bom bom bom... He was wearing regular running shoes, not like combat boots or something.

Do all runners make that much noise, or is that guy special? I'm sure I've heard runners before, but when the windows are OPEN.

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I have the stomach flu.

My step-daughters 5th birthday party is being held at her mom's house today.

How terrible does it look if I stay home from being sick and send my husband and twins by themselves?

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Will you give me your best remedies to make a sore throat feel better?

What time do you wake up on any given weekday? Weekends?

Are most of your coworkers/classmates your age (give or take 2-3 years), older or younger?

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Really dumb question: 

Are there any music sites that don't require Flash 8? I can't play music on this computer because I can't install Flash 8, but I want to be able to listen to music. I left my iPod at home.

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What's the best way to de-funk a mattress?

The husband's lack of showering has given my mattress a serious odor. D: (He comes home from the fast food job, sits on the couch for an hour, eats, watches tv, then goes to sleep for 6 hours, gets up, eats, watches tv for a half an hour, and leaves for work again...somehow he can't find 10 minutes to take a quick shower)

Right now I've got it propped up with fans blowing on it and I've used about a half a bottle of febreeze on it, but it still smells.

How often do you shower? I have to take a shower every day....or ew.
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To those who have a large music collection/library

How do u sort ur music? How do u make sure u don't neglect listening to other songs?


What are the names of your playlists?? Do share!

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1. If you live with your SO and only have one bathroom, how do you decide who gets to go first? Do you have a bathroom open-door policy?

In my house, everyone hangs out in there - the cat, the dog, the kid. It gets a little ridic. I'm also always talking to my husband from the hallway when he's pooping.

2. What's the best craft/hobby/making-something project for someone with limited funds and a short attention span?

I've tried knitting, scrapbooking and cross stitch but couldn't get into them. I can't draw or sew. The only "creative" thing I can do is cook and bake and I want to do something different. I thought of soap making or cheese making and it seems complicated and expensive.

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I want an olive and mayo sandwich, what are you having for lunch?

What would you choose for your last meal?

If you could never eat one food again, what would it be?

ETA: Stop hating, it's srsly one of the best EVER.
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Were breakups easier before Facebook, are they equally difficult with or without Facebook, or are they easier with Facebook? (Edit: With regards to the aftermath of the breakup)

Is your answer the same whether you're considering the POV of the dumper or the dumpee?

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ladies(and guys, what would you want your new SO to do):

let's say this weekend you have casual sex. later next week you get together with the person you really like. fast forward a month or 6 weeks. things are going well, you're doin' the deed, hanging out, all that good stuff.

then you find out you're preggers. you know it has to be the guy you slept with right before you got with your new boyfriend. in the end you decide you're going to get an abortion.

do you tell your new boyfriend or do you leave him in the dark about it?
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do you like to wear pants?
do you like to wear skirts?
what about shorts?

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Let's say you're playing tennis with a friend, when all of a sudden the ball falls down a hole. The hole is too small for you to reach your hand in and pull it out, so instead you use ONE object that you have with you to get it out.

What is the object?

And there is ONE correct answer ;)

ETA: This was from a professor Layton game, and the actual question said the tube the ball fell in was s-shaped so no matter what hands or sticky sticks wouldn't be able to pull it out. Sorry.

mmmmmmm salmonella

How much money would someone have to pay you in order to get you to eat a pound of raw chicken breast?  Skinless and boneless, if that makes a difference.  

ETA: Let's say you know for certain that you won't die, but you might be ill for a while afterward.  And puking is OK. 

Despite knowing I'd survive and that I could puke while doing it and after it, I'd still need a minimum of $1 million.  Maybe more.  I fear raw chicken almost as much as I fear house centipedes.  
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Have you guys ever used Soft Paws on your kitten/cat? How'd that go?

Were they worth the purchase?

I'm thinking about investing in them for my new little fluffball with needles as claws. Looks like I'm gonna have to go with pink because they don't make black in a kitten color. :[

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A friend of mine is turning 22 on Monday and then is taking off to Europe for a month to wander around. Backpacking, hostels, etc, the typical post-university trip. So, what kind of birthday present can I give her that she can take with and find useful on the trip?
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What do females think of bisexuality in males?

I think the overwhelming consensus among males, is that bisexuality in females is not a deal breaker but often a turn on. My question is what do you think females in general think about it in males? If you are female post what you personally think about it, such as are you willing to have a relationship with a male who is bisexual?
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Has anyone here heard of or STA Travel? I don't know if they're legitimate or not. I tried to google them and haven't found anything negative yet. I've also called Delta Airlines, but the customer service there didn't know anything about

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If you're wearing any, what nail polish are you wearing right now?

I'm wearing Material Girl by Essie <3

What does your favorite coffee mug look like?

Mine is an average-sized mug that is opalescent with parrots on it. It's from Peru.
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My friend started renting a house off a young couple 3 years ago. Shortly thereafter, the landlords moved to Nicaragua and left them their brother's phone number in case they needed anything/something broke, etc. Only one incident 2 years ago happened with the plumbing and the brother was there and took care of it immediately. The landlords have been excellent, allowing them to completely transform the home to their liking, (tearing up the gardens, painting every room, installing a pond - all of which my friend paid for even though the landlord offered to knock it off her rent)

Well my friend developed a good friendship with these landlords via Facebook the last 3 years. They are now coming back to Canada but don't plan on moving back to the house and they want my friend to live there as long as possible. The issue my friend has is that the rent is extremely high and YES, she knew this going in. Because they are friends now, she wants to ask them to lower her rent a bit. Should she do this and how would you ask? She thinks she has a shot but I've never heard of anyone LOWERING rent. She pays all of their bills as well if it matters.
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iPhones: How young is too young to have one? Do you think it's ridiculous for a young person to have an iPhone solely for entertainment/social reasons?

In case you're wondering, it's at least $200 for the initial phone, than $70+/a month for the plan.
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I'm watching "Teen Witch" right now. Can you ~Top That~?

DK/DC: What was/were your favorite movie(s) when you were young?
Have you watched any of them recently after not watching them for a while?
Are they still fantastic or do you wonder why you ever liked them?

There are a ton of movies I loved as a kid that I now find on dvd. I almost always end up calling my mom saying something like "Mom! How did you let me watch this as a kid?!" (because of language or graphic scenes). I mean, my dad let me watch Psycho and Night of the Living Dead when I was little but I never remembered my favorite "wholesome movies approved by mom" being so....not super child-friendly.

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Have you ever dined and dashed? (Be honest)
Or been dined and dashed on?
And what is your opinion on it?
It is ever acceptable?
Oh and for people not familiar with the term, it means to leave a restaurant without paying.

Jungle Fever

Does anyone know of any books (fiction preferably) about people going to exotic places/the jungle and subsequently going mad?

For those who don't know/don't care:

What's your favourite gum?
I love Doublemint.

moron roomates

So my idiot roommate just made me turn off the hot water I was using to wash dishes so she could get water out of the faucet...while there was a pitcher of cold brita water in the fridge. Then she went and got ice out of the freezer!!!! I was annoyed. Is that annoying or is it just me?
I mean get water out of the pitcher that's already cold!!! Then it took forever to get hot again.
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Say you went to a seafood restaurant, and got some leftover catfish in a to-go box. It was a 30 minute drive home, with it 95F outside, but the A/C was on in the car, though not very cold. It went straight in the fridge when you got home. Would you say the fish is okay to eat? I'm really cautious about seafood and heat and stuff. :\

Are you cautious about what you eat?
Why/why not?

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I teach high school English. Technically the seniors still have a week left, but they've already taken their final exam, and I really don't think there is any reason not to just show them movies at this point.

What movies should I show them? We've already watched the movie versions of the books we've read, at least those that have had movies made from them. It's British Literature, if that makes a difference (it really doesn't).
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So, I am hunting for an apartment to rent! I have lived in dorm style housing before, but have never rented before, and as such am somewhat confused and bewildered. Also, I'm in Canada, if that makes any difference.

1. Is it typical to put in an application the first time I see it, or is it ok if I go home and think about it for a few days/look at a few other apartments.

2. Do I need to bring anything with me? I know I'll probably need references for my application, what else? Also, regarding references- since I've never rented before, is it ok to use work/other references; or who would be best?

3. ANY TIPS? I will be looking for a situation with roommates, how do I make sure they're not going to kill me in my sleep?
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TQC, I've signed up to run a half-marathon in July. I'm pretty fit, I run a couple of times a week and go to the gym three or four times as well. However, I'm not that great a runner than I can run a half-marathon non-stop.

Am I allowed to run for a bit, then walk when I get tired, then run again? I wouldn't be stopping, just walking until I get my breath back. All my friends say yes but I think they might be patronising the fat girl a bit. It's not like an Olympic event or anything, it's just a charity run, but I'm not sure and I don't want to get kicked out midway or laughed at by the serious runners or anything.

DK/DC - have you ever done something like that? What was your experience like?

(no subject)

What have you given up on recently?

I have a really hard exam on tuesday, and little to no chance of revising today or tomorrow. I'm giving up on one whole section of it as there's no chance I can revise it.
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TQC, can we have a feel-good post? Will you share with the group your last really good day or piece of news? Alternatively, will you use the post to share cute baby animal photos?
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How are you feeling today, physically? Does anything hurt?
(my throat feels like it's made of sandpaper and I have a fever.)

How about emotionally? Wanna talk about it?
(I always get really mopey when I'm sick, and I'm annoyed that I had to work when I'm sick and I think I took it out on all the idiot customers I had to deal with, heh.)

And, as is customary for me... If you had the choice between a) grilled cheese with tomato (maybe with an egg on there?) with tomato soup, b) tacos, c) italian chicken and rice, d) a box of glazed chocolate donut holes, or e) homemade banana bread that you made last night (and have already eaten 2 pieces of today, heh), which would you eat for dinner?
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what is the correlation between rings (on fingers) and douchebaggery? Right now, I have a ring on my left thumb and left middle finger; however, i tend to think that thumb rings look dumb. but this one is really comfortable on my thumb.

how many rings can you wear and not look like an idiot? on what fingers?

do you wear rings? do they mean something?

this also applies to those huge claw finger things. ew.

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So, I just found out my turtle, that I've had for 8 years is actually a girl. :/
Her name has been Raphael for the past 6 years.
What should I name her?!

Maybe this well help?

I have a slight case of OCD. Names have to match genders for me. Like..I know a girl named Kyle and I just..oh it irks me to no end.

On a different note...

Cute, y/y?

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I know everyone has received HORRIBLE service at a restaraunt before... So my question is...have you ever left a note for the waitor/waitress on the back of the receipt?
If so, what did it say?

(no subject)

Would you want your friends to tell you that your SO is cheating on you?

Would you tell your friend that their SO is cheating on them?

If the answers are different, why the discrepency?

I've heard so many people say that they want to be told, but when it comes down to telling a friend, they say they would stay out of it.


Out of interest do any of you smokers develop really sore throats or swollen glands when you cant have a smoke for a few days??

Normally I would think the swollen glands are totally unrelated but everytime I stop smoking for more than a day I get horrible dry sore throats. It has been two days this time by lack of money more than choice to be honest but im in agony!!

Have any of your smokers experienced this when you have tried to quit before? esp the sore throat??

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TQC, I live down the street from some rednecks. It's a holiday weekend.

These rednecks are drunk and are shooting off fireworks across from their house, which is on a relatively busy road.

Everytime a firework goes off there's a shitload of smoke and everyone that drives by goes really slowly and it's creating general chaos.

Am I being a stick in the mud or is this really fucking stupid and dangerous. Fireworks are going off while cars are driving a couple of feet away, and the initial smoke that comes off of these fireworks is pretty thick.


a police car just drove by, but they stopped shooting off fireworks a couple of minutes ago. Son, I am disappoint. I was hoping to see them get lectured by the coppers.

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Would you break up with someone for a ridiculous reason...or at least consider it/joke about it?
I teased the guy that I'm seeing that I would no longer be able to sleep with him unless he stopped believing that Les Claypool>Trent Reznor

What's the last awkward thing to happen to you?

I'm bored, what should I be doing at 10pm on a Saturday night?
ETA: My second roommate's plans busted and now he'll be home to drink with me! It's not wrong to be happy about this...right?

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tqc, i have felt nauseous since i woke up at 6am today and it's now 11pm. i had maybe two shots of vodka around 9pm (they were mixed in a drink), and then i had about four more right in a row around 11pm. fwiw, i weigh about 125lbs and i don't remember anything starting about 15 minutes after i killed my drink until i woke up this morning. i felt a bit better when i ate earlier, but seriously when i woke up this morning even sitting up made me feel like i was going to throw up.

wtf do you think is wrong with me? i thought it was just a hangover until it's 24 HOURS LATER and i still don't feel good, and now i'm thinking maybe i have a stomach bug. ideas? : /

Economic Question

What happens to a company when their stock prices plummet?

Can this cause them to go out of business? If so, why?

I know that the success of a business can cause the prices to go up (because more people want to invest in it) and the failure can cause the prices to go down (as investors pull out), but does this actually, directly impact the company itself?

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 Can you guys help me find the title of a picture book from my childhood? It's a story about a spider who finds a moss-covered rock that mysteriously knocks people out when they say "What a strange moss-covered rock!" in front of it. The spider abuses the rock's ability by getting other animals to say the phrase and stealing their food when they're KO'd. He manages to get a lot of food this way until a deer tricks the spider into saying the phrase himself and everyone takes their food back . I think the story had African origins, if it helps in any way.
The title's Anansi and the Moss Covered rock. Thanks guys!

DK; Who is your favorite male Disney character?
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isn't totally feasible that the world really could be ending? what if this oil spill doesn't stop and we just have no more oil? or if these volcanoes just erupt everywhere? or conservatives win the next election in america and there are riots? or more planes crash? or what? are you ever just really afraid for the world?