May 21st, 2010

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Unknown SKA/Norse Metal type song

Someone sent me this mp3, but they got it off a radio program so I don't know who actually plays it. Having no words, it makes it all the more difficult. Who are these guys and where can I buy their album?

Also, I'm not sure which one of these links will work. I've been getting plugin related errors when making sound html code, but maybe that's just my computer.
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Your significant other tells you s/he still masturbates to and fantasizes about her/his ex. S/He admits to browsing her/his facebook for pictures to fuel her/his actions.

How do you respond?

dk/dc I can't find my Serenity DVD and I desperately want to watch it. Do I rent it from iTunes and watch it in hopes of finding the copy soon, or do I just buy it on iTunes and deal with it? Or do I be a grown up and just wait until I can get to a store to buy a physical copy since I hate movies that I only have a digital copy of? (hint: i do not like being a grown up)
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Do you refrain from correcting people at times to avoid seeming like a pompous ass? How wrong does someone have to get before you'll say something?

I hate it when people use the term 'modern art' incorrectly, but I know most people don't care so I keep mum (mostly). Unless the person is trying to act like a cultural hotshot.
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I'm in a baking mood, TQC. I've already baked a pound cake, brownies, and three different kinds of cookies. What else should I bake?

What is the fanciest thing you've ever made?
An alternating layer mocha cheesecake with chocolate swirl top

This post brought to you by too much sugar and Ace of Cakes
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(no subject)

Have you ever heard of the Choking Game? Do you know anyone who does it??? I am watching an episode of Criminal Minds about it and apparently this is a real thing that kids do.
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TQC, I have exhausted all the usual "college student home for summer" retail job spots here in my town, and no one is hiring (damn high school students taking up all the jobs *brandishes cane*).  I'm also a little stupid when it comes to thinking outside the box.

What are some places to apply that aren't everyday run-of-the-mill retail spots?  I mean seriously, the more ridiculous the better, too, because I'm looking to broaden my horizons and open myself to work I wasn't aware even existed.

If you could work ANYWHERE, where would it be?
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awesome sightings

What's the last thing you witnessed that was both completely unexpected and totally awesome?

The other night I was sitting outside watching the cutest little ring tail possum scampering around one of the trees in my garden. I was sitting very still so I wouldn't spook it when suddenly a beautiful red fox walked right past me.
It was amazing- the fox was only a few feet from where I was sitting- he just wandered past, sat down in my garden and then got up and quietly disappeared into the undergrowth.
I have never seen a fox close up before, it made my night :D

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I have an interview at 9:30am today for a full time marketing position at a restaurant. I feel pretty prepared, but I'm really nervous. Do you have any tips for me?


I think the interview went really well. The best part was when he asked me what reservations if any I would have about working for the company and I said "Well my only concern is that I would get really fat from all the awesome food there" and he laughed a lot and then talked to me about salary. They said the next step is a writing sample which I have no problems with, and a design sample. Yay!!

New questions:

Will you tell me about the best/worst interview you have ever had?

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how difficult is it to get over a urinary tract infection without medication? i know cranberry juice helps, but is it ever enough to actually cure it? or are there any other non-prescription methods that actually work to cure it?

(no subject)

Is it harder to take a (music) artist seriously if they are marketed as a sex symbol?

What is your opinion on women and rap music?

Can you name any female rappers? And do you like the ones you just named (if you were able to)?

(no subject)

What's the last thing that hurt you? My stupid ex/roommate went to sleep with his ex last night. I shouldn't be hurt because I'm seeing someone, but I am anyway.

What's the worst song ever? I hate Summer Nights from Grease

What do you hate that everyone else seems to love? Tori Amos

I miss the Drama Llama!!

 What happened to LJ notifying you when someone de-friends you?  That was an awesome feature! I just had a couple people de-friend me and I had no idea. I don't even know how long ago it happened, so I can't even tell after what entry, or if it was after a long period of not posting, or what. Why doesn't LJ send you a notice anymore? Anyone have a clue?

Edit: It is a paid account function!!! Mystery Solved!

So, since we figured out that answer, new question:

Why did you de-friend the last person you deleted from your friends list? If you've never taken anyone off LJ, what about Facebook? or in real life?
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You know how in movies and on television they'll show someone riding their bike while simultaneously walking their dog on a leash? Do people actually do that in real life?
It seems dangerous to both parties to me :/
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How do you pay your bills? Do you write checks and mail them in, make payments online, automatic bill payment from a bank acct/credit card, or pay at the location (if there is one)?

I pay everything online except rent because I can't and my husband always writes checks.

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As I stated last night, I am planning to travel Europe by train for a week or so this summer. I'm going to have a backpack with my laptop and clothes, etc, in it. What would be the best backpack for this? I've been googling and searching random backpack stores, but I don't really know what I'm looking for. Or should I just use my regular laptop backpack?
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Help in the Kitchen

Help me out, TCQ - I bought a big square loaf of sourdough bread at the grocery store. I needed a change of pace from plain old white bread. But now, I have no idea what to put on it.

Is sourdough better toasted or untoasted?

What are some good sandwich toppings, meats, or cheeses to use in sourdough sandwiches?

Does anyone put egg or avacado on their sandwiches and if so, how does it taste?

I'm usually a picky eater, so I'd love to get some suggestions.

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For lunch, you walk into a restaurant whose theme is baked potatoes. You can get a side salad and a regular baked Idaho russet OR a baked sweet potato and any toppings your little heart desires, including but not limited to buffalo chicken, beef brisket and gravy, chili (vegetarian or with meat), broccoli, truffle oil, shaved truffles, sour cream, crumbled bacon, a variety of salad dressings, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, any kind of cheese you can think of, clam chowder, salsa, sliced grilled steak, sauteed mushrooms and shallots, onions (raw or carmelized), chives and other chopped herbs, maple syrup, pecans, etc. What are you going to get on your potato?

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Dear TQC,

For a wedding shower gift I got gift certificates to the salon my future sister in law works at. I got one for a mani, pedi, and my hair cut and colored. I am so thankful for these things and I am going on Saturday to get my hair done. I don't get married till June 12th, so I was going to wait to get my nails done till June 11th. The mani is not for acrylics, and I was going to get acrylics for my wedding because they are so much more fun (I have tiny nails and they are brittle and I hate them). Acrylics cost $27 MORE at this place, which I think is disgusting because normally I pay $30 for them at my regular place. Should I pay the difference? I don't want to have teeny tiny nails for my wedding.

What is with this place having such high prices for something that I normally pay $30 and looks amazing?

DK/DC Do you think your life would be perfect for its own reality TV show? Why? Why not?
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(no subject)

What's making you cranky today?

(Me: People assuming that my hip-length ponytail is an open invitation for them to pull it when they walk behind me! Perfect strangers, people I work's always adults, and it's always the most aggravating thing. What the hell is wrong with people?!)

(no subject)

Have you ever met someone on craigslist's casual encounters?
How did that work out?
If you haven't, would you?

What's the worst idea you've ever had?
If you were going to be on an infomercial for something, what would it be?

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I have second shift tonight at the skating rink I work at part time- meaning I might not have to go in to work if they're not busy enough. If I don't have to go in, should I go up there to skate anyway, or should I stay home and rest?
(I skate 3-5 times a week. I've already skated 2 times this week, and have another scheduled practice for sunday.)

DK/DC: Do you like to put chips on your subs/sandwiches?

What's for lunch today?

(no subject)

If a doctor started making fun of his/her other patients in the middle of an appointment with you, what would you say or do (if anything)?

Like making fun of their bodies and health issues, w/o giving any identifying information.
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1. Have any of you ever travelled through Miami International Airport (MIA) and used their Baggage Checkroom / Storage service? Do you need to be checked in to be able to use it? I tried to explain my situation to the lady who answered when I called the contact number but I don't think she really understood me. Collapse )

2. Have you experienced the awesomeness that is Google's logo today?!

3. How's your day going today? How are you feeling? What are your plans for later?

4. Do you travel often? Do you prefer travelling alone or with other people?

(no subject)

Agh! The two usb ports on the left side of my laptop have randomly stopped working! Oddly enough, the one on the right side works fine. Rebooting and system restore does nothing! Is there any reason why this would happen? HOW DO I FIX THIS?

Help me TQC I am not good with computer.

TY TQC! I finally got it working.
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(no subject)

I'm on a super strict diet. One of my protein options is egg whites. I hate the thought of separating a ton of eggs only to throw away the yolks, so I bought liquid egg whites. I haven't tried them yet.

Have you ever eaten liquid egg whites? Are they gross?

If you think that I should just separate eggs instead of buying the expensive liquid egg whites, what are some possible alternative uses for the yolks?
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(no subject)

What's the best way of quitting a job without 2 weeks notice. Its not like this is a great job, so I'm not too worried about it... and they're planning on "letting me go" next month because I'm not getting/making enough people sign up for credit cards (I refuse to pester people after they say the word "no"). Its retail, and I've never really quit a job before without giving 2 weeks notice.

Do I just call our HR lady and say "oh hay, BTW I'm quitting, byes"... should I talk to her today and say "I'm not going to make it in after today because I don't like the policies of the store"... Or what? I guess I'm asking the most professional way to do this without sounding like a COMPLETE jerk (I already understand I'm being a jerk for not giving 2 weeks). I'd rather do it over the phone, but that's because I hate doing this thing face to face (I'm a wimp).

Will you help me decide what to do?
Will you tell me how you have quit your job without giving 2 weeks (if you have, of course)?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever seen or heard of the movie "Human Centipede"? Did it freak you the fuck out?

My friend recently told me about it and I am beyond scarred.

Dont Know/Care?  What was your most recent dream about?

(no subject)

Why is Facebook not letting me just type stuff into my likes section? Why do I have to pick something that has a stupid fucking Facebook page linked to it? I like movies where Kurt Russel kicks ass and there's no facebook page for that.
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(no subject)

I have a lot of clothes I want to donate to the local SPCA thrift shop. Most of it is new with tags. Will they think I'm donating stolen goods? Should I take the tags off first?

I know I'm over thinking this
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(no subject)

I'm bored. Will you please fill in these blanks with your own words?

1. _______ gives me a headache.

2. I (do) _______ when I'm bored.

3. I feel _______ about my body.

4. I am _______ about other people.

5. I hate when _______.

6. I am _______ today.

srs/non-srs of course.

(no subject)

Let's assume that you've had a motherfucker of a cold coming on for the last few days, and haven't been able to get a whole lot of sleep because of it. If you have the following in your medicine cabinet, which do you take?

a) sleeping pill
b) NyQuil
c) codeine cough syrup

Should I suck it up and make the banana bread I should have made like 3 days ago before I knock myself out?

What is your favorite thing to bake?

(no subject)

The other day I went and got my eyebrows waxed. This morning I have a sty. I haven't had a sty since grade 7 when I used to wear make up. 
How likely is it that the woman waxing my eyebrow did this to me?!  What can I do about it? It hurts! :(

How many hours without sleep will you still go to work on?
I've been awake since yesterday at 8am and I have yet to sleep. I work another overnight tonight and wont be attempting to sleep until 9am tomorrow morning. Working overnights fucks me up! boo. 

How are your weekend plans panning out? 

Potentially dumb question

Has anyone ever used glow in the dark spray paint on fabric?

I've never used spray paint let alone glow in the dark spray paint and I don't want to waste time/money on a can if it isn't suited for fabric.

DK/DC: How much does gasoline cost where you live?
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social networking.

what is your opinion of the current omnipresence/popularity of social networking sites like facebook and twitter, and myspace a few years ago?

a lot of little kids have twitters and facebook profiles now, not just teens and young adults, and social networking is now a prominent part of news channels trying to allow their viewers to interact, like CNN, etc.). 

would you agree that, generally, it speaks to a vanity or self-importance in our generation, that people feel the need to have their say about everything?  why do you think so many people are interested in posting about what they're doing and how they're feeling at all times?

ETA: what kind of a long-term effect do you think the prevalence of these platforms will have on people/our society? (i.e. shorter attention spans, bigger entitlement complexes)
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(no subject)

If you're claiming residency in a state for tuition purposes, do you have to have lived there one year prior to the application date, or the date the semester starts?

(no subject)

1)If the census bureau was knocking on your neighbor's door because they had not filled out their form, but your neighbor was not home, would you be able to help the census person fill out or partially fill out the form?
2)Do you know your neighbor's first name? If so, what is it?
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i love you

how early is too early in a relationship to tell the other person you love him/her?

if you feel like you love someone, but don't feel comfortable saying it, how long do you wait before you actually say it?

(no subject)

 Hey TQC. So my boyfriend's friends just flaked out on him (they had planned to go to a local casino for his birthday, and the thing had been planned for a month now). Obviously he has lame-ass friends. How does he go about making new ones? How did you meet your current group of friends? He doesn't work, but he does go to school, and I'm sure there's hobby groups or something he could join as well. I'm just looking for personal stories here, really. 

Any awful flaky friend stories you feel like sharing tonight? 

Alternatively, what amazing methods of payback should we carry out for this act of butt-headery? Srs and non-srs answers welcome! 

(no subject)

is there a paraphilia for someone with a haiku fetish?  like... they can't get off unless someone recites haikus to them? what is the correct term?

ETA: is there a prefix that means like... "having to do with haikus?" ... ya know like "pedo" means "having to do with children" haha
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(no subject)

Is it weird to invite a male teacher that you've known for around 3 years and are comfortable with to your high-school graduation get-together/party thing if you're a female? It's not going to be a tiny little gathering, there's going to be a LOT of people there, so... thoughts?
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(no subject)

What does it say about someone who really dislikes looking at pictures of people kissing? Especially if those people are ugly and/or average people who have nothing going for themselves but post pictures of themselves kissing someone else who is just as mediocre to prove that they are worth SOMETHING?

If you dk/dc, are you ugly to okay-looking and have pictures of yourself with your SO kissing? If so, what do you get out of that?

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(no subject)

I'm at home by myself. Drinking some beers, watching the Twins game and eating popcorn.

What are you doing on this Friday night or Saturday? Wherever!

Do you like Baseball? And if so, who's your favorite team?
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(no subject)

I know this gets asked every so often but will you post your desktop?

If no, do you add yourself to your aim buddy list?
I don't remember why I did, but I haven't deleted myself but it honestly serves no purpose.

Collapse )
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(no subject)

Who is a hasbeen celebrity that tries too hard to stay relevant?

Think Gary Coleman and his commercials. Or Kathy Griffin, except without her comeback. I'm writing an essay for a Journalism class about the downfall of celebrities, and I want one and preferably a quote.

Got one: Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus' pedo boyfriend.


Hi all,

I'm in the process of buying a car (maybe) and I eyed a 2008 Suzuki Swift

The payments are 105 bi-weekly, which I can afford but I'm having trouble finding a good insurance company because:

A) I'm 20
B) I'm Male
C) I rear-ended someone three years ago :(

So I was getting outrageous quotes such as $11,000 a year! That's 1/3 of my gross annual income! The cheapest quote I got however was $200 a month. I can afford it because I have a good job but I still thought it was too much for this point in my life. I need a car, but not that bad.

So I got over my car buying obsession and told the dealership that I can't afford the insurance and they offered to pay half of the first year insurance. So I'll be paying a little over 300 a month of a car payment plus insurance which I think is good. But I wanted to ask if you think it's a good idea? I also wanted to ask if any of you drive or have driven Suzuki cars and what was your experience with them?

PS: I test drove it and took it to a mechanic (who is a friend of mine) and he said that the car is in excellent shape and has no leaks or any kind of damages/bad parts.
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I need a bed.

I have to buy a new bed.

I was considering a tempur-pedic, but they seem expensive. (But I have no idea, cause I've never bought a bed before.)

What's a good price range for a good quality, comfortable bed?

If I get a tempur-pedic, which type should I get?
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(no subject)

Does any one know if a generic iPod USB cable will sync music/videos like the Apple iPod USB cable?
Mine just broke and I honestly don't want to pay $20 for an Apple one if a generic one will do the same thing.

What are your three most played songs on iTunes (or your choice of media player)?
Some Kind of Wonderful - Michael Bublé
Oh! Darling - The Beatles
I Will Still Love You - Britney Spears

(no subject)

If you are married, did you cry at your wedding? When? (Like during the vows, after the kiss, etc.)

If you're not married, have you ever cried at someone's wedding? How come? Whose was it?

(no subject)

Ladies of TQC,

pads, tampons, cup, or other?

Have you always used what you use now?

Men of TQC: if you were a girl, and you were on your period, what do you think you would prefer?
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CD to iTunes question

which import settings do you use when uploading music from a CD to iTunes? i want to upload music just to my itunes, without taking up much space on my hard drive, but the iTunes Help instructions confuse the hell out of me.

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Does this sentence make grammatical sense?

"Even as I began to despair at the thought of wasting one more minute in that dungeon, in walks this petite blonde goddess with the brightest eyes you've ever seen."

(Not quite as racy a story as it may first appear, the 'dungeon' refers to an academic advising waiting room..)
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(no subject)

Parents or other frequent infant caretakers:
1a: Do/did you have a changing table?
1b: Do/did you use it?
1c: If no to either, where do/did you typically change diapers?

2a: Did you love the A-Team tv show?
2b: Have you seen the regular (non teaser) trailer for the A-Team movie?
2c: What do you think of the movie?

3: Which of these questions should be a poll?

4: What's your favorite wine brand?

5: VERY IMPORTANT: I am looking for some good Star Wars fan fiction set in the LotF or FotJ era. I cannot find it on (so far). Where should I look?

(no subject)

So today while I was taking a break at work, a 'deaf' man came up to me and another customer and gave us this yellow slip of paper with the sign language alphebet on the back, and requesting one dollar donations. I felt sorry for him and gave him two bucks. My supervisor told him he had to leave, and I felt bad for him.

So, when I told my co workers about it(Complaining about how my supervisor acted) they told me that he was a scam artist. He had been playing the deaf game for years, and shiz. So, he scammed two bucks out of me. :/

Maybe he needed the money?
Anyhow, my question is, has anything like this happened to you? Please enlighten me so I don't feel like a freaking idiot anymore.
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(no subject)

1. so like while we're talking about graduation money I'll ask this question that my mom asked me before

So, a lot of my friends are graduating college and some of them have sent graduation announcements or whatever out to people, including me and my parents. They're basically asking for $$ right?

2. Also, when you drive, do you ever use your brights? and if so, do you turn them off when other people drive past you or are in front of you?

3. Also a car thing- do you know what the game "playing London" is about?