May 20th, 2010


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have you ever had a dream about a song? or had a song in your dream?
what song was it?

i dreamt last night about the song bulletproof by la roux - i didn't know the song before really, i'd only heard the tail end of it a couple times on the radio, but i liked it, so i'm glad my dream reminded me to look it up
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Have you ever seen a student argue back to a teacher? What happened?

Happened once in my 9th grade class. One boy called my friend stupid, my friend raised his hand and told the teacher the first boy called him stupid, the teacher said "And what do you expect me to do about it?" and started yelling at my friend, my friend yelled back, and the teacher threatened to kick him out of the class.

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I just started a job in retail. I have never worked in retail. I'm a cashier... and I'm terrified out of my mind. I don't know why. This is just a summer job... but I'm not the best at math and my boss is kind of mean. Will I pick it up fast? Why am I freaking out so much?

Do you watch the "Real Housewives" shows? ETA: I ask because I just found out that all of my friends do, and I find that a little strange, haha.

Teeth are extruded and bones are ground then baked into cakes which are passed around...

You're all obviously a bunch of naughty heathens who will never be admitted past the Pearly Gates. ;)

What do you think Hell will be like?

ETA: I don't believe in hell, either, kids. But please feel free to elaborate on what you think the worst possible way to spend an eternity would be, or what (if you grew up in a traditional Judaeo-Christian household, like myself) you imagined it would be like when you were a child. Or if you DO believe in hell, please tell the rest of us what to expect when we get there.
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1. Are there any views that you hold that no one in your family or circles of friends share? If so, what are those views?

2. What's the easiest way to put a smile on your face?

3. Is Panera any good? I've never been and might go tomorrow. If you think it is, what do you normally order there?

4. What is your favorite board game?

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Can you sleep with socks on?
-I kick them off every time I go to bed with socks on.

Do you need to have your body covered by a blanket/sheet/etc when you sleep?
-I've heard people say this. I don't understand this, especially when it's hot out.

Do you have to fall asleep with a TV/movie/radio on?
-I typically have it on laying in bed, but wind up shutting it off before I fall asleep.

Also, do you have any weird sleeping habits?

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How do you maintain control when you need something to last a really long time but you want it now? Example: We got a good amount of beef cheap today. God send for sure. But that's basically all we have until next month, but I am really hungry. I keep telling myself a tiny inch won't hurt. Convince me not to, TQC!

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Potentially hypothetical for you; totally hypothetical for me due to the fact that yet again last Father's Day I didn't get a card from any of my ex-girlfriends with a claim for child support...phew! ;)

Let's say you have a kid of around 10. They walk up to an adult that you don't know who is smoking. They look at them with disdain and hold their nose and say something along the lines of "Eeew! Smoking is bad for you and disgusting!" and then do a fake cough and walk away.

Are you proud of your child for showing such a dislike of smoking, or are you appalled by their "disrespect" toward a stranger and an adult?

(If it helps rate this on a scale of 0 - 10, with 0 being not upset at all/proud of them, 5 being pretty much a bit of both and 10 being they deserve a whooping from Mike Tyson good telling off).

Feel free to say if you are a smoker, or ever have been in your answer too and your age, as I would be interested, but only if you want to :).

DK/DC? :P to you!

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I was researching sex crimes in Missouri found this little "disclaimer" tucked at the very bottom of the section for "forcible rape"

"[A] [f]emale can be held guilty of rape where she aids a male in committing the rape, even though she cannot commit a rape individually."

(For those who care, the revelant application is Bass v. State, 950 S.W.2d 940.)

How do you feel about this provision?

Also, why does this post say there are 6 comments when there are only 5? Who posted this invisible comment and what does it say?

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I took Ambien at midnight because I couldn't sleep and woke up 8 hours later feeling loopy. Is there any way to get rid of this pilly hangover?

I am currently unemployed and sell random things and adult novelties on ebay. What do you to make money?

What's your goal for the day?
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TQC, I'm feeling very lazy today. I've been on the go non-stop (except for sleep) for the past two or three weeks. I think I'm finally burning out. How can I avoid the burn out? How can I stop myself from being so lazy today? Should I just let the lazy happen?

DK/DC: What's your problem?

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What do you do to relieve stress?

My job is stressing me out at the moment and I need to do something before I go insane...

Is anyone here familiar with Adobe Acrobat Pro? That program is the biggest pain in my ass right now. I have never used it before and my boss seems to think that it should be a piece of cake for me to take a 200+ question survey and turn it into an online document that subtotals and does all this other nifty shit...yeah. Except I have no fucking clue what I'm doing and the directions are confusing and NO ONE ELSE ON CAMPUS KNOWS HOW TO DO IT EITHER./rage.

Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, what kind do you smoke?

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Okay so today I was going to do some price checking and shopping for my wedding that is coming up on June 12th. My friend who was supposed to come with me bailed and now it's just going to be me and my step daughter. I feel like I need to go because stuff needs to get done, but I hate doing this junk alone. Should I go anyways and just suck it up or should I hold off another week? Going shopping involves getting off my island via ferry boat and then driving to the mall. It doesn't take all that long it's just not fun to do alone. The SO has to work.

What are your plans for the day? If I dont go shopping I'm cleaning.
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Do you know anyone who thinks that, in a disagreement, if they aren't yelling then their position is more right and logical than the person who is visibly upset?


Is this generally right?

DK/DC: Desserts in frozen meals, y/n?

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Ok, this may be an odd one but I'm stuck in work and really have the urge to buy something but don't have the access to my craft magazines at home so....

If anyone has seen/got the (UK) craft mag that had a birdcage stamp and a chandelier stamp on one of the articles, please could you et me know what make they were and where from?  I need them!

I will love you forever!
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Does anyone have the Droid?  What are some things you like about it and some things you don't like about it?  Would you recommend it to a friend?

Does anyone plan on getting the Droid Incredible?

Who else thinks the iPhone is overrated?  My husband can't stand it, but I think I want one.  I can't get it though because I am with Verizon and At&t service sucks at least where I'm at.

iPhone or the Droid?

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What kind of schools did you go to while growing up/primary school through high school(montessori, private religious, private academic, public, etc)?

Also, how good do you feel the quality of your education was in those schools ?

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1.) What is something people stereotype about you that just ISN'T true?

2.) What are your plans for the day?

3.) I have the day off work and have had a SHITTY last couple of days... should I have a glass of wine with my lunch?

Edited for silly spelling :P

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If you weren't related to your family members, would you still associate with them in some manner?

How the hell did WI become a blue state in the last presidential election? The people here in N.E. WI are ass-backwards.

Don't know or care, what are you doing right now?
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superficial scratch on car?

What is the best way to remove a superficial scratch on a car door (a scratch that has not penetrated the paint)? The scratch was caused by an adorable Labrador's nails and while I'm not angry (he was just a little overzealous), I would like to rub out the scratch. Some suggested Crest toothpaste but I am not sure.

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Inspired by the malt vinegar post:

Do restaurants in your area serve fry sauce?

Have you ever even heard of it?

If you've had it, do you love it?

Do you make it at home?

Where are you from?

Hint: fry sauce is mayonnaise mixed with ketchup and sometimes mustard or pickles. It's the pink stuff.  
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The guy i'm dating wants to take things slow, but i'm not entirely sure what all that entails. We're planning on talking about it later.

Why is my mom getting mad at him, and acting as if its the stupidest thing she's ever heard?

Have you ever took things slow in a relationship? How did it go?

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You make plans with your best friend for the next afternoon - lunch and a movie. The night before, they text you and say, "So I'll pick you up at noon?" You don't sleep, but still drag yourself out of bed to get ready. You wait and wait, but they don't come. You text them. You call them. Finally, you call their house phone and they say, "I thought you meant Friday!" 

How pissed off would you be? Would you tell them you were upset because you made it very clear that you couldn't do anything Friday, or would you keep it all to yourself? I just calmly told her, "Some other time", since it was a misunderstanding, but I'm still pretty mad. 

How bad a temper do you have? When something pisses you off, how long does it take you to get over it? 

EDIT. The BFF apologized profusely and said she felt bad and had no idea what made her think I was talking about Friday. I don't know if I believe the second part, but I rearranged some plans and we're going to do it tomorrow after all. I'm less angry now, I was PMS-ing a little earlier.  


did you get anything good recently in Email that you want to share with the class?

i just got (from barnes and noble):
Friends & Family Event: Get 30% off the list price on one item at! Enter coupon code Y3V4U3X at checkout. Four days only! Don't keep it to yourself - share this 30% savings with your friends and family!


So I just cleaned out my bathroom (and kitchen) and I'm donating a bunch of stuff. (My work's doing a drive for a local Pantry win/win!!)

What have you gotten rid of lately?
Where/Who did it go to?
Do you think my husband will notice he has a few less cans of shaving cream? lol
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what helps you get over a break up or a hopeless crush? Is there anything specific you do to help yourself move on?

* my friends really hung up on this guy whom she almost dated but now he's seeing another girl and nothing i say seems to comfort her*


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You're flying internationally, and you have a layover in your home country before your international flight. How long does the layover have to be for you to feel like you have enough time?

Would the reservations phone number on the airline's website connect me to someone who could tell me how much time they recommend?

My cheapest option right now (by about $150) only gives me an 85 minute layover, and I'm really concerned about buying those tickets.

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If Lindsay Lohan goes to jail, how long do you think she'll be sentenced?

One week
Two weeks
One month
Two months
Six months
One year
One month house arrest
6 months house arrest
1 year house arrest
No prison time at all. She'll be forced into mandatory rehab and will claim to be sober, again, and be let out
5 years hard labor
Life in prison
Lindsay Lohan, that sweet virginal child from Mean Girls? Surely you're pulling me leg. What could she have possibly done except taken too many cookies from the cookie jar?
Death sentence
In a stunning turn of events, Linds sleeps with the judge and is let off for mistaken identity
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This is a weird, most likely stupid question, but whatever.

I'm going to the UK for 2 weeks later in the summer. If I take my BCPs around 8pm EST, what time should I take them over there? Will the time difference matter that much?

(I'm going for my honeymoon, so yeaaaaah, it's kinda important that I don't screw anything up)

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Have you ever tricked a customer? Once this guy came through my line and he bought some pepperoni bites, and started eating them there. His wife said those look like dog treats, I said they are dog treats and the guy stopped chewing to look at the bag.


Hey I made a really cool guidebook for camping with what to bring and whatnot, and I am working on a recipe section...but I can't come up with anything besides s'mores and puppychow which we always bring. Any ideas (with recipes please)?!!

x-posted around since I'm looking for many suggestions!

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i don't want to be friends

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I was talking to my friend the other day about this guy I'm seeing, and she goes "Oh, does he have a facebook?" I reply, "I don't know" and she was like "Well, how can you *NOT* be facebook friends with him?" This struck me as really odd. I didn't know real life friendships were determined by Facebook.

TQC, how can I *NOT* be friend with him on Facebook? (non-srs)
Do you have a facebook?
Did you have a facebook and the deleted it? Did your world end?
Is there a balance between having a facebook and being addicted to facebook?

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I saw this comment in a post on another community:

"It seems silly to me for women to "show off" their breasts with provacative clothing, sexualizing them like that, when really they exist primarily to FEED BABIES!

I thought it would be interesting to get other opinions, so do you agree or disagree? Why?

Srs question is srs

Pretend for a moment that you are in charge of hiring for a position at your place of employment.

You have two candidates to choose from. One who attended a state four year university, and another who started at a state school but then took a break and finished their degree at an online school.

Would you look down on the person that took a break and finished later even if they were more qualified for the job? Does where you go to college matter, or is it just the degree itself that matters?

Real life example: I'm going back to school after a break. I ended up getting extremely ill while I was pregnant with my daughter, and ex husband got laid off. I had to quit school to support my family. My mom is afraid that employers wont take me seriously if I have my final degree from the University of Phoenix, even though it is allowing me to be a single parent, work full time, and finish my degree.

Fuck the internet.

Is there something that you want to scream at the internet?
Something that you wanted to reply to but didn't so you didn't start drama?

For example; I know I'm going to offend who knows how many people right now, but sometimes I want to scream "OMG I DON'T FUCK A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR TRIGGER!!!" to some people. Particularly to the people over at fanficrants who attack posters & demand they put a post under a cut just in case they trigger someone. Also, the time someone had to put a post about an alcoholic under the cut in case there was someone with an alcohol trigger. GUH, SERIOUSLY!

Oh & earlier today when I read over at the booj a member accusing another member of being racist because they didn't like Barack Obama.
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1. How often do you use a towel (after a shower or bath) before you wash it?

2. Have you ever had to eat a liquid/soft food diet because of dental work or oral piercing? What did you eat?

3. How long is your commute to work or school? How much time do you give yourself from waking up to leaving the house? Do you wake up earlier on the first day of school or of a new job?

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Do you think it's more aesthetically important to be thin or to have white, straight teeth?

In other words, which do you think is the greater social impediment:

Having really bad, unappealing teeth or being notably overweight?
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Do you think Shrek forever after is going to be better than Shrek the third?

I really hope so. I liked Shrek 2 better than the original, so anything is possible.

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You guys, I'm feeling down for no apparent reason. The most likely cause is that I'm bored with my looks despite shaving my half my head the other day in hopes that it would work as a pick me up. I also have no style at all after becoming a mom. 

What styles look good on fatties (such as myself)?!

What do you do to improve your mood? 
How has your day been so far?


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Which celebs do you find ugly that everyone else seems to think are beautiful?

I once said i thought Diane Lane wasn't too great looking and this stranger next to me reemed me out for it.  

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I just discovered and am ready to buy way toooo many books. My interests are vast, I seem to levitate towards books involving mental illness (any and all but I work with young children with autism and developmental disabilities so I tend to want to learn more about these disorders), drug use, criminals, natural disaster,medical conditions, etc. I also like to read about diet/nutrition, organic living, gardening, spirituality/religion (I don't follow any particular religion but enjoy reading about different religions). I like Alice Sebold, Augusten Buroughs, Eckhart Tolle, Toni Morrison, and many one hit wonder authors...

Okay so now that you know what I like, Do you have some recommendations?

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1. does beer have yeast in it? i know yeast is used to make beer, but do all beers necessarily have yeast IN THEM or some beers or what? if so, is it live yeast or dead?

2. what is that chemical in cranberries that helps with urinary health? i know it is in other berries too, so what i'm really wondering is what other berries contain this chemical?

3. what's the worst that could happen if you have sex while you have a urinary tract infection?
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financial aid appeal?

I just got a letter saying that I no loner qualify for financial aid, either because my grades were lower than a 2.0 (i have a 2.6...not much better, but eh), my completion ratio was less than 67% (it's 69%...again, not much better but) or my attemped courses were 150% more hours than my program called for.

obviously, it's the if my program requires 92 hours, and i've attempted 103...aren't I still below the 150% mark?

have any of you had any luck in appealing for financial aid?

dk/dc: what color undies are you wearing today?
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Has anyone here ever had their teeth professionally whitened? How'd that go for you? I was thinking about the ZOOM thing but I'm afraid it will hurt like crazy. Also, it's super expensive so idk if it's worth it.

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While in the restroom of Barnes and Noble the other day, I saw some stall wall graffiti that someone had tried to clean off. I could make out the first words, "good pothead advice", but the rest was too smudged to read.

TQC, what might this good pothead advice have been?


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I cannot get my laptop to display on my tv, and it is making me livid. It was working fine a few hours ago, but now says "no external display attached" , even though it IS attached. Why is this happening??

Do you watch Ghosthunters? Do you think TAPS is for real, or are they just making good tv?

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I'm going to Belgium this summer, and one of the other guys and I would like to explore Europe once our program is over with, so we are looking into ticket prices, etc.

Do you think Eurail is a viable option for exploring Europe by train, or is there something better out there?

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So today after I got back from the gym I had: 1 baked chicken breast and a small salad with no dressing and hummus and bread for a snack.

Do you think this sounds like a decent enough after-gym meal?
Also, can you suggest some after-gym meal/dinner ideas? I want to lose a significant amount of weight and since I plan to go to the gym during the afternoons/before dinner i'm trying to think of things to eat that wouldn't make any of my workouts completely pointless.
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What are your plans for this up coming weekend? Anything fun?
As of right now I have nothing going on, but I'm sure I'll get into something!

I'm debating of going on an adventure with a couple friends this weekend.
Which one should I go to? (Doesn't matter if you've never heard of these places, pick the one that sounds most interesting.)
A. The Walker Art Center
B. Minnehaha Falls
C. Como Zoo

What to wear?

Tomorrow there is an event in downtown of my city called "Party Like It's 1985" and everyone is dressing up in 80s garb. Any suggestions on what to wear? I'm a pretty androgynous female and am leaning towards male or androgynous fashions. Pictures would be awesome.

ETA: I was 5 when the 80s ended so I'm pretty ignorant about 80s trends.

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Have you ever done home tutoring/ homeschooling through an agency?
How did that work out for you?
Which company did you go through?


Let's say you magically have a kid. You take them out for dinner and they are screaming and crying.
What do you do? Is there a certain amount of time you would sit there while the kid cries? Would you get up right away?

This is inspired by the woman who let her kid scream for an hour and a half today at Friendly's.

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What do you think about breastfeeding?
using breast pumps?
breastfeeding in public?

(what do you think = would you do it, have you done it, was it done for you as a baby, good/bad reasons for any of these, etc)

*Inspired by a conversation a few posts below about my reaction to public breastfeeding. It has made me uncomfortable, but I enjoy hearing why I'm wrong b/c I honestly don't know much about this subject.

For the less serious TQCer: what is your favorite thing about boobies?
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I just bought some all natural chicken thighs and oh god, they STINK! 
I don't know if I want to cook them now, just handling them makes me nauseous.  

What do you think TQC??
Does "all natural chicken" usually smell bad?

ETA: You're all probably right.

What's your favorite fruit?

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Okay, so. Thirty four and a half weeks pregnant, I went to the doctor today...

Peanut weighs approximately 2.80 kilos as of this moment. That's just a touch over six pounds, when standard weight around this time is usually around four and a half to five.

I have five and a bit weeks to go. How big can he get?!

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At the moment my hair looks likeCollapse )
You can't really see, but there are two blond panels on either side of my head.
I'm thinking of going a dark purpley colour. If I were to, do you think I should keep the blond bits or dye over them?

OR should I go lighter completely? Collapse )
x posted for extra advice!

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How does one get out of the pattern of lending themselves to users?
A "friend" of mine just keeps me around because I'm useful to him sometimes, and I'm getting a little sick of it.

What's important for you in a friend?

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 What's your view on making bullying a crime? Where is the line? What if you get a id who's over sensitive who's called a bitch? Is that a punishable crime?

I don't condone bullying and I agree there needs to be stronger rules on it. I was bullied relentlessly growing up. But there is some serious gray areas here.

Where's the line?

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Okay, TQC, I have a kind of complicated and weird question. Where you live, do 3-D movies stay 3-D the whole time they're in theaters? Are they offered in both 3-D and regular the whole time? Or do they stay just in 3-D for awhile, and then switch to only regular? I know that when Avatar was in theaters here you had a choice, but that was a huge movie. The reason I ask is that my friend and I are going to see How to Train Your Dragon tomorrow, and the theater's website drops the "3-D" in the title after today on their schedule. 

DK/DC: What do you think of 3-D movies? I thought they would be totally overrated, and it annoys me how many new movies are going to be 3-D since it's so expensive. But the two 3-D movies I've seen, Coraline and How to Train Your Dragon, were amazing. I was surprised, I didn't think it would be that cool. 

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do you think adults who make fun of stuff meant for kids/preteens/teens are lame? what things targeted at a younger audience than you do you make fun of?

are you aware of any things that went from being cool~ to like, then uncool to like because too many people liked it, and then cool to like again because too many people disliked it for no reason?

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How old were you when you got your first cell phone? Was it old enough to enjoy games like snake on your Nokia? How about those amazing black and white only cell phones? Oh how times have changed. What amazes you the most between cell phones of the '90s and today?


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I'm kind of hungry for some mac & cheese (the kind in the box) but I feel too lazy to get up and make it. Should I just do it so I can enjoy my mac and cheese?

What do you cook when you feel lazy?

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I want to grow my hair. It's above shoulder length at the moment, and I want to go to about boob length. I hate it when it gets to shoulder length, so is there anything I can do to make the inbetween stage more bearable?

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Can you do this with your tongue?

Can you rub your big toe against your middle toe?

Is there something else you can do with your body that serves no purpose, but most people you know can't do?

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Nail polish wearers:

What brand do you prefer? What are the pros and cons? (If you don't have a preference, just whatever you're wearing right now.)

I've only been wearing it regularly for about a month now, and I still don't have a preference. atm I'm wearing Rimmel 60 Seconds. I like the colours and the subtle-ish sparkles, but this stuff chips so terribly. Half a day of wear and I've got white lines across the tips of 8/10 nails :|